BeardedLuckDragon and Colonel-Knight-Rider #elitist #ableist #crackpot #dunning-kruger #sexist #wingnut

I think the reason he has 20 watchers is that he simply doesn't have the time for DA like he used to. Once, he was a skillful storyteller. Now, his apparent insanity has driven him to do all sorts of crazy stuff like draw a picture of me being held against my will and getting zapped by a magic laser that turns me into a nonbeliever. Complete with the rushed handwriting of a mental hospital patient.

Yeah, 56% of left wing women are clinically insane, you know on psychotropic drugs. I wonder how many left wing kits and men are on psychotropic drugs?

Probably a higher percentage the further down the extreme side of the continuum they go.
Also, small correction: he got banned from a Discord server that someone from his clique was on, but it wasn't his clique's official Discord server. Discord, not DeviantArt. Got it?



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