Kikasitsu #moonbat #conspiracy

Oh boy, can’t wait until you find out that their ICBM’s can travel faster than we can intercept them.
What? You don’t know of Russia’s military capability? (Oh right, you’ve been told that Russia was “going to run out of missiles” how many times by now? I lost count.)
Don’t forget to call it the “Game Changer” like every other weapon before it.
Oh, and make certain you forget that Ukraine doesn’t have logistics and a severely compromised fighting capacity. (I’m certain it’ll help them overcome the latest 65k Casualties that Ukraine underwent in that one “strategically unimportant town…” they recently lost.)
65k casualties in Bakhmut.
16k in Kherson.
10k prior to that…
Ursula mentioned 100k in a now edited speech.
My dude, Ukraine became the new Yugoslavia. Forget farmers… they’ll be lucky if they even own their farms AFTER the U.S. demands their return on investment!
Tell me, have you asked what “Victory” is for Ukraine? Because if you know, then SURELY you must have seen some means of progress, right?
I mean, when were the Russians supposed to have run out of misdialed again?
Remind me.



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