Sam #racist

I know many folks who belong to or are sympathetic with the Tea Party.

There are plenty of them who are race-realists. They want to cut the funding of the Federal Beast that discriminates against us and uses our taxes to enforce the myriads of anti-White multicult – dieversity programs.

The leadership of the Democrat Party loathes the Tea Party.

Big time jew politicians and columnists are trying to eviscerate the Tea Party.

The Congressional Black Caucus detests the Tea Party.

The Socialist, Commie, pro queer Teachers Union who started the White Privilege garbage in my state would like to see Tea Party activists drawn and quartered.

The Media detests the Tea Party and rails against them incessantly. They are routinely described as ‘right-wing evil racists.’

The Tea Party is almost entirely comprised of older white people who have been around the block and remember what it was like in this country before we went completely nuts.

Many know the score and will state the case privately if not openly.



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