mel018 #fundie

When a person says one thing; "there were good, permit carrying, peaceful protesters in the crowd also that were there to protest the statues coming down" and the listener hears something totally different "part of the neo-nazi, white supremacy group was good," which throws everyone into a ditzy, it can only be explained as demonic.

We are living in the days of strong delusion and it's surreal! These people actually believe that Trump was calling part of the white supremacist group "good." He wasn't saying that at all. It's past the point of them just perpetrating lies against him - they actually believe it. Maybe that's what they actually heard?? Demons!!

You always have to leave room for direct intervention from God, which is what Trump may be, but barring that, this country will not be coming back from this divide which has been perpetuated by Satan, Obama, Soros, and their ilk - the Kill, Steal, and destroy crowd. We are living in the days of Noah. I just hope we are raptured before we see that level of violence that fills the whole Earth!

You ever wonder if God led Ken Ham to build the lifesize Ark Encounter at this time to say "hey, here's your mega sign. The days of Noah have arrived!"



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