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Vaush: If nothing else we can treat this as a reminder that the political compass test is absolutely worthless, though that's probably not new information if your IQ can be expressed in two or more digits

Dink Dinklemann: Mainly we can say communism sucks, and this mentally ill kid doesn't represent anyone.

Meanwhile, your antifa loonies are sharpening sticks all over the country seeing nazis around every tree.

Ultimately, it's too bad people can't talk to each other in the information age.

Nemo: Do you denounce the belief that a cabal of "Cultural Bolsheviks" are trying to destroy "Western" civilization? The belief that motivated the shooter?

Dink Dinklemann: No. That's happening. I wouldn't denounce the shooter's opinion that the Sun rises in the East and set in the West either. His murdering doesn't make all of his points invalid. It is his decision to kill people that is to be denounced. You know, mental illness is complicated.



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