Various Incels #racist #sexist #wingnut

Daily reminder that THIS was how foids reacted to Abortion being legalised in Argentina


Foids LITERALLY jumping for joy and crying with happiness because they can now have more sex with Chad and be free to kill their own babies. How compassionate and empathetic

Women have probably killed more people than men and certainly more babies throughout history

interesting subhumans

meme gender

The empathetic gender:feelskek:

i hate soyciety

Life is meaningless to them (and pretty much in general) so they pursue pleasure over motherhood.

Females should be entitled to fuck (white) Chad without consequence! :soy:

Remember, men gave these creature's rights (specifically pig skins)

They're laughing, crying, jumping from joy. They weren't so happy when the WWII ended it seems (because nazi chad wouldn't come to save them from their subhuman men). Yaaaay I can freely mortify another creature inside me and go on fucking chad like there's no tomorrow!



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