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(First Anon)
This is what I see- The last saturn-pluto conjunction (astrological event) occured between January 2019 - December 2020. Saturn-pluto conjunctions are historically followed by an unusually volatile 16% - 40% correction, typically closer to 16% than 40%. Once the post-conjunction correction is over, the stock market has always entered a powerful bullrun for 15 - 20 years until a saturn-pluto opposition occurs and causes a massive crash or extended period of sideways price action. Saturn-pluto oppositions have signaled in all major bearish market events in recent history, including the great depression, the sideways price action from ~1965 - 1980, as well as the dot com bubble and the following great recession. The next saturn-pluto opposition will occur between 2034 - 2036, that's when we should expect the next major market crash, not now, it doesn't make sense based on the markets macro cycles.

(Second Anon)
People who reject Astrology haven't spend any time learning how to actually use it and discovering how shockingly powerful and useful it is, are never going to make it.

As well as the Tarot, I should mention. Particularly the "Major Arcana" (the first 22 cards). Which should always be used together with Astrology. The two are very tightly connected. One very crucial the vast majority of people make is that they think the Tarot cards themselves have magical powers and should be played around with and "drawn" for "readings" so they "tell" you things. Not the case at all.

If you truly understand them and know their meanings etc and know what you're doing (in other words you use the card's meanings to analyze your own mind and and look at your life situation from the card's "perspective"), then sure you can use them that way they might be helpful, but engaging in that sort of stuff isn't necessary for the cards to be practically useful and enlightening.

More important is to know that the cards are a MAP of sorts, a map of non-physical things.

The cards have meanings and tell a story and most importantly represent various aspects of human life and human psychology. It's much the same with the astrological signs by the way.



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