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The most important aspect of monarchy is legitimacy. This is central to all fair discussions of monarchy. When monarchies have "right of conquest" (as Great Britain did) then they do not necessarily reflect a connection to the folk of that land. Subsequently, there is the considerations of whether or not the House of Saxe Coburg and Gotha should rule British people (let alone the House of Hanover; which incited British disregard for the crown--and arguably culminated in the anti-monarchical sentiment of early Americans).

I think it pertinent to the discussion that people more fully appreciate what legitimacy means. King Arthur, for instance, was a legitimate king. In ancient monarchies, legitimacy was based on whether or not the king had "magical" powers ("magic" is simply related to the word for "make," and denotes a level of spiritual advancement). The Danish House of Skjoldung, for instance, traced back to Odin; who, according to some theories, was a legitimate historical king with supernatural powers.

I understand that some people will find this to be quackery or unbelievable. But consider that there are scientific institutes (such as dedicated to the study of psychic phenomenon. Physics has, to some degree, been forced to acknowledge that there is a connection between consciousness and changes in the material universe. That is, as ancient people understood it, called "magic" (and part of the phenomenon linked behind events like this: Legitimate kings had literal (not mythical) spiritual power. This is why the ancient test for a legitimate king demanded that the king be able to perform what humans today would consider miracles.

As strange as this might sound to some of y'all, monarchs who do not have a degree of unity with spiritual forces are, fundamentally, degenerated from the spiritual reality, and are too enmeshed with materialism to be trustworthy. The ancient rite of passing on a divine heir is also mostly lost to them. I'm a monarchist, yet must acknowledge that usurpers sit on the throne.



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