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We live in a society where its a competition of who can be the biggest victim.

It's a slow process of feminizing men, making them more docile and soft. And giving women fake empowerment.

Women are too stupid to realise they are being manipulated for government and corporate gain, so they welcome this empowerment. Why wouldn't they? They get to fuck chad and be considered equal to a man for doing absolutely nothing.

This is why there is no going back.

Men in higher power have convinced women that they can be men to, forever ruining the balanced structure of female and male relationships.

As a result men are becoming softer, less masculine. If men are less masculine this means they will be less outspoken and more willing to accept terrible work conditions and environments.

If you want to blame anyone for society as a whole shifting to being offended by stupid shit like "sexualization" or "toxic masculinity", blame the government that is purposefully making you lose more and more testosterone every year for monetary gain, pushing gay and transgender agendas, and censoring everything, thus reducing any artistic or cultural value.

In short, humans deserve to die and I deserve to rule what's left of earth



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