GeneticJoke #sexist

[Blackpill] When a woman says a man is "good in bed"

It simply means he has a big dick, AND THAT'S IT.

She just doesn't say it outright due to not wanting to look bad or shallow or a complete slut, or just out of being shy and high inhib.

Even if she described him as "fantastic in bed" as opposed to "good", it still leaves a bit to the imagination of the coping dicklet. Is it his PIV technique and the way he moves his dick in and out of her (the motion of the ocean) ? Or maybe it's the way he fingers and licks her pussy. Or could it be that he is just an attentive lover, always considerate towards her and listening to what she wants ?

Nope. It's just that genetics has blessed him with a large piece of flesh between his legs.



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