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What? team (Helen Lim and Jay-R Cimatu) did a nice job of interviewing Ismael two weeks ago. They’ve done us all a loving service by giving a time-stamped index of what was discussed in both parts 1 and 2.

Part One…

“We are considered the biological royalty of the entire multiverse that exists within the periphery of the 7 super universes”

1:20 Ismael’s Childhood
6:35 The 7 Super Universes
7:55 The significance of 7
9:13 Why our universe has yet to ascend back to its parent source
10:25 What it means to be incarnated at this time
12:50 Ancient souls on Earth
13:46 The 3 Space Age Civilizations
17:40 Why our records have been edited to show one spectrum of reality
20:50 Why we are only able to perceive 4% of the universe
21:10 Dark Matter
22:10 Tiamat
26:25 The Living Library
27:55 The most advanced piece of technology on Earth
30:07 Earth’s planetary quarantine
31:50 The Dracos
34:25 The current state of Orion
36:12 The Sirians, Lyrans, and Pleiadians
37:55 The power players in our galactic history

Part Two…

“It’s one big, gigantic cosmic soul that fragmented itself and divided itself over the eons of time.”

00:55 The Enlil
1:48 Genetic tampering
4:50 Mu, Lemuria, and Atlantis
10:05 Hollow Earth
12:09 The Supernaphim, Seconaphim, and Seraphim
14:44 Advice for those who are waking up
15:55 The 144,000
18:50 Earth, the timeline wars, and parallel universes
19:58 The Halls of Records
20:57 Disclosure
22:27 Spiritualizing organic matter
23:45 George Lucas and the Akashic Records
25:07 The Galactic Federation
26:53 Polarity Integration
30:30 Repairing your remaining strands of DNA
33:00 Mars
34:12 White Holes and Black Holes
34:44 Type 4 and 5 Space Age Civilizations
35:55 The truth about pharmaceuticals
37:50 The current geopolitical landscape
41:05 Now What?!



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