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In other words, should we even care that fewer men than women attend college?

Um, yes?

Problem is, now that I identify as male, suddenly I don't have as much opportunity to get INTO college in the first place. Either I would have to identify as female (faking it, of course) or try to get something like the Secular Student Alliance scholarships. I guess there's also ones for race, I'm biracial. but maybe because I'm less than but almost half white they would discount me? I dunno. Either way, I now have a harder time getting into college in the first place.

Jon Birger clearly doesn't know how logic works. You know, that discrimination is DENYING SOMEONE AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY BASED ON A CHARACTERISTIC OF THEIR BEING, SUCH AS GENDER.

“Students don’t notice the difference,” Sandler said. “In a large college, you’re never going to know [that there are more women than men].”

Um, I would.

Another dating-market quirk that confused me even more than the general oversupply of 30-something and 40-something women is who these women tend to be. In my experience, a disproportionate number of the women who claim to have the most difficulty dating after 30 are those who have the most going for them. They are smart, fun, kind, and attractive. A lot of them are probably more physically fit at 40 than they were at 24.

Oh of the perks of being gay - you don't have to deal with BS like this. I wish this was extended to straight men. Honestly, it's really tiring to see people whining that those "poor" women have to date down, because they made a personal choice to put themselves further in life...

I swear, these people have to reach so far to even get these things anymore.



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