John C. Wright #dunning-kruger #homophobia #transphobia

{from 2017}

(Please note that concluding from the fact that an alien has a male sexual organ, therefore he is of the male sex, is here called a ‘stupid gender construction’. When it comes to organs used in f**king, clearly girls from Marvel f**king love science.)

Please note that Iceman had perfectly normal heterosexual interests and soap opera girl problems before this point. Many fans think Jean Gray simply mindfrelled him into sexual disorder for reasons of her own. After this point, Iceman turns into the a stereotyped flaming homo limpwristed sissyboy that only exists in Leftist imaginations, nothing like any real gay man ever. It would be as if Jean Gray turned him into a black man, and he started acting like Steppin Fetchit, or a clown from a Minstrel Show.)



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