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If you think pedophiles need some kind of help, then by that logic, homosexuals need help as well. Because pedophilia is, just like heteresexuality, just a different version of how humans can express their sexuality. Of course it is not THAT simple, there are some complications. Such as only 1 version of sexuality can produce offspring, or some version have practical issues, such as that pedophilia cannot be acted upon with real children. But fundamentally, they all are just different versions of sexuality, and none of them are right or wrong. At this point in the development of the human race, enjoyment from sexual contact is just as important, if not more, than actually getting kids. And it is not simply about giving birth to new life, many people do it because they believe it will make their lives better and happier. All in all, we humans have lost the focus and determination we once had, but that is not bad, that is just the natural development of human intelligence.

And not only child raping is bad. Generally doing anything, really anything, against the will of another person (Unless, in some specific situations, this would be for the "greater good" and this is where it gets complicated) is bad.

Also, I think that people hype child molesters way too much. Without having the statistics, I am pretty sure there are way more heteresexual/homosexual rape going on IN EVERY COUNTRY, but sadly, this is what mostly makes newspapers and not some poor woman raped AND THEN PROBABLY KILLED in nearby woods. Because guess what, raping a child actually is easier than a full grown adult and this is why rape on adults sometimes (I don't exactly know how often) ends in murder. And this is somewhat worse, you can imagine.



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