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The CDC says that the cases of myocarditis post vaccine are rare, mild, and short-lived. They are lying to you.

I want to share with you what they mean by that using a real case from a post on one of the Vaccine support groups:

Really looking for help and support my son has myocarditis following his 2nd Covid jab at 16. He seemed to recover however 2yrs on hes now 18 he is now unable to work just completed his 2 yr apprenticeship as a welder to be placed onto long term sick.

After having a 24 hr heart monitor fitted it show 28 episodes of bracicardi in a 24 hr period even when he was asleep he has been referred as urgent to be told by the appointments team it’s an 11 month wait for cardiology.

He has become isolated too scared to use his car and is just waiting for an appointment, he has nightmare about going to sleep and not waking up …. Every parents nightmare.

We thought about going private but people have said his treatment could cost a huge amount which we would find a way of doing but surely something is available on the NHS His pulse is sitting at 40-42 beats per minute, Sats are 95-97 gets very dizzy, unable to stand up for too long and his life has changed dramatically over the last 3 yrs any help would be appreciated.

Any help or advice would be really appreciated 🙏 xx
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