Various Incels #dunning-kruger #psycho #racist #sexist

Serious I wish i was black.

I wish I didn't have to be a cumskin. i could have been a low inhib black guy. Fucking white, latino and black girls alike. I would have been cucking all the white men around me with my bbc. Then when I would get bored, I would get on and pretend to be an incel just to have a laugh at all those white faggots suffering. Instead, I have to suffer as a white men in the west, which is a pretty much guaranted inceldom in 2021.

doesn't klinefelters make you tall?

Not really dude. I'm 5'11.

I can guarantee that you were just on either reddit,twitter or blacked

Blacked is for cucks only. Seeing 2 girls 1 cup was less disgusting than seeing those apemen fucking my women.

Just be black and move to East Europe.

Just get beaten up by high T Slavs theory

Nothing would happen as long as you don't go to low class areas.

I got attacked in Poland for talking English on a bus , in a high class area and I’m white, imagine being black in Ukraine or something


(Blackcel rigth wing)
Dumb ass want to be part of the most poorest/weakest and dumb race on planet earth who’s history is mostly slavery from Arabs from the north and east, Jews, Europeans and now China. No one can denied what I just said it’s facts.

Op you’re really retarded but then again what do I expect from a genetic defect like you.



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