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[From "The Right Wing and the Police Question (PQ)"]

I have a difficult time putting forward a clear perspective on the police.

On the one hand, I have an authoritarian personality, so I like the concept of men with guns enforcing order.

On the other hand, the police are controlled by a government that is controlled by Jews, and these people will do the bidding of the Jews who control them, virtually down to a man.
Of course I support the good cops, who are doing the right thing, but as a body of people, the cops are objectively a negative force in our society. When the blacks talk about “abolishing the cops,” I always say that this would be a good thing if they abolished all of the cops.

In that situation, we would be able to form our own neighborhood militias to ensure safety and deal with the threat of communist or black crime, while letting people go about their business normally if they are not a criminal.
But of course, the left won’t abolish all of the cops. They will only abolish the cops that are policing the behavior of blacks. In this situation, the blacks will march into your neighborhood to rape your wife and kids, loot you, and then slit your throats. There will be no cops stopping them, no cops will investigate after the fact. But if you defend yourself, the cops will be there immediately to arrest you and put you in prison.
We should be focusing on other issues, most of which are more immediate and more important than supporting the armed men who are enforcing democrat mask laws, and have been killing dogs and doing the unbelievably evil anti-family dirty work of the family courts for decades.

Here’s what you say when someone asks you if you support the cops: “I support the cops who support freedom, the Constitution and the American people, but I don’t support the cops who are doing the dirty work of the communist Democrats.”



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