They're out to get you, to cover up the truth, to poison the world, etc

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I saw something today there about the disaster in Florida being remembered with rainbow colors. (You’ll have to excuse my absent-mindedness, it only was a glance before I muted the post.) I know that it was simply another set up false flag that the elites want us to gawk at instead of us wising up and figuring out their evil schemes to wipe us all out. That’s what they do. They give the sheeple more bad news, more lies, more ugliness and sin to debate about and waste their God-given intelligence and time on. Do you realize how powerful the subconscious mind is? What a world. What a waste of God-given life. Those poor families. What will happen tomorrow, should the Lord tarry longer? God help us! Oh, I forgot— God has turned His back on America!!

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It wasn’t too long ago that I too believed some of these misconceptions. Sooner or later the Truth and reality catches up with all of us.

1/. White European nations became rich off of the backs of the slave trade and plundering other nations
This is inaccurate. It was always the jews and the gentry directly serving the jews who benefited from the slave trade. After all it was mainly blacks enslaving blacks in Africa. The jews just capitalised on this industry. The actual lower classes never benefited from slavery, because they were slaves themselves; and still are.

And to argue that even the lower classes indirectly benefited due to the infrastructure, this too is not accurate. The European mind and energy has always had the ability to produce, create and invent at an incredible capacity. The railroads, hospitals, theatres, educational institutes were all physically produced by the working class on meagre wages. Any financial gains obtained by jewish families were spent internally to help international jewry; certainly not philanthropically distributed amongst society for the benefit of European peoples. The trickle down effect is another myth. We built and financed everything ourselves, through our hard work, ingenuity and creativity. That is the reality.

The myth that European nations are rich because we pilfered and enslaved others is nonsense – just more jewish mind control to guilt Europeans into accepting their white genocide.

2/. White Europeans invaded African culture, enslaved the blacks and had a cruel apartheid system
First the white Europeans who were fleeing jewish enslavement settled in a barren uninhabited South Africa. There was nothing much there other than nature’s elements – rocks and bushes. The hard working, ingenious, mixed Europeans literately created a superpower out of the bushes. Then when they had built a civilised structure – the blacks came to them. They did not build up their culture off the backs of the blacks.

As for the apartheid – what else could they do? It was the most sensible thing to do, to keep the blacks from rampaging their culture. Just look what is happening to the Afrikaners now that the apartheid has been abolished. The apartheid was essentially a border control that’s all.

The myth that the white South Africans used the blacks to create their lifestyle is ridiculous propaganda – just more jewish mind control to guilt Europeans into accepting their white genocide.
[please listen to Karen Smith’s interview below]
3/. Being racist is the most anti-social thing one can be
Well first of all this word racist was coined by a mass murdering jew called Trotsky. This was created in order to guilt up any Whites who dare to stand up for their European culture. It is a powerful word and meme and this single word alone enables vast amounts of white people to bend over backwards to accommodate non-whites into their culture, just in order not be labeled a racist. Whites will give up their heritage, jobs, culture, lineage, identity and lifestyle so long as they are not called this silly little name. It is truly incredible the power of trigger words through mind control – just more jewish mind control to guilt Europeans into accepting their white genocide.
4/. Diversity enriches European societies
On the surface, one could argue that having multiple choices of restaurants from many different cultures is a positive thing for society. One could indeed say that these cultures are contributing to European culture by providing alternatives. But at what price? How much of a payoff do we have for this enrichment? It is obvious by now to anyone who is prepared to use an ounce of logic that behind the surface of this colourful enrichment; the indigenous European peoples are paying a hefty price. In fact we are suffocating. Multiculturalism is the death spell of European culture and civilisation. Had Europeans just had a policy that only small amounts of people can stay providing they provide a unique contribution: a Chinese martial art, a Korean healing system, an Indian meditation technique, etc; then this really would be enrichment. The reality is most people coming to Europe have only one interest – to serve themselves. None of them give a damn about the preservation of our European culture. Every single migrant cares only about their self interests and their culture. None of them actively help to preserve European culture. Diversity = white genocide. Diversity is enrichment – just more jewish mind control to guilt Europeans into accepting their white genocide.
5/. Colour is just skin deep – we’re all equal
This is simply not true! One only has to objectively look at each race and look at each races’ achievements. One can use all the excuses in the world as to why certain cultures have not been able to develop; but we all have been on this planet for the same time. It’s too much of a coincidence that in every single part of the globe that White European cultures have lived – civilised cultures have blossomed. Europeans built the pyramids. It is only because of jewish interference that white Europeans have not been able to fully develop. Just look what Germany achieved in just six years free of the parasitic jews. The same for England after Edward the 1st (Longshanks) booted the jews out of England ….look how England prospered. It’s been the same in every European culture, if Europeans are left to flourish on their own without the parasitic jew. The ‘we’re all equal’ narrative is just more jewish mind control to guilt Europeans into accepting their white genocide.
6/. The only reason a high percentage of blacks are violent is because they have been socially suppressed by whites and all they are doing is venting their righteous anger – it’s justified
Righteous anger – about what exactly? Having been afforded 100 fold opportunities in a European culture than in their own culture? Just look at the opportunities they have been given. Companies and local councils are bending over backwards with ‘affirmative action’/equal opportunities for non-whites. In fact it is easier now for a non-white to get a job in a Government/local council job. Not to mention the handouts. And how can the unprovoked attacks on whites be explained in South Africa? These were not oppressed people’s, they were outsiders coming in to destroy White civilisation. The notion that all blacks (as a collective) need is education and they will blend into any civilised European society has now been proven a myth. How far do we have to stretch things to continually come up with excuses for black on white crimes – just more jewish mind control to guilt Europeans into accepting their white genocide. [please see video channel below]
7/. White people and white cultures are innately racist
What could be further than the Truth. White people (as a collective) are THE least racist people on the planet. And I struggle with this term racist anyway; as it is another trigger word created by the jews. But as far as being accommodating – there is no race on the planet more accommodating than the white European race. We have given and given and given and given throughout our whole existence. And we continue to give in endless charitable and philanthropic projects. Yet somehow as the providers, we always seem to end up with the racist label and the ones feeling guilty for not having done enough and somehow being the suppressors of non-whites. Had it not been for the white peoples’ inventiveness, with sanitation, electricity, medical resources, etc; the population of non-whites would be far less. Whites are evil racists – just more jewish mind control to guilt Europeans into accepting their white genocide.
8/. All races can pull together to fight the common evil
At one point I truly did believe this nonsense. I really did think that if all races and cultures woke up to the JCN, then we’ld live a more peaceful existence – ha. Oh dear, how embarrassing. The concept that if we all pull together to fight our common foe, we would live in peace. Utter nonsense. Just look at each race and how they only look after themselves. You can see it within the Truth movement – the blacks are all about their black issues, the Muslims are only pro-Islam, even the gays only care about their gay issues. None of these secular groups want to join forces to fight the jewish agenda, because secretly they know who is funding their particular agenda. They’re all ultimately about bringing down the European race.
9/. Just like mongrel dogs, mixed race people are healthier and less susceptible to inbred diseases
And there are people out there who propagate this garbage. As with all these modern memes, it couldn’t be further from the Truth and as always just more inverted Truth. The healthiest of races are the purest of races. This is a given. Mixed race children apparently are not able to receive organ donations. Why all of a sudden would genetics suddenly change in cultures? If races have bred amongst their own for thousands of years; why now is this seemed unhealthy? A jewish propagandised narrative perhaps – just more jewish mind control to guilt Europeans into accepting their white genocide.
10/. Black men are more virile than white men
I know this may seem like scraping the barrel, but this topic often crops ups. I’ve had to listen to this crap all my life. It’s so obvious who is behind this myth and why they would propagate it. It is just another method to knock the white man’s confidence. To make him feel inferior to other races. Whilst at the same time programme (propagandise) white women, (along with the music industry) into believing that dating black men is a better option and somehow black men are more masculine. Hence to encourage race-mixing – just more jewish mind control to guilt Europeans into accepting their white genocide.

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are bald men alien human hybrids
Why are ALL the world leaders bald why are ALL the cops, judges, news anchors, correction officers bald. ALL the top athletes are bald they are bigger, stronger, faster than humans I am convinced that bald men are alien human hybrids it does not matter where they are from. the mountains of china to the savannas of Africa all over the world these people have the SAME EXACT BALDING PATTERN it first starts off in a pattern of two horns then it bald's the top of the head as if the hair cant cover the cranium because the scull is growing. its like trying to put an aliens head into a humans hat it wont fit. Because of the inhuman growth of the top of the scull the skin stretches to the side creating the balding pattern. Its hereditary so if your father bald you will be bald that makes it genetic so that means there is two types of humans on this planet those who are balding and those who are not. how did this happen when did we get two types of genetically different species on this plant now I know where those the horns come from when we think about a devil they have no conscious just vessels.

Why are all the world leaders bald why are all the cops, judges, correction officers bald.do you remember the wigs. small step for man and giant leap for man kind. does the word nephelam rind a bell. Or how about Matthew 13:24-30 But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way.

The tares were sowed among the wheat and while growing the tares also look like wheat.

V26 But when the blade was sprung up, and brought forth fruit, then appeared the tares also.

And if all the world leaders are bald and this world is the closest thing to hell you can imagine then that means all these bald world leaders are evil. unless your a bald nephelam then your life is awesome talk about an invasive species look at all the top athletes they are bald they are bigger, stronger, faster than humans. They get jobs thinking its their skills but its because they are bald and with a job they can procreate to make more nephelam so woman reading this should know we have enough evil in this world please do not create more by having babies with these demigods. like in the time of Noah.


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The Aboriginal People

In order to fully and substantively understand a word you must know and understand its history
or etymology. In the Aboriginal Paradigm all words describe. The etymology of a word will
provide us with one major piece of the puzzle of understanding language and allow us to avoid a
trap that many aboriginal people fall into very easily.
•Etymology will give the true meaning of words as they applied to the originators of the
language and place words in their proper Culture, proving in truth that there is only ONE
•Many Aboriginal People have been easily deceived by non-aboriginal peoples because one
cannot explain Indigenous Black Phenomena with colonial white grafted definitions if their
desire is the truth

Our Original Nationality

The Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples of North America are the Ancient ‘people’ or Amu of the
Planet Earth which was once called Muu. After Great cataclysmic destructions took place over
various periods the land masses separated slowly into the seven continents we have today our
Ancient Aboriginal Indigenous Black Ancestors migrated to safe locations on the planet after
these great destructions took place. Those ancient empires have been called Lemuuria and Atlan
or Atlantis. The oldest empire since those ancient empires is the Empire of Tawi also called Taa
Muuray. We sometimes refer to the empire as Nubia, Egypt, Ethiopia, and sometimes Asia. Taa
Murray is the name we will find in variation in some of the oldest glyphs. Some of the various
forms are Amurru, Amaru, Ta Mr, Maori. Amu, Ummah, Amo are some of the Ancient names
for the Original People. Our Ancestors added the Glyph of the circle and dot as a symbol of the
Originator of life. That symbol also was associated with an important Star [stargate] as the
Symbol of life. We called the Originator Ray [Re/Ra]. So we were the People [Amu] of Ray or
AMuRay which general meant the People of God. This is why we are called Muurs/Muurs today,
although we do have many other Aboriginal Tribal names. It is our most ancient name and
signifies something about our cosmic nature as the Original Indigenous People of the Planet

Being Aboriginal & Black is Divine

According to the principles and laws of science, light is both a particle and a wave. The
etymology of light
Middle English [lukh/leuk meaning luminent] Moorish Celtic God [Lugh-God of the Sun] Greek
– logos/likht – meaning energy or mind Hebrew Lahat = flame/fire, Hebrew liach – natural force.
Blackness is the true Lumination and light. Light Skin is very deeply hued as the carbon atoms
are charged by Solar [Soul] energy. Dark skin [which is really white as the word dark comes
from the Arabic word dzarq meaning pale] is recessive, pink in color. We have not scientifically
understood these chemical realities. Blackness as infinitely understood is the primordial power
of the universe [the neutron soup -cosmic radiation] that is “harnessed” and given biochemical
reality in the Aboriginal Indigenous Black Body. To say you are Black is to say you are
Conscious, Aboriginal, Indigenous and a personification of God, which carries great
responsibility with it. The low levels of Carbon in white people are due to mutation through
violations of the scientific laws carried out by people who were once Aboriginal. Created light
[R.O.Y.G.B.I.V.] which is a graft of the Original black light is at a resonance that is subject to
the primordial black consciousness we call dark matter and dark energy in science. We used to
have indigo-black colored skin when we were healthy, and some of our people still do, but now
through violation of Absolute law we have many shades of original black and a generally
unhealthy state on the planet. Through applied science we will return to Pure Blackness in color
and consciousness and Regain our Power.

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[In response to an article about the film Logan being "Jewish propaganda"]

Hugh Jackman is a kike.

The antagonist in the film, a White man, a blond White man, always a blond White man, has a mechanical hand, as do many of the soldiers, for a reason.

The first reason is that it is a symbol of the Hidden Hand. There's a photo floating around of ISIS giving a speech for the press and the flag bearer is wearing a cast on his right hand despite having no injury. It is a Jew Masonic tell sign.
The second reason is that mechanics represent the Borg. Borg is from Icelandic meaning "city", hence, city dweller. In America, one can know miles before you reach a city without checking any maps or signs, simply because all the radio stations suddenly turn nigger. Zombies live in cities, the walking dead, those who eat yet cannot produce anything, those beasts of the field who are not hu-man or spirit-man and have not the creativity nor spirit of the White man.

At the end of the movie, the little jew mongrel girl turns the Cross of Wolverine's grave sideways, to an X.

X represents Kikes.
Professor X or professor kike, X for Xavier, a pun on Savior, is again mocking Christ.

And having a nigger farmer family is simply a retarded joke.
One word:

Niggers can't grow anything.

As an aside, what the nigger farmer said about "corn syrup", high fructose corn syrup, often simply labeled as "natural sweetener" in drinks, is proven to be more than a hundred times more addicting than liquid cocaine on mice in clinical trials, and simply causes diabetes, which is even worse than Aspartame.

A further slip, was the Jew reference to "we will breed out the X Men through the food and drink system and then" "and then breed your own" Logan finishes. They are already doing this, and this is the reason why White men now have less than 5% the sperm count of their grandfathers. As for the "breed their own" White slave jannisaries and sex slaves, they are already doing this in not only some of the 132 D.U.M.B.s in the US, but also some of the submerged cities.

The Matrix is real, and you are in it.
The White race is being farmed and has been farmed for thousands of years, by the Serpent and the serpent's children.

The purpose of the movie, like all movies these days, was to demoralize the White man.

The military facilities cloning children thing is real as the US govt has been cloning people steadily since the 1950's. The cunt who stars in the hunger games is the most prominent example, having cloned her from some famous arabic actress.
The cloning procedure is revealed in full disclosure in the movie The Boys From Brazil.

The real 'x' Men, the Spirit Men, who have the God Particle in them, who can and whose ancestors have, performed miracles time and again throughout history, are the White Men.

If you're going to watch Jew movies, just be sure to antidote yourself, and simply consciously invert back all the Jews' inversions.

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MEGA doom!!! CERN has been on since march and achieved full power March 23 !! Solar Flares to destroy Magnetosphere April 1-2.!

Unsurprisingly, you've been lied to about the schedule for CERN's experiments.

First they said the beginning of March 2015. Then it was the 15th , then the 23. Then they said the 25.

Yesterday, the 24th the magnetic forces of CERN disrupted Germanwings A320 electronics causing it to descend for 8 minutes and crash without a cell phone call! Everyone's phones were disabled from the magnetic forces.

Why are there magnetic forces coming out of CERN?

Because CERN has been running since the beginning of March!!!

Soon after the plane crashed they had to come out and say CERN "short circuited". Something doesn't short circuit unless it is on or being powered on.

It's been on probably since the beginning of March and still on now. As well as the smaller regional colliders in places such as New york. The ringing in your ears is from the Colliders.

Recently, they conducted ALICEs experiments at full power in Large Hadron Collider.

The result : X-Class solar flare mayhem next week smash the magnetosphere! The solar flares through a plasma transfer will break the bonds of fallen angels/demons allowing them to fully manifest in our world.

Get ready for huge earthquake, smashing of the magnetosphere three days darkness and the appearance of Demons. The seals of Revelation will break. Only turning to Jesus will save you.

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I stopped injecting myself with insulin! Even when I was injecting myself with 40 units per day of insulin, after a few weeks of usage it had only lowered my blood sugar to around 170-200! I don't care what my (former) doctor says, I KNOW that the daily insulin injections made my toe and foot go numb. By naturally eating one normal meal a day, and then eating a big salad for dinner, and perhaps an apple and a little cottage cheese for breakfast, I lowered my blood sugar to 112 mg/dl. It could have been that the insulin brought out the diabetic numbness that was already in progress, I don't know. But what I do know is that I wasn't having any symptoms of diabetes until I took the insulin. SO DON'T TAKE THE INSULIN! You don't need to, just change your diet! Remember, I'm not a doctor, so take my advice at your own risk.

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I'm not psychic. I'm not a prophet. I don't hear voices. I simply am NOT STUPID, I have read history, and I have the stones to acknowledge obvious, objective reality. How anyone could NOT see all of this stuff coming is completely beyond me. You can see all of these things coming miles and miles away.

And by the way, this applies to my fears about Obama being assassinated. Seriously, how stupid and balless do you have to be in order to honestly argue and believe that COMMUNISTS are not capable of killing anyone? How stupid and balless do you have to be to convince yourself that COMMUNISTS, who murdered AT MINIMUM 250 million people in the 20th century alone, would be incapable of murdering a dim-witted, drug addicted homosexual puppet in order to completely overthrow and cement power over the largest economy and largest military force the world has ever seen?

IF Obama is false-flag assassinated, there won't be any "chain of succession" issues. Joe Biden will never, ever be POTUS, no matter what. If Obama is false-flag assassinated the Constitution will be suspended, a "provisional government" will be announced and martial law declared.

I shouldn't be surprised by the abject and complete ignorance of history - even recent 20th century history, the normalcy bias and tunnel vision anymore, but I still am.

I am worried that Obama will be taken out by his own people for exactly the same reason that I called this phoney-baloney unemployment crap months and months ago - because it is ALL SO INCREDIBLY PREDICTABLE, and the populace is too stupid and deluded to even see how predictable it all is.

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Chemtrails...why we have them.

I am an old guy...I know what a vapor trail is, hell been seeing them in the skies for years...till late 80s, been a roofer for 30 years..so I know the what a normal Sun is.

I am also a Sun weather guy and been watching Sun events for 20 years.

I believe when they trail it is for solar management reasons.

A weaken magnetic field is getting worster (my trolling word, we all have one)

we now have a white Sun, many many filaments, and tons of coronal holes now, where we did not have this type of behavior from the sun before.

back in the day they would spray on CMEs that were some what earth directed.

NOW, i see the spraying every tmie the SUN is gearing up a Coronal hole to point at us...was not that way 7 years ago.

as the years have gone by...I have to say with they are worried about the sun and our field.

There is an event coming that they are disparately trying to mitigate..not sure how long you can hold space weather back of fix or Earths force field.

Just saying do what you love..the spraying and space weather are going to change this planet.

This event will be in my life time..I have seen that they are picking up the pace for trailing us...and many other events in space is also speeding up

get right with GOD (if you have one) and do right by your family and friends.

Myself..stop working in 2010 and just enjoying my time i have left.

working and playing good consumer only helps the elites build their bunkers with my money..the signs are all around you if you care to look.

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Obama is a Manchurian Candidate posing as a Manchurian Candidate. He only has the brains to sign the Executive Orders his Jewish minders give him.

Romney is a whole other ball of wax – a scion of the Judaic / Merovingian lineage from a cult of the anti-Christ such as Mormonism will raise the stakes and take the world game to a whole new level.

Or as Dr K has confidently asserted this week – in 10 years Israel will no longer exist. He means, I take it, the Rothschild state in its present form. This presages the events of ‘Greater Israel’ as they style it – the New World Order with its echelon state at the crossroads of three continents. The third UN, according to H.G. Wells, an Insider, will be in Basra, Iraq – which is located near the old Babylon.

Obviously, the Judaic Imperium thinks they have found their man if Dr K is pontificating on the state of Israel.

The Israel of God will certainly be in existence in 10 years time.

But The Crown which is the financial centre of the Judaic Imperium on the sq mi in London and its transitional empire of the AngloSphere which had ‘to continue for a short space’ will have given way to the rise of the last great Beast Empire.

What you are witnessing the rise of the last Beast Empire of which St John the Divine prophesied in the Apocalypse and the emergence of its Unicorn power.

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Well, it turns out that the entire scene ['Star Wars'' climactic battle], and the ideas that led up to it, have a lot to do with the current state of the culture wars.

Let us do a little number-crunching first to see why.

You see, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo! control between them ninety-five percent of the global search market, with Google's market share at around 86% across all platforms and hitting 93% for mobile searches.

In terms of social media, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit control between them about 76% of the US market alone.

In the mobile and instant messaging market, Facebook (through Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp) alone controls about 48% of the market, and Facebook and Microsoft together control 53% of it.

So, no matter where you look, the platforms for speech, communication, and social media are controlled by a handful of giant, oligopolistic operators. And they act in concert to a truly frightening degree.

They are, essentially, a giant monolithic threat to freedom of expression, individual rights, and association.

If one were to flail around for a decent metaphor for purposes of comparison, one might just be able to say that the modern Left controls a GIANT HONKIN' BATTLE STATION - that's no moon - with a HUGE-ASS LASER FULL OF THOUGHT-DESTROYING ASS-BEAT, designed specifically to assplode through de-platforming the living bejeezus out of any remaining bastions of free thought and expression.

In other words - the Left is the Empire and has a Death Star (or three, or ten, depending on how you count them), and we of the Hard Right are the plucky heroic Rebellion. This sort of suits us, since we do believe in shooting first when confronted by a mortal threat and have no interest whatsoever in blaster control of any kind.

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Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States, was born Michael LaVaughn Robinson in Chicago, Illinois on January 17th, 1964.

He was the second son born to Fraser Robinson III, a well known cocaine dealer and union thug for Crime Lord/Mayor Richard J. Daley, and Marian Shields Robinson, a transient street prostitute who was diagnosed with the HIV virus in 1998.

He was a popular high school athlete and in 1982, he accepted a scholarship to play middle linebacker for the Oregon State Beavers.

After finishing a respectable rookie season with 88 tackles and 7.5 sacks, he suddenly dropped out of the school.

Fellow teammates observed that Robinson could regularly be heard lamenting over how he is a “woman trapped inside a man’s body”, and on January 13th, 1983, he underwent sex reassignment surgery at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

To hide the shame of his new identity, Michael left Oregon State to attend Princeton University under his new legal name, “Michelle Robinson”.

Years later, he met Barry Obama Jr. a Kenyan immigrant who later became aware of Michelle’s 'true' identity. They subsequently married and adopted two children.

Anonymous Coward #conspiracy godlikeproductions.com

Is our planet being terraformed using radioactivity.

You would have thought after the recent incidents that radioactive nuke stations would have been outlawed as there is the potential to kill everyone on the planet.

Could it be possible our planet is being terraformed to cater for an alien race that requires higher levels radioactivity to survive comfortably. It is a possibility i think, it may not be the case but its best to be open minded and not tunnel visioned.

We believe some aliens have no hair at all, this could be a result of high radiation on thier home planet(s).

If nuclear power is not outlawed globally we are all gonna be killed and we all know it. If we know this radiation will eventually kill us then so do TPTB.

This paradox leads to only three posibilites

1. TPTP have an escape plan and can get to another planet. Thus avoiding the radioactivity.
2. TPTB are alien and are terraforming our planet for thier own speices.
3. TPTB are happy to kill themselves along with us eaters. (not likely!!)

We know its not money related because they have all the momey in the world!

Each of these possibilities is disturbing


VonMisesJr #conspiracy americanthinker.com

Mises "Socialism" enumerates many forms of socialism that in their extreme case is totalitarianism. They are all authoritarian, centrally planned, statist paradigms but come in many flavors and strategies for implementing them. Today we have multiple forms of socialism emanating from DC and Blue State Crapitals.

The Democrap version is Marxism or communism. It is "public ownership of the means of production." Think the Student Loan industry or the DOJ and HUD nationalizing the suburbs and rural America. It is "One World Government" as evidenced by the TPP and Obama taking the Iran Nuclear Deal to the U.N. It is "democratic" in appearance as it appeals to the mob by a demagogue such as Obama, Schumer and Pelosi.

The GOP Establishment favors fascist-style socialism. It is "control of the means of production." It is the Farm Bill and Export Import Bank that showers billions on favored corporations. It is owned and operated by the Crony Chamber of Commerce. The GOP Establishment loves Agenda21 with its light rail and solar boondoggles as monopolistic, fascist government breeds corruption between politicians and big business.

We also have syndicalism with our unions, especially Public Employee Unions. It is no different than the Guild system of Feudal times except that it is based on ideology instead of heredity.

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In 25-30 yrs, the Moslems and Hispanics will be battling for the control of America.
Like today's citizens, whichever side wins,(Hispanics or Moslems) will live under the illusion they are in control.
Soo, the UN will do the dumping this time instead of el dicKtator, Mexico and other Central American countries.
Well, it's about time the UN shows the American people just who runs this country.
As a subsidiary controlled and owned by the NWO/OWG Cabal that also runs the MSM subsidiaries and the Fed Reserve ( which really runs the US)which they founded and owns, it's about time the UN start flexing it's muscles.
Oh, so you do not know the NWO/OWG Cabal started the UN w/ help from communists w/in FDR's admn. The Rockefellers, part of the NWO/OWG Cabal (head Cabalists are the Rothschilds Intnl banking establishment, founded by Mayer Amschel the Red Bauer, named changed to Rothschild )bought the land and donated it to the UN.
BTW, Soros a Cabal Member handles not only el dicKtator, but the Clintons also and Lord only knows how many other American pols. Of both parties.
The majority of the American public are living in the Matrix and don't even know it.
Thank you for taking a stand UN. It's time, actually past time to let the American citizenry know who runs their country.Sorry, I forgot, they only think it's their country.

Matt Forney #conspiracy gab.ai

Stephen Hawking died in the 1970's.

No one with ALS has ever lived more than ten years after being diagnosed.

The poor slob everyone thinks is Hawking is a stooge the globalists propped up so they could push crackpot theories on global warming, population control, and instituting an authoritarian one-world government.

In any event, good riddance to the greatest scientific fraud since Carl Sagan.

Misanthropia #conspiracy feministcurrent.com

I am fully convinced that now transgenderism is a psy-op meant to infiltrate and undermine the feminist movement. Now a male can do anything he wants. He can not only incite horrific crimes against women, he can also steal the label woman from us and force us to accept his delusions that he is a woman, against all evidence of biology and science.

Whatever delusions that males create with regards to women is taken as the truth, while the truth of women's lives and what we truly are is taken to be lies and just paranoid imaginings on our part. Is it any coincidence that transgenderism is all the rage in countries where women are more privileged? No one would want to be a woman in the Middle East, or many Asian and African and even Latin American countries.

They only want to be what the male fantasy of what a woman is. It's also no surprise that countries that are persecuting homosexual people are also forcibly offering sex reassignment surgery to them because they would rather not have two people of the same sex in love with each other.

centrist77 #conspiracy godlikeproductions.com

Well the jumbo jet that landed at the wrong airport yesterday I beleive it was. Especially at night, this happens more than people would think in the aviation world. Have you ever looked down from a plane, you could be flying over the town you grew up in and not reconize it. The pilots that made this error were flying a super jumbo which means they have 1000's of hours logged in the air, probably north of 7000 hours.

So how did some muslim dudes manage to look out the front windows and get three if their airliners on 9/11 to the target. Lol, this story is getting so easy rip apart now.

New Yorker #conspiracy ca.news.yahoo.com

The so called holocaust never happened the way the askenazi fake jews portry as happening. It was fake jew on fake jew atrocity. The fake jews bought (better to say stole) the biblical landmark and stole the histry along with it. Yjey wanted to populate it with fake jews but they couldn't find large enough volunteers to immigrate. The Rothschilds approached (and funded) governments across Europe, the Nazis happen to be in Europe and on power. Hitler, jew himself, did what the fake jews wanted -- create hell here so that they will flee to a newly stolen land to fight arabs and to the US for labor.

If you are learning history from one side, you are half human.
I read and investigated both sides, I trust the Nazis side of the story and it is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

the New Yorker -- the Supreme Humans of the Universe and Custodians of Mankind.

J. D. Heyes #conspiracy naturalnews.com

The power and frequency of the RF signal emitted from smart meters are similar to those of a typical cellular phone, cordless phone or residential Wi-Fi router. These meters typically send and receive short messages about 1 percent of the time.

Cancer.org notes that the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) named RF radiation as "possibly carcinogenic to humans," based on findings of at least one study that examined a link between it and a particular type of brain tumor.

In addition, the EMF Safety Network has identified the following symptoms as possibly linked to RF radiation, based on a survey the group did in 2011:

--Sleep problems (insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, night waking, nightmares)

--Stress, agitation, anxiety, irritability

--Headaches, sharp pain or pressure in the head

--Ringing in the ears, ear pain, high pitched ringing

--Concentration, memory or learning problems

--Fatigue, muscle or physical weakness

--Disorientation, dizziness, or balance problems

--Eye problems, including eye pain, pressure in the eyes

--Cardiac symptoms, heart palpitations, heart arrhythmias, chest pain

--Leg cramps, or neuropathy

--Arthritis, body pain, sharp, stabbing pains

--Nausea, flu-like symptoms

--Sinus problems, nose bleeds

--Respiratory problems, cough, asthma

--Skin rashes, facial flushing

--Urinary problems

--Endocrine disorders, thyroid problems, diabetes

--High blood pressure

--Changes in menstrual cycle

--Hyperactivity or changes in children's behavior


--Recurrence of cancer

Validation Boy #conspiracy politicalforum.com

[Re. the Ariel Castro kidnappings]

My theory: These girls were looking for drugs. They were runaways. After about ten years, he couldn't afford to pay for their drug habit. They got pissed, and framed him up, saying he "kidnapped" them.

Healthy strong vibrant teenage girls. In a crumbling crack house.

He might very well have been a sexual predator, and he probably convinced them to come be with him, and promised them drugs.

We can clearly see these girls were little drugee skanks at age 16 and 17, from their pictures.

Face peircings, weave-style hooker hair styles, tattoos. Little pigs.

Plus, the MSM gets to use the story to perpetuate other social stigmas and stereotypes.

Its all fake. That's definite.

Stephanie Relfe #conspiracy metatech.org


Most conspiracy researchers believe that the secret power who runs the world from behind the scenes, (shown by sources such as the White House Insider*), is based in the City of London. Our research has led us to believe that, in fact, the English are just the visible “fall guys”, and that the real power is based in France.

*The White House Insider told this amazing story of the little man who tells Presidents What to do.

One piece of evidence when we went looking for evidence for or against the theory that France rules the world was a tongue-in-cheek article which revealed some startling facts:

“Who rules the world? France, of course

My son has made a startling discovery that will confirm the deepest fears of the leader writers of The Sun. Britain, according to French officialdom, is part of the the 99th département (county) of France. So is the United States. So are China, Russia, Gabon, Lithuania and Kazakhstan. In fact, the whole of the rest of the world, save Monaco, is merely the 99th département of France…..

My son is sitting his baccalauréat, the French equivalent of A-levels, next June. He recently had to sign his official examination entry form: …

His form was filled in as follows.

•Name: —-
•Nationality: Foreigner.
•Born: Washington.
•Département: 099.
•Country: United States.
•Département 099? What is département 099?

There are 95 départements, or counties, in metropolitan France, numbered from 01 (A in & near Lyons) to 95 Val d’Oise (north of Paris). Their numbers can be found on all French car numberplates.

There is no département 96…..

All the overseas départements – Martinique, Guadeloupe and French Guiana in the Americas and Réunion in the Indian Ocean – count as département number 97.

Monaco, supposedly a sovereign nation, counts as département number 98…

The whole of the rest of the world, my son explained to me, is département 99….

A little investigative journalism (one phone call and a trawl of the internet) proved that my son was entirely correct. For the education ministry, all foreigners who take the baccalauréat have been born in département 99. According to the interior ministry, the votes of all French citizens who live abroad are cast in département 99. According to the social affairs ministry, all foreigners who use the French state health and pension system, the Sécurité Sociale, started life in département 99.”

(Ref: www.independent.co.uk)



To understand the next piece of the puzzle, it helps to realize that the real “power behind the throne” is never what you see. It is run by military aristocracy* whose names you don’t know, through different systems. The military aristocracy were thugs in medieval times. They controlled then by force.

(I learned the term “military aristocracy” from the excellent book Eleanor of Aquitaine by Alison Weir).

Now, the military aristocracy control through systems that control how people think and act – the media (TV, movies, newspapers, radio, computers, cell phones), as well as controlling the supply of money, schools, churches, the Medical Mafia and toxic food to dumb down the masses. (Ref: Illuminati Defector, Svali).

The next piece of evidence is what first made us suspect that France rules the world. We found it in a series of videos about Jodie Foster. She is rumored to be the most powerful woman, and one of the most powerful people in Hollywood. Hollywood is about much more than entertainment. It is key to the Illuminati maintaining control over the masses by controlling their minds. For example, it gets them to focus on:

•War instead of peace.
•Weaponry instead of “livingry” (A word made up by Buckminster Fuller).
•Scarcity instead of abundance.
•Perversions instead of morality and goodness.
•Materialism instead of spirituality and love of God.
•Lies instead of honesty.
•Animalistic behavior instead of consideration for others.
•Lust instead of love.
•We learned that Jodie Foster went to a school in California where ONLY FRENCH is spoken for all lessons!

Only someone who has lived in America could fully appreciate how bizarre this fact is. French? What Americans cares about French? In fact, since Americans are generally so insular and tend to do little travel to other countries, what Americans care about any language (except maybe now for Spanish)? For most people, France is just a place that sells cheese and wine that they hardly ever hear or think about.

The fact that the most powerful woman in Hollywood was educated at a school that spoke ONLY French indicated that this was a fact of Conspiracy Research that had been left out of the bigger picture.

The school is Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles. It is a private, bilingual, and international school founded in 1964 by Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kabbaz. whose motto is “We Teach the World”. There are other branches in other American cities.


From the school’s website, Jodie Foster said,

“I feel so lucky to have been educated in The French system. Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles gave me a classic education that not only prepared me for the rigors of an ivy league but opened my mind to a wider sense of the world.“

Question: What is “The French System”? Is this more than just the “official curriculum issued by the French Ministry of Education”? It sure sounds like it. Normal French people don’t seem to have minds that have been opened to “a wider sense of the world.”

The military aristocracy rule the world through SYSTEMS, and intelligence gathering and propaganda are a crucial part of that.

Why does this oligarch school use only French? We assume that this has at least two reasons. The main one is that the oligarchs can communicate clearly with the underlings that they have trained in the schools, such as Jodie Foster.

It’s possible that it’s also because French is a hard language to learn properly. It helps to keep things hidden, and to recognize who’s “in” and who’s “out” by whether or not they speak and understand fluent French.



Cocoon: “a cover that keeps someone safe or warm“.

It is as though France has been walled off from the rest of the world. Both English and French are hard languages to learn. By speaking French, the rest of the world has not much of a clue what is going on in France, except for what the Illuminati want them to know. By not speaking English, the majority of French people are locked off from new discoveries and information that may help free them, such as awareness of how socialism is keeping them enslaved.

We believe that the Illuminati made English the language of business so that the world would be easier for them to steal from, create wars in and take it over; but kept France largely separate so that they had a nice, beautiful, super-safe hiding place for themselves.


The Illuminati may have based themselves in France, because they know that the hearts and metaphysical abilities of the French are the most powerful in the world.

Once the French throw off the Satanic holds which bind them, they can free themselves and bring peace, happiness and prosperity to themselves and earth.

David J. Stewart #conspiracy jesusisprecious.org

The Illuminati control the entire mainstream newsmedia. As such, they regularly distribute misinformation and disinformation through the media to utterly confuse people. For example, they'll often tell the truth about the New World Order in films like The X-Files and The Outer Limits, then also include science-fiction themes of alien abductions and whacko material. By combining the truth with obvious science-fiction, it gives people the mindset that anyone who speaks about the New World Order is a total nut-job whacko. By use of such manipulative deceptions, the majority of the American public are easily kept in the dark.

I am a truth-seeker. As a born-again believer, I study the New World Order, because I want to know what is going on in the world. Thus, I have learned to discern what is true and what is false, with the Word of God as my guiding light. We learn in 2nd Corinthians 4:4 that Satan is “the god of this world,” and that he blinds men's minds from the saving Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. You can't even begin to understand the New World Order until you receive the Biblical truth that Satan is behind this evil mess. If you understand that truth, then it makes perfect sense when you see Hollywood and music celebrities flashing El Diablo (the Devil) hand signs and using occult symbols.

Henry Makow #conspiracy henrymakow.com

Increasingly, sanity is based on our willingness to accept lying platitudes such as those peddled by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

In typical Communist fashion, those who resist the satanic Jewish conspiracy are smeared as "white supremacists,""right wing fanatics," "anti Semites", "hate mongers" and "conspiracy nuts." The word "patriot" is now suspect.

I refer you online to "The Soviet Art of Brainwashing," a textbook that was used in Communist training schools both in the USA and Russia starting in the 1930's.

Communism was never a working class revolt. That's just Masonic Jewish deceit. It was created by the Illuminati (Kabalistic bankers and British-American blue blood traitors) to control the common man and enact their one-world dictatorship.

The textbook suggests that we are the subjects of trauma brainwashing.

"In order to induce a high state of hypnosis in an individual, a group, or a population, an element of terror must always be present on the part of those who would govern." (Part II, Ch.6)

But if we say so, we are "paranoid."

"The by-word should be built into the society that paranoia is a condition "in which the individual believes he is being attacked by Communists." It will be found that this defence is effective." (II- Ch 10)

"The populace must be brought into the belief that every individual within it who rebels ... against the efforts and activities to enslave the whole, must be considered to be a deranged person ...and... be given electric shocks, and reduced into unimaginative docility for the remainder of his days." (II-Ch.12)


The textbook suggests that psycho political agents took control of the US in the first decades of the twentieth century.

"In the United States we have been able to alter the works of William James, and others, ...and to place the tenets of Karl Marx, Pavlov, Lamarck, and the data of Dialectic Materialism into the textbooks of psychology, to such a degree that anyone thoroughly studying psychology becomes at once a candidate to accept the reasonableness of Communism.

"As every chair of psychology in the United States is occupied by persons in our connection,the consistent employment of such texts is guaranteed... Educating broadly the educated strata of the populace into the tenets of Communism is thus rendered relatively easy." (II, Ch. 11)

The textbook calls these teachers "psycho political operatives" and their role is to brainwash the young. Most humanities and social science professors today are conscious agents, brainwashed dupes, or live in fear of the former.

(See also Louis Budenz, "The Techniques of Communism: Controlling Education" )

Communists (elite Satanists) view man as (I quote) "a mechanism without individuality." He is "basically an animal" with a "civilized veneer." Like an animal, he can be forced to believe and do anything given the right combination of terror, deception, drugs and brute force.

The goal of "psycho politics" is to "produce the maximum chaos in the culture of the enemy," and to "leave a nation leaderless."


The textbook advocates the use of doctors, social workers, psychiatrists and the whole field of "mental healing" to bring about the satanic goal. (We can extrapolate to include politicians, journalists and just about anyone with mainstream power and influence.)

Mental healers are not suppose to heal anyone, and are instructed to drive out competent people.

"Mental health organizations must carefully delete from their ranks anyone actually proficient in the handling or treatment of mental health." (II Ch. 9)

"The psycho political operative should also spare no expense in smashing out of existence, by whatever means, any actual healing group, such as that of acupuncture, in China; such as Christian Science, Dianetics and faith healing in the United States; such as Catholicism in Italy and Spain; and the practical psychological groups of England." (II-9)

The textbook claims Communists took over the Freudian movement and the field of psychoanalysis, which has been "made fashionable," and is useful because of its "stress on sex." This serves the purposes of "degradation" and "defamation of character" i.e. blackmail. (II-9)

"Recruitment into the ranks of "mental healing" [should be confined] to students who are already depraved. Recruitment is effected by making the field of mental healing very attractive, financially, and sexually."

"The promise of unlimited sexual opportunities, the promise of complete dominion over the bodies and minds of helpless patients, the promise of having lawlessness without detection, can thus attract to "mental healing" many desirable recruits who will willingly fall in line with psycho political activities." (II-13)


Clearly "psycho political operatives" have infiltrated all institutions: military, religion, law, mass media, education and business. They have infiltrated all religions and political parties of every stripe. In the US, they are coordinated by the CFR, CIA , the Rockefeller network of Foundations, NGO's, think tanks, professional associations and Freemasonry.

Here are some more instructions for these operatives:

"You must work until "religion" is synonymous with "insanity. You must work until the officials of city, county and state governments will not think twice before they pounce upon religious groups as public enemies." (II-14)

"Movements to improve youth should be invaded and corrupted, as this might interrupt campaigns to produce in youth delinquency, addiction, drunkenness, and sexual promiscuity." (II-15)

Seek out " the leaders in the country's future, and educate them into the belief of the animalistic nature of Man.... They must be taught to frown upon ideas, upon individual endeavour. They must be taught, above all things that the salvation of man is found only by his adjusting thoroughly to this environment. ...Nations, which have high ethical tone, are difficult to conquer. (II-8)


As you can see, the gradual degradation of Western society, (the obsession with possessions, pleasure, pornography, violence and trivia) is not random or commercial in nature. It is a deliberate preparation for destruction and tyranny.

Leaders like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are psycho political agents. Their job is to lie and manipulate, i.e. brainwash us. Their masters are a Satan worshipping cabal headed by Jacob Rothschild headquartered in the City of London. They literally own the mass media; what they don't own they control through advertising.

This cabal represents a marriage (often literally) between Illuminati Jewish finance and Anglo American "aristocracy." This cabal is behind Communism, Zionism, Nazism, Liberalism, Socialism, Freemasonry and Feminism.

These 'isms play a part in undermining the four pillars of human identity and solidarity: nation, race, religion and family. You can add liberty and private property, which they also intend to abolish (i.e. confiscate.)

It's all outlined in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion which calls for an "aristocracy of wealth." This is not a "forgery" and to say so is not anti Semitic.

Jews have been duped like everyone else. Millions of basically good people are fooled by idealistic-sounding platitudes: "change the world," "create social justice," fight the "Patriarchy," stop "anti Semitism", defeat "superstition" and bring " freedom."

As Gandhi said, "the devil uses honest people to do his work."

We can recognize the moral and natural order by the happiness and health of those who follow it. Only genuinely religious people and conservatives appear willing to defend it.

You cannot make a deal with the devil. His enticements are only designed to weaken. His intention is to enslave and destroy.

Civilization depends on the belief that truth is absolute and knowable. The New World Order dictatorship depends on convincing us that truth is whatever they say it is.

We are brainwashed. Will we awake before it is too late? Are we already too craven and venal to act?

beyond awake #conspiracy facebook.com

The Mr. Smith Effect
In the movie The Matrix Mr. Smith has the ability to enter any body, at anytime , and of course this often occurs when the matrix is threatened by Neo.
This scenario is a reflection of our real world.
For example, you're down at the coffee shop having a 2 hour conversation with a friend and everything is fine until you mention something like vaccines not being safe of effective. Now, watch what happens......up pops Mr. Smith, to replace the person you were having a conversation with, to attack you, because any ans all truths threaten the matrix. The matrix is programmed into most people in their youth and because of this "Mr. Smith programming" these people become guardians of the matrix, protectors of the code, police of the mind, enforcers of the brain washing.......which holds together our false concept of reality like super glue. Our handlers program most people to be like this, to attack anyone, at anytime, if another person in the matrix dare speak the truth and disrupt the code of slave control. These "Mr. Smith like citizens" sit there waiting for the people who speak against the matrix of control, the people who connect the dots or recognize the patterns in the slave code.......and then

Michael Relfe #conspiracy educate-yourself.org

Change The Quantum Matrix in your home

Important note: When praying to change the quantum matrix, all members of a family should be holding hands or be in physical contact with one another. The head of the household prays and the other members should pray in agreement.

Father in heaven, In the name of The Lord Jesus Christ I ask you to change the quantum matrix in this sealed off house, and within striking distance of this sealed off house across all space time continuums, all dimensions, all time lines, all universes, all frequency domains, across all bubbles in the omniverse, across all planes of existence and across all the quantum matrix so that:

The enemy’s jump gate technology will not function in this sealed off house.
The enemy’s fractal jump gate technology will not function in this sealed off house.
The enemy’s living machine jump gate technology will not function in this sealed off house.
The enemy’s fractal living machine jump gate technology will not function in this sealed off house.

The enemy’s time travel technology will not function in this sealed off house.
The enemy’s fractal time travel technology will not function in this sealed off house.
The enemy’s living machine time travel technology will not function in this sealed off house.
The enemy’s fractal living machine time travel technology will not function in this sealed off house.

The enemy’s transporter technology will not function in this sealed off house.
The enemy’s fractal transporter technology will not function in this sealed off house.
The enemy’s living machine transporter technology will not function in this sealed off house.
The enemy’s fractal living machine transporter technology will not function in this sealed off house.

CycloneOz #conspiracy godlikeproductions.com

QUESTION: If you had spent the last 7+ years fundamentally changing America using the most reprehensible and lawless means possible, would you peacefully surrender power to another person who could theoretically undo it all in the course of one business day?

Among many other negative things, Obama is a marxist communist. Once in power, they rule for life. History provides NO EXCEPTIONS to this hard and fast rule.

***There will be no Trump Presidency***
***There will be no Clinton Presidency***

Such being the case, in order for Obama to rule in 2017 and beyond...THE FUCKING WHEELS HAVE TO COME OFF OF THE USA!

Unfortunately for America...all it will take is the push of one of the numerous "Dominoes of DOOM" the Democrats have created during the two terms of the Obama Administration.

The "Dominoes of DOOM":

1. Economic collapse from insane federal monetary policy and unsustainable spending.

2. Racial Unrest - #BlackLivesMatter are TERRORISTS!

3. Civil War - Will Mom & Pop America be pushed to the breaking point by something akin to the siege at the Hammond Ranch in Oregon?

4. World War III - courtesy of Hillary Clinton, Valerie Jarrett and Barack Obama...screwing around in the Middle East!

5. Natural Disaster (a yearly possibility)

...and there are other Dominoes of Doom! The Democrats are very intelligent for mentally ill people. Their plans are devious and complicated.

One thing is for sure...2016 will be DOOM!

Can you think of another "Domino of DOOM" that is poised for the fickle finger of fate?

Captain Kirk #conspiracy news.yahoo.com

Well, look at what we got here kids on DEM dope: 1) An actual MAN and LEADER named Putin, who sh#$t's fire to spare a match and cut his teeth in the KGB among other actual leadership and nation running roles versus 2) The mellato cig smoker, bad golfer and professional masturbating drunken rodeo clown wind up toy installed by Soros, after he was groomed from Kenya where his American hating daddy of 6 wives and white momma he hates spawned him, got schools in islam in indonesia, landed in Hawaii where they created an entire false "back story" and fake identity for him, then sent him to be schooled by hate America terrorists in the filth pits of Chit-chago "community organizing" where he learned Alinsky, Clive-piven and other how to destroy a once great nation from within, and then they put the skinny, anemic, hateful racist n Chief into our highest office and use him like a wind up toy. For all we know he's "run" by the KGB or RED China or the Middle East- he sure doesn't work or serve the American (non Amerikan) people. That's what we got here. MAN versus metro-sexual liberal Manchurian "plant" on the inside of our nation. Why not fly the bombers on in- we've had our top military brass gutted, our forces are gutted and running on a shoe-string with moral that sucks lower than the Vietnam days and we have 50% of the population, aka DEMOCRAPS who now hate the nation and live stoned on pot and on the govt. dole. We're a push over for whoever wants to strike first and take the spoils. It wouldn't even be a fight- we have fairies in the White House who'd debate for weeks over using the nuke solution as we're bombed to a glass parking lot as they perform leftist mental masturbation.

Imperium Sidhicum #conspiracy forum.nationstates.net

Pity they didn't have the balls to go all the way through with that assignment.

The moment some aspect of history becomes untouchable and unquestionable, it becomes a dogma, and teaching dogmatic science is no different from religious indoctrination, since it teaches to unquestioningly accept certain ideological tenets, the doubting of which is heresy.

Holocaust is just this kind of dogma, perhaps the most heavily politicized historical event and one of the most heavily politicized issues along with race and sexuality. Any kind of unbiased, objective research in Holocaust is practically impossible, since the researcher is expected simply to reaffirm previous finds, or is immediately denounced as a denier and Nazi sympathizer if his finds happen to contradict the officially approved version, much like there's hardly an objective research possible on race or sexuality where no political pressure would be involved.

michael mazur #conspiracy realjewnews.com

Hamas is a Israeli construct.

A fictional creation of Shin Bet in 1975 so that successive Israeli PMs can point the finger at them for ‘launching thousands of rockets at Israel’ whenever, on cue, Ismael Haniyeh and Khaled Meshal mouthe fierce war like rhetoric, but strangely, NEVER do they say that ‘we will fire rockets at you’, probably because people might then think on it, and ask,”I’ve never seen Ismael or Khaled by any about to be launched ?”.

But the other night they showed someone from the, wait for it, the Al Qassam Brigades! All decked out in Arabic-looking, bright coloured, traditional garb, or was it movie set costume, spouting extravagant threats that they would start firing at Israel’s major cities. Though he didn’t say with what.

Tuxford #conspiracy phys.org

LaViolette's model has passed a number of cosmological tests, but does not lend itself to standard physics tests. Other test methods are needed. So cosmologists must fall in line or be ridiculed. Look at the ridicule I have suffered here.

LaViolette used to the model to predict the Pioneer anomaly, for example. And he used terms which are considered taboo, such as etheric. So the ridicule keeps science from looking at it, similar in effect to the UFO propaganda propagated by our government to help keep science blinded by relativist nonsense.

The electro-gravitic research started by Brown, etc. in the 50's and by the aerospace industry of the time has gone black since then. And science has since bowed to the black hole, big bang nonsense. Instead, we have wasted billions on the NASA PR stunts. This has kept the electro-gravitic physics hidden from dangerous rouge nations, and confined largely to Area 51, etc. So the strategy has been effective, with no rogue nation threat.

Anonymous Coward #conspiracy godlikeproductions.com

Listen up and listen close: THE MOON is the source of EVERY human problem, without exception.

There are over 753 octillion known advanced species/worlds/societies in the known universe and NONE There are over 753 octillion known advanced species/worlds/societies in the known universe and NONE of them has a moon. NOT ONE.

Why is this? One of two reasons. Either they were blessed to develop on planets without moons, or they were "struggle species" that were cursed with moons. The struggle species always reach an impasse, an inflection point, a crisis point, a turning point, call it what you will. At this point they have two and only two choices: A) Destroy their moons; or B) be driven insane by their moons, and destroy themselves.

It is at just such a juncture that your species, humanity, now stands. You have an enormous decision to make, and you have to make it soon: Are you going to go insane, or are you come together as a species and blow up your moon?

This is a binary decision, a yes-or-no decision. There is no third way.

Can you feel the madness? Can you feel the insanity? Growing, festering, pulsing. Driving you to the brink of utter batshit lunacy.

Do you think it is a coincidence that "lunacy" and "lunar" share the same verbal root? Do you think for one miserable second this is a coincidence? Do you?!!

You must blow up your moon. You MUST.

For now I will not go into the "whys" of this. If there is enough interest in this topic I may at a later date. It is an enormously complex topic, and to be frank you don't have time to unravel the entire mystery, fascinating as it is. All I will say at this time is that the moon is not what you think it is. It's not just a "lump of rock in space."

The important thing at this point is to ACT. BLOW UP THE MOON. DESTROY IT. Don't just sit around bullshitting about this -- DO IT. DO IT NOW.

Right now you better stop and drop everything you are doing and put ALL YOUR EFFORTS INTO THE TOTAL DESTRUCTION OF THE MOON.

I will keep returning to this thread in the days ahead. I may not have the time to answer all questions or respond to everything. This site is my conduit now for talking to those of you who are "awake" enough to possibly receive this message and work for the desired end. But there is only one of me on this planet and the most urgent task for me right now is to convince your RIDICULOUSLY INEPT AND DANGEROUSLY INCOMPETENT "governments" to GET IT TOGETHER and BLOW UP THE MOONof them has a moon. NOT ONE.

Carol Brooks #conspiracy inplainsite.org

The World is Filled With Millions of People, Most Of Whom Are Dangerously Wrong About Spiritual Matters.

Man has made tremendous progress in so many fields ... unprecedented leaps in medical and scientific technology has put men on the moon, cloned animals, and unraveled the mysteries of DNA. We can instantly communicate across the globe. The influence of computers is as universal as the equating of personal happiness with education, a comfortable income, and material possessions. Foreign travel, the arts, high culture and, for some of us, a little ‘church’ (fire insurance?) doesn’t hurt either. We are obsessed with self, largely living a trivial life with a trivial worldview. Taking the path of least resistance has never been so popular.

However our shallow, self-centered lifestyles have only exemplified the barrenness of our souls.

“everything was meaningless, A chasing after the wind; nothing was gained under the sun”.

Although we spend countless hours looking upwards, we are so totally immersed in our squabbling about the names and positions of the stars, that we fail to see the blazing meteor bearing down on us. We walk the sandy beach, so engrossed in counting the grains that we do not lift our eyes and see the enormity of the tidal wave that will soon engulf us.

We Are As Dumb, And As Dead, And As Damned, As We Ever Were...

And Almost Out Of Time!!!

Dave PF #conspiracy fr.urbandictionary.com

Within five minutes, any intelligent, open-minded person can be convinced that the Holocaust gassings of World War II are a profitable hoax, hence holohoax.
In terms of NUMBERS, the "holocaust" is a GROSS EXAGGERATION It is the Holohoax.

1) The number of jews that died under control of the NAZI's was LESS than ONE million, NOT "six".

2) MOST of them died from TYPHUS EPIDEMICS. Most of the REST died from STARVATION and lack of medical care resulting from ALLIED BOMBING RAIDS against food and medicine supply lines.

3) The German war AGAINST TYPHUS was the REAL reason for shaving heads, fumigating buildings, and cremating corpses.

David J. Stewart #conspiracy lovethetruth.com

Take a look at the creepy advertisement to the right, for news journalist Glenn Beck's new book, “Liars: How Progressives Exploit Our Fear For Power And Control.” Notice the All-Seeing-Eye, a popular occult symbol used by puppets of the Illuminati. What this means is that Glenn Beck is part of the establishment. Beck is a devout Mormon, a false sex-religion rooted in Jewish Kaballah. There is a very close connection between Mormons and Freemasons, sharing the same basic rituals. Glenn Beck is communicating with other occultists by displaying the satanic All-Seeing-Eye. Beck is letting other occultists know that he is working for the Illuminati, serving Lucifer, and is loyal to the hidden Luciferian powers behind the scenes.

Shills like Glenn Beck are being promoted as “truth-tellers,” as a means of controlled opposition for the Luciferian movers and shakers. Check and you'll see that Glenn Beck never tells us anything new, unless it is harmless information. The truths that Beck is supposed “exposing” have been circulating on the internet for many years. For example, Beck did a whole show exposing the U.S. Federal Reserve Banking System—a massive fraud since 1913—but it's nothing new. I read that Fox News fired him over the matter. That does seem odd. However, it wouldn't surprise if they did, to keep the illusion going that Beck is a friend of the American public. Beck is influencing millions of Americans. The all-Seeing-Eye that he displays speaks volumes!

Glenn Beck works for the Illuminati. Beck's net worth is at $90,000,000. Serving the Devil pays well! We're the slaves at the bottom of the pyramid. You've got the Luciferian high priests at the top (the capstone). Then you've got the supervisors in the middle of the pyramid, who keep the masses of slaves under control at the bottom. Puppets like Mr. Beck work for the Luciferians behind the scenes. Please don't be deceived. Beck will pretend like he is your friend as a fellow American. He'll tell the truth about known issues, giving the false impression that he is a truth-teller. But then when the time comes, when the Luciferians behind the scenes really need him, Beck will lead his followers right into the New World Order. Don't trust him! Again, look at that creepy All Seeing Eye in the above image. It shows who Glenn Beck works for!

Anonymous #conspiracy overcomingschizophrenia.blogspot.com

[This was posted on the blog of a woman recovering from paranoid schizophrenia.]

Keep trusting the mental health professionals. Not trying to make anybody go through a scizophrenic episode but google H.A.R.R.P. mind control, victims of mind control, victims of demon possion (secretly mind control and voice hearers). There is an alarming amount of people becoming paranoid scizophrenics around the world. Many of you would say see a doctor but what if our illness is man made and a biological weapon about to be unleashed on the world to create mass murder through mind control on the public. If you don't think what you hear is mind control, google mind control symptoms (bet you'll understand after reading).

loquendolaxe #conspiracy realjewnews.com

The big spider at the centre of the great web of Satanic worship, homosexuality, fraud, theft, murder, deceit, and war-mongering is the Rothschild family.

And if it isn't solely the Rothschilds then it is they who are acting directly on behalf of the Spider. The Rothschilds would be able to identify all those who took part in the spinning of that web.

The Jews of America are the great irritant, the catalyzers, agents, gofers, and uncaring foot-soldiers of the agenda: originally set in motion during the mid-19th century by a newly enriched Rothschild clan (following the highly profitable Napoleonic wars). This is also (incidentally) when Britain started to "rule the waves."

Mass conversion to the Orthodox Church would really start to transform America, and help free its populace from bondage.


These people in black with silly round hats only understand blood and violence. So you must make an example of the 'best' of them. Then see them tremble and run like the cockroaches they are. Pursuit will be your next priority. To the ends of the Earth if necessary.

No elite 'Jew' ... and certainly no Neo-Con ... should ever be allowed to escape justice and the wrath of a people who have been milked dry and covertly murdered, for about 100 years.

It is beyond time we bled them dry. All their ill-gotten assets must be seized, and the proceeds used to pay for the destruction of their filthy world, and their filthy organizations. And for the rope used to hang them.

MrLuvaluva #conspiracy shroomery.org

Well obviously FEMA doesn't operate in Scotland, but if they did i'd be asking questions, I haven't noticed any unusual stuff like that here, i'm sure peeps wouldn't be long in condemning it tho. So what you are saying is.. FEMA do not operate any detention centres? These compounds/eary buildings razor wired and with turnstiles are not designed to hold people or are operated by government/military? So it's just a vivid hallucination and we should all put our blinkers on and carry on regardless?

Furthermore, it's not my job to investigate, i am only gathering opinion and trying to gauge peoples perception of this phenomenon, obviously i can only go by what i see, and it's very suspect indeed.. Put it this way, remember when the iraq war was about to kick off and they showed alledged chemical weapons sites, pictures of mobile chemical labs/trucks modified etc, you know to like justify the invasion.. well, if anything like this (swathes of camps) was found in a middle eastern country i know for a fact questions would be asked... But when it's happening on our own doorstep it's ok nobody seems to mind, they are probably all sitting empty as i write this, but what if there ever was martial imposed in USA, do think they would sit empty for long?

kundalinigirl #conspiracy reddit.com

The CIA assassinates US civilians by following this protocol:

Spray area with genetic altered Lyme Disease to infect bugs in the area.

Send remote signal to your phone to draw the bugs to you, bite you, and infect you.

Send Increase power of cellphone microwave emissions to DNA damaging levels to trigger the virus into replicating.

Solution: The virus is drawn to moving magnetic fields and radiowaves. Taking a shower while streaming a video on your phone will pull the virus to the skin and wash it out. OR you can put your hand near a 3 phase while using a SOTA silver pulser (die off symptoms can be harsh.)

4. Jackals are called in, CIA agents with gamma ray guns. They track your location and shoot you with gamma rays. This causes paranoia.

Solution: Get rid of all RFID chips in cards, these are tracking devices. Get rid of cellphone. Stay on the move, get outside to public areas as much as possible. They use Xrays to see inside your home so you need lead armour plating which you can get on Ebay.

5. Polonium and Thorium Poisoning - The CIA will replace your packages with fake look a likes that contain radioactive poison that will kill you. They will also replace your meds with radioactive versions.

Solution: Buy local, if you do get poisoned, do a hand stand and allow the heavy alpha particles to be thrown up. Polonium will be excreted through the skin and contaminate your apartment. If it gets contaminated with Polonium, get rid of it. Get new clothes, new furniture and vent the place!

Make sure to eat dark chocolate (magnesium), milk (calcium) and sugar, iron (meat), omega 3 (fish oil or flax seed), nuts (B vitamins, E vitamins, copper), and eggs (phosphorus for DNA). Cat's Claw repairs DNA, Amyloban 3399 regrows brain cells, Vitamin C for DNA protection, iodine for radiation poisoning, charcoal also for radiation poisoning.

Healing and Protection.
We were made in the image of the dragon (sperm) first. Use your brains, not your over-excited neurons. Let's go team. The whole world is depending on you.

David J. Stewart #conspiracy jesus-is-savior.com

It's sad when I talk with people who don't believe that the New World Order exists. One woman said to me, "I suppose you believe in the New World Order too." What? Lady, where have you been? Doesn't anyone read or listen to the news anymore? It's been in all the mainstream news! Pope John Paul II called for a New World Order (CNN news). President George W. Bush is calling for a New World Order. China and other nations recently said they want to do their part to further a New World Order. TIME magazine has reported on U.S. President Barack Obama's New World Order. Just do an internet search under “New World Order.” The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) even states on their website that one of their purposes is to further a New World Order.

The plan for a world government has been in the works for centuries. This is the Beast System of the coming Antichrist, as prophesied in the Word of God. The world is moving towards a one-world government (a police state), a one-world economy (a cashless society), a one-world religious view (New Age), et cetera. Please read the eye-opening book, “Pawns In The Game,” by William Guy Carr (1895-1959). The average person in America laughs and scorns at the mention of such things in the face of overwhelming evidence attesting to it's truth. It is disturbing to say the least.

The Ministry Of Fear #conspiracy ministryoffear.wordpress.com

The Purple Menace: Barney the Communist Dinosaur

Communism will never destroy America. But as Generation Barney matures, we look back at the dangerous legacy of communism’s top entertainer.

Throughout the 20th century, popular entertainment was never just that. Thanks to the Legion of Decency, a kiss was never just a kiss, and a knowing smile had deeper meanings in the early part of the century. Later, better messengers proved to be the forms entertainment directed towards the youth. Superman and Captain America battled every single public enemy and moral outrage of the age; the most enduring ads (Disney’s I like Ike, Duck and Cover) were conveyed through animation.

However, no other children’s television program in America was as iniquitous and reprehensible as Barney and Friends. The PBS Kids’ TV show about an anthropomorphic purple dinosaur doubles as a pinko commie propaganda machine promoting communism and socialism and exposing young and malleable minds of millions of American children to these dangerous and subversive ideas.

Before we started pointing fingers, let’s see what Barney brings to ‘preschool’ children, its targeted audience group. There were accusations that Barney promotes denial and ill-prepare the children for the existence of unpleasant realities. Many scholars and psychologists detest and denounce the show for it. However, children don’t go to these TV shows to learn about real life, so we need to bring the conversation about Barney to what it is within instead of what it is without.

Firstly, there is unhealthy eating. Barney consumes only peanut butter jelly sandwiches, while his girlfriend Baby Bop eats macaroni and cheese and pizza—the staples of American diet. The promoting a diet of peanut butter jelly sandwiches to preschoolers is unacceptable but mac and cheese and pizza—that is just downright wrong. The young minds are easily impressionable; in the age when we should be promoting healthy eating and well-balanced diet, the show was a slap in the face to many a nutrition expert.

Then came his theme song: “Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination”. The show was first aired in 1992, right after the fall of the Soviet Union. Choosing an extinct animal and reviving it may not directly suggest communist revival but Barney was originally meant to be red. Yes, red—like communism whose fossilized remains it came to symbolize. The production team claimed that red as a primary color would attract young childern’s attention, and only after a child psychologist warned that a bright red dinosaur could be perceived as threatening, color purple was chosen.

Thus like the Soviet Union, a purple Tyrannosaurus Rex remained an unnatural entity. Two additional lines from his theme song added to his unnatural, dishonest nature: “Barney shows us lots of things/Like how to play pretend” and “Barney can be your friend too/If you just make-believe him!” I don’t know what the producers (or the children who ‘imagined’ Barney to life) were smoking/drinking.

Children who grew up with Barney will remember a slew of his most famous songs. Apart from ‘I Love You/You Love Me’ with its hippy, free love message (another fossil from the 70s), all of his other songs and episodes promote communism towards young and defenseless children. [‘I Love You/You Love Me’ song was not so innocuous either. Entirely devoid of musical value, it was used by the U.S. military in interrogating terrorists. It is probably a thousand times worse than waterboarding.]

Barney asks children to clean up after themselves. Although it might probably have been a great idea for parents to implant in their children, his actual lyrics are terrifying. “Clean up, clean up everybody everywhere. Clean up clean up everybody do your share,” sounds like a quote copied from Big Brother. It had been the propelling idea behind Stalin’s collective farms and Pol Pot’s killing fields. A world where everyone do the same ‘share’ instead of maximizing utilities and profits by outsourcing is not an idea espoused by anyone since Adam Smith. It is downright socialist.

The next message cements Barney’s stance as the premier agent provocateur of communism. “Sharing is caring” had been his message. In addition to becoming the tag-line of online piracy, the quote shed light into the minds of Barney’s creators (and its masters in Kremlin). Sharing is a communist idea; it leads to a society whose very norms inhibits the personal growth and motivation. How can a person be motivated if his society promotes sharing instead of gaining the benefits through his own exceptional work? It was the flaw with Peter Singer’s model world. In addition to that cheery, idealist society where everyone receives the same wage and the benefits, sharing leads to a brave new world where state-sanctioned theft was promoted. That is Barney’s world. That is Marx’s world.

The best example of this line of thought was epitomized in the song “Peanut Butter and Jelly”. “First you take the peanuts/And you crunch ’em,/Then you take the grapes/And you squish ’em,/Then you take the bread/And you spread it” were the lines directly taken from the song. Peanuts symbolize farmers and landowners. Grapes symbolize not only bourgeois class but also religion. (Grapes have been an enduring symbol of faith, fertility). Barney is promoting a society where we oppress farmers, landowners, bourgeois and even religion. To do what? To take the bread and spread it. Ambiguously pronoun there brings back uneasy memories of breadlines behind the Iron Curtain.

“Communism will never destroy America,” proclaimed many politicians. But now as Generation Barney matures as and many who were directly related to Barney show becomes the icons of showbiz, we see America’s sudden turn to the left—nationalizing banks, healthcare, increasing taxation, etc. Those communist, socialist and nihilist ideas ingrained when these kids were little were definitely showing. Are we headed towards a Kleptocractic world where the rule of the jungle (viz., Sherwood Forest) is not only allowed but also sanctioned? It is time to expose this communist conspiracy. It is time to condemn Barney.

XDISCIPLE #conspiracy xdisciple.wordpress.com

[This guy seems to believe that Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel are the same person, who is also porn star Ellie Idol, and it's a big conspiracy or something. Also, Heath Ledger and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, apparently...)

The first observation we should make is that the actor who plays Katy Perry also plays Zooey Deschanel. Apart from the obvious resemblance, their connection is revealed through both Gordon Joseph-Levitt (who dated Zooey Deschanel) and Russel Brand (who first hooked up with Katy Perry and then with Zooey). Both Gordon Joseph-Levitt and Russel Brand are fake personas. Zooey is most likely an earlier role for this actor, with the pertinent episodes of her life and film career shot earlier than would appear to us, because of other obvious differences related to the fireworks mentioned above. I think it is more shocking that this actor’s handlers would think that bust size alone would preclude us from making the connection that they are the same person… how shallow do they think we are? I mean, haven’t they seen Your Highness (2011)? Zooey’s performance in her more recent movies (like My Idiot Brother) is rather muted and almost seems like there is something not right with her…

So, working backwards, we can trace Katy Perry back to Zooey Deschanel. That’s not so bad, it’s not a crime for an actor to play multiple roles, unless the intention is subvert our liberties or affect our minds in a negative fashion.

But like the Angelina Jolie and Lady Gaga characters, we should be aware of the negative aspects of the entertainment industry to which this actor has been exposed, and to which I have alluded to and sifted through in earlier posts like parts 1-5 of Hollywood is Just a big Escort Service for the Elite.

Zooey Deschanel used to play the role of Ellie Idol.

[And from the comments section: "People have been saying Cobain is Rivers Cuomo for years. Lots of info out there about that, looks on to me. I think DGB said Kurt played Sid Vicious too, not sure if I see that. Kurt was usually the shortest guy in pics, and Syd the tallest. Did watch some video of Syd, and it's obviously a big act."]

David J. Stewart #conspiracy jesus-is-savior.com

Some people claim that the Jews are behind the Illuminati. Others claim that the Catholic Church is behind the Illuminati. Some claim that Mormons are behind the Illuminati. Many people claim that the Illuminati is a Freemasonry conspiracy. It is important not to identify any one group as behind responsible for the Illuminati. The goal of the Illuminati is a global government, aka, a New World Order. The truth is that each of these groups play a distinct role in Satan's plot to control the world. They each have their part in the New World Order.

JLA #conspiracy thefirearmsforum.com

Dadgummit steve, I really appreciate the heads up and all but my week is oficially ruined now. Its all ill think about.;) My only prayer is that those 80,000 troops realize their government salary isnt worth thier life. Same goes for cops given the order to confiscate my weapons unconstitutionally... Think on it real hard LEOs and Service members, We are well on our way to fascism 2010.. And that peckerhead Obama is orchestrating the whole thing. I tell ya one thing for sure, hes a whole lot more clever than i gave him credit for. I had him pegged for havin a KFC built accross the street from the white house and a watermelon patch planted in the garden among his top priorities as HNIC. I was WRONG!!!