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[Why are het and het-partnered women so threatened by lesbians?]

Because lesbians are a reminder that they choose to fuck, love, and serve the male oppressor. Lesbians represent the fact that heterosexuality is not inevitable for women, that it’s ultimately a choice and one that most women make in exchange for the rewards male society doles out rather than any kind of transcendent, blissful experience of romantic love and partnership (lol).

Lesbians–and I speak primarily of the feminist population here–are the real threat to male power. Het women can claim to want the end of patriarchy and male misogyny, but usually, all they really want is to make heterosexuality more comfortable for themselves. If patriarchy ended–and it never will–that would mean no more het status and privilege for het women and no more lesbian oppression. I think het women know that on some level, however unconscious. They hate that lesbians crack the foundation of het male power and domination upon which het women’s own privilege within the oppressive system is built.

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