USA629 #fundie dailykos.com

["Racists have a right to assembly. And they reserved the space first, so first-come first-serve, early bird gets the worm, etc. Sometimes things that are unfair are also perfectly fair."]

I don’t think racists should have any rights, and it is just white privilege to continue to argue that the First Amendment protects hate speech.

["Well I think that racists should have all sorts of rights. Pretty much all of them. If they want to assemble together to make hate speech, it’s everyone else’s right not to attend. None of us have to hear them. But of course they can gather together, of course that is protected by the Constitution."]

And your white privilege reeks throughout the entire country. The Constitution was written by white men to allow slavery and count people of color as 3/5 of a person. If that “original understanding” is what you stand by, then you reek of white privilege every bit as Dylann Roof.

arodb #fundie dailykos.com

["Anonymous states intent to intervene in The Rise of Mein Trumpf"]

To be anonymous is to be a coward, and among this group, even if one supports their goal of stopping Trump, supporting any kind of disruption of open political dialogue is the essence of “Trumpism.”

Take of your masks, as they are too close to those worn by another group with strong feelings that used fear as a major tool, that wore hoods.

We do have freedom of speech in this country, and those who would use their talents to threaten the viability of the internet, the main sourse for open expression are to be condemned.

victoria2dc #conspiracy dailykos.com

["Several raw milk producers in CA have been fined multiple times for unsafe products: listeria, salmonella, other stuff. If you want to drink raw milk — fine. But don’t claim it’s better than pasteurized."]

No. It is better. You’re wrong. But of course you have to have a good farmer. You can’t drink raw milk without going to see the farm, the barn, the conditions on the farm and the vet records.

victoria2dc #conspiracy dailykos.com

What is the meaning behind the term “vaccine denier” for you? Do you think they are a group of stupid people? I’m interested in knowing that because I find it interesting that people who you consider to be “deniers” may be different than the perception.

a2nite #fundie dailykos.com

[Ex-First Lady Nancy Reagan dies at 94]

["Whatever you think, she loved her husband--Sometimes some marriages just work out beautifully-RIP"]

yeah, polluted by evil white racist Reagan sperm.

Eastcoastjournal #racist dailykos.com

So since Drudge reported on this article and you don't like Drudge, you have to keep repeating the tire canards of Poland is anti-semitic this and anti-semitic that!

As you keep parroting the talking points of how "terribly anti-semitic Poland was".......well then WHY did Jews CHOOSE to live in "anti-semitic" Poland for ONE THOUSAND YEARS??

Are Jews masochists? Are Jews insane?


Speaking about confidence, why were so many Jews in Poland so confident in helping the Soviet invaders persecute Poles?

Blacksheep1 #fundie dailykos.com

["While I get this, you are advocating doxxing and that’s not cool. The rest of it, however..."]

Oh, doxxing is so cool — it’s the only way to really stop @h0les like this who ‘haven’t broken any laws yet, ma’am’ — and that’s exactly the response they’ll get in far too many US PD/SOs.

Crider #conspiracy dailykos.com

["3. the GMO did not cause the cancer, and Seralini is full of shit.

If you disagree, please by all means explain to us how the GMO caused cancer in the rats that were not fed any GMO."]

I’ll spoonfeed more pap for the person unable to do anything more than cut and paste your prefab GMO comments. The Seralini GMO study found . . .

“Very significant chronic kidney deficiencies . . .

76% of the altered parameters were kidney-related.

Liver congestions and necrosis were 2.5 to 5.5 times higher.

Marked and severe nephropathies were also generally 1.3 to 2.3 times greater.

In females, all treatment groups showed a two- to threefold increase in mortality, and deaths were earlier.

Females developed large mammary tumors more frequently and before controls.

The pituitary was the second most disabled organ

The sex hormonal balance was modified by consumption of GM maize and Roundup treatments.

Males presented up to four times more large palpable tumors starting 600 days earlier than in the control group, in which only one tumor was noted.

These results may be explained by not only the non-linear endocrine-disrupting effects of Roundup but also by the overexpression of the EPSPS transgene or other mutational effects in the GM maize and their metabolic consequences.”

There you are, Einstein. I bet you can’t even read this simple thing above.

G2geek #fundie dailykos.com

Hmm. Just when we were getting ready to celebrate another step in the transition to non-carbon energy.

OK, so: a few things to know about that coal shipping terminal:

Nonviolent direct action is justified, as collective self-defense, in light of the true existential threat of climate change.

A five-pound sack of sugar dropped off a freeway overpass so it lands in the loading-hopper of a concrete truck, will cause its load of concrete to fail to harden after it’s poured.

A phone call to the media the day after the concrete is poured (find a pay phone and use it), will cause building inspectors to come looking for the failed concrete in the structure.

A few people around with cameras will make the presence of the building inspectors public news.

["Sabotage is not civil disobedience. Doing something that could cause a building to fail is an act of criminal sabotage. I will have no part of any such suggestion or discussion."]

If you knew the first thing about construction, then you would know (or have figured out) that when concrete fails to set, as soon as the forms are removed it slushes down into a puddle. That’s not going to cause a building to fail, so it’s not sabotage.

Get this: climate change = billions of casualties.

That’s hundreds of times the Holocaust.

Figure out the implications of that.

["I’ve work with concrete , not all concrete goes into removable forms . Some is poured atop other concrete and then has more concrete poured atop it . Bad concrete can be like a void inside a larger mass of good concrete . Something that looks fine from the outside can have a serious problem inside . If that flaw is not found and repaired …"]

ypochris #fundie dailykos.com

["$10/g would cost me $150 a fill-up. With going to school and dialysis, I need to fill up a minimum of every 2 weeks. So $300/mo or more on SSDI — or how about a giant fuck me for being disabled poor right?"]

Point being that at $10 you wouldn’t BE filling up — you’d carpool, use public transit, bike, walk, or buy an electric vehicle. All of which would become cheaply and readily available with the economy of scale. And neighborhoods would quickly become walkable, as stores moved to their customers as opposed to expecting their customers to drive to the mall.

But I think that you missed the main thrust of the article and my response — that these taxes would be rebated to the poor.

["Rebated once a year — big whoop. And I’m not biking let alone walking 6 miles after dialysis. And I am in NW Montana — bus service does not run in my area. And for some people, the dialysis clinic is nearly 60 miles away."]

Public transit will be vastly improved if sufficient demand is created. But like so many, I see you feel your convenience is more important than the survival of the human race.

["My convenience is for my fucking survival. So I suppose it’s ok for the disabled poor to die if they live in the wrong areas, for the greater good of course. Fuck that."]

Only in your mind does using public transit, carpooling, or switching to an electric vehicle equate with dying. Around here they provide non-emergency transportation for medical needs, you can get a scooter that gets a couple hundred miles to the gallon dirt cheap, and people electrify their bicycles. But I guess you’d die without a gas guzzling single passenger vehicle, and can’t afford to pay five bucks for the gas for a twelve mile round trip for your $90,000 a year dialysis.

["Oh how I would love to be able to afford a electric vehicle on SSDI of 1k a month. Or ride a scooter in 20 deg snow covered roads. But hey — denigrate the disabled poor some more. Bet you think chained CPI is great too because we just need to adapt better. Have a good evening, you are not worth responding to anymore."]

G2geek #fundie dailykos.com

Here’s the thing.

Digital graphics capabilities have reached the point where you can’t tell what is and isn’t real. What Hollywood was doing a decade or more ago has now reached the desktop.


You have a real crime with a real victim, but the perp claims that the video is all digital, no real humans harmed. And you have a jury, and a “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard to convict.

Want to bet that at least one juror, given the instruction that digital animation of child rapes, animal tortures, and murders, are all legal under the 1st A., decides that there’s a “reasonable doubt”?

One more thing that the 1st Amendment absolutists can’t address.

Pat Robertson #fundie dailykos.com

There are laws now, I think the homosexual community has put these draconian laws on the books that prohibit people from discussing this particular affliction, you can tell somebody you had a heart attack, you can tell them they’ve got high blood pressure, but you can’t tell anybody you’ve got AIDS.

You know what they do in San Francisco, some in the gay community there they want to get people so if they got the stuff they’ll have a ring, you shake hands, and the ring’s got a little thing where you cut your finger. Really. It’s that kind of vicious stuff, which would be the equivalent of murder.

ChezJfrey #conspiracy dailykos.com

I find it interesting 'we' describe the Japanese army as Imperial, while the U.S. Imperialism drove the conquest of Hawaii so that 'we' could install a military base on an island 2,400 miles away that ‘we’ forcibly and violently stole and wasn’t even a state? The thievery is admitted such in the Apology Resolution of 1993. Hawaii wasn’t a state until 1959.

The ‘surprise’ attack on a military base after the U.S. knowingly coerced, through enforced embargo and starving of its peoples, and knew the likelihood of Japanese resistance to U.S. hostile proscriptions. How Japan eventually acquiesced to nearly every U.S. demand during negotiations and was told to fuck off anyway?


So in response to an attack on a military base, installed on foreign land, against the will of the sovereign people, the U.S. retaliates by annihilating two cities full of innocent civilians, just for awesome nuclear show.

a2nite #fundie dailykos.com

["The US Constitution is crap and the writers belong in hell. That’s a solid position. Good luck with that."]

The framers endorsed slavery.

Yeah, they're evil even the non-slave owners. They created the conditions for the civil war. The civil war that the evil south won after the 10 year armistice.

Yeah, the 9th circle is fitting for the evil Framers. There are plenty of Americans to hang out with. Too bad they won, black people would have been freed sooner.

Fuck the framers & their white working class suckers, still suckers today.

Visceral #fundie dailykos.com

The baby is 50% his when she wants money for it, but 100% hers when she wants to decide whether or not to keep it ... and if she decides to keep it, then it’s 100% hers to decide which — if any — man will play a role in raising it.

I think what a lot of men would like to see is some consistency about the role of the father, rather than laws and social expectations that seem only to assign “responsibility” on the basis of which will give the mother the greatest power over the child — and any man in the child’s life — and the greatest access to Other People’s Money.

Men are frustrated by the attitude, embodied also in the law, that “He’s not good enough for me and ‘my’ child, but his money sure is! And I deserve to have the government make him give it to me! Even when he doesn’t have it because he’s already in jail for not giving it to me!”

No-fault divorce should be limited to young childless couples or empty nesters, and alimony should be completely banned: if you want him to support you with his income and his property, then you have to stay with him. Alimony allows women to have their cake and eat it too: i.e. posture as strong and independent, yet collect a “relationship pension” indefinitely, and even have it grow with the man’s income or at least have it fixed based on what the man was making even if his circumstances change. If you have a child and want to divorce the father, then you should have to prove wrongdoing on his part (either to yourself or to the child) — not just “I really think I can do better” — and then if you want child support, then you need to settle for joint custody … and meaningful joint custody, not just one weekend a month and every other holiday. Unilaterally terminating not only your relationship with him but also his relationship with “my” child, then turning around and demanding money for “his” child — after you fought so hard to kick him out of the child’s life — is just a nakedly cynical move.

virginia dare #fundie dailykos.com

["Yea, because losing out on protein from venison harvested by my step-sons when I'm on food stamps and beans for protein is not allowed is so fucking selfish. Unbelievable that you are so selfish to not consider that many hunt to supplement expensive meat on food stamps."]

Thankfully you are not starving due to food stamps and you should be able to go without venison for a higher purpose like a child's life or not.

You are the selfish one.

["So I get to suffer protein deficiency while on dialysis and suffer medically. No.. fuck that and..."]

Deadicated Marxist #conspiracy dailykos.com

[Secondhand smoke from cannabis]

A study? Are you kidding?

Did you read my post?

Did you know if American it's illegal to study cannabis?

You don't need a study, if you have 4 states (and 1 DC) where it's already legal. Go see for yourself.

Over the years, at concerts and what knot, I've seen a lot of cannabis smoked. I've never ever heard of somebody complaining about your issue.

Deadicated Marxist #conspiracy dailykos.com

Have you ever been around pot smoke? Have you ever seen it?

Because it doesn't sound like you have. Cannabis doesn't really have second-hand smoke, as you call it. It doesn't usually burn from a lit cigarette, and thus it doesn't fill a room with smoke and smell that doesn't leave. When people smoke it, they inhale it, and hold it, and then less comes out.

Go to Denver or wherever. See for yourself.

And besides, how would that second-hand smoke hurt you? It doesn't cause cancer (like cigarettes).

AoT #conspiracy dailykos.com

[National sovereignty]

Are you not aware of the history of the Nation State? Of the US specifically? The history of the idea of sovereignty? All of those things are explicitly racist, yes.

I'm guessing you haven't read any Locke, have you?

G2geek #fundie dailykos.com

[Hedge Fund Manager Buys Rights To Critical Drug, Hikes Price By 5000%]
there was a good reason we had...

....domestic covert ops. Time to bring 'em back too.

This guy deserves to have all the furies of hell unleashed on him until he breaks.

Donald Trump & unnamed supporter #fundie dailykos.com

TRUMP: Okay, this man, I like this guy.

UNIDENTIFIED JACKASS: (Unintelligible) We have a problem in this country. It's called Muslims. We know our current president is one.

TRUMP: Right.

UNIDENTIFIED JACKASS: You know he's not even an American.

TRUMP: (Big smile) We need this question. This is (unintelligible).

UNIDENTIFIED JACKASS: But anyway, we have training camps, growing, where they want to kill us. That's my question: when can we get rid of them?

TRUMP: We're going to be looking at a lot of different things. I mean you know a lot of people are saying that and a lot of people are saying that bad things are happening out there and we're going to be looking at that and plenty of other things.

I love OCD #fundie dailykos.com

There. Is. No. Such. Thing. As. Racism. Against.

Whites. Just as there's no such thing as sexism against men. I can't comment in depth because it takes too long to cover the entire history of the human race.

There are women who routinely dismiss all men as sexist pigs, and I'm sure there are POC who dismiss all whites as racist pigs. In neither case is there enough power vested to cause damage to the dismissed.

G2geek #conspiracy dailykos.com


Neo-slavery and externalization of costs.

Lots of "amazing" companies out there these days, and your sister worked for a bunch of the very worst. Yelp's thing is extortion of local businesses, Google and Facebook are surveillance monsters on a scale that makes NSA jealous.

Those managers remind me of the Stasi.

Something else escaped from East Germany when the Berlin Wall came down, and it's alive & living at Amazon.

CoolObserver69 #fundie dailykos.com

I have to confess that at underage I had sex with several men in uniform and really enjoyed it and actually I think servicing some policemen, and firemen too, was safer and more fun than doing it with strangers or just pickups. I sort of looked for it and wanted it, and the bored guys were eager and treated me well. Not to mention that their uniforms which I got to open up were very hot and sexy. A couple got to be repeats (many times!) cause I knew where they would be and their work partners would sometimes join in. It was great sex. Big department store security and museum guards can be available too! No harm was done and all parties were satisfied. Now, if my parents had found out it would have been chaos, hysteria and tantrums at home, if not legal repercussions, so the emotional reaction and nonsense would have been far worse than my childhood sex games which I remember very fondly (and would repeat in a heartbeat). I am sure people will not want to hear this other side.

amoginesq #fundie dailykos.com

Fear of rape is what all men use to control all women, whether or not a man would actually consider committing the act himself. Women are supposed to restrict their actions, their speech and their attire all to protect themselves from some out of control male of whom other men disapprove but whom they can't control. How long are women supposed to accept this twisted logic.

Fox News #fundie dailykos.com

[ On the Dylann Roof shootings in South Carolina: ]

Doocy: Your thoughts this morning?

Jackson: Well, first of all, I'm pastor of the Fall Church in Chesapeake, Virginia, but....We had a prayer vigil this morning at 6am, praying for the people of Charleston, South Carolina. We are urging people, wait for the facts, don't jump to conclusions. But, I have to tell you that I am deeply concerned this gunman chose to go into a church, because there does seem to be a rising hostility against Christians across this country because of our biblical views. And, I just think it's something we have to be aware of and not create an atmosphere where people take out their violent intentions against Christians. And I would mention one other thing very quickly and that is, I would urge pastors and men in these churches to prepare to defend themselves. It's sad, but I think that we've got to arm ourselves. At least have some people in the church who are prepared to defend the church when women and children are attacked. (Fox News hosts mumbling in agreement)

Brian Kilmeade: Do you think that is something that would fly inside a church? To have a pastor with a gun? To have security with a gun?

E.W. Jackson: Look, I'm a pastor. (Hasselbeck voicing her approval) If someone comes into hurt my church members I have an absolute obligation to defend them, to protect them. (Doocy interrupts with "of course"). Look, 9 people dead, I think that people understand that it's sad but this is the world we live in.

Brian Kilmeade: Hey, I understand it. I'm just, from a pastor perspective, I want to know if that's something you would do.

E.W. Jackson: Well, I'm gonna, as a pastor, it's absolutely something I would do to protect the people whom God has given me charge over.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck: You protect and shepherd your flock in anyway that you can, in faith and in practicality.

E.W. Jackson: Amen.

Silencio #racist dailykos.com

It's the sickness of whiteness.

Whiteness is a sickness in the U.S. It leads to, produces, a type of delusion and profound moral ignorance in the people who categorize themselves as "white" (like other people who say Jeebus talks to them, or that they're Napoleon). People of good will should reject whiteness. Denounce it. In the words of the incomparable Sarah Palin (!!) refudiate whiteness.

Jean Clelland Morin #fundie dailykos.com

If you want to punish people who aren't vaccinated, you sure as hell better be VEGANATED. BigPharma would like to divert you from what Non-Veganism is doing to you, the Planet and the market you make for Torture and Execution. The Meat and Dairy industries don't want you to know that vaccines are a Drop-in-the-Bucket in disease prevention compared to becoming Vegan. Dare to do your VEGAN research. If you eat Meat and Dairy, you have No Moral Standing for pointing at anti-vaxxers. You might start with Earthlings on YouTube.

G2geek #conspiracy dailykos.com

Now think of yourself in an auto accident, and as you get hoisted into an ambulance, wondering about all the people with financial interests in mind looking at your damaged body and going "Ka-Ching!" as they total up the costs of fixing you, vs. the benefits of using you as a source of spare parts.

No thanks.

G2geek #conspiracy dailykos.com

In other words, I go into the hospital, they see the Donor box checked on my driver's license, they see that I don't have insurance... and I get on the fast track to be "allowed" to die so that they can harvest my organs ....?

Folks, this is why I have NOT checked the Donor box on my driver's license.

I don't want to be allowed to die on the basis that I'm literally worth more in spare parts than I am worth alive.

And frankly, I think this would be worth discussing as a potential protest over the lack of universal health care: if all of the uninsured would just de-list themselves as donors. Suddenly the pool of potential donors will shrink by about 1/3. And that will cause a major freakout, and get attention immediately. Yes, people will die from not getting those organs. And people are dying right now in large numbers, probably ten times as many, from not having health care.

Enough is enough.

What the @#!%$# ever happened to "you can't put a price on a human life"...?

sofieforpeace #fundie dailykos.com

Sometimes I wonder if I am on the right site, whether I am mistakenly on a conservative website. You sound like the conservatives at my dentist's office who are always complaining about liberals, Obama-care, blah-blah-blah. I am not sure who are the anti-vaxers, I have never met one, but I know many people, including myself, a chemist, who believe in minimal vaccinations. I am fearful for my pets because of ideas I hear here. We are over-vaccinating, especially our pets. I am not against vaccinations. I am against over-vaccinating and going with the herd. I am the oldest of twelve, have had measles, yes, in '65, had the mumps, chicken pox, whooping cough where the whole family was quarantined. We KNOW for a fact that our pets are being over-vaccinated. A neighbor told me that her cat got a tumor at the vaccination site and the vet rec'd another site. I said, do you hear yourself? Stop, get a titer and check to see if your pet really needs a vaccination. I KNOW for a fact that I have issues today because of over-vaccination being in the Navy and college and grad school and never having the right papers to document. And, yes, I believe in alternative/integrative medicine. But it sounds like to be a liberal on Kos one needs to follow the herd and God forbid you stray because I guess you would brand us, just like I hear many many liberals attacking Snowden for speaking truth. I have kept my mouth shut this long so bring it on.

KayCeSF #quack dailykos.com

Homeopathy saved my daughter

when Western medicine could not. Western medicine had put her through years of extensive and intrusive examinations and constantly on antibiotics to the point that her auto-immune system is forever damaged and no antibiotics will work for her, should she come down with medical problems.

I will always stand by the use of homeopathic remedies in tandem with Western medical treatments, most especially if Western Medicine has no answers.

Many thanks to Dr. Seva Khalsa who saved my daughter from kidney disease and the possibility of kidney transplant and/or remaining in a wheel chair the rest of her life. A medical doctor in Clovis, NM treating children, adults and most specifically senior citizens with kidney disease ended up studying Khalsa's remedies and ended up writing a medical paper that was distributed to doctors everywhere, because she was so amazed at the treatments and how they worked on bladder and kidney disfunction. She has since used the treatments and healed many of her patients.

Open your minds, study homeopathy before you condemn. The ignorance about homeopathic medicine must end and it is interesting to learn how many people are being treated and made well, all around the world.

Yes, there are quacks in any profession.

la urracca #fundie dailykos.com

My mother, a top level RN who went on to a brilliant career, worked at a homeopathic hospital in an early post.

She was amazed by it. Homeopathy was not part of her background, and she said that at first she was highly skeptical. But as she worked there, her attitude changed.
As she said to me, on a number of occasions, " I never fully understood it, but there was no question in my mind that it did indeed work.

I use it, my family uses it, my vet frequently uses it.
We are intelligent, educated, and observant.

Homeopathy has value.

G2geek #fundie dailykos.com


if they're that smart, people shouldn't eat them.

Same rule as applies to apes & monkeys, dolphins & whales, and more recently, crows. Eating highly intelligent animals is equivalent to cannibalism. There are plenty of other things to eat that aren't so smart.

dfarrah #conspiracy dailykos.com

After all, the US sent over our kleptocrats to Russia to help with the conversion of public assets to private interests. And we're in the Ukraine, busily making sure that Ukraine assets benefit US interests.

So, your deep 'concern' over those poor former Russian countries and the Russians impoverished by Putin is quite touching and quite phony. What you said about Putin, the Ukraine economy, and the Russian people is practically word salad. Your words are a lot of deliberate contrivances to justify the US continued aggression against Russia, the continued NATO expansion to Russia's borders, and the overthrow of Russia, including the destruction of its people and the US takeover of Russia.

June Griffin #fundie dailykos.com

[Opening prayer in Tennessee Senate]

I pray for the people of Tennessee who have been so downtrodden by the wicked courts from on high that they have been subject to tyrannical judiciary. And I pray that you would save Tennessee from the edicts of Washington DC that would go against the plain wishes of the people of Tennessee, particularly pertaining to the 9th and 10th Amendment.

I pray that you would sanctify this state, that it would be holy and would be a leader among the other states. That they would see that there is a God that lives, that you love the people of Tennessee. That you gave your life that we might be saved from our sins. I pray that you would forgive the many sins of carelessness or lethargy or desperation. The compromises.

Oh lord save Tennessee for Jesus sake, and I pray that your will would be done that you would be our coverage, that we would not be forced into these edicts from Washington DC or any other quarter, but let the people know that our coverage is the same as with Moses and the children of Israel when they went through the wilderness with only the divine providence of almighty God.

So I pray that everywhere there are meetings, and there is considerations and deliberations, that you would give these men and women who have been elected, give them the backbone and the remembrance of the Tennessee Declaration of Rights, Article 1, Section 2 — we are ordered to resist arbitrary power.

Mannie #conspiracy dailykos.com

The US disgustingly trying to put its own puppet in power in a sovereign nation

Yes yet again the US thinks it knows better than the people of a foreign nation as to who should lead it

Obama lied when he said he wouldn't meet with Israeli PM Netanyahu because it was too close to the Israeli Election. That was only part of the reason.

It really is because

Apparently this president has a horse in the race. First revealed in its Hebrew edition, Ha'arez is reporting The group V15, which denies that its motto is ‘anyone but Bibi,’ is working with U.S. political strategist Jeremy Bird who worked on the Obama campaign to replace the Israeli government in March.


So it appears that Obama is trying to set up his puppet leader in Israel because he thinks he knows who should lead Israel rather than the people of Israel itself

What I will find funny is the comments that defend Obama in this, as these same people would throw a hissy if the US interfered in any other countries elections!

Then again there is a cartoon on the front page with historically antsemtic memes of "Jews control the government" (See how the cartoonist put an Israeli flag and a Bibiville sign on the capitol to suggest who owns and controls it.

Plain sickening!

Edit: I see the StormFront members of DKOS are starting to pile on the Tip Jar. Bigots still hiding in the Democratic party back from the early KKK days....why you haven't joined your republican brothers and sisters yet is beyond me.

Constance Hillard #conspiracy dailykos.com

Was Crazed Cop Killer a Police Plant Whose Goal Was to Stop Anti-Police Protests?

Maybe reading passages of the CIA Torture Report did something to my psyche. But my mind no longer processes news and information in the linear fashion it once did. Maybe that's a good thing. Or then again, maybe not. Let's take for instance the tragic killing of the two New York police officers on Saturday. I doubt whether the thought would even have occurred to me last month. But it is certainly on my mind now. Did Ismaaiyl Brinsley act alone?

He was a suicidal, emotional misfit, who had alienated friends and family. So, might he have hooked up with a different caliber of associates at some point during his 19 arrests and various jail terms? Perhaps a kindly soul had stepped into his life after he had lost touch with every other shred of reality, someone whom he could tell his troubles to, someone who understood his frustrations in life, who might have lent him money, a gun, someone who could suggest "heroic" actions that he wouldn't have thought up himself? Of course this someone had a hidden agenda. It would be to manipulate this lost soul into engaging in something so heinous that it would embarrass those politicians calling for police reform and more importantly turn the public against the "I Can't Breathe" police protests sweeping across the country. The motto of such tacticians would be that two "sacrificial" deaths in war was a small price to pay for the consolidation of police power and the subordination of civil society.

Preposterous, you say. But folks were for the longest time saying the same about accusations that Americans used torture. David Shipler, author of Rights at Risk: The Limits of Liberty in Modern America (2012), notes that most men who get "entrapped" by an agent provocateur:

“seem ambivalent, incompetent and adrift, like hapless wannabes looking for a cause that the informer or undercover agent skilfully helps them find”.

The operative term these days is "entrapment." Since 9/11 dozens of such cases have come to light. An article appeared in the The Nation entitled: "Did the NYPD Entrap Ahmed Ferhani?" But this case involved entrapping a young man on a $100 arms smuggling deal, not anything so serious as the commission of homicide.

a2nite #racist dailykos.com

Little do they know there is a big target on them & the better they & the poor do the better everything is. They are a new creation & the evil 1% know exactly how to return them to the dirt. Many got destroyed in the last financial apocalypse. I'm waiting for more to lose their jobs & become ruined to "get it". It will be too late.

Sorry, my people have been under siege for 400 years, ongoing. I just do not feel, sorry for the "moderate white person". I know a few, making their pronouncements about us. Well those friends knows better than to talk that crap in front of me.

Their shite does stink; they are not awesome; they are not better. They're just lucky to be born white.

["your comment makes me wonder how you define a 'moderate white person' anyway?

(serious question)

sounds like you're talking more about 'entitled white people who only passively support left-wing causes when it suits them'"]

Like I said, I don't care about any white people

They can get fucked as black people have gotten fucked.

Moderate, don't know it there is such a thing.

I'm glad.

victoria2dc #conspiracy dailykos.com

A person who is sick should never go to a hospital! Now that is a very bold statement, huh? I believe it only from experience and from knowing that you don't have to go to a hospital for most things except surgical procedures. Even then, I'll give homeopathy a shot at it before making any decision to go to a hospital.

If you think Obamacare is a good thing, we'll have to disagree on that. In my opinion, it gives TRILLIONS to BIG pharma that is used and not used for drugs. For example, I have a crummy Colorado healthcare insurance that I never use unless it's for diagnostic testing. They dish out that money annually to insurance companies who give it to BIG pharma for drugs that suppress disease. Tell me what happens to it when the person who has it pays her own alternative healthcare bills because there is no choice?

Where does that money go? I keep asking them to give me the money for my homeopath and my acupuncturist. Ha! Nobody has ever been able to explain what happens to the money that I pay them every month for nothing.

Bush started it. Obama made it worse unless you are a true believer in the BIG pharma one way to go medical system this country is owned by.

Cancer can and is being treated successfully by people in their homes with organic food, juicers, homeopathy, herbs and FOOD while they are still asking you for money FOR THE CURE, millions are healing themselves.

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For anyone who has been living under a rock the past few decades; "misandry" is a derogatory word used against women who do not pay deference to male people that society thinks they should. The word was used against Andrea Dworkin in character assassination for writing about the complexities of heterosexuality outside of the boundaries set by men - and without apologizing for it. They labeled her a man hater, a misandrist. They labeled her "sex negative" without ever bothering to read or understand the points she was trying to make (just like some of my own critics). "Misandrist" is the go-to word for antifeminists, misogynists, MRAs, or anyone else who can find no other response to a woman's opinion other than slapping a label on her in an attempt to shame her for showing the slightest bit of personal resolve to be treated like a human being and not a piece of meat.

"Misandrist" is a word very much like the B-word, the C-word, the W-word, the S-word, and other female-specific derogatory terms that are meant to remind a female person of exactly what her place in society is (under a man). "Misandrist," though, is a word that implies political legitimacy to the idea that female people are obligated to positive emotional investment in male people as a whole; and anything outside of that is the exact opposite or "hating men." This loyalty-oath approach is designed to keep women from analyzing and communicating about the power imbalance between the sexes, and how it presents itself on an institutional level.

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I think PTSD is an example of pathologizing normal human variation and normal responses that happen to be inconvenient or undesirable to TPTB.

PTSD looks like a perfectly sensible Darwinian adaptation conferring hypervigilance on animals who have escaped predators. And human society contains many sorts of predators. Those who have been victimized by human predators and have developed a normal, natural brain response are seen as the "disordered" and "disturbed" ones. The human predators who caused this "disturbance" are neatly off the hook: all the focus is on the "mentally ill" victims, not of human predators, but of this abstract condition called "PTSD".

It sounds to me exactly like rape culture at work: blame the victim and exculpate the rapist/predator.

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"Decent" White folk now days like to think this shit just up and disappeared (until it happens again), and/or any avowed racist nowdays is a "lone wacko" type(except for the websites that can generate hundreds of dollars toward anyone who puts bullets in a thug).

Open your fucking eyes and go read the comments section of any major online news site. Go play a game online where white people can tell you how the really feel. These are your people white folk, shit has NOT changed.

Recognize that your race is only decades removed from what one might call inhumane levels of pure race based torture, castration, rape and glorification of all those acts. Yet not one white person will claim their family or any other white person they personally know, was capable of this shit. No white person will name names, so it just all kinda disappeared. Fuck That Shit.

And no not every other person/race would have done the same fucking thing in the same fucking position. Own IT!!!!!!

Why should black people trust that white people just quit being violent racists?

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fascism based on health wouldn't be so bad

Only if they were smart and serious about it, of course - which they wouldn't be - but a rubric of "health" would pretty much demand that the entire progressive platform be enacted.

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neo-Victorianism could work across the aisle

And neo-Victorianism would certainly be my choice. Never mind frumpy clothing, covering up table legs, and banishing sexuality to the marriage bed or the seedy parts of town where nobody respectable would be caught dead ... strict rules for mixed-sex socialization, long, formal courtship, and constant supervision by family would remove a whole lot of the guesswork and fear on both sides. If safety is what is needed, then it would be an interesting irony that the more regulated sexuality becomes, the healthier it would be.

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I'll tell you why it's wrong. Because there is no monolithic "white man" who picks on people of color. It's wrong to instill in children an erroneous concept. And you can't stop contemporary racism while you're making up nonsense about the past. It's like saying Americans are bad because we have rich people forcing our government to start wars. The vast majority of Americans are good hearted people, as are the vast majority of Caucasian people. We're generous and we care about the world and other people. That said, any large rich nation is going to be subverted by greedy rich people, and we've been fighting that here for two centuries.

If you're going to teach history, be honest about human behavior. The native Americans who were in North and South America when the Spanish came here had already killed other groups before them. In fact, it's now know that Caucasians lived in the Americas before descendents of native Americans came over the Bering Straight. Why isn't that taught in US History? Why the focus on big bad English whitey when it was mostly Hispanic invaders who attacked and overcame native Americans? Why not teach what really has happened throughout human history so kids can analyze and understand contemporary human problems: Stronger groups have almost always overpowered weaker and less technologically advanced groups. It's human nature. Why do you think the Irish have read hair? Because they invited the Vikings to come breed with their daughters over and over for centuries? Why is there no uproar about the fact that black people in Africa held as slaves today? Because their owners are other black people? No bad whitey to criticize? Is that the same reason that even AP History students think English Europeans are bad and Hispanic people were historically picked on, in spite of the Spanish lineage of those who committed genocide throughout the Americas?

Trying to install white guilt in today's children serves to keep the established oligarchy in power. We need our kids to think, understand and act. They can't do that while their teachers and curriculum are busy framing history in terms of big bad whitey being mean to others instead of an honest evaluation of human behavior and its effect on historical events.

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Welfare, and encouraging people to overpopulate

When I went back to the town where I graduated high school, I realized that almost every one of my co-students who were failures in high school started having babies as teenages, had many children, and their children did the same thing - failed in school, had kids as teenages, and kept having babies.

Now each one of them has 20-30 descendents, many of whom quit school (and went on welfare, got Section 8 and HEAP, etc.) or are in jail or are "disabled" and living off the public via fake social security claims.

Most of the people who were smart in high school ended up as single professionals, married late, had a kid or two later in life, or didn't have kids and now their excellent gene pool is dwindling.

It's like that crazy movie where the dumbest people outbreed the smart ones. Except I think it really did happen, or is happening now!

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But the Old Colonial Powers wanted to game the UNSC to keep hundreds of millions of people enslaved,

And because of "Freedom!" We pitched in to help, the Slavers,

And since then, the UNSC has been pretty much broken.

Idiot American Mythology Geeks keep bringing up Rwanda, with out a clue,

The sad reality is, the only members of the UNSC that return the GA's calls, even when it is politically inconvenient, are Russia and China.

That "Global 9/11" is like the US 9/11,

A great way of getting your neighbours shot, tased, tortured or raped.

For the ROW, the us has become the Ferguson PD, but the row is dark skinned, and it's night, and all the cell phone footage in the world, won't bring the Cop's victim back to life.

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