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This idea that abortion is a winning issue for Dems is hilarious. They're terrified to talk about abortion. That's why they use so many euphemisms and always change the subject at the first opportunity. Their only winning strategy on this topic is to avoid it. And they know it.

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Why leak SCOTUS draft now? To distract from inflation, gas prices, botched energy policy threatening war with Russia, parents of both parties against trans ideology in school, Ministry of Truth, Elon breaking up Big Tech monopoly, shrinking GDP, looming shellacking in midterms…

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I spent hours on the phone today w/@USATODAY, @washingtonpost, ABC News & more. The profound lack of awareness by the reporters of the pro-life position, the aggressive, inane pro-abort slant of their questions, was funny—but it has toxic consequences. It’s not normal or healthy.

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The far-left is about to find out that despite their attempts at generating fear and revulsion for babies who were “unplanned,” the vast majority of Americans don’t want abortion through all nine months like they do & don’t want to join their bloodlust picket mines. #ProLife

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Dear Jo
Why did I think lesbians (great people) were females of that ilk?
How did I go wrong in not understanding they were actually MEN???
As a beloved wordsmith please explain,
Emma N

Excellent question, Emma! Defining lesbians as same sex attracted women excludes and oppresses the most marginalised of all groups, ie, people with penises and beards who want to shag women. And before you say 'but aren't they straight men?' THEY'RE WEARING EYELINER, BIGOT. Jo x

Lila Rose #fundie #wingnut twitter.com

Hailey Bieber just came out & shared that her doctors told her the stroke she suffered may have been due to hormonal birth control. Hormonal birth control is Group 1 carcinogen & a whole generation of women have been lied to about it. Fertility is not a disease to be medicated.

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