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RE: Why are men such staunch TRA supporters?


My only hypothesis is so that they can reap the sexual benefits of homosexual sex while being perceived as straight, and because TIM prostitutes are way cheaper.

It gives them a socially acceptable cover for blatantly hating on women.

It's a backlash against feminism. These men have been sitting uncomfortably for a few years while it was socially acceptable to mock men. Now, suddenly, a new villain enters the stage! Every time they've wanted to talk shit about women, but feared being called sexist, can now be expressed because now they have a socially acceptable way to do so!

It's a way of displacing their self-hatred and guilt because they're deeply insecure, and like most insecure men, they lash out at women.

My assumption as to why a man who isn't a TIM would support the TRA movement would be because men love pushing women's boundaries -- and to be able to do that while publicly shitting on women and getting away with it (AND being cheered on by so-called feminists? It's gotta be like hitting the jackpot!). I'm going to assume that any man who's spitting "terf" at women is a nice guy, an MRA, or a misogynist. Or maybe he's the trifecta in the form of a male feminist!

All males are in the brotherhood. Regardless if straight men think TIMS are out in left field or not, they know that they are men.

Men always support other men at the expense of women.

All the men I know are in the "transwomen are men and we all know it, but we humor them a bit to make them feel better" boat - I don't really know any TIM supporting men.

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It's not even funny how hard white women mog other races of women

Everyone knows it except some delusional /pol/cels attracted to moon faced flat asian women.

It's suifuel if you're ethnic. Even if an ethnic got with a white woman by miracle (as is every ethnics dream), the ethnic genes would make the offspring uglier. Still a major fucking upgrade.

My dad was a tall, attractive, light skin Pakistani from a wealthy family, an American university degree, and a high paying American job. He could have picked ANY girl he wanted from back home, and he picked my white mom who was a fat single mom at the time. My brothers mog other Pakistanis and are genetically superior to them.

Ethnic males are so obsessed with white women it's insane. Latinos are incredibly obsessed with white women. Indian men of course also. Asian men, don't even get me started. Black men of course are obsessed with them as well, half the time rappers are rapping about white girls and how dey got da yt gurl an' shieet.

I was researching Dalida. She grew up in Egypt, born to white Italian parents, and came to fame by winning Miss Egypt or some beauty pageant. JFL average looking white woman goes to ethnic land and wins all the beauty pageants.

I genuinely think that a major factor for ethnic men moving to the west is secret hopes for some white pussy.

Inb4 some copers say "some latinas and arab girls look good!" - yeah the ones with a lot of white dna lmfao. And also Japanese draw all their characters as white because asian girls are ugly af. People cope by saying "nooo the Japanese see the characters as Japanese!" Are you trying to tell me the Japanese see this blonde blue eyed Nordic Germanic looking mfer as Japanese?

God I hate being ethnic.

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Blackpill Journalist hates incels-until she finds out incels are also ethnic. Even ethnic incels are simped over by the jewish system JFL

„Diese Männer sind zwar eine Gefahr, aber in erster Linie für sich selbst“

A journalist comes onto the forum. Originally believing that all incels are white alt right men, she has a vitrolic hatred towards the incel community. After finding out we have a significant nonwhite population, the journalist instantly switches her thinking into one of love; She feels a "Connection" towards incels and think they are poor victims of systemic injustice (Nonwhite incels, that is).

So incels are still supported by the system if they are not white. While white incels are (of course) hated by the journalist. Just lol. And nonwhite people on this forum have the gall to complain about anything. If even nonwhite incels get insane amounts of privilege societally compared to even white upper tier normies (Who are still demonized over their race) what does that tell you?

It is very obvious the system (which we all agree is bad, or should agree is bad) is simping hard over every class of nonwhite persons. Why? To make them a slave class obviously under the jews. It is amazing how quickly people like IT, the media, etc. change their views on incels as soon as the races change. When Incels are seen as white, the system has a genocidal hatred towards them. They are patriarchal misogynists, terrorists and the etc. But when the incels are ethnic, they are all of a sudden victims of "systemic injustice" "white supremacy" and "racism".

it is all so tiresome

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RE: Do they actually believe their own bullshit?

(Nona_Biba )
IMO if they REALLY believed their own bullshit, they wouldn't need to insist on blocking terfs and "terfs DNI" and things like shinigami eyes. I think most of them deep down know that we're right, and that's why they don't want to hear from us. I know that the earth is round. Do I care enough to block flat earthers from my social media? No, because I am confident I am right. Those loons won't be able to convince me no matter what they say.

A trans person's identity is fragile because it's built on lies. And they know it's a lie, so they don't want to hear from us lest we remind them that they estranged their family and friends and possibly altered their body for a lie. Like they may have ruined their lives so they could live a lie. I don't think I'd want to be reminded of reality if I were in their shoes either.

PS- where are the block lists for racists and white nationalists? Where are the block lists for incels and misogynists? trans people are far from the most oppressed people in the world, why are they the only ones who care enough to censor people who disagree with them from the internet?

They can't literally believe their own claims. They do not believe they are literally female in the same way Catholics do not believe they are literally eating the body of a deadman. They SAY they believe it literally, but they arent actually tasting flesh.

They know 100% that they are not any kind of woman. Its wilful suspension of disbelief, like when people watch professional wrestling. Everyone knows that everyones pretending but saying so ruins the fun.

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"Do you believe in UFOs?"

My answer is always: "Yes, I believe they're real, but they're not from outer space."

The late researcher John Judge called UFOs "Unidentified Fascist Observatories."
When you think about it, an alien invasion might be something that's been planned for a long time. Look at all the science fiction books, movies and television shows about ETs, flying saucers, and hostile aliens. Look at all the fake science reports about the possibility of intelligent life on other planets and movies like Contact. If enough people were duped into believing an alien invasion, they could be manipulated into doing anything. Men would be conned into obeying the aliens. Women would be conned into breeding with them. People with no religious knowledge or backbone would be sucked right into the whole hoax.

If someone had suggested a fake alien invasion two years ago, I would have told them that despite my low opinion of the intelligence level of the average American, even I wouldn't think they're that stupid. But that was two years. Today I believe many, if not most, Americans are that stupid. I believe millions of people would fall for such an outlandish scheme.

Maybe I'm reading too much into it. If we're not seeing the early stages of a fake invasion, then perhaps my research into the demonic aspect of UFOs is playing out. As a nation and as a world, we've sunk so far down into sin and satanism, that perhaps these recent sightings are merely a manifestation of that. The more we engage in sin, the more these transports from hell make themselves visible. That's even scarier than a fake invasion.

What do you think? Do you believe in UFOs?

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According to Elena Danaan, a former professional French archeologist who claims to be a contactee with the ‘Galactic Federation of Worlds’, an exodus of a German 4th Reich controlled “Dark Fleet” is currently underway that is creating a power vacuum that different nations are trying to fill by building bases in Antarctica. Her information comes from an extraterrestrial from the Taygeta star system in the Pleiades she identifies as ‘Thor Han’, and a current resident at the US McMurdo base who goes by the name ‘Frank’, and whose last name I will keep private.
What immediately got Frank’s attention was that a significant number of the personnel leaving Antarctica were German-speaking and they were bound for South America—Argentina in particular. This struck Frank as highly unusual given what Elena and others had said about a German-controlled Dark Fleet in Antarctica that was in an escalating military conflict with an ‘Earth Alliance’ and the Galactic Federation.
The sudden influx of personal and resources into Antarctica during the start of the winter months does point to the different countries trying to fill a newly created power vacuum. It would make sense that the 4th Reich is turning over its Dark Fleet assets in Antarctica to countries that are most sympathetic to its political agenda and activities: China, Turkey, and countries from South America and Africa would be suitable candidates.

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Can we benefit from drinking seawater? Water expert Robert Slovak says “Yes!” Robert is a mechanical, aeronautical, and astronautical engineer best known for his decades of research, exploring a variety of waters: hydrogen-rich water, deuterium depleted water (DDW), and seawater.

Today, Robert focuses on seawater, a world-famous medicine, hidden in plain sight. For most of the twentieth century, seawater was considered a medicine. It was even imported and used to treat tuberculosis in children’s hospitals in the USA.

Robert makes a case for including seawater in our diets today, because of its mineral-rich composition, noting that it is the only aqueous solution that contains the entire periodic table! Robert explains how to get the therapeutic benefits: he covers the amount we should drink, and where it should be sourced.

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[Blackpill] Men are pathetic and weak

Pathetic, weak men, simps have been chasing women like they are the last source of water on a desertic planet.
They have been chasing women for so long that now they have power over us because they know it will always be men going for them.
What are the rules again? Men must pay, men must make all the initial moves, men must take all the shit, men must take all the dangerous job positions, etc etc etc. It has been ingrained in the animalistic brain of women after thousands of years of the same repetitive behavior coming from men.

In the animal kindgom, the female is a prize, and this has transcended to the human kingdom, which is so wrong. We are rational creatures, this should not have happened.
Weak men have been enabling women to gain more and more entitlement and power over sex and relationships. They are the reason everything is the way it is now.
You spoil a brat enough, and the the spoiled brat will act entitled for the rest of their lives. This is the case with women, thanks to weak men.
They chased women like a prize, the only source of life in a dead universe that now they feel they are divinities among mortals (us). They feel untouchable, unreachable, the ultimate prize for the lesser beings they consider men to be. If a man is able to even talk or touch one of them, they are already winning at life and the mere respect of other people for their "success".
They gave women this goddess complex we will seemingly never get rid of.

Thanks a lot fucking stupid simps, weak men, now we have to pay the price and deal with the monstrosities you allowed to be created known as the modern woman.

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The thought of having a daughter terrifies me

I know it doesn’t matter because chances are I’ll never reproduce anyway, but the thought of managing to get a woman and thinking I’d succeeded in life only to have a daughter (or worse, multiple daughters) genuinely terrifies me.

I know it’s a cope, but with having a son I at least feel like I could give him the childhood I never had and maybe actually have some fun experiences with him, but with a daughter what do you get?

She won’t look like you cos female, she’ll cost thousands more to raise, she won’t be any fun again cos female, and then she’ll cuck you by bringing over young men to your house once she reaches her teens.

Also, studies show that I’m not in the minority, men overwhelmingly state that they want a son more when questioned, and for women it’s more like 50/50. Also couples that have daughters are way more likely to divorce than those who have sons (I’ve seen evidence of this irl)

i would just treat her as an apparatus for further passing on my genes and separate my emotion from it.

The brutal part is no matter how you raise them the result will be the same you can try your best for years but they'll still end up a roastie whore.

Emil Kirkegaard #pedo

For the rest, one is left to masturbate to porn, perhaps child porn (animated or not), and regular porn. That sucks, and there is nothing to do about it. Perhaps a compromise is having sex with a sleeping child without them knowing it (so, using sleeping medicine). If they dont notice it is difficult to see how they cud be harmed, even if it is rape. One must distinguish between rape becus the other was disconsenting (wanting to not have sex), and rape becus the other is not consenting, but not disconseting either (so, unaware of the action becus of sleep or coma or something like that). There is also the possibility of bodily harm that will be there after the person wakes up. This is especially the case with small children since their bodily openings are not large enuf for a regular sized male penis. To avoid this one shud not penetrate.

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The Water Canopy

Hi guys there are passages in the Bible that talk about a canopy, a covering of water that protected the planet from the sun's rays and formed a vapor mist. Everything at that time was of large dimensions: the trees, the fruits, the animals and the human beings were much taller and lived many many many years, the average life expectancy was between 700 and 1000 years, and I don't think this is a translation error in the Bible because the planet at that time had conditions that allowed man to live for so long (you can see examples of this in fossilized insects).

When this canopy, this cover was destroyed or disappeared, the universal flood happened, which all cultures speak of in their traditions. The waters above that formed the canopy poured into the oceans and created a flood. With the end of this canopy, the harmful rays of the sun began to penetrate the Earth and affected living beings; curiously, it was after the flood that human beings began to live fewer and fewer years, until this day when the average life expectancy is of 80+ years.

I believed that this could be a fantasy, a biblical metaphor (and no i'm not even religious), but I found texts that talk about something similar in African culture and in the shamanic teachings of Credo Mutwa, a well-known South African healer. In these African traditions, they speak of a water vapor mist that covered the entire planet and prevented the propagation of the sun's rays throughout the planet, of the arrival of the moon (which would not be natural to our solar system), of a race called the Chitauri that would have contributed to the disappearance of this vapor mist and to our premature aging, and of course speaks of the universal flood.

Coincidence? What are the odds?

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday a newly formed Israeli coalition that is poised to unseat him was the result of “the greatest election fraud” in the history of democracy
Netanyahu made his sweeping accusation at a time when Israel's domestic security chief has warned publicly about the prospect of political violence

"We are witnessing the greatest election fraud in the history of the country, in my opinion in the history of any democracy," Netanyahu said in comments to legislators from his right-wing Likud party

He focused his allegations on a broken campaign promise from Bennett, who had pledged not to partner with left-wing, centrist and Arab parties
"We, my friends and I in Likud, we will vehemently oppose the establishment of this dangerous government of fraud and surrender," Netanyahu said. "And if, God forbid, it is established, we will bring it down very quickly"

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Trump is in control of the MILITARY

Control was attempted to be transferred per protocol, but protocol requires that the request is made on the executive side and granted on the military side.

There is an extremely detailed MILREG on how it is to be done, and the steps necessary to transfer operational control of the military. If there is any question of the mental competency of the incoming administration, the JCOS, by majority vote can defer or reject the request.

Mental competency is only one parameter...legitimacy of the civil election is another. Similar to temporary authority granted by most legislatures to state governors, JCOS can defer in 30 day increments thus avoiding a constitutional crisis.

That has been what is going on, in 30 day increments.

By Trump's order, the imposter in chief and his mindless lackey were refused transport on AF1 and AF2. They resorted to green screen subterfuge long enough to dry lease and mimic paint up some surplus Boeings with AF1 livery, but there is nothing inside except bare accommodations.

On July 20th, the six months of aggregate deferment will be used up...and the JCOS will formally reject the transfer to the imposter in chief and military control will revert to the rightful President. The USSC will confirm and the Biden Administration arrested.

Donald Trump #racist #wingnut

LeBron James should focus on basketball rather than presiding over the destruction of the NBA, which has just recorded the lowest television RATINGS, by far, in the long and distinguished history of the League. His RACIST rants are divisive, nasty, insulting, and demeaning. He may be a great basketball player, but he is doing nothing to bring our Country together!

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Gendercide (Androcide) where boys and men are killed for being boys and men - is rising, yet feminists still say "misandry doesn't kill" "kill all men" etc when the opposite is true.

This is the problem with feminism. MRAs will agree with you on maybe even nearly all issues if they just did that... they don't though. Instead of just trying to enact change, they purposefully try and shit on mens issues in order to do so.

And why on earth are feminists wasting energy trying to defend misandrists or kill all men types etc with repeated articles saying why its ok to say kill all men or to hate men etc. Why because feminsim is a hate movement and it is often driven by hatred rather than actually wanting to help women.

One abandons her son cos hes male, the other bans her brother from house who she says is great person and she loves very much but is male so cant come in... only his girlfriend is allowed in.... what happened to these feminsits? Did they get help? NOOOO they went on to become feminists policitians, bloggers, journalists (even a guardian journalist!!), HEAD OF domestic violence charity (no wonder DV is so sexist and misandrist if led by people like this). Maybe feminsits should ask why are these misandrists getting to the TOP of feminism?

BTW, feminsits need to stop crying at criticism of feminism.... I call this feminsits fragility.... Mens issues aren't all caused by feminism or even majority caused by feminism, feminism does however often make things worse, and sometimes yes feminism is solely to blame especially where FEMINISTS LITERALLY, YES LITERALLY wrote the laws in questions.

Reasonable_Amoeba_89 & XenoX101 #crackpot #sexist

RE: Misandry is as socially dangerous as mysogany

I disagree.

Misogyny is called out, will get you fired from your job and made a social pariah amongst mixed groups.

Misandry will see you as an empowered feminist, a round of applause and a medal as big as a frying pan.

So misandry is far, far, far more dangerous due to it being socially acceptable bigotry.

Feminists are out and out bigots, transphobes, homophobes, misandrist. There is absolutely nothing in the feminist movement to celebrate unless you hate men and or trans people in which case you’ll find plenty to love.

Are you saying feminism is counter to the trans movement?

Honest question.

I don't say that. Feminists do. Mumsnet Feminism space, nearly half the posts are transphobic. A movement which starts with the supremacy of women is now seeking gender purity and removing anything away form the ideal. We've seen this before in history....


they want to stick it to men because their ancestors didn’t have it as good.

Allegedly. Women's happiness has been in steady decline since the women's rights movement. The responsibility of working a day job isn't as exciting a proposition as once thought. It's why so many women prefer to work part-time as compared to men (as much as three times as many in some cases), and place less value in earning more money or getting a promotion when leaving for another job. Men and women on average are fundamentally seeking different goals from life, and no amount of social engineering can change that. But the lie that women needed saving by feminists is what gave them power, and is why they continue to hold onto this idea in spite of the evidence against it.

Ray Comfort #fundie

But enlightened mankind rejects Genesis and hasn’t the foggiest idea who laid what when. They don’t know where they came from, what they’re doing here, or where they are ultimately going. They do know that they are going to die, yet they don’t know what causes death, what happens after death, or what to do about it.

They don’t even know what makes a murderer murder. Experts have studied the profiles of multitudes of murderers so that we can better understand why they kill. With more than 600,000 who have committed murder (just in the U.S. since 1970) to study, they should have come up with a clear and common profile. But they haven’t. This is because they consider themselves too wise to believe the Book. It says the common denominator is that they have a human nature, and that nature is inherently evil.

The Bible also says that the wisdom of this world is “foolishness” (Greek moros; “stupidity”) with God. It also says that when men profess themselves to be wise, they become fools (stupid). I have seen this often, when atheists attempt to discredit those who believe the Bible by quoting history books that were written around the time of Christ. They blindly believe the historical recordings of men without a second thought.

The Bible calls those who deny a Creator a fool (stupid). Only dim-witted folks would say that a painting didn’t have a painter, that a building didn’t have a builder, and that creation had no Creator. These same folks often have blind faith in the theory of evolution. They believe a theory as though it were fact, and they look down on people who have a trust in God. As Napoleon said, they believe anything “as long as it’s not in the Bible.” This is because it is a moral book. From Genesis to Revelation, it accuses us of sin.

Ray Comfort #psycho #fundie

[Blind love for our children] shouldn’t be carried over to when the child begins doing ugly things. It is a tragedy when ugly doings are seen as cute. One of the first horrible things to reveal itself in a child is the back arch. This often happens when the parent uses the word “no” and stops the child from touching something he wanted to touch. The mom or dad then picks up the precious bundle, and instead of finding cuddly cuteness, they find the back arch of protest.

This is the first sign of infantile rebellion against parental authority, and if it isn’t dealt with, this seed will grow into a monster and destroy everything in its path.

It shouldn’t come as a shock to any godly parent when the rebellion comes. They have seen it in their own heart, so they know it is just a matter of time until it manifests. From that time on, a battle begins against the monster until it is destroyed.

Perhaps it makes you flinch to use the word “monster” when referring to your beloved child. Let me back up my description with Scripture so that any argument you may have will be seen to be with God and not with me.
“The rod and rebuke give wisdom, but a child left to himself brings shame to his mother” (Proverbs 29:15).

Let’s look at Scripture and see our potential for evil. Remember, don’t let blind love stop you from seeing how ugly we all are, including your child. He has been born with the seed of Adam resident within, and if it is left to itself, it will grow into a great tree of evil.
What is this monster that is within your child? The Bible tells us why humanity has such a propensity to do evil. It is because “There is no fear of God before their eyes” (Romans 3:18). If there is no fear of God, then there is no fear of the consequences of sin…there is no fear of Judgment Day or of eternal damnation in Hell.
So, reject the world’s philosophy, and instead embrace the biblical viewpoint. Again, God’s Word says that there is none good. Not one. Your child isn’t good. He is like the rest of us. His heart is evil. Face the ugliness.

Judy Byington #crackpot #conspiracy #wingnut #fundie

D. International Child Sex Trafficking

CIA, Mossad, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, CCP, Burma, Thailand & the Myanmar Government’s all had their hands in the Largest Drug & Child Trafficking Operation in the World that is the GOLDEN TRIANGLE. Project TerraMar involved too. Myanmar the largest Drug & Child Trafficking country in the World.

Your Govts, 3 Letter Intel Agencies, Elites, Hollywood, Vatican, Royals are responsible. ALL Islands, Epstein, Biden, Depp, Winfrey, Nygard, Branson etc. The children are taken in Planes, Subs, Containers & down to the Tunnels. Even the Black Forest in Germany. They are tortured, raped, murdered & had experiments done on them with animals & ETs. It had to be this way. When this drops it is going to be Head Exploding stuff. It is going to take 6 months to recover from.
H. The Global Currency Reset and NESARA/GESARA is all about the Children

It’s not about the money. It’s about the children – the thousands of malnourished and traumatized children who in honor of Satan, were being raped and murdered so their Elite Perpetrators could supposedly gain power and rule the world. The first official act President Trump made the morning before he was sworn into office was to pay a visit to CIA Headquarters and declare a war on an international Child Sex Trafficking Ring run by these global elites. Let us fast and pray for these millions of little ones who were right now being rescued from Cabal underground tunnels across the globe, and tortured and killed by Satanic Covens right next door. Let us also pray for those Military Troops worldwide who were risking their own lives to save them.

Torchy Blane #racist #homophobia #wingnut

Are Jews overrepresented in the gay community just as they in areas of our society, such as publishing, television, news media, the film industry, porn industry, academia, the arts and banking? And how many famous homosexuals are Jewish – or, inversely – how many famous Jews are homosexuals?
Once again, 11 out of 50, or 22 percent, are Jewish, though Jews represent just 2.4 percent of the U.S. population. To be clear, this isn’t a list of all the LGBTQ Jews in Hollywood. It’s a list of Hollywood’s most influential homosexuals. Pop singer Demi Lavato, actor Victor Garber, and actresses Drew Barrymore and Evan Rachel Wood, for example, are famous Hollywood LGBTQ Jews who weren’t worthy of this list of who’s who. How many others are there? It’s a mystery, but if what we see on our screens is any indication, the numbers are huge.

Pew Research found one-in-ten (10 percent) of U.S. Jewish adults identify as gay or lesbian (4 percent) bisexual (5 percent); 88 percent say they are straight, 1 percent say they are something else, 1 percent say they don’t know and 1 percent declined to answer the question. That’s nearly double the U.S. average.

So why does it all matter? Because of the aforementioned outsized influence among many of the pillars of American culture, including politics. If you want to know where your country is going, look at who’s given center stage.
Torchy Takeaway

Oy vey, why are so many Jews gay? Is it the circumcisions? Is it the matzo balls? I’m still not sure. If it weren’t for Pride Month, I wouldn’t even be asking such potentially offensive questions. But I guess this is what Pride Month is all about: “awareness.” Right, fellas?

Jean-Luc Mélenchon #conspiracy

In controversial remarks made on a political talk show, Mélenchon pointed to a pattern of violent incidents dominating headlines in the run-up to recent presidential contests

"You'll see, in the last weeks of the presidential campaign, we'll have a serious incident or a murder," the fiery head of the France Unbowed party warned, citing earlier examples

Mélenchon referred to the killing of a police officer on the Champs-Elysées just ahead of the 2017 election and Mohamed Merah's terrorist killing spree – including his attack on a Jewish school in Toulouse – before the 2012 vote

The hard-left leader also cited an attack against a retired man in his home in 2002 that stirred much public debate and was widely blamed for helping former far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen reach an unlikely presidential runoff that year
Referring to Macron's surprise victory four years ago, he said: "In every country of the world, they've invented someone like him, who comes from nowhere and who's pushed by the oligarchy."

NaturalNobility #crackpot #racist #ufo #conspiracy

The Imperial Germans are the Germans that left Germany at the end of the war in 1945. These people fled a war of annihilation against their people. The target of the Zionist cartels that controlled both the United States and the Soviet Union, was the total annihilation of the German people.
It is a fact that Zionist Jews orchestrated World War 2 and World War 1. They could not tolerate anyone to be independent and free. The Zionist Jews feared that the system Hitler had created: an interest free monetary system without the use of interests or the compounded interest function. He promoted class cooperation instead of class competition and struggle. The Third Reich boomed economically. The Rothschild Family could no longer exploit Germany as it was doing with all other Zionist Occupied Governments around the world. This is why in 1933 International Jewry declared war against Germany.
Nevertheless the German High command made contingency plans for the war’s loss. Hitler had planned far ahead and expected eventually to lose Germany to the Zionist controlled Allies and Soviet Hordes. He knew that the Zionist Jews would never give up on destroying him and his people. Therefore he planned with his closest associates the exodus of chosen German people to South America and Antarctica. Adolf Hitler believed that the Earth was hollow.
The Imperial Germans have been in contact with the Aldebaranic Aryans from the Taurus Constellation and are a Type 1 Stellar Civilization in our Solar System. They have bases on the Moon and Mars and are travelling the cosmos as we speak. The Imperial Germans will help liberate the world on Judgment Day.

Stan #wingnut #crackpot

(Note: This is from 2014. - Bastethotep) Struts Their Stuff

Until today I wasn't aware of ("Fundies Say The Darndest Things") where Atheists and skeptics can have a safe harbor in which to ridicule that which they take out of context. Actually there is a link to context, but no one seems to have used it in my case. It's the sort of snake pit where the target du jour is countered with comments like "asshole", and the standard logic errors which they insist are the logical answers to the "idiot" they are trashing.

It pretty much confirms my suspicion regarding the maturity level of the common Atheist (and I continue to capitalize that which is a religion, replete with churches, preachers, rules not to be disobeyed (political correctness enforced with ridicule and excommunication), icons (Darwin, Dawkins), and recently found - the Atheist religious moral document source: Harry Potter.

For a look at the amazing intellectual level demonstrated, go here. It's a good laugh. But remember, they really do think that way (at that age; many probably grow up eventually).

Input_output_error #conspiracy #pratt #sexist #wingnut

Feminism should be invalidated as feminism has no valid reason to exist. Feminism is a hateful religion that is a blight on our society.

Being against feminism doesn't mean that you're aGaiNsT eQuALiTy or insert another bullshit feminist meme. It means that you don't agree with the rampant sexism that is feminism, that you don't agree with things like the Duluth model or any of the other insanely sexist idea's that they spew like 'rape culture', 'mansplaining', 'the future is female' (yea check that one out, the gist is men should be reduced to be a maximum of 10% of the total population..), 'manspreading', demonstrating against a male mental health gathering, 'Kill All Men' or any of the other insane ramblings of these people.

That some tween, teen or idiot twenty-some calls themselves a feminist because they actually do believe in equality doesn't mean that they are actual feminist. They aren't the ones who help write and lobby for sexist laws, they aren't the ones who write 'feminist theory'. They aren't the ones who get to determine what feminism means. People often try to revert back to the textbook definition of feminism while ignoring what feminism does. That is exactly like saying that the Democratic Republic of North Korea is a democracy and not some backwards dictator's playground. Sure, they call themselves a 'democratic republic' but that doesn't make them one.

TGNInvest #fundie #racist #sexist #wingnut

RE: Do you want to marry a Slavic girl or you don’t care ?

I would prefer to have a polish gf but they are weird in Germany. I would consider also having a non Slavic gf but she should be Christian this is the only thing that matters for me

Yes, I want a Slavic girl, specifically Serbian, so I can carry on my culture, genetics, and religion onto my kids, as these are solid factors which help keep your future descendants from melting into the modern we-are-all-one-nation globalist culture. If she is of another European background and wants to assimilate into the Serbian culture upon marriage (rule of patriarchy), that is fine too.

However, I would want her to be take our kids to church every sunday and give them a Christian upbringing. Since what is the point of her being of my Slavic ethnicity if she would raise my future kids to act like degenerates.

I legitimately belive good times are coming for Serbia, the west will crumble sooner or later, just like any other superpower inevitably does, and looking at the youth I think slowly but steadily the national awareness is on the rise, which is a great thing.

Oh for sure, the West is definitely facing lots of economic issues along with all of the internal social issues which have been arising recently.

Yes, the youth in our homelands (Serbia, Srpska, Montenegro) is definitely more nationally aware, but we still have to eliminate some degeneracy from society such as reality shows, glorification of Tito, etc.

I dont really care tbh, my girlfriend is black (which i know isn't particularly liked around here) i know it matters to some people, but not to me.

Serious question: how did you convince yourself that blacks are attractive?

connorhus & None #crackpot #racist #wingnut

RE: Are Zanu PF and MDC Shameful Governance Failures Proving Rhodesia’s Smith Right That Blacks Not Ready to Govern Themselves?


Let us be brutally honest for once. Is there something seriously flawed with us as black people? Why on earth would the government allocate high ranking positions to their under-qualified and inexperienced relatives, friends, and sexual partners? Why are we unable to even maintain the levels of development that we inherited from the Rhodesian era? How did we end up messing everything up?

Why I have to chuckle to myself every time I see a comment about the death of America to Black Rule. These are the people who are supposedly going to destroy the White race? Maybe in a comic book if the Blacks are supported by Wakanda. They can pack Blacks into a few urban areas but they will collapse on their own long before they push out into the rest of America. Same will happen to any other race they try and replace Whites with.

No. Leftist whites will destroy the White race. The others are just the janissary cannon fodder to the elite shock troops of academia, big business, big tech, and big entertainment.

Nah Non-Whites are more like a wild fire, their numbers can give em an early surprise advantage but they quickly burn themselves out.


There was a reason apartheid survived in Rhodesia and South Africa: a significant percentage of the black population understood what would happen under black rule.

Apartheid WAS black rule. They controlled all institutions but were forced to live in their own areas separate from Whites. In return, they were largely employed by Whites and all of them had a middle class lifestyle.

None of that exists anymore.

Hume Laws #conspiracy #racist #wingnut

Warning: If We Start To Win They’ll Use Bioweapons On Us

Even if election fraud is thwarted, Whites win elections, Trump’s immigration policies are reinstated and Whites begin to increase their percentage of the population, the Oligarchs will resort to violence to complete their final solution.

They’ll use bioweapons against us like they did to get Trump out of office so they could reopen the borders and continue to try to outnumber Whites, and eventually exterminate them. By now most people can see that the Oligarchs are willing to do anything, willing to kill millions, to complete their sacred mission. In connection with that, Kevin Barrett, Ph.D., just reported in American Free Press that 300 U.S. military personnel were in Wuhan in October 2019 for military exercises. Recall that some Chinese officials had said that the U.S. military was responsible for Covid 19.

So, by now everyone can see that the Oligarchs’ real motive is pure hate for Whites. It’s the most powerful motive of all. Accusations of “for power” and “for control” are naive.

They’ll have pre-prepared vaccines for themselves so they’ll indiscriminately kill everyone else to disguise their real target. They didn’t come this far and get this close to the end to let a few silly elections get in their way.

They’ve shown us what they have. So, how do you defend against their bioweapons when the enemy is your fellow citizen?

These tasks would require that a segment of the military be dedicated to them.

This is another of those pointless hypothetical posts.

whiteuser1 #crackpot #fundie #psycho #racist

StormChild88, this thread is not useless, because it provides evidence for the reasons why race-mixing is an abomination against nature, especially if blacks are not even human.

Lupa02, there is no such thing as evolution. If blacks are a different species, then they were created as a different species at the very beginning. Or, if they are a human-animal hybrid, then they are an abomination of nature.

I'm sorry to disgust you, but the people who think that blacks are just another human may never have seen Australian aborigines

I was surprised because it actually looks like a Native American. But also a gorilla or some sort of monkey.

If you saw those in the wild, would you conclude, "there are some humans, let me go ask if they want to hang out"? No, you would wonder what those scary animals were doing in the forest and hope you don't get mauled.

I saw some videos some time ago about Australian Aborigines and how they get honey. What they do is they push over a dead tree, grab a stick, shove the stick in, ignore the bees flying around, and then lick off the honey off the stick, eating some of the bees with the honey.

Then I looked at what monkeys do when they get honey. It was shocking that they do the same thing. Knock over the tree, and then shove in a stick and lick the honey and bees off the stick.

How do humans get honey? The humans who actually farm the honey build elaborate bee hives, cultivate the bees, wear elaborate protective suits, and farm the honey properly. They do not go in the wild and knock over trees and lick off the sticks. Moreover, most humans simply buy honey, because we have a culture and civilization.

i-take-it-back #elitist #sexist

(the stamp says “dear doctors our women are not your toys stop playing with their lives”.)

This is about selfish doctors who like to perform surgery on our women who can normally deliver their baby.

Surgery = more money.
This subject has been talked here and i believe many doctors are like that all they want is more money, second reason why they will do this thing is that to tell them as an excuse to not to have more than 3 children it will harm them.

I think these surgeries are overused, it's horrible, it makes us look our females like they are freaks and something's wrong with them.
It's horrible what women have to go through due to some greedy idiots.

In future i would love to have children, but sometimes it scares me if my future wife will have to go through this pain and someone will have to cut her tummy. For this reason seeing this cesarean shit it makes me feel like i dont even want to have kids because i dont want to hurt my future gf/wife and see her face this pain.

Christopher Newman #fundie #crackpot #dunning-kruger #pratt

What crap! Birds are not dinosaurs. They are birds. Dinosaurs are dinosaurs. Common sense should tell you that. God said each species would create of its own. How desperate are these godless men to call birds, dinosaurs when species create of their own and don't develop into something else. They just don't want to acknowledge that there is a great god who created all things and to whom they are accountable to.

James Wiliams #fundie #crackpot

(On a video debunking dinosaur cryptids)
Atheism and Evolution go hand in hand!
The TRUTH is revealed ONLY to those who have properly prepared to receive it those who love Him by obeying His commandments and it is RECEIVED PERSON to person, meaning that the TRIAD God delivers the knowledge personally to man just like he delivered Moses the Ten Commandments. [John 14:2] “He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him”
Theosis Union with God: The Goal of Orthodox Christianity

The years from Adam are 7500
throught Revelation from God!
The years from Adam till today are 7500 years, and this was revealed to father Kalinicos on a golden description when God appeared Himself to him as He is known in the icons of the Greek Orthodox Churc
On Mount Athos Greece the monks have a specific purpose of life. To get to know their creator God personally! Those monks becoming worthy they have been receiving knowledge that they deliver to the Church h. This information is found in the following web page put the story is in Greek. (bottom of web page)

Here is some live proof that can substantiate God's Revelation of Adam's age!
Dinosaurs Lived With Humans

Thunderbirt (pterodactyl 4 meter wingspan) photo the face of an alligator also styrosaure soft tissue in dino fossils-nothing in science can allow this to be millions of years old

According to God's Revelation to Saint Kalinicos, the end (the Second Coming) has started to materialize in 1992!

William S. “Billyboy” Lind #wingnut #racist #elitist

Only two cultures have been successful over time, i.e., for thousands of years: Chinese (Han) culture and Western culture. These are the products of East Asians and whites. Civilization first arose around five thousand years ago among these two peoples.
Other places and peoples have produced splendid civilizations: the Maya, the Khmer, the peoples of India, etc. But all rose, peaked, declined, and never rose again. They followed a bell-shaped curve they could not escape.
When the cultural Marxists throw their boogeyman words at us, our response, after we have stopped laughing, should be to do what I have done here: respond with facts and reason. Nothing scares them more. In fact, they denounce facts and reason as “white”. To that, our answer should be, “Thanks for the compliment.” Reason and logic are one of whites’ great contributions to civilization, among many others, including classical architecture and classical music, both of which are now found all over the world because of their superiority to all others.
History says that white supremacy means a society that is constantly striving in every field to reach greater heights, to the benefit of everyone, including all other races and peoples. Just look at how Africa and Asia have profited from modern medicine, overwhelmingly a product of whites. Thanks to the uniquely white concept of noblesse oblige, supremacy does not mean oppressing others but raising them up, serving them and giving them the blessings of peace, order, and commerce. After all, most whites worship a God who said, “I came not to be served but to serve.” Don’t expect to hear that from Quetzalcoatl any time soon.

Stan #wingnut #crackpot #racist #pratt

Never forget: The Democrat Party was founded on racism: its sole purpose for formation was to perpetuate slavery of blacks. It fomented the Civil War in order to protect slavery. When it lost the war, it formed Jim Crow segregation and the KKK, both of which persisted for roughly a century. Then, in response to the Republican Civil Rights Act of 1964, LBJ created the welfare plan with the Orwellian name, War on Poverty, to perpetuate blacks in poverty and also make them perpetually dependent Democrats... and the blacks fell for it, even making some of their own blacks into their racist Democrat oppressors. The 60's Leftists were first to shriek "white privilege" while calling white babies "pigs" needing termination. Racism, the root of the Democrat Party, became a Leftist tool and it has been wielded with characteristic Leftist violence. Trump will be claimed as inspiration for all sorts of summer-time "racial" protest-violence intended to shut up the opposition by denying them speech venues, as happened in Chicago.

The violence against freedom (speech and assembly) is wholly predictable, because it is in the genetics of the Left, and has always been there historically. It is the party of race tyrants. It will not change now.


Black Lives Matter, otoh is purely racist against all whites; the intent is to instill a new cultural standard for black ghettos: drugs, gangs, theft and killing are now black cultural standards which whites may not interfere with or try to control. The new standard is black separatism, i.e., the new segregation into a subnation which is inaccessible to whites (or browns). This already exists in certain blue model cities in the USA, where whites dare not go, and cops dare not arrest.

Slavery Advocate #racist #elitist #fundie

[From "A Defense of the trans-Atlantic Slave Trade"]

Before looking at any historical controversy we must ask most importantly, “Who, and why?”
Africans were not fit for self government,nor were they fit, or capable of the most tawdry of anarchic imitations of civilization. They were, and still are a servile slave race
To detain the African in war, and ensure his continued compliance through absolute servitude was appropriate for both the African tribes, and the European traders[…]To export them from Africa was to accomplish a wide variety of these goals. It negated, and lessened those who were prone to violence, and unrest within the dregs of African society
European, and American society utilizing the divine institution of slavery acted as glorious pacifying, civilizing forces for even the most barbarous of the previously war prone Africans
For all the alleged, and often accurate depictions of the horror of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, Tribal war was often a far bloodier affair than most trips from Africa to other land
Labor is always necessary but we recognize the unfortunate troubles that so often accompany the common laborer[…]at any moment could be apt to indulge in excess, anti social behavior, or self destructive pursuits, as the pressures of “free society” demands. The trans-Atlantic slave acted as a way to give civilization her labor
Tthe trans-Atlantic slave trade was not simply moral it was the manifestation of the divine institution of slavery in unprecedented, near perfect form constructing a caste of the conscripted inferior race, and the master race

Alberto Fernández #racist

Uproar after Argentina president says ‘Brazilians came from the jungle’

Misjudged comments to prime minister of Spain sought to play up the South American country’s ties with Europe

Argentina’s president, Alberto Fernández, has triggered a Twitter storm and a regional race debate with misjudged comments to visiting Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez of Spain that sought to play up the South American country’s ties with Europe.

“The Mexicans came from the Indians, the Brazilians came from the jungle, but we Argentines came from the ships. And they were ships that came from Europe,” Fernández said, referring to the many European migrants who arrived in the country. He later apologized for the comments and said his country’s diversity was something to be proud of.

Fernández seems to have taken the phrase from a song by local musician Lito Nebbia, of whom the president has declared himself an admirer on more than one occasion.

The comments sparked a viral response on social media, with many criticizing the center-left leader for racial insensitivity.

“I did not mean to offend anyone, in any case, whoever has felt offended or invisible, I give my apologies,” he said on Twitter.

Brazilian media ran Fernandez’s statements on Wednesday and many on social media joked that rightwing President Jair Bolsonaro would enjoy getting back at the leftwing Argentine leader, with whom he has not always seen eye to eye.

Eduardo Bolsonaro, a congressman and the Brazilian president’s son, slammed the comments as “racist” and shot a retort back at Argentina over its troubled economy, in recession since 2018.

“I say the ship that is sinking is that of Argentina,” he posted on Twitter.

Karen England & The Nevada Household Alliance #conspiracy #racist #transphobia #wingnut

Nevada Family Alliance Wants Teachers to Wear Body Cameras to Keep Critical Race Theory Out of Schools

The Nevada Household Alliance, an anti-LGBTQ group, has urged that lecturers within the Washoe County College District ought to put on physique cameras to make sure that they are not educating essential race concept (CRT). CRT is a discipline of research that analyzes race and racism as a social dynamic all through historical past.

“Making a file that may very well be seen by applicable events, if needed, may be the best method to urge lecturers to stay to conventional educating,” Karen England, government director and founding father of the Nevada Household Alliance, stated in an announcement launched on Wednesday.

“We anticipate that the lecturers’ unions will reject this proposal instantly,” England continued. “However we should always ask, what they’ve to cover? If police do a greater job interacting with the general public when they’re carrying physique cameras, how rather more vital is it for lecturers to do the identical?”

England and her group declare that the varsity district has made “concerted efforts to indoctrinate college students within the leftist narrative” allegedly related to CRT.

England has a historical past opposing insurance policies aimed toward defending transgender college students and LGBTQ consciousness, The Nevada Impartial reported.

She authored a 2015 state invoice to restrict rest room entry for transgender college students. She has urged that oldsters preserve their youngsters at residence throughout the “Day of Silence.” The day is an annual demonstration in April during which LGBTQ college students and allies stay silent to symbolically signify the silencing of LGBTQ college students.

Makedon-Slav4444 #conspiracy #psycho #racist #wingnut

RE: Executive Order on Blocking Property And Suspending Entry Into The United States Of Certain Persons Contributing To The Destabilizing Situation In The Western Balkans

Foreign PRESIDENT telling me what should i say, not say, do or not do with my country. We have foreign economy, foreign military, foreign politics and geopolitics. If i was telling my ancestors this, they would've thought we are under Ottoman rule still.

What's the point of a country when someone from Washington, Amsterdam, Brussel and London rules me? What's the point of even elections when this country puts laws without even asking the people. What's was the point of every single battle we fought in the past if some rich foreigners buying land in Ohrid are equal to me? I don't count this as mine country. I think we are under invasion & a colony of the West.

I hate the West so much it's unbelievable.

The west will destroy itself

I hope. America in particular needs to be nuked, i hate those evangelists who simp for Israel. And the number of American evangelists is like 100m. When i think about it i hate Christians as much as the West 🤔

I despise this with all my being. I'd rather they have the decency to invade me then control us like children and laugh at the concept of our sovereignty

Sovereignty? Ahh yes, we had that like 20 years ago i believe

Hasnain Danish & unnamed others #fundie #psycho #sexist

Saman's uncle 'killed her for refusing marriage' - brother

Boy's evidence in Pakistani girl's suspected murder deemed credible by GIP

An 18-year-old Pakistani girl who has been missing from a town near Reggio Emilia since the end of April after refusing an arranged marriage in Pakistan was strangled by her uncle, who confessed to her younger brother, a preliminary investigations judge (GIP) said Monday.

The GIP adjudged as "credible" the brother's testimony that the uncle, Hasnain Danish, confessed the murder to him but refused to say where her body was, judicial sources said.

Saman had a violent argument with her family the night before she disappeared, according to an arrest warrant for the five suspect relatives published Monday.

A young member of the family reportedly told police "I think he (the uncle) strangled her, also because when he came home he didn't have anything in his hands".

Saman's uncle referred to a "job well done" to a friend in an Internet chat room, Italian police said at the weekend, saying he was probably referring to her murder and the disposal of her body.

Abbas also reportedly overheard her family saying that murder was "the only solution" for women who did not obey the Pakistani Muslim way of life, and she suspected "they are talking about me", the paper said.

Saman's parents, her uncle Danish and two cousins have been placed under investigation for homicide and disposing of a body.

The parents flew to Pakistan at the beginning of May, and the uncle and the other cousin are believed to be somewhere in Europe.

Unknown Racists #racist

Jesus Hates Serbs painted on church in Pristina

An anti-Serb graffiti was painted on the entrance to a Serbian Orthodox Church in Pristina following a service to mark a patron saint day.

The words Jesus Hates Serbs were painted in red on the church gates soon after Raska-Prizren Bishop Teodosije served in the Church of Christ the Savior for the first time since 1998. The land on which the church stands is under dispute with the authorities in Pristina claiming that the plot belongs to the University of Pristina and that the temple was built on it illegally. The case has been taken to court by the University which lost its law suit.


The police turned out to investigate the event. The service met with condemnation from Kosovo Culture Minister Hajrulah Ceku who said it was in violation of the law on public gatherings and adding that the authorities will not tolerate any promotion of conflict which endangers cohabitation. His reaction was followed by a Pristina University student organization which called for a protest on Friday.

The construction of the church started in 1990 and was interrupted in 1998, coming under attack several times and even being used as a public toilet, its walls scaled by mountain climbers and for the recording of a music video.

Rick Wiles #wingnut #conspiracy

concerning his recent COVID-19 hospitalization

There is a medical mafia in this country. I’m suggesting the CCP agents in America struck at me because I am calling for Fauci to be arrested and interrogated.

I mean this with all my heart. If the China Communist Party is not stopped, most Americans may be dead in the next five years. Think about what I just said: a systematic, genocidal plan to exterminate the American population over the next five years through a variety of biological weapons and vaccines, to the point that there’s hardly anybody remaining alive in the country. China is deliberately exterminating the American population for the purpose of migrating hundreds of millions of Chinese settlers to North America.

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child #homophobia

[From "Three years of fewer fags to run over with your truck"]

We did it!

Edmonton has officially gone three years without evil sodomites marching in the public square with a mistaken "pride" in their unacceptable lifestyle choice?

When this first happened, I couldn't believe it…even though it spoiled possibly the greatest joke ever.

Last year I jokingly asked if we could go for two. Who knew that the child molesting pillow biters would be (metaphorically, I'm sure they regret) screwed over by their own woke Prime Minister?

"The Children" Speak via Losha #crackpot #wingnut #magick #conspiracy

Welcome to all who read this message…we currently exist in the higher realms and we are the collective of “children” who have crossed over after being tortured, killed, raped, and sacrificed…throughout the last several millennia. Yes, that is how long these heinous acts have been happening to “us.”

We have asked Losha to speak for us now…as she is also one of us, because she had the same horrific acts exacted upon her in several earlier lifetimes…that is why she is “hearing” us now.
Losha recently discovered she has experienced several lifetimes as one of these “children”…primarily during the 1600’s – 1800’s, time period. As such, she also discovered how those past lives of such tragic consequences have so extensively affected this current lifetime in which she currently lives. The biggest area which was affected in this lifetime were her feelings of unworthiness.
Every soul who has lived through these horrific circumstances, throughout time on Earth, becomes a literal “beacon” of Light, for all the other children to “see” and help guide them to safety. To all of you who have helped in this process throughout millennia, we send you our most heartfelt Gratitude and Love. We could not have done it without you.

We still have more areas on Earth to attend to and we are continuing to join all the brave military men and women who are sacrificing their very lives by going down into these “dens of iniquity”…and helping to bring as many beautiful souls back as possible. After being involved in such excruciating circumstances, these military personnel also require healing for themselves because the normal human conscience was not equipped to process such horrendous acts and situations.

incelerated & RREEEEEEEEE #conspiracy #pedo #sexist #wingnut

I see a lot of support for teen pregnancy online. There are even programs and websites for supporting pregnant teens. But if a Muslim girl the same age gets married suddenly it's the worst crime in humanity and they start their media campaigns and international pressure.

Forget 12, it's considered the worst crime if she's 17. Most "child brides" are actually 17 at the time of their wedding. They don't just resort to media campaigns, but they also set up NGOs and send them to non-western countries in the hopes of raising the AoC or at least the minimum age of marriage to 18. They have succeeded doing this in Pakistan for instance. It used to be 16 and now it's 18 and you will get thrown in jail and pay a fine if you are involved in it. If you are the father giving her away, if you are the man trying to marry her, if you are the imam who will make the marriage lawful, etc. Even if she wants to marry on her own accord.

So fucking ragefuel.
Fuck leaders of Muslim countries for being so corrupt and letting our countries be so weak against the violent savage West.
I don't know how you guys cope with this stuff, it stays in my head for days every time I see shit like this.

Yes, it's definitely ragefuel and I am not someone who easily gets mad. In the case of Pakistan, it's because there are millions of Pakistanis with dual citizenship, usually from America, England and Canada and they infect the country with their western liberalism, think of feminism, socialism, LGBT, etc. There are now many Pakistani liberals, you can find them on Twitter and they put pronouns in their bios and they are also overly sexual. No shame whatsoever.

turbocuckcel_7000 & RREEEEEEEEE #conspiracy #pedo #sexist #wingnut


12 y.o. girl from Ukraine became pregnant.

this is what it looks like all over the balkans

its why childhood ends and you become an "awkward loser" so early in the balkans, it's because everyone is already fucking at an early age and you stand out like a sore thumb if you don't

the hilarious thing, is everyone still considers a relationship between a 30 year old man and a 20 year old woman to be "rapey" or "abusive" or some shit, when the woman has already had 7-8 years of uninterrupted sexual activity with other men.


I always wondered why western media targets Pakistani muslims the most. I can't think of one sunni muslim country the western media had stereotyped with evil intent more than Pakistan.

The western world has a bone to pick with Pakistan for a plethora of reasons. The main reason is that we have atomic bombs, something we were not supposed to have. The west is hell-bent on destroying Pakistan from within as they cannot do it from the outside. Militarily, we are probably undefeatable due to the decades of experience we have with taking out terrorists that work the USA, England, Israel, India and even Afghanistan. Pakistan also has enemies not from the outside only but also from the inside. We have corrupt judges, media, journalists that work for the west, corrupt politicians that work for foreign interests. Our judiciary system is modeled after the western system and thus it is a flawed system that has no place in a country that was founded in the name of Islam. Democracy is not for us. It is not wise to let the masses decide, that is utterly idiotic.

Slavicprideaccount71 #crackpot #dunning-kruger #racist #wingnut

RE: Broke up with my girlfriend for constantly ignoring and disrespecting my Slavic heritage

She is a 2nd generation Chinese immigrant

Bruh remote Albanian villagers will be genetically closer to Serbs then your children, and you are worrying about preserving Serbian culture...

If you somehow make your non white children culturally Serbian it will be like the Amerimutt 56% meme. Such children would never be truly Serbian.

You are destroying your children’s chance to have any kind of ethnic or racial identity and giving them a much higher average rate of mental and physical health problems, and that in my opinion is child abuse

With that being said, I am scared that there a few options here in the Zapad unless I just start dating Slavic women.

Why don’t you date Slavic women already?

You chose to live in a multicultural society when you could live in a homogeneous Serb region. And you chose to participate in multiracialism and race mixing which will destroy all if it is not stopped.

I will date Slavic women as of now, but I wouldn't think to cheat on my then girlfriend like some Zapad degen.

Having a non white girlfriend is Zapad degeneracy.

You are a fucking fanatic who literally says the first thing that comes to your mind

Yes, I’m not afraid to say what is in my mind and I don’t care if I get called racist or anti-Semitic. Because you can only call me names but never disprove my points which are correct. Leftists can never win an argument against me so they have to change the conversation to insults every single time.

all he does or look at is race and race.

The most important thing.

Genetics ≠ culture.

Expect it does.

PanonskiVukodlak #racist #wingnut

I can't understand people who say they care about tradition, honouring roots and then marry people from completely different background, with a very different set of beliefs. I mean, you have to be aware that your children will probably end up very confused and desoriented, without the true sence of belonging if there are two languages spoken in the same house, and if their parent prioritize completely different things. That is the origin story of the majority of liberal train-wrecks.

Also, I can't imagine how it would feel not being able to recognize instantly your features in the face of your children, which is the case when race-mixing occurs, and while I don't mind it as a phenomenon, I believe most of us here care about our heritage and don't want to have a half assed approach to it.

You know that traditions can be passed on to the next generation, no matter how mix raced that generation is?

No, I actually dont know many cases of that happening, most people that grew up in the kind of families with mixed origins end up being some sorry 'citizens of the world', not really belonging anywhere. Similar thing can be said for the second or third generation of immigrants that lose touch with the country of their parents and in the end feel without a place in the world.

My parents grew up 1km from each other, my foundations are rock solid.

I am making assumptions based on patterns I noticed in real life, and even in my broader family circle whre I have wannabe Croats from mixed marriages in the west, that dont even know our language. It is not easy in these modern times to stay true to your roots and even less so if the child is getting contradictory signals from the start, in his family home.

Nigel Farage #conspiracy #wingnut

In 2016 we had the Brexit resolved and I think that fed in very directly to Americans going out and voting for Donald Trump, believing that the establishment could be beaten. We, three years after that vote, found ourselves without Brexit, the date we were to leave by British law was frankly ignored, and we launched a grassroots revolt which I was very proud to lead and now we have brexit. We’re out, we’re free.

The deal might not be perfect but it's better than before, and here is the thing, 70% approval rating for Brexit, and the rest of Europe is looking at that too.

Our Labour party became a globalist party, unconcerned by open borders and mass immigration, and the party of cancel culture, which means you eradicate your nation’s history, and teach your children in schools they should be ashamed of who they are. Working class British in their millions feel alienated by it, they desserted it and now it is dead on the floor. It won’t come back for decades. I know that lots of American conservatives have virtually been in mourning for the last six months about the situation here, and I’ve come to say, we’ve now achieved some amazing things, and you in the mid-terms can do the same because the democrats are making exactly the same mistakes, moving to the left and alienating many of their own people.

The overall European project itself, now they see that Britain’s doing well with Brexit, I don’t believe that this globalist project will even exist in 10 years time. I don’t believe that the dems will stay in power in America, and I think what you’ll see is the election of the Biden administration actually is a short-term blip. The populist movement has got a lot further to run. We’re beating globalism.

Paul Bury #fundie #wingnut #conspiracy

I completely understand the masses leaving professional sports in terms of viewership based upon the extreme radical political left propaganda and lies being spewed over and over again. I stopped watching some channels because of this myself. Many of us expect none of that garbage to be constantly spewed over and over again.

I found myself extremely fascinated by Tim Tebow coming back to football. I wish him all of the success in the world on the Jacksonville Jaguars. He can’t make them any worse than they were last year. I noticed something from the super majority of radical far leftist sports media talking heads. These people were being very negative and judgmental about Tim Tebow. Their attacks ranged from claiming he only got this shot because of his race, to he did not deserve a shot in the NFL. Did I miss something? Does the judgemental sports media get to decide who does and does not get hired? When did this happen? When did they become the rulers over sports? I never consented to give them that power and authority. Did you?

There have been plenty of complaints about discrimination against Christians in sports, media, and entertainment. We have experienced that discrimination ourselves here at Family Friendly Gaming. In my professional opinion the hatefulness from the radical far leftists in sports media against Tim Tebow is because they hate Christians.

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