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I can no longer remain in today’s Democratic Party that is now under the complete control of an elitist cabal of warmongers driven by cowardly wokeness, who divide us by racializing every issue & stoke anti-white racism, actively work to undermine our God-given freedoms, are hostile to people of faith & spirituality, demonize the police & protect criminals at the expense of law-abiding Americans, believe in open borders, weaponize the national security state to go after political opponents, and above all, dragging us ever closer to nuclear war.

I believe in a government that is of, by, and for the people. Unfortunately, today’s Democratic Party does not. Instead, it stands for a government of, by, and for the powerful elite. I’m calling on my fellow common sense independent-minded Democrats to join me in leaving the Democratic Party. If you can no longer stomach the direction that so-called woke Democratic Party ideologues are taking our country, I invite you to join me.

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Feminists vs Christians


Raise daughters to be feminists
Prepare for college and careers
Be independent
Be loud/outspoken
Dress how you want
Preaches in church
Submits to no one (except to boss)
Single and has abortions
Uses birth control
Twists and manipulates God’s word

Raise daughters to do God’s will
Prepare to be wives/mothers/homemakers
Be dependent on God and His will
Meek/quiet spirits
Dress modestly
Silent in church
Submits to husband
Marry, bear children, guide the home
Fruitful and multiplies
Pursues sexual purity
Loves God’s word as written

godlywomanhood #fundie #psycho twitter.com

This notion of building children up with self-esteem who become adults with self-esteem of their own doing keeps many far from the Gospel. Children need to be taught that their worth comes from Christ alone. Everything else is meaningless. They are sinners in need of a Savior.

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The general transphobe response is to hand wave this away by suggesting its all just people moaning about offensive tweets.

I looked at the official figures once and the vast majority was physical assault, stalking and harassment with 6% being online hate crimes iirc.

Hi @jk_rowling! Thoughts? 🙂

Bro who TF touching that fake vagina, if someone is so desperate to rape a trans then yeah we fucking need to open the asylums again

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(white savior gets egg on their face)

SolitaryWendigo: The mob only won because a youtuber told people to vote for it.

tyeluxe: your username is extremely offensive to Algonquian people as that word is to refer to an evil spirit of insatiable greed. change it or stay the fuck out of my notifs. that spirit is highly appropriated in pop culture. native peoples' beliefs are not for you to "nerd out" on. gtfo

SolitaryWendigo: I’m native, maybe you shouldn’t assume and mind your fucking business.
Also you’re fucking white lmao, I don’t think you get to tell ME what to do.

*This Tweet is from an account that no longer exists. Learn more*

SolitaryWendigo: Yes, there are heavy differences, often times the folklore between the 2 gets mixed up, which causes people to think that the name wendigo is offensive or not to be said, this is not true, and is in fact the shape shifting witch’s name that you shouldn’t say.

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(No True Scotsman, the Indigenous edition)

NaysPinClub: What cryptid do you want made into a plushie the MOST?

Pat_the_Flareon: Windego

cautiousculpeo: The w*ndigo is an indigenous monster it’s not a cryptid… please don’t use the name if you don’t know the intentions behind it.

Pat the Flareon: No you do your research it is an indigenous cryptid from their folklore look it up, and I will tell you this rethink in how you phrase things because if you read it you wrote it like you were attacking someone and not advising them to knowledge they didn't know.

cautiousculpeo: Did you just tell me to research my own culture what. Yeah no. I offered warning. Don’t use that name if you don’t know what that name means. All you do is put your own life on the line even THINKING the name. Whatever if you don’t want to listen not my funeral.

Pat_the_Flareon: I'm native American too I know the folklore and the legends because I've done research since I had no one to teach me and like I said rethink phrasing because the way you are phrasing things is coming out hostile

cautiousculpeo: If you are indigenous you should know why you don’t mention or think his name. Whatever man. You are the hostile one and you are fighting with fire in a dangerous way. Not my funeral

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This is Dr. Deanna Adkins. She is a pediatric endocrinologist and the director of Duke’s pediatric gender clinic. She claims that “from a medical perspective, the only appropriate determinant of sex is gender identity.” She readily admits To treating kids as young as 2 yo.

She peddles other falsehoods, such as her claim that “gender identity” is hormonally influenced and influenced by “exposures during pregnancy.” This is not established and more aptly described as a hypothesis (and a likely erroneous one), not fact. She is a clown who harms kids.

maybe after you tackle Vanderbilt, you can turn your attention to the deviant, child mutilating doctors at Duke. Let’s ferret out all these barbaric so-called doctors who claim children can make decisions permanently altering their bodies.

@terfforever #transphobia twitter.com

I suspect one day we’ll realize that gender dysphoria is a symptom of complex, deeper, unrelated issues. Those who rushed to put kids on a path of lifelong medicalization just to slap a bandaid on merely the symptoms should rightly be remembered as the monsters they are.

Matt Walsh & Various commenters #transphobia twitter.com

(Matt Walsh)
We’ve caught the Left off guard with our assault on gender ideology. They don’t understand what’s happening or why and they aren’t at all prepared to have this conversation. They’re scrambling. They’re defensive. They’re desperate. That’s why we’ll win.

The first resistance to gender ideology came from the feminist left. Many gay men and lesbians oppose it. Making this right vs left plays into the hands of the far left. This is about sanity and protecting children.

(Matt Walsh)
The Left by and large not only advocates for gender ideology but has made it a centerpiece of their cultural agenda. The feminist resisters are a tiny exception. I also don’t agree that they were first, though that argument becomes petty and pointless very quickly.

The biggest problem for the feminists is that for the most part they refuse to work with anyone on the right. They’ve isolated themselves and thus largely removed themselves from the fight.

Feminists' claim that women's voices were ignored by society at large was made starkly clear by the lack of attention that was given to feminists' concerns about gender ideology. Women on the left joined w women on the right, then both were ignored until the men spoke up.

I’ve been on the left for decades & I oppose gender identity ideology as strongly as you do. I’m happy to accept the blindness & responsibility of the left in relation to this but I’m in the UK & the embedding of this has happened under the watch of right of centre governments.

Christopher F. Rufo #transphobia #kinkshaming twitter.com

Radical gender activists are pushing "sadomasochism" in public schools and secretly transitioning other people's children without parental consent. And when they get caught, they say: "It's about inclusion."

That dodge isn't going to work anymore. Parents are waking up.

And if you dare take notice of what they're doing then you're a terrorist

Radical gender activists: "We're pushing sadomasochism in schools and irreversible surgeries for kids."

Libs: "Stunning and brave!"

Conservatives: "They're pushing sadomasochism in schools and irreversible surgeries for kids."

Libs: "Stochastic terrorism!"

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Jesse Lee Peterson: I always say I’m white on the inside, and black on the outside. God changed my heart from anger to love.

I no longer have that dark mentality of most, begging, blaming, and complaining about “racism.”

In the good old days in the country we were not taught to hate white people.
How’s [slavery] bad?

The Doob Slayer: You're asking how forcing somebody to live in bondage and do grueling work for literally nothing, is bad?

Is this a bit?

Jesse Lee Peterson: No, I’m asking: How’s slavery bad?

The Doob Slayer: The fuck do you want me to say?

Slavery is bad because it's bad to force people to work for nothing while forcing them to stay in that situation.

Why is this the hill you're dying on?

Jesse Lee Peterson: The slaves were paid. They were fed and housed. They were given Christianity. Many bought their freedom and became harsh masters themselves. Their descendants live in the greatest nation on this side of heaven. There’s a right orderly way to do things.

Matt Walsh #transphobia twitter.com

MAJOR UPDATE: I have met with Tennessee Rep William Lamberth and Sen Jack Johnson. We are working on a bill to shut down Vanderbilt’s child gender transition program and ban the practice in the state. Tennesseans do not want this barbarism in our state. We will put a stop to it.

Hank W #wingnut twitter.com

Stock Market continues to crash along with 401Ks. Literally millions of illegals crossing our border. Billions in unConstitutional student dead-beat payments. Skyrocketing crime. Weaponized FBI. Yet Dems say everything is fine. We need to stop the madness. NOW.

@pothead1776 , @Davidmarroyo77 & @WokeBurrito #transphobia twitter.com

Have you ever seen a graph about the prevalence of left-handedness over time?

The graph shows significant increases in left handedness over the past 100 years. Because people are no longer punished for being left handed. The apparent increase in numbers of trans young people is because there is more support for trans people to be themselves.

What’s crazy is this goes against your argument you stupid fucks. Just like people indoctrinated children into right handedness, you are indoctrinating them into a perverted ideology. Hence the rise in identify almost solely among the younger crowd. there are no elders who did it

No 60 years olds walking around who had double mastectomies at age 16. This has never been done period and to say otherwise is just incorrect and egregious.

I think the point is that if gender aff were necessary to avoid suicides, we should have seen way more suicides in past. If there always were more trans ppl in past, and they didn’t commit suicide, then what’s the basis for saying gender aff is “necessary” to avoid suicide 2day?

If we started affirming and celebrating anorexia (flags, marches, 24/7 social media hype) instead of actually treating it, we would see an uptick in cases as we see now in gender dysphoria. This left-handedness argument is nothing but red herring.

Matt Walsh #transphobia #wingnut twitter.com

Trans identity has risen among children exponentially in just the last five to ten years. We're talking about a ten or twentyfold increase, or more. This is the result of deliberate indoctrination. There can be no other explanation. I'll explain why.

The Left says the increase in trans identity is illusory. They say that there were always this many trans people but they simply weren't comfortable coming out in the past. This claim is absurd on its face and doesn't pass the common sense test, but it's also self-contradictory

Why? Because the Left ALSO says that if we do not "affirm" all of these children as trans, they will kill themselves. The worst form of emotional blackmail.

And yet, by their telling, there were MILLIONS of unaffirmed trans kids for decades and centuries before this. And yet there was never any epidemic of millions of kids killing themselves due to lack of affirmation.

No, the tragic epidemic of child suicide has happened ALONGSIDE the rapid increase in "affirmation." Which clearly shows that by "affirming" we are driving the suicide epidemic. Not the other way around. The trans agenda drags kids into despair and confusion and leaves them there

furcublove2 #psycho twitter.com

#agedifference is not a valid excuse for preventing people from having a healthy, stable relationship with each other! Minor-adult relations shouldn't be blocked just because of "childhood innocence" which is really immaturity idealized. Learning comes from experiences!

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What is
It is the moment you see the emperor is naked. It can’t be unseen.

It is the moment when you stop being “both sides” and realise there is no both sides to sterilising children with puberty blockers and hormones.
No both sides to safe guarding women’s spaces

So when did you peak?

I peaked late in January 2022 after realising what kind of utter bullying from a group of grown men with large Twitter-accounts (trans allies) two of my Twitter sisters

They had been active long before I realised 2/

Before that, I had been kind. I had pressed “Like” on every tweet that had said “Trans women are women” (my excuse: I had no idea they meant it literally). I had written supportive comments to those who wrote that the TERFS just wanted the trans women to not exist. 3/

Before that, I believed the false narrative that the the gender critical people wanted trans people dead.

I had believed the false narrative that young people would kill themselves unless they got puberty blockers and hormones. Before that, I thought sex change was possible 4/

Before that I hadn’t understood the fuzz of not welcoming trans women into women’s changing rooms.

Before that, I thought all trans women were gorgeous influencers who had been dysphoric since they were toddlers and BELONGED in the women’s spaces. 5/

Before that, I didn’t have a clue that 90% of trans women have made no change to their body whatsoever, to look like a woman.
Thus their naked body is a male’s body.

Before that I had never heard of the self-ID-law, that was enforced in Norway in 2016, by the conservative government of
and her ministry of health,
(two of my former favourite politicians).

Before that, I didn’t know that all it takes for a man to “become a woman” in Norway, is to send an electronic form to the authorities.

“Self-ID”, thus no consultation needed beforehand.

One electronic form to become a woman and get access to vulnerable women’s safe spaces. 8/

Before that, I thought schools taught there are two sexes.
I knew that one sexologist (a trans), who hadn’t done any research but yet was referred to as a professor, claimed there were 7 sexes and that there is a difference between the sex you are and the sex you feel you are 9/

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A woman from Scotland has flown to Miami to have her 16-year-old gender-confused child's healthy breasts removed. She, allegedly, was initially booked in a few days before the child's birthday but rearranged the date as she feared being arrested


It’s illegal to remove a child from the uk for fgm. How is this different? 😢

I just can’t contemplate how anyone can do this. My 14 yo asked for puberty blockers and I said I know puberty is shit but it stops. What you are asking is equivalent to chopping off your leg because you hate it NOW. She totally grew out of it after a few hoodie years.

How can the future grown-up daughter ever forgive her mother for this? In her almost guaranteed future agonisingly painful regret & grief how is she supposed to process this? All parents make mistakes but enthusiastic amputation of their children’s body parts is beyond fathomable

What kind of parent basically says to their child "Well you refuse to conform to societies regressive and sexist expectations of how a girl should be; therefore you are broken and need to be fixed."
I just can't 🙄

We need to start figuring out how to reach out to these parents in 5-10 yrs when their kids desist/detrans and the realisation hits them that they made it happen.
I can't imagine the knowledge that you actively hurt your child and there's no going back.

Pedro L. Gonzales #racist twitter.com

(Submitter’s note: this is in response to Lizzo, currently the world’s most famous American flutist, being invited by the Library of Congress to play some historic flutes)

The thing that is obvious but people don’t want to say is that this is about humiliating white people, about desecrating American history and heritage. That’s what you do when you’re a conqueror. Humiliate the conquered.

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Putin begins his speech. He starts talking about the "votes" to join Russia in Russia-controlled parts of Ukraine. "The people have made their choice [...] this is the will of millions." Putin says southeastern Ukraine is actually part of Russia because the Russian state's predecessors ruled it, it was part of the Russian empire, and because the USSR fought to free it from the Nazis in World War II. Putin says people in southeastern Ukraine now are going to live in "their true historical fatherland." "I want the Kyiv government and their real bosses in the west to hear me ... Residents of Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia, and Kherson are becoming our citizens forever." Putin calls on Ukraine to stop fighting and negotiate an end to the war with Russia. But these territories are off limits. "We will defend our lands with all the means at our disposal and do everything to protect our people. This is our great liberating mission." "The west is looking for new ways to strike against our country, to weaken and destroy Russia [...] they just can't put up with there being such a big country with its territory, rich natural resources, and people who won't live on anyone else's rules." Putin says the west wants to make Russia a "colony," "rob" it, and turn its people into a "crowd of voiceless slaves." "They don't need Russia, but we do." He says the western elite is "colonial" are "racist" because they are "spreading Russophobia all over the world." "The west has said for centuries it is bringing freedom and democracy to the world. Everything is exactly the opposite," Putin says. The only people who are ready to live according to US rules are "political masochists and other followers of non-traditional political relations," a homophobic joke. Putin rants about sex change operations. "This is unacceptable. We have our own future. "Outright Satanism" in the west (though Putin disappointingly did not expand on this). Putin says Russia wants to lead an "anti-colonial movement" to liberate the world. "We need to turn this disgraceful page. Western hegemony will be smashed. This is inevitable. We must do this for our people, the great historical Russia." "If I'm Russian, it means I love in Russian" "Truth is on our side. Russia is with us!"

@SophieXY44 #transphobia twitter.com

Woman: adult human female
Lesbian: woman who loves women
Trans women: Men

I hope this glossary clears up what a disingenuous, manipulative little shit you are.

We can and will police homophobia and misogyny, thanks for playing.

Claiming lesbians aren’t lesbians for dating trans women is homophobic, we don’t get to police other peoples sexuality

various commenters #transphobia twitter.com

( @sueveneer )
Transactivism can be summed up in six words

Let men have what they want

Four words….Patriarchy intends to ‘win’.

Or 5.. You must respect my penis

Creepy, rapey men. Decent men don't want any of this.

The victimology from the transwomen is insane & just sexist. Men in skirts using age old manipulation to either force us to be w/ them or stripping us down, labeling us, to make since of their world. Its Neo-sexism at its finest.

@AbsMcFabs #transphobia twitter.com

An abbreviated version

I’m so glad that the bathroom signs for #xoxofest are a hit ☺️

Women! Ignore your instincts! Let men intrude on your boundaries!

And when the bad things inevitably happen, we'll use the fact that you ignored the big red flag warning against you - "Why did you smile at him instead of running away if you were 'uncomfortable', as you claim?"

I was in more danger of being raped by my ex than some trans girl minding her own business in the stall next to me.

Because your ex had more opportunity.

Yet you want to give predatory males more opportunity by opening up female-only spaces to any male who says he qualifies for entry.

@hatpinwoman #transphobia twitter.com

Everything women were demonised for predicting has happened

Men are infiltrating women’s spaces&sports

Young children are socially transitioned

GNC children are unnecessarily medicalised

Women are harmed as a result of Self ID

“Terf” was just a word for women with foresight

@Sephardi_Bee #transphobia twitter.com

Would you engage in sexual relations with a trans person? If no, please explain why not in the comments. Please RT for coverage.

I would never be with someone that believed mocking another's sex with dress up parody was ok anymore than I think blackface as a hobby or personality traits is acceptable.

Like I don't care how much you "believe" you are that. It's not acceptable to play dress up and parody them. I don't care what your reasons are. It's dehumanizing behavior and I won't allow it in my life or even be associated with anyone that believed it was ok.

Matt Walsh & Marjorie Taylor Greene #transphobia twitter.com

(Matt Walsh)
Tennessee will become the first state in the country to make surgical and medical “gender transitions” for children illegal. We will pave the way. This is just the beginning.

The Left is wailing and screaming and threatening to have me arrested and even killed, but they are powerless to stop us. Their threats mean nothing to me and their insults and accusations mean even less. We’re going to see this through. No matter what.

(Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene)
Georgia next!
The 118th Congress must pass the Protect Children’s Innocence Act to make it a felony to perform “gender affirming care” on minors.
If we don’t some states are going to do the opposite of TN and protect genital mutilation of kids before they are old enough to vote.

(Matt Walsh)
Amen. Every Republican in Congress should be speaking out on this issue loudly and consistently. It is not only critically important and morally right, but a winning issue on top of it. Americans do not support castrating children.

@transwidows #transphobia #kinkshaming twitter.com

“Old fashioned cross dressing” was not OK, and not something we should go back to. When it was “behind closed doors”, wives were still being coerced. Nobody these days would say that hitting your wife is OK as long as you do it quietly and nobody else knows.

Every time you make an exception or a prevarication to show you’re “not transphobic” it’s trans widows and children of transitioners who pay the price.

You might as well say “they should have to put up with it so we don’t have to”.

Also I suspect, the myth of the benign part time domestic cross dresser, was put about by the Beaumont Society to gaslight and trap wives.

For the hard of thinking who are currently attracted to the top tweet here, it’s comparing fetishistic male cross dressing where the wife is forced to participate, as being coercive control on a par with physical abuse. Coercive control is a crime and this is a valid comparison

@Slatzism #transphobia twitter.com

once again: gender theory came from queer theory and queer theory came from a bunch of male French intellectuals trying to turn their pedophilia into an academic discipline.

blaming mUh FeMiniStS for this shit is insidious midwittery

all the roads of gender ideology lead back to male sexual degeneracy. all of them. every single one.

all the roads forward through gender ideology inevitably take us to the normalization of male sexual degeneracy. all of them. every single one.

feminists (esp. lesbian feminists) in the 60s and 70s were the only ones sounding the alarm about this shit!

what was the result? the total demonization of feminism until which point it had been sufficiently psyopped by liberal parasitism so as to be completely unrecognizable.

@cejacksonlaw #enbyphobia #transphobia twitter.com

“Non-binary” is not real, valid, or meaningful. It indicates nothing about a person, except buy-in to a shallow faux-spirituality of ego worship w/ daily faith rituals of navel-gazing & breathtaking co-opting of gay rights (no you are not “coming out” as NB — that’s not a thing).

NB is “trans lite,” allowing people to join the gender craze (complete w/ social cred, special attention, legal privileges & oppression points) who otherwise wouldn’t b/c they know themselves well enough to know they don’t have the commitment to fake sex change.

NB is the shallowest faction of genderism — there are no expectations of behavior or appearance that flow from “declaring an NB identity,” yet laws that privilege “gender id” apply to NB as if it is the deepest: eg, it is NB that’s getting legal status as a 3rd sex (M/F/NB).

Non-binary is also the most naked appeal to a transhumanist spirituality of the “gender identity” labels, for the believers who medicalize “being NB” - “NB affirmation” (“nullo” surgeries etc) is a limitless, customized menu of ways to try & transcend (or just deny) being human.

J.K. Rowling #transphobia twitter.com

Endless death and rape threats, threats of loss of livelihood, employers targeted, physical harassment, family address posted online with picture of bomb-making manual aren't 'mean comments'. If you don't yet understand what happens to women who stand up on this issue, back off.

Respectfully -- and I sincerely mean respectfully -- you need to fall back and support men like Matt Walsh. You're not built for this conflict. The failure and cowardice of men got us into this mess. Matt is standing up. You need to support him. Men have to fix this.

Respectfully, I've been facing down the Punch-and-Kill-TERFs brigade for a while now and not once have I thought, 'what I really want is to hand this over to a man who thinks feminism is one of the worst things to happen to western civilisation.' 1/4

Like many women on the left, I despair that so many self-proclaimed liberals turn a blind eye to the naked misogyny of the gender identity movement and the threat it poses to the rights of women and girls. Walsh's film undeniably exposed what many leftists are too scared to, 2/4

but a shared belief that women exist as a biological class (and water's wet and the moon's not made of cheese) does not an ally make. I believe women are susceptible to certain harms and have specific needs and that feminism is necessary to secure and protect our rights. 3/4

Walsh believes feminism is 'rotten' and his default appears to be denigrating women with whom he disagrees. He's no more on my side than the 'shut up or we'll bomb you' charmers who cloak their misogyny in a pretty pink and blue flag. 4/4

TenGazillionIQ, replying to BehdinEran #elitist #fundie #wingnut nitter.net

Is having porn st*rs saved on your phone the 6th pillar of Islam?

Reza Ebrahimi, explains how Persian nationalism is just seething over the fact that they were conquered by Arabs

Many Persian nationalists believe they had spaceships before the Arabs conquered them


No one cares about the Arab conquests at all.

You see a Persian by the name of Abu Tahir Jannabi invaded Mecca, taunted Allah in his holy land, beat pilgrims and taunted them with Quran verses, dumped their bodies in the Zam Zam well, then stole the Kaba and used it as a 🚽.

That's all they care about

You have these power fantasies about how you're gonna "get back" at the Muslims

But Islam has won, cause Muslims have higher birth rates & atheism does not. Look at Turkey, in 100 years kemalism has been undone, same for Iran

It gets even better not only did Abu Tahir completely humiliate Muslim pilgrims. He even found a “Mahdi” in Iran called Al-Esfahani. Turns out he was a Zoroastrian nationalist that burnt Qurans and revitalized praying by holy fires.

Where is Zoroastrianism now? I mean he revitalized it right?

This is the coping and seething that Reza Zia-Ebrahimi talks about, it's a form of escapism

The simple fact is that Islam is evolutionarily the best at surviving, Eric Kaufmann explains here:


This tweet is unavailable

>coping this hard

You have these internet power fantasies, yet where is the evidence of that happening in the real world?

I can say Islam will be one of the most dominant forces in the future, and cite evidence for the world moving in that direction




@cejacksonlaw #transphobia twitter.com

ED claims that all of the single-sex spaces & activities historically allowed under Title IX were only valid b/c no one was “harmed” by them — but now that “transgender” students feel harmed, sex categories must go. Biden’s Title IX proposal helpfully explains why upholding

sex-based categories can’t continue: “When a person is denied access to education…activities consistent w/ their gender identity, it causes them more than de minimis harm on the basis of sex. Therefore…such treatment generally violates Title IX”. ED is insisting that only the

harms suffered by “transgender” students from sex categories count (“a range of serious dignitary, academic, social, psychological & physical harms”); harms suffered by “cisgender” students from losing single-sex spaces are just “unsubstantiated concerns about privacy & safety”.

In other words, nothing is more important than validating everyone’s “gender identity.” Any downsides or negative consequences to eliminating female-only spaces & activities are just bigoted, cruel overreactions to the harm prevention that really counts: affirming identities.

Of course, ED dodges an obvious question: how, exactly, is a school supposed to “treat everyone according to their gender identity” when gender identity is not defined to, for instance, be limited to cross-sex identification? How shall we avoid “harm” to enbies or gender fluid?

Maybe we’ll see a flood of Title IX complaints & even lawsuits charging schools w/ “gender identity discrimination” for not keeping up w/ neopronouns, & for “only” offering “girl/boy” options for locker rooms etc. That’s not very validating for non-binary or genderqueer students.

It’s also pretty dismissive of reality for ED to frame single-sex spaces/activities always allowed (until now) under Title IX as existing just b/c “no one was harmed,” as though there are no actual *benefits* (esp & mainly for girls & women) to having male-free spaces/activities.

It’s also insulting for ED to frame objections to losing single-sex spaces as concerns of “cisgender” students; how do ED officials know if all students who see value in keeping female-only spaces “identify as cisgender”? ED is forcing everyone into a made-up “trans/cis” binary.

FoxToons99 and Colonel-Knight-Rider #racist #dunning-kruger #pratt twitter.com

[In reply to a tweet about white people not having a history of being treated poorly and an entire thread about systematic racism]

There were White slaves. Irish people were slaves and were even seen as replaceable and of less value than Black people. For a long time, Italians weren’t even considered White!

Circus clowns are believed to have their origins in xenophobic caricatures of Irish people given their albino white makeup, often red wigs, and red noses that suggest a drunken state.

@saeterjenta #transphobia twitter.com

💜a TERF can belong to any or no political party
🤍a TERF can be atheist or religious
💚a TERF might or might not be a radical feminist
💜 a TERF fights for the safety and
protection of children and women
🤍a TERF opposes the prefix cis
💚a TERF tells the truth


Oilfield Rando & Joey S #dunning-kruger #racist #wingnut nitter.net

(Oilfield Rando)

Normal water pressure has been restored to most of Jackson, Mississippi, officials say

Uh…..so are we gonna talk about how this appears to have been a billion dollar shakedown?


(Joey S)
I'm far too busy celebrating the end of environmental racism to discuss how the environmental racism probably never existed.

Glenn Greenwald #conspiracy #dunning-kruger #pratt #wingnut nitter.net

The regime of censorship being imposed on the internet – by a consortium of DC Dems, billionaire-funded "disinformation experts," the US Security State, and liberal employees of media corporations – is dangerously intensifying in ways I believe are not adequately understood.

A series of "crises" have been cynically and aggressively exploited to inexorably restrict the range of permitted views, and expand pretexts for online silencing and deplatforming. Trump's election, Russiagate, 1/6, COVID and war in Ukraine all fostered new methods of repression.

During the failed attempt in January to force Spotify to remove Joe Rogan, the country's most popular podcaster – remember that? – I wrote that the current religion of Western liberals in politics and media is censorship: their prime weapon of activism.

But that Rogan failure only strengthened their repressive campaigns. Dems routinely abuse their majoritarian power in DC to explicitly coerce Big Tech silencing of their opponents and dissent. This is *Govt censorship* disguised as corporate autonomy.

There's now an entire new industry, aligned with Dems, to pressure Big Tech to censor. Think tanks and self-proclaimed "disinformation experts" funded by Omidyar, Soros and the US/UK Security State use benign-sounding names to glorify ideological censorship as neutral expertise.

The worst, most vile arm of this regime are the censorship-mad liberal employees of big media corporations. Masquerading as "journalists," they align with the scummiest Dem groups to silence and deplatform.

It is astonishing to watch Dems and their allies in media corporations posture as opponents of "fascism".

It is hard to overstate how much pressure is now brought to bear by liberal censors on these free speech platforms, especially Rumble. Their vendors are threatened. Their hosting companies targeted. They have accounts cancelled and firms refusing to deal with them. It's a regime.

It's not melodrama or hyperbole to say: what we have is a war in the West, a war over whether the internet will be free, over whether dissent will be allowed, over whether we will live in the closed propaganda system our elites claim The Bad Countries™ impose. It's no different.

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As a research methodologist the lack of defining terms spins my head..we are asking people for their views on an undefined, fluid and subjective group that can’t even define itself!

Trans is an illusory demographic created by the forced teaming the children of homophobic parents, & those who have fallen victim to the social contagion of gender identity beliefs,
adult male AGP fetishists who want to put on a male dominance displays everywhere they go.

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Male inclusion in the women’s category excludes women and girls from playing sport.

I am in awe of brave female athletes like
, who are fighting for the next generation. I stand with you sisters!


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