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Chemtrail - Is a colloquialism

Chemtrail is a colloquialism in common everyday use to refer to the aerosol sprays emitted from high altitude tanker jetliners. The technical term for aerosol spraying from planes is Geo Engineering or climate modification. These tanker planes have customized spray ports along the wings. Commercial planes also have spray ports as in this video made by a passenger on a commercial flight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DybLUGo8xp0 This video shows a chemtrail being left by the plane while the jet engines are NOT leaving a CONTRAIL. A contrail is a vapor trail left for a short while - ten minutes - when the air temperature allows. Chemtrail aerosols not only remain in the air but expand into a suspended vapor covering 1/3 of the sky from one chemtrail.

Tanker planes have been filmed turning off and on the aerosol sprays https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSx44akT8As

A new effect of the nano particulates sprayed from tanker planes and jet lines is massive forest fires like the McMurray fire in Alberta Canada which in 11 days has burned 1370 square miles (CNN). The Rocky Fire in California in 2015 burned 10 square miles in 24 hours. Aluminum is used in rocket fuel because of its expansion rate. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rocket_propellant Burning aluminum particles creates wind (air displacement) resulting in such super fires as above.

Documentation for tanker planes and commercial airliners spraying aerosols with metal particles can be found by using any of the following terms; Aerosol spraying, Geo Engineering, Climate modification, Chemtrails.

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[A comment added after Pat Robertson's claim that "that the acceptance of homosexuality could result in hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, terrorist bombings and possibly a meteor"]

Yet, in an apparent support of Robertson's claim, Ray Boltz, a well known Christian songwriter and musician, announced to his family he was gay on December 26, 2004, the same day the world's deadliest tsunami struck in the Indian Ocean.

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Perhaops Khazars and Askanazi jew2s not so far fetched?

Perhaps the Khazar theory of western Jews (as oppossed to sephedic jews of the mid east) Not so far fectched? Know that the genetic diase G6Pd prevelant amng middle easter "tribees' Greeks, Sehapdic jews etc? Yet, this genetic ailment rARE in Ashkanazi jews? (Severe hemolytic anemia especally in contact with the plant Vicia faba Fava beans) Anti semetism aside. If some or most Ashkanazi jews were from the Khazer tribe(s) wouldnt that make thenm NOT TO bLAME FOR THE "KILLING' OF JESUS? Since they didnt convert to Judism till thousand years or so after Christ was Crucuified

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[On Jade Helm 15 article]

With the article pretty much looking like it was written by the Kremlin, someone should add some content about how many of the conspiracy theories and theorists push Russian Political Warfare talking points and contribute to Russian Rumor Campaigns. Considering that Alex Jones is a Russian asset and probably a communist, his words on this either don't belong here or should be followed by the equally-valid theory that this conspiracy theory, like most others, is just another piece of Kremlin propaganda. These conspiracy theories reek of Active Measures and vodka and its hard not to notice

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ok guvt. paid agents, if you look on Youtube, you will find a LOT of evidence concerning the Illuminati:

Inside footage of Bohemian Grove


Celebrities like Lady gaga and Kesha, and MANY MORE admitting they're APART of it/sold their soul to the devil

Michael Jackson's Sister admitted MJ was killed

That MArk Dice, The Vigilant Christian, Michelle Hopkins, metabunk, Rationalwiki, Henry Makow, Above Top Secret, Godlike Productions, You, and David Icke are shills

That building six is proof 9/11 is an inside job

Documentaries that go VERY in depth about the Illuminati In fact, here's a few:





(The last link I couldnt get through right because my psychologist made me install a filter and I had to copy it through google)

Those documentaries are based on historical FACTS. Documented PAPERS.

Backmasked songs

Illuminati Symbolism in video games, movies, anime, Pokemon, etc.

Most churches today are created by Illuminati

Illumicorp (training video)

Guide to all the symbols

Not only all of that, but THOUSANDS of masonic authors have admitted through their works that Freemasonry is satanic.

Not only that, but Lucis Trust is acknowledged by the UN and they're the ones that PUBLISH those books.

I think i've made my point. All those points are IRREFUTABLE!

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[Talk page of Wikipedia article on New World Order]

These guys can provides lots of solid proofs and facts :-

- Jesse Ventura with his program (conspiracy theory). - Alex Jones. - David Icke. -...ETC

Those names must be mentioned in the article. We must provides facts for the world to see. #fundie en.wikipedia.org

First of all, I must apologize for not being able to find a more suitable place to write this. Second, I must say I disagree with the theory entirely. BUT, even if I did agree with it, it would still be impossible for there to not exist SOME FORM of an intelligent creator. If these proteins all evolved, then what did they evolve from? And from where came the thing they evolved from? and then, in turn, where did THAT come from? an atom can only be cut in two so many times, likewise, one can only trace evolution back so far until he MUST come to the inevitable conclusion that there is, or at least was, an intelligent designer. To deny this would be illogical not only religiously but scientifically as well. This is the inescapable flaw of atheism. The flaw of evolutionism is that in order for an organism to evolve, it must be in a situation/enviroment where it cannot survive with it's current attributes, in which case it will DIE, not evolve. If it can survive (thus reproduce), then it still will not evolve, because it's genes will be able to be passed on. Even if the organism must struggle significantly to survive (example: an elephant in a new england forest), if it can reproduce it will not evolve, if it can't reproduce (because it died) it will not evolve. This cannot be explained away with the "random mutation" theory because random mutations are NEVER beneficial, EVER. Or at least not commonly enough to account for the staggering variety of surviving species on the earth (or outside of X-Men). Adaptations can occur, but these are distinct from evolution, example: a species' fur can adapt to become longer, shorter, darker, lighter, depending on the threats within it's enviroment, but the fur will NEVER become feathers, for the simple reason that in order to have the feathers, it would have to be in a situation where it could not survive (reproduce) without the feathers. For this to work, both a male and female of said species would have to SIMULTANEOUSLY AND RANDOMLY MUTATE A FULLY FUNCTIONAL PAIR OF WINGS!!! This example can be applied to anything, and disproves any evolution beyond minor adaptations. #fundie en.wikipedia.org

As long as our "advanced" society is able to provide you with the illusion that you are getting a sense of fulfillment out of life, you will be blinded from the truth. There are other beings on this planet who are similarly complacent and unreasoning. I usually eat them. They are called animals. They don't need a sense of fulfillment because they were created with only the desire to survive, unlike us. A wise friend of mine warned me of the futility of debating with people about evolution online. I should have listened to him. Do not bother responding, I am never going on to this talk page again. Sorry for wasting your time, I genuinely wish you well. goodbye. #fundie en.wikipedia.org

You are right, evolutionism does not deny a creator, but evolutionists do. An overwhelming majority of evolutionists are also atheists, and the two beliefs are as inextricably linked as PETA and vegetarianism, (theistic evolution is a pathetic joke from a Christian perspective and is perpetuated by people who don't understand true faith.) Also, my reason for mentioning my opinion of atheism was because a previous poster had already brought up the issue of evolutionism and atheism ("Evolution is one of the biggest lies ever made. It's main goal, is that people stop believing in God...") When you say "unsubstantiated assertions" you assume I must use science to provide proof for my assertion, but I was merely explaining the reasoning behind my opinion (yes, opinion. I don't claim to have ALL the facts.) I generally don't care if anyone is actually swayed by my statements (I was venting.) As for the counter-example, it proposes a process involving the eye actually gaining new abilities and not just adapting (A nearsighted, colorblind, creature with no depth perception will either survive, genes unchanging, or it will die, genes still unchanging. It will never need new abilities.) It is in no way a counter-example to my statements. Biased, pseudo-scientific speculation will always be defeated by cold reasoning and spiritual truth.

"when presented with an apple, one may look at it and conclude that is indeed an apple, or he may spend years trying to come up with a theory that will prove it is actually an expertly crafted fraud. I think it is probably just an apple"

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[Insisting that Astrology is not pseudoscience]

You are repeatedly ignoring my questions and missing my points. It is factually self-evident to anyone with half a working brain cell that astrology is a protoscience and, as such, does not require any further evidence.

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Lets face it , the only reason for this article is Anti-Christian Bigotry. All of the articles are so twisted that a third grader can find the flaws. For example, no where does Chuck Smith make a prediction of a time or date but the Christian haters at Wikipedia twist what he says to try & make him look like a kook. The same can be said of the Martin Luther part. Boy I guess you Christaphobes have nothing better to do then vomit up your anti-Christian hate. No wonder no one trusts Wikipedia anymore. It is just a mouthpiece for the loony liberal God-hating left.

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[on the Wikipedia entry, Existence of God]

I'd like to suggest an additional notion and this is that Atheist are by definition not credible toward a discussion of God because they have already left the idea more or less totally! Thus, they don't care if the definition of God looks this or that way. ALL they care for, is to see it removed for good, hence the continuous attacks on Scientology that is a far more tolerant religious system, but is a religion under constant attacks by "nuts", founded in this lunacy or that!

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I've taken notice of a few times the word evolution is used. I don't mean to be a broken record, but there is absolutely no proof of evolution anywhere. I do not think I am wrong, but if you can show me one single proof of evolution being real then I will take back my complaint. Until then, this is wrong and should be edited. Say soemthing else like adaption or something, not evolution. I do not like being told facts that I'm pretty sure are not real.

There's also no proof of the the earth being 300,000 years old either, so that's another issue. If ya'll believe in evolution then that's fine, but make accurate accounts to go with it or wikipedia's is just a way of forcing another's opinion down one's throat.


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I always get a laugh at wikipedia antiChristian bigotry pretending they'd ever allow any positive "academic assessment" of the truth about which they are in denial, as seen in the groundless opposition to The Pink Swastika, based solely on the unsupportable and groundless obsessive hate speech of the deranged antiChristian bigots that run wikipedia. Russ Davis

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Women are important in a man's life only if they're beautiful and charming and keep their femininity and... this business of feminism, for instance. What do these feminists want? What do you want? You say equality. Oh! I don't want to seem rude, but... you're equal in the eyes of the law but not, excuse my saying so, in ability... You've never produced a Michelangelo or a Bach. You've never even produced a great chef. And if you talk to me about opportunity, all I can say is, Are you joking? Have you ever lacked the opportunity to give history a great chef? You've produced nothing great, nothing!... You're schemers, you are evil. All of you.

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The Muslim Ummah does not care whether wikipedia is censored or not. The Dutch printed a cartoon of Prophet Muhammad, that was within itself controversial because of content. but regardless we not only got the company to apologize but also the government. The Pope said derogatory comments and we made him apologize. If this leaks out to the known public, we muslims don't give a rats ass whether your laws permit you to put up these pictures. Eventually we will get them reversed through peaceful or forceful means.

CapTa1n_Half #fundie en.wikipedia.org

(Muslims complaining that the Wikipedia article on Muhammad has pictures of him)

You have only heard of 2 Muslims right now who have only but kindly asked to remove the pictures. The Muslim Ummah does not care whether wikipedia is censored or not. The Dutch printed a cartoon of Prophet Muhammad, that was within itself controversial because of content. but regardless we not only got the company to apologize but also the government. The Pope said derogatory comments and we made him apologize. If this leaks out to the known public, we muslims don't give a rats ass whether your laws permit you to put up these pictures. Eventually we will get them reversed through peaceful or forceful means. I rather you keep yourself on the safe side and not bring up a huge controversy and just remove that damn pics. Your information does not need the use of pictures that depict the prophet in anyway. So do the world a favor and take them off.

Anonymous Muslim Fundie #fundie en.wikipedia.org

please remove the pics of prophet muhammed. it is true that we can change the settings of our browser but how can we muslims be in peace when we know that some muslims and even non muslims look at those pictures and study them accidentally or even on purpose when we know that pictures of living things are prohibited in islam? i beg you in the name of all muslims to remove those pictures because its an insult to our prophet ant our religion. please understand our feelings. no one would appreciate someone else insulting their religion. i know in this modern world pictures are common but no matter what religion is the same and we have the right to tell you what its like in islam. as you know there are stuff from non muslim biographies of prophet muhammed too and we feel its a must to remind you that in islam this is an insult. please please think about this

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On both St. Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, the white male gives gifts of chocolate candy with nuts—. If his sweetheart ingests "chocolate with nuts," the white male can fantasize that he is genetically equal to the Black male—. Is it not also curious that when white males are young and vigorous, they attempt to master the large brown balls, but as they become older and wiser, they psychologically resign themselves to their inability to master the large brown balls? Their focus then shifts masochistically to hitting the tiny white golf balls in disgust and resignation—in full final realization of white genetic recessiveness.

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Roman Catholic priest James Haley asserts "that homosexual priests, not solely pedophiles, are at the root of the sexual-abuse crisis. The Catholic priesthood is demoralized, he says, by groups of homosexual clerics who control who gets admitted to seminary, which men get nominated for bishop and which priests get the plum parishes.

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"The tiresome 'scientists support evolution' line is not very meaningful. Most folks who use 'scientists' in this context are referring to denizens of the Ivory Tower, often with a PhD after their names in relation to some academic field that is considered a science."

Scaerfo #conspiracy en.wikipedia.org

One other point I'd like to add is that there is a sort of "anti-conspiracy-theorists conspiracy" in place that has, in effect, put a damper on any reasonable suggestions that some nefarious endeavors might be taking place behind closed doors.

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I would like to know a couple things:

1)Why, when you try to add a legitimate link to the "Official Hovind and pro-Hovind" section such as Penalty Protestor--offering updated court documents and case summery and Free Hovind--offering free video/audio content , they are deleted almost immediately? Could it be that a pro evolutionist aka atheist is the page editor?

2)Why is there so much negative/smear propaganda for what's supposed to be biographical? This page is so biased against Kent Hovind, evidenced by it's conspicuous-by-omission of anything positive said about the man, that it obviously a smear campaign.

3) How will you feel on Judgment-Day when Kent is vindicated and crowned for the tens-of-thousands of souls won for Jesus? What will you say to God then?--Mat 12:36 "But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment."

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[On Pat Robertson’s claim of being able to leg-press 2000 lbs.]

ok, all of you making these assumptions obviously do not have strong faith in God what so ever. did not God give the judge Samson enough strength to tear down a stone pillard building with his bare hands when he was blind, beaten, and hindered with shackles? He was at an old age too, and had been working by grinding grain. If you don't believe this then you can read Judges 16:21-31 in the Bible. Now, Samson was not ever considered a "superhuman", yet i'm sure he could've leg pressed way more than 2,000! How is it not possible that God has given this same strength to another faith filled, believing Christian. ANYTHING is possible with God if you enough faith. The Bible says, with enough faith, you can move mountains. Pat Robertson has enough faith to be given enough strength to leg press 2,000. Besides, this whole thing happened 3YEARS AGO! This is old news, and the media had no new dirt to bring up on him, so they went searching his sight and found this small detail. Robertson certainly does not make this truth into a well known thing obviously, because he has kept it quiet for 3 years until the media decided to hunt it down. You have no basis to say "his ego is totally out of control to make such a claim." So i'm tired of you people who think you know everything to give this man a break and worry about the problems in your own lives that are much more important. If i had not been with him and seen it myself then i would have no basis myself to share this truth. But i was and so was his doctor, Dr. W, who has sworn through his profession that he would not lie. but regardless of this, please think about the powerful of God and His miracles before you completely disregard this truth!

Merzul #fundie en.wikipedia.org

[On the book "The God Delusion"]

The book stayed 51 weeks on the NY Times best-seller list... God, omnipotent as he is, pulled it down at the very last moment. Even for weaker souls, this should be evidence beyond doubt that God exists. As soon as I find a source for this argument, I will add it to the article. :) 17:52, 22 #fundie en.wikipedia.org

[They might also suppose cavemen lived along with dinosaurs and that the garden of eden was in fact the moon when she was just a few inches from earth...]

In actuality, dinosaurs have lived with man throughout time. They simply used a now archaic term for them: dragon. In the Congo there have been reports of what seems to be a pterodactyl. Theories should be changed to fit the facts, not vice versa.

Evolution is an archaic religion, surviving only in the minds of those who cannot bring themselves to face reality. The only reason people choose to believe it is because that would mean it has a creator, and therefore, rules.

It is not my fault that your metaphysical research program of Evolutionism goes against a great number of scientific laws (the Two Laws of Thermodynamics, the Law Conservation of Angular Momentum, the Inverse Square Law AKA Gravitational Constant, among others too numerous to list.)

It can be stated as a fact that nothing found in science has ever supported the religion of Evolutionism. #conspiracy en.wikipedia.org

(Vandalized Wiki article)

Barack Obama

A crypto-Muslim and militant communist from Illinois.He is currently seeking to destroy the United States by fooling dumb people and minorities into voting him into office as President. His agenda would include trampling on the Bill of Rights, disarming the citizenry, opening our borders even wider, granting amnesty to illegal aliens, and massive income redistribution. A darker skinned, more subtle version of Stalin.

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My idea of this phenomona, which some call "spiritual", is that "demons" may be the culprits. The only way this can work is if we apply a bit of Supersting Theory. The part of String Theory that I am using is the idea that there are mutiple dimensions (dimensions of space). If it is true, and if the idea that God created everything, then it is quite possible that Angels and Demons/Fallen Angels were created in a different (spacial) dimension. That would explain some of the "supernatural" phenomona caused by these beings. The other idea is that these beings may be made of (or interchange between) Dark Matter/Energy and or some Neutrino based property (not quite sure how Neutrinos could compose them). The reason for the possiblity of Neutrinos was that Neutrinos (or Neutrino based particles) could "phase" through several trillion miles of led without it's velocity decreasing. If they are made of different substances or subdimensions, then that could explain how these "shadow" beings or Demons could do some of the "impossible" things they seem to be able to do. The only way they could interact wityh matter is if they had some sort of mass, or have the ability to interchange between matter and energy, or they could be able to manipulate zero-point energy fields, or something of the sort.

LonghornJohnny #fundie en.wikipedia.org

To really prove that we, humans cause global warming, you would have to compare Earth today, versus an Earth that has no human lifeform on it. This is impossible; therefore, anyone claiming that global warming is caused by humans is wrong. I don't know how these scintists came up with the idea, but you just cannot prove that humans are the cause of global warming.

Michael Richards #racist en.wikipedia.org

Shut up! 50 years we'd have you upside down with a fucking fork up your ass. You can talk! You can talk! You can talk! You're brave now, motherfucker! Throw his ass out, he's a nigger. He's a nigger! He's a nigger! He's a nigger! A nigger! Look there's a nigger! Ooh. Alright you see, this shocks you, it shocks you to see whats buried beneath you stupid motherfuckers!

Blanco #fundie en.wikipedia.org

Of course there is not a demon called Blanco; that is my name (I'm sure you could have figured the title out for yourself) but, anyway, I am typing to everyone who has a fascination with demons or the supernatural. I love all of the telekinetic and ESP stuff but I feel that there are demons after me for whatever reason they are after me. I haven't seen so many demon(s) as I have one. It's the one that has me in its arms practically. My spiritual advisor thinks its the fact that I study VooDoo and Santeria and cast spells upon people. There are many spells I have cast that I didn't know what they were and since then I have been unable to sleep; insomnia type deal. I have had several spieitual attacks by a demon or demons. They said that they just want to take me somewhere. My spiritual advisor suggested a Quiji Board. So I bought one and asked it...what is the matter with me. It gave me a response (DAMNATION). I'm really actually quite freaked out at the moment. If you would be so kind...anyone...contact me at monstermike@ev1.net and possibly give me a few suggestions and whatever.

About a year ago...the same word came to me as a few friends put me under hypnosis and stuck a beanie baby in my arm and asked for it to leave a stain on one side but not the other...it worked. That could, I guess, be a possibility of my insomnia.

I have to get back to my rehab and therapy... I'm outy (IP address) #fundie en.wikipedia.org

This article is nothing but [[blasphemy]] and false lies. Dinosaurs are a hoax and are lies. The world is not that old. '''READ YOUR BIBLE.''' Anybody who reverts this back to the filthy lies and nonsense before this will rot in [[Hell]]. Who do you think [[God]] favours? Me, protecting the cherished Truth, or you posting false lies to defame [[God]]? He will PUNISH you and reward me with a place in his Kingdom. You will go to [[Hell]] if you continue to revert to the lies of so-called scientists. Don't believe these liars.

Blanco #fundie en.wikipedia.org

Since I have been hynotised, I have had more and more supernatural coincidences with the demons of which rule the procedure. Unfortunately, I am not able to go into all the details right this second. Anyone that sees the article "Blanco" can edit it and say that I got a huge kitchen knife stuck into my arm while I was under hypnosis...because that is what happened. They asked me to bleed on one side of my arm but not the other and for it to leave a scar on the opposite side from where they stuck the knife into my arm. The boys that hynotised me put my legs up onto a chair and let the flame of a cigarette lighter glide across my legs. While that was happening and me not knowing of even feeling anything I was catching glimpses of things...odd things...not knowing what. More ken to mortal hypnosis and since then I've had a sort of self induced transe. For those of you that took the courage to read "Blanco" I truly consider you to take it a step further and give me some info at my emailing address that you will find on "Blanco"

Blanco #fundie en.wikipedia.org

Another strange coincidence that happened to me is when I wrote the greatest idea down in my story. It came true. A Rabid dog kept coming up to me. I shot it with my twelve-gage in its chest and a day later it cam back and bit me. I shot the mother fucker again and buried it and got checked for raybees. I didn't have them. Nothing but a scare on my leg. When I buried it I put a cross on it to show it respect. He showed back up. I waited until he left and I went to the place I buried him and the cross was up side down. I haven't been there sice.

Sebastion Prospero #fundie en.wikipedia.org

[The most interesting auto-biography ever written]

When I was 10 years old, I squeezed my mother's breast in a fit of rage.
When I was 8 years old, I tasted a little drop of my own feces.
People think I'm a fascist. Some even go so far as to say I'm a neo-Nazi.
I have every feast day of the saints in the Catholic calendar memorized.
I believe all non-Catholics will go to hell. [...]

I believe that abortion should be illegal in all circumstances, no exceptions; both woman and "physician" should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
I believe that abortion is the equivalent of first-degree murder.
I oppose court decisions permitting sodomy unions (gay and lesbian marriages). I believe homosexuality is not a lifestyle, but a perversion of the God-given human body. [...]

I oppose laws declaring animal cruelty a felony. [...]

I believe the mainstream media, especially CNN and the "Jew York Times" holds a very liberal, secular, anti-Catholic bias. [...]

I believe the Anti-Defamation League poses a grave threat to America's democracy by protecting the Jews from slander simply because they are a persecuted race. I believe they are the most dangerous organization in America (NARAL being second; the ACLU being third). I believe the Jews are very hypocritical, since they will ululate over "the Holocaust", but no ethnic group as as supportive of the abortionist (Democratic) party as they are. Because of this, I refuse to have any sympathy for them. [...]

I define marriage as a union blessed by God, between a Roman Catholic male and a Roman Catholic female. Anything else, such as two Jews having sex, is nothing more to me than a consensual relationship. [...]

I believe divorce should be made illegal.

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