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OH PLEASE….TELL THE TRUTH!!!!! Studios are in decline because of crap/political actors and crap political scripts! Hollyweird is nothing more than an agenda driven industry and America has had it! Thus we have President Trump! That should have been a shovel upside the head of Hollyweird…but they apparently were not that bright to begin with! Good Luck with that!! I can’t even tell you the last movie I went to see????? No clue!!!

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If by “punishment”, you mean consumers exercising their free market muscle, then yes, that’s punishment. I haven’t been to a movie since 2000, because I got sick and tired of going into a movie theater and being insulted by the movie makers. Whether it’s due to just plain bad movies or liberal moralizing, I grew frustrated by giving my money to people insult me and fundamentally disagree with me.

I went to movies to escape and be entertained, not told I’m a rube for believing in certain values that Hollywood disdains.

Hollywood has no problem alienating half its audience, and their bottom line is “punished”, to use this article’s parlance.

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This is not hard to figure out, Americans are not as liberal as Hollywood would like us to believe. Disney is obviously still the most trusted but even it has taken a little bit of a hit. The latest “Beauty and the Beast” with it’s LGBT garbage is a prime example of why Americans are angry with Hollywood, and are refusing to support junk movies no matter which stars they put on the screen.

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Hmmmm, I recommend they continue to remake old hits only this time infuse them with ideological messages and sub-themes. All leftist of course. Lecture your countrymen for their benightedness on a whole host of your causes de jour, sexual obsessions and PC bugaboos. Have your leading lights harangue their fellow citizens from the podiums of all of the self-regarding, mutual congratulation parties that seem to proliferate year after year.

But whatever you do don’t do as they did in the past, the so-called “golden era” of movies when all those hits were made, by writing creative scripts that tell a straight-forward story, if you’ll pardon the locution, pretend to a new age sermon of the mount. After all, harkening to the past certainly wouldn’t be “progressive”, would it?

Carry on!

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