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A conservatism not based on the foundations of the Bible is a Christ-less conservatism. Jesus is the standard by which all moral law is based. Remove Him and His Name from your political ideology and you find yourself in bed with the Log-Cabin conservatives.

Dave Daubenmire, BarbWire 20 Comments [3/24/2017 5:13:26 PM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

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Consequences of Christian Universalism

By virtue of his universalistic persuasion, a Christian Universalist implies that:

Bible is corrupt – errant and fallible.
God is a cruel dictator without holiness, justice and true love. God’s commands need not be obeyed (e.g. evangelism is a non-factor).
The roles of Christ and the Holy Spirit is a non-factor
A believer need not be holy, need not love and worship God, and can be immoral.
A believer need not repent or believe in Christ and need not produce the fruit of the Spirit.
Since Christian Universalism opposes the Bible, we can reasonably assert that Universalism is a heretical teaching and Christian Universalists are a cult (false religion). Christians espousing universalism are not Christians even though they may term themselves as a Christian.

Although I don’t stand in judgment, the Christian Universalist, according to my understanding of salvation, lives dangerously close to an eternal separation from God.

Why does a Christian succumb to Universalism?

Unbelieving family and friends: If we believe in Christ, and our family and friends do not, then we suffer intensely knowing that those whom we love so dearly are hell bound. This constant pain motivates Universalistic persuasion.
Since universalism is an untenable proposition, a better mode of reconciliation would be to pray earnestly for God’s light to shine in the hearts of our loved ones. Meanwhile, we should gently and respectfully provide reasons for our hope in Christ, hoping that they would turn to Christ.

Observing the apparently flawless lives of the non-Christians: There are many non-Christians, who through their apparently impeccable life put Christians to shame. So one could wonder how such a life would be deemed to hell.
This situation could be reconciled through the fact that all are sinners and imperfect in thoughts, words, and deeds. None can be as perfect as God. So an impeccable life is only impeccable within the confines of the act(s) that invoke impeccability (e.g. charity). Therefore, since the flawless lives of non-christians are merely confined to certain acts, a reasonable conclusion is that all men are imperfect sinners worthy of infinite punishment.


The Bible affirms that those who lead others to sin (disbelieve in God) are in a great and mighty danger – a potential loss of eternal life (cf. Matthew 18:6; Mark 9:42; Luke 17:1-2).

Universalism states that all will go to heaven. If Universalists are right and the debunking of Universalism is incorrect, then all will go to heaven (I and the Universalists). This is a win-win situation for me. But if Universalism is nonsensical, the Universalists are treading dangerously towards hell. For the Universalists, this is a win-lose situation (they lose, Christians win).

May we earnestly seek to follow and obey God in the light of HIS truth. Amen.

Rajkumar Richard, Christian Apologetics Alliance 8 Comments [12/17/2017 11:58:42 AM]
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Submitted By: Christopher

Quote# 20210

In 1986, [David Noebel] teamed up with Paul Cameron (see Family Research Institute) and then-Summit instructor Wayne Lutton, currently a leader in the white-supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens, to write Special Report: AIDS, which became one of the most controversial anti-gay tracts ever published.

Pat Buchanan's blurb on the back cover sums up the spirit of this Special Report: "In a healthy society," Buchanan writes, homosexuality is "contained, segregated, controlled and stigmatized."

Bolstered by Cameron's studies alleging that gay people were intentionally spreading the AIDS virus, Special Report proposes a number of means to "suppress" the outbreak, concluding that it might become necessary to "exile" all "active homosexuals" from America.

Summit continues to preach anti-gay propaganda to the next generation of fundamentalist activists, with Mike Haley, an "ex-gay" campaigner who is Focus on the Family's "youth and gender specialist" and author of a book called Straight Answers: Exposing the Myths and Facts about Homosexuality, currently on the faculty.

David Noebel and others, SPL Center 29 Comments [2/3/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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I hope he is remembered for the good things he did and the people who are really responsible for some the bad things that happened during his term are remembered for it.

Let me elaborate:

9-11 was inspired, dreamed up, planned, financed and rehearsed during the Clinton years but was attributed to "Bush's watch." The response to Hurricane Katrina was largely a failure on the part of Democrat-controlled Louisiana politics but of course was blamed on Bush and Republicans. Thirty plus years of liberal energy policy restricting domestic supply led to four dollar gas yet Bush, capitalism, Big Oil and Republicans got the blame. Decades of liberal cronyism, politically correct lending pressures and incompetent Democrat control of Fannie and Freddie crashed the housing market and by extension an overleveraged economy, but Bush and free enterprise absorbed the hit.

Conversely, Bush's tax cuts helped bring the economy out of the 9-11 shock and the tech bubble, yet neither he nor conservative ideals are credited. Hawkish military and intelligence policies -- including the hated wire tapping -- did the impossible by preventing another 9-11 type attack for seven plus years, but no credit accrues to the President or conservatism. And "the Surge" is winning the Iraq War, but again, neither he nor his supporter's beliefs are connected with this success.

I wish him a happy life and I hope to see him before Lord Jesus after the rapture.

EndIsNear, Rapture Ready 31 Comments [1/29/2009 12:50:34 AM]
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[This old atheist magazine website, Positive Atheism, got and posted quite a few emails from fundies. This is one of the worst that I saw on there.]

Hi I would just like to say that I read your little arguement on the fact of why you do not believe in God. Ok understandable, however it is more fucked up not to believe in anything at all than to believe in any organized religion. Look at what you said, you obviously are a subject to brainwashing techniques and that is why I pity you. You think because 2000 years ago we "as in humans" "a creation in God" thaught the earth was flat it gives us justification that there is no such thing in God. I mean what the hell? That is a totally ubsurd comment. Do you want to know what atheism really is, what it consists of? Let me tell you since you obviously are full of bull shit yourself as well as the rest of your little atheism nation that consists of numbers far below of any religion or beliefs in the world. Ok atheism is no more than a made up belief of a conjuring anger towards the ramification of the world and what it has come to be. You as in "atheists" want to believe that, wait hold on I am waisting my time to a person who will never change because he or she is a stupid dumb ass, I forgot ignorance is bliss and so are your beliefs. I want try to help you in fact I want to watch your flesh burn right off your body, so forget what I said and enjoy Armageddon because it is coming soon, and hopefully when the world is turning inside and out I will get to see your corpse and laugh. So, enjoy.

Kevin Massey, Positive Atheism 27 Comments [10/16/2015 2:35:27 AM]
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Submitted By: Scratchin' Mastermind

Quote# 135264

Lol look at that little bitch in the front. Totally emotionless just like the rest of them. You're underestimating us. What's happening now will ultimately be good. We have to lose something for a short time to realize that we had it. After white conciousness rises, earth will be replaced with Planet Europa.
Don't worry, we'll take the rest of the hot Asian girls from you bug people.

Guardturnedreciever, Reddit 5 Comments [12/17/2017 12:22:10 PM]
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I live in Cincinnati, and for the past 15 years I've been observing this free rag called "City Beat" magazine that is distributed to the supermarkets, public libraries, etc. every week.

I've always suspected that "City Beat" is a Zionist-communist Jew rag being used to undermine the Christian communities in Cincinnati with a huge emphasis on "gay rights," "multiculturalism," and the phony "war on terror."

This week, "City Beat" has a large featured article about Bernie Sanders. Instead of any criticism, it's an essay based on adoration for a creep that has always promoted "gay rights" as well as portraying him as a righteous demonizer of Arabs and Muslims who calls Vladimir Putin a dangerous man.

This essay promotes yet another "wolf in sheep's clothing" who wants total destruction of Christianity in Europe, the United States and Russia.

Sanders wants endless genocidal wars between Christians and Muslims and Arabs while blaming 911 on cave Arabs who couldn't fly Cessnas when all evidence points to it being a Zonist-communist Jew job.

He promotes homosexuals as wonderful people (a lot of them are promiscuous pedophiles) and "women's rights" (hating heterosexual males and having abortions on demand).

Seek The Truth, Real Jew News 15 Comments [8/17/2015 3:08:11 AM]
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Quote# 36429

Anyway I would like to make a comment I love god, he speaks to me when I walk down the street he tells me to do good. When ever I see an Atheist I feel like slapping them, however then god gives me this vision of atheists burring, and I think to myself. God will deal with them.

Kasaova, Able 2 Know boards 97 Comments [3/18/2008 11:37:21 PM]
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Feminists gunning for White women

White women scrape the bottom of the Progressive Stack. It goes:

Black people
Mexicans/Puerto Ricans (comes after Muslims because they're Christians and Christianity is NOT a religion of peace, after all)
Disabled people (and where individual disabled folks are in the Stack depends highly on their race and disability)
Jews (they really get to move to various positions within the Stack, depending on several factors, like tombstones falling over, Hindus painting swastika pictures, and whether or not Hollywood has made another Holocost film)
White women


the LGBTQJDITSIORNSUVNTJSOCNRNJGVDXHPJNYFESQLMHBTCKFCG Jewish black woman (just don't assume her gender!) who is in a wheelchair and wears a hijab, niqab, and a burka at the same time - this woman (if she self identifies as a woman) is the most coveted of all. She is the Holy Grail of Victims, and it should never ever be underestimated to the sheer extent the Left will gleefully lie, cheat and steal from each other just to cater to her every conceivable whim. Zher wish is their command, just don't call them racist or they will debase themselves further.


I suppose that if I'm going to be put on such an amazingly retarded list without my express permission or my opinions on the matter, after all I'm merely a woman to these people, and therefor, have not the power of my own authority in a free country to do various things like speak for myself then I should just scrape together what dignity I am allowed, accept my lot in life and be happy that I am, at least, at the bottom of it.

And if the above statement sounds like a pathetic attempt to make lemonade, well, that's because it is. I hope everyone enjoys it - I'm out of sugar.

Better to be at the bottom of the pile than to be a nasty female sellout.

(Hook Nose)
The way I see it they did it to themselves.

White women broke off from the tribe abandoning the role of wife's and mothers in order to gain personal (female) benefits and this had to come at the expense of white mens authority, to give everyone so called equality. They allied themselves with other ''oppressed'' groups like blacks,gays and whatever else to accomplish their goals and effectively become ''anti-racist'' or anti-white and now white men have been completely busted down it only stands to reason that they'll follow because of the choices and allies they made.

Feminism was created by communist jewish women to help destroy the white race by stopping white women from having children, basically. 99.9% of all feminist leaders have been jewish women. This news story is just more evidence that feminism is not pro-women. It's a jewish anti-white movement. It looks like a majority of white women have now come to their senses. Notice how feminist viewpoints always conform to jewish agendas, such as being in favor of muslim immigration. It shows you that jews are still in charge of feminism and are controlling what other feminists think.

What I think happened is this. These third generation feminists have been relentlessly attacking white men for decades now, without success. The only thing they achieved was a certain degree of MGTOW and a concerted middle finger from all half decent people in the world.

So they thought they would find another target, a softer target. So now they are going after white women.

So, what is for us, white nationalists to do? Pull white women into our middle finger waving line, turn our MGTOW course into the WPGTOW (white people go their own way) direction and let them howl their obscenities into the moon. Without white women, the feminist movement is just a bunch of negresses screaming for more handouts. White women are the only ones, who brought at least some brains to the feminist table, when they alienate white women, they will be on the level of that negress with 15 kids, who was on TV blabbering that "sumboy neez to pay fo my keez".

I think this is great. More women taking the red pill, more unity for the white race, stronger opposition to anti-whites.

Eventually we will clean our white lands of all the filth.

(White Falcon)
The LEFT gets bolder by the minute:

They now openly conduct Open Culture War against all Whites everywhere:

They have the balls to equate the American Flag with the Nazi and Confederate flags, and declare that the American flag represents "Genocide"!

The 100 year "Open Borders" policy of the American Republic, combined with the enormous birthrate among Non-Whites, has now produced enough Anti-White foot-soldiers to allow the LEFT to become super-confident in their Open War against White Civilization in North America

All Non-White school children are being taught that "all White People are evil"

Remember all the Anti-Columbus propoganda from last month?


It comes as no surprise that prominent Jewish Feminists are also prominent gun control advocates.

Red pill time!

Hear that, ladies? All you normie ladies who lurk out of curiosity, are you paying attention? They're for our "empowerment" while they disarm us. Makes sense? Of course it doesn't.

Look a little closer and see what else doesn't make any sense. Like at how they have to cut men down, so that we won't notice they're cutting us down as well - ever read a bunch of feminist material without feeling pitiful afterwards? Or angry? Or cheated?

Ever notice that no mater what you do, it's never good enough? If you choose career over family, your selfish - if you're a homemaker, your worthless.

Last November, you were reminded yet again that there's still a glass ceiling over your head, and that it doesn't matter how many panes are broken, it will never go away.

Aren't you tired of it?

Has anyone ever felt empowered by being reminded of their supposed "victimhood"?

My, my, my, it seems to be raining frogs, again.

various posters, Stormfront 10 Comments [12/16/2017 5:40:53 PM]
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Incel lives are comically bad and go to even worse later on.

Childhood: you know the drill,rejections,playing video.games,seclusion etc etc no need to go into detail.

Teen years: even more.rejection,coping with anime,vidya etc etc. HOWEVER now it is added bonus of seeing your oneitis get with other guys,and understanding why you need "friends" and you are totally out.

Early adult: the rejections have stopped,but is because you arent even trying,you know your place,you cope with whatever works,essentially waiting to die. If you are smart this is the time to sui,cause the bad part is only.coming still

Late adulthood: you are alone,spent lifetime of rejection and isolation,you have no value to no one. If you died no one would care. You cannot.cope.With anything anymore. You cannot relate to anything. Even worse your healt is deteriorating and your life is going from bad to worse. You arent relevant to anything or anyone,you have no future,and even if you have a carrier somehow it was all for nothing. Also with your parents dying at this point you are trully on your own now,with no family you may spend years with no human contact,decades even. Of course there will be some contact but only professional and behind the curtain type. Not genuinely. You are essentially isolated.

Old age: if you STILL havent ended your miserable existence,now you have to look.forward to serious health issues,trauma,pain,demention,and everyone avoiding you like.the plague.

Oh and the best part? You are on your own going trough all those things,essentially pain untill you die. Life spent behind a computer screen talking to wretched people across the globe and coping untill death with no redeemable factors. And your entire sacrifice was for nothing. In the end no one even cared about you. It was all for nothing. You never even understood.

St.Tropez, incels.me 3 Comments [12/17/2017 11:59:39 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 135221

(Commenting on story "Kim Kardashian West slammed for excluding men from beauty casting call" - story: http://www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/2017/12/15/kim-kardashian-west-slammed-for-excluding-men-from-beauty-casting-call.html)

Lady Checkmate:
Alt-left foolishness. Silly men (who deny who and what God created them to be) want to be "pretty" and even sillier women entertain that foolishness. Stop being silly.

Lady Checkmate, Disqus - News Network 5 Comments [12/16/2017 2:44:56 AM]
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Submitted By: Jocasta

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An issue often used in an attempt to beat biblical creationists over the head is the worldwide distribution of animals. Such a distribution, say critics, proves that there could never have been a global Flood or an Ark. If the Ark landed somewhere in the Middle East, then all the animals would have disembarked at that point, including animals that we do not find in the Middle East today, or in the fossil record in that area. How did kangaroos get to Australia, or kiwis to New Zealand? How did polar bears get to North America and penguins to Antarctica?

Skeptics often claim, “The Bible is not a science textbook.” This, of course, is true—because science textbooks change every year, whereas the Bible is the unchanging Word of God—the God who cannot lie. Nevertheless, the Bible can be relied upon when it touches on every scientific issue, including ecology. It is the Bible that gives us the big picture. Within this big picture, we can build scientific models that help us explain how past events may have come about. Such models should be held to lightly, but the Scripture to which they refer is inerrant. That is to say future research may cast doubt on an actual model, without casting doubt on Scripture.

With this in mind, the question needs to be asked, “Is there a Bible-based model that we can use to help explain how animals might have migrated from where the Ark landed to where they live today?” The answer is yes.

The Hard Facts

A biblical model of animal migration obviously must start with the Bible. From Genesis we can glean the following pertinent facts:

“And of every living thing of all flesh you shall bring two of every sort into the ark, to keep them alive with you; they shall be male and female. Of the birds after their kind, of animals after their kind, and of every creeping thing of the earth after its kind, two of every kind will come to you to keep them alive” (Genesis 6:19–20). The Bible is clear that representatives of all the kinds of air-breathing land animals and birds were present on the Ark. A technical term used by some creation scientists for these kinds is baramin—derived from the Hebrew words for created kind. Within these baramins is all the information necessary to produce all current species. For example, it is unlikely that the Ark contained two lions and two tigers. It is more likely that it contained two feline animals, from which lions, tigers, and other cat-like creatures have developed.
Another lesson from Genesis 6:20 is that the animals came to Noah. He did not have to go and catch them. Therefore, this preservation of the world’s fauna was divinely controlled. It was God’s intention that the fauna be preserved. The animals’ recolonization of the land masses was therefore determined by God, and not left to chance.
“Then the ark rested in the seventh month, the seventeenth day of the month, on the mountains of Ararat” (Genesis 8:4). The Bible is clear that the Ark landed in the region of Ararat, but much debate has ensued over whether this is the same region as the locality of the present-day mountain known as Ararat. This issue is of importance, as we shall see. The Bible uses the plural “mountains.” It is unlikely that the Ark rested on a point on the top of a mountain, in the manner often illustrated in children’s picture books. Rather, the landing would have been among the mountainous areas of eastern Turkey, where present-day Mount Ararat is located, and western Iran, where the range extends.
It was God’s will that the earth be recolonized. “Then God spoke to Noah, saying, ‘Go out of the ark, you and your wife, and your sons and your sons’ wives with you. Bring out with you every living thing of all flesh that is with you: birds and cattle and every creeping thing that creeps on the earth, so that they may abound on the earth, and be fruitful and multiply on the earth.’ So Noah went out, and his sons and his wife and his sons’ wives with him. Every animal, every creeping thing, every bird, and whatever creeps on the earth, according to their families, went out of the ark” (Genesis 8:15–19). The abundance and multiplication of the animals was also God’s will.

The biblical principles that we can establish then are that, after the Flood, God desired the ecological reconstruction of the world, including its vulnerable animal kinds, and the animals must have spread out from a mountainous region known as Ararat.

The construction of any biblical model of recolonization must include these principles. The model suggested on the following pages is constructed in good faith, to explain the observed facts through the “eyeglasses” of the Bible. The Bible is inspired, but our scientific models are not. If we subsequently find the model to be untenable, this would not shake our commitment to the absolute authority of Scripture.

The model uses the multiplication of dogs as an example of how animals could have quickly repopulated the earth. Two dogs came off Noah’s Ark and began breeding more dogs. Within a relatively short time period, there would be an incredible number of dogs of all sorts of different shapes and sizes.

These dogs then began to spread out from the Ararat region to all parts of the globe.
The dog kind diversifying

As these dogs spread around the world, variations within the dog kind led to many of the varieties we find today. But it is important to note that they are still dogs. This multiplication of variations within a kind is the same with the many other kinds of animals.

One final comment must be made in this section. As I have used the word recolonization several times, I must emphasize that I am not referring to the so-called Recolonization Theory. This theory will be discussed later.

Modern Recolonizations

One accusation thrown at biblical creationists is that kangaroos could not have hopped to Australia, because there are no fossils of kangaroos on the way. But the expectation of such fossils is a presuppositional error. Such an expectation is predicated on the assumption that fossils form gradually and inevitably from animal populations. In fact, fossilization is by no means inevitable. It usually requires sudden, rapid burial. Otherwise the bones would decompose before permineralization. One ought likewise to ask why it is that, despite the fact that millions of bison used to roam the prairies of North America, hardly any bison fossils are found there. Similarly, lion fossils are not found in Israel even though we know that lions once lived there.

Comparisons can be made with more modern recolonizations. For example, the Encyclopædia Britannica has the following to say about Surtsey Island and Krakatoa and the multiplication of species.

Six months after the eruption of a volcano on the island of Surtsey off the coast of Iceland in 1963, the island had been colonized by a few bacteria, molds, insects, and birds. Within about a year of the eruption of a volcano on the island of Krakatoa in the tropical Pacific in 1883, a few grass species, insects, and vertebrates had taken hold. On both Surtsey and Krakatoa, only a few decades had elapsed before hundreds of species reached the islands. Not all species are able to take hold and become permanently established, but eventually the island communities stabilize into a dynamic equilibrium.1

There is little secret, therefore, how nonflying animals may have travelled to the outer parts of the world after the Flood. Many of them could have floated on vast floating logs, left-overs from the massive pre-Flood forests that were ripped up during the Flood and likely remained afloat for many decades on the world’s oceans, transported by world currents. Others could later have been taken by people. Savolainen et al., have suggested, for example, that all Australian dingoes are descended from a single female domesticated dog from Southeast Asia.2 A third explanation of possible later migration is that animals could have crossed land bridges. This is, after all, how it is supposed by evolutionists that many animals and people migrated from Asia to the Americas—over a land bridge at the Bering Straits. For such land bridges to have existed, we may need to assume that sea levels were lower in the post-Flood period—an assumption based on a biblical model of the Ice Age.

The rare conditions required to form an Ice Age may have been triggered by the Flood.

As Michael Oard, a retired meteorologist and Ice Age researcher, has suggested in chapter 16, an Ice Age may have followed closely after the Flood. In his detailed analysis, Oard proposed a mechanism of how the rare conditions required to form an Ice Age may have been triggered by the Flood, and shows how this explains the field evidence for an Ice Age.3

Severe climatic changes could have been the catalyst that encouraged certain species to migrate in certain directions. These severe changes could also have accounted for some of the many extinctions that occurred. Additionally, Oard’s studies provide a model for how land bridges could have developed.

Oard has pointed out that certain observed features from the Ice Age cause problems for the evolutionist, not the creationist. Thus, a creationist explanation of the Ice Age better explains the facts. An example of such an issue is that of disharmonious associations of fossils—fossils of creatures normally associated with different conditions (such as creatures with a preference for hot and cold climates) being found in close proximity.

One of the more puzzling problems for uniformitarian theories of the ice age is disharmonious associations of fossils, in which species from different climatic regimes are juxtaposed. For example, a hippopotamus fossil found together with a reindeer fossil.

Oard suggests that even with present topography, a number of significant land bridges would have existed to facilitate migrations if the sea level were only 180 ft (55 m) below current levels. However, there is even evidence that the land in some places where land bridges would be necessary could have been higher still. Thus, land bridges facilitated by the Ice Age constitute a serious model to explain how some migrations could have been possible.

Some still remain skeptical about the idea of land bridges all the way to Australia. Nevertheless, by a combination of methods that we see today, including land bridges, there are rational explanations as to how animals may have reached the far corners of the world. Of course, we were not there at the time to witness how this migration may have happened, but those adhering to a biblical worldview can be certain that animals obviously did get to far places, and that there are rational ways in which it could have happened.

We should therefore have no problem accepting the Bible as true. Creationist scientific models of animal migration are equally as valid as evolutionary models, if not more so. The reason such models are rejected is that they do not fit in with the orthodox, secular evolutionary worldview.

It is not a problem for us to rationalize why certain animals do not appear in certain parts of the world. Why, for example, does Australia have such an unusual fauna, including so many marsupials? Marsupials are, of course, known elsewhere in the world. For example, opossums are found in North and South America, and fossilized marsupials have been found elsewhere. But in many places, climatic changes and other factors could lead to their extinction.

The lack of great marsupials in other continents need be no more of a problem than the lack of dinosaurs. As with many species today, they just died out—a reminder of a sin-cursed world. One proposed theory is that marsupials—because they bore their young in pouches—were able to travel farther and faster than mammals that had to stop to care for their young. They were able to establish themselves in far-flung Australia before competitors reached the continent.

Similar statements could be made about the many unusual bird species in New Zealand, on islands from which mammals were absent until the arrival of European settlers.
Recolonization Theory

The most logical interpretation of the biblical record of the Flood and its aftermath would seem to suggest that the animals disembarked and then recolonized the planet. Comparisons with modern migrations and incidents such as Surtsey have suggested that this recolonization need not have taken long. A plain reading of Scripture suggests that the Ark landed in the mountains of Ararat, most likely in the region of modern Turkey and Central Asia. It is also our contention that the significant quantity of death represented by the fossil record is best understood by reference to the Genesis Flood (i.e., the majority of fossils formed as a result of the Flood).

More recently, a theory has developed among certain creationists in the UK and Europe which suggests that the fossil record is actually a record not of catastrophe but of processes occurring during recolonization. This theory is called the Recolonization Theory.5

Proponents of this theory suggest that the Flood completely obliterated the earth’s previous crust so that none of the present fossils were caused by it. To accommodate fossilization processes, Recolonization Theory suggests that the age of the earth be stretched by a few thousand years. Some advocates of this view suggest an age of about 8,000 years for the earth, while others suggest figures as high as 20,000 years.

A detailed criticism of Recolonization Theory has previously been published by McIntosh, Edmondson, and Taylor6, and another by Holt7.

The principal error of this view is that it starts from supposed scientific anomalies, such as the fossil record, rather than from Scripture. This has led to the proposals among some Recolonizers, but not all, that there must be gaps in the genealogies recorded in Genesis 5 and 11, even though there is no need for such gaps. Indeed the suggestion of gaps in these genealogies causes further doctrinal problems.8

Even the views of those Recolonizers who do not expand the genealogies contain possible seeds of compromise. Because the Recolonizers accept the geologic column, and because the Middle East has a great deal of what is called Cretaceous rock, it follows that the Middle East would need to be submerged after the Flood, at the very time of the Tower of Babel events in Genesis 11. This has led some of the Recolonizers to speculate that the Ark actually landed in Africa, and therefore, that continent was the host to the events of Genesis 11 and 12. This would seem to be a very weak position exegetically and historically. Such exegetical weaknesses led Professor Andy McIntosh and his colleagues to comment, “Their science is driving their interpretation of Scripture, and not the other way round.”


We must not be downhearted by critics and their frequent accusations against the Bible. We must not be surprised that so many people will believe all sorts of strange things, whatever the logic.

Starting from our presupposition that the Bible’s account is true, we have seen that scientific models can be developed to explain the post-Flood migration of animals. These models correspond to observed data and are consistent with the Bible’s account. It is notable that opponents of biblical creationism use similar models in their evolutionary explanations of animal migrations. While a model may eventually be superseded, it is important to note that such biblically consistent models exist. In any event, we have confidence in the scriptural account, finding it to be accurate and authoritative.10 The fact of animal migration around the world is illustrative of the goodness and graciousness of God, who provided above and beyond our needs.

Paul F. Taylor, Answers in Genesis 22 Comments [12/16/2017 2:47:09 AM]
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Submitted By: Denizen

Quote# 135239

Intelligence does exist, it can be measured, it does make a difference. US President Johnson's 1965 "Great Society" imposed what has come to be some $50 trillion in summed Social Marxism failures. The refractorily lowest classes are overall genetically inconsequential. No amount of money, no imposed opportunity and empowerment at the cost of others' robust abilities, heals the problem other than to amplify it through subsidized reproduction.

Cherish the Gifted. Allow normalcy less a standard deviation to prosper of its own palsied hands, demanded beliefs, and sacred cultures.

Uncle Al, Information Processing 4 Comments [12/17/2017 3:31:04 AM]
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While many would argue saying that there isn't any kind of cuckoldry happening when you watch porn, I would like to disagree with it because you are being virtually cucked when you watch porn. Just think about it: you are watching another man have sexual intercourse with a femoid while you enthusiastically jack off to it. The only difference it has with the actual cuckoldry act is that, you are sitting behind a screen and jacking off to the act rather than being present in the scene and jacking off to it. In both cases, the other man gets the chance to fuck a cum dumpster while you're not getting any.

Also, remember that these degenerates are not only cucking you, but they are also profiting from your Inceldom. How? By being paid to do different kinds of acts in front of the camera, while you, the person who watches it, isn't getting paid in any sort of manner. The websites you also watch these stuff profit heavily from ad revenue; which is the reason why the porn industry has grown exponentially in the last few years. These degenerates are using our misery to gain profit while we just stroke our cawk in our room lonely and miserably. Yes, it does provide us with some sort of temporary pleasure but we just go back to being miserable again after a few minutes. Not really worth it, if you think about it.

Lastly, I would like to state that, pornography may bring some kind of temporary and meaningless pleasure for all of its viewers, which in turn they would benefit from, however, the negatives outweighs the positives when it comes to porn. One of the biggest negatives being that, porn is solely responsible for the degradation of our sexual morality and the cohesiveness of the family unit. The rampant degeneracy you see today didn't happen by accident by any means; pornography is one of the top contributing factors towards it.

Lookismisreal, Incel.life 12 Comments [12/16/2017 4:23:00 PM]
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At least with Downies you'll know that they'll be useless (not all of them but in general). Unlike the autistic people who could show potential during childhood, but then after high school start doing nothing aside from living off tax payer money.

The real Sinterklaas, Kiwi Farms 9 Comments [12/16/2017 2:43:32 AM]
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The corrupt Deep State media painted Donald Trump as a sexual predator, a friend of the KKK, or even a ‘Nazi.’ Some on the left were whipped into a frenzy and claimed the world as we knew it would come to an end if the ‘orange monster’ somehow got elected.

To prevent that disastrous occurrence, a parade of women were trotted out of the woodwork to accuse Trump of sexual assault. They were all liars. Their lies may have had some efficacy in the past, but fortunately in the age of the Internet, the truth can be found and Trump became president.

Apparently, the Deep State has no other playbook. They’re now using the same lying, dirty tactics against Roy Moore. Moore wants to make America great again and does not mouth the usual politically correct platitudes. He’s not part of the Deep State, so their operatives are doing their best to keep him out of the Senate.

I think they will fail again, but just in case, I drew another cartoon to support his election.

Ben Garrison, Grrr Graphics 23 Comments [12/13/2017 3:46:14 AM]
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What are your views on the age of consent generally?

I think it should be abolished and replaced with a law that allows courts to decide more flexibly whether abuse of trust took place (which is really what age of consent is about, isn't it -- we all know its wrong for a 30 year old to persuade a 12 year old that a sexual relationship would be cool, but if the 12 year old thought that without persuasion, it's different...) and you have to take the different ages into account, too; I think the flexibility of the common law and the representative views of a jury are absolutely necessary here.

However, I don't ACTUALLY know how the law works in this area. If that's already what happens then good.

Bagration, The Student Room 9 Comments [12/16/2017 2:46:37 AM]
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In my experience (psychology studies, published research, own experiences and layman observation) one important aspect is that a 15-year old person has not at all the same means to use a against his/hers 15-year old victim as a 25 year old. Just in terms of average physical strength, possibility to remove the victim from his/hers surroundings by car as well as authority.

Alright, but we're talking about coercion at this point. I'm not arguing that ANYbody should be able to intimidate anybody this way. You're making the mistake of assuming an adult having sex with a minor necessarily involves this. Even if it might be more common in these situations, you're still guilty of ageism.

People don't like to be tricked. If someone gives 10$ to someone else, who asks for it for a bus ride or food, this someone will feel betrayed and/or angry if he/she finds out that the person he/she gave those 10$ used them for drugs instead. It doesn't change anything, they are 10$ poorer and the choice made by the other person doesn't change that. But still a lot of people care.

Agreed, but those people don't go to prison for a long time and their lives aren't ruined by being marked as a sex offender for life.

If your standard is simply that people are being deceived, then you're opening the doors to a ton of new regulations. It has to be something substantial.

In other words, she was playing a game half blind not being aware of all the rules, possibilities and her own rights. Also applies the other way around.

This is not exclusive to older people with younger people though. Should a 30-year old who does this to somebody his age go to prison for using a girl under false pretenses? Seriously, I think if you really understand what we're talking about, it's punishing people for breaking peoples' hearts. That's not a legal matter, that's just ordinary drama.

18 isn't a magic number and the age of consent isn't same in all countries. 25 wouldn't be a bad idea. Or a maturity test. However, I suppose 18 is seen as good enough approximation.

I say we go with a maturity test since age really isn't the issue is it? Most people here are bringing up maturity, experience and reason... why not simply just test for those things? That'd make a lot more sense for other things as well (e.g., driver's license, ability to drink).

A 25 year old and a 15 year old are not on equal footing when it comes to experience, authority, and power

True, but could you apply that to the questions that I asked?

Even when we talk about authority and power, if a 25 year old had sex with a 15-year old without utilizing that, why would it be an issue?

A 25 year old automatically has more power and authority. You can't pretend it doesn't exist.

I'm not pretending it doesn't exist, I'm asking why we assume it's at play.

Or let's look at it another way...

If I'm a super-genius at the age of 25 (let's say I have an IQ of 200) and I use that genius to manipulate a girl of the same age who is below average intelligence (we won't go so far as to say mentally challenged to avoid that conversation), do I deserve to go to prison and be marked as a sexual offender for the rest of my life?

I think I agree with you, but it's a very fuzzy, grey area that I think has to be handled with caution, because it can go in a very ugly direction.

OpinionGenerator • 4y
I agree, but I think the "ugly direction" of which you speak is still outside what we're talking about. Even the OP basically admitted to physical intimidation to make her point, but that's something that is ALWAYS punishable no matter what age you are... it's kind of a cheap way to make her point.

I think the line should definitely be AFTER puberty starts to kick in and past the age of when we teach sex ed, but after that, I don't think it makes sense to punish people when their partner is seeking sex. When I was 13 (actually younger than that TBH), I was ready to go and it'd be a shame to think the women I was fantasizing over would be seen as manipulative for giving me what I wanted at the time.

Again, I think this has to do with society's views of sex. When a guy gets laid, it's awesome. When a girl gets laid, it's a strike and after she's had X amount of those, she's a slut. Why is it that men rarely go through this when they have sex at an early age? Because they're not shamed like women are.

OpinionGenerator, Reddit 5 Comments [12/16/2017 4:23:13 PM]
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I'm Jewish, and when it comes to demographics I think it's more complicated than you make it. Just take a look around society, right now the White population is around 62%, and you can already see a massive anti-White zeitgeist. The amount of acceptable racism targeted at Whites is, frankly, utterly disgusting. Just look at the Alabama election and the #Blackwomen trend that began trending on Twitter afterward; White women were demonized for voting for Roy Moore with such vituperative anger that it made me feel nauseated. One White woman on Jezebel was irate about how her (completely innocent) daughter was crying from guilt after reading the hatred directed to her (because she was a White woman), and the widely upvoted response was that her daughter should learn her place and realize she's an enabler of White supremacy.

The grievance mongering is totally out of hand, and as Whites become a minority it will eventually lead to (at best) Whites being utterly despised and (at worst) potentially even an actual genocide (not in the way these clowns define it) in the future. As expelling minorities is cruel and immoral, so is allowing this absurd anti-White zeitgeist to continue. For the sake of their children, Whites are under no obligation to let the demographic decline continue apace.

Rameses_2, Reddit 12 Comments [12/15/2017 12:18:51 PM]
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Men over the course of 3000 years have created the law using rationality, fairness and facts. Women are 53% of the electorate and are now in charge of Western Law ; they do not employ rationality and are immune to facts ; sentiment and caring now rule. To make matters worse , in Ontario, Yassir Naqvi appoints a majority of female judges for that reason; they pass judgement on the grounds of nicey-niceness and the female judges , strangely, will give Islam a free ride and figuratively crucify us.

Spud, Eurocanadian 5 Comments [12/16/2017 2:44:20 AM]
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The number of men who can't attain a healthy height (at least 5'11") has EXPLODED in the recent decades and the government is doing NOTHING about it. Underheighted men are 10x more likely to commit suicide, and are unable to obtain basic physical needs (a gf)

The government MUST start funding research into fixing the height epidemic NOW. I'M FUCKING LOSING IT.

wandercamp, incels.me 26 Comments [12/15/2017 4:19:56 AM]
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David Yeagley was born in 1951 and grew up in Oklahoma City. Even as a young child, he was vividly aware of threats to the Comanche people and their culture. When his grade school teacher asked the otherwise all-white class to draw pictures to encourage fire prevention, he drew teepees engulfed in flames, with the words, “Stop this.”

Yeagley showed great promise as a student and went on to earn so many degrees it is hard to keep track of them. He had a bachelor’s degree from Oberlin Conservatory, a Master of Arts from Emory University, an Artist Diploma from the University of Hartford (Hartt School of Music), and a Doctorate from the University of Arizona. He was the first American Indian ever admitted to Yale Divinity School, where he earned a Master of Divinity degree. He did graduate work at Harvard but did not earn a degree. He was a Ford Fellow and a Kellogg Fellow.

Yeagley taught at Oklahoma State University, the University of Central Oklahoma, and the University of Oklahoma. His off-the-reservation views caused a stir, and led to collaboration in 2000 with Governor Frank Keating to establish a curriculum on American patriotism for Oklahoma’s public schools. However, it was his columns for FrontPageMagazine.com in the early 2000s that brought him to national attention.

He appeared on programs such as Hannity & Colmes and Bill O’Reilly, and made a number of C-Span appearances. He also made a History Channel episode on “Comanche Warriors,” did a history documentary for Danish Public Television, and was a popular speaker at universities. He was often sponsored by Young America’s Foundation, and electrified audiences with talks on gun rights, Comanche pride, the mind of the warrior, and the importance of protecting the United States from Third-World invasion.

However, Yeagley’s fair-weather friends could not stomach his increasingly outspoken criticism of mass immigration. FrontPageMagazine dropped him, and speaking engagements dried up. But Yeagley never trimmed his sails. Like his great-great-grandfather, he stuck to his guns and never lost his vision.

It was under Bad Eagle’s leadership that the Comanche finally put down arms after years of war with the United States and reconciled to becoming Americans—proud Comanches, still, but Americans. Yeagley, too, had a vision of Comanche accommodation with an America he had grown to love, but it must never be a Third-World America of white-guilt and multi-culturalism.

I first met Yeagley in 2011, when he spoke at a conference I organized. He described the dispossession of the Indian by the white man, but said he could not hate whites. As a warrior, he was compelled to admire the bravery and fighting spirit of the conqueror. He spoke of the crisis the now-denatured white man has created for himself, as he lets others push him off his own land. The great tragedy, he said, is that although the Indian fought to defend his land, the white man has lost his warrior virtues and is giving up without a struggle. The American white man, said Yeagley, has voluntarily become the “Indian of the 21st Century,” adding, “Let me be the first to welcome you onto the reservation.”

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance 3 Comments [12/17/2017 3:33:26 AM]
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How dumb are Flat Earthers?
Better question is how dumb is everybody else?
Answer:Daytime moon proves flat earth...Cause you cant show me our world is a globe without NASA But I can show you our world is flat much faster When the sun is high up in the sky you can clearly see the moon proving NASAs greatest lie...that is how dumb everyone else is....btw...if that sounds like a song its because it is...keep hating!!!Globalists?

cosmodave69, YouTube  14 Comments [12/16/2017 4:20:45 PM]
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Adolf Hitler was great because Adolf Hitler was good. He was a man for all ages and his noble philosophy is for all races. Hitler's legacy should serve to unite the diverse peoples of the world in the common cause of liberation from the murderous predatory gangsters who work ceaselessly to torture and enslave the peoples of this planet. His great name will be restored one day, but, like Jesus, only after many years of being dragged through the Marxist mud.

How deliciously ironic it is that so many non-Whites seem to be more enthused about Hitler these days than the dumbed-down Whites of the brainwashed West. Perhaps they will be the spark that serves to finally wake the dying West up to the cultural and physical genocide that is rapidly being prepared for the oblivious White Man.

Hitler's 1942 prayer may not have been answered then, but to the Eternal Cosmic Intelligence, the answering of prayers has no time-table. If and when the whole world comes to understand what World War II was really all about; it will be "lights out" for the Satanic scum of The New World Order!

With that hope in mind, let's us close as we began; with Hitler's sincere prayer for ALL humanity - a prayer that is as relevant today as it was then:

"Lord God, give us the strength that we may retain our liberty for our children and our children's children, not only for ourselves but also for the other peoples of Europe, for this is a war which we all wage, this time, not for our German people alone, it is a war for all of Europe and with it, in the long run, for all of mankind."

Amen Chief. A-flippin-men!

Mike King, Tomato Bubble 17 Comments [12/15/2017 4:14:12 PM]
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The job of police is enforcing oppression. They shake down homeless people, bust black and brown kids for nonviolent crimes, evict poor families from their homes, disrupt peaceful protests, write tickets to people they know can't afford it (ensuring they become trapped in debt to the state), facilitate brutal deportation campaigns against undocumented workers, send people to jail where they can be forced into literal slave labor, and protect the private property of the wealthy.

Even so-called "good" cops have to do those things or they get fired. As the right wing begins to enact its agenda in this country, they will probably be required to do even worse things. It doesn't matter if they're nice dudes who love their families or pet dogs. So what if they're not literal monsters 100% of the time? Nobody is. Their job requires doing shit that no good person should be comfortable doing.

MasterlessMan333, r/GamerGhazi 8 Comments [12/16/2017 2:44:52 AM]
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