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An Alaska politician has argued against tougher US gun control by claiming that Jews would have survived the Holocaust if they had been armed.

Don Young, a Republican congressman for the state since 1973, made the remark after being quizzed on school safety by Democrat Dimitri Shein, who is running for his seat, Alaska Public Media reported.

Speaking at the Alaska Municipal League, Mr Young said: “How many millions of people were shot and killed because they were unarmed? Fifty million in Russia. How many Jews were put in the ovens because they were unarmed?”

Mr Young, the last remaining member of either the Senate or House of Representatives to have served during the Richard Nixon presidency in the early 1970s, is a prominent advocate for gun rights in his home state, the Daily Mail reports.

He is a member of the National Rifle Association (NRA), and has previously said he believes that arming teachers could prevent future school shootings, a view echoed by President Trump.

Don Young, The Jewish Chronicle 6 Comments [3/1/2018 12:44:39 PM]
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Submitted By: Yossarian Lives

Quote# 136979

Even as a child, I knew that news on television were lies. I don't have a television. I watch documentaries and read essays on the wild wild wild west internet. Satanic Jews and satanic Jesuits like Pope/Pa pa/Father Francis can't control the web. Pierre Trudeau was a Jesuit and is now in the ades/hell, and his son is going there.

Elias/Elijah was taken up in an IFO. UFOs exist and controlled the NASA program, they control like robots/puppets medical doctors and psychiatrists, big pharma, and all government civil servants that kill each other, they exist to do evil because the devil and his angels really exist and they control them like puppets, for example the Rockfellers are puppets of the devil.

What's in some vaccines? (Mercury)Thimerosol, Aluminum, Formaldehyde, animal matter, live viruses. Who are they trying to kid that this is a healthy product? They are puppets of the devil that exist to do evil. Cops holding down someone and a psychiatric nurse injects a toxic pesticide into someone, they say they are doing you good, what's really going on? It's Nazi styled medicine, it's fascism, it's a form of rape.

Dr. Scott/Elias/EIijah taught that skull and bones is based on a true story of a woman that got pregnant by a demon. A warning picture of poison products is skull and bones.

Do vaccines produce antibodies? No, if it did, persons with a mump vaccines wouldn't gel the mumps but they still do because vaccines are like a pseudo-science like memory pills. You got be a nut to think a pill will make you have a better memory. I never got a vaccine shot except I think the Catholic school Provencher in grade 7, I never got medication from a doctor in a hospital, I'm very healthy. I was an atheist in grade 7, we were marched to the St.Boni-face basilica army style to confess our sins, I said to the priest saying I had no sins as an atheist. If anyone complains about what 1 write? I pay for the paper. If you don't pay monies to a preacher? You're like an atheist, you shall get kicked in the ass into ades/hell for free, what a bargain, no charge, it's freedom of choice

In the Bible, when a man has sex with a woman, they are officially married, what's your definition of sex? Is it better then Jesus' and his father's definition.
Samson had sex with a Satanic Delilah and a Satanic hooker. King Solomon had Satan's authority to make laws and married and had erotica! sex with with over 1000 women. Pope Francis and catholic clergy are faggots (nuns and Arab women wear the same veils) that take vows without paying money for Biblical vows
The two spies sent to Jericho had sex with hookers and Joshua/Jesus a type of Khrist like Moses, Elias and Peter and Paul and the saints didn't accuse them of being sinners.

Murder costs money to be paid to Jesus and his father, the money stolen after murdering the citizens of kata-cursed Jericho went to the (preachers) Levitical Priest to spend on whatever they wanted to spend it on like hookers if they wanted to.

The Passover Covenant, murder to get the conditional promised land contrasted by the day of atonement covenant which was John's blood as the goat's blood and you shall not eat pork to get eternal life which was a covenant to deceived believers into believing that by not murdering for example you get eternal life, most people say murder is evil, not the Bible, Jesus shall kill his unGodly enemies at the battle of Armageddon, before this, Elias and Moses shall literally breath fire out of their mouths to kill their enemies.

Satanic medical doctors? Two mammograms = being one mile from Hiroshima when the atom bomb went off. World War 3 shall be Nazi-Bayer Monsanto (Kothchilds-Kockfellers-British Queen-Pope).

Einstein's MCsquarcd. Satanic Monsanto taught propaganda lies like the CBC and CTV television newscasts that growth hormones for cow to produce more milk (20%) without eating more food, that the milk would be created without the cows eating more food. No extra food, no extra milk, this makes sense to mine mind and I'm super smart. The growth hormone produced mad cow disease. Mister/Master/Lord/Sir/Mr. arnold Schwarzenegger, My satanic nephew took steroids and I saw him with 1% body fat, he was demon possessed like eugenesist Arnold, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, and Hilary and Bill Clinton and both George Bush have evil/profane spirits in their bodies, I can see this, my eyes were changed in Winnipeg. Mrs. or mam means lordess.

Ray Marion, A New Covenant Interlinear (book) 6 Comments [3/1/2018 12:53:07 PM]
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Pampers is facing outrage over a picture on their packaging after a Muslim group alleged they see the word "Mohammed" spelled out in the whiskers of the nappy brand’s cartoon cat mascot. Muslims in India were filmed burning piles of Pampers products and called for a boycott of the brand, reports said Thursday.

The lines illustrating the whiskers, nose, mouth and left eye of the smiling feline that appears on each nappy and on the brand’s packaging allegedly closely resembles the Islamic prophet “Mohammed’s” name when written in Urdu or Arabic.

According to several reports, members of the Darsgah Jihad-o-Shahadat group went on to lodge a formal complaint with police in the Indian city of Hyderabad on Tuesday over the alleged "insult" to Islam.

Several videos emerged of activists burning packets of Pampers Baby Dry Pants in protest in the streets of Hyderabad.

In a formal letter to police, the Muslim group claimed the "name of Prophet can be seen printed" on the packet in Arabic "even with the bare eye," adding it had "hurt the feelings of the entire Muslim community."

"Therefore we request your goodself to kindly immediately intervene into the matter forthwith and stop the sale and distribution of Baby Dry Pants of Pampers Company and take action against its manufacturers [sic], arrest them and punish them," the letter added.

One of the complainants, a member of the Muslim group, Shahnoor Khan, told the Deccan Chronicle the group believed the company "deliberately printed" the word on each nappy to "hurt the Muslim community" and thus spark community unrest.

Reactions on social media regarding the boycott were varied. While some joined the call for a Pampers ban, others insisted the cartoon was just an innocent drawing of a cat which was taken out of context.

One of the users, Nasar Alam Khan wrote: "Please request every Muslim brother and sister to boycott this product. It’s the only way to prove our strength and the love for our Prophet."

Another named Imtiyaz Naikoo commented: "Please grow up. It’s a cat with two eyes and a mustache."

While Azam Shariff said: "Maybe it’s the fault of the creative team but whatever the case is, directly or indirectly, it’s manifesting the name of (our) holy Prophet. That is a sheer desecration, it’s insulting. Don’t use the products until they change this, until they apologise."

On its website, Procter and Gamble say it is a global brand that has "served millions of babies since its launch in the Arabian Peninsula."

Procter and Gamble senior communications manager Scott Popham said: "I am aware of false and misleading information about Pampers being spread via social media channels such as Facebook and YouTube. The design on the Pampers Baby Dry Pants shows an innocent animated representation of a cat. It shows a cat’s mouth and whiskers like it is commonly portrayed in drawings and cartoons across the world, especially by little children."

"The intent behind the use of this cartoon is completely innocent and we would never intend to offend any person, religion or cultural belief. As a responsible corporate citizen, we respect all religions, cultures, customs and beliefs," Popham added.

the Darsgah Jihad-o-Shahadat group, International Business Times 21 Comments [2/28/2018 1:41:45 PM]
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Christianity is the only thing stopping me (M16) from killing animals.
I genuinely want to capture animals, from smaller ones all the way to common household pets, and kill them. My mother is a devout Christian and I guess you could say that I was exposed to Christianity from the very beginning. My father left before I was born but regardless of this fact, I grew up in an extremely stable environment.

Back to the topic at hand, I have very strong urges to capture animals and instead of killing them straight away, I'm not going to sugercoat this in any way but I would love to torture them before ending it. I've had these urges since I was 12 or possibly 13 years of age.

Since Christianity has been a part of my life, albeit somewhat forced, the only thing stopping me from carrying out my internal desire is the fear of sinning in the very back of my mind. I should also mention I feel very little remorse. If it wasn't for that single thought, I would've already begun doing the things I've stated above.

Honestly, I feel it's kind of unfair that I can't do these things to animals due to law, religion and the moral standards of people.

Ghyroncanttee, Reddit 29 Comments [2/27/2018 8:35:18 AM]
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Getting ripped by my own (Chan) Classmates for the prospect of a school asian society

Heya I'm a 16 year old and for my school I'm proposing an asian society since an African society already exists. I've been told it's a bad idea by two kids in my year. One is a stereotypical nerdy chinese guy who's basically a Chan (he laughs it off when there's racism against him). Another is a more confident asian guy who hangs out with popular white guys but he says the idea is retarded and i should go "kms" and he says none of the asians will join. He may as well be white cos he pretty much acts white and will always go to the side of his white friends over asians. So yeah I'm kind of in a dilemma.....

Unfortunately most Asian kids won't be woke in high school, if they ever get there. Don't listen to them: start the club and invite the other Asian kids and set an example of Asian leadership and pride in their identity even in the face of adversity.

You're ahead of the curve. Most won't get there until at least college, if not later. If you can get a few Asians who are not sellouts (seek white approval) or utterly oblivious of racial dynamics (low emotional intelligence, common among nerds), that should be a realistic goal. Getting a majority to approve of it isn't.

various commenters, r/Aznidentity 2 Comments [3/1/2018 12:27:09 PM]
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Quote# 136943

Gus Kenworthy saved 90 dogs from dog farm in Korea , He says "culture should never be a scapegoat for cruelty " Kal Penn says thank you to him .

These people should worry more about the fact that white “culture” literally allows for school shootings, beheading of foreigners, massive industrial animal abuse, and mistreatment of racial minorities. If they address those, and actively do something about it, they have my own personal permission to bitch about problems in Korea. But before then, they can fuck right off to their shithole of a country.

But it's ok to sanction NK more, drive it to famine, and blame the regim. Ok. They treat dogs better than human

God the CPC needs to crack down on PETA degenerates in China/Hong Kong. Take your intolerance somewhere else. Or shove it up your ass

Why don't he go save some dogs and cat in Switzerland? Oh because if youre white you're right

Gus kenworthy partied with the sultan of Brunei. The Brunei regime murders lgbt southeast Asians but that obviously is never talked about by white gay liberal celebrities and the liberal media since they hate us Asians. There is such racism and hatred towards gay Asians from the lgbt community. LGBT white celebrities and the liberal media are silent about Gus kenworthy partying with the sultan of Brunei since only lgbt southeast Asians are being murdered and not white lgbt ones. Meanwhile, a white gay twink can post a sad video on YouTube about how he is being bullied and they will collectively freak out adpnd yell about how oppressed white gay guys are.

It was really sick how the liberal media and white gay guys were calling the North Korean sister of Kim Jong in the shade queen and the queen of diplomacy since they really hate vp pence. They bashed vp pence since a white gay ice skater named Adam rip on was feuding with vp pence. They freak out when a white gay guy complains but they are completely fine with the North Korean regime murdering Koreans, some of whom are obviously lgbt. The liberal media and white gay community is that racist to Asians and lgbt Asians.

So Kal Penn hates his East and southeast Asian brethren?

It sucks that when a white person does this he is celebrated by everyone. It is only a small population of Koreans that eat dog meat. In reality, everyday, throughout the year, regular Koreans are trying to get these dogs out of the markets and coordinating with rescues to send them overseas. No one talks about them. Same shit happens with China and the Yulin Festival. So many stories of ordinary Chinese folks who don’t make much, but pull together all they have in order to buy the dogs and prevent their deaths. No one hears about that.

Ok I think we are jumping to conclusions a bit too fast here guys. The post talked about how it wasn’t his place to enforce cultural norms on Korea, just prevent animal cruelty. It’s no different than some dude doing he same with cows or pigs in the US.

We need to pick our battles. Defending animal cruelty isn’t one we are going to win.

no no no no no no, don't be fooled, he prefaces with that, but proceeds to say otherwise. This is more than just animal cruelty, this is western whites dictating that their selection of animals to eat (or be kind to) as superior. People from Korea or Asia don't come to the US to rescue chickens, cows or pigs from cruel conditions, do they?

No I suppose they don’t, but it’s not Korean culture to keep any of those animals as pets.

I don’t really see where in his post that he implies western superiority.

implied in op title and in his post via 'culture should never be a scapegoat for cruelty'

various commenters, r/Aznidentity 3 Comments [3/1/2018 12:27:39 PM]
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I was just pointing out that it is impossible to discuss matters of spirituality with someone who can't even admit to its existence

Alan Burns, Religion and Ethics 5 Comments [3/1/2018 6:52:28 AM]
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Quote# 136926

For God not to exist, we need to assume -
1. That the universe came into being on its own without divine help
2. That the initial conditions concerning the incredibly fine tuned balance between the rate of expansion of the universe an the force of Gravity (the cosmological constant) which allowed the formation of stars and galaxies was not intentional.
3. That the first living cell came into being through the actions of random, unguided, purposeless events.
4. That a sufficient quantity and quality of beneficial mutations can be generated from random events to drive the process of evolution.
5. That the detrimental effects of harmful mutations could not wipe out life entirely.
6. That every one of the billions of discrete mutations needed to form life as we know it was able to provide sufficient survival advantage in its own right to facilitate natural selection.
7. That molecular activity alone can generate self awareness.
8. That every event needed to write this post was an inevitable consequence of previous events, because we must assume that there can be no such thing as free will.

And we must presume that all these assumptions are true because God does not exist.

Alan Burns, Religion and Ethics 23 Comments [2/27/2018 8:34:56 AM]
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Quote# 136916

Mick's headline: "Today's Laugh 2-26-18"

Mick Williams:
Hard to keep up with these two. Best thing going for republicans right now.

Mick Williams, Disqus - Faith & Religion 14 Comments [3/1/2018 6:53:01 AM]
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Quote# 36794

There's a book I'm writing called "Evolution 4 Dummies". I'll give you a breif summary- free, at no cost to you: If evolution is undoubtly true, why are there still primates? Why haven't they evolved into humans? Why haven't we evolved into some other creature by now? I'll tell you why- because evolution is the equivalent to blowing smoke up someones hiny! No man will ever be able to truly prove this thought of evolution because it's just not solid. Now take into comparison, the Holy Bible (KJV)- with all of the milleniums man has spent trying to disprove and distroy the infallible Word of God- It's still here. The truth from the time Jesus Christ walked the earth till now is still strong and present. Now- there's no need to rewrite what the Bible says, but it's been rewritten not due to error in information, but simply for the convenience of man. "Proof" of Evolution will always be rewritten and changed because you can only keep up a lie but for so long.

I'm doing an autograph signing in the Fall! Praise God

NeshLady, LiveScience 76 Comments [3/27/2008 6:20:46 PM]
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Quote# 136940

Re: Fact Check: Video Games Do *Not* Cause Violence

What about the feminized culture that drives the use of these drugs because it regards being a boy as a disease?

I think you hit the nail on the head. The leftist culture that exists in orgs like the APA, taking its cues from the gender theory and third-wave feminist movements, treats masculinity as toxic. Boys who act like boys are diagnosed with AD&D, EDD, or ODD, and are psychologically neutered with anti-psychotic drugs while their minds are still developing.

If you are a parent, and you give in to pressure from your public school district to put your son on psych-drugs, you deserve to be hung upside down over a pit of lava.

The inability to read the non-verbal social cues that have been the halmark of human society is approaching crisis level. It's not just that it shows up in these kinds of violent break-downs, but it's also a huge part of the "sexual harassment" crisis that has been steadily making its rounds through every sport and every sector of our society.

Disintegration of the nuclear family, family values, discipline, and morality are all the banners of liberals. So to sum it up, liberals are the problem with our society.

And God help the white boy. He's the politically approved target for all things vile.

Not if he claims gayness. He will then be exonerated from all white guilt.

Not if he is conservative, gay and white. Milo is the example.

(Pleiades R)
by the liberal media and a few followers...

do you actually think it is a national movement?

LOL and you make the "weakness" issue seem correct when you fear a liberal media facade... like, "hillary is going to win" "declare war on white guys"

I have an idea, act like ideal men... intelligent, strong, respectful, defenders of family and neighborhood....
be the role model decent people admire....
and ignore the sour grapes of liberal self haters....

don't let the turkeys make you act like the whiners they want everyone to be, just like them

and I notice, you miss the fact.... .. white women are being treated poorly too..... heroic guy....
you know, a lot of strong women, become so because there are no longer the caring men....

(The reality bites...you)
Look for disabled parking permits for all penis owners...coming soon.

What about transgender penis owners. Have you heard they like to complain in the military the drills are too hard. So they play both sides. Just like gays. They are behaving only part way the other gender. The point is that it is not a true full blown transgender in the mentally ill minds. Gays the same. They only take on part of other gender behavior. The point is that these are mental illnesses that the left is trying to justify as normal.

The problem with your argument is that the academic, post-modernist feminists are "feminists", and the colloquial use of "feminist" is incorrect. Actual feminism began in universities, and "feminism" is used to describe a particular gender theory that derives its central themes from Marxist conflict theory. Somehow, perhaps deliberately, folk vernacular conflated "feminism" with "women's rights" to denote any collective action women took to achieve equal rights.

Equal pay for equal work has been the law for decades. If they can't compete it's because they are no good and shouldn't be allowed to jeopardize the quality of work or the pocketbooks of their employer. They generally pay too much attention to relationships at work while men and non feminist women are able to focus on the task alone. We know this because we see it time and time again.
Feminists manipulated young women into believing their only value was as a careerist. Pushing women into the workplace doubled the work force and halved the wage and now women who understand how important it is to raise their own children can't unless they marry a wealthy man and that's an unrealistic goal. Women will never be as important as the children they once raised. Day care and preschool made them redundant, not just men.
The fact is that domestic women had all the real power. Western civilization was built to provide for and protect the children they raised. The social mores and rules of living were set by and for women. The hand that rocked the cradle really did rule the rule. Thst's why poll after poll could never come up with more than 25% of women calling themselves feminist, but feminists do not care whst women want, just what they alone want.

Feminists always throw in this specious crap "or the kind of gal who allows herself to be beaten when her "big strong man" is drunk... is that what you had in mind?" The vast majority of men live their entire lives without ever once hitting a woman, even when they're hit by abusive women. That's the kind of demonizing of men that is so perverse.

(Cahal the Mad™)
"Too many kids running around that can't distinguish fantasy and reality."

And THAT is the direct result of indoctrination, propaganda, and lies by left-wing public schools, the left-wing media, left-wing "parents", left-wing Hollywood, and left-wing politicians.

And the parents that allow it. If one won't stand up for themselves at least stand up and fight for your own child. If enough people stood up to this nonsense we could start beating it back, but too many lemmings out there content to do what the idiot box tells them to do while sending their kids off to the local indoctrination camp for the free daycare.

various commenters, Breitbart 7 Comments [3/1/2018 7:00:07 AM]
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Quote# 36778

[Part of a much longer post about the impending birth control pill for men.]

Men's health and reproductive needs was totally ignored by the sexist bigots in the medical industrial complex. Feminazi organizations like Planned Parenthood blocked pills for men. In succeeding decades Planned Parenthood has received millions of dollars from the government for birth control research, but has blocked all research for men. Part of the reason for the total discrimination against men was because feminazi who control the medical industrial complex don't consider men to be real people. Feminism is, after all, the radical theory that only women are people.


Even the crude 19th century mechanical devices that men have tried to use are often rescued from waste bins and emptied of their contents as soon as his back is turned. For half a century men have been prevented from access to effective birth control pills by bigotry and lies. For half a century men have had to support millions of unwanted children because of bigotry and lies.

bobx, Bob's Truth 66 Comments [3/27/2008 4:19:18 PM]
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Quote# 136849

This image has 14k likes as of this writing.

Transcript of image: The View is hate-filled, anti-Trump, anti-American propaganda and should be cancelled. SHARE if you agree!

Conservative Journalism, Facebook 18 Comments [2/28/2018 1:40:25 PM]
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Quote# 136852

My bible says that Jesus came to save sinners...alcoholics, drug addicts, prostitutes, adulterers, murderers, porn stars, government workers, and people of all sorts of sexual situations.

Michael S, Y! answers 10 Comments [2/28/2018 1:40:33 PM]
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Quote# 36785

since, pro-choicers think its ok to murder (which is what aborting babies is).. and I'M ALL FOR THE DEATH PENALTY- a life for a life, maybe instead of aborting babies.. we should just kill the mother and it takes care of the murder (the mother) and victim (the baby).That way everyones happy.

Christina Chapa, Facebook Note 61 Comments [3/27/2008 7:19:23 PM]
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Quote# 36843

I am still in school, and we learn about evolution alot. I don't believe it. When we learn it, I sit in my seat praying for my teacher and for my class that the message won't get through to them and they'll learn the truth.

emilie, Y! Answers 52 Comments [3/28/2008 1:57:42 AM]
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In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Bolter

Quote# 136867

Pa. church plans blessing ceremony for AR-15s

A church in northeast Pennsylvania is telling couples to bring their semi-automatic rifles to a blessing ceremony next week.

The event is meant to give couples an opportunity "to show their willingness to defend their familiars, communities and nation," The Times-Tribune in Scranton reported.

It will take place at the World Peace and Unification Sanctuary in Newfoundland, Pa., on Wednesday.

“All of the weapons in the ceremony will be checked to make sure they are unloaded, with a zip tie so that no bullets can be inserted,” Sanctuary Church president Richard Panzer said in an email, according to the The Times-Tribune.

“We are inviting local and state police to be on the premises, so that everything goes safely.”

The blessing ceremony will be held just weeks after a gunman, using an AR-15, opened fire at a high school in Florida, killing 17 people.

Panzer noted the church has "no ill intent" and does not see any connection "since these firearms are for self-defense.”

He also addressed school shootings and raised the suggestion of arming teachers.

“Regarding the school shootings, if any of the teachers had been allowed to carry a firearm, many lives could have been saved," he added. "Several states have passed legislation to allow exactly that."

Since the Florida high school shooting, students across the country have been rallying for gun control.

They are demanding that lawmakers take action to prevent future mass shootings and to keep their schools safe.

Richard Panzer, The Hill 19 Comments [2/24/2018 12:32:55 PM]
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Quote# 39978

[First ever Sikh GAY Anand karaj - Wedding ceremony]

Sikhs or others, this whole Gay marriage thing is SICK!

If two people want to do their un-natural thing in private, let them have it. But to have this sick behavior legally recognized as marriage! It is an insult to the institution of marriage!

Scientists say most gays are born that way due to a kink in their brains, and others due to certain culture. OK, so let us tolerate the behavior until a medical cure is found. But one doesn't have to use this birth defect to derail the sanctity of marriage.

I bet the next thing to be legally recognised as marriage would be:

1. Sex with animals
2. Polygamy

Yohan, FFI 53 Comments [5/27/2008 8:56:07 AM]
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Submitted By: ixolite

Quote# 130615

I know it sucks, but that is just how wikipedia generally is. The whole point of an encyclopedia is to be politically correct and label and get as much information on every person, place, thing or ideas possible. There aren't that many predominately black shows, so it's nice to categorize them, so putting a category of "African-American" shows, in the Cosby show article makes sense. There aren't that many LGBT related anime stories that deal with transgender issues or lesbian and homosexual romance like Sailor Moon does.

So it's nice to honor that and show that Sailor Moon does fall under that circumstance. Yeah I see what you mean, I would love for people to just be people, and tv shows to just be tv shows, being that the anime community for the most part is in a bubble of sorts and uses anime to escape themselves from politically correct socialism, which is why anime is as obscure as it is. But anime like any type of culture, still falls under the sense of reality structure and if a show has lgbt characters and storylines, those categories should be added.

Boaxy, Wikipedia 15 Comments [8/16/2017 8:07:47 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 100649

JEWS FEAR CHRISTIANITY more than any other thing. Here's Why:

1) Christianity tells Jews that their leaders committed Deicide against Jesus Christ. (Jews always blame others for their crimes.)

2) Christianity tells Jews that they must repent of their sins. (Jews consider "repentance" repulsive.)

3) Christianity tells Jews that all men can become "one in Christ." (Jews wish to be an elite group.)

4) Christianity tells Jews that they must value Spiritual things above wordly things. (Jews are crass materialists.)

5) Christianity tells Jews that they are not to be trusted in spheres of influence because of their hatred of Jesus Christ. (Jews quake and tremble before such a reproof!)


A CHRISTIAN NATION would make the Jews second-class citizens.

This is something that the Jews fear. Jews want to be on top of the ladder and be the leaders.

But this is a bad idea. Why? Because Jews hate Jesus Christ and who wants Christ-haters telling us what to do?

Jesus Christ was so beautiful. He taught us wonderful things like "love your enemies and do good to those who hate you." But the Jews don't like this teaching. Jews see all men as their enemies and wish to bomb them into annihilation.

Do we really want these Christ-hating Jews to lead us? Or do we wish to put the fear of God into the Jews' minds and hearts by telling them:

"Hey Jews. We are Christians. You are haters of Jesus Christ. And you MUST repent! (And oh! - how the Jews will quake and tremble!)

Brother Nathanael Kapner, Real Jew News 37 Comments [4/22/2014 3:04:56 AM]
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Submitted By: Wykked Wytch

Quote# 135924

I think both of you go too far. The OP proclaims to be a half-troll but I like his approach and much appreciate his blog so it matters less if he’s serious or not but I’ll assume you certainly are, Chinzork.

It would be a folly to just teach women to be sex slaves and prostitutes. Once feminism collapses there will be millions of sluts and feminists who will be just that for a loaf a bread and a glass a water a day and, believe me, you will not have to teach the first generation anything about fucking and sucking anyway.

But in order to maintain the current level of industrial civilization in a non-feminist society (which will soon be surpassed once male creative energies are released and sexual frustration and PC are no longer a hindrance) you’ll need women for jobs like teaching, maids, nursery, probably even doctors. I agree that they shouldn’t be allowed into basically any STEM fields because they just create dissension between men and exchange sexual services for career advancement but they must do some jobs as well.

What’s really important, even more than the STEM thing, is that 1. they get no right to vote – it is impossible to have a civilization with this 2. are married off to good men young 3. aren’t socializing with men outside of families.

With this you have already solved 99 percent of the problem.

Btw, daily, is there any way to donate to you? Loving your blog !

caamib, Dailyantifeminist 18 Comments [1/14/2018 5:05:54 AM]
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Obviously Mitt Romney is deceived. Do you want someone deceived by the Mormon cult in the White House? Many people know that Mormons teach heresies like Jesus is the spirit brother of Lucifer. But do people know voting for Romney will bring God's judgment (2 Chronicles 19:2)? If you love Jesus Christ, you won't vote for Mormon Romney. There is hope. Rick Santorum includes God in government as our Founding Fathers said to do and obeys God with pro-life and one-man and one-woman marriage. Since obeying God will fix the economy, Americans should vote for Santorum who is the most God-fearing Republican running.

Pastor Steve Andrew, Joe. My. God. 78 Comments [1/24/2012 4:20:05 AM]
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I think [atheist extremism] is a form of self-worship. They have delusions of godhood, they are self-righteous and they get angry if you refuse to kiss they're butt. So when you tell them that you believe in a power greater than them, they become jealous (Satan). Some "Christians" act this way as well, but I think those are just athiests pretending to be christian. If these athiests had their way, they would have "God" removed from "The Pledge of Allegiance". They'd have all copies of the Holy Bible burned. If an athiest ever acquired godlike power, he'd stop pretending to be a "good" person and take full advantage of his new abilities. I don't believe in comic books.
I believe everyone is flawed. VERY FLAWED. Everyone is capable of evil. I had no faith in people until I became christian. Before that, I was all these things above and I just thought life on planet earth was pointless for everyone. Without God, our existence means nothing. Just some random joke. So even if it wasn't real, we need it.

cartoonrat, Yahoo!Answers 47 Comments [3/28/2008 2:22:39 AM]
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I am an "active" pedophile

Before the morality police jump on me, I'll point out that this is the "confessions" subreddit, and that I'm posting because I normally have to keep this secret and I felt like it'd be liberating to just say openly what I'm into and what I do, and if you want to be retarded and judgmental, you can just go fuck off. I know that my preferences and actions aren't consistent with "traditional morality," but of course that's all relative to culture, and it's just been my bad luck to live in a time and place where my sexual preferences are considered taboo.
So I'm an "active" pedophile, which means that I regularly have sex with children. My preference is for children between the ages of 7 and 12.
Professionally, I am a child psychologist; I have two PhDs, and I work part-time as an adjunct at a major research university. Obviously, it's part of my job to understand how kids think, and my work has put me in contact with hundreds of children over the years. I have only had sex with a small percentage of them--those whom I can be reasonably confident won't tell anyone, and whom I believe may enjoy the experience. Of course, child sexuality is a complex issue, but while I find it fascinating from a scientific point of view, my desire to fuck them is basically independent from my scientific/professional interest in them, and in general I don't care whether my actions will "harm" the child when I choose to get sexual with him or her.
I have two daughters, aged 9 and 16. I never touched the 16 year old. Their mother, my wife, died from breast cancer three years ago. The older one goes to a boarding school in Michigan, where she studies flute. I have been having regular sex with the younger one since she was six.
I don't necessarily prefer boys or girls. Both are attractive to me. I have always been attracted to children, since I myself was a child. I guess as I grew older, I never stopped finding people of that particular age range sexually desirable. I suppose I generally prefer "consensual" sex, although I also find "forced" scenarios also arousing.
I don't keep a tally, but I'd estimate that I've had some form of sexual contact with 50-60 children; full penis-in-vagina penetration with approximately 20 girls, anal sex with three girls, and anal sex with about a dozen boys. I would classify five of those encounters as "rape," but the vast majority were in the gray area of "consent," as is generally the case with children.
I suppose something that some readers may find interesting is that I have met several other pedophiles, who have similar preferences to mine. I suppose that many of you would be surprised about several things that I have learned in my interactions with other pedophiles. First, about how many secret pedophiles there are, how exceedingly common this sexual preference is; second, how common sex with children is; third, how often the child enjoys it; and fourth, how easy it is to "get away with it" in a society that basically treats pedophiles like "witches." If anyone wants to ask me details--note, I will not stupidly reveal any identifying information, so don't bother trying to "trick" me into giving up my address--then feel free to PM me, and I'd be happy to answer any questions.

Pedometer, Reddit 20 Comments [2/25/2018 12:25:38 PM]
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Well, certainly, any right thinking person must agree, that, any ,..well rounded,..5 year old should have a working knowledge of ,..male on male anal sex,..but perhaps, the subjects of the use of ,..whips, or fisting,.. should be not be introduced until the child is, at least, 6,..
Ya think,.?

Sally Edwards:
I'm not surprised this story outrages you if that's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of homosexuality. Let's just take the most extreme sexual practices and define them all by that. By the way, where did you ever get the idea that straight people WEREN'T into all the things you listed?

So,.. where id you ever get the idea that I thought that these practices were limited to gay males,.?
But, anyway, while the perversions listed above are ,..occasionally, practiced by,..some,.. herteros, they are key component among gay males, & I believe that fisting is, pretty much, a gay male practice

Sally Edwards:
Practiced by what, a fraction of a percentage of them? You can't single out an entire group for any specific sexual practice. And no, I Googled "fisting" and there are entire books written about it.

The fact of the matter is, that, male on male anal penetration of the anus , by the penis, is the most common male homosexual activity. And,..
Such male on male anal penetration of the anus , will, in time, cause damage to the anus, & leave a percentage of those who engage in that practice to be left,..' pooing,.. in a bag that is strapped to their leg
And, not to mention the negative health affects of poking a penis around into all of that ,..poo.
But, anyway, I fail to understand why grade schoolers need o be subjected to any description of any homosexual act, whether,..'extreme',.. or not. I mean..what's the point?
But anyway, lets get real here,..In that the ,.'REAL",.. purpose of introducing the subject of homosexuality, into grade schools. & depicting it in such a ,.'positive',.. light, is to,.'brainwash',... a portion of those grade schoolers into,..'becoming',.. homosexual themselves,..which is a part of the ,.'NEW WORLD ORDER',.. agenda which includes the destruction of the family, & population control,..
I will add to that, the fact that the Zionist owned, media, is pushing this homosexual agenda, to the limit, as a means of destroying the moral fiber of the Goyim, in order to destroy western civilization, & to, thereby, genocide the White race, & thereby leave ,..'World, Zionist Jewry',.. ruling over a world of ,..'brown,.. people, with average IQs of about 70.
I refer you to the,..'KALERGI PLAN',.. which lays out this demonic, Zionist, Rothschild, conspiracy, in detail.
I note, that, while, on one hand, the Zio media, & Zio controlled educational system is pushing this homosexual agenda, in the public schools, I doubt that it is being pushed in ,..'JEWISH',.. schools, & while it is also being pushed by Zionist interests in Europe & Canada, & Australia,. as far as I know, I don't think that it is being pushed on Jewish children in Israel,..
Just turnover any rock, & underneath,it, you will find there lurking a Zionist Jew,..
Google,..'KALERGY PLAN',..

Sally Edwards:
Here’s how we know your information is a crock.
Anal sex is very common between straight couples too. How many women do I see with a bag to crap in? Come to think of it, how many gay men do I ever see who have to “go” in a bag? Zero.

The fact of the matter is, that, the anus is designed for,..one way,..traffic & anal sex can lead to damage that can lead to the necessity of using a ,..bag, that is strapped to the leg, & also it can spread diseas,..Did you ever head of AIDS,.? & just because you never saw such a bag, doesn't mean that it doesn't happen.
But anyway, back to the issue at hand, which is, whether, of not homosexuality should be pushed onto grade schoolers, in such a way as to encourage it practice, by children that have not yet developed their own ,..'natural, inherent, hertero sexual nature,..
As in my comment above, I point out that there is an agenda afoot, to increase the incidence of homosexuality, as a means of cutting down the birthrates, this agenda, being pushed, largely by Zionist/Rothschild/Soros NWO type entities.

Sally Edwards:
Of course 6 year olds don't need to know the particulars of anal sex, but who's talking about teaching them that in the first place? Especially when you don't teach straight intercourse to 6 year olds, either.
It's like I said to Amos earlier, you teach children about homosexuals by simply saying sometimes a boy will fall in love with another boy or a girl will fall in love with another girl. That's all you need to say.
What you've been taught about people with damaged anuses is a lie. That doesn't happen. Or if it does, it's rare and would not be specific to homosexuals. Many homosexual men don't even engage in anal sex.

Back in the,..'olden days',.. when I wen to grade school,, back in the first half of the last century, we somehow managed to get through K to 12 without the subject of homosexuality ever being brought up in a classroom, but somehow we managed to grow up & get through life, without, such indoctrination,..having learned through the grapevine at about age 10, or so, that there were some guys, that liked to suck on each other's peepee weenies, & we learned that these guys were called queers,..& that was about all we needed to know. It was only , somewhat later that we heard bout anal sex, which we considered to be really,..real;y disgusting.
And, as to the idea that male on male sexual attraction has something to do with ,..'love',.. The fact of the matter is that gay males are notoriously promiscuous, often having hundreds, or even thousands of ,..'partners',.. in their lifetimes.
And male on male anal sex, often has an element of ,..'domination, and/or Sado -masochism involved, especially in rape situations, whether it is male on male, or male on female,..
Black males,, especially, , seem to enjoy inflicting pain, and or injury on their victims with their,.. tools.,..which they use as weapons/, of attacks on the anus of their victims..
So sure, I know that herteros also, indulge in anal sex, but that is largely because anal sex is being pushed by the Zio-Media as being, particularly, exciting & ,..'trendy'.
So, I still maintain that there is nothing healthy about anal sex, from either a physical,or a mental point of view,..
If it is going to be discussed in school, the discussion should consist of warnings against it,..For all of the reasons, mention above & previously,..

rueangel, Christian News Network 14 Comments [2/25/2018 10:54:04 PM]
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