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Lady Checkmate's headline: "Mike Huckabee resigns from country music board, citing political and religious intolerance"

(Fox News cut-and-paste follows, link here: http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2018/03/02/mike-huckabee-resigns-from-country-music-board-citing-political-and-religious-intolerance.html)

Lady Checkmate:

Robin Egg:
I guess the LGBTWHATEVER has hijacked country music now too. What a shame. Weaklings.

Lady Checkmate, Disqus - Faith & Religion 14 Comments [3/19/2018 5:58:33 PM]
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Submitted By: Jocasta

Quote# 137204

Now if you want to terrorize the globe, you need followers as well as a vast network of folks who are willing to supply you with the equipment you need to blow things up. A single man who dreams of killing others is never going to get anywhere by himself. He needs to find people who are willing to help him pull off his grandiose plans. After all, well-executed terror attacks require a lot of firepower, upfront planning and split second timing. One man working alone will never be able to do enough damage to hold the attention of the world.

But then we come to the end time prophet: an individual who is going to break all of the rules about what is required to make a global impact. The end time prophet will be a solo act. This person will not have any underground network of folks to help him (or her) carry off his attacks. He won’t partner with any other humans, nor will he try to rally any followers. In fact, when folks do try to publicly attach themselves to the end time prophet as fans or followers, the prophet will swat them away like a man swats at a bothersome fly. Such behavior is so unprecedented that governing authorities won’t be able to get their minds around it. A ton of resources will be spent trying to locate the end time prophet’s human support network because it will be inconceivable that the man doesn’t have one. When no one can explain how the prophet is pulling off the feats he is performing, people will conclude that he must be working for aliens from outer space. Either way, people will be convinced that the prophet must be working in tandem with a vast network of other created beings, because what other explanation could there be?

Now when it comes to God performing epic miracles through a human, there are two historical figures who Christians might think of: Moses and Jesus Christ. How will the end time prophet compare to these two? Well, one thing that the prophet will have in common with Moses will be his humanity. While Jesus was God in a human costume, Moses was just a regular human being. The end time prophet will also be a regular human being. But while Moses’ loyalty to God was fickle, the end time prophet’s devotion to God will be unwavering.

The man Moses had a ridiculous fixation with the issue of ethnicity. He felt that it was of great importance that he was Jewish, and he was very emotionally bonded to those who shared certain ancestors with him. Moses was so obsessed with genetics that he once told Yahweh that he’d rather be eternally damned with his fellow Jews than have to continue life on earth without them. This is like a woman with naturally straight hair deciding that she can’t find happiness in life unless she surrounds herself with a bunch of people who have the same kind of hair that she does. When God gets really angry at straight haired people and says He’s thinking of killing them all off, our woman says she’d rather be killed along with them and thrown into Hell rather than continue developing her relationship with God in a world full of curly haired folks. This is how absurd Moses would talk to God when his love of his fellow Jews became greater than his love of God. Moses really isn’t the fabulous spiritual role model that Christians and followers of Judaism make him out to be. Unlike Moses, the end time prophet will give us an example of what absolute devotion to God looks like. Of course the problem with a guy who is fully devoted to God is that he’ll consider everyone else to be expendable. Moses’ divided loyalties made him a far more likable person than the end time prophet will be. While Moses cared deeply about the welfare of the people he was leading, the end time prophet is going to come across as callous and uncaring. It’s hard to snuggle up to someone when you have reason to think he might stand there smiling while God does terrible things to you.


So what about the end time prophet? Will he also have a teaching ministry? No, he won’t, and this is yet another reason why this person will seem so bizarre. What’s the point of getting the attention of the whole world if you don’t have something to say? The end time prophet will have news cameras thrust in his face so often that he’ll never have to search for a pulpit he can preach from. People will be chasing after the prophet, desperate to get him to show up for televised interviews, press conferences, and religious conventions. While the prophet will occasionally say a few words, he’ll mostly blow off the invitations he’s given to speak. Unlike Jesus and Moses, the prophet won’t be trying to shape people’s theology or educate the masses. This person won’t have the raging ego that we’re used to seeing paired with world fame, nor will he have any interest in self-promotion.

When a man has a deep need to feel understood by his fellow humans, he becomes distressed by people spreading lies about him and he looks for opportunities to protect his reputation. Many lies will be told about the end time prophet. People will make up all kinds of wild stories about things that the prophet did or said in order to poison the public view of him. Rather than try to correct the rumors and accusations, the prophet will be fine with letting people bury fact in fiction. You see, when a man isn’t interested in gathering followers, and when a man is backed by God, he really doesn’t need to care what people think of him.

Anna Diehl, Pursuit of God 4 Comments [3/19/2018 5:18:21 PM]
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Submitted By: Denizen

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When Jesus opens the sixth seal on the scroll, it brings an earthquake so great that the entire earth and even the sun, moon, and stars are effected.
“When he opened the sixth seal, I looked, and behold, there was a great earthquake, and the sun became black as sackcloth, the full moon became like blood, 13 and the stars of the sky fell to the earth as the fig tree sheds its winter fruit when shaken by a gale. 14 The sky vanished like a scroll that is being rolled up, and every mountain and island was removed from its place.”
This is clearly not a natural earthquake. It is massive, so massive that islands and mountains are moved. It is an event so huge that meteors fall to earth like figs falling from a tree. Verses 15-17 read,
“Then the kings of the earth and the great ones and the generals and the rich and the powerful, and everyone, slave and free, hid themselves in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains, 16 calling to the mountains and rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of him who is seated on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb, 17 for the great day of their wrath has come, and who can stand?”
The Great Day of Wrath has come. The survivors regardless of who they are, rich, poor, Muslim, Jewish, Bhuddist, old, or young, king or slave will be terrified. They will try to hide. They’ll beg for quick death rather than face the wrath about to face them. Who can stand? No one. Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord. Terror at the realization that they were wrong will compel them to their collapse to their knees.

Donna L Campbell, DC Books 7 Comments [3/19/2018 5:53:38 PM]
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Submitted By: Denizen

Quote# 137346

The immediate concern isn't that the Rapture is going to happen on May 14, but it's what is going to happen to the US when they finally make the details of this fiasco public. Every time one of the US Presidents have tried to give away God land to the muzzies, God has brought disaster from a hurricane that formed where NO hurricanes form and went SOUTH instead of north and then turned EAST across Kinnybunkport, Maine and destroyed G.H.W. Bush's vacation mansion when he announced giving away God's land to them "for peace" to three hurricanes and other weather disasters plus huge fires in California when Jared was in Arabia mapping the preliminaries to this so called plan. And according to the leaked information on it, Biblical Jerusalem is going to be given to the muzzies as their capital, leaving so called W. Jerusalem (not the real Jerusalem) for the Jews (as I said last year would happen and got laughed at for saying it. You have to think about it the way the non-Americans do in order to see this. Europeans and other nations have always seen them as TWO "Jerusalems" (Or a divided capital to use their terms). And suddenly some wild weather came streaming out of the Arctic into the E. Coast right over D.C. (the White House) when Jared got the Arabs and Jews in closed session conference to try to make the give away of God's land to the muzzies.

Why is this a concern greater than a May 14th Rapture. Because I tell you the Rapture isn't going to happen on that date - why? because all the "experts" are setting that as "THE DATE" it's going to happen. If anything, Biblically speaking, the Rapture will happen during at the LAST TRUMPET of the Feast of Trumpets (or the Jewish Biblical New Year). This setting the time in the Spring based on Song of Solomon has no Biblical validity. The only reason for any attempt at validity is that this site has tried to make it mean that.

Just Mat, Now The End Begins 14 Comments [3/19/2018 5:16:17 AM]
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Quote# 137201

WELCOME TO WAKANDA: The Mass Initiation Of Black Folk Into Witchcraft

"As it is written: "God gave them a spirit of stupor, eyes that could not see and ears that could not hear, to this very day." [Romans 8:11]

" For the LORD hath poured out upon you the spirit of deep sleep, and hath closed your eyes: the prophets and your rulers, the seers hath he covered." [Isaiah 29:10]

So how many of you ran out to get initiated into witchcraft through The Black Panther movie? You do know that was what this was about, right?

It was a mass initiation ceremony to take black Americans in particular away from your own biblical heroes and faith in Jesus Christ, and usher you into the myth-making world of fake-believe and occultism.

I wonder how many demons got accepted into people’s hearts that day?

Never seen anything like it! Black folks playing dress up, buying costumes, spending $20 a ticket (can't afford to donate or buy my ebooks though), and running around talking about Wakanda—some fake country made up out of thin air.

Side note: How you gon' know more about the made-up nation of Wakanda, yet know nothing about the real nations of Africa, like Rwanda??? You know all about Wakanda, yet nothing about Botswana, Burkin Faso, Chad, or Tanzania. If travel agencies start selling vacation packages to Wakanda right now, there'd be so many black folks lining up to go it would be embarrassing. But ask them when's the last time they booked a vacay to somewhere other than South Africa: and you'll hear nothing but crickets.

Black folks are in movie theaters holding invocation ceremonies and prayer circles while watching this mess, literally going all out to indulge in this feel-good fantasy created by the same white folks in Hollywood who've always painted you with the broad brush of racism and inferiority.

And weren't black people just protesting Hollywood a few years ago? Now they're suddenly your friends again because they gave you a fictional hero movie? Black folks sure are easy! I just hope this many black people practice their newfound fondness for supporting movies with majority black casts by supporting the next Spike Lee or Tyler Perry movie when they come out.

To date, Black Panther has made over $500,000,000 at the box office. That's half a BILLION DOLLARS! $200M of that was on opening weekend alone. To my knowledge neither Tyler, Spike nor any other black movie maker has ever gotten a $200 Million opening weekend movie release by black movie goers. As in never. But Marvel comics sure did. And last I checked, none of their board of directors represented the race of the people who just made them a whole lot richer.

Remember that the next time you hear black folks crying about how we need to support black businesses. Imagine what half a BILLION dollars could've done to turn around some of these jacked up under-performing black schools in urban areas.

Imagine how many urban communities could've been revamped and revitalized with that sort of investment! Shoot: we could've paid off all the debts of Morris Brown college and opened up two more HBCU's with that sort of money!

Instead, it went to a Hollywood movie owned by majority white investors. Really let that sink in.

And black folks have been some of the loudest critics of black churches not pouring enough money back into black communities. How is this blatant display of waste over a movie any different?

The problem with us is that we like to be where the crowd of other black people are going. If it's popular we want in. But that's just the problem: a lot of black folks are also going to Hell! And according to scripture it’s a very popular place to be. Will you follow the crowd of black folks there too?

My dear black people—especially my black Christians: your great enemy isn't the white man. It's not some 'ism' or ideology that exists in this world. Your greatest enemy is THE DEVIL—particularly the one you've allowed to exist in your own head. You need to exorcise the devil of ignorance and blind racial identity out of your mind, before it destroys you.

One last thing. Take a look at this thing in the image to this article. The cat-man costume. Looks a lot like a demon, does it not? Yea, I thought so too. Black cats have always been used by witches in conjunction with black magic to cast spells and bring harm onto the unsuspecting.

That alone should give you pause to think why this movie was pushed so hard on the black community by occult Hollywood. You've been placed under a direct spell and don't even know it!

Quit falling for the hype. Repent, and ask Christ to forgive you for being so silly and eager to be led astray that you willingly walked right into a witchcraft induction ceremony and got completely caught up in the moment. Ask the Lord to purge you and to give you more wisdom to see what the enemy is really up to. That way you won't be led away from Christ and so easily led into witchcraft and eternal damnation.

** We are entering a time of mass deception on a level not seen before. Many Christians will be led astray in this hour into eternal damnation and be lost due to identifying more with their flesh and the world than with the nature of Jesus Christ. Don't get caught up in the hype of pop culture. Satan is on a seek and destroy mission: and YOU are in his cross-hairs!

Download a copy of my ebook DEFEATING BLACK ANTICHRIST: Demolishing the Myth That Christianity is the Oppressor's Religion. This ebook will strengthen your faith in Jesus Christ and help you avoid the lies and deceptions that are rampant in the world today. And no, it's not on a discount or on any sale. Just like you purchased those tickets to go see the Black Panther movie at full price, you'll have to pay full price to undo the spell that mess more than likely placed on your mind.

Satan wants to separate you from your faith and confidence in Jesus Christ. DON'T LET HIM WIN. Defeat him in his plans by downloading and reading the ebook NOW. Click the button below.

Mack Major, Mack Major Books 5 Comments [3/19/2018 5:15:15 PM]
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Submitted By: Yossarian Lives

Quote# 111832

I think its the NWO agenda.
Like stop people from reading the bible night with your own bedside lamp because the lightbulb causes pollution.

Goodbook, Christian Forums 13 Comments [8/15/2015 5:06:13 PM]
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Quote# 75725

My argument is if marriage is between two people who love eachother homosexuals can't marry because being gay is not about love it's about lust.The average gay person has hundreds of relationships. They dont love eachother they just want to have sex with eachother.But of course marriage isn't about love itself it's a man and a woman who love eachother so homosexuals don't fit eather catagory'

holt23, ArmorGames 56 Comments [8/31/2010 5:02:55 PM]
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Submitted By: LM

Quote# 137197

Refuse to click a Washington post link, but felt i should add this.

Regardless of what each political parties policies were even last election, in this modern presidency they mean two, very defined and very blunt things.

Conservative: Patriots and fans of the American constitution and the republic for which it stands.

Liberal: Neo-Socialist who sees America as an enemy and views the flag and constitution as “colonial”.

There is a clear line in the sand, the players are in position. All we are waiting for is the whistle at this point.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 4 Comments [3/19/2018 5:12:19 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 3475

Seems kind of odd that just about the only people that don't believe that the Mormon church is a cult are the Mormons.

cheezit, Rapture Ready 20 Comments [7/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 137320

A message to shitlibs begging for Civil War 2:

You will lose.

It'll be over in two weeks.

You have no guns.

You are concentrated in urban centers.

You'd starve once the roads, bridges and tunnels are blocked.

And the survivors among you will be eaten by your third world pets.

Be careful what you wish for!



Heartiste, Gab 24 Comments [3/18/2018 12:49:29 AM]
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Quote# 137318

Sally Edwards:
This isn't about denying a creator, it's about there being nothing about transgenderism in the Bible. And there isn't.

Amos Moses:
WOW .... because i have been in NUMEROUS conversations right here on this forum ..... where it was claimed that it DOES ...... so which is wrong ..... YOU ..... or the "TRANSGENDERED" person i had the conversations with .......... do tell ..... which of you is a liar ............

Sally Edwards:
Look Amos, it isn’t hard. Either present me with scripture that specifically addresses transgenderism or admit it does not appear anywhere in the Bible. And invite anyone you know to do the same.

Amos Moses:
as i said .... AGAIN .....i have been in NUMEROUS conversations right here on this forum ..... WITH "TRANSGENDERED" PERSONS ...... or so they claim .......... where THEY claimed that it DOES appear in scripture ...... and that it is NOT a SIN ........ so are YOU ..... or the "TRANSGENDERED" person i had the conversations with LYING .......... do tell ..... which of you is a liar .............. YOU are on the "TRANSGENDERED" side of this issue ..... your position is DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED to their position ...... you both CANNOT be telling the truth ....... so ..... AGAIN ...... which of you IS LYING .....

Sally Edwards:
So you can't name the scripture. Consider the matter settled. Thank you.

Amos Moses:
MATTHEW 19 ........ that is the scripture they used .............. so WHICH OF YOU IS LYING ..... the "transgendered" person OR YOU ...........
OR since they are saying it does talk about them and that it is not sin and YOU are saying it does not talk about them .... YOU are calling them LIARS ..............
do i understand your position correctly ............ those "transgendered" persons LIED .........

Sally Edwards:
I don't care who used it. It doesn't say transgendered or specifically refer to them. They are wrong and so are you.

Amos Moses:
so when it says ..........
19:11 But he said unto them, All men cannot receive this saying, save they to whom it is given.
19:12 For there are some eunuchs, which were so born from their mother's womb: and there are some eunuchs, which were made eunuchs of men: and there be eunuchs, which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven's sake. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it.
that is not them ...... and YOU are calling THEM LIARS ............ and they are wrong and you are right ..... WHY .............

Sally Edwards:
Eunuchs are not transgendered people. That's why.

Amos Moses:
WHY .... who says ... YOU say so ..... WHY .... what are YOUR qualifications to make that judgement ...... those "transgenders" are reading the exact same text ...... what makes you smarter than them ...... are YOU a "transgender" ..........

Sally Edwards:
Because they're not transgendered people, Amos. They have entirely different definitions. Do you know what a transgendered person is? Maybe you don't and that explains why you're so unsympathetic to them. A eunuch is a sexless person. A transgendered person still has a gender.

Amos Moses:
they were TRANSGENDERED persons saying that ... are you calling them stupid ...... that they do not know what they read and they do not know WHAT they are .... YOU are SMARTER than they are as to WHAT THEY ARE ............. ARE YOU SERIOUS ............. and then YOU have the temerity to say " Do you know what a transgendered person is?" .... are you saying THEY do not know ...............

Sally Edwards:
In the first place I'm sure they didn't say that, I think you're probably misquoting them. Secondly it's not a difficult concept, the idea of transgenderism is relatively new, and so it could not possibly have appeared in the Bible.

Amos Moses, Christian News Network 13 Comments [3/18/2018 12:46:18 AM]
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Submitted By: Jocasta

Quote# 137327


Female activists took a group of male swimmers by surprise on Friday evening when they attended a men-only swim session wearing just swimming trunks and pink swimming caps.

Amy Desir, 30, was one of the two women to gain access to the South London pool session as part of a protest against proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act that would enable men and women to choose their own gender.

Both women explained their attendance to staff at Dulwich Leisure Centre by saying they “identified as male” and subsequently had the right to be there.

They also used the male changing rooms before going into the session and were later asked by an elderly man if they realised this was a male-only session.

Their actions form part of a nationwide campaign formed on Mumsnet called #ManFriday which encourages women to “self-identify” as men every Friday in protest of the proposed amendments to gender laws that would enable people to self-identify as men or women.

“The aim of the group is to raise awareness among men of the misogynistic and homophobic pro-self-ID policies that are allowing men to appropriate women’s spaces, services and positions,” Desir told The Independent.

“Most men either aren’t aware of the issue or don’t think it has anything to do with them.”

There are currently 91 women taking part in #ManFriday, revealed the mother-of-two, all of whom self-ID as men every Friday to access men-only spaces.

“We don’t change anything about our appearance, or pretend to be in the process of transitioning, just state that we are men.”

Desir and her fellow campaigners are concerned that the proposed legislation would enable predatory men to abuse women in single sex spaces by self-identifying as female.

“We want to challenge the idea that sex and gender are interchangeable and for organisations to use the lawful exemptions in the Equality Act to protect the rights, safety, dignity and privacy of women,” Desir added.

“We also want women’s organisations to be consulted on proposed changes to the law.”

Desir has launched an online petition calling for these concerns to be considered; it currently has more than 5,700 signatures.

various TERFs, The Independent 10 Comments [3/18/2018 11:03:07 AM]
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Quote# 103422

[re: Nicholas Cage in new Left Behind movie]

Also, Cage is not a Christian actor by any stretch. He is a disgusting occultist who wants to be buried in a pyramid. Ghost Rider was one of the most satanic films in recent history and he starred in both of them, portraying a demonic creature collecting unsaved souls to send to hell.

His4Life, FSTDT 31 Comments [9/30/2014 2:57:26 AM]
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Submitted By: Night Jaguar

Quote# 137213

[Another entry in the illustrious "western civilization is destroying western civilization" genre]

For the record, I don't subscribe to the notion that jews played a *necessary* role in the rise of Globohomoism. The Albion's seed of our current year Clown World goes way back, to the moral crusaders of Yankeedom, & further back than that in Euro antiquity. But jews did greatly AMPLIFY and HASTEN the scourge of Globohomoism, punching well above their weight.

Heartiste, Gab 19 Comments [3/12/2018 12:33:52 PM]
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Quote# 38523

[from a review of "Why I Rejected Christianity: A Former Apologist Explains"]

The title of this book is a little bit misleading. This guys claims that he was formerly an "apologist." Unfortunately, having a head full of knowledge, answers, etc. does not an apologist make. A true apologist is able to look at the philosophy of atheism (or any other competing worldview/religion) and recognize the internal flaws and inconsistencies of the philosophy.
Atheism is full of poor philosophy (begging the question, special pleading, etc.), and a true apologist would not only be familiar with the objections presented toward Christianity by atheism, but would have an understanding of why the atheist's arguments are flawed. Being familiar with their arguments is worthless if a theologian is unable to explain the internal inconsistencies and poor philosophy.
On to the substance of the book...
As stated in many of the comments here, this is just a guy who threw a temper tantrum when things didn't turn out the way he wanted them to. He blames God for the way God's people act as a result.

TKKMfamily, amazon.com 8 Comments [4/30/2008 8:04:11 PM]
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Quote# 137336

Not only are homosexuals sinners, they are some of the most vile, most perverted, most twisted, sick, confused, cowardly and lowly creatures in this world. This is evident when you remember that Allah (swt) wiped them all out in Prophet Lot's time. Allah did not do that to just any kuffar, only to the worst.We have to be very careful and aware of the plans and ambitions of the shaytan and his followers. We have to make sure that our friends, family and brothers and sisters in deen are protected from their ambitions. Especially our young ones are vulnerable to the efforts of the kuffar.

That being said, my heart aches whenever it comes to my mind that the army of the shaytan will most likely succeed in leading especially young, ignorant Muslims away from Islam and filling their hearts and minds with their own disgusting lifestyles and ideologies and ways of thinking and acting. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me, if this is how the world will look like shortly before the end. A bunch of kuffar and a bunch of "moderate" "Muslims" who are barely any different from them, following a corrupted, false religion, superficially resembling Islam, made suitable to the law and order of the shaytan. It wouldn't surprise me if the day the last real Muslim dies, is the day the world ends.

Of course, this is just me rambling...

A_Piece_of_Dirt, Ummah 9 Comments [3/18/2018 12:41:13 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 137333

Where do normies get the idea that teenagers are rebellious and think for themselves even in the slightest? Anyone with over 5/10 observation skills will see that this isn't true at all, chad, stacy and normies are just copies of other chads, stacies and normies

This is their programming, simply put:

> ugly male: bully/join others in bullying him

> Math & physics: God

> See dumb professor saying bullshit about a student: laugh

This is basically it and it's why elementary and high school will take over 95% of the emotional strength you will ever need in life as an incel in the south east, anyone who's not a fucking moron is gonna tell you that

And being a professor here is for purely worthless people who don't want to be held up to literally anything while holding up fucking 15 year olds to standards that the majority of adults would instantly kill themselves if they were forced to endure, even enforcing the bullshit that students have to sit up when a professor walks in the room... no matter how strict they get about it, honoring someone because they decided to waste their life away on pointless nonsense and to torture people (who want to do a thing with life and not just be a pathetic slave working long hours because they fell for the trap for "let's work in a gaming company even if I'm not the game designer and just code like a failure") is stupid and folly

southeastcel, incels.me 16 Comments [3/18/2018 12:38:46 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 38498

The review of "Expelled" is very thin propaganda and a misrepresentation of those being discriminated against. The whole matter concerns the use of trick definitions for science to exclude any consideration of evidence that might initially lead to support a conclusion of intelligent causation for living systems.
Actually that is a very good hypothesis in the age of DNA and computer or information science. Information content is central to analysis in many fields of science today. Should these all move to church basements and give up funding to depend on the collection plate just to protect Darwinism for another 50 years or whatever?
Evolutionism is a faith position purely and cannot be defended beyond its atheistic presupposition. There is no God, we are here, and therefore made ourselves. But no-God atheism is just as religious a position as Christianity. And The Bible at least supposes a sufficient cause for the total phenomenon observed. Intructions encoded on DNA represents language, and that requires intelligence. Because rocks can't write (lacking IQ as well as volition), Darwinism fails the basic test of real science.

Quentin L F Patch, Topix 7 Comments [4/30/2008 6:30:06 PM]
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Submitted By: Fek'lhr

Quote# 38474

[According to the tales, the Biblical God, with intent and aforethought, killed first born infants in their cribs in the still of the night.

Do you love and worship that being?]

Yes. They are God's creations and he can do whatever He wants with them. He most likely took them to Heaven, so I fail to see how he was "evil" for killing them. Since there is no such thing as Hell, it is VERY TOUGH for atheists to prove me wrong because they are so used to Christians who get their jollies off by salivating waiting to watch the torture of the damned forever.

Self-Mutation, IIDB 8 Comments [4/30/2008 6:56:31 PM]
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Quote# 38495

Ernie: ... Now that Darwinists rule academia, they will brook no contradiction, and they will happily commit employment assassination even against tenured professors who dare even to mention intelligent design. The Darwinists even have their own Gestapo in the National Center for Science Education led by a modern day Heinrich Himmler named Eugenie Scott.

Ernie Grimm, California Catholic Daily 11 Comments [4/30/2008 6:54:46 PM]
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Submitted By: David D.G.

Quote# 38529

Earth Day is part of the environmental/green movement which ultimately is a worship of nature. Christians should have nothing to do with this. That is not to say we should not try to be good stewards, but the environmental movement is ultimately anti-christ.

Final_Trumpet, RR 19 Comments [4/30/2008 7:20:08 PM]
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Submitted By: Feminazi

Quote# 38533

Recently, I have had some health issues that have kept my world pretty small. Last Sunday, after church, I had the occasion to visit several stores that I wouldn't have normally gone. I was absolutely shocked by how people were behaving and what they were selling. The amount of books on Satanism and Wiccans just shocked me, and these books were directly acrossed from the Christian section. The Christian section which use to be huge is half the size it was! Then the behavior of the people in the stores. The children standing up in the carts and screaming and the parents simply ignoring them. While I admit that my life is a little sheltered, I still felt that I went to sleep one night on one planet and woke up the next morning in some other horrible place! When did this all happen?

Amazed by Grace, RaptureReady 9 Comments [4/30/2008 7:29:38 PM]
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"Transgender impulses are strong, but they don't match up with the Christian sexual ethic," says Warren Throckmorton, associate professor of psychology at Grove City College in Pennsylvania. "Desires must be brought into alignment with biblical teachings, but it will be inconvenient and distressful."
Throckmorton, past president of the American Mental Health Counselors Association, says he has advised transgendered people who are in absolute agony over their state. Typically, such individuals are desperately in search of hope and acceptance, he says. It may be uncomfortable to tell transgendered individuals that their desires don't align with the Bible, Throckmorton says, but pastors must do so. "Even if science does determine differentiation in the brain at birth," Throckmorton says, "even if there are prenatal influences, we can't set aside teachings of the Bible because of research findings."

Warren Throckmorton, Christianity Today 25 Comments [4/30/2008 8:53:52 PM]
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Are you honestly trying to tell everyone else that Christianity must be censored, except where people like you give their permission? This is why we have a Constitution in the first place - to protect freedom of religion from anti-Christian fascists.

On a school by school basis, if the people that go there do not mind such a thing, then they have the freedom to allow it. If that particular school (the people that go there) do NOT want it there, then they have the freedom to disallow it.

It's called democracy, it's called freedom, it's called the United States of America, and it woks great.

But then you have atheists (they're not humanists as they do not mind sacrificing tens of millions of human beings on the altar of personal convenience and call that "abortion") who behave like fascists and demand that in every school across the country, it's their beliefs that rule and it doesn't matter if the majority at that school do not mind Christianity be offered - the atheist fascists will rage and threaten until only their belief system of "you're just an animal - a cosmic accident" be taught to the kids, let alone as a lie that it's a fact instead of another belief system, and that's not even optional.

So if they do not want schools on a case by case basis to decide for themselves (by the people that go to that particular school) they do not mind having an elective Christianity lesson there, then the belief system of "you're an animal - a cosmic accident" needs to be removed as well. But the fact you do not mind that belief system is force-fed on every school exposes the hypocrisy of the fascists pretending to be atheists.

Search on public school islam and read all about how more and more public schools are teaching kids all about islam while censoring Christianity. Please cite your posts against that which is far worse than what you complain about here. It exposes the atheists as really pro-islamists using atheism as a way to eradicate Christianity one piece at a time.

Reason2012, Christian News Network 17 Comments [3/18/2018 11:59:42 AM]
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[When you grand plan is simply telling a bunch of lies]

I've thought one way we can get realtalk dispersed widely among the normies is through a "deepfake" psy ops, in which so many celebs and politicians and business leaders are spoofed into saying ugly truths that the mass denials which inevitably follow would so saturate the airwaves we dissidents would have our work done for us.

Heartiste, Gab 8 Comments [3/18/2018 12:49:55 AM]
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