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Quote# 116682

Satan is the true source of “global warming”.

But the argument continues to be wrongly framed. Satan does not work through the medium of men to induce global warming, the earth itself is cracked open at various locations and the internal heat of the core of the earth is permitted to escape. This by itself is neither good or bad, the planet is simply obeying physical imperatives laid down with Creation itself.

Satan’s function is to introduce the notion in the minds of some men, that this natural course of events, which was proceeding according to existing physical laws which govern the Universe, was somehow caused by mankind, and that mankind, being evil by nature anyway, should accept the blame.

Now men, being the sort of beings that will freely draw upon mythological explanations of anything they do not fully understand (and what man has EVER fully understood anything?), making up some sort of fanciful rationalization as to WHY something happens, without all, or even very many, of the facts known. For thousands of years, men believed fervently in witchcraft, and would persecute and murder anybody they thought engaged in it, especially if the perceived outcome seemed to bring harm to another. This is sometimes recognized for what it is, succumbing to the platitudes of superstition.

Global warming myths are just another form of persecution for witchcraft, dressed up with newer rationalizations, but devoid of sufficient critical thinking to make an even partially correct assumption.

Climate change “deniers” are simply the newest class of persecuted individuals to be ravished and kicked around by the mob of superstitious men.

Alloysteel, Free Republic 22 Comments [2/10/2016 4:24:51 AM]
Fundie Index: 16
Submitted By: Ivurm
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Quote# 116681

Atheist techies are pothead degenerates

Neil deGRASS

Lately people have been noticing that the world’s biggest baal earth promoter, Neil deGrass Tyson, aside from being an affirmative-action hymie-weird-style hyped up mythical supanigga from da hood, is obstreperously a pothead. Somewhere in the haze of his bizarre homilies to his ancestral slavemason, Isaac Newton, deGRASS gets the munchies and gorges his fat ass on stardust pizza.

Carl Sagan

It surely doesn’t bother atheists/wankers that the founder of all their billyuns and billyuns, the host of the whole cosmos PBS series that dominated the public’s junk metaphysics for a generation, the poasterboy of slavemason science(fiction) Carl Sagan (a pharasitic surname that means pot maker, haw haw), was a totally-stoned, braindead kyke who heavily promoted THC use in his lifetime.

Sagan had extensive knowledge of the plant through his own use, and credits its use with awakening a deeper understanding within him. In 1969 Sagan penned an essay under the pseudonym Mr. X, concluding that “the illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly dangerous world.”

Bill Gates

This guy isn’t only a dope and a total fraud who knows nothing about computers, he’s a crypto-pharasite obsessed with cutting the dicks of every brown baby on the planet. When looking over the filth that is modern science, pornocracy, and general ZOG malaise, it’s hard to find a degenerate more infectious and insidious than Bill Gates – and it’s hard to imagine that they’re something else yet wrong with this demonic freak – he’s a pothead.

Steve Jobs

Could there ever be a more kosher, queer and utterly useless hero of atheist lore? And yup, he was stoned the whole time.


Though Einswine smoked a lot of other stuff, they say “probably not weed”. But at the very least he was an inbreeding pedophile pervert. (He told the cousin he was marrying that her underage daughter was hot and wanted to eff her/marry her instead). He was the posterboy for a theory he plagiarized and had his cousin/wife write a paper on, relativity. This theory only exists to explain why another theory, gravity, doesn’t work. And gravity was invented to explain why copernican lucifer-centrism doesn’t work. And I guess Copernicus (a mason) made up the heliocentric idea because he 1) loved lucifer and 2) wanted to enslave the masses with misinformation as the freemasons dictate. Gravitation, relativity, and the einstein hoax that continues to propel the “G” motto of enslavement through disinfo. Oneball said,

"Pipe smoking contributes to a somewhat calm and objective judgment of human affairs."

So sayeth the “sage”. To date, this author has seen zero evidence that Einswine has ever done anything remotely useful in the field of science that could be said to help us understand the real world. He invented nothing, just went around stumping anything that moved – or stayed home stroking his violin and sucking a pipe if he couldn’t find a place to rub his scar of david.

Richard Feynman

Wanker hero Dick Feignman helped Einswine feign the A-bomb – and he sucked mexifags.

Stephen Jay Gould

Another pharasite and dinohoaxer. God gave it cancer, and it started smoking lots of pot.

Sogay Brin

Sogay, known for crossdressing in college, is a geek atheist idol, tech-age monopolist and a bongboy.

With article names like “7 Successful, Famous, Cannabis-Smoking Geniuses“, “6 Famous Geniuses You Didn’t Know Were Perverts“, “The 10 Smartest Pot Smokers on the Planet… Cool Enough to Admit It“, referenced above, you have to wonder if any of these modern role models have any merit to them at all.

Something that rarely occurs to the golem sheeple is that, if your intellectual heroes are 1) a drooling, withered wheelchair jockey, a 2) a plagiarizing, filthy pervert pharisee who gave birth to two retards, couldn’t speak english after 30 years in the USSA and thinks he invented the atomic bomb, a 3) dick slicing, pothead jewbag who can’t use a terminal but thinks he’s a programmer, 4) a cotton-picking, pear-head affirmative action project, a 5) child raping, nagging ZOG thought policeman, a 6) dopey, doobage-brained dweeb who rambles on about billyuns and billyuns, a 7) GRIDS-infested pharasitic “nerd” who also can’t use a terminal and invented nothing (and all of the above being choses, except for number one)….then stop wanking and wake up to the life-affirming sciences of your chaste and benevolent teachers of traditional religion. Chastity frees you from the chains of kosher science, the whores of zog bankers, and allows you to realize who the real geniuses are.

OM and Amen

Janoklark, Knights of Banjo Hollow 33 Comments [2/10/2016 4:24:44 AM]
Fundie Index: 18
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Quote# 116679


The war is over: the feminists have defeated the PUAs

Look at the scoreboard, guys: the PUAs (even the good ones) are down thirty points.

You can't stop feminism because the world runs on sex. Interestingly, this means that, just as men argued over how to rule the world in the past, with the women on the sidelines, the opposite will be the case now, except to the extent that the women attempt to recruit men, which is of course unsustainable, as there's little reward for the men other than not being destroyed, and for that they can just go MGTOW.


Well look at you, being all smart and shit.

Actually nope, sorry. Still retarded and autistic. PUAs and Feminists are incahoots with one another, its as clear as day. The chicks who are on PUA infield videos? Pretty sure they are paid actresses who also more than likely post feminist blogs dissing men and wanting to rule the world as well. Cycle goes like this:

Incel pays money for PUA shit------>Incel tries PUA shit but gets buried by feminists--------->feminists posts about PUAs (who they are secretly dating) to get the PUA network's name out------->PUAs attack feminists to get the feminists name out------->incel on the feminists side now side with PUAs cuz they feel betrayed by feminists false advice to white knight chicks into bed with them----->incel pays money for PUA shit.

And on and on. Its a vicious cycle man.

Feminists, PUAs and Chads will rule everything in a number of years. Its only a matter of time. Anyone with any belief that even strays one degree from PUAism or Feminism will be crushed decisively.

ThePUAMole & Nihilism+, Sluthate.com 12 Comments [2/10/2016 4:24:09 AM]
Fundie Index: 10
Submitted By: Ivurm
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Quote# 116678

imagine if a bunch of men's right advocates crashed some feminist rally and bought a bunch of 300lb UFC fighters with them to teach them not to divorce rape.... how much crying and screaming in the newspapers there would be....

ALPHAMOG, Sluthate.com 22 Comments [2/10/2016 4:23:24 AM]
Fundie Index: 13
Submitted By: Ivurm
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Quote# 116677

[ oh dear, what makes you so sure that gay couples are unfit parents?do you know many kids with gay parents?what bad examples? ]

They make unfit parents because their kids would become gay. They set a bad example by saying it's ok for boys to jack off other boys. Feminine men set bad examples because males need to act manly most of the time. If homos marry each other, then the population will drop, and guys like me will have an even harder time getting a girl. It's hard enough competing with other guys without having to compete with girls too.

[why?and exactly what is "manly" to you ? ]

Manly is acting tough, and not taking jobs as stylists or similar things. Manly is also fantisizing about women instead of men.
There are certain things boys must do in order to keep from getting mocked for their whole childhood. Adulthood is a little easier. There is acceptable behavior that people look for, and anyone being too different will be harmed mentally and phisically. Everyone gets picked on, but you don't want to give them extra ammo.

[ but, it's the bullies that's the problem, not the boys being teased.why should the bullied ones change, they are not the ones doing stuff wrong. ]

They wouldn't get bullied as much if they were more normal.

[ ell, black people wouldn'r be as harassed if they were less black, that does not make being black a bad thing.what's your point?that you should not be allowed to be who you are, if it is not what in your eyes qualify as "normal" ]

Homosexuality can be helped. Race can't.

[ 1: let's say you have a son, he's grown up and doesn't live with you anymore. one day he comes to visit you, with him is another young man, your son tells you it's his boyfriend, that they love eachother and are planning to move in together.
what do you do?

If my teaching had failed, and he turned out to be gay, then I just wouldn't interact with him anymore. There might be certain emergencies that I would help him with, but I wouldn't like him anymore.

On another note, if I came to my parents with any girl that wasn't caucasion (sp?), they would disown me. I guess I get that from them.

[ wow, and you call homosexuals unfit parents...that is an awful thing for a parent to do.what if he was like 16, still living at home? ]

I'd send him to a psychiatrist, or find another solution.

[ 2: let's say in the future you marry a woman.
you love eachother and have children.
one day your wife tells you that she's realized she's bisexuel. what do you do?

It would be very strange, and I may not look at her the same way again. I'd stick with her for the kids though.
Yes, I believe life experience can cause people to become gay. I'm not blaming my inability to get girls solely on gays. I'm just saying it's a factor.Why are all of you so liberal? Isn't there anything completely anacceptable to you? Sodomy just happens to be my thing.I'm not totally rebelious, so some of my parents opinions are important to me.

chad, Zelda Universe 27 Comments [2/10/2016 4:22:59 AM]
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Quote# 116674

[So what you're saying is God has time to blow the leaves out of your yard, but no time at all to help kidnap victims or starving children?

God: Oh, sounds like Scooby is praying to me! He doesn't want to rake the leaves. I know I'll blow them out of the yard, and then he can lie to his dad about doing the job himself. Hmmm... wait a minute, a little girl has been kidnapped and is about to be murdered? She's praying for my help... which do I help... which do I help.... I think I'll help Scooby.]

Haha, I know it sounds crazy. I wouldn't say God doesn't want to help everyone, but there is free will, which allows people to do bad things. Just because they happen doesn't mean God wills it to happen. He doesn't want it to happen at all, but earth is a place for learning, and through pain people learn lessons, which effect the universal consciousness of us all in hopes that we will learn to prevent those things to happen. Just like a parent doesn't want their child to get hurt, the child will experience life and through pain learn a lesson to avoid that in the future. It's part of life and learning. Do you get upset when a carnivore kills it's prey? It's the circle of life and nature.

Check out this for the purpose of life, this will be helpful:


Of the info from Edgar Cayce about the purpose of life:


scoobysnack, AtheistForums.org 13 Comments [2/10/2016 4:13:58 AM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: Stimbo
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Quote# 116673

[You are equating thinking that it will rain, if you say it won't rain with negative thinking. That's more than a little silly.]

It's about focusing on what you want, not what you don't want. Whatever you focus on will manifest in some way or emotion, so it's best to stay positive, rather than focusing on what you don't want to influence your life. Kind of comes down to the confirmation bias.

Not that anyone will take this seriously, but I still remember the day my dad told me rake the leaves from the front lawn when I got home from school. I didn't want to, so started watching TV after school. I actually prayed which I don't normally do that I wouldn't have to rake the leaves. In the next 30 minutes the wind really picked up and blew all the leaves off the front lawn.

I'm not saying you can control the weather, but a positive attitude goes a long way to achieving your goals. You will be less likely to become discouraged and give up.

scoobysnack, AtheistForums.org 7 Comments [2/10/2016 4:13:50 AM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: Stimbo
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Quote# 116672

The ACA is garbage!!! Why should others be forced to pay for people's healthcare. You are not entitled to other's labor. That is theft! Nothing is free in life. WORK FOR IT!!!

"For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me."

Please do not quote scripture that you have NO idea what it means!!!!!

We Christians are to "willfully" give from our hearts. Not the forceful hand of government to take by force.

Helping your fellow man in need by reaching into your own pocket is praiseworthy and noble (the Christian way).

Helping your fellow man in need by reaching into someone else's pocket is worthy of condemnation (government stealing)

So why don't Christians solve these problems?

Why? Jeremiah 17:9 (NASB) “The heart is more deceitful than all else
And is desperately sick; Who can understand it?

When people would come to our church for handouts, we would offer them a job first. Nine times out of 10 people would turn down the job and just want food and/or money.

We Christians believe in personal accountability and responsibility. Take away welfare and food stamps and people will be forced to work. With that said, I have no problem with the government helping out the people who are physically and mentally incapable of working. Welfare and food stamps should NOT last a life time.

Ambulance Chaser:
So, you're saying it would be wrong to pass laws to make American society agree with the Bible?

Your point?

Ambulance Chaser:
I want to know whether or not you think it's wrong to pass laws that would compel America to agree with the Bible. I didn't stutter.

Be specific! What laws are you talking about?

Ambulance Chaser:
Wait, there are some Biblical requirements you think should be enacted into law and some you don't? Why?

What? You are making no sense as usual. What biblical requirements?

afchief, Christiannews.net 37 Comments [2/9/2016 4:21:08 AM]
Fundie Index: 18
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Quote# 116668

When failure to embrace what the scientific establishment currently believes in cases where it can produce no conclusive evidence results in a witch-hunt, the cause of true science is not served.

Recently, Christina Wilkinson, of St Andrew’s Church of England school in Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, came under fire for falling out of step with orthodoxy on the issue of the origins of life.

The Guardian reports that Wilkinson tweeted in response to London headteacher Tom Sherrington who urged teachers to stick to science when teaching young minds where life comes from: “Evolution is not a fact. That’s why it’s called a theory! There’s more evidence that the Bible is true.”


Wilkinson is correct – at least in the first part of her initial statement: evolution is, objectively, a theory. It may be treated by the scientific establishment as a fact, but that does not make it one.

Theories – like thought experiments – have a place. The realm of theory is where the mind goes for an after-dinner glass of port and cigar and stretches out in a leather armchair in front of the fire and blows a few what-if-scenario smoke-rings around the sitting-room.

But scientific methods are where the evidence comes in. What such methods have in common is that conclusions are based on observation and experimentation. While exact methods vary depending on the field, the constant is: you can check; the findings are demonstrable and repeatable. This is what distinguishes law from theory.

Reputable, genuine scientists use both systems – and the world is much improved as a result.

The problem comes when those who presume to speak for science forget the distinction between theory and law, and simply attack those who have not forgotten it.

The secular priest Richard Dawkins chimed in that Wilkinson was misusing the word theory.

“Scientists call evolution a theory only in a special scientists’ sense, which is NOT the same as the layman’s ‘tentative hypothesis’,” he said.

He continued: “This is so often misunderstood that I now recommend abandoning the confusing word ‘theory’ altogether for the case of evolution. Evolution is a fact, as securely attested as any fact in science. ‘We are cousins of monkeys and kangaroos’ can be asserted with as much confidence as ‘Our planet orbits the sun’.”

I am not here interested in the rightness or otherwise of Dawkins’ assertions. My point is that theories do not cease to be theories simply because Richard Dawkins recommends that they not be seen as such. There is either empirical evidence, or there isn’t. And if there isn’t, Dawkins’ “recommendations” should not interest us if our allegiance is to science and its methods, rather than to Mr. Dawkins and his recommendations.

Sam Gerrans and Christina Wilkinson, Russia Today 28 Comments [2/9/2016 4:04:45 AM]
Fundie Index: 12
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Quote# 116667

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church has partially blamed an increased acceptance of homosexuality for the rise of Isis.

Patriarch Kirill claimed he was not surprised that some Muslims are flocking to Isis' quasi-religious state as a way of escaping the “godless civilization” that celebrates events such as Gay Pride.

In an interview published on the Church’s official website, Kirill said: “[Isis] is creating a civilization that is new by comparison to the established one that is godless, secular and even radical in its secularism.”

“We can have parades for the sexual minorities - that is supported - but a million French Christian protestors defending family values are broken up by police,” he added.

Kiril said because the “godless civilization is reaching maturity”, it should come as no surprise that those who are opposed to liberal, secular ideas end up joining terror organisations.

“If you call non-traditional relationships a sin, as the Bible teaches and you are a priest or pastor, then you risk not only your ability to serve but you may be sent to prison,” he said.

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, The Independent 25 Comments [2/9/2016 4:03:46 AM]
Fundie Index: 12
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Quote# 116666


1. The Federal Reserve and all usurious banking would be halted immediately and replaced by debt-free currency backed by the hard work of the American man – not Gold

2. Hollywood would be shut down and replaced by patriotic Americans who cared deeply about our history, our people and the upholding of high moral standards.

3. Jews would be banned by law from working in many sectors, their Jewish identity should be shown when applying for Jobs, or they might be rounded up and deported to a homeland of their own where they would be isolated by the force of the US Military.

4. Israel would not have existed in 2016, simply because Israel power does not come from Israel, but from the Jewish lobbies ruling the western world. Israel would have been destroyed long time ago by the Arabs.

5. Education on the Jewish question would become mandatory and perpetual in the understanding that they must never, at any time in the future, be allowed to subvert the Western world again.

6. Capitalism & Communism destroyed, no oligarchs anymore, the government will take care of citizens from birth to death, free Universities, free health care… Bund Deutscher Mädel and Hitlerjugend will be implemented to educate youth on the love of nation, family, nature, sports…

7. The promotion of any and all kinds of perversions and degeneracy would be treated as an attack on the family thus an attack at the very foundation of civilization and the nation itself and as such would be ruthlessly crushed and suppressed. The blasphemy on Christianity & Islam would be banned by law.

8. Racial tensions, and Multiculturalism done only on European-ethnic majority countries would have been abolished, and by that the European race living all over the western world & USA would have been protected from the planned extinction by the Jewish-made miscegenation propaganda, homosexual propaganda, feminist propaganda

9. Democracy would be replaced with Meritocracy: Leaders would be chosen based on ability rather than on who could get the most campaign donations given by Jewish-run Banks, corporations & organizations.

10. The border to Mexico would be sealed. It would be announced that any illegal caught crossing the border would be shot. Poverty in the world is a cumulative problem that needs decades if not a century to be solved, it will never be solved by economic & illegal immigration which is a Jewish weapon to destroy the western people power to resist the Jew World Order

11. Arabs & Africans would become much more rich and happy because
American Jewish-Rothschild-Zionist interventions, wars and corruptions would have been abolished forever

12. EU Union, TPP, TTIP, NATO, UN and all Jewish made unions and globalization for the world government would have not existed

Alice Friedmann, Smoloko.com 31 Comments [2/9/2016 4:03:12 AM]
Fundie Index: 17
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Quote# 116661

Sorry - Evolution-Tards...Another Smack-Down - For Your "Theory"....

Sorry for you Evolution-Tards, and science-defying Mongrel-Theists.

Looks like the cartoons you use just don't seem to jibe with real experimental research, and observable science?

Those goofy "Evolution-Sketches" were pretty good though.

Perhaps you should try the Comic-Book Industry?

A group of scientists with the University of Cambridge recently published a report in the journal “Nature Structural and Molecular Biology,” in which they describe their findings on epigenetic modifications.

Not only is the genome more complex than previously thought, but the number of modifications that affect it is higher than predicted.
“the language systems in the genome continue to reveal nothing but unimaginable complexity”


I predict a strong future in cartoons, and comics, for the "Evolution-Tards".


[link to christiannews.net]

Heinous, Godlike Productions 25 Comments [2/9/2016 3:56:24 AM]
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Quote# 116659

Residents of a small German town have been left outraged after its mayor suggested young girls “provoke” sexual harassment.

Jens Müller, Mayor of Bad Schlema, Saxony, made the comments at a council meeting last week, after a grandfather raised concerns young girls were being subject to harassment as they walked home from school, German newspaper FreiePresse reports.

The man, who has not been identified, claimed his granddaughter, who he said was under 10 years old, had been a victim of such behaviour.

He said: “The girls have been harassed by the refugee children" as they walked to their physical education classes at school.

He raised further fears the harassment may increase when the girls wear less clothing in the summer months.

In response to the comments Mr Müller said: “That’s easy, just don’t provoke them and don’t walk in these areas.”

“It’s technically not necessary for the girls to walk there,” he added. “There are alternative routes for going to school.”

Jens Müller, The Independent 20 Comments [2/9/2016 3:55:14 AM]
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Quote# 116657

Sex is a competent, dominant male making his woman love being a woman and want to be nowhere else than in his bed and at his side for the rest of her life. That is the natural order.

Homosexual sex is the love of a mirror. Without the complement of the joys that make the genders different. In that light, trans anything is the mental breakdown of the sacred identities of said genders that have been in place for thousands of years.

Trying to hold up the deviations of this norm as co-equal is doomed to fail. To Hel with your feelings or politically correct needs to have your mental illness validated.

Grimmnir, Lord-kitschener 41 Comments [2/8/2016 4:26:47 AM]
Fundie Index: 23
Submitted By: Ivurm
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Quote# 116656

(Every blog I’ve seen that has labeled themselves as “traditionalist” have been Nazi sympathisers.)

maybe it’s because being intelligent enough to embrace traditionalism is being intelligent enough to understand that there’s nothing wrong with sympathizing with Hitlers government and society.

Monvrchmind, The-eagle-atarian 28 Comments [2/8/2016 4:20:09 AM]
Fundie Index: 19
Submitted By: Ivurm
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Quote# 116655

Abortion is simply the preemptive extermination of undesirables to purify the demographics of society. It's a eugenics ideology from the beginning that's convinced women it's in their best interest to kill their children before their born, while pushing it as a women's right of her own body. Not many young people know the history margaret sanger, founder of planned parenthood, and friend of Hitler. Back before WW2 eugenics was popular, and they exchanged awards for purifying the human race. Not many people know Dr. Richard Day head of planned parenthood during 60's before abortion was made legal who implemented the program to make abortion acceptable to the population. I'll post about that soon.

scoobysnack, AtheistForums.org 20 Comments [2/8/2016 4:19:59 AM]
Fundie Index: 16
Submitted By: Stimbo
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Quote# 116654

My definition of a cyborg is a person that has some sort of machinery implanted in them that improves their way of life. I do not think that I would ever want to be a cyborg. I don't think I would be comfortable having pumps and wires controlling parts of body. I would not feel human or normal. There are only two circumstances that I would ever consider being a cyborg. The first is health reasons. If there was something wrong with me and the only way that I could continue my life normally would be to implant something in my body to keep me alive. The second is if it became a way of life. If it was viewed as normal in a society, I would probably do it. Those are the only two circumstances that I would ever allow myself to be a cyborg.

I do not believe that cyborgs should have equal rights as normal humans. They are not complete human so they should not be held at the same level of responsibility as one. I do not think that the Cyborg Bill of Rights are appropriate. First of all, the Fifth Amendment is the Right to Life. It states that a person can choose to end their life at any time they want to. Since when is this ever viewed as a right? Second, the Seventh Amendment is the Right to Political Equality. I don't know about anyone else, but I do not think that I would want a cyborg representing my city, state or even country. Cyborgs do not seem like stable human beings. If they are hooked up with wires or pumps, who knows if something will go wrong and cause that person to "malfunction." Lastly, the Ninth Amendment is the Freedom of Family, Sex, and Gender. If a person can choose their gender, then they are not a normal human being. People can get gender reassignment surgery, but that is not the same as being able to say, "I want to be born as a girl or a boy." These amendments just do not seem right to me. Cyborgs are not people and they should not have the same rights.

Lyndsey, Lyndsey's Blog 46 Comments [2/8/2016 4:19:49 AM]
Fundie Index: 21
Submitted By: Tweedaz
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Quote# 116652

Singing is praying twice. When using a super crystal and activating all 144 chakras creates powerful magic. Whenever I battle the illuminati zionists who are messing up the earth with geoengineering technologies spraying chemtrails I command archangels to assist me through music. Do not be afraid of these godless people for their time of deception is coming to an end. They have tricked humanity into this mess for eons and the terrorist state of #israel must be wiped out for world peace. Sing your prayers into victory. Sing negative energies away. Sing because the most powerful energy is the spoken word which affects the universal mind.

Joe Eigo, Instagram 17 Comments [2/8/2016 4:16:58 AM]
Fundie Index: 16
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Quote# 116651

Phi Crystal Activation Process:

Initially stroke the crystal with the fingers, and upshift your vibration with the infinity breathe for about 5 minutes. ( Infinity breathe is done by an inhales of 8 counts and exhale with 8 counts , with both inhale & exhale all thru the nasal passage). After 5 minutes, then vocally tone the OM sound. As you tone, visually open every chakra beginning with the crown down to the root and then back up to the heart. It is important to be in an higher state when working with Phi Vogels.

Send love directly from the heart chakra and visualize it filling the crystal with emerald green light. Ask the crystal to acknowledge you, and sense the response.

It may come as an energy pulse from the crystal that you will recog­nize as an energy dynamic. or it may feel as a tingling sensation running up the arm into the spine and heart or as simply a mental knowing or deep intuitive sense/signal of understanding, a responsive flash to you from the sentience of the crystal.

Spend at least three weeks doing this for a period of not less than 20 minutes per day or until the energy reaction is sent back to you and recognized. Visualize and build a field of green energy that encompasses your Auric field .

James Tyberonn, Earth Keeper 19 Comments [2/8/2016 4:16:48 AM]
Fundie Index: 8
Submitted By: ThEcOnFuSeD
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Quote# 116650

(about a father disowning his son for being gay)

I certainly hope I never find myself in the same situation as this father, but if my son told me that he was deciding to pursue a lifestyle that he'd been told repeatedly by me was unacceptable, I don't see how I'd be able to maintain a relationship. But I wouldn't consider that I'd disowned him—rather that he'd disowned me. Hopefully this son, in not being patted on the back by everyone in the world, might actually be forced to wonder whether a sexual proclivity was worth a relationship with the man who brought him into the world.

samsondellostpassword, gawker 28 Comments [2/8/2016 4:09:08 AM]
Fundie Index: 18
Submitted By: skybison
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Quote# 116639

I have been performing #psychic surgeries and clearings with #atlantean phi crystals on many clients. Some even got pregnant after unlocking their chakras.

Joe Eigo, Instagram 44 Comments [2/7/2016 5:00:36 AM]
Fundie Index: 14
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Quote# 116638

[The legality of an action would most certainly have an impact on how one would answer a question, which was the point of discussion.]

Legality has nothing to do with your "sexuality" discussion, would a homo not be attracted to a member of the same sex simply because it was illegal?
Again, sexuality is a behavioral response identical to the dog and the bell, I really don't think the bell was the reason for the response other than association - like the gay man and the association to "getting off", or the female for whatever need they are looking to fill.

[A heterosexual is not going to be stimulated by sexually explicit pictures of people of the same gender. Nor is a homosexual going to be stimulated by sexually explicit pictures of people of the opposite gender]

They would with the right type and amount of conditioning with the right stimulus.

Oboehner, Christian News Network 21 Comments [2/7/2016 5:00:30 AM]
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[According to Christ, there is definitely a place in Hell for hypocrites]

Which is why every unrepentant pro-abort will be there, Ann: there is nothing more hypocritical than surviving the womb while advocating for the killing of 60 million in the womb. You just do not get to close the "barn door" behind you like that without being the worst hypocrite on the planet.

Jesus is the God of Life (John 14:6) and Light, Ann. You do not want to be anywhere around Him - you serve the devil of death and darkness, and God would never force you into Heaven against your will. He respects your free will decision to reject Him.

Besides, Heaven would be Hell for you, Ann: you would be surrounded by people who love the God of Life. No, you need to be around your "heroes" - the unrepentant abortion doctors and deathscorts whom you so admire.

[According to a great many people, in order for something to be considered a 'sin', the 'sinner' must know it is wrong.]

Ignorance is no defense of the law, Ann - or the Law.

[Otherwise, he is merely ignorant or delusional.]

Or she. :-) I would say that you satisfy both of those conditions, Ann. :-)

[While I may or may not be correct, even if I am wrong, there is a good case to be made that I am ignorant or delusional.]

How about a REALLY good case. :-) :-) :-)

"And you do not know who is going to Hell"

Well, Jesus gave us a way to discern that: "ye shall know them by their fruits." And your "fruits" are not looking so good, Ann.

But, there is still time to repent, OK?

WorldGoneCrazy, Christian News Network 19 Comments [2/7/2016 5:00:03 AM]
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Muslim couple assaulted on train over beef suspicion

A Muslim couple was allegedly thrashed in a train by right-wing activists, who insisted on checking their luggage for beef after an unclaimed bag containing meat was found in the train.

The incident sparked a clash between the two sides at Khirkiya station, 30 km from Harda, after Mohammed Hussain and his wife Naseem Bano called their relatives for help, according to police.

Two members of Gauraksha Samiti have been arrested on Ms. Bano's complaint. Nine acquaintances of Mr. Hussain were also arrested and got bail.

The incident took place on January 13 on Kushinagar Express on its way to Gorakhpur. The trouble began after an unclaimed bag was recovered from the general compartment of the train, which contained meat.

Claiming that the bag contained beef though it later turned out to be buffalo meat, about 10-15 people from Chhanera station started checking their train compartment, which they had boarded from Khandwa station while returning from Hyderabad.

The couple claimed that the men forcibly searched bags of passengers saying that cow meat was being carted out following which they and some passengers protested.

"They assaulted me and my husband," Ms. Bano alleged, adding that they were rescued by a policeman Sanjay Banka.

When the train was about to stop at Khirkiya station, Mr. Hussain rang up his acquaintances, who came to the station and a fight broke out between the activists and them, which ended with police intervention, Kiranlata, District Additional Superintendent of Police, said.

After the incident, police arrested Hemant Rajput and Santosh for manhandling Mr. Hussain and Ms. Bano.

The police have also launched a manhunt for seven other accused on the complaint of Ms. Bano.

Government Railway Police have registered a case against two unidentified people in connection with the seizure of buffalo meat.

Right-wing Hindu activists, The Hindu 18 Comments [2/7/2016 4:57:31 AM]
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A student at the London School of Economics has submitted a motion to ban the university’s free-speech society. While the LSESU Free Speech Society was set up in protest of the Student Union ‘banning individual opinions’, they have now come under fire for not ‘liking a perceived focus on women and minorities’. Writing for the student paper, a student by the name of Maurice Banerjee Palmer says he filed the motion because he thinks the members unfairly play the victim.

Maurice Bannerjee Palmer, The Spectator 13 Comments [2/7/2016 4:57:20 AM]
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