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Btw, Hijiri88 is clearly pushing his scaremongering against me by stating ridiculous opinions. "There are people out there in the real world who would be shocked and appalled if they saw English Wikipedia call Jews and Zionists "powerful interests" and "dominant interests."

Wow! What does that mean? You mean Jews or Zionists have no interest or political influence? Or Isreal lobby doesn't exist? Or that Jewish magnates have no economic clout? Or that they don't at least sometime use it for political advocacy? Or there's no such a thing as ADL "Stalinist thought police organization" to use Chomskey's description? Sure people can keep me blocked for not buying into Hijiri's Zionist world of political correctness.

Expectant of Light, Wikipedia 0 Comments [8/10/2018 11:21:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 139691

(This fundie is talking about David Duke)

He claims that every people have a right to preserve their heritage. And that multi-culturalism leads to ethnic tension and conflict and destruction of distinct cultural traits of each people. We may not agree with him but he's making a compelling case for his view, and this is unfair to rush to frame it as racism simply because he is against massive aggressive immigration into Europe and America. He also cites Jewish sources which show how multi-culturalism was promoted by Jewish organizations in order to weaken the Christian culture of America. On a related topic, here is one of the Jewish sources he directly quotes that you can see for yourself.

The Jewish author admits and brags about their role in the notorious porn-industry and its dark anti-Christian goals: Jewish involvement in porn, by this argument, is the result of an atavistic hatred of Christian authority: they are trying to weaken the dominant culture in America by moral subversion. (This is really interesting for me, since this is a pattern I have myself witnessed in another case. Israeli Prime Minister Netanhayu had also advocated regime change in Iran back in 2002 through cultural and moral subversion -- by advocating beaming hedonist and degenerate Hollywood productions by a gay Jewish director into Iran in order to corrupt Iranian youths until they revolt against their Islamic government). Just as evident in this example, his book primarily draws from Jewish sources to present his thesis.

Most of the book content are NOT his opinions but just quotes after quotes! He is not also claiming there's a crazy conspiracy theory but that Jews have an enormous influence over US media and politics and therefore deeply influence the US culture and politics. And again he backs up his claim by providing testimony from Jews themselves. Here is one of the testimonies he quotes from a Jewish author: I have never been so upset by a poll in my life. Only 22% of Americans now believe "the movie and television industries are pretty much run by Jews," down from nearly 50% in 1964. The Anti-Defamation League, which released the poll results last month, sees in these numbers a victory against stereotyping. Actually, it just shows how dumb America has gotten. Jews totally run Hollywood. So we can probably suggest that this guy talking about "total control of Hollywood by Jews" is a self-hating anti-Semitic Jew!!

And I'll also be happy if you show me a Duke's recent statement that says Whites are superior to non-whites. There could've been such statements coming from him during his youth where he held more radical views, but I've not seen any statement along that vein in those of his works or articles over the last two decades that I have studied.

Strivingsoul, Wikipedia 0 Comments [8/10/2018 11:20:58 AM]
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Because in some parts of the country, it does seem like the America that we know and love doesn’t exist anymore. Massive demographic changes have been foisted upon the American people. And they’re changes that none of us ever voted for, and most of us don’t like. From Virginia to California, we see stark examples of how radically in some ways the country has changed. Now, much of this is related to both illegal and, in some cases, legal immigration that, of course, progressives love.

Laura Ingraham, Yahoo 5 Comments [8/10/2018 4:31:31 AM]
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Submitted By: Doubting Thomas

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Look. No race is inferior to another.

Races ARE absolutely different from one another though.
So, inferior in what aspects? IQ? On average, yes. Athleticism? On average you would be superior to most whites in that area.

Races also all have a general set of personality traits among them. Blacks are generally aggressive and very short tempered. Whites are somewhere in the middle, and Asians are the least aggressive and short tempered out of the three.

So, you'd have to ask about specific areas you're referring to. Based solely off your ancestral lineage you are no worse or better than any other person of any other race.

But (and a big but), a lot of times blacks do tend to be objectively shittier people than whites.

Odd18, Reddit 5 Comments [8/9/2018 1:47:42 PM]
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Honestly, I wish there was an Amerindian version of the alt-right, similar to the American Indian Federation of the WWII era, and that both the white and indian races could ally themselves with each other in order to create two distinct ethnostates within the US, and then a neutral zone for everyone else. Reservations are not ethnostates as people on this sub have said.

Odd18, Reddit 2 Comments [8/9/2018 11:33:57 AM]
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Justice is coming, Nippon; aint nothing you can do to change it, not even hiding behind the skirts of white men is gonna save you; shit, trying to suck up to China to escape justice aint gonna help. The day will come when the time is right and your children will become loyal Chinese vassals, soon enough.

hashtagpls, r/Sino 2 Comments [8/9/2018 10:45:34 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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Stockholm syndrome runs deep in Japanese society. They were utterly beaten and subjugated by the US and now they worship the ground Americans walk on. This fact alone precludes Japan from ever properly atoning for their past since they consider other Asians inferior while they eagerly kiss white ass. Similarly, this also precludes Japan from joining in some pan-Asian alliance since the only way to cure Stockholm syndrome is to first free the victim from its captor - without the victim's help or consent. IMO, I honestly don't care about japan or its future.

TheSexyCrab, r/Sino 0 Comments [8/9/2018 10:45:22 AM]
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Quote# 139652

Pay attention to how they portrayed the local cuisine by filming in at an economically-priced establishment (not saying that lower end is bad) as opposed in an equivalent high end institution such as Fook Lam Moon, a place that existed for local tycoons who succeeded in spite of the British fat cat types that dined at The Peninsula.

Makes you think doesn't it? Architects of White supremacy portray poverty in Asia as a sign of 'grit', 'character', and 'soul', conveniently glossing over the fact that the destitution and hardship only exists as a DIRECT CONSEQUENCE of their brutal and barbaric colonialism. It bewilders and exasperates me when I see the British gloatingly demand their colonial exploitations be seen as 'accomplishments'. I honestly can't think of a more disgustingly evil people. It takes a certain kind of rotten national psyche to celebrate things like this.

Btw, afternoon tea at The Upper House completely destroys The Peninsula's offering.

adelaidesky, r/Sino 0 Comments [8/9/2018 10:45:04 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 139649

According to hispanics (colonized mixed race who thinks they're all white), this is not racist. Koreans should do the same to these mongrels and portray Mexicans in the same way in our TV. I really hope they kill each other for drugs and whores and the most insignificant freeloaders in world. Football is the only thing going for these mestizo mongrels.

maripgan89, Korean Sentry 4 Comments [8/9/2018 10:39:16 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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The reason is Chinese people do not care for Koreans. With the Japanese, the Chinese hate with passion because of the war. Before there was any sino-Japan war, Japan was also unknown to most Chinese. Suppose Korea bomb a Chinese fishing ship, I assure you that Chinese people will be screaming to massacre Koreans as well. In any case, the great threat to China, and Chinese people is white people. Koreans are a pawn for the white race to counter a rising China.

Red Sage, Eastbound88 0 Comments [8/9/2018 7:56:49 AM]
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Ahem, I am from/in Mexico, born, raised and will die here. With all due respect, fuck the "native americans". The northern tribes had an atrocious reputation across the board even as far back as the pre-conquest era (1400s) and they were extremely poorly regarded by the tribes of mesoamerica (Aztecs obviously, Tarahumara, etc.).

The "heritage" of the norther tribes is non-existent. They engaged in constant warfare until they met an opponent beyond their ability to defeat. They lost the war, they have no claim to the land.... if anything they should be immensely thankful that the pioneers didn't wipe them out because of the situation were reversed, the northern tribes would never have hesitated to kill every man , woman and child that was part of the opposing faction. Mercy was not something the northern tribes were known for, at all. So be grateful that the winners of the war didn't think the same way.

tldr, no, the native americans are dumb for thinking they have a claim.

Themythof_feminism, Reddit 0 Comments [8/9/2018 7:50:54 AM]
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Quote# 139626

Bullshit. My ancestors conquered this land and built it from scratch, that’s completely different than coming here to an already established society. Whites were 85% of the population historically, Asians less than 1%. While you certainly helped with railroads this is by no means your home, and by no means are you an “American”, especially with your vitriolic anti white sentiments. How can you possible take advantage of everything done here by my people and still want
to do us harm

What if whites fled to Japan and used the same rhetoric you use against us? “Japanese supremacy” “Straight Japanese male privilege” “the Japanese are over represented in all aspects of their government, we white demand representatives!”

Pls. Also the quickest cure to Asian thots dating white men (which I also see as a massive problem, I don’t want Hapas and prefer white genes to all others) is separation and nationalism. A homeland for all. Whites respect Asians for being intelligent and hard working with a good culture centered on family. There’s no reason to have conflict between our people especially considering that Asians and whites are the two highest iq groups and that our societies are objectively the best and most prosperous
Also I laugh at the idea that Asians are “second class citizens” maybe in the sexual market but look at government statistics by race. Asians make more than whites on average, you guys commit less crime and use less government handouts, you make up 30% of Ivy League colleges and score the highest on average in terms of test scores in the US. What are you fighting against here again?

HippyGenocide, Reddit 0 Comments [8/9/2018 6:16:26 AM]
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Alaska is great for farming too. The eskimos didn't have a high enough IQ to grow much but I know you could do it!

Hodgkins Nymphoma, Reddit 2 Comments [8/9/2018 6:14:58 AM]
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Quote# 139610

Seems to me, Asian culture takes what exist and refines; making products much more efficient, etc. But also seems to me, they are not inventors, so I'm glad Harvard and others create space for creators too!

Yep, Washington Post 2 Comments [8/7/2018 10:38:32 PM]
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Re: New movement: Blonde Men Mass Impregnate Women

The first goal of the jew is to exterminate the Blond Aryan Race. And that is exactly what they are doing. There's probably only one more generation of significant blondism left in the world.

Message to naturally blonde White women. If you don't want the blond race to die out and if you want beautiful blond children, marry blond men and have their babies.

The article encourages blonde men to impregnate Arabs and Turks

Whose the retard pushing this

This "movement" -- as described in the article -- will quicken the extinction of blonds. Probably the article was intended to be Anti-White. It is no accident of nature that this White female preference for dark haired men has been happening. Black haired jews control the media. ALL of their movies and advertising and every other possible means of promotion under their control place the blonde woman with the dark haired man. Jews know EXACTLY what they are doing. Women are completely suggestible and easy to manipulate through such subtle emotional tactics.

It's no accident. Nor is it natural.

Had Hitler won Jew War II, the world would be filled with blonds -- and women would be specifically seeking blond men (as was the case in Hitler's Germany) -- because blond men and blondness would be publicized as favored by those in power.

Tenniel, Stormfront 2 Comments [8/7/2018 1:12:08 PM]
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Quote# 139545

New Movement: Blonde Men Mass Impregnate Women

Today we are promoting and pushing the idea of forming a new movement for men, blonde men to be more exact. Blonde Men Mass Impregnate Women or BMMIW for short! This article is going to be very explicit and is only destined for adults so if you are under 18, go ahead and find something else better to do.

It’s all about the numbers boys, brunettes exceed the number of blondes both in the white and non-white world. Blonde hair is beautiful and unique but its numbers is going down rapidly as more and more couples nowadays are mixed. Blondes cannot rely on CHANCE for their survival. Something actively needs to be done about it.

Rarely you see 2 blondes hooking up together anymore in today’s sick world and this is vastly the blonde women’s fault. Mostly they are to blame as they and they only seek to date outside their group. Because of this, blonde men are left out without an option for a blonde woman so they go for brunette women but hey we have a new solution in place. This isn’t about racism and not even about race differences or whatever, it has nothing to do with race. This movement is going to be focusing only on NUMBERS.

Men have something which women do not have. If you are virile, you can impregnate countless thousands of women without loosing anything while women are LOCKED for 9 months. Women can’t do this. Mathematically they can’t more than 50 children in a lifetime even if its child after child. A man’s sperm is just like his piss. He can do it multiple times a day without any loss. Heck he is even getting something out of it: pleasure.


Never reveal who you are, don’t give your real name, use a pseudonym, leave no clues as how they can find you and use a disposable pre-paid SIM card for your phone so that they don’t have your real phone number. Tell no one what you are doing but encourage other blonde men you know to do it. You are gonna learn how to become a ghost, you come, you leave your seed, you pick up your shirt and you leave. A master of disguise, a master of deception. Do not fall in love for they will slow you down. However that is very possible so if you do fall in love with a blonde woman, well marry her, reproduce yourself with her but the door must remain open, if you go on vacations, if you go on business trips by yourself and you get a chance, use it! Continue to impregnate, its cheating and its NOT cheating at the same time, its all for the nation, for your seed and your own wife’s seed as well. If she can’t see it this way she’s a fool, you are doing humanity a good thing and she has you. It not like you’re gonna break up with her for someone else, nope you’re gonna pick up your shirt and go back to your wife. Make sure you do this preferably to women from other cities, towns and maybe even countries. Use some common sense for God’s sake, be cautious. You don’t do this to your neighbors who will then point you in the streets with their fingers and ask your for child support.

Unless you are rich, don’t spend too much money in the process, you may show them that you have a lot of money as women are attracted to money like flies are attracted to shit, but don’t give them any, just buy them a beer or two. And its sexy time! No sexy time? BYE, there’s other women out there!


Is this moral? Of course not, it is deceptive and non-Christian but honestly WHO CARES at this point? Is it moral when we will all go extinct if we don’t do anything about it? Yes there’s also gonna be collateral damages. Good Christian girls which may not deserve this, blonde girls who would date and marry blonde men but you don’t know that. Due to the statistics you have to assume that all women are bad and all will marry outside of their group. The vast majority of women avoid blonde men like the plague. Its all due to the current culture we live in where the darker you are the better you are. Its the culture of the negro but you can step and shit on this culture all alone by yourself by joining this movement. Go and impregnate hundreds of women, thousands! Duty calls! They want war? They’re gonna get war! If you think this applies to you and you don’t have much success because you are a blonde, go have a tan in the sun and dye your hair black. Trick them! This movement is all about trickery and deception. The master of lies. That’s who you need to become because those sluts out there, they don’t like you pure, they don’t like you when you treat them nice. Nope they want bad boys. Our colleagues from MGTOW are 100% correct in their description of the woman. In some ways we may be a little bit similar to MGTOW but not too much. We are not for abstinence nor for sex with Asian sluts over our own sluts. If anything Asians are ugly as hell. Just remove their make-ups. A white girl without make up is gonna be 1 gazzilion trillion billion upon millions of gazzilions more beautiful than a Asian slut without makeup. Besides, we need to secure our survival and our numbers as blondes. Its just like in the animal world. You are a lion, you go out there and you impregnate all females in your path. Polygamy? Nah… its too little, for the shit we’re in right now, MASS IMPREGNATION! You impregnate them and you leave.

Spare no one! Besides its not like you beat them or something, you just make them a child for God’s sake. It just like in the animal world. The best of males compete for the females and impregnate as many as possible to make sure their seed survives. Some day you when you are old, you are gonna think about it and have a smile on your face, and others will wonder why but you will know that you are the father of hundreds of children. You are a BOSS!

You can even do this if you are married. Your wife doesn’t need to know about it. Morality go to hell, its about survival of the blonde gene and competition between blondes vs brunettes. Brunettes are already having it good, blonde women prefer them, brunette women prefer them, just about anyone prefers brunette men. Basically they don’t need to do anything actively as they are already having it good. So its time blondes have it good too.

Think of it, white countries are going down demographically like no other countries. Soon we may go extinct, all you hear is complain, complain, complain but no one comes out with a solution. Well here’s the freaking solution! This is basically what is already happening in Russia with over 50% divorce rates and guess what their demographics are finally going up in the last years. Their mistake? They marry them, they father them and then they divorce… So many single mothers in Russia… but what’s the point in marrying? Marry but keep who you marry with. Its nice to have someone to grow old with, someone to love, someone to return to after your adventures.

You get to help with the demographics, you bring more children into the world and you have fun at the same time, you are basically a freaking HERO. You are Solomon, you are Genghis Khan. What’s not to like?


Just about anyone capable of carrying the blonde gene. Redheads, blondes should be your top priority but don’t miss out on brunette women as well. Blonde children can come out of them for sure. Chances are over 50%. You may even go for mixed girls like Turks, Greeks, Italians, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanians, Bulgarians, Gypsies, Indians, Iranians, etc. Creampie anyone in your path. Avoid doing it to 100% blacks and Asians as there is no point. They would need to have this happen to them and their children for over 2-3 generations in order to whiten them completely and develop blonde hair. There is simply no point. That is pure waste of time, energy and resources.

This is a famous case from Bulgaria and Greece where a Bulgarian gypsy woman gave a daughter of hers to a Greek gypsy couple, probably for money. Look at those beatutiful pure white, pure blonde and redhead children that came out of that gypsy vagina! Of course asume she’s young and beautiful, well dressed, not like that gypsy woman, old and poorly dressed. Worry not too much about STDs, not not as bad as the media wants to make you think. Its all a scare tactic to make whites go extinct. Asians, Africans have plenty of sex with plenty of women and they have plenty of children ad they don’t worry for a second about STDs. Besides if you worry about some chick, just use a compromised condom, put a needle through it, right in the middle, then unpack and use it normally. If she has any diseases, there are very very very slim chances of her diseased fluids going through your small needle hole and into your penis to infect you. Or simply avoid those you don’t trust.

Do you understand now? Don’t be a retarded racist with 1 active brain cell. Impregnate everyone in your path who is white and border-line white, as in mixed as well. It costs you nothing, you gain pleasure and you spread your seed. You spread the seed of the blondes. When you want to settle down and have to some children you actually know about and raise as your own, that’s a different story, take only a blonde wife and nothing else but for fun and mass impregnation? Everyone in your path except women of totally different races like black African and yellow Asian.

Remember you don’t sacrifice anything, you are not a woman, you do not get yourself locked for 9 months, all you do is just cum. Its like peeing but feeling pleasure while doing it at the same time, though same may feel pleasure while doing the latter as well but its a different kind of pleasure, haha.


First of all don’t tell the girls that you are

So heere’s the plan boys. If you are blonde, go out, date and sleep with as many women as possible, make sure you do NOT wear a condom and make sure you release yourself inside of them. There’s plenty of tricks on how to do this. We’ve got 3 methods for you studs out there:

For starters, you can openly talk about it, ask them where they would like you to cum, this is before the sexual act itself. As surprising as this sound to some of you inexperienced men, most women fantasize about releasing your loads inside of them and not in a condom, their mouths, asses or on their breasts. This is all just Hollywood mumbo jumbo. At least 80% of all women secretly hope in their minds that you will creampie them inside their pussies and not somewhere else. Make good use of this, talk to them, make them horny, as horny as you can, then bring it up, at the culmination point “And where would you want me to cum baby?” They are gonna say “inside of me” and then you should ask them “Ohh that’s so hot, I would like that so much, and would you like to remain pregnant? I would really love that! I think that is the hottest thing in the world!” Most would answer “YES!” if they do, then start doing exactly just that. You have to use suggestive thinking, suggest to them what to do and tell them its so hot, they are gonna want to please you and they will end up doing exactly just that.

If you encounter difficulties, just trick them. Use coitus interruptus. Tell them you don’t want a condom because it kills of all the pleasure and you would rather not do it at all than do it with a condom. Tell them you have good control over your junk and you can withdraw right before you ejaculate. Trick them, ejaculate a few drops inside of them then withdraw and ejaculate the rest on their bellies or wherever. Don’t tell them that they have just been impregnated!

If they categorically refuse to have unprotected sex, say ok. Go to the bathroom or have a small needle with you, make sure you make a little hole right in the tip of the condom. It is inevitable, at least a drop will slip into her and impregnate her. When you remove the condom, do it quick and dispose of it quick so that she doesn’t notice anything strange.


Naturally some will resort to abortion but its their sin, not yours, you just did what is natural, sex for impregnation not for pleasure. You did what you are meant to do. When animals have sex they don’t use condoms and they don’t pullout right before ejaculating and they also don’t make an abortion. Humans were created with the same purpose, to have sex for multiplying not just for fun. More will keep the babies than you think, if let’s say 30% kept the babies, you did your country, your genes and your self a favor. If you impregnated 1000 women, you just brought 300 children into this world. Be proud of yourself and go find some chicks. Its all for competition and survival of the blonde seed. Its your duty!

EU Times, EU Times 6 Comments [8/7/2018 1:11:08 PM]
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Quote# 139594

I wonder just how long the Jews will wait, until they are brazen enough to drop the mask and cloak? They say that, “Pride comes before a fall”. But what about arrogance?

Jews are seemingly incapable of keeping quiet about their plans, and braggish pride of our destruction. It is everywhere on the net. And they made multitudes of pre-internet claims.

I think it will be a form of inverted Russian Revolution, that takes the Serpent’s head off. One they will never see coming.

IRONKRAFT, Real Jew News 0 Comments [8/7/2018 6:13:51 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 139589

Last true Pagan Emperor of Rome Diocletian (known for great Prosecution of Christians) said: "Christianity is a trap made by the Jews to make Romans worship their Messiah, to make us Slaves of Jews". While I don't approve his methods I agree with him.

We muslims do not give any significance to any messiah whatsoever, we believe in judgment after death. We believe in Jesus but not as savior, according to our teaching he is/was merely servant of God and he is coming back to murder one of many Jesus saviors that are about to appear. But we are immune to any Savior cause we know it's not God.

Modern Christians are basically in trap by the Jews, tomorow when some Messiah with superpowers appear Jews will say: "Here Christians this is our Messiah and Jesus" and Christians will all run to him. Christian view on Jesus is no different to Pagan view on Hercules or other "sons of Zeus".

I will never stop Christians to practice their religion, in my opinion (eventually) they will uncover how deceived they were themselves.

Bosniensis, The Apricity 1 Comments [8/7/2018 6:13:31 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 139586

As everybody know blacks, MENAs and other Third Worlders, specially from Asia (Pakistan, India, etc) have contributed nothing to the European society (they are unable) but what will be their genetic impact? Seeing all these millions living in France, Germany, Sweden, UK, etc is hard to imagine they will not do. Only an immediate massive expulsion could save Europe of this.

Cristiano viejo, The Apricity 2 Comments [8/7/2018 6:13:18 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 139580

Segregation is a good thing for incels. Curries/Riceboys get in here.

It must be a fucking nightmare to be asian/indian in a western country and have to look at all that hot white pussy all day.

Knowing that you have 0 chance to score with these qt's.

And if that wasn't bad enough the Indian and Asian women are rubbing salt in your wounds by fucking white guys.

Segregation is a good thing. For white guys you can get the blacks out, and those BBC wouldn't corrupt our young white women.

Deep down inside everyone knows its true but no one has the guts to admit it.

Races of all colors should of stayed in their countries of origin.

bluecollarCEL, incels.me 4 Comments [8/7/2018 12:44:36 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 139576

Are you a race betrayer? Why do you so eagerly wish men of your own race to become sissys and transgenders? Don't you worry they will be bred out by White men?

It has nothing to do with what I wish, it has everything to do with what they are best at, and I encourage them to follow that so they can lead very happy and fulfilling lives. I hope they won’t be bred out by White men because that means Japanese women would be bred out and then who would get to enjoy the exquisite joy and sexual pleasure that only we can provide?

Besides, many White men prefer their sissies and transgender sexual partners to be Asian. The males have many feminine features to begin with and it makes them often quite sought after. They get to experience serving, and being dominantly fucked by more Alphas than most.

Why is this a hard concept for people to understand? I could be upset that I am not 6 feet tall and White and have blonde hair and fit the definition of a supermodel and most commonly accepted symbols of beauty in our culture or I could use all of the sexual advantages I do have at my disposal.

I get to engage into the fantasy of a geisha and embrace a submissive side that men fight over hand and fist before wanting to fuck a vanilla White woman whether she is a supermodel or not. I get to embrace the dominant and Alpha side of my personality because trust me, when a man finally does want to submit he wants the greatest amount of submission he can achieve and a 5 foot tiny Asian woman making him kneel before her accomplishes that very easily.

It has nothing to do with what I wish, it has everything to do with what they are best at…

I agree with this line of yours so much!

I understand it as comparative advantage in global economy, e.g. China and SE Asia produce cheap products, Japan produces electronics, Australia produces dairy, USA produces films and high-tech, etc.. Only in this way could every country bring their best into play.

Likewise, Asian girls dating White guys and Asian guys being their servants in chastity cages will make everyone happy. Why resist that?

I used to dislike Asian girls dating foreigners, but now I happily and proudly embrace the beauty and harmony of WMAF.

werewolves-do-wander & vanwmaf, Tumblr 0 Comments [8/7/2018 12:43:06 AM]
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Quote# 139573

You could not 'Give' the us back to native americans any more than you could give Italy back to the Romans.

That history is over. Americans and natives fought...we killed each other...and ultimately the Americans were victorious.

We did not eliminate the last of the natives and I'm glad we didn't. We gave them reservations instead. That was an honorable choice imo...and it seems rather crappy to use our mercy against us by trying to extort us with the remaining natives. Would you really want us to wind up regretting that we did not complete the genocide?

Fiveos2, Reddit 1 Comments [8/7/2018 12:40:53 AM]
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Quote# 139572

Natives are not one people for starters. They are different nations and tribes and were frequently fighting and sometimes genociding each other before we arrived. Then they died in the millions from disease weakening their cohesion and culture significantly.

Another important note to point out is that natives didn't and many still don't believe in land ownership. They are basically nomadic and this inability to adapt to westerner and easterners that believe in individual rights and land rights was a major major failing. Therefore, the natives were conquered and conquered people don't get their land back (unless of course the jews propagandize them into emotional terrorists and in that case they actually do get some handouts! Whites are often so dominant the only way to get anything out of them is to manipulate their emotions and their women who are allowed to vote. )

So no we don't have to give them 1/2 of a country they never owned or dominated.

If I ran a small ethnostate I'd ignore them and give them full autonomy in their homelands with no aid or help. I'd try to trade with them and if they polluted my lands or fuck with me I'd wage war on them.

If I ran the entire US as an ethnostate I'd give each member a lump sum payout (100k or so) and then turn the best parts of their reservation into a national park and auction the rest of it off to the highest bidder. Then I'd end all welfare programs for natives within the ethnostate. Sink or swim.

Send_nasty_stuff, Reddit 0 Comments [8/7/2018 12:40:48 AM]
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Mix breeding should be illegal

Seriously the UN should have a comitee worldwide to punish anybody that have kids while being a of different races, you could fuck but no impreganting, but allowing mixbreed children should be illegal and if done a prison sentencement to both parents.

I'm speaking from first hand experience since I suffered from from identity crisis my whole life, I didn't fit in with people and family members from both my mom and dad side. Now my parents are not together because it's a fact that most interacial marriages have a higher rate of divorce/marriage failure, especially if the dad is ethnic. Mix breeding creates abomination and confused individuals, take a look at ER. Hapa Manlet with a dad that will never understand his pain, just like my dad, he will never understand my pain of looking black

Mix breeding should be illegal it's just as worst as abortion and first degree murder, it creates abomination identity crisis individuals which leads them to be self hating, like myself and ER

Identity crisis leads to self hatred, so don't blame me for being self hating

Tellem-T, incels.me 4 Comments [8/6/2018 3:51:34 PM]
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I don't think whites can truly assimilate into asian culture for the same reason I don't think it's really possible for asians to really assimilate into white culture. Because no matter how white/asian you feel, it's other peoples perception of you that decides how you are treated. I therefore see the assimilation process as somewhat generational, by for instance producing a half white/half asian child, this child will have a greater chance of being "accepted" into either culture because they look more white/asian than if they were "full" either.

Mugunghwa, /r/aznidentity 3 Comments [8/6/2018 12:01:20 PM]
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