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While relying on these violent labels without definitions, Kilian has the nerve to say that
Duchesne...relies on populist clichés like "establishment," "elites," "transnational elites," and "cultural Marxists." He never defines them.
This is not true. I defined "cultural Marxism" along with other key terms requiring definition, such as "Euro-Canadians." There is no reason to define works like "establishment" which are commonly understood by everyone. Those who actually read my book will know that the meaning of the words I use are evident within the context they are used.

The One Potentially Fair Objection

The one potentially fair objection Kilian makes is too imprecise and illogical to be of much value to readers. He writes:
Duchesne...cites Canada's first census, in 1871, to argue that the new country had just 23,000 natives, barely more than the 21,500 blacks. But an Indigenous population that small wouldn't have kept the Hudson's Bay Company in furs for two centuries before Confederation.
The population of First Nations on the B.C. coast alone was estimated at 60,000 in the 1860s — before a disastrous smallpox epidemic wiped out 20,000 of them and shattered their centuries-old societies. The population of the coast before the first arrival of smallpox in the 18th century was likely 100,000 or more. Duchesne takes no notice of the demographic disasters that conveniently depopulated the Americas for the Europeans.
First, to be sure, the 1871 census does say that the native population was 23,000. Now, I should have qualified this statement by adding that these figures "are for the four original provinces (Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia) only." The census was counting the population of these 4 provinces because these were the provinces that came to constitute Canada a few years earlier in Confederation in 1867. Manitoba and Northwest territories joined in 1870, and BC in 1871.

Yes, one can argue that this census left out the natives of these newly integrated provinces in 1870 and 1871, but, as Kilian himself adds, the 60,000 he guess-estimates for BC in the 1860s was reduced by 20,000 soon after. It is also the case that the natives in these newly acquired provinces were mostly outside Canadian legal society, and that, in this respect, it would have been inaccurate to count them as "Canadians" since they were members of autonomous tribes living in the wild. Moreover, by the same token, this 1871 census is not counting the European population in the other provinces and territories apart from these four provinces. The European population in BC was about 36,000 in 1871.

I do refer to the demographic disasters the natives suffered, calling it "tragic." But my intention in offering numerous statistical facts about the ethnic composition of the Canadian population was precisely to avoid the notion that natives should be elevated into major participants in Canada's history insomuch as they were drastically reduced in numbers. I wanted to offer an accurate account of their contribution to the making of Canada's institutions, rather than a moral account driven by White guilt.

But this is exactly what Kilian tries to do in the review, once his sentence on the epidemics is completed, he goes on to exaggerate the contributions of "Chinese, Hawaiians, South Americans and countless others" in the making of Canada, totally ignoring the masses of demographic statistics I offered on the ethnic distribution of Canada's population, which totally refute his statistical fabrications.

Moral Posturing While Ignoring The Subject

The rest of Kilian's review is full of moral grandstanding coupled with bromides about Donald Trump and Anglo supremacists. He completely ignores the arguments I made, opting for the claim that I am fascist who writes history "without concepts." What about the four theoretical chapters I offered on Kymlicka, Taylor, Strauss, and Schmitt? Kilian claims that I offer "an attitude, not a thesis, that life was better under European rule because Europeans are (indefinably) superior." It is the other way around, this lazy journalist never asks one of the cardinal questions reviewers must ask: what the intention of the author was in writing the book?

My intentions were:
Why is everyone in the Canadian establishment, from left to right, engaged in a program of diversification without open debate?
Why is everyone saying that Euro-Canadians stand to be enriched as they are reduced to a minority in their own homeland?
Why are historians, and the elites, insisting that Canada is a nation of immigrants, lying to millions of students, when there is no historical evidence for this claim?
What are the roots of the ideology of multiculturalism and the obsession with excluding Euro-Canadians, and only Euro-Canadians, from affirming their ethnic identity?
Why does multiculturalism encourage the group rights of non-Europeans, while openly excluding the group rights of Euro-Canadians?
Why are Canadians being told that Canada is historically unique in its multicultural identity when we know that they are making the same claim about the unique multicultural identity of European nations, United States, Australia, and New Zealand?

I offered answers to all these questions. Kilian ignored them all and opted for a repetition of what the banks, politicians, and the lying media say about those who criticize diversification. No one respects men like Kilian; they may be called "nice" by Asians and Blacks, but they are never respected. Deep down everyone knows that a man who trashes his own ancestors lacks honour and basic human decency. There is just something wrong witnessing Kilian take regular snipes against the men who built this nation as "mediocrities," making fun of our most respected Prime Minister, Mackenzie King, while always praising foreigners-to-become immigrants as morally superior.

Ricardo Duchesne , Eurocanadian  1 Comments [8/23/2018 3:31:55 AM]
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On 27 May 2014 the Vancouver City Council voted unanimously to take steps toward yet another official apology for "historical discrimination against people of Chinese descent". The approved motion, which was initiated by Chinese Councillor Raymond Louie, contains a sweeping mandate directing staff to investigate thoroughly, "as long as it takes", every act of discrimination committed against the Chinese from 1886 to 1947.

It also calls for staff to report back to council with recommended actions for compensation and inclusive redress. According to Councillor Kerry Jang, the Chinese who lived in Canada before 1947 "weren't allowed to do very much...to live in certain areas...to go to school or do anything."

What Kerry Jang is saying is a historical fabrication.

The Chinese in BC prospered substantially despite the head tax and not having the right to vote until 1947. In an MA Thesis conducted by Chinese Canadian Paul Richard Yee for the University of British Columbia, 1983, under the title Chinese Business in Vancouver, 1886-1914, it is concluded that the Chinese were able to enjoy "economic opportunities arising inside and outside Chinatown".

Chinese Millionaire Migrants

Daniel Hierbert, a social geographer at UBC, has thus projected that Chinese migration will result in the creation of "a social geography entirely new to Canada". The Chinese, which currently make up about 410,000 of the population in a city of 2.2 million, are set to double to 800,000 by 2031. Hiebert also notes that the city will be increasingly divided into racial enclaves, with white residents becoming a minority group, or only 2 out of 5 residents by 2031.

This massive wave of Chinese colonizers has driven the price of homes way above what middle class Whites can afford, making Vancouver the second least affordable city in the world - behind only Hong Kong.

In Richmond, a city of 200,000 in greater Vancouver, mainland Chinese migration has already helped create the first majority-Chinese city outside Asia, with White citizens cornered into small enclaves and many being forced to sell their homes and move out as "millionaire migrants" take over (read here). It has been estimated that 74 percent of the houses sold for more than $3 million in Vancouver's core Westside neighbourhood in 2010 were sold to Chinese buyers.

Institutional Racism in China

But what is perhaps even more astonishing is that these "millionaire migrants" enjoying apologies from working and middle class Whites come from a culture that, by the standards of British Columbia between 1886 and 1947, are not merely illiberal but vulgarly racist. This has been thoroughly documented in the works of Frank Dikötter. Starting with his book, The Discourse of Race in Modern China (1992), Dikötter examines how traditional Chinese authorities commonly described as "ugly" the "ash white" skin and "indelicate hairiness" of Europeans, and the blacks as "animals, devil-like and horrifying".

More revealing is Dikötter's thesis on how these traditional Chinese notions about inferior "barbarians" intermingled with Nazi forms of "scientific" racism to form a distinctively Chinese racial consciousness in the 20th century and today. The concept of race came to be widely accepted as scientifically proven. Racial theories were disseminated through textbooks, anthropology exhibitions and travel literature, reaching the primary levels of education.

The dominant Han are described as the core of a "yellow race", which includes in its margins all the minority populations. In another book, Imperfect Conceptions: Medical Knowledge, Birth Defects, and Eugenics in China (1998), Dikötter references government publications claiming that eugenics is a vital tool in the enhancement of the "biological fitness" of the nation, heralding the twenty-first century as an era which will be dominated by "biological competition" between the "white race" and the "yellow race". A research team was indeed set up in November 1993 to isolate the quintessentially "Chinese genes" of the genetic code of human DNA.

The visit by Condaleeza Rice to Beijing in 2008 led to a flurry of racist postings on China's websites, with Rice stigmatized as "the ugliest in the world"... "I really can't understand how mankind gave birth to a woman like Rice"... Some directly called Rice a "black ghost", a "black pig"... "a witch"... "rubbish of Humans"... Some lamented: "Americans" IQ is low — how can they make a black bitch Secretary of State"... Others did not forget to stigmatize Rice with animal names: "chimpanzee", "crocodile", "a piece of rotten meat, mouse shit", "[something] dogs will find hard to eat".

Chinese elites have always been very cunning at using their quietness and cautiousness as a rhetorical device to delude Westerners with the quaint notion of Chinese innocence and purity. China is currently building an empire in Africa, based on the exploitation of cheap African labor, poor if any safety standards for workers, construction projects based on the cheapest and shoddiest Chinese materials — all in exchange for vital resources to feed the insatiable desires of 1.4 billion Chinese. That's the strategy: use dirt cheap construction materials to build up good will, then sweep in and take the natural resources. According to Peter Hitchens, Chinese companies have lax safety procedures and "employ African people in slave conditions."

Extermination of Ethnic Minorities in China

China's ethnic composition is almost exclusively Han, 91.9 percent of the population. The ethnic minorities (Mongols, Zhuang, Miao, Hui, Tibetans, and Uighurs) are treated as second class citizens. Tibetans are routinely described as superstitious, lazy, ignorant, and dirty. Tibet is an independent country occupied by Chinese imperialists; Han migration is destroying their heritage; Han companies dominate the main industries; the Chinese get all the best jobs.

The Tibetans are irritated that Chinese migrants eat their dogs (animals believed to be the last reincarnation before humans in Tibetan Buddhism); that the Chinese don't walk clockwise around temples and monasteries, and that they toss away their cigarettes at wooden temples and holy trees. The New York Times described an incidence of one man whose house was burned down for no evident reason as follows: when he tried to seek help, the authorities said, "What race are you? Tibetan? Go ask the Dalai Lama for help."

In 1949, Han Chinese amounted to only 5 percent of Xinjiang's population; today they are up to 41 percent. Urumqi, the capital city, consists of 75 percent Han Chinese, of the 2.5 million inhabitants. The average Chinese views the natives from Xinjiang as backward and as ungrateful for not appreciating the modern infrastructure bestowed upon them by the Han. In the summer of 2009, this region saw violent riots by 2,000 to 3,000 thousand Uighur workers and Xinjiang separatists, in which approximately 150 Han Chinese were killed. The Communist reprisals were swift; up to 50,000 police and security personnel were sent to restore order, more than 2000 Uighurs were detained, and a few dozen were executed. The policy of Sinicization was intensified; in May 2010 Beijing announced a new development strategy to pour $1.5 billion into the region, encourage the migration of more Han Chinese businessmen, together with a 'love the great motherland, build a beautiful homeland' patriotic education campaign that aimed to indoctrinate the Uighurs that "ethnic minorities are inseparable from the Han."

Clearly, it is superbly absurd and cowardly for leaders of European ethnicity in Vancouver to have endorsed a motion calling for more apologies in the context of a reality characterized by mass immigration from a country and an ethnic group that is currently complicit with vulgar and oppressive acts of racism.

Ricardo Duchesne, Eurocanadian  0 Comments [8/23/2018 3:27:36 AM]
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ALL WHITE PEOPLE DID NOT VOTE FOR TRUMP. MOST WHITES (CRACKERS TO YOU) THAT I KNOW DONT EVEN LIKE HIM AND THINK HE IS A JOKE. THIS IS THE SAME AS ANY NEGRO WHO THINKS ALL WHITES LIKE TRUMP HAVE A LOW IQ (INTELLIGENCE QUOTIENT). ILL BET THAT THE AVERAGE IQ FOR BLACK PEOPLE IS AT LEAT 20 POINTS BELOW US CRACKERS AVERAGE. yes this is extremely racist and i probably will get kicked off of Facebook but if i see one for more black person dressed exactly like every other black person I'm going to explode. Why are they afriad of being different. Most blacks are just about perfect copies of each other with there clothes cars speech moment and way of thinking. I know you blacks think your so much better because you dumb down the english language, make up new words as a 5 year old child does. don't even get me started on rap. Its the same stupid lyrics over and over in each song just changed slightly. One lyric I heard the other day that was supposed to be a love song was saying "hit it from the back, make you feel comfortable"...... Those words and words like it are destroying our society. Little girls listen to that crap on the pop station radio and subconsciously and conciously are changed into what would've been considered a slut many years ago. Now is mandatory if you want any popularity. Have sex with who you want when you want and as much as possible. i feel sorry for any blackster with poor vision because they are so worried about being exactly like every other black that you will never see one wearing glasses. lol its pitiful. Look at NFL NBA. what color dominates? those sports rely not so much on your mind except quarter back who are most white to do most of the thinking but still backs on average run faster and jump higher. Their phyicall are so amazing its almost like they are a product of selective breading during the slave era but that can't be true look at africa. We see team after team of basketball and football and other sports with a all these super athletes in africa... O wait no we don't its just the american blacks that are the super athletic ones. the slave owners would've never bread the strongest male with hardest working female to produce a fast working and high endurance child slave, that would be nonsense right? no they did selective breading for 500yrs and now we have kobe and jordan etc. show me one native african with half the abilities of jordan or lebron....... I'm waiting. They don't exist. nowhere in the world do blacks exist with the abilities that african americans have.... NOWHERE BUT IN THE US WHERE SELECTIVE BREADING WAS DOCUMENTED AND DEFINITELY PROVEN. Its funny because blacks think they just got lucky or they are the super race. No. If you want to continue to blame me and my generation for slavery (which no black american has been a slave nor has any whites of this generation owned a slave) then after your done blaming us for something we have never seen then also take the time to thank us for your ability to get abs by only walking to your mailbox each month and not working out.

Anon, Reddit, originally Facebook 2 Comments [8/23/2018 3:07:45 AM]
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"Darker individuals average higher levels of crime, sexual activity including HIV/AIDS, and lower IQ."

I'm afraid the color of your skin IS the content of your character.

Heartiste, Gab 6 Comments [8/22/2018 1:31:26 PM]
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I was asked to work on my day off from my food delivery job by management, and I could use some overtime, so I obliged. I was informed that the workload was backing up, so I was paired with another driver to "knock a route out". Of course when I got there, they have me riding with a nigger delivery driver. As if being in close proximity to a sweaty nig is not torture enough, this fuckwad listens to a nigger radio station all day.

Here are some observations-

1. Starting with the talk portion in the morning, all these nigger DJ's talked about was race. "White man got away with..." "White police officer did this"... the whole fucking time. These niggers are the biggest race baiters of all, it was truly a biased, uneducated circus show, with the theme being white people get away with stuff niggers don't. The blatant bullshit they were spewing was truly disgusting. 2. Commercials- certain companies had ads on recruiting employees to work for their company, complete with rap in the background. These companies I have never heard recruiting on a non nig station. One that stood out in particular was Kroger.

3. One song was playing, and I was thinking to myself how exceptionally shitty the song is.. not normal rap shitty, but horrible singing, dumb music, and no taste or art at all. Then they announced the artist, and it was Mary J. Blige. Now I have heard the name before and know this is a mainstream famous nigger singer, and thought to myself, "For fuck's sake, this is a famous nigger, so this shit excuse for a song is supposed to be top shelf nigger music". It really sucked. 4. I counted at least four songs that mimicked or flat out stole melodies or lyrics, or both, from classic human songs. One was from The Police, and the others I can't remember at the moment, but will add them in when I do.

5. They don't really have lyrics, the niggers just repeat one or two lines over and over again. 6. The music is all computer generated, synthesized no talent complete and utter shit. 7. Nigger artists make a lot of vocal "sounds" in the songs, that I can't even begin to describe. I've heard similar noises at the zoo, seriously. Rap is complete shit... a 5 year old kid could do better on a Casio keyboard.

Pooter, Niggermania 5 Comments [8/22/2018 9:50:37 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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When I was in high school, about 2 years ago when I was 17, I was in history class, and I was the only white human in there, all the niggers in there were dumb as rocks, literally all of them, they didn't know shit, So when I was getting better grades then all of them, and recomended for AP History (advanced placement) they all cried racism, and that I was only getting ahead because I was a whitezz boyz, when in reality, it was just because I actually paid attention, and kept to myself and did my work!

That was one of the moments in my life that made me start to realize, that all blacks are the same, all unintelligent apes, that will blame everyone else for their issues , instead of themselves, they act of their primal instincts, only thinkinz bout' fuckinz and drugs, and shitz, and when anyone else is doing better then them, they cry racism, or it's unfair, because they're dumb fucking animals... all of them.

YooozMannnz, Niggermania 1 Comments [8/22/2018 9:50:01 AM]
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Where I work we have very few niggers, the ones we do hire we send almost all of them to the Gary office (why better place to put niggers than an all nigger area). However this one is staying in our office, it's well behaved and can speak like a human as well (a well trained one), however I have noticed how it acts towards me. At first I thought it was just me misinterpreting various things, but then a coworker said something to me and it confirmed what I had thought..... It has a crush on me.

I always try to follow rule number 1, but in a work environment you can't always follow it so I'm decent to the NAPAs (don't want to get fired for discrimination). So now I'm stuck with a nigger that's infatuated with me, luckily there's cameras everywhere so if it decided to pull some shit it's all on camera, I also make sure I stay in my area (nobody is allowed in my dept besides 3 people and we are behind a locked door) and don't interact with it much.

It just makes me uncomfortable knowing this nigger has a thing for me, can't really go to HR since it hasn't did anything yet (plus they are Union so near impossible to fire), so I just hide in my office and try not to interact too much. I wish I had a solution to this but there is none besides getting a new job, which I don't want to do because I get paid very well for what I do here and wouldn't find another job paying as much. Ugh.

Niggernest, Niggermania 1 Comments [8/22/2018 9:49:21 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 139988

Even if the Negro anti-gun forces don't succeed this time they are still on the war path towards doing everything they can to make things miserable for Whites. I really think that White people in South Africa have no choice but to get the heck out of there while they still can given the animal behavior of those Black Apes.

Defend our Homeland, Stormfront 1 Comments [8/22/2018 9:47:35 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 139987

ALL of them do, because these days you just don't reach the national stage without being "jew approved"! This time the zioscum won...last time with OBAMAGOD, cultural marxiscum won.

We have a ways to go but remember, just sixty or so years ago many real men called out jews for their perfidious nature right on the floor of Congress!

It will happen again.

ADAMANT, Stormfront 1 Comments [8/22/2018 9:47:28 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 139986

The Jews always win because the majority are fucking stupid, not merely misguided or misinformed but plain stupid. It’s sad.

God created the Aryan races as an altruistic people. But the Jews have a worldly-wise mentality that most non-Jews simply cannot match.

Non-Jews are altruistic but at the same time too selfish. Most people who get involved in these New Right movements are in it too much for their own benefit (career advancement, making friends, cocktail parties, etc.).

Too many Christians are too pre-occupied with “getting into Heaven” than fighting the battles they should be here on Earth. I think Christianity needs a more Worldly bent.

But there are far, far more of US then there are of them. Enough smart people banding together can end this tyranny.

AJ, Real Jew News 2 Comments [8/22/2018 9:47:12 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 139984

Let's say Hitler had his way and by 2010 every single person inside of Europe that was not over 90% German had been murdered, leaving Europe Racially made up of Germans from Alsace-Lorraine to the Ural Mountains, and down to Greece, and by 2030 for all intensive purposes that was Germany.

Wouldn't that be much more preferable to have than a racially and politically divided Europe? I'm not endorsing the Holocaust, but what I am saying is that if all of the resources and manpower were under one nation of White, Protestant, technologically advanced nation, wouldn't that be superior to having Hungaria and Bulgaria and Romania and Russia and Lithuania and Poland, etc.

Would there be other advantages to this? What would the effects be long term?

SANAND, AlternateHistory 7 Comments [8/22/2018 9:46:20 AM]
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Quote# 139983

This reminds me of my liberal White best friend who was also murdered by illegal immigrants. That tragedy ultimately started me on my journey here. But unlike the murder of my best friend, her murder actually made national news - and so hopefully her tragic death will actually make a difference when it comes to finally changing our insanely lax immigration policies. After all, this was pretty much the exact scenario that Trump launched his presidential campaign on. If her murder doesn't give Trump the political momentum and moral legitimacy that he needs to finally force the treasonous motherfuckers in our government to crack down on illegal immigration, then nothing will. And hopefully her death will help to wake up at least some brainwashed shitlibs too.
Unfortunately, I already know that most White liberals will respond to the news of her murderer being a brown-skinned "Hispanic" (Amerind/Mestizo) illegal immigrant by arguing that criminal scumbags come in all skin tones. Or if they've been indoctrinated by the SPLC and leftist media outlets, they'll avoid confronting ugly truths about Hispanic and black crime rates and the hugely lopsided nature of interracial crime by arguing that most crime is intraracial.

All racial groups obviously commit crime, but we know from crime statistics that there's pretty huge racial gaps [1]. And those gaps aren't meaningless. They clearly matter on a societal scale. It's why most Hispanic and black countries have much higher violent crime rates than most White and Asian countries. And it's why the bad parts of town that you try to avoid are usually dominated by Hispanics and blacks.

And the primary reason why most crime is intraracial is because humans are inherently tribalistic and ethnocentric, and so they subconsciously tend to congregate around people that are like themselves as much as possible. If most White people didn't avoid the "bad" (i.e., Hispanic and black) parts of town, then interracial violent crime rates would be even more insanely lopsided than they already are.

CertifiedRabbi, Reddit 0 Comments [8/22/2018 9:43:25 AM]
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Re: 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before' Has Creepy Racial Things Going On | Plan A Magazine

This movie is an excellent reminder of the lingering pseudo-, false-, 1980’s style liberal take on AF representation of what it’s supposed to be like for an Asian-American (Canadian) teen. Movies like this were made to frame the narrative of WMs were the natural partner for AFs back then (a tsunami of them,with nothing showing the opposite or any different couplings). People haven’t discussed the normalization of this in Disney, Nickelodeon and other kids channels which also exclusively pair young Asian girls with white boys with no Asian boy in sight (except maybe Ravi an Indian-American boy, there are no East Asian-American looking boy). Solid work of imprinting and propaganda work to frame Asian boys and girls psyche on their future place in the American gendered racial caste system.

This is a great article. This story seems to literally be the dream world of white worshipping AF who want a world with only white men and only Asian women. She even made the father white so there’s literally no Asian men.

Excellent, well-written piece. The actress doesn't do the movie any service (not that it is worthy of any) by saying she and the author demands more male Asian romantic leads in American films, yet have none to show in this one. As was said in the article, the movie is portraying whiteness as peak masculinity, whereas the minority races are seen as nonexistent or feminine. I can't imagine how much these genuine issues will be ignored and deemed as "overreaction" by the general audience, some of whom are of our own race.

Wow, that was very well-written. He hit the nail right on the head by labeling it “racial neo-liberalism”. That’s exactly what it is. Putting aside the author’s own self-hate, there’s an obvious reason why this film is so marketable- it’s “progressive” in the most bare-minimum way, to be palatable to a wider, racially ignorant audience. They’re just trying to make a quick buck off the backs of minorities, while erasing the real experiences of Asians/hapas in a Eurocentric society. It’s written like a white person’s fantasy of what it’s like to be a half Asian woman.

Also, lmao at the mom dying from slipping on the kitchen floor. Wtf?

the neo liberalism is too real.... they'll tell you that being progressive means seeing past our skin colour and putting our color blind goggles on. Basically: promote post racial individualism under the guise of true equality, when in reality its just gentrification, white flight, cultural appropriation, and assimilation. So asians eventually don't even identify as asians. Honestly, neo-liberalism kind of props up white supremacy in an indirect way...

Exactly. Neoliberalism= “we’ll only tolerate the profitable aspects of your culture”.

The only way you can make it to the top is if you work in the interests of white supremacy. Why do you think AA “acceptance” has a female face? Because Asian women have been sexually commodified.

Jenny Han is a fucking racial fetishizing creep. Period. Seriously she comes off extremely off and creepy.

Let's disagree with her ideas, no need to personally attack her.

Remember, she grew up in the 80s in Virginia, and she's the product of that environment.

Doesn’t matter. She’s still doing severe damage to the Asian community and she’s being backed and supported by white supremacy. Sure there’s a reason why she is the way she is, but would you forgive the Joker because he used to be a good man who fell into a vat of toxic chemicals? Besides, her actions are creepy and fetishistic, nothing he said was wrong. Just look at how she creepily fetishizes her hapa nephews, comparing them to white actors.

I can already see all the news articles about some Asian girl getting killed by her white boyfriend/husband/uncle/brother-in-law/family friend/father. All thanks to people like Jen the Hun *thumbs up*

Gee, what "positive" representation that is /s.

various commenters, r/Aznidentity 0 Comments [8/22/2018 9:34:49 AM]
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Quote# 139964

I really understand the struggles of Asian men, but you really don't make a case for us to like you. You're among the most selfish, self-aggrandizing people I've ever met. And quite frankly, black hair and brown eyes are pretty boring. It sucks to be you but don't blame us, blame your mother for giving birth to you. I hope you can be reborn more privileged next life.

Anon woman, Reddit 1 Comments [8/22/2018 9:33:13 AM]
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Quote# 139961

[What do you like most about Jeremy Corbyn? [...]]

He can see through the jews. Those of us old enough to remember, can not be fooled by their rewriting of history. They remain the same to as they did when Jesus told them they were their fathers children. They didn’t learn then and they won’t learn now unless we stop them.

Alexander Douglas, Twitter  1 Comments [8/21/2018 12:32:02 PM]
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Quote# 139960

We could be like Jews? Uh...they have a country.

But sure...i guess that when we no longer control our own country we could enjoy life by subverting, weakening, and plundering the people who replaced us. We can stop worrying about lofty goals like the pursuit of knowledge and be a totally self serving force ruled by spite and a desire for revenge. I'm fine with that.

Once white people go the entirety of progress and civilization will likely follow, seeing as there is only one racial and ethnic group that has routinely been able to produce and push the limits of human evolution further.

Fiveos2, Reddit 0 Comments [8/21/2018 12:25:14 PM]
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Quote# 139959

The author, Carly Pildis, “an organizing and advocacy professional living in Washington, DC.”, welcomes the expected arrival of Muslim women in Congress.

She acknowledges they have made anti-Israel and anti-Semitic remarks.

Why, then, does the Jewess welcome these Muslims? Because it helps the Jews to beat down Whitey some more.

Beating down Whitey is the most important thing. Besides, the Jews are confident they will be able to work their magic on the new arrivals, “hypnotize” them you might even say.

czakal, Wordpress 1 Comments [8/21/2018 12:21:41 PM]
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Quote# 139953

What would be an ideal world, according to Eastern Sun Rising?

I know that for white people, their ideal world would be one where all Azn men are emasculated tech & science slaves, while all Azn females are white men only sex slaves.

What would the ideal world be for Eastern Sun Rising? Can you imagine the reverse situation where all white men are emasculated tech & science slaves, while all white females are Azn men only sex slaves?

I dont even want that, but would I if I could? Since according to Genghis Khan's quote: ."The real greatest pleasure of men is to repress rebels and defeat enemies, to exterminate them and grab everything they have; to see their married women crying, to ride on their steeds with smooth backs, to treat their beautiful queens and concubines as pajamas and pillows, to stare and kiss their rose-colored faces and to suck their sweet lips of nipple-colored."

Personally, my ideal world would not focus on sexual imperialism and enslavement, but that's just me. (but would i if i could?)

For white women, it would be only white men who are sexually dominant but socially weaker. Add some African sex slaves (back in the day they watche with pleasure as a black man OR BOY was lynched because he was accused of staring at the white woman. She lied of course).

For white men, it would only be submissive white female sex slaves, and some Asian men to torture for fun or hunt. Machines would do all the work (replacing Asians).

I guess in my original post, that ideal world view would belong to a westernized Asian women

For AF, ideal world would look like all socially submissive but sexually dominant white men, and occasional black male sex slave, and occastional AM to torture or hunt with WM.

what do you think is the ideal world for AM then?

A world with no anti-AM racism.

Asian domination. Plain and simple.

unknown commenter, r/EasternSunRising 1 Comments [8/21/2018 12:17:23 PM]
Fundie Index: 2

Quote# 139936

It is the honest truth. Been in sales/marketing for a couple of decades. India/Indians are simply not territories/leads.

They’ll steal it from you first, then look at you dumb-eyed and slightly pissed you are calling them on it. Happened so often to us in the software biz.

RinaseaofDs, Free Republic 0 Comments [8/21/2018 5:20:38 AM]
Fundie Index: -1
Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 139945

Screw classical liberalism. That ideology is how we got here the first place.

Canada is ours because we took the land and built upon it. It will be ours until it is taken from us. It's that simple and there is no need for moral justification beyond this. Likewise, Sir John A. was a great man because he founded our country; his legacy does not need to be defended by appealing to whatever beneficence he may have felt towards the Asians from whom our ancestors conquered this territory.

This is not a popular opinion. However, until it becomes the default opinion of the Right, and of White Canadians more generally, we will continue to lose. We will lose so long as we accept the moral premises of the leftist traitors who wish to give our land to aliens without a fight. Most especially we shall continue to lose so long as we persist in the illusion that the Left has any moral principles beyond "European culture is evil". By appealing to the Left's pretended beliefs in universal morality, that is precisely what this article does.

Astrofrog, Eurocanadian 5 Comments [8/21/2018 3:09:23 AM]
Fundie Index: 2

Quote# 139944

As for the residential schools, the wealthy in Canada, Britain and France paid large amounts to have their children educated in these types of schools. The Canadian government was providing an education to Indians superior to the education provinces were providing to White children. I am acquainted with an orphaned Metis who, as an accountant, had very successful careers in several large Canadian companies. He openly states that his residential school experience was the best thing that ever happened to him. While he believes that there was abuse in some of the schools he notes that the allegations of abuse have split families where one sibling claims abuse, another claims there was none. Funny how Phil Fontaine, Ovide Mercredi, and Murray Sinclair (and many others) somehow managed overcome the abuse to graduate university with law degrees, only to discover the abuse decades later..

If we are to pay such great respect to our indigenous population, why not get them to tell us what our immigration policy should be? Even the Indians know that the "new Canadians" (the Chinese, Pakistanis, Sudanese, etc.) could give a damn about their "rights".

Curmudegon_49, Eurocanadian  0 Comments [8/21/2018 3:08:30 AM]
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Quote# 139937

They are changing not from some incidental organic pattern of behaviour, but by a enforced immigration that many Canadians want to see drastically reduced. As for the SA/NA indigenous in the 1500s+ their civilization were, and I don’t mean this disparagingly, Stone aged tribes. They were conquered by the Europeans in the same way that they had conquered one another’s tribes for millennia. I would also point out that they fought like warriors defending what was theirs. Supplanting current White Canadians with a never ending wave of immigration to enforce “diversity/multiculturalism” is suicide from within by a ideologically authoritarian government.

Dudehere1976, Reddit 4 Comments [8/21/2018 3:05:00 AM]
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Quote# 139928

I refused To Help Woman With Mulatto Kids

I was on a New York City Subway last week. A White Woman with a stroller and two kids which were obviously fathered by a Black Man.
She got off the train and needed help with the stroller going up the steps. There was no way I was going to help her. Fortunately (Or unfortunately) someone else helped her.
If I don't want to help her, I'm racist / bad person. How come the kids' father(s) don't help her? Are they bad people.
There is no way I will ever help a White Woman with Mulatto kids. I take pleasure when the Black Man dumps her. She deserves to suffer. Nobody is going to want her nor her little Pick-a-Nannies.

FrustratedWhiteMale, incels.me 3 Comments [8/20/2018 8:59:35 AM]
Fundie Index: 5
Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 139920

First, put an immediate halt to all immigration, illegal or otherwise. I have a sense this entire border crossing issue is a red herring when compared to the impact of Canada's normal immigration policy.

Once a moratorium on immigration in in place, then have a debate on what it is that Canadians want to achieve in the longterm from their immigration policy and how it should go about meeting those goals.

For example, according to Stats Canada reports, if current immigration trends continue (not illegal immigration) then Canada will go from being 80% European to just 20% European by the end of this century. Is that something the majority of Canadians welcome? If not, then the trend should not be allowed to continue.

Pioneer27, The Globe and Mail 1 Comments [8/20/2018 2:25:36 AM]
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Quote# 139914

This low country where Flemish live
From de Voere until the North sea coast
Belfort cathedral our beacons
For Thousands of years
This is our country

Never forget
This is Flemish territory
Let everyone know
This is Flemish territory
Through the times
This is Flemish territory
We will fight
This is Flemish territory

Brussels the capital of our Flanders
After centuries of Belgium it is dead
Despite alienation and Walloon chaos
Make of a Brussels something great again

Never forget
This is Flemish territory
Let everyone know
This is Flemish territory
Through the times
This is Flemish territory
We will fight
This is Flemish territory

In the mosques in front of our schools
Ports even if it's in front of our grave
But they have to know what is there
This is our country thus abolish it

We will vote so you have a choice
Lions or sheeps in politics
They will not tame him is the right choice
Long live a Flemish republic

Never forget
This is Flemish territory
Let everyone know
This is Flemish territory
Through the times
This is Flemish territory
We will fight
This is Flemish territory

Original Dutch:
Dit lage land waar Vlamingen leven
Van de voere tot het Noordzeestrand
Belfortenkathedraal onze bakens
Duizend jaar lang
Dit is ons land

Nooit vergeten
Dit is Vlaamse grond
Laat iedereen weten
Dit is Vlaamse grond
Doorheen de tijden
Dit is Vlaamse grond
Wij zullen strijden
Dit is Vlaamse grond

Brussel hoofdstad van ons Vlaanderen
Na eeuwen België zo goed als dood
Ondanks vervreemding en Waalse chaos
Maakt van een Brussel ooit weer groot

Nooit vergeten
Dit is Vlaamse grond
Laat iedereen weten
Dit is Vlaamse grond
Doorheen de tijden
Dit is Vlaamse grond
Wij zullen strijden
Dit is Vlaamse grond

In moskeeën voor ons scholen
Haventje al is het voor ons graf
Maar ze moeten weten wat er hier kan klauwen
Dit is ons land en dus bol het af

Wij gaan stemmen dus je hebt een keuze
Leeuwen of schapen in de politiek
Ze zullen hem niet temmen is de juiste keuze
Leve een Vlaamse republiek

Nooit vergeten
Dit is Vlaamse grond
Laat iedereen weten
Dit is Vlaamse grond
Doorheen de tijden
Dit is Vlaamse grond
Wij zullen strijden
Dit is Vlaamse grond

Vlaams Belang, Youtube 4 Comments [8/19/2018 1:15:51 PM]
Fundie Index: 1
Submitted By: hydrolythe
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