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Fundies Say The Dardest Things is a M16 controlled website to discredit my exposing of the great conspiracy! 

M16 agents on Fundies Say The Dardest Things post my articles on The Reformation Online onto this site because the site’s title makes it seem like the people who’s posts end up here are crazy! 

Fundies Say The Dardest Things want me to seem crazy to prevent people from taking my words about Joshua of Nazareth, the Flat Earth, the Jesuits, and the British seriously. 

When Joshua of Nazareth claimed to be the messiah, the Pharisees tried to discredit him by calling him crazy. However he gained so many followers that they decided to crucify him. 

Joshua of Nazareth lived in the Roman Empire. The British Empire was established in 313 AD when Druid Jesus Constantine became Emperor. The British learned of the strategy of discrediting their opponents from the Romans. 

Jesus Constantine created the Latin Church. The Papacy has been controlled by the British Secret Service from it’s creation. 

The Pharisees originally mocked Joshua the Messiah but Joshua gained so many followers that they decided to crucify him. The British Empire will eventually send James Bond to assasinate me for exposing their conspiracy. 

But I will not cower in fear to the British. I will continue to expose the diabolical conspiracy and preach the truth about the messiah to save the souls of those who read my site from Hades.

Patrick Scrivener, CSTDT Comment 510 Comments [11/14/2017 5:42:18 AM]
Fundie Index: 15
Submitted By: FSM

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Happy Atheist

He's on to us, guys. Pack it all up.

11/14/2017 5:45:17 AM

Hu’s On First

This website is controlled by an assault rifle?

11/14/2017 5:48:33 AM


Hello, Patrick! [waves]

The British Empire will eventually send James Bond to assasinate [sic] me for exposing their conspiracy.

Hate to break it to you, but James Bond... er... isn't actually real.

11/14/2017 6:08:07 AM


Oh, look at the kewt wittle megalomaniac! He thinks we're here just because of him, isn't that speshul?

Who is this dolt?

11/14/2017 6:09:50 AM


Obvious parody by someone pretending to be Pat.

11/14/2017 6:14:40 AM


The Dardest comment ever!

11/14/2017 6:18:42 AM


@Hu's On First:
He always wrote M16 and then when Anon-e-Moose referred to it correctly as MI6, he silently adapted that, lol.

Also, he didn't answer my question! I want my all-access badge right now!

11/14/2017 6:21:04 AM

Fundies Say The Dardest Things is a M16 controlled website to discredit my exposing of the great conspiracy!

Plot twist: The great conspiracy discredits itself!

11/14/2017 6:21:29 AM


"...want me to seem crazy..."

You're doing that to yourself with direct quotations from you. You don't need the help of any conspiracy.

11/14/2017 6:24:24 AM


The Boy Scouts are tap dancing to the lyre. Fnord.

11/14/2017 6:37:10 AM


Nurse! Nurse! Paddy has spat out his tablets, again, again!

11/14/2017 8:37:05 AM


M16 controlled? Where's my M16? I didn't know we were getting those from our masters.

Pat, we don't need to make you look crazy, You do that on your own. We just document it.

11/14/2017 8:49:38 AM

Patrick Scrivener


You will have to ask your boss at MI6 for your All Access Badge. Or you can repent for being an MI6 agent and become and AGENT OF CHRIST! You can help battle your MI6 bosses during these end times!

@Kanna @Azereaux

Those who read my articles with an open mind will find that my articles are well researched with good source citations and contains evidence that incriminates the Jesuits and British Empire.

11/14/2017 9:48:39 AM

Dr. Razark

"The British Empire was established in 313 AD..."

What the fuck? So what happened to the British Empire when the Romans left in 410? And the influx of Germanic tribes? The Norman invasion?
Has there been some secret Continuity of Empire plan that's kept this empire running through various civil wars and government changes?

11/14/2017 10:24:54 AM

Patrick Scrivener

@Dr. Razark

The British Empire WAS the Roman Empire after 313 AD when Druid Constantine became Emperor. The British Empire lost Britain in 410 but continued in Rome. The continuation continued after the Fall of Rome in 476 because the Papacy was under control of the British. The British Empire regained Britain after the Norman Conquest

11/14/2017 10:37:17 AM


The OP's story sounds like the plot of a Civ game, while every player is stoned off their ass.

Oh look, he's here with us, to give more juicy details. Well come on, don't skimp! What happened when the Inuit Tribes dropped the atomic bomb on London in 1066? What about the Aliens sucking all the water out of the English Channel?

11/14/2017 10:49:35 AM


Fundies Say The Dardest Things is a M16 controlled website to discredit my exposing of the great conspiracy!

The British Empire will eventually send James Bond to assasinate me for exposing their conspiracy

Daniel Craig says hello.

If James Bond is real, then so is Harry Palmer, Derek Flint, Galahad & 'Eggsy', Austin Powers, George Smiley, William BJ Blazkowicz, Michael Gallatin, Najica Hiiragi, Ange Le Carre, and Bon-Bon. [/Doug Piranha-levels of sarcasm]

Do you expect me to talk?

No Mr. Scrotumer, I expect you to discredit yourself!

11/14/2017 10:50:56 AM


Scrivener actually came over here and posted? I thought it was simply a random user being facetious and copying the idiot.

11/14/2017 10:56:31 AM

Dr. Razark

@Patrick Scrivener
"... the Papacy was under control of the British."

So, now you've got to work the English Reformation into your fantasy. If the British controlled the Papacy, why did Henry VIII have to split with them?

By the way, if you need to shave, you might ask William of Ockham to lend you his razor.

11/14/2017 11:20:04 AM


Oh really?!! I'll have to have a word to MI6, they're not paying me enough.

Let's see, you were a History major, like me. It really sounds like it. That tinfoil hat should protect you from the Secret Service.

11/14/2017 11:36:40 AM

Patrick Scrivener


There was a real James Bond that existed as shown here. http://www.fstdt.net/QuoteComment.aspx?QID=117703

There are more James Bonds. Daniel Craig’s James Bond is based on an MI6 agent that is after me. Proof of it is a meme an MI6 agent did on the internet. Luckily I have guns in my house to defend myself One of them even created this threatening meme. https://memegenerator.net/instance/74375338/the-queen-and-007-and-this-patrick-scrivener-007-were-working-on-it-maam

@Dr. Razark

I am aware of King Henry VIII. What happened is he wanted to annul his marriage with Catherine of Aragon to marry a new wife and produce a male heir. However the Spanish prevented the Pope from being able to annul the marriage so he established the Church of England.

However his successor Edward VI was assasinated and Bloody Mary Tudor became the Queen. She was a Latin Church member and visously persecuted Christians to try to stop the reformation and burning them at the stake. Her reign shows the consequences of letting women rule over men!

Queen Elizabeth I(Shakespeare) was her successor. She was secretly part of the Latin Church and was planning to surrender England to the Spanish Armada. Luckily the Lord intervened and caused a storm that destroyed the Armada to save the English Christians who would later colonize the New World and establish the United States of Israel.

However the British Empire and the Papacy have been working together ever since!

11/14/2017 12:23:48 PM

Philbert McAdamia

Well, I'll be darded!

The British Empire will eventually send James Bond to assasinate me for exposing their conspiracy.

Will they make a movie of it?

Luckily I have guns in my house to defend myself

Let me guess; MI6 rifle?

One of them even created this threatening meme.

Even your guns are against you! Dard them!

11/14/2017 12:35:34 PM


We found this Lolcow.

Can we keep it, shy?!

I guess our admin is 'M' then, Ratprick Scrotumer.

11/14/2017 12:40:41 PM

Dr. Razark

@ Patrick Scrivener
"...the Spanish prevented the Pope..."

But you said the English controlled him. If you're going to make shit up, at least try to be consistent.

Or take your meds, because you're completely fuckball crazy. Did you toss some spy movie scripts and a copy of Churchill's A History of the English-Speaking Peoples into a blender and then pull bits out and piece them together randomly?

11/14/2017 12:45:12 PM

Patrick Scrivener

@Dr. Razark

The English did control the Pope but the Spanish sent troops to the Vatican to prevent the annulment of Catherine of Aragon’s marriage so they temporarily lost control. However after Bloody Mary Tudor who married to King Phillip II of Spain became Queen there was a reconciliation and the Papacy has been under British control ever since

11/14/2017 12:54:37 PM

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