Quote# 15089

So what exactly do you propose we do? Keep in mind that you have to either stay within the framework of the constitution as it is currently, or get it amended to disallow Muslims from holding office...
You want a practical answer... Here's your answer... WW2 style internment camps for Muslims in the US until this Islamic campaign to enslave the world is ended... Then those who officially and publically swear allegiance to the American flag and the Constitution can rejoin society in general...

Lazarus, FreeConservatives 30 Comments [9/18/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 13663

Races exist.
Races began to exist with the making of Caucasians between 6, 000 to 7, 000 years ago. Before then, everyone was Black.

A race has a definitive beginning and a definitive ending marked in time and space. Said definition directly applies to Caucasians = Satan.

During the making of Caucasians = genetically engineered, grafted mutations said by product (People of Color) and product = Caucasians began mixing into areas where only Black People lived for there were only Black People, before the making = the grafting of the white race = Caucasians.

There are lighter Chinese now, because lighter Black People, who are the by product of the making of Caucasians = the white race = Satan and Caucasians = the white race = Satan, who are the direct product of the grafting, genetically engineered mutative process began mixing with Black People in an around the area we call China.

When we look at any part of the planet, wherever we find lighter, mixed and / or non Black People = a non Person of Color = Caucasians, it is because Caucasians displaced and stole, raped and mixed themselves in with Black People = the Original Inhabitants of the Planet.

When one attempts to study, the Origin of Black People, one can not find a definitve beginning nor a defintive ending. Therefore, it os correct to say Black People are not a race. We, Black People are the Fathers and Mothers of all

King/Malcolm X, Myspace 49 Comments [8/8/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Matt
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Quote# 52824

(Apparently when Obama was elected, we "committed national suicide)

America committed national suicide tonight because we turned control of this nation over to inferior people who, in the history of the world, have never created or maintained the kind of advanced nation that we White people created here.

America committed national suicide by allowing millions of illegal aliens and other non-citizens, to vote and get away with it. Again, republicans were afraid to be called racists by demanding enforcement of the law while socialist democrats were willing to lie, cheat and multiple-register ineligible people to steal the election.

If I had my way, I would line up the GOP leadership from every city, county and state and cut their heads off. On second thought, that's too much effort for this trash. A bullet for each will do just fine.

In the meantime, those of us who saw this coming will get a few laughs. . . . Uncle Sam has just become Uncle Sambo.

Hal Turner, Hal Turner Show 18 Comments [11/21/2008 7:27:39 PM]
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Submitted By: DevilsChaplain
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Quote# 14468

Have you ever seen the television commercials with some
white guy walking around a bunch of filth and garbage in
the middle of a niggar village and all the niggers kids are sitting or lying around the piles of trash, and flies are crawling on their faces...and this twat wants you to send money "for the children"?

(no adult niggers in the commercial either, because they are
hiding, sleeping, intentionally having more babies, raping,
begging, or stealing.)

Well FUCK THEM! All the filthy dumbasses have to do is get off their nigger asses and pick the garbage up from their porches and bury it somewhere on the edge of town...like the rest of us do.

Whitey_McCracker, TightRope Forums 23 Comments [9/3/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Alice in Fundieland
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Quote# 98185

[Cher] went on to say [Thanksgiving] celebrates stealing land from Native Americans who had no concept of property or land ownership and purposely giving them smallpox.

I am going to address this fallacy right now.
There has been a scurrilous lie from the left about this for YEARS now, and I am sick to death of it.
Usually the lie is “traders gave Indians blankets ‘laced’ with smallpox”
Guess what? Smallpox cannot live more than a few minutes away from the host. This means the blankets (if even remotely true) were laced with Dead smallpox. Guess what the vaccine against smallpox is?
Dead Small Pox Cells. So -evil ‘whitey’ was ‘lacing’ blankets with the CURE for the disease.
Sometimes it is a wonder these people can even maintain enough brain activity to even Breathe.

True Blue, Moonbattery 16 Comments [12/11/2013 4:18:11 AM]
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Quote# 99278

[Discussing whether it is accapetable to call black people "niggers" or "coons"]

As for the N or C terms, the Darkies use em to each other all the time, but of course Darkies using such terms is fine, and its not Racist when used against one of your own, but old Nasty, Racist Imperialist Whitie, shouldn't use such terms, when speaking of Darkies, it might offend the Darkies frail Human Sensibilities mighten't it, and we shouldn't do that, it might make em cry, and the Bum badits of the Libral/Lovvie-Left might get cross at one, and report you to the CRE, Thought Police and RationalWikie and one might be put away for crimes against a Protected Specise, much like using the term 'Bum Bandit's' when speaking of the Libral/Lovvie-Left, it might offend them and they might come up to me riding side saddle, in their tight converted Leather Trouses, and shaven Arses, and Smack my hand for me, and give a make over...........................



PS. I couldn't resist this post, you've got to have a laugh at the Darkies and the Libral/Lovvie-Lefties, well, i need to.....

The Sycophantic, shit for brains, bunch of make up wearing Bum Tarts! And if your a Darkie, Libral/Lovvie-Lefty fucking Bum Tart, then in this day and age yer the most Fashionable, sheek, perfumed rag-head Bastard on the face of this fucking shit hole of a planet, and being a Muzzie, your twice the most Fashionable, Sheek, Perfumed rag-head Camel Humping Bum-Tart Bastard on the face of this fucking shit hole of a Planet........

Sorry not PC, but ha, sack me.............................

Teutoburg Weald, Anglo-Saxon Foundation 16 Comments [2/10/2014 4:18:54 AM]
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Quote# 108502

Re: Children 'more likely to confide in pets than siblings'

That's the sad truth although it's even worse than that, most Whites these days are more interested in non Whites than their own people for whatever reason, I think Satan has a lot to do with that. Children love pets so this isn't really bad news but Whites need to get back in touch with one another and end this non stop 24 hour a day race mixing non sense.

Defend our Homeland, Stormfront.com 11 Comments [5/11/2015 3:00:41 AM]
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Submitted By: HEIL SATAN
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Quote# 95413

Today, Armenians claim they were victims of an Ottoman genocide committed in 1915. The Armenians blame Turkey even though Turkey didn't become a republic until 8 years after the "fake" Armenian claims. The real historical truth is that there was no Armenian genocide and the following historical facts are absolute proof that the self-claimed Armenian genocide is nothing more than the figment of their rich and vivid imaginations to try to get something for nothing. The Armenians have created a "genocide industry" for one very simple and basic reason--to deceive, fleece and scam the Christian world out of billions of dollars.

Samuel A Weems, Tall Armenian Tale 12 Comments [7/10/2013 3:29:18 AM]
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Quote# 63122

The Mexican invaders breed like roaches. These mud women come from a society where sex with children is considered acceptable and they are constantly pregnant. In America, the aliens pop out kids that become instant US citizens due to an extremely evil law that grants Birthright Citizenship. Another tool of treason passed by our corrupt politicians with the sole purpose of legalizing illegal aliens. With plenty of legal anchor babies in America, the muds can even apply to legally bring family members in from mexico. The illegal alien baby-machines are allowed to stay in the America and are rewarded all kinds of benefits like Food Stamps, Free Medical care, Public Housing, Welfare Checks and other giveaways that just don’t exist in Mexico. Our government rewards the Mexifilth with goodies while the white taxpayer is forced to pay the bill for the invaders that are killing us.

ZOG's Nightmare, ZOG's Nightmare 19 Comments [6/8/2009 5:51:00 PM]
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Submitted By: DevilsChaplain
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Quote# 45544

[Regarding the "explosion" of Muslim banks to a grand total of 10 on 5 years]

The up shot of all this Sharia expansion in this Country is that, as sure as eggs is eggs, it will give the Muslim population a competitive edge over the host indegenous population. They want your homes, They want your Businesses, They want your Country!

ArtDecade, BNP Website 12 Comments [8/22/2008 4:19:18 AM]
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Quote# 109135

I do not know when my country is going down (America) and I do not know when Christ is going to return. That is reserved for God alone.
But this I do know. (Time is running out).
There is nothing in this country the government will not give away!
The main point is this. Our president is muslim and a good part of our government are muslims.
We have been infiltrated and the takeover in this country is imminent.
No visas for Christian immigrants in muslim countries because they are Christians.
There is a RFID chip in your future so government can track and control you.
Persecution of Christian military personal who exhibit faith.
A radical UN and democratic government want to import muslim people from Syria and other failed muslim countries (to the USA) by the Hundreds of Thousands. They will slander anyone who disagrees with their agenda and I disagree. Furthermore I am saying enough is enough.
It time to stand up as an Americans (UNITED) and put government in its CONSTITUTIONAL rightful place. NO MORE LAW LESSness. Freedom is not free and if the people fail to protect their God given rights they will have no more rights.
If I had my way I would tell the UN to go to hell. It is the UN forcing these immigration issues in America through our government. Then I would round up every one of these Dems. Forcing this invasion on the American people and demand they are tried for treason. Those who were not convicted I would send to Syria or some other failed muslim hole. Let us see how long before the muslims remove their heads.
I do not promote Islam in any country and for sure not in my own country where islams only concern has been to corrupt the system with more TERROR like sharia law and their barbaric RELIGION.
You better wake up people this is nothing less than an invasion with the intent of destroying the country, (USA) the Christians, Jews and your way of life while promoting the socialistic NWO. Using Islam in the process.
You want to face a knife at your throat or watch them rape your wife or daughter, just ignore these warnings and do nothing. Keep your guns, stock up on ammo and pray. If you do not have guns then buy one and get plenty of ammo with it. The first step to bringing down a country is to disarm as many of its people as possible. Unarmed people are helpless to stand against tyranny.
Country these people have come into, (our) country and other countries are now being forced to accept duel government with islam and sharia law dividing the countries they immigrate into. Their intent to the host country is for the host country to support them. They do not assimilate into the countries they migrate into but settle separately often taking up to four wives. They procreate like rabbits letting the welfare systems take care of them. When they become strong enough demographically they infiltrate the political system and demand the countries adopt their life style and laws. Always the intent has been to divide and conquer.
A muslim president and government are not acceptable or compatible in a Constitutional republic or democratic society. Muslim will not accept Constitutional law considering themselves to be above it.
Your law and you yourselves are considered inferior and therefore you are to be subjugated as a slave or killed. (YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS UNLESS YOU CONVERT TO ISLAM).
I am a Christian and if this government thinks I will set quietly by and let them destroy my country and eventually destroy my family and myself I say NO!
(ENOUGH) I am going to say lock and load America.
I am not and animal and I am not going to be slaughtered like and animal or forced to islam or pay as a slave to live in my country. Nor am I going to set and do nothing while my family is set up for this satanic system.
Americans for Americans.
Jesus Christ is Lord.

jcrosby35, Charisma News 10 Comments [6/1/2015 3:12:12 AM]
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Submitted By: AJ Williams
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Quote# 103754

White America is the biggest danger to Western civilization. Sorry.

One thing I am absolutely sick of is hearing White Americans 20 and 30 year old political observations.

Political saying: "The wussification of America continues."
Reality: The wussification and feminization of America is long complete.

I think pretending things are just beginning helps people think they're empowered. That's probably why they invest such passion in the invasions and sanctions of other nations they cannot even find on a map, while their own house crumbles all around them. It's the sort of cowardice one has come to expect from the Home of the Brave. Everything is just political escapism, where morons pretend they have a voice by using it against things far away they know they have zero control over.

America is more culturally Marxist now than the Soviet Union ever was.

White Nationalism in America are a lost cause. In the 90's it was widely believed that when things got bad enough, some great German-like awakening would occur, and the men of the West would march valiantly against their insidious oligarchs.

More non-white children were born in the U.S. last year than white, amnesty is an absolute inevitability, and the MTV culture of the 90's guys like William Pierce railed against is now 50 times as extreme and 100 times more mainstream to the point that it doesn't even need a television network anymore.

Here's the sad truth for American White Nationalists: Americans aren't 1930 Germans. Never in your life are you going to hear the sound of boots clomping down the streets in unison in some bold new racial awakening. Nobody what happens, all you're ever going to hear is the sound of crickets. There is never going to be any awakening here, period. The very people you thought would eventually be political allies are now clamoring to nominate minorities to rule over them to show the American left that they're not racist.

Americans are degenerates of the lowest order. Furthermore, white American conservatives have become more Bolshevik-like over the last ten years than the liberal left. Yes, the `small guv'ment` conservatives are today the biggest cheerleaders of NWO politics in the U.S.A, and they'll happily send their armies anywhere their televisions tell them to in the name of freedom and Murika. The intellectual foundation for neo-conservatism is utterly Bolshevik, and it didn't take long for that to completely affect the character of whitey America, with all their Constitution bull**** and all the rest of it.

Europe is showing signs of a pulse. In a fraction of the time, despite laws, and everything else they have faced that American White Nationalists do not, their Nationalist parties are on the rise.

If they succeed, the neo-cons will have White America applauding a new annihilation of Europe. They'll use the word Nazis and Hitler and all the rest of it, and white America will bomb Europe into ash on its way out the door into extinction.

The sooner we pass amnesty the better.

Americans-are-retarded, Stormfront.com 8 Comments [9/28/2014 7:01:15 AM]
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Submitted By: HEIL SATAN
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Quote# 108549

I have to admit, I wish they wouldn't let blacks just take over EVERY sport. I remember being dismayed when the Williams sisters started playing tennis. my first thought was " oh no, another sport that will turn into a nogfest"

chattanooga gal , stuff blackpeople dont like 8 Comments [5/13/2015 3:14:38 AM]
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Quote# 105360

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls on Thursday condemned the brutal attack on a young couple in the Parisian suburb of Creteil, and highlighted the anti-Semitic nature of the incident in which a 19-year-old woman was raped.

The attack took place on Monday, when a 21-year-old man and his girlfriend were sitting down to lunch in their apartment. Three masked and armed assailants entered the home and said, “You Jews, you have money,” as they tied the couple down, according to the family’s lawyer.

The attackers raped the young woman, before stealing bank cards, jewelry and mobile phones, a source familiar with the case told the AFP news agency.

“The horror in Creteil is proof that the fight against anti-Semitism is an everyday struggle. My support [goes out to] the family,” Valls said on Twitter on Thursday morning.

Earlier, French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said in a statement that the anti-Semitic nature of the incident seemed to have been confirmed by investigators.

[Bolding and hyperlinks in original]

Three unnamed robbers from Créteil, France24 18 Comments [12/19/2014 4:30:26 AM]
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Submitted By: JeanP
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Quote# 73880

If we had segregated classrooms It would be better for both races. The whites would be able to learn more due to the fact that the teacher could teach on a more advanced level that the whites were able to learn and there wouldn't be a bunch of distracting savages bouncing off the walls. When teaching negros the teacher could adjust the lesson to where they could comprehend it better and get down on there level and gear the lesson toward their level of understanding.

Teaching negros:
Tyrone had 5 dollars, he bought 2 cheap fourty ounce malt liqours for 1.59 each. On the way back from the liqour store he bummed 2 dollars in change from whites that felt guilty because of slavery. How much money did Tyrone have when he got back to the projects?

Junior has 1,000 dollars he earned from selling drugs and pimping out ho's. His government check also came in today for $850.00. Junior wants to buy four spinner wheels for his 84' Chevy Caprice Classic that cost 402.00 each and a set of curb feelers that cost 24.00. How much money will Junior have left to buy a crack rock to get high with Shamika tonight?

southernwhiteknight, Stormfront 36 Comments [6/20/2010 7:19:33 PM]
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Quote# 108243

When I was 19 I had to take care of two cats owned by my father and step mother while I was house sitting for them. One cat, Isis, was great. Very friendly, always pleasant, and never a bother. The other, Ellie, would stop and make that damn low growling sound that cats make then hiss whenever she saw me.

I began an experiment after day 3. During previous days, I would come in and set out the food while I did my homework on the kitchen table. Isis would come over eat, meow, rub up against my leg as a thank you, then headed for the couch to sleep. Ellie refused to enter the kitchen at all until I left - she spent her time peering out of the darkness of the living room hissing and growling until I left then she would eat. I decided to change things up a bit.

The next night I put out the food as always and watched as Isis happily ate. When she was done, I immediately put the food dish into the refrigerator and left the kitchen. Ellie came bounding in, and looked confused as there was no food. Experiment Day 1. I repeated the experiment on the 2nd and 3rd days and something funny happened on the night of the 3rd day. While I was sitting on the couch I heard this distinct little mew. Ellie came right up to me, meowing pitifully, and acting *exactly like Isis*. Being nice, letting me pet her, etc. I immediately got up and put food out for her and she ate like crazy. I never had any trouble with her for the rest of the time my parents were away.

I think its high time we tried something similar with blacks. Riots mean no EBT for a month and a full city lockdown. Nothing will be fixed during the month. Any black who attempts to leave is shot on sight. Blacks will not act civilized unless they are forced too - this our ancestors knew. Africa is horrible place not because of lack of rivers (sorry Mr. Sowell) and not because of racism, it is a horrible place because of the inhabitants who naturally choose to live as animals. Forcing them to live in our world requires either constant often extremely violent discipline or tolerance for appalling levels of violence by blacks against everyone else. Denying all this doesn't mean it isn't real and until this matter is addressed people in the U.S. will just have to get used to regular chimpouts if they won't change their policies.

Remo, Vox Popoli 9 Comments [5/1/2015 3:17:40 AM]
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Submitted By: Yamamanama
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Quote# 81223

[Re. ethnic studies in Arizona]

This is beyond voting the bastards out. These are demonic sociopaths who hate white people. They also want to take down the USA and replace older white people with young black and brown people.

RAHOWA is upon us ladies and gentleman. Get your metal ready.

Annie Oakley, Moonbattery 22 Comments [5/14/2011 1:57:11 AM]
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Quote# 106723

In my twenties and thirties I served in combat for the U.S. Navy, and at that time in my life I was a diehard supporter of Israel…probably due to the immense pro-Israel propaganda forged into our minds. Now, with a few more decades under my belt, I see three things which impress me even more about their country:

1. They know how to build large-scale walls that separate people! [...]

2. Israel, despite pressure from the Hebrew Immigration Aid Society (an American organization, who’s motto is “Welcome the stranger, Protect the refugee”), has resisted taking in immigrants of the refugee type seeking asylum, even when they are destitute. [...]

3. My third positive observation of Israel is that Israeli leaders stick up for their Jewish people. They even insist on calling their nation “The Jewish State”. However, the Majority in America, white descendants of our forefather’s who founded the United States, has been whittled down from about 90% to less than 70% of the demographics. Their voice has been greatly diminished, if not totally marginalized. Our government seems to lean persistently towards minority interests, while individuals and groups with traditionalist views are demonized with calumny and denigrating epithets. Our country rejected the ideal of maintaining homogeneity in American demographics by repealing the Immigration Act of 1924 and replacing it with the Open Immigration Act of 1965 under the lead of Senator Jacob Javits. However, in Israel there are countless public and private groups, like Lehava and Birthright Israel, which support strong Jewish identity and fight assimilation. Zionism, itself, is a movement designed to protect the homogeneity of the Jewish people.

The three strong points I make for Israel are inversely treated by our government on our soil. Yet, there is overwhelming evidence that shows that the same main lobbying force, the Jewish community, is at work. Double standards between their activism for Israel and the U.S. suggest that duplicity is at play.


if it’s not enough that one ethnic group owns or controls all key positions that matter in the policies, functions and cultural direction of our nation, their wealthy organizations like the ADL and SPLC are notorious for attacking and stifling individuals who simply wish to have free association with groups that represent interests contrary to their liking. Case in point is where the House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was recently assailed in the mainstream media for attending a European-American Unity and Rights Association meeting (EURO). Shouldn’t this congressman have not only the right, but the duty, to listen to a variety of opinions across the board of his constituency without getting smeared? Would he have been smeared if he attended an NAACP or La Raza (“the Race”) meeting? No. Clearly there is a problem here, and at this rate America may become the antithesis of what it claims to stand for. Two aspects of this have been the strong (Jewish led) push for hate speech laws that will turn any constructive criticism into jail time if made against the interests of their powerful groups, and the other is the massive immigration of non-Europeans that can transform the U.S.A. into a third world country.


As it stands today, most mainstream media giants, like Disney and CNN, have been taken over by the same small ethnic minority. Can it even be argued that this media is getting more degenerate every year, while wholesome “profanity/obscenity-free” programming is harder and harder to find? (See, e.g., “Dirty Jews and the Christian Right, Brilliant actors like Larry David and Sarah Silverman are challenging America’s powerful religious, family-friendly culture and asserting their Jewishness by glorifying obscenity,” Haaretz, Feb. 10, 2014.)

Eric Kunnap, The Occidental Observer 2 Comments [3/1/2015 8:12:21 AM]
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Quote# 95696

Early on Sunday morning a man walks out of the local Asian-run newsagent with a newspaper, climbs into his Land Rover parked just outside, drives 200 yards down the road and turns into his small private lane where he lives.


I am going to try and describe how such small, individual choices are contributing to the death of England (and all Western lands) – we’ve all heard about ‘the butterfly effect’.

This anonymous man used a small amount of petrol, unnecessarily, thus putting money into government coffers to be used for funding regime-changes abroad (and ultimately the formation of the one-world government). He also bought a newspaper owned and run by foreign elements, thus allowing those foreign elements to shape his worldview. And lastly, he bought said newspaper from a shop owned and run by people of immigrant extraction, thus justifying the presence of vast numbers of foreigners in English land. He voted with his car-keys and his wallet. Now imagine a million similar Englishmen doing the same thing every Sunday morning, and this is just an example of one type of habit prevalent in the English mindset.


What was once a pub-restaurant at the top of my road is currently being converted into a Tesco Express. The speed at which it is happening is frightening enough, but what’s worse is the nature of the advertising boards lining the outside of the building site. There are around ten of them, half with slogans such as “you shop, we drop” and half with pictures of Tesco employees – all of which, without exception, are non-white and thus non-English (and also particularly ugly). It’s easy to become complacent about such advertising choices these days (what with all the banks and sofa retailers depicting interracial couples), but just think about it for a moment. One of, if not the biggest supermarket in the UK using purely non-indigenous people to represent itself. This is in fact a bold and not-so-subtle statement which says “the UK’s social structure is no longer run or defined by the natives”. Furthermore, Tesco don’t even feel the need to pander to the natives by including a single ‘token’ white. The intention is bold and arrogant. Yet, when one considers that Tesco was founded, and is run, by Jews ('Tesco' being a combination of the founder’s daughter’s names – ‘Tessa Cohen’) then the brazen disrespect of the indigenous people of this land becomes a little more explainable. This would be just as wrong were Tesco owned by the Japanese – my intention is not to inflate the understandable perception of Jewish domination – the point is that Jews, and thus their companies, are not indigenous to the UK and should not pretend to dictate our values or demographics.

Steed, Eye of Woden 17 Comments [7/27/2013 10:46:02 AM]
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Quote# 102381

I don't want America to become like North Africa, South America, Mexico, and other Third World places makes me white trash? Fine. Just think all these diseased children coming in from South American will be life long Democrat voters. Those parasites add nothing to our society. We need Western immigrants from places like the U.K., Israel, Germany, and other places with civilized people who can read, write, and work. What's coming over the Southern Border is just trash that'll soak up social services.

Zach Watkins, Hollywood Reporter 9 Comments [7/30/2014 3:06:03 AM]
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Submitted By: zipperback
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