Quote# 102195

Arizona state Rep. and 1st district congressional candidate Adam Kwasman (R) rushed to the scene in Oracle, Ariz., on Tuesday to participate in protests against housing some of the thousands of undocumented immigrant children who have come across the border in recent weeks in a facility nearby. Kwasman was in the middle of a fiery speech about "Lady Justice" when he spotted a yellow school bus and dashed off with the protesters to greet it. He snapped a picture which he tweeted with he message "Bus coming in. This is not compassion. This is the abrogation of the rule of law."

"I was able to actually see some of the children in the buses and the fear on their faces. This is not compassion," Kwasman told 12 News reporter Brahm Resnik. There was just one problem: Those weren't undocumented kids. They were YMCA campers from the Marana Arizona school district. Kwasman later deleted his tweet, which was archived by the Sunlight Foundation's Politwoops Web site.

Adam Kwasman, Washington Post 6 Comments [8/2/2014 4:06:39 AM]
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Quote# 125542

Just ignore the rape and oppression of German women by Shari'a Muslims. That's Merkel's policy, I can see why she's sooooooo great.

Jace Clayson, Facebook 2 Comments [3/19/2017 1:52:54 PM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom
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Quote# 125612

Stolen land. Lol. The Indians had no more claim to this land than anybody else. Survival of the fittest. It's the most basic law of nature.

Michael Sletten, Facebook 5 Comments [3/21/2017 3:35:51 PM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom
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Quote# 106928

The good reason for anti-Black miscegenation laws is that Black DNA is effectively a genetic pollutant. Blacks are a blight on society and a drain on the economy. The fewer the better. Diluting their presence by mixing it with White genes is simply spreading the problem around. And I believe no more in the right to breed with whoever you wish than I do the right to shit in a drinking fountain.

Discard, Vox Popoli 19 Comments [3/9/2015 3:27:41 AM]
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Submitted By: yama the space fish
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Quote# 51254

[Race is a racist term not a biological one.]

Racism is a communist term, not an ideological one

Bigot, RSTDT Comments 11 Comments [11/4/2008 10:33:46 PM]
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Quote# 9743

['When will you ignorant, redneck hicks stop blowing each other and start shoving knives in your eyes? All of you are retarded racists and don't perpetuate the thoughts of actual christians. Christ taught to love your fellow man and being as he wasn't white shows your obvious hypocrisy. I guess in your version of the United States, equality only extends to the white race.']

Dewey, the irony of your professing "Christ taught to love" in the same breath you spout your abject ignorance and HATRED of Scripture will forever be lost on you, won't it?

We already KNOW about your type--you profess "tolerance" and "love" in the same breath you exhibit more HATRED than anyone else on the planet.

Do you recall what Jesus said about swine and pearls? Do you know where the following came from?

johnknight, The Chistian Party 8 Comments [2/22/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 64763

If ANY restaurant in my city hung a "NO NIGGERS ALLOWED" sign in the door, or window, I would EAT THERE EVERY FUCKING DAY FOR A MONTH to support them and enjoy the nigger-free atmosphere.

Not only that, I'd order the most expensive things on the menu, plus dessert, to show my support for them!

When there are no NIGGERS around, something rarer and rarer these days, everything is better. The environment is friendlier. There is less stress. Think about it: Any human waitress will be friendlier and in a better mood if she has not had to deal with tables of niggers who complain about everything for no reason, don't leave a tip, and leave an un-holy mess on the table to clean up.

And, obviously, the air quality is better because there is no nigger stink in the air. (what the fuck do those beasts put in their "hair" that smells so fucking disgusting anyway? Somekind of turpentine/rat turd/jenkum mix??)

RetahReggin, Chimpout 49 Comments [8/13/2009 1:31:03 PM]
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Quote# 134778

It's just mind blowing to myself that I now support Nazi ideology. I can't believe how much my perspective on race, history and Jews has changed in one year.

You made me Nazi, Voat. A fucking Nazi!

RapeKathyGrifinAgain, Voat 2 Comments [12/2/2017 3:32:17 PM]
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Submitted By: Daspletosaurus
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Quote# 101042

The ethnic cleansing hate language which literally calls for extermination of all nonJews in the Talmud, needs to be criminally outlawed.

It's against the law in every single municipality in the United States to organize and plot the DEATHS of a group based on their religion (nonJew). Either the Talmud is criminally outlawed or those who print it or speak its threats or harbor it should be imprisoned.

No Jewish doctor should EVER be licensed to practice on the general public because they agree with their Talmud which commands them to KILL nonJews, never to help them, never to save their lives.

Any Jewish doctor which operates on or consults with a nonJew should be SUED FOR BREECH OF CONTRACT because by their Talmudic intention they are never going to work in the interest of their patient.

No Jewish lawyer or judge should EVER be allowed to be involved in any case involving nonJews. Their Talmud commands them: they "MUST ALWAYS LIE" to a nonJew, they must always bear false witness.

A Jewish judge CANNOT by Talmudic commandment ever be fair to a nonJew. Any Jewish judge or lawyer involving themselves with a nonJew should be SUED FOR MALPRACTICE because their Talmudic contract predates and predominates any further agreements with a nonJew.

The Kol Nidre just pounds this dishonesty in deeper.

It's time to hold these JEWISH INDIVIDUALS FEET TO THE FIRE. Make them PAY INDIVIDUALLY, with no Jewish judges involved.

No Israeli citizens should be allowed in US government.

PWPW, Real Jew News 8 Comments [5/18/2014 3:36:32 AM]
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Submitted By: Wykked Wytch
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Quote# 55834

Question: What news headline would you most like to see?

Answer: Barack Obama has been assasinated

[Short and to the point!]

Michael, Answer Bag 20 Comments [1/9/2009 5:42:22 AM]
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Submitted By: Lola Flores
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Quote# 80476

In fact, it almost seems that the media will be more favorable to a mixed-race person or an interracial couple rather than a traditional White person or same-race couple. In sports, a mulatto like New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter is constantly given more favorable attention than other ballplayers, and his White mother and Black father are frequently shown sitting in the stands together with absolutely no mention of their racial differences. The media practically implies that Jeter is the new face of the All-American boy. In the past, the concept of the All-American boy was a strapping young blonde man from the Midwest. The mulatto singer Mariah Carey is routinely showered with undeserving music awards and adulation, and to this day I have never met anyone who can even name ONE of her songs. But, of course, we know why the Jews are promoting miscegenation and mulattoes.

CelticDefender, Stormfront 62 Comments [4/7/2011 9:11:33 AM]
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Quote# 133206

Ok, Zionist. Israel and its Talmudist fifth column are all one big conspiracy theory. And their decades of state terrorism, land theft, ethnic cleansing and mass murder, and their lobby legions instigating endless wars for Israel and international Zionist money-changers are all anti-Semitic myth. No doubt in the brainwashed collective mind of your cult, you’re all just a benign bunch of fellow travelers making your way.

No doubt in the collective mind of the Bull-worshiping gang, they were the same good time "bros." They could never understand why they had to be whacked, and they still don't. Too busy in their manic, blood money cult dances and treason orgies.

Sematrix, r/worldpolitics 0 Comments [10/22/2017 10:33:49 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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Quote# 87718

Need to start shooting Mexicans and other south of the Border types. We do not need the type of violence they bring into this country. We need to invade them not Iraq. They have already invaded us and taken over California and Texas.

kavieng, Huffington Post - Comments 32 Comments [6/9/2012 2:43:58 AM]
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Quote# 134028

Blacks have been taught/brainwashed by the government to hate whites, to blame us for everything that's innately wrong with the black race. Blacks and idiot-white-liberals believe that white oppression, racism, & privilege cause blacks to be unsuccessful in our white society.

Apparently, we whites have planned our civilizations to oppress blacks. Low IQ is the root of all black dysfunction and it's the reason they're so easily brainwashed. They haven't always hated whites. They've been conditioned to do so for 60 years.

Susan, Amercian Renaissance 1 Comments [11/10/2017 11:28:23 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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Quote# 103792

Cypriot police from an elite squad have boarded a cruise ship filled with subhuman invaders and cleared the bastards out, authorities say. The “refugees” (read: cowards afraid to defend their own country) were apparently from Syria, and after being rescued by the ship, refused to exit, demanding to be taken to Italy.

These people are so sickening, it makes the blood boil. How on earth to they have the nerve to demand things of us?

They should have all been lined up and shot, ISIS style. We could even call ISIS in to do it.

Police spokeswoman Nicoletta Tyrimou says a number of professional negotiators were able to talk 300 of the scumbags out after no one else could on Friday.

345 people, including 52 children, are going to remain in a refugee center until the authorities figure out what to do with them. If I had to guess, sending them back is not one of the options on the table. Because that would be pure racist hatred. These people have a magical “human right” of some undefined sort that allows them to enter any country they wish and get free everything forever.

Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer 6 Comments [9/30/2014 3:02:24 AM]
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Submitted By: Yossarian Lives
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Quote# 131684

I had to make a turn trip to DC today.

Was a last minute flight and flight was oversold and there were only two seats left when I purchased my ticket so was stuck with a shitty middle seat in coach and since the flight was oversold was upgraded.

I end up getting stuck beside this huge sow who needed two seats. I should have complained to the FA but was scared she would be able to buy two seats and I would be given the boot since it was a nigger FA and I needed to be to DC for a lunch appointment. The nigger was pissed I put down the arm rest and it needed a seatbelt extender.

A lot of frequent flyers who don't get upgraded refer to sitting in coach as "sitting in the back of the bus" After the sow had sat down my client during boarding my client called me to make sure my flight was on time and had a couple questions. My client is also a frequent flyer and asked if I was able to get a better seat and I told him I was stuck sitting in the back of the bus and whgen I said that the sow gave me a nasty stare.

I finish the call with the client and tell him I'll call if we get delayed. After I hang up the sow starts ooking and starts bitching about me saying I'm sitting in the back of the bus and how I wouldn't know anything about it (the sow look like it was 40 so I'm sure she had never experienced it). I told her that when you didn't get upgraded to first class sitting in coach was referred to as sitting in the back of the bus and then it starts ooking axing me what I meant about upgrades and couldn't under that frequent flyers get to sit in first class for free if there are unsold seats. She starts ooking more about that we are in the middle of the plane not the back and we are on a plane not a bus

I've seen a couple minor chimpouts when the FAs have referred to DCA as Reagan Airport and was hoping she would chimp out about that but unfortunately the FA's have been referring to it as Washington National lately (probably like the confederate status removal BS, the niggers probably bitched enough that they find Reagan offensive and they stopped calling it that). While we were taxiing to the gate I called my client because he was picking me up and asking if he was there yet and told him we just touched down at Reagan and I used the name Reagan a couple times on the phone hoping to piss the sow off but surprisingly she didn't say anything.

handiacefailure, Niggermania 1 Comments [9/15/2017 12:43:12 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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Quote# 100620

[This is in response to Frazier Glenn Miller, the suspected perpetrator of the anti-Semitic shootings in Kansas.]

If there was one thing I always got from reading Glenn it was that he wanted us to act, not just talk. That was the theme of almost all his posts. Whether he was raising money for a project, encouraging others to come forward and lead, or praising men who had put their lives on the line by acting in the past he was always pushing for action.

It was obvious he was frustrated by the lack of action by most racially aware whites. He managed many fundraisers for the cause over the years and had a better idea than most of the ratio of talkers to donors, and the even worse ratio of talkers to real life, on the street men of action.

His central theme was entirely correct. But his frustration with the inaction he saw made him endorse projects and people that were not productive. Still, the basic impulse to encourage action is correct. Combined with better tools, greater wisdom and young activists it will work.

So what do I think of Glenn? He fought for us as hard and as well as he knew how for most of his life and that makes him a hero. I won't throw any man who does that under the bus.

varg, VNN Forum 10 Comments [4/20/2014 4:19:31 AM]
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Submitted By: Wykked Wytch
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Quote# 104771

[In case it's not clear, she's talking about Jews.]

These Helloween lustful fat lesbian queens, ugly, horrific Babylonian witches and their demonic children trained as soulless phony parasitic pimps, pimping on women and children in Hellywood TV where actors, and especially actresses, are MK ultra monarch slaves for sexual orgies, orgies of blood for their October blood fests.

Helloween Queens whose children are live actors as Jasons, Jack the Rippers (Nov 9th is the 128th anniversary of the death of those helpless prostitutes in England, Jack the Ripper, those helpless women were butchered in ritual satanic abuse by some demonic depressed soulless being!) Hannibals the Cannibals, the seed of the devil.

All these movies they are real, and these demonic beings are the live actors, and they still have the guts to sell to Goys the movies showing how they butcher us.

Humanity is their personal farm.

Deep love on earth. They want to stop our jump to Quantum space, we came from the stars, and to the stars we will go.

Love on earth. Wake up your consciousness. They want to stop millenarian knowledge because they are parasites and we enrich them by being brutal and soulless.

Flor, Real Jew News 16 Comments [11/18/2014 4:27:38 AM]
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Submitted By: Wykked Wytch
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Quote# 102803

So with supply and demand then, fewer males means females must compete more. More needly and willing females means males don’t need to be as commited or marry. It seems that that would have a negative effect on population numbers.

So queerness really supports the white genocide agenda of the anti-white global elites.

Awareness of the ongoing genocide of white people is an idea whose time has come.

savethechildren, Anatoly Karlin 4 Comments [8/19/2014 3:12:39 AM]
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Quote# 114465

The blood of the 100+ people dead today lies in the hands of the jews

Yes, you, the jews who call anyone who wants to protect their nation and preserve their people "nazis" and "anti-semites" and support jailing them or making them lose their jobs, the jews who go out and protest for "open borders", who like to hold hands with multiculturalism to show you're not racist, you have the blood of the innocents killed today in your hands. Hope your conscience weights heavily on you tonight when you go to bed, but then again I doubt you have an actual conscience to begin with.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 7 Comments [11/17/2015 4:15:22 AM]
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