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I farted on a foid co-worker today. She moved and held her nose after I walked off and I felt so satisfied. Indian Gas is the deadliest

She was sitting down and I was talking to her standing up and right as I turned around to walk off I let a silent one rip right in front of her face. It was silent but deadly. I walked about ten meters then looked back at her, she suddenly looked disgusted and walked off with her hand on her nose. She must have smelt that deadly Indian Gas.

currymanletcel, r/Braincels 6 Comments [4/6/2019 10:34:14 AM]
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Why rape "traumatizes" femoids.

Humans have no built-in way of rejecting sperm from their reproductive tracts.

Other animals, such as hens, can reject most or all of the sperm from an unwanted (read: low status) male. If they were taken and raped, it would be of no consequence to them as their body has natural mechanisms to remove/deactivate sperm.

Humans don't. Therefore, rape is of a greater consequence to them since they must carry a child from a low status male to term.

This is also why they are all abortion/free birth control advocates. It is an artificial way of rejecting sperm, avoiding birth. It's their biological instinct to evolve a way to prevent carrying low status male's children to term. Rape laws also assist them.

C0nserve, r/Braincels 4 Comments [4/6/2019 10:34:05 AM]
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Part 23434 of birth control revealing women’s true nature

redpill me on birth control

There are two (primarily) female hormones: estrogen and progesterone. These hormones contribute to hypergamy and make women want the tallest, strongest, most sought-after male. It also makes them HATE betas.

Birth control is nothing but a mixture of estrogen and progesterone. The depo provera shot that the foid is posting about is 100% progesterone. Having such a high dose of this is making her hypergamous instincts skyrocket and she now sees her boyfriend for the short, weak beta provider that he is.

I thought birth control made women like effeminate men

I honestly believe it depends on the hormonal state of the woman beforehand. If her hormones are out of wack, birth control can act as a balancer. If her hormones are already balanced, it can put them out of wack. But wtf do I know

040211092616, r/Braincels 0 Comments [4/6/2019 10:33:59 AM]
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Re: FTM blackpill

I'm a mentalcel so I do sympathize with her. Or him.

Imagine having this realization, that you just lost all your privilege and your life is going to become irreversible hell as an ugly manlet. Her fault and her choice fully. Yet I can't not feel bad.

The most ironic/saddest thing is, if the blackpill wasn't so controversial with brainlet normies and she was familiar with it, this could've been prevented.

Basically picture being a Chad since birth and one day waking up as yourself, your present incel self. Fucking brutal.

This is why there are way more MTF trannies than FTM ones. Most foids would never want to experience the hardships of a man while many men want to experience the much easier life of a woman.

Exactly. Assuming all humans have the capacity to tolerate a certain level of hardship why do people think the vast majority transitions are male to female?

It's because many men cannot tolerate the natural level of hardship thrust upon them whereas women can. Why? Because they are by default on easy mode

wtf is fun about larping as a man? Took t shots too, dry bagina here we come

FtM trannies genuinely think that men are extremely privileged, so they transition thinking that they'll 'become privileged', but in reality, all they become is depressed.

They're too stupid to realise that they have it easy, not us

Oh absolutely, they're the aristocracy complaining that the peasants have too much grain.

FTM rates are the actual trans rates in the population, that's roughly how many MTF there should be. The reason there's so many more MTF is because a bunch of non-dysphoric incels are tryna see if they can switch life to tutorial mode

If tech ever advances to make gendermorphing flawless, there'll be like 8 guys left, each with their own harem nation

Last sentence is supreme unintentional blackpill truth.

How many nanoseconds before a woman manipulated the truth to benefit women and trannies and continue to gaslight men with blame?

I knew an ftm a few years ago. 6 months after surgery and successfully passing, s/he got their first false rape accusation. If he wasn't rich, he'd be the only vagina in a male prison right now and you can guess how that would've turned out. Last I heard he went back to being adrogynous female appearing so as to avoid being treated like a man by strangers

My sister in law transitioned to a top lesbian (as opposed to bottom). One year later, she was blackpilled as F. Made a meme about how women were all the same on tinder, posted a couple of tweets about how basic women were and basically came off as a redpilled/blackpilled misogynist bastard. Got severely depressed and told me she felt like killing herself from time to time, that life as a man is hell compared to a woman.

ROPE OR COPE BRAH, i swear more of these degenerates who call us scum and such should go through test. therapy and see how living as a man is like playing the game on hardmode, not only do we have to provide for ourselves but we have to be sustainable, we have to persevere through any fucking object, and while being hated by society, being sub 5 male is truly one of the hardest things in life with the exception of living in a 3rd world country but as far as 1st world goes it's being a male.

No wonder so many guys want to become girls in hope of being treated like human beings for once.

Some incels, r/Braincels 0 Comments [4/6/2019 10:20:03 AM]
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What A Wonderful Person Award

I have no idea why he's still single. Must be his looks.

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i Don't want some "strong independent women", i want a pet, i want property

fuck this strong independent liberated women bullshit, i only want a damn pet to keep me company and that i can fuck once in a while to make babies.

i don't want a equal partner to have mindful conversations with, i want property, i want somethings that is mine, and that i can lock away to avoid it being stolen by other men.

i don’t want someone, i want a THING, a female object that i can control and whatever i please with it, i don’t her to have her own job or own her own property, or to have her own thoughts, i only want some thing that i can keep in home and give me comfort once i’m back of wage slaving.

fuck this egalitarian bullshit, i just wanted to be able to “own” a girl, i wanted her to be mine property, mine and mine alone, i want to lift and hug her, while i keep her tight in my arms so she can’t run away.

i want to get out home and just lock her up, so it can’t go out, would leave your house open for your dog go out and do whatever it want? NOoo, because your dog is property and you don’t want it stolen away.

i want to be able to discipline her, if your child do something bad you beat it up, same thing should apply with foids, just look at this new generation of children raised without getting beaten by their parents, they are spoiled and mentally weak.

i wanted to have her young, when she wasn't totally developed yet, so i could watch her grown and be sure she won’t grown into a degenerate whore.

feminism killed all of it.

GameDevCel, incels.co 10 Comments [4/4/2019 12:41:05 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

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A way to make institutionalized sexual slavery safe and humane

Surgically insert a microchip that makes them more comfortable with their situation into their brains. We would call it "The Empathy Chip" or "The Friendship Chip". It would be installed through a safe, pain-free procedure with a failure rate of less than 10% through exhaustive testing on irredeemably defective subjects. It would cure them of their cluster B personality disorders, allowing them to assess the attractiveness of themselves and others more fairly, improve their listening and communication skills, and empathize with their life partners, all without the need for negative reinforcement.

In fact, "sexual slavery" wouldn't quite be the right term for it with this sort of arrangement in place, as their participation in the system would be voluntary and without cruelty, not to mention how vulgar the term is. More accurate would be terms like "equitable companionship" or "shared sexual liberty".

Your thoughts on this?

KingOfRome, incels.co 15 Comments [4/4/2019 12:39:27 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

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Uhh, being a female is disgusting. Do you think they ever feel disgusted at themselves?

Think about this creature, this human female we speak of.

While indeed extremely cunning and manipulative, what she essentially does still boils down to selling her body in exchange for resources and social status. Such is the female fate, even the smartest and most evil of them all are still at the core the same whores that their lesser sisters are.

They would never admit it, no, the human female is proud, arrogant and extremely vile. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and nothing can scorn her more than trying to reveal or discover her true ugly, wretched form that is the essence of all women. But is it possible that they too feel ashamed about what they truly are?

anon1822, incels.co 4 Comments [4/4/2019 12:38:21 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 143131

All incels are entitled to women caressing them

The lack of platonic human touch kills people. So, following the logic that the government must subsidize things for people not to die (i.e. food, healthcare, etc), they must also subsidize it. And who better than women, who are so above us, toxic-masculinity-ridden barbarian men, in emotional stuff, to provide this invaluable public utility service?

Go to your local government office and demand your foid to caress you today.

Mainländer, incels.co 8 Comments [4/4/2019 12:37:38 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

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Re: When I joined this sub V.S. now

If you get treated like a human being by most ppl then you're not welcome

The normies on here act like we're their free therapists lol, wE nOrMiEs DoNt GeT MuCH rEsPecT! They couldn't even begin to understand what it's like to be an ugly woman.

Also I noticed how on the glow up subreddit all the most attractive women got upvoted and complimented the most, whereas women who actually needed advice and weren't as conventionally attractive didn't get as many upvotes or attention. It just defeats the entire point, I'm fed up of attention whore Beckies who constantly need validation and invade spaces like ours for this very reason.

Your art posts always make my day.

Also, this seems to be quite recent. I swear it wasn't as bad LAST MONTH. It's getting out of control.

I'm glad you mentioned it I'm fed up of all these Beckies on here who are mad they aren't being treated the same as a Giga-stacy. They have absolutely no idea what it is like to be an ugly woman, a GENIUNELY ugly woman and honestly I would be really happy if all these vapid morons got blocked from this subreddit right now. They're so bitter and it's astounding how they viciously fight with us to try and stay here. Like fuck off and go make your own subreddit, enough is enough. It got extremely annoying when I saw a load of women on here going on about all their relationships, friendships, or male attention they got but it just wasn't enough for these attention starved morons!They just want to be treated as more attractive than they already are. Absolutely ridiculous.

The crazy thing is I bet some of them are Stacies too. Insecurity knows no level of beauty but I had to tell a friend to look around at the guys and girls who constantly called her beautiful. I had never seen a girl get so much attention from sober guys at bars and parties. Shes had boyfriends, shes been the one tk dump them and rejects guys shes slept with. She still complained that she was ugly. How much attention does one person need??? Most women don't have 20 boyfriends and an army of moids at their beck and call smh

I feel like social media has partially caused them to have this unrealistic view and competitive need to constantly have all eyes on them. They see these exaggerated stories online from other Stacies (humblebrags about 100's of men asking them out giving them gifts etc) compare themselves to them, and think they are lesser than. It's absurd to witness.

ive been thinking this for ages, thank god you said something!

im so sick of seeing beckies with low self esteem thinking theyre femcels because none the 6 niggas that like her sent a good morning text... normies just think this sub is nothing short of entertainment but they can relate because *~they went to junior prom without a date!~*

they all need to be blocked! if i see one more post about how some stacy is a femcel at heart even though theyre constantly showered with male attention and love from friends and strangers im going to lose my fucking mindddd sis

I'll never forget the girl with a boyfriend, a history of dating and guys flirting who said she could relate because she hated her cankles

Its so insulting that they'd come here and rub our face in their history because they have low self esteem or are annoyed that the world doesn't bend over to worship them.

We're told to love ourselves and some of us do but these attention seekers do nothing but put themselves down and are fawned over. Almost as if looks are important

Isn't that classic life though? Always had beckies as friends because I made them feel better. Next to me they were beautiful, but I understood the struggle of being unattractive so they could bitch to me and so I was the emotional labor friend on top of being used as a way for them to not feel ugly about shit like cankles. They're just doing the same shit here.

Basically. I think that's what I told her too

Milkymoon245 & RareSorbet, r/Trufemcels 5 Comments [4/4/2019 12:31:25 PM]
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Quote# 143106

Re: Beauty in simplicity

I don't hate women because of their sexuality, I hate women when they use politics to impose or express their sexuality, and I hate women when they let their sexuality dictate their behavior and by doing so they do damages. All women have the same base for sexuality, but not all of them go around breaking stuff every day.

I also don't believe they select the "best genes", I believe they're pretty shitty at selecting genes. Would you ever let a woman decide what are the best genes? I may not interfere with their selection but I'm not gonna agree with it.

The image is really funny though

basically whatever let you be a more dominant monkey in the jungle is what they consider “good genes”

when men curbed women’s primitive desires and rewarded intelligent men with careers and families, we had the industrial revolution

now we will descend into an idiocracy ruled by moronic chads and stacies

MobilePenor & ENTP, r/Braincels 0 Comments [4/4/2019 12:30:40 PM]
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Quote# 143099

My bisexual sister is fucking my crush.

I walked out my room and saw my crush come out in her panties. She screeched and ran back into my sister’s room. I heard them both laughing loudly. After a few minutes my sister came out and apologized. I asked when they started hanging out and she said recently. I asked why didn’t she tell me (she knows VERY well that I have a crush on this girl) and she said she didn’t want me to be hurt. I said why would I be hurt and she said because they’re sleeping together. That’s when I noticed hickeys all over her neck and chest area. She said sorry and I just left the house. With the money I saved from wagecucking I rented a hotel room and now I’m staying there. She called me just now and I ignored it. I’m just dead inside realizing how OVER it is that my straight crush would rather fuck a female over me, my sister nonetheless and that my sister would do this to me.

040211092616, r/Braincels 4 Comments [4/4/2019 12:30:35 PM]
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Quote# 143063

Black women are the most Loy.....

Ethnic foids have a love/hate Daddy issue relationship to white men. They kinda hate them but they also want them to put them over their laps and give them a spanking. Then again, this is pretty much how all women feel towards high-status men. And the highest status is exclusively reserved for white men. EVERY possible status a man might have would be further increased if he were white. So women have this love/hate daddy issue relationship to white men. They are alike this powerful father figure they want to rebel against but also keep them in line. 99% of women have DaddyDom fetishes anyway. Bitches.

LeninistSkynet, r/Braincels 0 Comments [4/4/2019 12:29:46 PM]
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Quote# 143127

Re: If you ascend, you better lie about your virginity and keep up the lie!

this is why female sexuality is fucking REVOLTING

no matter your fucking personal1ty, no matter how you are as a person, all of it means FUCK ALL to a woman unless you've fucked other women before her? how fucking primitive can their thought processes be?

I believe that it's mostly because he felt the need to blatantly lie to me about such a thing

no, that's just your female brain rationalizing, as usual, your disgusting behavior

a part of me is just... turned off. Knowing that no girl at ALL has shown any interest in him has me questioning everything and noticing flaws that I haven't before

THIS IS the real reason you're turned off, not your "muh breach of trust" hamster wheel

hmm, i do fucking wonder why he felt the need to lie? could it be because he knew you'd react exactly like this? he's stuck in a literal catch 22; he has no sexual experience, and he can't get any precisely because of his lack of it, so he literally had to resort to lying

and people actually wonder WHY men base so much self worth on virginity and relationship experience? people actually wonder WHY incels put emphasis on virginity? people actually wonder WHY we say it's over? it's not due to "muh toxic masculinity", men aren't rejecting other men for being virgins, it's all WOMEN. but oh no, women and normies love to use feminism to gaslight men about this: it's toxic masculinity and unhealthy gender roles making men feel like they need to have sex. and if it's a woman perpetuating it? well of course it's not the woman's fault, women wouldn't be so shallow, women are wonderful, these poor girls have just been brainwashed by the patriarchy to adopt these toxic standards, which are of course created and perpetuated by men, because man bad, woman good.

anyone who thinks virginity isn't a negative for a man is a sheltered, deluded moron

FUCK this shit is such ragefuel

justforlulzandkeks, r/Braincels 6 Comments [4/3/2019 3:34:38 PM]
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Quote# 143126

Do you know what would've solved many problems people have here?

Not female subjugation.

Not disenfranchisement.

Not Islam.

Honest and blunt society. A society, where you say "no" but don't say "maybe next week".

A society where you say "sorry, you're ugly", instead of "sweaty you'll find someone".

A society where you don't have to keep in mind all those schizo rules when "x" means "y", and in certain circumstances of "z" "x" is "xy" and sometimes even "delta".

A society of either correctly proscribed social roles or society of perfect egalitarian equality, where women don't get to shield themselves with their gender and hateful people like us lose many qualms we have with them.

A society that acknowledges predeterminism as a correct life position and doesn't make you an outcast because it hurts their worldview.

A society where you're free to be sad without resorting cohorting with hateful people, just because you long for acceptance.

One can dream.

MozzerDozzer, r/Braincels 6 Comments [4/3/2019 3:33:17 PM]
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Quote# 143125

Study: Women prefer men of taller height, wider shoulders+narrower hips and bigger penises, even in the upper extremes (super tall, super wide shoulders+super narrow hips, super large penis)


Just fucking LOL if you think you can be "too tall", "too handsome", "too masculine", "too muscular" or have a penis "too big". Even in the upper extremes.

That's why at r/Relationships and r/Sex and places like that all the stories are like "I don't really like tall guys, but my husband happens to be 2,00 m tall", or "I prefer smaller penises, all of my boyfriends' dicks were huge and I would have preferred something smaller".

They really need to spend time and money to research this common sense?

Some people claim that women like "dad bods", or that women prefer more feminine men, or that women don't like 10/10 ripped guys, or that women don't like gigantic cocks and prefer smaller ones instead...

Research always proves that is bullshit. And many people need to be taught this. It's a big fat lie, never forget it.

SomeTurdInTheWind, r/Braincels 2 Comments [4/3/2019 3:33:00 PM]
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Quote# 143124

Re: lol, just found this at r/starterpacks

Never forget that the French were gutted - upon taking back their nation - when they found out their women were sleeping and having children with nazi soldiers. What took place after D-Day was insane, the based French started curb stomping their women on the streets. Women have no loyalty to tribe or nation, not even family

Happend everywhere in Europe after the war. Same can be said about the numerous male traitors who worked as informants, volunteers for Germany etc. Far outnumbers women, so what is your point?

Lol fuck off you dumb roastie. You can’t compare politics and women willingly having children of the enemy tribe or nation that conquered their own people

Imagine being this insecure.. Did my reply really expose the hypocrisy that much?

Men can’t have children ya dope, using your shitty strawman, why didn’t the women stop at just working as volunteers or informants instead of renting their wombs out to the enemy? Lmao you can’t be this dense

MajesticShadow104, r/Braincels 3 Comments [4/3/2019 3:32:41 PM]
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Quote# 143121

Major lifefuel. Chad ruins rostie's family just by being an alpha. Also the 16 year-old roastie is pregnant.

I bet the teen is the one who pursued the chad

From what I can gather, they have had full on penetrative sex, among other things. While I don’t blame my sister, it did seem like something she was...excited about? I believe that she has had a crush on him for several years (always innocent teenager girl stuff to me) and this was something my husband obviously took advantage of.

My moms reaction was just pure shock, my dad was just disgust. We all agreed that they would confront my sister just the two of them. They did talk to her about it when she got home, and confirmed that yes, they had sex. She says that she is in love with him.

My sister was involuntarily committed to an inpatient behavioral center late Tuesday night after she harmed herself. She is physically okay, and she didn’t do any serious damage to herself. My mom called me Friday night to tell me that she had been alerted by my sisters doctor and therapist that she is pregnant. She said that she found out and tried to contact my husband, he wouldn’t respond to her and she wanted to commit suicide because she knew my parents would “force her to get an abortion”. My husband is the only man she’s had sex with.

Imagine being so attractive that, even after you stop responding, the teenage girl is willing to die before aborting your child. Imagine how good this guy's genes must be.

Imagine having such power over women that you drive two of them mentally insane. Just from virtue of being attractive. This guy is what every man dreams to be.

On the other hand, imagine being this girl's father. Raising your two daughters with love and care, just for Chad to come along, take their virginities, impregnate both of them, leave them mentally unhinged and destroy your family. It's the ultimate humiliation, and all he did to deserve this was simply "Have two daughters."

This is what's waiting for you if you ascend. Having daughters is the ultimate cuckold.

she wanted to fuck his brains out

he took advantage of that

Female hypoagency. Its always the foid that's being "taken advantage of" for getting exactly what they want, while backstabbing their sister in the process, no less.

At this point I'd be willing to believe that Chads literally have mind control powers over women, that they'd do this, but realistically, mate poaching high status males or willing to be in threesomes or "open" relationships just to have a chance to fuck a high status male, all are things that are just natural female behavior.

She's trying to make her sister out like a victim instead of a slut and a backstabbing cunt.

Wooperrrr & StatusDisciplineKY, r/Braincels 1 Comments [4/3/2019 3:31:02 PM]
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Quote# 143120

Re: Women Love Seeing High-Status Men Kill Low-Status Men

Whites are legit like elves to many ethnics. Just like how hobbits and dwarves saw elves as supreme beings. It seems totally logical for this type of behavior to exist in fantasy. Why not irl?

I'm native american and I see whites as elves, even though my culture is more elf-like with all the nature shit

Brutal. I wouldnt know tbqh

This is legitimate mental illness, and somehow not uncommon. I've seen an uncomfortable share of black women express similar uncomfortable sentiments including the adoration of lynched black males. All online of course so the possibility of trolling exist, but I've known of very insane black women posting in primarily black female online spacing and frenzied by the prospect of black men being considered desirable and black women not being considered immensely desirable by white men.

Most white men don’t like black women so the black women who like white dudes have to talk down about black men in order to “prove” how loyal they are to white men. It’s disgusting.

Yeah using the more nerdy parts of the internet and having been black the only time I've ever seen racism that genuinely caused me to be offended and simultaneously hurt was a black female 4chan poster (verified via timestamp) who would spend upwards of 10 hours in a given day railing against black men and praising white. Not a type of personality you'll read about when a Twitter user admonishes online racism.

Soyiskuk & bostonianclamchowder, r/Braincels 1 Comments [4/3/2019 3:29:24 PM]
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Quote# 143119

Re: “Black women are loyal to their ra-“

it's not that they're more loyal to their race than others.

it's that, unlike noodlewhore and latina, they can't get people outside they race (usually)

This. Most black women melt when a basic white boy gives them some positive attention. Seen it first hand. These same women demand a black man who looks like Tyson Beckford.

Lol she literally just called black men animals but people won’t pick up on it because she’s black.

Also look at any black woman who calls herself bisexual or pansexual. It means she likes whites only and white dudes first. White women come second.

Lol this is what I was talking about in that other thread, the most comical part is she makes it out as though people are taking issue with her having a preference when she's describing black men as primal and stinky. I wonder if she thinks these same stereotypes do not extend to her because some white men will sleep with her.

Some incels, r/Braincels 2 Comments [4/3/2019 3:28:28 PM]
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Quote# 143118

This sub makes me both laugh and cry because of all the truth. There really are rare hot girls out there who maybe fuck 4 guys their entire life. I knew one who had been with 2 by age 27 (meanwhile most other girls have been with around 20-30 by then) and I know people will say I'm lying or she's lying but I know for sure she's telling the truth.

The problem here is that she seemed to LITERALLY be one in a billion because of how weird her past was combined with her becoming hot in her mid teens.

jeremyjimmy, r/Braincels 1 Comments [4/3/2019 3:27:12 PM]
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Quote# 143117

Re: Even if you somehow ascend, remember this

Lol my sister's 18 yo friend got arranged married to a 30 year old. One of my friends called this situation creepy since she was his age, and he had just started college.

I personally think the husband was based. A better decision couldn't be made.

thats the instant foid reaction to a younger girl and a older dude being together. You should see the cucked subs like /r/relationships when an OP mentions anywhere that their gf/wife is younger - they get a billion snarky comments or passive aggressive remarks about it from aging roasties in their 30s who have hit the wall hard

Basedafff & von_hohenzollern, r/Braincels 2 Comments [4/3/2019 3:26:47 PM]
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Quote# 143116

Re: Lifefuel for mentalcels, we are more likely to commit suicide and leave this degenerate world

Ugly mentalcels are the biggest trucels. You're basically fucked for life if you're autistic and ugly. You're doomed to spend your life as a social retard without any friends, much less a gf.

Nobody wants to help you. Worst of all, autistics foids and Chads will live normal lives because people wanted to befriend them.

Although I’m not autistic I have strong autistic tendencies, you could say, and I don’t feel like social engagement is in any way made easier for me even though I am not ugly.

I am still a friendless loser and outcast of sorts, even if I don’t have the same crippling social inability I had years ago. I take it in its stride though, mostly, but I often feel like an alien among humans.

JucheforWhitePeople & Swole_Prole, r/Braincels 2 Comments [4/3/2019 3:26:10 PM]
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Quote# 143115

This is how taller foids react to a man shorter than them.
They cannot see the person, only the physique, the genes. This is why foids should be underfed, compared to their male counter parts, then given estrogen shots to stop their growth in their teens. The shots used to be given in the past by physicians btw

Despite reports of serious long-term effects like those Waldvogel experienced, some doctors continue to offer estrogen therapy to prevent the perceived social harms of being “too tall”–interpreted as anywhere from 5' 9? and taller, but more commonly 6 feet and up.

A 1978 survey of pediatric endocrinologists in the United States found that 71 percent of the 74 who responded had used high doses of estrogens to suppress the growth of 426 tall girls, according to a study by the nonprofit Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine published in February in the Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology.

Charlie_truth2, r/Braincels 0 Comments [4/3/2019 3:25:56 PM]
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Quote# 143114

Re: Manlet ingested soy and took blue pill advice and went clubbing. You flew too close to the sun, brocel. (JFL They call him a creep for even existing in their vicinity)




chad face

all rendered useless by his manletism

height > everything

I wouldn't say height over everything, but there's a minimum height requirement to even be in the game. It's a looks multiplier, everything under 5'10 gets a multiplier less than 1, eg 0.9 for 5'9.5 and gets a number higher than 1 multiplier when over 5'10, eg 5'11 =1.2x 6'2 = 1.5 6"4= 1.8x If you're below 5'5, you're multiplier score is 0, which means for all your looks, anything times 0 is zero. You're a non entity in the sexual world. It's brutal but true. You might be able to beta buxx with a very short woman

Yeah. If anything height is inverse for women. All the tall foids are always whining about being overlooked for short girls. Theyre basically tallcels

Tall foids just refuse to date short men. They're like the white women who complain about noodlewhores taking all the white men, not once considering to date a ricecel.

It's because their dating pool is guys of the same height, maybe a tiny bit shorter, and prefer taller guys. Their pool is already diminished and heavily competed over. I've dated a really short girl. years ago before I became a dsiabledcel. You could just pick her up at will, it's alot harder to do that with a tall girl.

tall girls aren't out of the market. They're just competing fo an already diminished group of society that is highy sought after. a 6'0 foid doesn't usually want a 5'11 or 5'10 guy, she usually wants 6'0 + in a much stronger way than normal foids want 6'0+. Her heightmatch is her settle. SO she has 10% of the populaton which are even acceptable beta buxxers.

Unironically this might be why. I have a very shitty frame and even I have won every fight I had with foids. They just can't throw a punch, all they do is push and kick and scream it's actually hilarious.

How many foids are you fighting man?

I'll get shit for this but I'm not an incel, I'm just suffering from being majorly blackpilled. I've been talking to girls in private about the blackpill. They confirm IT ALL. They say shit like "yeah, height is the number one thing. I want a guy to be big." A girl I know who is 4ft 11 said that. She dated a 6ft 1 guy.

Literally every single girl I've brought this up with has confirmed the height thing, that it's super important. I'll admit, this shit is important to me too, I love short girls. If they're too tall I find them less attractive. This is where society has royally fucked up, they tell the truth about male sexuality and lie, for dumb, instinctual, animal like reasons, about female sexuality and preferences. So it's resulted in all this shitty behavior from women where they talk one way and act the EXACT opposite and then punish you or try to for noticing.

That's resulted in all these movements online, the blackpill, MGTOW, redpill. Then they start screeching about those, calling them misogyny. If it's misogyny then why does every girl I've met repeat all this stuff when they're alone? They all love black/redpill videos on Youtube because girls all hate each other. I don't even dislike women, I hate the people who lie to men about this stuff. More women do need to be honest about this stuff in public though.

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Quote# 143113

Reminder that the Nazi Waffen SS had softer racial and height requirements than modern foids do

In 1934, Himmler set stringent requirements for recruits. They were to be German nationals who could prove their Aryan ancestry back to 1800, unmarried, and without a criminal record.[20] A four-year commitment was required for the SS-VT and LSSAH. Recruits had to be between the ages of 17 and 23, at least 1.74 metres (5 ft 9 in) tall (1.78 metres (5 ft 10 in) for the LSSAH). Concentration camp guards had to make a one-year commitment, be between the ages of 16 and 23, and at least 1.72 metres (5 ft 8 in) tall. All recruits were required to have 20/20 eyesight, no dental fillings, and to provide a medical certificate.[21] By 1938, the height restrictions were relaxed, up to six dental fillings were permitted, and eyeglasses for astigmatism and mild vision correction were allowed. Once the war commenced, the physical requirements were no longer strictly enforced, and essentially any recruit who could pass a basic medical exam was considered for service.[22] Members of the SS could be of any religion except Judaism (Jewish), but atheists were not allowed according to Himmler in 1937.[23]


In other words, you could have literally been a balding manlet currycel or kebabcel living in Germany in 1938 and you would have qualified to be part of the elite SS "master race".

Check out Savitri Devi. A white Nazi woman that married a balding currycel.

For modern foids? Nah. To the concentration camps with you!

JFL that modern women have stricter standards than the Nazis did.

Interesting didn't know that, I thought they needed ultra masculine Chads, foids are worse than nazis

Ain’t that some shit? That literally the “most evil white supremacist ideology” allowed curries, Muslims, incels, and manlets to join, but modern women do not? Puts things into perspective doesn’t it?

JFL at modern fuckfoids being worse than the freakin Waffen SS! If the current trend continues, even brow-haired white men who are "only" 6'4'' tall won't be Aryan enough for "liberal" modern womyn anymore. Poor mayocels! Yesterday a king and now they are increasingly treated the same way as us ethnics, lol.

>Nazi foid in 1938 to balding currycel

"Sure, you qualify for this pussy"

>Ethnic foid in 2019 to balding currycel


lmao even I would have qualified for Hitler's Master race in 1938

>tfw you qualify to be in Hitler's master race in 1938, but don't qualify for even holding hands with a foid today

All these women who constantly talk about how much they hate nazis and think it's a sick and repugnant ideology - doesn't it sound like they're compensating for something?

These women lack self-awareness. We’ve seen enough statistics, dating profiles, tweets and other social media postings here, along with personal experiences day in and day out to know that we (and most men for that matter) are viewed as less than human in the eyes of women.

incelicious, r/Braincels 3 Comments [4/3/2019 3:22:38 PM]
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