Conspiracy Theorist of the Year 2023 primary election blog

Continuing the primary election after religious fundie, right-wing wingnut, and left-wing moonbat of the year, here’s the primary ballot for Conspiracy Theorist of the Year:


Jerry Derecha - - he thinks volanoes aren't real

various commenters (1) - - they think everything is a false flag, except the one where Germany attacked their own radio station and blamed it on Poland; that's a false false flag

Vladimir Putin - - he claims that modern Germany is an American puppet state

Tommy Truthful - - he uses numerology to try and figure out which celebrities are immortal and how they do it

Tuckler Carlson - - he thinks nicotine is a mind-expanding drug that They don't want you to use

Georgia GOP Chair Kandiss Taylor - - she's a flag eather and wants Big Globe to stop their roundness propaganda

Mike Stone - - he claims Hamas, Al Queda, and ISIS are all secretly run by Israel

Glenn Beck -$YYGXQ9WC6 - he, and some of his followers, thought the EAS test was going to activate the COVID nanoparticles and turn everyone into zombies

Steve's Fairy Tales -$MD5XDDH4YCG - he thinks Nagasaki was the target of a War on Christians

Alex Jones - - he thinks the COVID lockdowns and vaccines killed 20 million people and that wants Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, and others ought to be publicly hanged

Wang Wenbin -$4P38GTK - when the United State government accuses the Chinese government of collecting genetic information against its political enemies, he says "no u"

1 polls

Conspiracy Theorist of the Year primary election

Jerry Derecha
7 votes
various commenters (1)
6 votes
Vladimir Putin
6 votes
Tommy Truthful
7 votes
Tuckler Carlson
6 votes
Georgia GOP Chair Kandiss Taylor
7 votes
Mike Stone
6 votes
Glenn Beck
6 votes
Steve's Fairy Tales
4 votes
Alex Jones
7 votes
Wang Wenbin
4 votes



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