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Site dev is on hold at the moment while I move, when I move I will have central air and no more of this sweating to death in my office business. I have to be out half way through next month, trying to get out earlier. If I have time I'll write up a bit about search, it's turned into something interesting, which while bad for time lines is great for learning.

That said, I've found something I'm actually interested in commenting on. I'm sure most everyone who is on here has heard of Josh Duggar recent revelations and the rather disturbing show of support he's recieved over this. Well, I caught wind of someone actually willing to call him and the conservative christian media on it's handling of the situation. Michael Reagan wrote quite the article over on cagle that I want to support because it supports people doing the right thing regardless of if they happen to agree with the man's politics, questioning the integrity of those who are giving Duggar a pass on this. Read the article, it's worth the couple minutes.

Since I'm a left leaning asshole I'd also like to remind our side not to give people passes just because they are popular political figures who are on our side. We do it too, and we shouldn't. Just because some people on the other side are assholes does not grant us the moral right to do the same. And that's true in all kinds of things, take it from someone who's been amusedly poking at both "sides" of gamergate for a while. And pair of equal and opposite assholes do not cancel out, they just make things worse all around.



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