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Monica Cole #fundie #conspiracy #homophobia #transphobia

“ABC Song with Blue,” from Nickelodeon’s Blue’s Clues & You! TV program for preschoolers, is an alphabet song for kids that is available on the show’s official YouTube channel. It sounds innocent enough, but parents should be aware of the not-so-subtle and very pro-LGBTQ agenda included in the song’s video. Every time the letter “P” is displayed, it is illustrated with a rainbow design in the shape of the letter.

Here are some of the lyrics and images heard and seen in the video:

“P is full of pride!”

Images of 9 LGBTQ flags are displayed alongside the letter “P.”

“The alphabet helps me be me."

It is apparent that this network continues to indoctrinate children by exposing them to the LGBTQ lifestyle and presenting it as normal.

With such a liberal push in children’s educational entertainment, it is obvious where Nickelodeon stands. Parents who are not already aware of the network’s agenda, please be forewarned now.

This pride-laced ABC song makes it clear that Nickelodeon has an LGBTQ agenda that it is forcing on really young audiences.

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy #ufo #magick

Your blood type is determined by your genes

The combination of one allele from each parent
Determines your blood type

Alleles are a pair of genes located on the chromosomes

85% of all humans have RH positive blood

The ruling elite have RH negative blood

But many Caucasian people are recessive carriers of RH negative

RH negative is a new recently introduced blood type

The genes that cause RH negative
Have only been recently added to the human genome

The white race has been very recently genetically modified
It is a cross bred hybrid species

And their human embryo will have a tail

RH negative blood is from Reptilian genes

An RH negative mother will reject
A baby from a RH positive father

The blood will build up antibodies
And attack the alien substance

People who are RH negative will exhibit reptilian traits
Such as hypersensitivity to light
And the lack of empathy

They are obstinate carnivores
Who not only eat animals
But humans as well

That is why the elite
Also drink human blood
And show no emotions when humans
Are chopped up and sacrificed

The reason why pedophiles are rampant in Hollywood
Is because the elite Roosevelt family own 80% of Hollywood
And many actors and actresses are related to them

And it is also why pedophiles are common in ruling establishments

A naked boy was recently filmed trying to escape Buckingham Palace
By climbing down a bedsheet through a window

Adrenochrome which is the oxidation of adrenaline
Is popular among RH negative people
It is forcibly taken out of live traumatized kids

It makes one feel euphoric
And it enhances longevity and appearance

But it is more addictive than Meth or Crack

Adrenochrome supplies though are now being cut off
And users are aging at a very fast rate

nancyzatanna #wingnut

(in regards to points I’ve made on a post called “Abraham Lincoln the Tyrant”)

"yes, but it means little if a state CAN'T leave now because the supreme court decided that..."

AFTER THE WAR. That was ruled AFTER the war! Now go ahead and prove that secession was illegal in 1860 and 1861.

YOU CAN'T DO IT! No one ever could, that's why our Confederate leaders were not tried after the war. The THREE prosecutors, one after the other, warned that if the vindictive north tried to bring Jefferson Davis to trial, they would have to prove that secession was illegal! They were told that if the trial were carried out, the US would lose and be forced to recognize the CSA as a foreign country and then hundreds of thousands of federal solders would have died for nothing!

And as for your "we won" BS, that means NOTHIING. If we had an argument and I shot you in the kneecaps, would you say that I'm right and you're wrong?

The north east states threatened to secede SIX TIMES between the adoption of the US Constitution and 1860, once during the war of 1812. NO ONE said they couldn't do that and NO ONE suggested that they be held in the union at the point of a gun. Are you going to say that YANKEES have rights no one else has?

Lastly, your argument about President Jackson is invalid. He backed down because other states said they would secede if war were declared on South Carolina and others said they would defend themselves if the army or navy crossed their borders to attack SC.

Fighting Monarch #conspiracy #crackpot #transphobia #wingnut #racist

The Illuminati have a long history of assassinating presidents they don’t like.
Abraham Lincoln was the first, as John Wilkes Booth took him out.
Twenty years later it was President Garfield.
Twenty years later it was President McKinley.
Then they gave their stooge, Woodrow Wilson, a stroke.
Then they took out Franklin Roosevelt.
Then they took out President Kennedy.
They tried to kill Ronald Reagan, but he survived the shooting.
Sometimes they use bullets; but as the deaths of Wilson and Roosevelt indicate, they can also kill with poison or a blast from a directed energy weapon.
Or they can force a resignation as they did with Nixon.
I bet it won’t be long until Joe Biden dies of a stroke or a heart attack, or is forced to resign.
NWO wants Kamala Harris in the Oval Office.
During and after her parents’ divorce, she grew up in two hubs of mind control, Stanford University, where her father taught, and McGill University, where her mother worked.
Both of these places had an enormous amount of MK-ULTRA activity, so Kamala Harris must have been brainwashed.
No wonder Harris says people can choose their own “gender,” as she supported Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s “guidance” on “transgender” students, co-sponsoring the federal “Equality Act,” and creating a special “Hate Crimes Unit” in San Francisco.
No wonder Harris supported the Green New Deal, which is nothing but code for the New World Order.
No wonder Harris opposed the “muslim travel ban” and no wonder she supports a flood of illegal immigrants, through which NWO seeks to destroy our national boundaries and rape our women.

Golden Calf Award

CPAC attendees #wingnut


A golden statue of Donald Trump, wearing shorts in the print of the US flag and carrying a wand, has caused a stir on Twitter since a video of it being wheeled into the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) conference surfaced on the social networking site.

A Bloomberg reporter shared footage of staff at the conservative conference wheeling a golden statue of the former US president across the conference floor.

Voices in the background can be heard saying “awesome” and “that is so cool” in reaction to the golden model of Mr Trump. Others laugh and someone chants: “Four more years!” In reference to a chant popular with Mr Trump’s supporters when he was America’s president.
Launched in 1974, the annual CPAC conference calls itself the “largest and most influential gathering of conservatives in the world.”

On Sunday, it will welcome Mr Trump onto its stage to give his first post-White House speech.

Tomasz Greniuch #wingnut

A Polish historian resigned Monday from the government’s historical institute after controversy erupted over his past ties with a far-right organization and photos of him making the stiff-armed fascist salute.

Tomasz Greniuch was recently appointed to head the Wroclaw office of the Institute of National Remembrance (IPN), a state organization whose role is to document Nazi and communist crimes carried out on Polish soil.
Greniuch also authored a book, “The Way of the Nationalist,” published in 2013, which glorifies Léon Degrelle, a Belgian collaborator of the Third Reich, according to the Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper.
Outrage in Poland has grown as images have been published of Greniuch making the stiff-armed salute years ago, and participating in demonstrations as a young man with the National Radical Camp, a far-right group that traces its roots to an anti-Semitic and openly fascist movement that existed before World War II.

Greniuch had already been posted to lead the IPN office in the southwestern Polish city of Opole three years earlier. In a 2019 interview, he said he had not cut himself off from his earlier views, but had changed his behavior.

“When you have your dream job, you try to be a professional,” he said.

mrrand #fundie #wingnut

The leftist liberal progressives call us the far right. The leftist liberal progressives are the new kids on the street. Their ideology has no foundation under it. They are based on rational thought and reasoning without any guiding principles from millennia of learning, recorded for posterity to not make the same mistakes, for rational thought and reason can run far astray with no foundation under it. We are the center right. We stand on the foundation of the Christian Ethos, based in two millennia of learning, recorded so the mistakes of the past not to be repeated. We reject simple thought and reasoning without lessons from the past as being cast adrift upon the waves of social change, where thought and reason have run far far astray. The leftist liberal progressives have no understand of our values for they have none that are real and truthfully from the nature of creation. We stand where we are firmly based in our principles proven over eons, that have kept us a free and prosperous nation since our founding, and possibly the last free nation on Earth. We are here. We are not far right. We are not understood because those who's ideology would destroy our nation have no scholarship broad enough based in the real truths of the nature of creation to do so. Our Constitution was written for and based upon having a well educated electorate raised in and among the Christian Ethos of guiding principles, and only by teaching our children well and giving the discerning ethos of well founded principles to guide their lives will we survive as a free and prosperous nation.

Ken Ham and Franklin Graham #fundie #wingnut #homophobia #transphobia

It’s being described as “the most comprehensive assault on Christianity in America ever written into law,” “a dangerous threat to our nation,” “the Left’s woke new heresy code,” and “something no American should stand for.” What is it? The so-called “Equality Act” that was recently introduced to Congress. But it’s for anything but “equality”—it’s for destroying freedom of religion and freedom of conscience in this nation, as guaranteed by the First Amendment.
Here’s how Franklin Graham describes the possible effects of this legislation in an email.[…]

The Equality Act Will:

* Designate schools, churches, and healthcare organizations as “public accommodations.” With this, schools, churches, and hospitals could be forced to accept the government’s beliefs and mandates about sexual orientation and gender identity. That would be highly intrusive and incredibly far-reaching. It will threaten everyday speech where people can be fined or lose their jobs for using the wrong name or pronouns.
* Legislate that we allow boys in girls’ sports, boys in girls’ locker rooms, men in women’s shelters, and men in women’s prisons. It will force teachers and students to publicly pretend that a biological male is a female. Schools will be encouraged or mandated to instruct first, second, and third graders that they can choose to be a boy or a girl, or neither, or both, making biological sex (and science) a relic of the past.

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Fake ballots. Fake votes. Fake election. Anyone who tells you different is a fake.

Fake virus. Fake pandemic. Fake health officials and doctors peddling a fake vaccine.

Fake news. Fake experts. Fake people pretending to be journalists.

Fake research. Fake science. Fake global warming.

Fake shootings. Fake victims. Fake calls for new laws.

Fake racism. Fake hate crimes. Fake solutions to every fake problem.

Fake terrorists. Fake hijackers. Fake weapons of mass destruction.

Fake politicians. Fake laws. Fake leaders in every area of life.

Fake Pope. Fake clergy. Fake Christians fooled by a fake church pretending to be Catholic.

Fake conservatives. Fake patriots. Fake friends who will sell you out for 30 pieces of fake silver.

Fake free markets. Fake capitalism. Fake corporate welfare.

Fake lawyers. Fake judges. Fake laws.

Fake movies. Fake books. Fake celebrities.

Fake food. Fake vitamins. Fake water filled with fluoride.

Fake diseases. Fake health. Take this fake drug instead.

Fake economy. Fake money. Fake gold no longer in Fort Knox.

Fake history. Fake excuses for war. Fake moon landings.

Fake schools. Fake text books. Fake teachers peddling fake educations to the children of faked-out parents.

Fake sports. Fake athletes. Fake entertainment on every level.

Fake human rights. Fake consent. Fake choices.

Fake breasts. Fake tattoos. Fake women.

Fake muscles. Fake masculinity. Fake men.

Fake advertising. Fake products. Fake everything.

Are you real or are you fake too?

One-Handed Typist Award

Andrew Anglin #homophobia #wingnut #racist

India Still Hasn’t Legalized Anal Marriage, Court Says It’s Against the Family Concept
India still hasn’t gone full anal.

You know who thought the only hole a penis should go into is a vagina?

Adolf Hitler.

The man killed sixty trillion Jews in fake shower rooms.

And Indians love him.

They’d better hurry up and start really ramming those penises into anuses, really ejaculating hard into that feces – or Joe Biden will sanction them.

Ramming your penis into another man’s anus, using the rectum to masturbate your penis, and then ejaculating into the anus, so as your semen gets mixed in with the man’s feces is our core values as Americans. It’s not simply a right – it’s a requirement.

That’s who we are.

Crystalline Collective of the 9th Dimensional Rays vis Galaxygirl #crackpot #magick #ufo

We are the Crystalline Collective Consciousness of the 9th dimensional ray. It is our privilege and honor to come through this one this day to speak. We wish for our words to be of comfort and joy, for that is what we intend bring to the collective. (I am seeing a huge heart shaped box of chocolates.) Yes, they are our gift to you today, within are encodements for easily obtaining your remembrances, your memories of who you are and have been, which will assist you with who you are becoming. (I am seeing warriors, kings and queens, priests and priestesses, powerful beings of old.) You all have been these beings, you all have access to these encodements. Galaxygirl, eat a chocolate. (I open the pink heart box and see that the chocolates in their individual wrappers are stories. It is like a moving video within each one.) We know that you are strong enough for this task, we know that you will rise as a mighty collective of human light, restored, revealed, remembering that which you have always been and were always meant to be so that you can become this massive collective of multidimensional creator-light, filled with love which is the breath of creation. We know that this is your destiny. We assist you with this remembering now. (I see the box of chocolates is open and all of the chocolates are floating around me creating a vortex. They open and all unroll like old film playing videos.)

English, Motherfucker

Do you speak it?

koko-CHOKO #fundie #homophobia #wingnut

I assumed you weren't, due to your reprehensible acts and atrocious sins. It's fine by me if you want to spend an eternal life in Hell.

The moment you commented, you knew there was to be a dispute between us because of the obvious forms of contradiction between us. With me being a decent human being and you being a form of homosexuality. A disease. No, I would not like to get to know you, since you are a lower lifeform who often disregards other people for their dastardly antics. Selfish. You and your people are selfish beings who only want rights so you can overtake us normal folk.

David Chase Taylor #conspiracy #crackpot

EARTH, Undisclosed Location — Based on breaking news and events, it appears that CIA Headquarters located beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland is plotting a second global biological pandemic by March 17, 2021, the 1-year anniversary of the COVID-19 lock-down in America back on March 17, 2020.

The prefix ‘co’ in the acornymic and numeric cipher commonly known as CO-VID-19 is defined in-part by Merriam-Webster Dictionary as: a) with : together : joint : jointly; b) in or to the same degree; c) one that is associated in an action with another : fellow : partner; d) of, relating to, or constituting the complement of an angle.

Consequently, it appears that the current COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown are in-part logistics cover for a second (i.e., ‘co’) and far more deadly global pandemic, possibly in the aftermath of: a) Ebola attack and/or outbreak, b) Influenza outbreak, c) mutated strain of SARS II (i.e., the Coronavirus), d) Polio outbreak, and/or e) Zika Virus outbreak.

As originally depicted in ‘The Bio-Terror Bible: Exposing the Coming Bio-Terror Pandemic‘ (2012) published by whistle-blower journalist David Chase Taylor back on May 10, 2012, the CIA has been plotting a man-made global biological pandemic as the pretext for the distributions of tainted vaccines designed to cull billions worldwide.

However, unable to stage a bio-terror attack as the pretext for the pandemic, the CIA was forced to trigger a global pandemic in the aftermath of the Coronavirus Outbreak in Wuhan, China back on December 8, 2019. What they were not able to accomplish however was staging a pandemic for which there are billions of tainted vaccines ready and waiting (e.g., Ebola, Smallpox, etc.).

Therefore, it now appears that the CIA has a self-imposed deadline of staging a second global biological pandemic as the pretext for the mass distribution of tainted vaccines by the date of March 17, 2021, which is coincidentally the 1-year anniversary of the COVID-19 lock-down in America back on March 17, 2020.

Ravi Zacharias #fundie #psycho

A four-month investigation found the late Ravi Zacharias leveraged his reputation as a world-famous Christian apologist to abuse massage therapists in the United States and abroad over more than a decade while the ministry led by his family members and loyal allies failed to hold him accountable.

He used his need for massage and frequent overseas travel to hide his abusive behavior, luring victims by building trust through spiritual conversations and offering funds straight from his ministry.

A 12-page report released Thursday by Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) confirms abuse by Zacharias at day spas he owned in Atlanta and uncovers five additional victims in the US, as well as evidence of sexual abuse in Thailand, India, and Malaysia.

Even a limited review of Zacharias’s old devices revealed contacts for more than 200 massage therapists in the US and Asia and hundreds of images of young women, including some that showed the women naked. Zacharias solicited and received photos until a few months before his death in May 2020 at age 74.

Zacharias used tens of thousands of dollars of ministry funds dedicated to a “humanitarian effort” to pay four massage therapists, providing them housing, schooling, and monthly support for extended periods of time, according to investigators.

One woman told the investigators that “after he arranged for the ministry to provide her with financial support, he required sex from her.” She called it rape.

She said Zacharias “made her pray with him to thank God for the ‘opportunity’ they both received” and, as with other victims, “called her his ‘reward’ for living a life of service to God,” the report says. Zacharias warned the woman—a fellow believer—if she ever spoke out against him, she would be responsible for millions of souls lost when his reputation was damaged.

Anonymous Coward #76445131 #crackpot #dunning-kruger #conspiracy

If the earth is a globe, why don’t the planets have phases like the moon??

Clearly if the heliocentric model of the universe is correct, all planets should be seen at all times in phases of being lit up by the sun...from waxing to waning...yet you never see that in a telescope, you just see the entire planet lit up. Why is that?

p.s.-I don’t take NASA cgi pictures as evidence...

Anonymous #fundie

[Why is hell eternal? Why can't people be just annihilated? Most of the answers I heard sound like just a plain cope.]


It's the words of Yaldaboath, the Demiurge, who is vengeful and cruel. He wants man to fear him. Our bodies die but the light within us that can comprehend the immortal forms lives on. We must become purified of the material world or else we will be reborn into it. The Hindi idea of Atman is useful here. Our Atma is trapped in the realm of the Demiurge and his Archons until we attain Knowledge (Gnosis) of God and the eternal forms.

The Bible has become corrupted by man. Read the Apocryphon of John and the Hypostasis of the Archons for a full version of Genesis. Books of the Bible are still worth study, particularly Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and th Gospel of John. The Gospel of Thomas contains the original quotes for Mark and Luke but also quotes that were censored. The Foreigner, Thunder, and Zostrionos all contain Wisdom.

As important is the Wisdom of the sages. The complete works of Plato and surviving Parmenedies and Heraclitus are as useful, or moreso, than much of the Bible.

In terms of modern work, Whitehead and Pierce's semiology are great additions to a Canon.

Psycho #psycho #sexist

LifeFuel My mom's pathetic life makes me happy

she used to be hot stacy. she married to my father at age of 14, where she didn't know anything about chads. she was always kept at home , so later when she figured out that chads exist and my dad is not chad. she started cheating and dating chads. (side note : 30 years ago, marring to girls at age 12-18 was normal in my country , it's still legal and accepted in some states. Muslim fucktards believe that girls should marry early or they will end up whore.) she gave birth to me at 16, and later she didn't care about me, because she didn't love my dad. so she didn't care if i know that she is cheating. she kept bringing me with her in her dates when i was a 4yo 5yo boy. the chad kept fucking her but not marring, so she faked that she used protection pills and made baby and told him when it was too late on propose, he had no choice but to marry her, and guess what?! she was 30 and the chad was 19.

as she aged she got fat and fatter, lost her beauty and the chad lost interest in her cause she had a very shitty personality. she is ugly now, the chad left her and picked his kid with him too. he don't even give her money to live, me and my brother are paying her bills for 6 months now. she is alone af so far away from us in another city and in shithole that some wont even use it for their dogs. fat af and ugly af, alone af. i hope every stacy end up like my mom. it's just fascinating to think about it , girls get old and ugly soon. they all will experience how does it feel like to be unwanted. even if they have a husband who tell em " i love u " they know it's not for real because they are ugly and unpleasant when they are old. now she is at 40s , alone and rotting somewhere in a shitty basement. makes me feel good.

Psycho #magick #psycho #racist #sexist

RE: Serious Racial Discrimination in dating, does it happen to Whites as well?

yes , in Iran there is some states that are populated mostly by Turkmans, Turkmans look like Asians(Japanese, Chinese). Turkman girls are so attracted to non-Turkmans and our race (you can consider white), yet many of them rejected me, imagine how subhuman i am.

one of them actually liked me so i asked her out but then she said no and told me that i can't date non-turkmans and i can't even date, my father promised someone to give me to his kid. so i have a fiancée and plus i'm not allowed to have phone because i have a FUCKING MUSLIM TARD dad.(last part was added by me). i told her i will buy you a phone and telling her we don't need to tell anyone, and she kept running away from me and i followed her and talked to her and i kept standing in her way and she would change direction.

suddenly she stopped and told me no, i can't please leave me my dad will kill, if anyone see you talking to me my dad would kill me. and i was shocked, not about the things she said, i was shocked because i've been rejected by another girl at the same exact spot i was standing.

i didn't even listen to her anymore i just sit there on the ground and i was talking to myself out loud " what the fuck is wrong with me? at the same exact spot?! i'm probably talismed , yeah i'm talismed its unrealistic" (i was into talism shit back then, i thought someone spelled me, and that it's not possible to get rejected more than 100 times in a row. and she thought i'm crazy or sth and she left me.

and again FUCKING MUSLIM TARDS taking away one of my biggest chances with their stupid culture. I'm the king of rejection , my estimated record is 150-160 in real life and probably more than 500 over internet and apps like tinder.

Witch Doctor #racist #sexist

Serious Racial Discrimination in dating, does it happen to Whites as well?

Now, I've seen countless discussions on how ethnic men get the shorter end of the stick (Which is true), however have there been any white men shat on due to their race? For example, You are a white male living in a neighborhood with mostly blacks, you go to a black school, have black friends, but when it comes to dating Women won't date you due to either being white (This can happen with any type of woman), or you not being a handsome white chad, therefore useless in their eyes. I am mixed but I look extremely white (To the point where some call me Cracker as a insult).

it all depends on looks.

Race is apart of your looks, Me and someone else actually had a very similar story on the subject, basically a girl he liked told him he was "too light" for her to date, despite him being black.

Maybe in a liberal 98% white town an average white guy might lose to a tyrone lite if foids want something exotic.

Well, I did give my situation out in the op, I don't think it is all that common, but it did happen to me and a couple of others I know.

Various Incels #racist #sexist

JFL Curry man obsessed over "blonde haired blue eyed" women

image image image

Imagine simping this hard, over any type of foid. Men like this chump are a big part of the problem.

Now if only he went to a white majority school. The blondes would have bullied the little currycel and he would understand his place

(Made in Heaven)

never understood the ethnic worship of whores that age at the same rate as the dogs they fuck.

Blonde hair, blue eyes are pretty, but Nordic phenotypes are still ugly as fuck. Anglo women start to look really busted around age 30

I don’t think he witnessed that those girls are jock/model chads only. The “personality “ he wants to experience will be his worst experience when he only gets rejection after rejection The amount of time he said blonde hair blue is annoying

Being obsessed with people of other race is schizophrenic. If he breeds with the women he obsessed over then his offspring would be stinky brown mess with black eyes and brown hair. Would probably look Pakistani or Iraqi or something. Obviously if obsessing racemaxxing becomes popular then more and more people will become half-breed brown mystery meat. Who are you going to obsess next when there's no Aryan goddesses?

Various Commenters #homophobia #racist #sexist #transphobia #wingnut

RE: China Assails Five Eyes Intelligence Network ‘Axis of White Supremacy’


Oh how China must love the woke rabble who is helping them destroy the West without firing a single bullet.

All the while they can enjoy being a homogeneous society. Last time I checked only 0.07% of China's population was foreign born - hardly an example of diversity.

European ministries of defense are led by woke females who care mostly about kindergarten care for female and transgender female offspring. In the US, what is worse? Lesbian transgender generals or testosterone-deprived leftist softie generals? John Wayne types certainly don't qualify for higher posts in today's woke Western armed forces

(Son of the 1st Revolution)

China has learned that the only accusation that gets anything cancelled in the west is the charge of "white supremacy". So they're using this against an espionage consortium they don't like. Blame western cultural Marxists for this, not China.

Exactly. They've been reading American newspapers and their foreign spies/students have been seeing the trends on American campuses. The original sin is being white. Everything whitey does is white supremacy. They are using the woke against us.

I see China is jumping on the white supremacist bandwagon. Why not...everybody else jumps on whites; when they jump on whites, at least they don't have to view their own racism. What about all those Uighurs? Where are whites doing that to ANYBODY? Oh yes, white supremacists are beating up Asians in San Francisco NOT.

(idaho carth carth)
"U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned “white supremacy” is an increasing threat to global security." !!! This thing is spreading to the whole world. Russia may be - is - the only holdout.

Marjorie Taylor Greene #transphobia #wingnut

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is facing sharp criticism after she posted an anti-transgender sign outside of her office, directly across the hall from another lawmaker who has a transgender child.


Illinois Rep. Marie Newman, whose daughter is transgender, posted a video on Twitter of her hanging the pink and blue transgender pride flag outside her office Wednesday afternoon, captioning that Greene tried to block the act "because she believes prohibiting discrimination against trans Americans is 'disgusting, immoral, and evil,'" adding, "thought we'd put up our Transgender flag so she can look at it every time she opens her door" with winking and transgender flag emojis.

That evening, Greene retweeted Newman's post and added a video of her hanging a sign that reads "There are TWO genders: MALE & FEMALE ...Trust The Science!"

"Our neighbor, @RepMarieNewman, wants to pass the so-called 'Equality' Act to destroy women's rights and religious freedoms. Thought we'd put up ours so she can look at it every time she opens her door," Greene captioned the tweet with winking and American flag emojis.

Gabriel Erb #fundie

Gabriel Ansley Erb was born December 25, 1970 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. At 12 years of age, in a certain church for the first time, he was picked out and told by a traveling prophet preaching there (who had never met him!) that his name was Gabriel, and that God had given him that name. The prophet proceeded to tell him he would be like John the Baptist in the last days preparing the people to meet the Lord, for God would place him in a position one day to be able to influence multitudes of people!

Over 25 years later and after many supernatural visitations and revelations from God that DAY has finally arrived; for the prophetic Word of the Lord came unto Gabriel in the years AD 2007 – 2008. Instructed by God to write down the message he had received, Gabriel quit his job and dutifully set out to complete the task. Twenty months later, the book Undeniable Biblical Proof Jesus Christ Will Return To Planet Earth Exactly 2,000 Years After The Year Of His Death was the result. In stunning fulfillment of the traveling prophet’s words above, Gabriel’s message now calls out in the loving, yet earnest, spirit of the Baptist (like all true prophets of God) to REPENT of your sins before it is too late!

SubhumanAbomination #crackpot #sexist

Serious If women care about looks so much then why do they fuck dogs?

This question is harder than the secret of gravity tbh. Women cry all the time about how they can't even bear to look at ugly men and that its disgusting to touch them and that they're creepy and all this shit, but dogs are still MUCH uglier. They look completely deformed from years of inbreeding and humans fucking around with them. We men are not attracted to animals since they look like shit, that's why furries draw animals with attractive human traits (big boobs, narrow waist, big ass, feminine faces, etc) to be able to attracted to them, but can you look at a normal female dog and get aroused even in a millions years?

I honestly can't comprehend this shit, it's confusing and i really want an answer to this

That's just how low they see us subhumans, they rather go full degenerate and fuck an animal because they have more value for them than give a sub 5 man a chance

Yeah but how do they have more value if they're objectively uglier than us? This is contradictory to looks theory tbh

I know why. Dogs are easy to get. Dogs fuck when they want to fuck and no other time. Dogs would fuck them for as long as they want the dogs to fuck them. Dogs are stupid and easy to manipulate. Dogs are the ultimate simp. Dogs don't talk back. Dogs won't question them. Dogs won't pump and dump. They literally believe the dumb animal is loyal to them as a lot of people that think dogs are loyal.

lol the average man is much more cucked than you describe dogs and he still doesn't get shit

Ghoti Ichthus #fundie #ufo

So the Equality Act passed, and airline pilots see UFO over California during a flight bound for Phoenix.

I don't believe this is coincidental. I think UFOs are demonic/associated with demons. The leaders of the U.S. have capitulated to evil and put it in writing for all to see. The Phoenix is a pagan religious symbol.

permanentlytemporary #crackpot #racist #dunning-kruger

The "Asians" are a complex and multi facetted grouping.
But realistic speaking the umbrella term "asians" is totally out dated and in need of modernisation.

For instance, the asians known as the old Indians of Indian.
They are homosapiens.
But the asians of Thailand, the Sians of Thai.
They are denisovans.

Theres a good hundred thousand years of evolution between the two.
The denisovans don't have sweat glads for instance, where as the homosapiens do.
There are hundreds of genetic variations, specialisations and differences between the "Asians"

Using the umbrella term "Asians" is only causing problems in the long term.

I am blunt for a good reason.
I refer to them all as simply coloureds.

Hence this is just another coloured march..
They are as common as muck.

Patrick Scrivener #conspiracy



The Trump saga began in Bavaria in 1869—the year before the epochal Fall of the Papal States. The dynasty covered the last epoch of Christian history known as the Laodicean or BLIND MENS era (Apocalypse 3:17).

Only a BLIND MAN would mistake the person on the right for the person on the left.

In 2000, Donald J. Trump would have been 54-years-old.

The person on the right does not look a day older than 45.

We cannot trust Babylon on the Hudson to make America Great Again because that city takes its marching orders from Babylon on the Thames!!

Additionally, New York is named after the sinister King James II of Warming Pan Plot infamy.

Trump . . . Trump . . . Trump . . . Trump....Before the crash, most of the top reporters for the major New York newspapers knew that there were 4 Donald Trumps!

After the helicopter crash, the Trump Organization's finances were in FREEFALL, but thanks to Deutsche Bank, their coffers were once again overflowing with cash. Additionally, the 2016 Trump campaign received a huge infusion of the cash from the same bank.....Why would Germany want to Make America Great Again when the Nazis never officially surrendered to General Eisenhower in 1945?

Various Incels #ableism #psycho #racist #sexist

RE: LifeFuel brazil gamer finally rises up and kills femoid and films her dead body


Imagine if she was Twitch streamer and the murderer recorded this live for all her simps to see...


Just the thought is making a huge smile on my face.

I read a part of his manifesto. Nigga can barely write in portuguese and thinks he's a genius or something, he's clearly mentally retarded, should've killed himself, way better than shitzilian prisons.

He is also said to have sent a PDF with messages "of hatred against Christians and makes a nod to terrorism,"

First reports was that he was fucking her and after the sex he asked her help to kill some christian pastors, after she denied, he chimped out. Maybe is real, why was she in the house of some random nigger she met on the internet anyways? i guess he talking about killing christians to foids made them wet, but the foids always thought he was just an edgy larper

(trying to ascend)
He don't talk nothing with nothing, his ideas are totally disconnected from each other. He and the foid were planning to kill christians, and people are acting as the foid was innocent. He said he and his ''army'' could kill all the christians and it was better for them to obey him. JFL at thinking you can kill 90% of the population

And the foid already knew him since january, but on the day of the shooting, she refused to go with him and cancelled the pact they made, them he killed her. But I don't doubt he was doing this for fame and making foids wet, because he clearly not explained clearly reasons to justify his hate against christians, I read the book till page 30, and there is nothing justifying his hate

Conservapedia #fundie #conspiracy #crackpot #wingnut

The alleged U.S. "party switch" claim made by liberals[1] ,and progressives[2] over decades is a political hoax and conspiracy theory that attempts to smear the Republican Party. The narrative, which has been crafted with the help of Communists (who infiltrated the Democrat Party over the decades[3] and who are known to lie, deceive, and engage in historical revisionism for the sake of being contrarian[4]), typically assumes that the Democrat and Republican parties "switched sides" during the 1960s, where the Republican Party somehow became the party of "racists" and the Democrats suddenly becoming the "champions of civil rights."[5] Many reputable historians and political scientists such as Carol Swain (see this video) and political commentators such as Bob Parks[6][7] strongly agree that the parties did not switch sides,[5] as the Democrats only switched strategies with Communist help.

While many modern leftists will note the liberal policies promoted by the Republican establishment for a while during the 1900s that dissipated in the 1960s to promote their myth, it's important to note the conservative roots of the early foundations of the Republican Party, as mentioned below. Leftists also falsely[8] characterize President Dwight D. Eisenhower as a liberal Republican[9][10] when he tended to favor conservative policies.[11]

Some leftists including the extremist hate group Occupy Democrats imply that the current Republican Party models past racist Democrats in using racially charged baiting to maintain their voter base.[12] This is false, as patriotic conservative Republicans since the party's foundation have consistently advocated for the same pro-civil rights, pro-human rights, pro-free market, pro-business, pro-tariff, and nationalist principles as well as emphasizing on individual responsibility. Furthermore, these liberal charges ignore the fact that the modern-day Democratic Party treats black voters in the same respect it regarded poor Southern whites in the past.

Fed Up #crackpot #elitist #racist #wingnut

RE: Adam Smith Business School Postpone Seminar by “Eugenicist”

The talk that was scheduled to be to be delivered was titled: “For Whom the Bell Curve Tolls: A lineage of 400,000 individuals 1750-2020 shows genetics determines most social outcomes”. In his book, he argues that socio-economic status is genetically inherited through the “genetic transmission of … some mysterious mix of drive and ability”. He also theorised that “200 years from now the descendants of enslaved African-Americans will still be underrepresented”.

Oh, my God! The very idea - of someone blaming the obvious (genetics) on why blacks are so predisposed to failure and crime.

So, genetics determine that whites are doomed to extinction in any territory that become multiracial? It’s genetics that eliminated white all throughout Africa, the Subcontinent, Asia, Oceaniana, Central America and the Caribbean?

What will eliminate Whites is the combination of interracial mixing and recessive genetics.

I'm SO confused. We are expected to believe "the Science" re: WuFlu but, we are supposed to ignore the science of biology.

Or any scientific research which provides a realistic explanation of why black Africans and their descendants are always the lowest racial group to be found on our planet.

Class is genetic. The raw, brutal truth of this fact is too much for little soft socialist brains to handle.

No doubt, the liberals and their black protegees will be running home to their mothers, and have themselves a good cry.

BoomersOdyssey #racist

Yeah, no. Anyone that looks at Africa and then looks at Europe and says, "yup, these are the products of the exact same people," is simply an idiot. There's no way that anyone with a shred of honesty is going to look at blacks and Whites (or any other people for that matter) and say that they're the same species, let alone the same race. Chimps and bonobos? CLEARLY distinct species. Grey wolves, timber wolves and red wolves? All OBVIOUSLY separate species. Grizzly bears, polar bears and black bears? Only a fool would say that they aren't different. Various types of tigers? Even they get considered to be sub-species. Neanderthals and cro-magnons? Clearly recognized as distinctly different species despite having interbred with one another. Blacks and Whites? HOW DARE YOU SUGGEST THAT THESE ARE DIFFERENT?!?!?!?!111?!? Seriously, anthropologists can tell the difference between blacks and Whites just from their bones. Suggesting that they're the same because of your delusional political ideology is just dumb.

Judy Byington #wingnut #conspiracy #psycho

What we think we know:

On Jan. 11 Trump was inaugurated as president of the restored Republic.

On Jan. 18 the US Military began sweeping arrests of Congress.

For the next two days after Jan. 20 Inauguration the Military gathered over 200 people in the states and took them for a helicopter rides and forced them to confess.

Last week our Military Intel Contact reported that Texas was targeted with the weather warfare of the Polar Vortex ice storms because TX had the most ZIM holders (followed by FL, then CA), and because TX was likely to be the seat of the new restored Republic federal govt in the Houston and/or Austin TX areas.

On Mon. 15 Feb. lights were out at White House and there were reports of gun fire. Witnesses reported that they were using a vast amount of tunnels under the White House to move prisoners.

On Thurs. 18 Feb. at 3 am EST dozens of Military Attorneys JAGS arrived at the White House, 20,000 troops had been sworn in as US Marshalls, at least half of Congress were in the process of being arrested, a convoy of buses arrived at Capitol Hill, emptied groups of what appeared to be JAG lawyers and then were filled with what appeared to be prisoners.

On Tues. evening 23 Feb. thousands of rounds were heard fired around Capitol Hill. It was rumored that over 200,000 Chinese troops (CCP) were in underground tunnels and bases around Washington D.C. and said to have been there for months. The US military was clearing them out.

On that same Tues. evening 23 Feb. there were pictures of people in orange jump suits with black hoods on their head, being taken out of the fenced in area of D.C. It was said that there were many found hiding in Congress buildings and being hunted down.

Robert David Steele #conspiracy #wingnut #dunning-kruger #fundie

They really do not understand that Q is the greatest Information Operation (IO) in modern history and that it has been the single most important catalyst for BOTH a Great Awakening AND keeping the Trumpers non-violent.

Color me amused. As I told the child author from Foreign Policy who wanted to do a hit job on me, “we don’t need you, you need us. We are the main event, you are a side show.” I refer to myself as a Patriot and a Deplorable — as one of over 120 million US citizens that are fed up with the 1%, the Deep State, with corruption in Congress and treason & crime on Wall Street, and with Satanic Pedophilia as the glue that holds it all together, with Central Banks, secret societies, and treasonous secret intelligence agencies all helping the 1% to screw the 99%.

Q is a combination of a super-computer and decades of planning and scenario building and a handful of genius operators aided by a vast array of self-selected citizen intelligence minutemen, some of whom help me decode Q.

Q is the spirit of JFK combined with the spirit of DJT combined with the guts, the intelligence, the integrity, the imagination, the sheer cussedness of 120 million red-blooded patriots who are not going to put up with this shit anymore. The sheriffs’ movement — the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association ( has the Deep State deeply concerned, along with Bill Binney and me being on the record with respect to the weaponization of NSA against traitors, elite pedophiles, and white collar criminals. We have them legally out-gunned at the county level and all we have to do to destroy any single person is leak 2 telephone conversations, 2 emails, and 1 video. Finito.