Bible Thumpin n Gun Totin #conspiracy #transphobia

The trans army is there, and they are attempting to overthrow all who stand against it.

Their favorite weapon of choice in this war is men dressing up as women who then read to confused children and tell the children that if they feel confused they need to mutilate their reproductive organs. They don't need to fight us, they just need to brainwash our children.

Other weapons they love to employ consist of the legal system, cancel culture, and woke limp-wrist, spineless Evangelicals that are asleep at the wheel. See Russel Moore, and Tim Keller for examples of the latter.

Russ Winter #wingnut #conspiracy #racist

Seattle and other left coast cities are influenced and controlled by subvert-and-destroy Vanguard Alinskyites. A key theorem of Saul Alinsky, Cloward and Piven involves “overwhelming the system” until it snaps.

The documentary shows the salami attack (szalámitaktika) of preaching hyper “tolerance and compassion.” Comply or be called a Nazi. This is the tactic used by the Red Vanguard anarcho-tyrants responsible for Seattle’s decent into hell.

Anarcho-tyranny combines oppressive government power against the innocent and the law-abiding while simultaneously exhibiting a grotesque paralysis of will to carry out basic public duties, such as public safety and protection.
But this is finally falling on deaf ears as the city turns into a public toilet/cesspool and reaches its breaking point. The plebs (aka “reactionaries”) are losing their tempers. The kakistocracy responsible for this needs to be identified and removed from power by the citizens of Seattle. The Alinskyite political collective supporting this invasion of drugged street people needs to be fiercely opposed.
And as much as I support the idea of liberty, once one lives on the streets, uses hard drugs there and starts an arrest rap sheet, you should be totally ID’ed and under the jurisdiction and direction of police and tough courts.

If not immediately incarcerated, they should be on strict probation as soon as the first conviction – including public civility and intoxication violations. And many of these street people already have criminal records or are violating parole. A warrant check sweep would remove the more dangerous predators of the lot, which benefits safety for the public as well as other street people. The worst 5% should be taken off the streets immediately. Hard drugs use and possession should be re-criminalized. There should be a crack down and imprisonment for the dealers. The nearby McNeil Island penitentiary now sits empty.

Uncanny Deduction/Jerry Derecha #crackpot #conspiracy #magick #ufo

I guess Kristofer is right and that I should make a video l that presents my Moonkey findings in a more coherent format instead of just continuing to post my vague and cryptic articles that only a handful of people on Earth are able to make any kind of sense of. Up until now my blogging has been very much a selfish endeavor and mental exercise designed as a means of obtaining and hoarding important information about the secrets of the world and the nature of reality for myself and was not necessarily designed for general consumption or with others in mind. I’ve “been there and done that” as far as attempting to get more people to pay attention to these kinds of things, only to have my face spat in and/or ignored and presented with Zombie-like blank stares upon the presentation of my case(e.g. my failed attempts to stop my family, friends and co-workers from getting the jabadabadoo). <...> I have a lot of respect for Kristofer and what’s he’s brought to the table and to the forefront in regards to these very obscure and often uncomfortable and many regards even unfathomable theoretic posturings on what the true nature of our fractalized Clownworld and Demiurge bootleg reality matrix cube or Divoc box might actually be.
Response to Jerry and his latest blog article about the moonkey. Jerry has written another great article on the Moonkey phenomena. It’s very interesting and as I see it, it shows how an ancient Egyptian Baboon (a monkey) god wrote the Emerald tablet (together with Hermes). This is big NEWS to me, and has major implications… So far most of us know that Hermes wrote the Emerald tablet, but apparently also Thoth the monkey god did (god of the moon). This explains the caduceus ☤ ⚚⚕ … Because the Moonkey holds the keyhole and the keyhole is the moon. Furthermore this implicates that the moon indeed symbolizes a Pineal gland.

Donald Trump Jr. #wingnut

This isn't just the radical left weaponizing the government to target their political enemies, this is them weaponizing the government to interfere in the 2024 election to stop Trump. The only solution is to shove it down their throats and put him back in the White House!!! #MAGA

Kathy Schroeder #fundie

AS one of cult leader David Koresh’s trusted lieutenants, Kathy Schroeder handed out guns and ammunition to kids during the Waco siege, which ended in 86 deaths – 28 of them children

Now, 30 years on from the deadly stand-off, the mum of four has controversially insisted that she still believes in the teachings of the charismatic preacher, who claimed he was the second coming of Christ

In a new Netflix documentary, Waco: American Apocalypse, the cult’s survivors and agents involved in the 51-day siege at a remote Texan ranch recall the horrifying events which ended in an enormous fireball on April 19, 1993

And Kathy makes a twisted defence of child sex abuse by Koresh, who took a 14-year-old as one of his many wives and was accused of having sex with girls as young as ten

Kathy, now 60, says: “People think that a man having sex with a lot of underage girls is a crime and in conventional wisdom that could probably very well be true

“However, these weren’t underage girls, because you come of age at 12. So all these girls were adults in our belief system”

Three decades after he brainwashed her, Kathy still defends Koresh’s abuse of women

She says: “Every single one of us was married to David because David was our Christ giving us the truths from God. The whole time we were having sex it was a bible study

“He did it to give me that one little bit of tenderness with my God”

Theodore Colon #crackpot #fundie #ufo #magick #conspiracy

Did the book of Enoch describe; Gobekli Tepe’s; builders being the Annunaki and the residents being the Watchers?

From its initial discovery in 1994, ancient Anatolia’s Göbekli Tepe has closely guarded a mysterious secret.

Although the secret has been scrutinized and probed in great detail, the answer still remains elusive.

Could it relate to Enoch’s stone records hidden in the bowels of the earth?

Almost 12,000 years ago a previously unknown but sophisticated people accomplished what was considered to be, for their time at least, a seemingly impossible feat of megalithic construction.
Given the fact that archaeologists have discovered the nearby quarry where the intriguing pillars of Göbekli Tepe were hewn out of the limestone bedrock, as well as thousands of flint and obsidian tools used to carve the great stones, the “how” question is addressed as well.
A Red-Pill moment; if Metatron was Enoch, and possibly Thoch the winged bird head God of Eygpt.

Stone carvings at Gobekli Tepe of a Bird; I think it is called a Vulture.

I started to see a pattern of common themes forming; connecting Atlantis, Gobekli Tepe, Pyramids, Egypt, Thoch, and Aliens.

It maybe connected to humanity’s creation in the Garden of Eden and the secrets Adam passed to his son Seth, the founder of an angelic race called the Sethites. And could lead to the discovery of the Garden of Eden and the remains of the Tree of Life–in the same sacred region where Göbekli Tepe is being uncovered today.

A life-destroying global flood, sent by God to punish human wicked?

“A great flood and all evidence hidden under a thick layer of mud.”

What motivated them? Does Göbekli Tepe represent a sudden and unexpected major step forward in human evolution—a kind of artistic and creative quantum leap? Did the builders develop the technical skills all on their own? Or are there other factors involved?

James Red Pills America #wingnut #conspiracy

HAVE NO FEAR, PATRIOTS, WE ALL KNEW IT HAD TO COME TO THIS! But WHY?! And better yet, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?! Herein this MOAB LOADED SPECIAL REPORT with none other than SG ANON is the HIDDEN and BEST KEPT SECRETS of our time, behind these HEART-POUNDING events, which are now UNFOLDING before our very eyes! This is JUST THE BEGINNING and more events have to take place before we see the CULMINATION of the Military Special Operations that are now in FULL FORCE – the DOMINOES WILL NOW BEGIN TO FLL, ONE BY ONE! Hussein is IN THE CROSSHAIRS!

After hearing the TEAR-JERKING REVELATIONS within this MASTERFUL & CAPTIVATING DECODE, your heart will SOAR TO THE CLOUDS on Wings of PRAYERS and Tears Of JOY! You’ll learn about a GIGANTIC BLUNDER that was (forced?) upon the Black Hats, which will sound their DEATH TOLL and vaporize any remaining hope they have of defeating We The People in this EPIC BATTLE between GOOD and EVIL! Pull up a chair and listen to what you will WANT and NEED to hear, because you’ll appreciate exactly what is going on in our NATION and in the WORLD!

NEXT VIDEO: MOABS! Juan O’Savin Special Intel Broadcast Mar31! A MONUMENTAL Shock Wave Is About To Change The World! Biden Investigation IMMINENT! Indictments ARE Coming! Their Facade Is Unraveling Right Before Our Very Eyes! BOOM!
DO NOT MISS THIS VERY SPECIAL LATE-BREAKING INTEL BROADCAST! JUAN O’SAVIN SITUATION UPDATE FOR FRIDAY, MARCH 31! DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED – AND HERE’S WHY: A Monumental Shock Wave Is About To Drop That Will Change The World! We’re Going To Expose Them – And WIN! Their Façade Is Unraveling Before Our Very Eyes! Biden Investigation IMMINENT – Indictments ARE Coming! IT’S AN ACT OF GOD!

woodchip #wingnut #conspiracy

First off Hillary was only a mouthpiece for Obama. And you seem to forget her husband who was accused of far worse crimes like rape (Juanita Broaddrick) and sexual harassment (Paula Jones). Yet Herr Klinton never spent a day in jail, though he did lose his law license for awhile. Lets face it, the Dems know Trump was a effective President and will do anything to prevent him from being leader again. This indictment shows the Dems are on par with third world dictatorships and playing the George Soros game. Welcome to the brave new world, Bernard Marx

@Prof_Heisenberg #wingnut #conspiracy

(submitters note: translated from german, untranslated original in spoilers below)

British #bishop speaks up: #Russia is the last obstacle on the way to a #new #world order #NWO
The bishop said that #Russians in #Ukraine are not fighting to destroy the country. The goal is the #denazification and #demilitarization of Ukraine. Foolish #Europe is running after #America trying to crush Russia, #Williamson said.

spoilerBritischer #Bischof meldet sich zu Wort: #Russland ist das letzte Hindernis auf dem Weg zu einer #neuen #Weltordnung #NWO
Der Bischof sagte, dass die #Russen in der #Ukraine nicht kämpfen, um das Land zu zerstören. Das Ziel ist die #Entnazifizierung und #Entmilitarisierung der Ukraine. Das törichte #Europa rennt #Amerika hinterher, das versucht, Russland zu vernichten, sagte #Williamson.

Tucker Carlson #conspiracy #crackpot #transphobia #wingnut

Tucker Carlson on Trans people who are pro-gun:
“Just to be clear: We are not against people—American citizens—carrying firearms,” Carlson continued. “We support it—including trans people. It’s fine. But what you’re watching here is not the exercise of the Second Amendment. What you’re watching here is political hysteria: fear ginned up on purpose with maximum dishonesty in order to get people in a state of agitation—armed people in a state of agitation. It doesn’t matter if they are trans or not, whatever that is.”

“It’s the same template always: scare the crap out of your voters, tell them that their lives are at risk, [and] encourage them to get guns, How do you think that ends?”

“You have to kind of wonder, like, what’s the limit to this?”

“So if trans people are in fear for their lives, and [if] every region of the country including New England…is crawling with Nazis now, why wouldn’t we be arming them as we are, say, Ukraine’s trans army? And there are famously trans people in Ukraine; they are very, very proud of that. So why stop with AR-15s? I mean, why not F-35s or tanks? We’re as for guns as you could possibly be, but this seems like an incitement.”

mike taylor #wingnut #conspiracy

I suggest you look at other the area. It's exactly the opposite of that William. Ukraine has lost 10x the troops. You see these propagandists are trying to convince you this ill-advised war effort to gain your ongoing support...even send your sons and daughters over there soon after these predictions don't come true. Our vaxified, wokified and stupified military has no chance against Russia on their turf. Wake up.

mike taylor #wingnut #conspiracy

If Biden sends our military into Ukraine to fight Russia on their turf this spring in a delusional attempt to forcibly remove Russia from Crimea, it will quickly turn into WW-III, which means you likely not survive. Russia has hypersonic missiles we cannot stop. They will blow up our ships and our planes. Their Poseidon thermonuclear 100 megaton cobalt bomb are already embedded our continental. shelf on both coasts. They will unleash 1,000 ft high radio-active tsunamis of death upon us, leaving our coastline uninhabitable for 10,000 years. Is that what you want ?
10x more Ukrainians have died. You believe this war propaganda ? Ukraine is losing badly. The purpose of this propaganda is to fool you into a supporting the cause because you think it is winning. However exactly the opposite is happening.
@John S
I watch hourly reports on red pilled TV. The situation is dire for Ukraine in Bakhmut. Where do you get your information, NPR, Moring Joe, or the View ? Or is it CNN?
@Lyubomir Ivanov
NPR, or CNN ? Both globalist rags.
@Lyubomir Ivanov
100% bogus report. It the other way around x 2. You have gobbled up the fake narrative from The World Economic Forum like pablum.
USA will most likely experience a nuclear holocaust if Biden keeps pokeing the Bear. I guess you look forward to 1,000ft high radio active tsumanis and hypersonic nukes ?

@_Leese #wingnut #racist

'It's Childish nonsense to say that it's a British Government that rules Britain'

Mass immigration to the United Kingdom began with the Nationality Act in 1948 with the line,
"If the races are mixed together then there'll be no more war"

Betrayed from Within

Tucker Carlson #wingnut #transphobia #conspiracy

Within what seemed like minutes, we saw pictures of the rifles and the pistol. We now have horrifying bodycam footage from within the school, so unsettling we're not going to show it to you. But somehow we can't see the manifesto in which the killer explains why she killed. Why is that? It's not accidental. Well you know exactly why it is. Because it would make the obvious undeniable. The trans movement is targeting Christians, including with violence. Most Christian leaders in this country don't want to admit that. Admitting it might force them to take deeply unfashionable positions. But it is true, and anyone who is paying attention knows that it's true, and so like most true things at this point, it is officially suppressed.


Yesterday's massacre did not happen because of lax gun laws. Yesterday's massacre happened because of a deranged and demonic ideology that is infecting this country with the encouragement of people like Joe Biden. Let's start by being honest about that.

William Henry #crackpot #magick #ufo #conspiracy #mammon

You are invited to an extraordinary weekend devoted to unveiling the deepest secret of mystical Christianity: the teachings Christ gave Mary Magdalene to manifest a new, just (pure, perfect), light human, a new, righteous way of life on earth, and to ascend.
Mary Magdalene. Embodied Sophia. Feminine Christ. A profound authority on ascension and human transformation into the perfect (whole, holy, complete) light body. We know this because the Gnostics claimed she was one of three myrrophores who “always walked with the Lord”. As William’s radical new interpretation of Mary Magdalene expounds, this means she is an avatar who ‘came from above’, demonstrated the angelic light body on earth (still does), became an ascended star walker (once again), and left teachings for us to recover…in order to do the same. This is the secret of the Essenes and the Cathars.

The key to this teaching is represented by the alabaster jar seen in Christian artwork. What was the lightning in this mysterious bottle?

As we will discuss in detail, it is Christos, the Oil of Resurrection and Ascension. As chief apostle of the Resurrected Christ, Mary Magdalene knew its secrets. So, too, did the other mysterious myrrophores, or oil masters, we will also discuss, including the other Marys and Joseph of Arimathea. Imbued with miraculous power,

The Union of Opposites — earthly / heavenly, male / female, light and dark.
How do we activate Christos from within us?
Christos and Cerebral Spinal Fluid
The Myrrophores (masters of the oils) and the Essenes
The secret of Magdalene’s Veil
The Merkaba mystics of Magdala
• Living in Conscious Union with the Divine

Magdalene and the School of Isis and Hathor
Sophia, the Archons and Simulation Theory
• Mary Magdalene and Angelic Intelligence v. Artificial Intelligence

The Gospel of Mary and the Perfect Light Body
Perfect Light Humans and the Rainbow Light Body
The new, Enlightened Christianity
Powerful meditations.

$322 per person.

various commenters #wingnut #racist

( @Nature_and_Race )
This post is 100% real.


"To know who rules over you, just figure out who you're not allowed to criticize."

spoilerWhy is it nobody can say anything about Jews?

( @AntiStar )

( @Felix_Krull )
@Nature_and_Race Is he related to that gay mulatto who larped as the POTUS a few years back?

( @CosmicWar )
@Felix_Krull Half brother if I'm remembering correctly. From what i saw he was pretty based back in the day calling out Big Mike's husband as a communist and such. @Nature_and_Race

( @Nicholas_Scholl )

Pretty embarrassing if blacks collectively wake up to the Jew before Whites do.

( @Nicholas_Scholl )

Seriously, what does that say about our race if blacks can perceive the Jewish threat before us?

Are we easier to manipulate or more naive?

I don't know what to fucking think anymore.

( @Nature_and_Race )
@Nicholas_Scholl -- Whites perceived the Jewish threat first. It's just that the media, and social media, don't ever give our people any airtime.

The fact that blacks are allowed to talk about Jews on TV and social media only proves my point. Blacks are still favored by the Jewish TV and social media networks, even when they're exposing the Jews.

( @RealAnnyIrish )
@Nature_and_Race The jews don't fear the blacks like they fear the White man.


( @Zealous_Apostle )
@Nicholas_Scholl @Nature_and_Race Blacks already had a near permanent mentality of being oppressed, all Kanye did was change the race of their oppressors. This mentality was of course cultivated by the Jews over decades, and now it's coming to bite them in the ass.

The one thing that's good about this is that the nigger-worshiping tendencies of white americans will probably make them more receptive to Kanye's message, being a nog himself.

various commenters #wingnut #racist

( @Nature_and_Race )
Many a moon ago (roughly circa 2014, I would guess),

My bro and I ventured on down to the heart of the most radically Liberal territory in my state to do a little antagonization of the enemy. We applied some industrial double-sided tape to some "White Lives Matter" cards and stuck them up all around town.

Sure, they tore them down. But we showed up a week later, just to piss them off.

IRL activism is the best.

( @SundayNiteDriver )
@Nature_and_Race man, it’s always crazy to how successful the Jews have been at their white hatred agenda

( @Sorin13 )
@SundayNiteDriver @Nature_and_Race And it comes from the shits that claim not to be racist. 🙄

( @Sorin13 )
@Nature_and_Race How is saying White Lives Matter "hate"? The real hate and racism is coming from the shits that believe White lives don't matter.

( @isebellin )

To say that
WHITE LIFES MATTER is hateful rhetoric …
That is if a guy say …
- I love my wife … attack him with
- So you HATE all other women… you are a misogynistic hate monger … people like you should not be allowed to exist …

( @Gunter_Von_Munich )
@isebellin @Nature_and_Race These people aren't logical. Ben shapiro was wrong, it's not "facts don't care about your feelings." the prevailing narrative is "Feelings don't care about your facts". These people want you and your children dead and they think it's funny, you don't debate with people like that.

( @Anti_Christ )
@Nature_and_Race sooo.. if White lives don’t matter, then how can “all” lives matter ? I love using their warped logic against them.

deathevokation #wingnut #pratt #transphobia #homophobia

[Context: someone named Marisa with a profile pic from the japanese franchise Touhou talked shit about Doomer Boards, and one of the members got salty about it.]
I feel so sorry for the Japanese guy who made Touhou; you make a hard as nails bullet hell shooter on a shoestring budget with a VERY decent soundtrack while drunk that has a universe filled with SOUL that's thematically steeped in Japanese folklore. You add a diverse stylish cast of characters who have charming and eccentric personalities that are mostly morally grey and some are really badass (I mean there's a loyal house maid who doubles up as a bodyguard for a vampire mansion that can literally freeze time then throw hundreds of knives at you before unfreezing time.. but can just as easily serve you tea).

The niche game spiralling into success is really heartwarming for me, Japanese musicians (<3 Shibayan) make amazing rearrangements of your songs with female singers who have amazing vocal ranges like 3L, hundreds of fangames get made across different genres and an anime and tons of manga get adapted from it.

Meanwhile in the West it's just taint and despair everywhere.. pedophiles, sex pests, groomers, stalkers, predators and ideologically driven creeps try become your characters so they can use your characters' faces to appropriate and pass off their unacceptable chaotic evil personalities and fetishes as "morally grey".. alongside the usual "social democrats" invading what excuse there is in the Western fandom to try assert ideological control over it really just adds up to Touhou being lowkey the biggest disconnect between the East and West I've seen, ever... you can't even blame anyone for hating it the moment they find out it exists when that's the only reaction you can trust.

I tried really hard not to write this post, but wow, fuck you "Marrisa", thank you for further vilifying a franchise that really didn't need further vilification. Kudos.

Henry Makow PhD #sexist #wingnut #conspiracy

On my wall, I have a picture of a Muslim woman shrouded in a burka.

Beside it is a picture of an American beauty contestant, wearing nothing but a bikini.

One woman is totally hidden from the public; the other is totally exposed. These two extremes say a great deal about the clash of so-called "civilizations."

The role of woman is at the heart of any culture. Apart from stealing Arab oil, the turmoil in the Middle East is about stripping Muslims of their religion and culture, exchanging the burka for a bikini.

I am not an expert on the condition of Muslim women and I love feminine beauty too much to advocate the burka here. But I am defending some of the values that the burka represents for me.

For me, the burka represents a woman's consecration to her husband and family. Only they see her. It affirms the privacy, exclusivity and importance of the domestic sphere.
The feminine personality is founded on the emotional relationship between mother and baby. It is based on nurturing and self-sacrifice.

Masculinity is founded on the relationship between hunter and prey. It is based on aggression and reason.

Feminism deceives women to believe femininity has resulted in "oppression" and they should adopt male behavior instead.

The result: a confused and aggressive woman with a large chip on her shoulder, unfit to become a wife or mother.

This is the goal of the NWO social engineers: undermine sexual identity and destroy the family, create social and personal dysfunction, and reduce the population. In the "brave new world," women are not supposed to be mothers and progenitors of the race. They are meant to be autonomous sex objects.
Feminism is another cruel New World Order hoax that has debauched American women and despoiled Western civilization. It has ruined millions of lives and represents a lethal threat to Islam.

The burka and the bikini represent two extremes. The answer lies somewhere in the middle.

Mark Baughman #conspiracy #wingnut #ufo #mammon

And as it <banking system<>comes down, there is another system ready to move in to replace it, that which you call the QFS, the Quantum Financial System is indeed ready to replace this. But there must first be those things that have to occur first to allow for the general population to be acquainted with this new system.

And we will say as far as preparation goes, everything that you are doing now, talking about now to prepare, is what you need to do. And do not have fear though, as Ashtar was pretty prominent in saying here. Do not feel the fear, do not experience fear, as the rest of the population around you will be experiencing that, as they go to their banks and find that their money is gone, that they cannot get it out of the banks. That is certainly coming. Because it must be the crash. And we speak fully of a crash that is imminent here as we can say. For ‘imminent’ to us is different than your ‘imminent,’ so you take from that which you can. But it is coming, certainly.

-) The fake MSM is
1) hiding many of the Bank failures.
2) hiding the use of the Petro-dollar; 39 large countries are NOT trading oil or other goods in dollars anymore.
3) Hiding how bad the “Credit Susie” Bank is, and it’s 80 trillion in derivatives.
4) last but NOT LEAST; people still dropping dead from the vaccine’s; the illuminati massive population “kill off’ or major holocaust! (it is bigger than the Nazi Holocaust.
5) Hiding major company slowfailures; like Walmart.

-) Presidents of Russia and China are “Avatars” and not the original. They are good at taking orders from the “White Hats”, to shift this planet.

-) On Mars surface, you can breathe, but it is like high-altitude. About 17,000 feet. They are terraforming Mars by using special “Pine Trees” to get it back. It was just like Earth, but about 2 million years of war, four factions destroyed most life on the planet. They slowly moved to lower frequencies. Before, they shared technology and were trusting of one another.

Susan Bradford #wingnut #conspiracy #fundie

Mark Cuban. George Soros. Jared Kushner. Their names and presence on the world stage are ubiquitous. Far from being shrewd business executives and “entrepreneurs,” these men are among a small group of individuals driving an agenda launched after World War II and promoted at the World Economic Forum.

The agenda is Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars (SWQW),which was conceived by Prince Philip and the Rothschilds and set in motion with the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. At heart, SWQW seeks to consolidate global wealth and power under the Vatican, which contracts and coordinates government contracting and public-private partnerships throughout the world.

The Vatican falsely established itself as God’s temporal power on Earth through a materialistic interpretation of the Bible – that of a physical unification of the world under the Holy See –in direct violation of Jesus’ prescription for a spiritual unity under the Creator. What the faithful established, including, for example, common law – or one’s “God-given rights,” the Vatican and Rothschilds have sought to take away.

Since the Napoleonic Wars the Vatican has been rendered financially dependent upon the Rothschild bankers and therefore, Rothschild-controlled.

Inspired by the Rational Enlightenment, which was Godless and Chinese in origins, the Rothschilds sought to maximize efficiency and eliminate waste in all matters while enjoying unbridled opulence for themselves.
Eventually city planners, managers, and law enforcement would be replaced with automation which would manage the populations through artificial intelligence.

People would be shuttered into 15-minute cities where they would live in modest, coffin-sized apartments, like caged animals, whose every vital sign, movement, thought, and deed was monitored by an AI “God” and assigned a value that could be judged to determine the value of that person to the self-perpetuating system.

Gays Against Groomers #dunning-kruger #quack #transphobia

(A poll finds that the majority of Americans (53%) oppose bans on gender affirming care for Trans kids.)

A poll of 1000 adults does not represent the nation. Even if this were accurate, the majority of the population does not know what “gender affirming care” truly entails. The term is intentionally candy-coated and friendly sounding to hide the horrors of what it actually consists of.

They don’t know that it means sterilizing children. They don’t know that the most popular puberty blocker, Lupron, has been previously and is currently still used to chemically castrate sex offenders. They don’t know the side effects of these drugs on adolescents, which include decreased bone density, vision loss and brain swelling. They don’t know that it includes chopping the breasts off of healthy young girls.

But that is changing. The public is becoming increasingly more aware and that is why you see action being taken against it.

There is no logical reason for medical intervention to not be delayed until they are fully developed adults that are able to consent to permanently changing their bodies. Anyone who believes otherwise is diabolical.

Stew Peters #fundie #homophobia

There are a lot of Christians in the world, but there’s only a handful of countries that actually still pass laws reflecting Christian teachings. One of those countries though is the central African nation of Uganda. Uganda’s legislature just approved a new law; that law criminalizes gay marriage and the homosexual lifestyle and imposes the death penalty for pedophiles. Yes, it’s now illegal, it’s a crime to be a depraved and demonic Hershey-highway-riding, pillow-biting butt-pirate and if you touch our kids, we’ll kill you. Perfect. Absolutely based. 100% awesome.

mike taylor #wingnut #conspiracy

Notice how you cannot comment on 95% of the Ukraine War articles now ? This is because Ukraine is being completely destroyed by Russia right now and their situation is hopeless. Bakhmut has just fallen. There is not a possibility of NATO kicking Russia out of Crimea this Spring unless they go nuclear, then that leads to WWIII. Our woke military is not prepared to take on the Bear. USA is the world's biggest terrorist and at same the world's police with no moral high ground. Biden blew up the Nordstream to poke the Bear. Game over soon for leftist controlled USA.

BondiBlue & notapatsy #transphobia

( BondiBlue )
Nashville school shooting and media reports

I have a difficult confession to make that probably seems trivial in the grander scheme of this tragedy.

The fact that the media reports are saying the shooter was female — I hate that I can’t trust them to be fully honest. I suspect TIM because mass shootings are male-pattern violence. But who knows if this was an outlier. The fact is they will never say whether the shooter was a real woman or a TIM because woke editorial guidelines forbid them from distinguishing.

And I hate that this is even a question. In a sane world you could trust journalists to report if it was a male shooter disguised as a woman. But now they can’t because of TRA Orwellian authoritarianism governing the newsroom and the public discourse writ large.

If the shooter was a TIM there would be more backlash for “misgendering” the murderer than for the actual murder. He or she is dead, so at least if it was a TIM he wouldn’t be in a woman’s prison. And again it may be not. But just the lack of clarity is infuriating.

And it angers me that Republicans can’t be trusted to protect women and kids from guns, while Democrats can’t be trusted to protect women and kids from TRA butchery, assault, and gaslighting.

All of this could be moot of course. But I can’t escape the thought nevertheless.

( notapatsy )
First thing I thought when I heard the shooter was heavily armed, including with an AR-15, was "male pattern violence." Women don't generally kill children. I am reserving judgement about whether the murderer is actually female. If the shooter turns out to be a trans-identified male, TRA's will blameshift the responsibility onto "a transphobic world" (and especially women!).

But we'll see. The information will come out at some point.

Update to my post: now that the shooter has been identified as a TIF, I hope some enterprising TRA doesn't take my comment about male-pattern violence as "evidence" the shooter was "really" male. If anything, I'd say she was out-male-ing males in an effort to prove she was "really" male.

Parents with Inconvenient Truths about Trans (PITT) #transphobia #ableist

I used to very close to my sweet son. He told me everything. He wrote a lovely paper about me for an 8th grade assignment about the person you are closest to. A year later he declared he was “trans”.

Now I feel my whole family is gaslighting me.

My son tells me he’s a girl, my daughter. My sister is telling me there have always been trans people and I need to accept it.

My son stopped talking to me, although I never stopped talking to him, thinking of him, loving him unconditionally.

My sister, once as close to me as a twin, stopped talking to me as well. (To be fair, I stopped talking to her as well over this.)

No matter what my son said, I did not buy into it. I had done my research. I knew what was going on. He was brainwashed. But I would never - will never - give up on him.

No matter what I told my sister, she couldn’t - wouldn’t - try to understand.

When will my son get exhausted by this delusion? When will my sister read the truth?

My son thinks trans was why he felt different, and transgender gave an answer and a set of steps to take to resolve his conflict—name change, pronoun change, hormones, and surgeries. It must have felt systematic and logical to my autistic son.

My sister believes that trans is the new gay. She cannot be made to see the very real differences.

They have both been fed a lie and I’m caught in the middle with truth. I miss them both.

I’m living a dystopian novel. I’m losing my mind.

“The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” - George Orwell, 1984

Darren Mays #sexist #dunning-kruger

They need to discuss with parents. Parents will usually want them to use pads or tissue paper until they are married and no longer virgins.

(Ana Filipe: ”You mean to tell me the issue with not providing girls TAMPONS is to safe-keep their virginity? 🤦🏽‍♀️. Most teen girls decide what they feel comfortable using & it’s 4 each family to discuss not a group of Republican men. Tissue paper? Nahh🙄”)

Yes, but teachers are giving them tampons instead of pads and making that decision for them. We're going to have a whole generation of women that are worn out before they even give birth. Save something for marriage. Just one thing.

Mike Adams the Health Ranger #quack #wingnut #conspiracy

Brighteon Broadcast News, Mar 27, 2023 - Govt and media pushing ZOMBIE AVIAN FLU narrative as vaccines and drugs stockpiled for next plandemic

- National Wildlife Health Center warns of "zombie" HPAI H5N1 that alters neurology and behavior of mammals

- Media pushing strong warnings of zombie bird flu crossing over to humans and spreading as a pandemic

- This is the next plandemic tyranny: Lockdowns to prevent public protests against financial collapse

- Dr. Cottrell warned of combination SARS + HIV + Avian (H5N1) chimeric bioweapon

- The DoD built it and likely already released it, now spreading across North America

- Huge amounts of Peramivir drug being flown on cargo planes to stockpile for the plandemic

- Peramivir cause ZOMBIE side effects including confusion, cracked skin, red eyes, hallucinations and skin lesions

- Also causes people to hold FALSE beliefs (such as beliefs in false plandemics) (a known side effect of the drug)

- The HPAI H5N1 causes ATAXIA, which also presents as zombie-like side effects including loss of motor control

- The plan is to treat the masses with peramivir and CAUSE side effects which are blamed on avian flu

- 14 vaccine manufacturers are gearing up for massive vaccine production for the avian flu plandemic

- Vax supplies are being directed by the WHO to target poor black nations for depopulation and genocide

- Media narrative being carefully crafted and pushed; predictive programming

- Carbon offset credit scam exposed

- Ukraine "volunteer" soldiers exposed as a fraud

- UK and USA are 10+ years behind munitions manufacturing compared to Russia

Georgios Mylonas (Geom!*) #magick #ufo #mammon

You are about to encounter and receive an innovative and truly amazing system of holistic, energetic, and spiritual healing. This therapeutic system offers purification and protection, wholeness and empowerment, upliftment and guidance, bliss and joy, and serenity and freedom. The Golden Codes of Shamballa can be used as potent tools to receive answers to your questions and manifest happiness in your daily life. This energy system consists of 153 numerical codes of pure light, love, and spirit. They were manifested and generously offered by the infinite, eternal, almighty, and omnibenevolent dimension of spirit, Shamballa. Shamballa is the ethereal crystal residence of the great teachers and the holy archangels of light—the divine spirit beings of the highest wisdom, compassion, beauty, and primordial perfection. The holy archangels of light and the great ascended masters of Shamballa devote themselves to supporting humanity in realizing its potential. And now, with celestial wisdom and heavenly love, they bless us once more with the Golden Codes of Shamballa.- What Are the Golden Codes of Shamballa?* Transcendental, energetically activated, spiritually attuned, and multidimensional codes of light.* Sequences of numbers that enhance, boost, and uplift one’s energy level and level of consciousness.* Higher consciousness keys that activate different aspects of the universal cosmic energy, the spirit, and the creative cosmic mind. An effective, simple, practical, and easy-to-use means to balance the two aspects of the mind, logic and intuition, through the parallel invocation of coded serial numbers on the one hand and spiritual energies, qualities, and powers on the other.* Illuminating codes that multiply the intention and vibration of love and light on earth and actively contribute to the highest good of all.* Amazing numerical spiritual forms; truly precious “spiritual vitamins!”* A gift to humanity!

admin #fundie

Have you seen this Bible Contradictions Chart posted on the internet? Did you ever wonder how anybody could conclude the Bible had all these contradictions? It’s designed to be fully interactive so you can click on it and see the different contradictions in the Bible. But they missed something. And it’s a really big problem for Atheists.
We’ll get to it very soon.
The Bible is an anvil that has worn out many hammers
-Unknown author

It looks like it was done the same way we’ve seen all the other Bible Contradictionists do it.
That’s why they’re always wrong. They’ve yet to prove a single real Bible contradiction -and here’s why:
(1) They seem to have made assumptions based on preconceived notions.
(2) They appear to have accepted their preconceptions uncritically with no use of logic or reason.
(3) They apparently never considered any other possibilities or other evidence –including opposing evidence.
(4) It looks like they didn’t even engage any experts in the field.
(5)There’s no indication they even read the Bible verses they cited to see if they made sense.
(6) Finally, there’s little evidence they did any research to back up their claims.
So all they’ve got is a flimsy assertion based on blind faith. So flimsy that it’s super easy to lay bare the errors and inconsistencies -as you will soon see.
You wonder why they would risk the shame, humiliation and embarrassment of being so wrong.
It would have been so easy to get it right if they’d just done a little homework.
The truth –as you will soon see- is that the contradictionists succeeded only in fooling themselves and –maybe- leading a few of their most naïve and credulous readers astray.


Where are all the contradictions?

A critical analysis of the so-called Bible Contradictions reveals the soft underbelly of the original contradictions claim.

Because –as has been shown here and here and here– the true number of Bible Contradictions is –in fact- Zero.

So whether the claim is of Irrefutable Bible Contradictions, Bible Contradictions that Cannot be Answered, or Biggest Contradictions in the Bible, an honest look confirms that the real number of Bible contradictions is Zero.

Zero. That’s the real number of Contradictions in the Bible. Yes, Zero.

Vox Day #wingnut #racist #psycho

[From "Rekonquista Kommend"]

The Green Party of Düsseldorf should be credited for repopularizing Hitler when the history of the German Rekonquista of the 2030s is written:

Germany’s first Arabic-language street sign has appeared in the city of Düsseldorf, and Islamic associations and the Green Party are praising the new development[…]

The German people survived the Romans, the Huns, and the Soviets. They’ll survive Clown World too. But the reclamation of their sovereignty and their land probably isn’t going to be particularly pretty

Meanwhile, in France, they’re already burning the homes of pro-immigration politicians

The house of a left-wing mayor in France, who supports a controversial plan to establish an asylum center in the small seaside town of Saint-Brevin-les-Pins, has been burned down in a suspected arson attack[…]

Tucker Carlson #wingnut

It’s not just Trump who’s their target. It’s Trump’s voters. The Biden administration is in the process of preparing yet another law enforcement dragnet of more than 1,000 nonviolent January 6th protestors.

dn (darknation) #senpai_noticed_us #wingnut #homophobia

That whole Marisa turning out to be a literal pedophile was trending for a bit on the farms.

Also, DSC's been posting about Marisa (#homophobia CHOMO RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS) on the fundie board, so we're getting a wee bit of traffic from that quarter as well. Choosing that particular hill to die on is exactly on brand for the semi-articulate brain tumour that writes most of his posts for him, so hurrah I guess.