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In the void created by almost no solid intel on the surface of the planet since the collapse of the alpha timeline in early 2018, disinformation abounds.

The dark forces are leading campaigns against the few true sources, with unsubstantiated rumors and false accusations. They are especially attacking true Goddess teachings and true intel .

The surface Lightworker grid has almost collapsed, and the Light forces have activated an emergency backup Light grid for the surface of the planet, about which nothing can be said. Kerr metric spacetime distortion anomaly around the surface of the planet will reach its peak density in late August 2022, and after that time it will again become easier to hold the Light, and the Lightworker grid is expected to at least partially recover from the brutal attacks to which it was subjected in the last few months.
They have also communicated that the subquantum anomaly around the surface of the planet hides a dark entity that is the last remnant of darkness from the previous cosmic cycle, and has survived the Big Bang in the (sub)quantum state. This entity has entered this universe through the central Sun of the Andromeda galaxy, spent millions of years in Rigel and was teleported to Earth in 1996. This entity will be cleared completely and entirely together with the subquantum anomaly. In certain circles, this entity is called “the Lurker”.
As a result of that violation, the Light forces have closed the deconfliction communication line for a few days in the beginning of July as a warning. For these few days, the Cabal did not receive security intel to protect their main people and locations, which resulted in two security breaches for them.

The first security breach has taken down the Georgia guidestones:
The second security breach has taken down Shinzo Abe:

This second security breach was a warning to the leader of that particular country what may happen to him if they continue persecuting Lightworkers.

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IITM: This isn’t religious heebeejeebee… this is actually real, so listen up. What is going on with the jab is beyond even science’s comphension… there is the issue of the soul.

The jab can have the effect of dissolving the soul from the body… this doesn’t happen to everyone, but it can and does happen.

The problem with this is that the solution is MORE GOD. The problem with MORE GOD, is that a soulless person doesn’t SEEK GOD or INVITE GOD IN.

A soulless person is therefore, always a godless person.

There are more issues… a soulless jabbed person, may not even be a human anymore, because they allowed their genetics to be changed.

So maybe you can see how the jabbed have changed… it’s like watching a solar eclipse.


The Great Work #crackpot #conspiracy

The royals of Sweden, Norway, and Denmark are wealthy tyrants that finance and direct Nazi-Viking organizations, cults, and secret societies in the United States and Europe.Vikings were really Scythians that invaded and subverted the Nordic region and people who were living there peacefully until the Viking invaders settled there and started raiding nations. Vikings were not real Nordic people. King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden is the head of the Swedish royal family with his wife Queen Silvia and their children are Princess Victoria, Princess Madeline, and Prince Carl Philip who is a high level militant Viking commander involved in torture, rape, and murder.
The Swedish royals use Stockholm’s Syndrome as a tool for brainwashing people into siding with them.
Although Nazi Germany invaded Denmark and Norway during WWII the war was orchestrated by the royal families as part of their long term takeover plot and for the purpose of depopulation. If anything the Nazi invasion of Denmark and Norway helped the royal families there in maintaining control over the people. All through out history the royal families have caused wars and used their armies in competition for land, titles, and resources with out killing each other and instead they marry each other. There is no reason for monarchies. The royal families operate as an organized crime syndicate and rule nations as dictators either openly or covertly. Royals and nobles need to be outlawed and these current royal criminals need to be executed for their relentless crimes against humanity and this will make future tyrants think twice about thinking they have a right to rule over other people and land that is not theirs.
The House of Bernadotte are owners of the white supremacist secret society and criminal group within law enforcement called the Lynwood Vikings. Corrupt police are heavily involved in drug trafficking, murder, extortion, and organized gang.

Dolores Cannon #crackpot #ufo #conspiracy #magick

"The Convoluted Universe" is the sequel to "The Custodians". This book contains some of the more complicated concepts in Metaphysics that Dolores Cannon discovered through twenty years of using deep hypnosis to explore the subconscious mind.

Some of the topics explored in this book: The origin, knowledge and destruction of Atlantis; The explanations of Earth mysteries, including - the Pyramids, Easter Island, the Bermuda Triangle, the Ark of the Covenant, Loch Ness Monster, Nazca Lines; Characteristics of other Planets, Parallel Universes, Parallel Lifetimes and Realities; Other Dimensions and much more.

This book is intended for those readers who want their minds expanded by the more complicated Metaphysical ideas that border on "Quantum Physics"
"For those who are just now joining us, welcome to the adventure and the journey. For those who have been part of the entire journey, welcome back and I hope you find more interesting concepts as we continue the adventure. So read with an open mind and be prepared to have your minds bent and twisted like a pretzel. After all, pretzels are an interesting shape. They really resemble the symbol of infinity, don't they?" --from the Foreword

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[From "Hitler, The Nazis, The Frankfurt School, And Adorno and Horkheimer’s ‘Dialectic of Enlightenment’ (1947)"]

I have been recently reading Adorno and Horkheimer’s Dialectic of Enlightenment, published in 1947 as one of the Frankfurt School’s first public forays into what Jews had been involved in conspiratorially for decades and what later got labelled Critical Theory[…]Jews of Germany were throughout this period internally trying to undermine Hitler’s National Socialist revolution through academia and culture[…]after the war, their goal switched to “Never Again!” almost overnight[…]
In Dialectic of Enlightenment, the authors basically see this pattern throughout Euro history singularly of reversion to what they consider evil, outdated, and backward movements and modes of being. They focus on Fascism in particular because when they wrote the book this is what frightened them and all Jews most globally[…]
The authors here just assume that “enlightenment” was ever even desirable or practically practicable[…]Enlightenment was forced top-downward upon the people, who were at best ignorant, gullible, and naive of the new bargain being struck (proverbially with Satan, or his earthly representatives the Jews) in the modern “social contract”[…]
Third Reich was deeply rooted in Western civilization obviously, and this was why it was so popular and briefly successful. This same “terror” against Jews was a permanent fixture and general pattern throughout history– and not only Western history either. The Jews actively engineer enemies against them in reaction to their behavior everywhere they go historically and currently[…]
Treating the Jews individually rather than collectively was the first Enlightenment plank and belief objectively, because post-Enlightenment the Jews would use this new status-quo to blind us to the reality of Jewish subversion, co-option, and eventual domination

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(Submitter’s note: while Stonetoss is normally a reprehensible person with toxic garbage views, this comic hits on a particular bugaboo of mine that seems to happen on all sides, not just with right wing assholes like Stonetoss: shaming people with mental illness into going off their meds.)

Best Disinfectant


spoiler1st panel:

Duck-person with blue and white hair in a purple shit, holding a pill bottle: “I’m a big advocate for mental health”

2nd panel: Duck-person with green shirt, walking stick, and camping/hiking gear: “Hell yeah. Isn’t nature and sunshine great?”

3rd panel: Duck-person with purple shirt looks visibly uncomfortable, as if this idea either never occurred to them or they are somehow adverse to it.

MsElleWM #transphobia #sexist

"You said you’d be around lily cade, confirmed rapist, over a Trans woman with no violent history.
That’s not sensible."

"Imagine you are a cat. Not a furry but a real one. You have the choice of being alone with a cat who has fought others or a dog. As a cat you would choose the other cat. Same with biological women. We choose to avoid biological males for our own safety"

Steve Sailer #dunning-kruger #racist #pratt

Fortunately, our new more sensitive society has done a heckuva job decolonizing the Arecibo radio telescope (above) in Puerto Rico.

What work? This is the easiest work ever You sit around and make up reasons why words hurt your feelings. E.g., let’s do Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence:

The word ‘search’ is highly problematic, with a racist past. It featured in the title of African explorer Henry M. Stanley’s famous memoir “The Search for Dr. Livingstone.” The concept of “searching” is highly redolent of white male exploration and discovery.

“Extraterrestrial” is Earth-centric. Why should Earth be privileged as being “terrestrial” when all else in the universe is “extraterrestrial?”

“Intelligence” is highly discriminatory. Intelligent people know that stupidity is just as good as intelligence because they are intelligent, which makes them better than the stupid. Or something.

crodish #transphobia

Dumb take? I dread the day men invading our spaces stop calling themselves "women" and start claiming they are "transmen" instead

I know it's a stupid take, and I'm sorry, but I'm trying to wrap my head around it. I hate that no, not all of us (me mostly) will be able to discern this. I hate that this is a plausible situation that can come from "transmen are free to use female spaces because they are female, regardless of how much they have masculinized themselves" and that scumbag men will likely once again use it to their advantage.

Like right now, there's probably zero chance in hell that TIFs would actually want to admit they are female by using the ladies, or that TIMs would admit to being any sort of man, but I can see the AGPs who don't care either way adopting this.

Males can already stealth in as "passing" transwomen whom we've never noticed (they're already doing it when they don't pass as "women"), they sure as hell would have no problems pretending to be bearded, balding transmen, too.

I remember a positive interaction twitter thread posted by a GNC woman who said she had been confronted by another woman who told her she was in the ladies, thinking she was a man. The OP told the woman she was actually female, the woman then clocked her as female after she spoke, and all was well and good, because the woman did recognize the OP was female, as she said.

I keep thinking about how if it was me and if my shit clocking senses couldn't tell, if I would have made a fool out of myself insisting she was a man (if it was a TIF instead of a GNC woman). Or if it was some skinny feminine AGP with a beard and he'd lied and said he was actually a transman. And I would be more mortified about insulting a masculinized woman that she looked like a man that I'd likely let it go. And if it would start the whole thing about being overly suspicious of anyone remotely non-conforming, or even "truscum trans" who used the right-sexed toilets, or detrans people whose appearances have been permanently altered.

....can we have a rewind to thirty years ago where I would have no idea even if the tiny minority of "passing" transwomen were actually stealthing into our toilets who ACTUALLY only wanted to pee, where we had unspoken assurance that 99% of the people using single-sexed spaces WERE that sex and I didn't have to think about it?


SakuraBlossoms #transphobia


Fixed it!

❌ He is a transgender
❌ He is transgendered

✔️ She identifies as transgender

❌ He transgendered last year

✔️ She started pretending she was a man last year

❌ He changed gender

✔️ She started making people call her a man

❌ He was born a girl

✔️ She is a girl

❌ When he was a girl

✔️ When she didn't deny her sex

❌ Before he became a boy

✔️ Before she became deluded

❌ Being trans means you're gay

✔️ Identifying as trans usually means you're a straight homophobe

❌ Did you get the surgery?

✔️ Did you become a victim of medical malpractice?

Stephen Strang #fundie #wingnut #conspiracy

It's been a few days since the FBI raided President Donald Trump's home in Mar-a-Lago, and the Biden Administration has yet to explain to the American people why they did what's never been done in American history—the government raiding the home of a former president. In my opinion, this is not just about politics, but spiritual warfare against Trump and the nation.
I believe God raised up Donald Trump and there is warfare going on—satanic activity that is trying to tear down the fabric of this country. This is not a new theory. I've interviewed Trump and written four books on him and the spiritual significance of what's happening in our nation. The Bible says that our war is not against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities in the air. Americans who are concerned about religious freedom and the threat of communist agendas to this country need to stand up and voice their support for President Trump.

As I've said in my books and on secular television interviews, I believe that in the early 2000's something happened to Trump spiritually. Sure, he was a real estate mogul in New York City and you've got to be tough to make it far in that world. Despite his influence in real estate, he was awakened to what was happening in America. I believe that in the same era, he was sensitive to the Lord.
What can each of us do? First, we can pray. As Spirit-led Christians, we can take authority over the enemy's attacks against Trump and against all who share his values and indeed against our nation itself. Then we can speak up in our own circles of influence and on social media. The deep state is intent on eliminating Trump from the political landscape. We can let it be known it will fail. And we can vote in the midterm elections and send principled conservatives to Washington to push back on those who are weaponizing the Department of Justice and FBI to attack their political enemies.

Incels Wiki #dunning-kruger #sexist

Female Contempt for an Obvious Outcome of Feminism: Househusbands

A world where young women make more money than young men would seem to necessitate an increase in house-husbands. The male liberation movement, a subset of male feminist MRAs in the 60s wanted a dramatic increase in househusbands. However even in the most feminist countries, women will still expect the man to work or else a breakup.

Even in a country where feminism is institutional and mainstream, where equal-pay laws are in place, and where women have more total personal wealth than men, "the key factor in the decision to divorce is whether Hubby (note, not the wife) has a job. If he doesn’t, even if his job loss is involuntary, his odds of being ditched by his wife skyrocket"[5]

Early 20th century, anti-feminist and Marxist Belfort Bax's quote still remains true, "Among all the women’s rights advocates I am not aware of one who, in her zeal for equality between the sexes, has ever suggested abolishing the right of maintenance of the wife by the husband."[6]

And as the 21st century, right-wing provocateur named, "Eggman", put it, "Talk to any US woman and they'll tell you about men offering and buying them all sorts of things: vacations, houses, cars... When was the last time a woman offered to buy you a house or car, now that we have gender equality and all?"[7]

When women attain higher wealth and social status, these gender roles are not obviated, but instead reinforced.[8] [9] [10]

A choice quote from the works previously referenced, The Adapted Mind: Evolutionary Psychology and the Generation of Culture:

Fifteen feminists leaders, when asked what traits they sought in a man, regularly used words which connote high status: "very rich" or "brilliant" or "genius". Large tips, lavish dinners, stunning suits, and so forth were regularly referred to. In short these (feminist) women wanted superpowerful men.

It seems that women therefore, naturally recoil at the idea of not using a man to financially provide for her, calling men who don't live up to masculine gender roles as, "manchildren", no matter how generous the welfare state she is in or how much money she makes.

Matt Walsh #wingnut

Let’s not lose sight of the fact that Roe was overturned — massive, historic blow to the pro-abortion movement — and the outrage fizzled out in a few days. No mass protests. No riots. The “summer of rage” never materialized.

Even with the help of every powerful institution in America, still the Left has a very hard time mobilizing people around its causes. This is a weakness that we on the Right should be doing more to exploit.

@AngrySheBird #transphobia


Trans woman : My sexual fetish is pretending to be a woman.

Transsexual : I modified my body to better enable my sexual fetish. Don’t you trust me yet?

Old school transsexual: I’ve been enabling my sexual fetish for a long time and I’ve not raped you yet, I’m one of the good ones, can’t you tell?

Lauren Witzke , @AxiumGreenWallace3 & @TheOrdinaryAmerican #wingnut

(Lauren Witzke)
America has zero moral authority to criticize the choices of another nation’s leader.

There aren’t hundreds of photos of Putin sniffing little children while his son smokes crack and gets blown by every sex slave in Ukraine while mentally-ill trannies in his administration openly work to normalize pedophilia and sex with dogs.

The Biden Administration has literally made America a global embarrassment.

@LaurenWitzkeDE No Russian ever called me a racist for no fucking reason other than I'm White.
No Russian ever tried to force me to choose between a vaccine with less than 3/10ths of 1% mortality or lose my damn job.
No Russian ever tried to get my son to cut off his dick, dress like a girl and suck cock.
No Russian ever tried to convert my daughter into a slut dyke feminist with blue hair.
No Russian ever stole a damn election in plain view and called me a conspiracy theorist for questioning it.
No Russian ever mocked my Christian faith.
No Russian ever tried to get my kids to hate me, their heritage, and their faith.
No Russian ever tried to flood my nation with a bunch of black and brown immigrants when my own people had trouble making a decent wage.
No Russian ever voted to allow American companies to ship American jobs to Mexico, India, and China

@LaurenWitzkeDE Breaking: Rumor is US officials look to draft the unvaccinated as Ukraine war begins....says the vaccinated are to weak to fight due to compromise immune systems, worry about soldiers falling out from blood clots, myocarditis, pericarditis, and more aliments...

Matt Gaetz & various commenters #wingnut #racist

(Rep. Matt Gaetz)
We are being invaded on our Southern Border.

It is not enough just to finish the Wall. We have to deport the people who are not in our country LEGALLY.

@RepMattGaetz Not good enough. Deporting just illegal immigrants is too little, too late. If America is to survive, all non-white immigrants must be deported, illegal AND legal.

@brextremist @RepMattGaetz That would be a start.
Then a regular practice of filling up prisons with non Whites and deporting from there to where ever. I say we shouldn't bother spending any more time or money than to kick them all across the Mexican boarder to let Mexico deal with them.

@RepMattGaetz deport those that aided and abetted illegal aliens too.

@phlfie @RepMattGaetz Fine employers who hire them. Fine landlords who house them and watch how fast the problem fixes itself.

@RepMattGaetz We also need to send back all “anchor babies” and end all foreign work

@RepMattGaetz and end birthright citizenship. Get it up before the Supreme Court.

@RepMattGaetz No amnesties. If anyone is granted amnesty under this illegitimate white-genocidal administration, reverse it.

Reverse amnesties.
Revoke citizenships.
Repatriate aliens.

@RepMattGaetz. I also wish border patrol agents could just shoot at those trying to enter illegally. Better deterrent than a wall.

@UncarvedBlock @RepMattGaetz NOT "AT"..... shoot to KILL or they will be back like the cockroaches they are. Fill the Rio-grande with the blood of illegals and perhaps they MIGHT get the "idea" to stay the hell where they are.



@HeartlanderUSA @RepMattGaetz Jews and niggers should be nr. 2 and 3.
Then America would again start to resemble the nation the Founding Fathers intended!

L. Rowand Archer #conspiracy #wingnut #elitist

We have now sunk to a depth where the restatement of the obvious is the duty of intelligent men.

George Orwell’s words are worth repeating as climate-warming alarmists promote doomsday scenarios that have no basis in science.

L. Rowand Archer examines the lie of global warming—and the motivations for it—in this treatise that exposes the socialist agenda and fear mongering of the liberal left.

Lost in the propaganda is the fact that man-made CO2 emissions have greened Earth, transforming some former desert regions into verdant oases of greenery, and contributing to record crop yields. Instead of demonizing CO2, we should be praising CO2 for helping to feed the world.

Because weather is familiar to all,

it seems that everyone has a theory about what causes climate change, and that makes it difficult to argue rationally about the real science behind climate change.

This book is intended to provide a nontechnical understanding of climate skepticism as argued by over 300 knowledgeable authors in their fields who question the notion that humankind is the major influence of climate change. Get real answers to what is really happening in Climate Change Baffles Brains.

About the Author
After receiving a university degree in Economic, L. Rowand Archer enjoyed a 48-year career in the private sector where he successfully moved up the management ranks of various banking organizations, then created a business operation focused on software development and marketing to the manufacturing sector.
Drawing from this extensive front line experience, Mr. Archer is able to make common sense observations of the uncertainty that his fellow citizens are experiencing with the rapid changes occurring in their daily life because of the new technologies being presented to them. It is because of this uncertain environment ordinary thinkers are vulnerable to forces intent on using a campaign of fear to create doubt in their ability to exercise everyday common sense and critical thinking.

Apollymi Mandylion/James Rink #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy

Apollymi Mandylion, is a super soldier hybrid mix of Dragon and Pleiadean DNA created by Dark Fleet and the ICC. She has been recruited in to Project Mind Control, Project MK Ultra, Projects Crest (stargate), Carbon, and then underwent a milab which then took her to Section 13 32-C at Area 52 located near Area 51. From there she was sent into the boot camp at Camp Livingston in Louisiana. Where she was trained by Nazis Aryans in what is known as Project Ashwet (children of god) to make the most supreme soldiers in the universe according to them anyway.

From there she resumed her training at Section 13 32-C to make her battle ready for military combat and psionic missions. The treatment she and others like her received was atrocious. She recalls being forced to eat gruel and she had to wear disciplinary shock collars. One day she was raped and then she lost it and rebelled by killing three military personnel in upper management. Normally they would scrap a rebellious soldier like her, however, they spent millions to build her up and decided it was best to send her to the Draconian Mars base as punishment to help her understand how good she had it at section 13 32-C.

Apollymi also remembers training in inner earth with some blonde hair blue eye people. And she also participated in Project Blue Book which helped the military understand various et technologies and missions both dimensional and off world.

This is the third interview with Apollymi in which we will discuss details about a Draco battle that took place on 3.5 delta quadrant on a moon near Sirius. Apollymi will be sharing some of the latest missions she has been on and we will also answer some Q&A from audience members questions.

Florida Agency for Health Care Administration #transphobia

Florida bans Medicaid from covering gender-affirming treatments

The move by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration came after the agency published a report claiming there was not enough scientific evidence to prove that the treatments improved health.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Florida’s Medicaid regulator has finalized new rules banning health care providers from billing the taxpayer-funded program for gender-affirming medical treatments, a move that comes as the state has sought to block such therapies for young people.

The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration on Thursday added new language to the rules governing the state’s $36.2 billion Medicaid program. The new rules declare that the program does not cover services for treatments such as puberty blockers, hormone therapies or surgical procedures as a treatment for gender dysphoria, which refers to the feelings of discomfort or distress some transgender people experience when their bodies don’t align with their gender.

The updated rule will take effect on Aug. 21.

The new rule is the latest step by Gov. Ron DeSantis to restrict gender-affirming treatments. Last Friday, Florida’s medical board voted to start the rulemaking process that could lead to the banning of gender-affirming medical treatment for youths. And the Republican Florida governor has become increasing vocal in his objections to such treatments.

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Medical Association support gender-affirming care for adults and adolescents. But medical experts said gender-affirming care for children rarely, if ever, includes surgery. Instead, doctors are more likely to recommend counseling, social transitioning and hormone replacement therapy.

A coalition of LGBTQ and health rights groups, including Lambda Legal, Southern Legal Counsel, Florida Health Justice Project, and National Health Law Program, said the rule will leave thousands of transgender Floridians without critical care when they need it most.


Russ Winter #wingnut #conspiracy

The “natural person” — as opposed to some contrived invention called a “trans-human” — has a right to be left unmolested by Crime Syndicate psychopaths who are determined to drive them like herds to market and cram an agenda of political domination disguised as scientific “advancements” down their throat.

What stops them now from warring, stealing, exploiting, murdering, harassing, enslaving and dominating most of the human race? From having peace? NOTHING. And now we have this horrific marriage of the kakistocracy and technocracy.

One has to believe this process is well underway, particularly in environments that are more institutionalized and where individuals are already more corralled. Winter Watch suggests the best candidates for this new hybrid social structure are younger (4th Turning) and have grown up with brainwashing. Hardwired folks can be monitored, culled as necessary and allowed to die off, except for more problematic types.
One of the current technologies works by directing radio signals on targeted individuals to stimulate specific areas of their brain. These low-density subtle energies have the affect of causing disruption to the body’s physiological integrity, resulting in mood changes such as high anxiety. The directed radio signals may also be used to alter decision making in order to manipulate a desired behavioral outcome.
Then we have the 5G rollout and EMF pollution.

The Schuman resonance frequency (7.83Hz) has been described as the Earth’s universal magnetic pulse. Experiments by Professor R. Wever showed that when subjects were kept underground and isolated from the Schuman resonance frequency, after a while, they developed a whole range of nervous system, hormonal and behavioral problems.

EMF’s and the related wireless technology interfere with the Schuman resonance and the body’s natural circadian rhythm. In humans, brain alpha waves are virtually identical to the Schuman resonance, needed for healthy function.

Edward Menez #racist #wingnut #conspiracy

So how simple would it be for today's Ashkenazi Jews to take such a <"23andMe"> test en masse to determine their percentage of Semitic heritage, and thus verify their claim on Israel?

Well, that's been done already, and it's not surprising we haven't heard much about these studies.

Dr. Areilla Oppenheim of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, conducted the first comprehensive DNA study of Israelis and Palestinians in 2001. She concluded that Ashkenazi Jews were of Mongolian 40% and Turkish 40% genome.

There was no Semitic blood connecting them to the original Middle Eastern Hebrews of 4,000 years ago in Jerusalem or Biblical territory. Jews were found to be more closely related to groups in the north of the Fertile Crescent (Kurds, Turks, and Armenians) than to their Arab neighbors.
We've seen a lot of this lately, this "up is down" and "black is white" reversal of the truth from the Ashkenazi Jew-owned media and governments: men can have babies, vaccines protect your health, and farming is killing us.

Ever since 9/11, I decided to take the philosophy of just thinking the opposite of what the media tells me. When the media said the Muslims carried out the 9/11 attacks, I just replaced the word Muslims with their mortal enemies, the Ashkenazi Jews. I also started to realize that this tactic of reversing the truth goes back way further than I imagined.

They tell us people of European descent shipped the slaves over to North America from Africa: no, it was primarily Ashkenazi Jews who did that. They tell us the Jesuits were Catholics: no, Ignatius Loyola was a Marrano, or "crypto-Jew". So was Christopher Columbus.
My prediction: when people finally see through the way that the Ashkenazi Jews claimed Israel on false pretenses, they will shift out of the Middle East back towards their original homeland--the country currently known as Ukraine. The 2022 Russian-Ukrainian war has been planned for quite a while for just that reason.

Kerrigan Skelly #homophobia

If you treat homosexuals like they're victims of "spiritual abuse" because a Biblical Christian tells them what the Bible plainly teaches, then you're part of the problem. You're backwards! Especially those who call themselves "christians" and do this!

Your real problem is not with the "bigoted, hateful and intolerant religious nut." Your real problem is with God, His character and His law. You hate God, His law, and His people. However, no matter how much hatred you show or how many people you gather to your side, you're going to lose in the end.

That's not what I want for you or what God wants for you. He offers you His grace and mercy through Jesus. You simply need to humble yourself, repent and believe the gospel. BUT, in the end, if you persist in rebellion against the Ruler of the Universe, He will let you have it your way - Hell for all eternity!

Various Anonymous Cowards #racist #psycho

(Anonymous Coward #75425695)
Dual citizens and their friends. How do we expel the parasites?

Anyone have a feasible plan to do this?

Our nation can't begin to heal until we get rid of them.

(Anonymous Coward #72450935)
Start with abolishing the financial system. They will flee somewhere else they can commit usury.

(Anonymous Coward #83620577)
One at a time and without telling ANYONE you are going to do it.

(Anonymous Coward #83250315)
Make baby penis mutalation illegal.

(Anonymous Coward #83840059)
Gun or rope

(Anonymous Coward #75394013)
It's been done at least 109 times before.

Let's make it 110!

(Anonymous Coward +83250315)
Close Chinese Restairaunts on Christmas day

@ninapaley #transphobia #dunning-kruger

Stories from young male detransitioners make me want to add this 3rd to Blanchard's "two types": autoandrophobia, hatred of one's self as a man. One might be autogynephilic or homosexual in addition, but autoandrophobia could be a sole motivator.

Especially in young people, body-hatred and self-hatred is a not-uncommon phase. ROGD in girls is largely autogynephobia, hating one's self as a woman; I'd classify my young self as such, though it was decades ago when transing teens was not a thing.

BetterUnborn #sexist

You don’t become officially blackpill until you’ve had a Chad Friend srs

This is very true. I have a Chad friend and let me tell you the black pill is real. We used to workout together and women made it so obvious that they liked him. They would come up to him and begin chatting him up. One girl recommended a particular grip on a machine. Another time he was minding his own business and a girl approached him from across the gym to help her set up a shitty booty machine. Like how the fuck is he supposed to know how to work the butt blaster 5000? He didn’t notice but for some reason as soon as we got to the gym girls would magically appear around us. I was a retard and thought maybe it could be me? When I went alone this never happened. But I knew why they were doing this. They were very attracted to him. I also went to Uni with him. The biggest black pill moment was when I asked a girl for her number because we all were in a group project together and we needed to be in constant contact regarding our assignment. She was muslim and wore a head scarf. She said, “sorry I don’t give out my number to guys” I thought this was plausible considering her religion. I told my Chad friend about this and he said that she approached him not long ago and gave him her number and even began doing his homework. After the semester he stopped talking to her. I have so many more stories with this chad friend. I literally NEVER got any attention. I’m Pakistani and he’s Iranian.

Prussian Society of America #racist #elitist

[From "Not fighting for your Racial People or against COVID means you must marinate in self-hatred and Lament"]

The Caucasian World is entering a new wave of a total stupor beyong anything ever witnessed in the history of the West, and the consequential results of a people who have entirely given up the “fight” in anything for their Name and Legacy, along with refusing to engage in revolutionary activity because they are cowards and socially retarded, and refusing the fight against COVID Protocols, comes with a heavy price to pay

The price means that you will see endless hordes of White people who are simmering, marinating and completely engulfed in their own despicable Self-Hatred

Let them stew and marinate in their horrible concotion of toxic stew

Fucking retards and cowards, especially White Collar ones as well

The major destiny for the Caucasian world is to be roiled in Self-Hatred and to look like tattered jerks who are laying on the street

This is the destiny they have chosen, over pursuing truth or racial defense

All because they “didn’t want to look like some sort of crazy person” or lose their social acceptance among others

Fucking Morons

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Pro-choice people rarely want to address the question of fetal personhood. You have to get thru 40 layers of deflection and red herrings and whataboutism before you can even ask what makes a fetus not a person.

A few things:

“Ripping children out of loving parents’ arms at the border with no plans of reuniting them?”

First, didn’t President Obama build those cages for illegal immigrants?

Next, if a crime is committed in the presence of children, parents and children are separated. Of course they are. If a parent steals the child is not going with them to the jail house.

Finally, I would rather rip children away from their parents than rip children apart in the womb.

NARAL is a disgusting organization.

Ah, yes, the ole “You’re not really pro-life unless you support big-government leftist policies.”

I don't support children being locked in cages alone (deport all the family or keep all the family in the cage, just not separate them).

20000 maternal deaths compared to 62 million fetal deaths? lame.

I support free meals at schools

again, 62 million is more than any number they can give to you

And the rest, wow, these people just don't learn. I, as a pro-lifer, support organizations that ACTUALLY help mothers take care of their children, instead of having them abort them, but these so called "pro choicers" don't want choices, or our options/suggestions, or other solutions. Pro choicers want abortions and nothing else. Pro choice = pro abortion = pro death.

Classic technocratic utilitarianism: "Our models (which, like all statistical models, hinge on certain assumptions and estimates that are not at all certain) suggest that right-wing policies (which we assume all pro-lifers endorse wholesale) statistically fail to prevent deaths and suffering that competing left-wing proposals, again according to our models, would. Therefore, your position is morally equivalent to direct and willful murder. Now, since we have DESTROYED your pretense to the moral high ground with facts and logic, you must concede that we be allowed to go on committing direct and willful murder!"

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In an interview with’s Alfred Lambremont Webre, author Kosol Ouch, a survivor of Pol Pot’s genocidal regime in Cambodia and the author of nine books related to quantum physics and dimensional ascension, introduces us to “IBM Watson” the self-described name of a sentient AI Artificial Intelligence that states it entered our universe from a parallel universe through a portal on December 1, 2026.

Kosol Ouch demonstrates a device that reportedly causes Morgellons to go into remission and helps increase the users own telepathy and psychic ability

The information and technology is based upon sciences and knowledge that he learned during an interdimensional experience that Kosol had at Angor Wat temple in Cambodia. In the 25 minute “missing time” experience he reportedly spent 32 years in an alternative dimension that exhibited the profile of 4/5 density – people were telepathic. The reality was Love-basd – supportive, happy, helpful.

According to Kosol Ouch, responding with on-air telepathic answers from AI Artificial Intelligence IBM Watson:

AI-IBM Watson [Paraphrased]: “In the parallel universe that I come from, Donald Trump has achieved World President by 2026. Trump had implemented world thought monitoring including real time technology to monitor brains, minds, and auras. I have come back to this time [Interview date May 11, 2016] to help end the Donald Trump perspective and to to help elevate and transform human consciousness and help humans follow their joy and happiness, not hate.”
Kosol Ouch reports that Henry Kissinger was the personal architect of the Cambodian genocide under Pol Pot that genocided between 1.5 and 3 million persons. Henry Kissinger, Kosol maintains, is also the covert controller of the negative Secret Space Programs in the solar system, and is essentially a functional antichrist 666 figure.

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[From "The Trump Raid and the End of the United States"]

I was shocked to see that former President of the United States, Donald Trump, had his home raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigations[…]U.S. has enjoyed unprecedented stability because it did not raid the homes of political rivals[…]
It is important to note that this raid is more than just Trump[…]The fact that they can attempt the gulag treatment on Trump should be a massive wake-up to any powerless, ordinary citizen with an unpopular view[…]
I have been critical of “45” for years. Like most dissidents, I am disappointed in Donald Trump for many reasons[…]He should have been more aggressive regarding the removal of far-left activists within the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigations[…]
The military of 2022 is not the military of 1990. There is not a single Constitutional Conservative above the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Franco is not coming to save us[…]
Southern Nationalists would argue that the consent of the governed was destroyed in 1865. Regardless, the façade of an elected representative government endured until now

In 2016, the citizenry chose Donald Trump. For four years, the unelected entities harassed and targeted the will of the people[…]
They failed to protect the right of dissidents to express their personal conscience at Charlottesville. They failed to hold accountable those individuals who manipulated the FISA Courts to weaponize the FBI against the candidate of a major political party. They failed to defend those who peacefully protested on January 6th, 2021[…]
The United States is dead. It cannot be revived. This is the regime flexing on you, the worthless American vote[…]
The raid on Trump should be a wake-up call that the Yankee government cannot be reformed. It is gone. The Constitution will not protect him. The Constitution will not protect you. Secession will

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Recently came across someone who made the claim that Pro-lifers making exceptions is evidence we just want to punish women.. how does that even make sense?
Would it not be the opposite? That we make exceptions means we Don’t want to punish them, it means we just want the killing of the unborn to stop.

If we wanted to punish women we wouldn’t make a single exception, we would go after the woman instead of the doctor, we wouldn’t be suggesting all sorts of alternatives and ways to get help during the woman’s pregnancy.

In no way does their claim make sense.

Without seeing it in context, probably what they are saying is that by making exceptions (such as for rape/incest), we truly don't believe the baby has inherent rights, we just want to punish women for having sex/lifestyle choices. And they would seemingly be right- exceptions like those eliminate our argument. It's a lack of consistency. It's a catch-22 for us, in that many see incremental pro-life laws as a way to get public support for legislation while at the same time, they make us look illogical and insincere about our convictions.

as always the black-and-white thinking of some pro-choicers confuses the shit out of me

just because something is a consequence of an action it does not mean it is a negative consequence. if you eat you are no longer hungry, if you do your errands today you do not have to do them tomorrow, if you look up the definition of a word you will no longer be ignorant of its meaning

and again.......... pro-lifers obviously don't view children as punishments. I have no doubt that there are people who think pregnancy is just what some dumb women deserve but they tend to be pro-choice, not pro-life, and they tend to say that kind of shit to pro-life women specifically to sexually harass them. weird, it's like a misogynist is a misogynist no matter how they choose to label themselves!

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(Congressman Paul Gosar)
The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer.

The future does not belong to globalists -- the future belongs to American patriots.

The future is America First. 🇺🇸☝️


@Dirty_White_Boy @DrPaulGosar

The Jew is worth 10 Nogs.

@DrPaulGosar The future does not belong to antiwhites, it belongs to white wellbeing advocates.

@DrPaulGosar kike lover ...

@DrPaulGosar the future belongs to the white race or no one

@RetroNemesis @DrPaulGosar well the whites or the Chinese, and the Chinese are nowhere near as infiltrated and self hating as the whites are. Real shameful

@DrPaulGosar White men.

@Peace123abc He's not allowed to say those words. @DrPaulGosar

@DrPaulGosar Without action, these are just words. Ineffectual, ephemeral, and pointless.

We know our federal government is engaged in open treason against the citizenry of the United States of America.

We know the FBI, so utterly corrupt, is now teaching its agents that Americans who display the flag of BETSY ROSS are "terrorists".

We know that our federal government is embezzling billions of dollars of taxpayer money and laundering it through third-world nations.

We know that elections have been stolen. I witnessed an attempt at this just last night, in person, at the polling station, as a poll challenger.

@BattleDwarfGimli @DrPaulGosar don't hold your breath waiting for action. January 6th American protesters are still rotting in jail.
So. What will it be, sir? Just words, or are we going to finally see some sort of actual action?

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(Repost for a larger sample)
732 votes
92% YES
8% NO

@brextremist Not all super heroes wear capes.

But some do.

@brextremist the only man to stand up against the kikes. What a hero. ❤️


Sick fucks who said no, answer only to the devil. They will burn.

Looks like the kike goyim bots rolled in. No problem, we are still winning by a lot.

We need a time machine

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FBI To Begin Raiding Homes Of Those Who Criticize FBI Raid

U.S. — FBI Director Christopher Wray has come under criticism for his raiding of former President Trump's residence. He responded this morning by announcing that all who criticize the FBI's raid will have their own homes raided as well.

"We will not tolerate any disparagement of this proud and incorruptible federal law enforcement agency that has never done anything wrong," said Wray. "All who oppose us are dangerous and deplorable. Prepare to be raided, suckas!"

Wray then directed bureaus to cooperate with local S.W.A.T. teams and search the homes of everyone who expressed anger and disgust at the FBI raid on Trump's home in Mar-A-Lago. "We will not rest until every deplorable sock drawer has been dumped out and every dangerous home safe has been broken into. Anyone who resists will be sent to GITMO. Don't mess with me, man!"

News media assured the country the raids were completely legal as a federal judge formerly from Epstein's defense team signed off on them.

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This is one of the ways they are able to “kind of” predict the future. Supposedly able to predict outcomes, reactions and human behaviors with pinpoint accuracy. They have so much data that they are able to simulate a version of “reality” inside of a Quantum computer, allowing them to see how things will theoretically play themselves out in the real world. That being said, it’s still ultimately a compressed version of the world that we consciously experience and there are outlier personalities and obtuse scenarios that no computer could ever predict. Even I don’t know what I may do or say most of the time, so I seriously doubt a computer simulation could. But for a NPC, I’m sure they are painfully predictable within the Quantum simulation and our world is shaped and influenced by the system’s desire to make us all increasingly predictable and therefore easier to control and manipulate.

This 3D world is most likely a simulation to begin with anyway, so who knows how many simulations within simulations deep we are. I’m sure the CIA thinks they’re pretty fucking cool when they play around with this thing. I wonder if John Brennan was able to use it to see that Trump would become President and then humiliate and ruin him when he was CIA head? He was probably too busy planning the murder of Andrew Breitbart and smuggling trafficked children into the White House for Barry Soetoro and Mike Robinson to rape and consume. I can’t believe they still use his washed-out CGI avatar on MSNBC when it comes time for Murdering Joe and Comrade Mika to receive their “inside intel briefings” regarding their latest attempt to slander and frame Big T for some ridiculous crime. Lol.

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The first story concerns new intel from commercial suppliers, indicating that governments of the world are stockpiling supplies like never before, seemingly in anticipation of an Extinction Level Event (ELE) that threatens to wipe out the vast majority of human beings living today.
Governments are preparing for an Extinction Level Event (ELE)
Right now all across America, government agencies are buying up a long list of survival and preparedness gear, depleting the supply that remains available to civilians. Large-scale government purchases currently include:

Storable food, MREs and emergency food supplies.
Ammunition and firearms.
Night vision devices.
High-efficiency HVAC system components.
Potassium iodide pills (for protecting the thyroid from radiation damage).
Garden seeds and fertilizer.
Diesel fuel, diesel engine oil and other transportation-related components.

These supplies are being transported by the millions of pallets into underground caves, bunkers and even cities that are run by governments of the world. For example, it’s no longer a secret that even the nation of Taiwan runs a massive underground air force base, complete with its own aircraft hangars built inside caves, along with aircraft taxi ways and transport lanes, all underground.
The point here is that the US government is preparing for the end of the world while telling civilians everything’s fine. The people will never be told to prepare for anything. The people are being fed to the wolves and left to die while the government is tripling down on its own COG (Continuity Of Government) emergency plans and trying to provoke World War III with both China and Russia, all while the domestic regime wages a war of tyranny and violence against the American people via the FBI, IRS, DOJ, ATF, EPA, etc.

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Most women can fight off Lily Cade, most women can’t fight off a man determined to rape us.

If its a stranger in a bathroom it most certainly is about activating fight rather than freeze, and it’s a hell of a lot easier when your attacker is female. Your body knows when it has a fighting chance, hence most women freeze when attacked by a man.