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So the Gay Patriot account is back on Twitter and one of its first tweets was, "Is it too much to ask that the #LGBTQ activists vocally denounce grooming and pedophilia?

"Why won’t they?"

But it is too much to ask. They cannot denounce grooming and remain LGBT. They are no more allowed to speak out than black leaders were allowed to condemn BLM.
LGBT rights are a myth. LGBT rights are rules for living if you are gay, trans or whatever. You surrender your rights when you join LGBT. Conformity means never speaking your mind again. Instead, you chant the slogan of the day, which for this month is Don't say gay!

To be an LGBT, one must keep up with the latest news. Thou dare not speak ill of the groomers. Instead, they dump all their vile disgust on J.K. Rowling because she dared to say women menstruate. Yes, the grievances promoted by LGBT leaders are that fundamentally stupid.

In exchange for turning your life over to the movement, you get to bully Christians into baking the cake at your wedding.

Mike King #transphobia #fundie

You see, boys and girls, because these mentally confused queers can't actually produce their own children -- they need to groom and corrupt yours! That's what this is all about. But of course, were it only the 1% of boy-girls and girl-boys that we had to worry about, there actually wouldn't be much to be concerned over. Low level sickos can be contained and the "tolerant" non-queers who enable them can be re-conditioned. It's the "elite" cultural assassins injecting this poison into the nation's veins while protecting and exalting the demon-possessed trannies and "non-binaries" who need to be called out for this abomination -- and then beaten to death in packed sports arenas across America.

Poking fun at these misfits is all well and good -- as is HATING them when they take it a step further and try to corrupt innocent children. But unless and until more FOXtard "conservative" types start pointing the finger upwards, toward the real culprits, this cultural cancer will never abate. We'll wrap this up with a pair of power-packed quotes -- from two high historical personages who were in a position to know the game -- which tell us in a 2+2 manner all we need to know about the LGBT mass mania now afflicting so many young people.

Enoch B. Petrucelly #magick #mammon

In The Black Witch, you’ll learn:

A full-length dictionary of the demonic tongue
A masterful guide to the Outlander Demons
An astral map of the Stellar Outland Gateways
A full grimoire of possession & evocation rites
Live demonstrations of calls, incantations, evocations, conjurations & spells in the tongue
The 100% true stories of how I received this infernal tongue & discovery of new magick with it

The Complete Black Witch - only $179
How in the hell did I — a weight-lifting “meathead”, a completely “ordinary” male witch as far as I know — inherit a universally accessible demonic tongue from Lucifer the Enlightener a.k.a. the Light Bearer? If you asked me this question eight years ago, I would have shrugged, called you “crazy” and even called it “impossible.” I would have called myself a “liar.”

But the REAL truth might surprise you…

Here, I will tell you the secret reason why Lucifer gave The Daemon Tongue to me.

Why did Lucifer channel The Daemon Tongue to ME in ritual gnosis?
Because I asked for it.

Let me mirror this question back at YOU now.

Why have YOU not inherited a Qliphothic tongue from Lucifer?
Because you have probably never asked for it.

I suspect that I have inherited this tongue mainly because I ASKED to receive it early on in my Qliphothic Gnosis, and symbol by symbol, sound by sound, I channeled this glyphic language and accompanied rituals into my Book of Shadows over several years — this Book of Shadows transformed into a master-grimoire, The Black Witch.
The Daemon Tongue is aesthetically similar in feel to the Enochian Angelic Language. It is not however angelic, but innately demonic and universal. It is a revealed language insofar as it was received by me glyph by glyph directly from Lucifer in ritual gnosis over several years. Furthermore, it is a practical Language in that it expresses power in a practical sense, not a social sense. It exists to perform demonic magick literally, not necessarily to socialize with demons conversationally.

SwordfishNo4689 #homophobia

They are human so their human rights will not be taken away.

Gay people can do whatever they want, but it gets on my nerves when they demand to be married (maybe even in church, please leave the church out of it) and teach kids at school that it‘s normal and okay to be gay, lesbian or trans or whatever. Leave the kids out of it.

These people always existed and they deserve respect like everybody else. But they should’t call their union marriage, and especially leave the catholic church in peace, and they should’t force everybody to accept their lifestyle.

By the way, what they do in private I don‘t care.

Various Commenters #wingnut #fundie #racist

Good morning. America is still here and Jesus is still on the throne. Thousands of babies have already been saved since the overturning of Roe. 🙏

@wendyrogersaz Thousands more are being killed and maimed by vaccines. The ones peole actually want.

@wendyrogersaz thousands of nigger babies and other shitskins. Whites had the least number of abortions. So now we'll be overrun by every third world shitskin.

@wendyrogersaz Millions are still part of the genocide. Our neighbor is killing babies one by one and it is our fault for not trying to stop it. Blue states are not part of humanity, much less part of America. Our ancestors just two generations ago would have gone over there and put a stop to the genocide.
Instead we have walked away from “the hill we will die on” just because the feds decided to throw us a bone…

@wendyrogersaz true. But why have you gone silent on the election fraud?! You made a bunch of noise about it to gain popularity for yourself, then done. That would make you a fake as well. That's too bad!

Here in reality, we Americans are wondering why you maga rinos can't Name the Jew?

The Jews in the nations highest offices Name the every 5 seconds, non-stop. Bullshit lies from a fraudulent FBI's bullshit statistics.

If your constituents want their bodies busted up for their ticket to paradise, then stick around...the Jesus scenario is about to happen to them.

@wendyrogersaz gas the jews


Wendy what do you think about the Jews and abortion being a religious right to them?

I bet you will never say the words White or jew

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[From "Happy Dominion Day"]

It's Dominion Day again, the day that we celebrate the British for coming to this basically empty continent, ending the savage practices on the land which had uniquely been unchanged since the Ice Age, conquering the despicable French who thought having a decent wine selection made them a legitimate culture, and creating the bountiful lands we see before us

I know, I know, a useless tit of a Liberal renamed it Canada Day and as you'll recall from last week more useless tits with Liberal memberships in their fellow poofter's asses want to rename it yet again

As always though we stand ready to celebrate our great British Colony and everything it achieved (and mourning the few things it failed)

Danish Anon #dunning-kruger #elitist #racist #wingnut


“the bottom girl is Korean not Japanese”

And the white girl is from where? Were her ancestors even in the US when slavery was still allowed? Literally proving the point of the image. Half of white ethnics in the US like poles and Slavs weren’t even in the country when slavery was happening, but they get the guilt trip anyway.

They dont Care. If you look like whatever they imagine any european to look like you get blamed for whatever a similar looking person or people in history did. They Will blame a lightskinned arab or italian for slave ownership in africa unless they are told its not a fucking British American.

American idiots do not believe there is such a thing as different europeans either, we are all the same to them. I have literally been told by americans that germans are not a particular people but simply a country. And if i dare say that a spaniard and a german are not exactly the same, but are different groups who are both fine and everything, then i am guilty of nazism and oh i am saying aryans and oh this leads to ww3.

See you Think americans are just pretending to be retarded to fuck with you or something, no they mean it haha.

It’s funny because if koreans and japanese were invading eachother, these redditors would be scolding whoever was invaded and saying they are identical. Face it reddit, the only reason you even bothered to look up which asian type the Girl was was to have a gotcha on the meme because the content annoyed you.

You dont Care what type of asian anyone is. Same with africans, these redditors do not Care what type of african you are. They dont Care what type of european you are, you all identical and replaceable with any other.

This racial indifference is almost worse than hating a particular people, because eventhough that is horrible and should be prevented, atleast you acknowledge they exist and are a particular people!

So, with all due respect. please NEVER consult an american about ANYTHING about race, history or politics. They don't know what they are talking about.

DabblingDonkey #wingnut

You’re entitled to your beliefs, as I am to mine. I don’t believe a fetus is a life; it’s a potential life.

Yes, in the same way that slave owners and the Third Reich chose to define personhood to justify their goals, you are doing the same.

I do believe that school children are actual living, breathing humans and as such shouldn’t be randomly shot up in schools. If you don’t like abortion, just ignore it like you ignore school shootings. It’s the price to pay to keep your guns, right?

We are bound by constitutional laws which clearly outline how the laws operate surrounding this issue.

Lisa Renee #magick #ufo #crackpot #conspiracy

In the Guardian use of the term Moloch, it is used to describe receptacles on the Astral Plane that operate as battery tanks for harvested Loosh, which is generally sexual in nature. Moloch tanks are used by the NAA forces to collect and store human sexual energy as a battery source, generally the tanks are more specialized as sourcing from the consciousness bodies of molested children, which is the real purpose that is behind the promotion of legalizing pedophilic practices. Large amounts of sexual energy is harvested from sexual ritual or Blood Sacrifice ritual killing in order to direct that collective energetic force from the victims for the purpose of widespread Satanic Ritual Abuse carried out by Black Magicians which is designed for influencing the direction of the planetary Timelines towards serving the negative Controller agenda. The process of stealing consciousness energy from many people who are unaware that they are being used in this way, is to gain control over others minds and perceptions of the outer reality and is called Sorcery or Black Magic. The Power Elite are a small group of people who conjure an assortment of Black Magic through dark rituals such as the sacrifices made to Moloch, that are used for maintaining direct contact with the NAA. Moloch is one of the most important loosh harvesting systems for the NAA because it comprises the most desired form of human based collective energy, which is sexual energy siphoned from the human's sexual organs.
Moloch is a quality of collected sexual energy that is bound to the Astral Plane via gestalts of negative spiritual attachments or demonic entities that are most commonly interspersed within the Baphomet collective consciousness field that is used to power up the Black Magic Grids. This means that on planet earth, the Black Magicians have a special planetary grid set up exclusively for their use in spreading Satanic forces through access of the Baphomet field during SRA practices.

Wayne J. Bush #crackpot #conspiracy #magick #quack

Energy. Life force. We all need it to live. Life feeds upon life. The so called circle of life. The life cycle where creatures age and die (and are born again and again). The food chain. But where does all this energy come from? Cells within cells within cells in a fractal, holographic array or matrix.

From worm to sperm and back again to worms? At a more microscopic level we burn energy from our body cells where it is stored. Each cell in our body is a living organism in its own right and is powered by its mitochondria. So just who is in charge of us? Our brain cells? Or maybe even parasites within us? There's a war going on inside of us every minute of every day.
The Gnostics called the Chief Archon a delusional false god of this world, a sort of mind and energy parasite. He was depicted as a serpent with the head of a lion, and is sometimes depicted as a worm. Could it be that these titan ancient astronauts came from other dimensions or outer space to seed life here on Earth? Some scientists believe in panspermia and that a virus or microorganisms from outer space seeded and contaminated life here whether from a meterorite or comet. Some scientists believe we crawled out of the ocean and evolved from wriggling worm-like sea creatures. Whether or not that is true, we do in a sense evolve from a worm-like sperm in our mother's womb to eventually become humans.
But there is no denying we live every day washing our bodies with soap and water to keep them free from disease. We also rinse off and cook our food. From archaeon to archon. From egg to ego. From cell to self. From gamete to gamer. Or is it the other way around? Which came first? The ego or the egg? The gamer enters the game. This all begs the question: can we go from parasites to paradise?

The Gnostics wrote about archons that parasite our energy. The Chief archon they called the demiurge. He steals our light-power. But in the end he will fail and we shall be triumphant.

Patrick Bellringer #crackpot #conspiracy #magick #transphobia #wingnut

Greetings to all souls. It is at this time that I have requested to have Anne open a message to all souls. I pin-point my message to all souls especially upon Mother Earth, for the LIE under which all souls upon Earth have lived has destroyed most of the valuable history that the Dark Ones have tried to erase.
Their evil goal was to educate the children that there is no difference between a male and female, and that men can birth a child just like a women, Their evil agenda is to teach it is almost imperative the change one’s sex, and that boys and girls must use the same bathroom and have no privacy. In essence it is a horrible mess.

The 4th of July is no different. If you were to ask anyone on the street, let alone a young person, and ask them “Why do we celebrate the th of July? You would be surprised at the answers.

They would say most likely, that it a time to shoot those fire works and to blow them up days before …probably the biggest and loudest ones they could find. History of the U.S.? Are you kidding? Even the adults have no concept of American History, the Declaration of Independence or the struggle the 13 colonies that were under “the thumb” of England and taxed to death. They had come to America for freedom, but in essence they were the slave-people of the British Empire.
According to the Phoenix Journals, the men were in argument because of the threat to them by the British Empire. Confusion rang throughout the room and there was a hesitancy on the part of many to sign the document. Suddenly a man appeared on the balcony and shouted at them with these words: “For God’s Sake men, sign the Document!!” His voice rang out with clarity and the earnest plea to sign that Document! The men immediately signed the Document! Who was this stranger?

It was St. Germain!!
America has a great history. The Dark Ones of Satan have tried to erase such a grand history, but the whole truth has been recorded and it us in the great Akashic Records.

James Fullord #fundie #conspiracy #crackpot #racist #dunning-kruger

“First they came for”— in the classic formulation—all the symbols of specifically Southern Heritage, flags, statues, cemeteries, street names, college names, the names of U.S. Army forts, everything like that.

At the same time, Anti-Americans were also attacking George Washington (white Southerner, slaveowner) Jefferson (ditto, plus the lie about Sally Hemings) and, in the frenzy after the death of George Floyd, even Abraham Lincoln’s statues were being overturned and burned.

Blacks have long considered themselves a separate anti-Nation—“Lift Every Voice And Sing,” the so-called Black National Anthem, has been around so long, its original nickname was the “Negro National Anthem.” It’s actually a Christian hymn, and as such would be banned from public performance at schools, commencement ceremonies, and football games—if the Christophobic laws against hymns, prayers, or Christmas carols were enforced against blacks.

Blacks have also now got their own Black Independence Day—“Juneteenth,” now as prominent a national holiday as Martin Luther King’s Birthday is and as George Washington’s Birthday…isn’t. (We’re supposed to call it “Presidents Day.”)

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I just bought @mattwalshblog children's book #JohnnyTheWalrus because the psychos are melting down about *everything*! Matt's book, #LibsOfTikTok, #ElonMusk ... it's absolutely delicious! I can't wait to get back on #Twitter and help the #Twittertards lose their collective 💩.
NOTE: If you click on the little Board book square, it's suddenly available. I also left a five-star review.

Brenda Power #transphobia

Why women are right to defend their Terf

The invitation was mysteriously vague: would I be interested in attending an event that may or may not be happening, but would certainly include food? They had me at food, so I asked for more details. It'd be something like the event JK Rowling organised recently in London, came the reply. No need then for further explanation of the cloak-and-dagger tactics, and I was definitely in.

Since she queried the use of the term “people who menstruate” in preference to “women”, the Harry Potter author has been deemed transphobic - literally meaning a form of mental illness causing an irrational fear or hatred of trans people. She has also been subjected to abuse, death threats and attempts to erase her from the franchise she created.

Rowling recently hosted a lunch in London for a group of likeminded women, including some who had been “cancelled” and lost employment for their views. Women who believe that biological sex is immutable, and that being a woman is more than a costume to be donned or a feeling in a man’s head, are now called Terfs, or trans-exclusionary radical feminists. I was essentially being invited to a Terf event.

The location was kept secret until the last minute, and I won’t identify it for fear of a backlash against the very nice restaurant which took a chance on hosting 60 or more Terfs last Saturday week. When a woman carrying a placard stating “Woman = Adult Human Female” turned up at that sad National Women’s (People’s?) Council rally at the Dail last March, she was verbally abused by a group, including a large number of men, and asked to leave. You don’t want to draw those guys on a blameless restaurant, or indeed a group of women having lunch, so everyone respected the vow of omerta.

The guest of honour at the lunch was Helen Joyce, an editor at The Economist and author of Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality. In her brief speech she compared the trans ideology to Japanese knotweed: it has infiltrated every part of our lives when we weren’t looking.


Aggravating-peach1 #wingnut

The only one dismantling the Constitution is the leftist scumbag Communists like you who have taken over the country without firing a single shot because the Republicans have faltered.....the only thing that stands between you cramming your Godless Careless self destructive ways down all of our throats is people like me and others..... Abortion ban is going to go nationwide the call for it from the right grows every day sooner then later it will happen and when we win the gov next year and this year in November you will be rolled over like a friggin freight train and we will get it done ...

So if I shouldn't shove my godless beliefs all of your throats why is it okay for you to shove yours down mine??

Also abortion was legally protected and you were fine. Nobody forced you to get an abortion, nobody stole your baby. You got to make the decision to have it. It literally didn't affect you at all did it?

That's called personal freedom. It's currently being repealed

Slavery was also legally protected too and look what happened with that? Not everything that was ever legally protected was have what they call a legal bias...You think just because it's legal it's right....just because Florida has a stand your ground law and you can literally shoot someone in the face you think is threatening your life weather they show you a gun or not is it right? Fuck no it can be manipulated so that you can kill and that law needs a little work.... idk if it's updated or not since the Zimmermann case but at one point that's how it was and that's how that bastard got away with it the first time.....was it right? No but was it legal at the time yes.....

zay b #sexist

I’ve learned that it is not a good Return on investment if she’s over 25. Ignoring the obvious point of looks. I’ll start with mindset. Why are you still unmarried past 25? Have you been sleeping around and messing with bad boys? Do you not value marriage and motherhood until after you’ve had your fun? That’s not what I want me wife to be of.
2. Women put in a mask after 26 when they don’t have kids/husband. They will pretend to be the best GF ever then once you marry or she gets pregnant the true side comes out because she’s comfortable and thinks you can’t go any where, I’ve see. This happen to every man I know personally who married a woman between 26-33.
3. Physicality, let’s say you gain 30lbs during pregnancy. That weight will melt off a 21 year old, 30 years old good luck. Your stuck with that from then on and it gets worse over time especially if she feels you are locked down.

It’s just not a good investment, you wouldn’t buy a used car for new car price

Pahlavan #sexist #wingnut #conspiracy #pratt

A fetus is a human and has the same rights. We prosecute people who malaciously leave their babies to die - why are abortionists any different? Every human being deserves life. And if "bodily autonomy" is so sacred, why the bodily autonomy of the baby is not respected as it's harvested for organs? That's right. The industry of elective infanticide has to get it's resources somehow. So don't sweat it if your "friend" blocked you; you're better off without them.

Edmund_Kemper #sexist

The hypocrisy of society's panic over abortion laws when they tell us "sex is nothing important".

Just use birth control or get a vasectomy (unless you're poor ofc). Or move to another state. Or just don't have sex. But when you bring up that LAST argument, these same PATHETIC HUMANS say:

But WE NEED TO HAVE SEX!!!!11 Sexuality is a big part of who we are and we need to assert our sexuality and its not fair we can't have sexual pleasure because we can't have sex if we wanna avoid pregnancy but will worry about becoming pregnant if we do have sex!!!!11

But hey wait a minute? I thought you fucking humans said sex is nothing important and that there's more to life than sex. I THOUGHT YOU GODDAMN FUCKERS SAID THAT WE SHOULD FOCUS ON OTHER THINGS IN LIFE TO FIND HAPPINESS. I THOUGHT YOU SAID THAT YOU FUCKING HYPOCRITICAL HUMANS!!!


If abortion rights is simply about the right to choose, YOUR SATISFACTORY SEX LIFE SHOULD NOT BE RELEVANT AND SHOULD BE THE LEAST OF YOUR ISSUES. You do NOT just tell us sex is nothing important in life when we NEVER fucking had it meanwhile you're bitching about worrying about pregnancy while actually having sex which deters pleasure or not being able to have sex despite having it many times in your life because you fear pregnancy.


If women don't orgasm as much as men, feminists call this inequality and started campaigns and articles about making women orgasm more. but men being more likely to be virgins later in life or suffer involuntary celibacy is ignored.

f humans cannot fuck or cannot fuck without worrying about pregnancy at least, this is a tragedy.

but when involuntary celibates complain about never having sex or even a RELATIONSHIP for that matter, society tells us these things are nothing important in life

@peterpower & @waronwoke #wingnut #sexist


spoilermeme with two people, a woman depicted as being dressed as a handmaid from “The Handmaid's Tale” and a chad.
Chad: “we should stop abortions”
woman:”you want to rape me”
chad: “what?”
woman: “you want to imprison me and put me in a costume and have high status men impregnate me”
chad: “w…what?”
woman:*panting*”their wives will hold my wrists…”
woman:”…while they drive themselves deep into my fertile womb!!”
chad goes away

Margaret Atwood wouldnt dare touch Islam. Instead attacks Christianity from 100s of years ago.

Congressman Paul Gosar & Various Commenters #wingnut

(Congressman Paul Gosar)
:gab: ➡️ @DrPaulGosar

2011-2019 AND RECEIVED
2016-2018. WHO'S THE

@DrPaulGosar We can make more babies now.

spoilerIf you wanted to destroy
a race without killing it
directly, you would ...
Promote race mixing
Promote homosexuality
Promote feminism
Promote divorce
Promote the use of birth control
Promote abortion rights
Promote sex with dolls
Promote 'Men Go Their Own Way'
Promote the irrelevance of the family
Teach them that race does not exist
Teach them to feel ashamed of their heritage
Push for mass immigration into their lands
Call them racists when they defend themselves

@DrPaulGosar Yeah, well it's true. I wanted women to have "safe legal and rare" but the commies all want to be hoes. I am "classical liberal" but abortion is the death of a human life and I won't deny it. It can't be turned into carte-blanche excuse for killing a baby just because a woman doesn't want to be a mother. "Babies are good!" - that should be the slogan of the Right for a few years. Only sick commie scumbags want it to be easy to kill a child.

@DrPaulGosar Abortion is MURDER for profit.

@DrPaulGosar Conservatives always get trashed by the lowlife leftists. I am so happy SCOTUS overturned Roe vs Wade. Praying that our elections will be secure this fall. If cheating takes place again, we have to stop them once and for all. Their bullying tactics have ruined so many honest brave people.

Jackson Hinkle #wingnut #moonbat #conspiracy

📨 Official correspondence to the associates of President Ramzan Kadyrov, Head of the Chechen Republic

My name is Jackson Hinkle and I am an American political commentator living in Los Angeles, California. My YouTube channel, The Dive with Jackson Hinkle, focuses on international news & the Special Military Operation in Donbass, has 123,000+ subscribers & garners over 10+ million views per month. I am reaching out because I would like to conduct an honest & fair interview with Ramzan Kadyrov, President of the Chechen Republic, about his views on the battle against fascist Banderites in Donbass, the senseless Western economic war against the Russian Federation, and the rise of Russia in the new multipolar world order.

For years, the mainstream media in the West has made millions of dollars off of selling lies about President Ramzan Kadyrov & the Chechen Republic. They are now propagandizing the American public yet again through lies that attempt to hide the Donbass genocide carried out by Ukrainian Nazis since 2014, erase the NATO provocation that sparked this battle in Donbass, and blame the Russian military for inexcusable Ukrainian war crimes carried out in regions such as Bucha, Slavyansk, Mariupol, Donetsk, and Kramatorsk. As President Ramzan Kadyrov himself has said, “The most striking and distinctive feature of our troops is concern for civilians.”
The West needs to hear the truth.

President Ramzan Kadyrov and his brothers fighting in Donbass have shown unparalleled courage and dedication in the fight against fascism and their story needs to be shared with a Western audience — I hope to make this happen. Since the start of the Special Military Operation in Donbass, I have diligently reported on the brave soldiers of the Russian Federation who have fulfilled the tasks assigned by President Vladimir Putin in liberating city after city, freeing innocent civilians from the likes of Aidar, Azov, and other Banderites. My audience would greatly appreciate the insight that President Kadyrov could give into the ongoing situation in Donbass.


Ben Shapiro #wingnut

Joe Biden believes world leadership is apparently virtue signaling to the radical Left on Twitter while simultaneously pledging radical troop increases in Europe -- even as his woke idiocy dramatically undermines military recruitment. A ridiculous human being.

Katy Faust & Stacy Manning #fundie #homophobia #wingnut

Churches That Bless Gay Marriage Victimize Children
(continued from$RPQV7QQK )
Adults who order a family around their same-sex attraction so they can “have it all” force their child to sacrifice a dual-sex upbringing. They “have it all” by choosing a motherless or fatherless life for their children. For their all, children get half.

What these loving, tolerant, and progressive denominations have done by validating same-sex unions is put the onus on children to sacrifice for adults. They insist the least of these give up their right to be known and loved by the two people responsible for their existence, the complementary mothering and fathering that maximizes child development, and an in-home picture of God’s devotion to his own bride, the church.

In the parent-child relationship, someone’s going to have to make the sacrifice. Should it be the adults or the children? When you abide by God’s design, the answer is always the adults, whether they be straight or gay, single or married.

No adult gets a pass. All adults must defer to the well-being of children in their sexual choices. Observing God’s commandments is costly, but submitting our sexual decisions to the authority of Christ results in relational, physical, emotional, and spiritual wholeness for children.

Many legitimate disagreements exist between Christians, but sex and marriage is not one of them. Redefining marriage, in both the Christian and cultural context, redefines parenthood by way of making mothers and fathers optional in the life of a child. And that’s wrong.

As Christians, we are unequivocally commanded to protect the fatherless, not create them. The Church of Scotland’s decision will do exactly that.

Natalia Alba #ufo #magick #conspiracy

We are heading into the 7/7 Sirian Portal, a wisdom passage that opens the Lion’s Gateway and that has been gradually introduced by the Solstice’s benevolent energies.

This year we are receiving seventh-dimensional frequencies, from not just our Sirian family, but also from our Arcturian ones, for they are also very involved in our evolution. Our planet is receiving assistance to continue opening more and more to its new harmonic dimensional location, as well as all who desire to follow it, in its evolutionary journey.

Sirians and Arcturians are highly evolved seventh-dimensional beings with the appropriate light technology to help us remove, in our non-physical bodies, the debris, imbalances, implants, etc. required for us to be able to retrieve the purity and healing that we so desire to have.
Both Sirians and Arcturians offer us the Blue Flame as the main tool to work with our throat chakra, thymus, and heart, at this time, for the Blue Flame burns all wounded unexpressed emotions and feelings that are trapped within our throat chakra, due to fears of being who we are, helping us in being authentic and acting with integrity, as if we do not show who we truly are, we will not be able to offer the unique gift that we too brought to offer into this planet.

Our throat is not just important to express our emotions and truth. It is the fifth-dimensional center or portal, that allows us to communicate with the fifth aspect and hence, dimension of who we are. It is the first step to work with the Lions Gate energies, as if we have not yet worked and cleared our fifth channel, we cannot be empowered and regain sovereignty.
I, therefore, choose to liberate my voice of eons of repression, allowing it to speak and seed the unique wisdom I brought within me.

For I AM free to be who I am and was meant to be within Creation.

And so are You.

May you always remain in the Illumined Presence of your God Self.

Helen Wohlgemuth #magick

Learn Aurasight: A practical guide to training your clairvoyant abilities (Everyday Spirituality, volume 1)

Did you know that your aura appears yellow when you think about something intensively?

In this book, you will find the most important facts about auras.

* Structure of the aura

* Connection to the Chakras

* Description of the individual layesrs
* Protecting and strengthening the aura
* Animal auras

Learn how an aura is structured and the characteristics of each layer.
Sharpen your perception with 20 exercises that you can easily integrate into everyday life and learn how you, too, can see Auras. You will be astonished at the changes aurasight will bring to your life, because you can use it to explore yourself and the feelings of other peole.

Discover the world on its subtle energy plane!
Includes bonus material: The book contains two free meditations in MP3 format
Note: Some people see auras in the literal sense, while others feel the aura. Both variants of aurasight are possible and very common.

Original GermanLerne das Aurasehen: Ein Praxisbuch zum Trainieren deiner hellsichtigen Fähigkeit (Spirituell im Alltag, Band 1)

Wusstest du, dass deine Aura gelb erscheint, wenn du intensiv über etwas nachdenkst?
In diesem Buch findest du die wichtigsten Fakten rund um die Aura.

Aufbau der Aura

Die Verbindung zu den Chakren

Beschreibung der einzelnen Schichten

Die Aura schützen und stärken


Erfahre, wie eine Aura aufgebaut ist und welche Eigenschaften jede Schicht hat.
Schärfe mit 20 Übungen, die du ganz einfach in deinen Alltag integrieren kannst, deine Wahrnehmung und lerne, wie auch du Auren sehen kannst. Du wirst staunen, wie das Aurasehen dein Leben verändern wird, denn du kannst es nutzen, um dich und die Gefühle anderer Menschen zu erkunden.

Entdecke die Welt auf ihrer feinstofflichen Ebene!
Inkl. Bonusmaterial: Das Buch enthält zwei kostenfreie Meditationen im Mp3-Format
Hinweis: Manche Menschen sehen die Aura im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes, andere wiederum fühlen die Aura. Beide Varianten des Aurasehens sind möglich und weit verbreitet.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton #wingnut #homophobia

Speaking with NewsNation anchor Leland Vittert in an interview last Friday, Paxton said that his office would be enforcing Texas anti-abortion statutes and pursuing civil penalties against doctors who provide abortions following the Supreme Court’s overturn of Roe v. Wade

He noted that even if local Democratic district attorneys refused to pursue criminal charges against doctors, the Republican-led Texas Legislature would likely act to compel them to do so, or face consequences

Vittert then brought up Justice Clarence Thomas’s concurring opinion overturning Roe, which urged the high court to revisit several cases dealing with “substantive due process” rights that have been recognized by the court but are not explicitly listed in the Constitution[…]
Vittert asked Paxton whether he would support the Texas Legislature passing an anti-sodomy law similar to the one overturned in the Lawrence case, and if he would defend the law in court and bring it to the Supreme Court for reconsideration

Paxton appeared to be amenable to such a development

“Yeah, look, my job is to defend state law, and I’ll continue to do that,” Paxton said. “That is my job under the Constitution, and I’m certainly willing and able to do that”[…]
If Texas were to try and enforce its sodomy law, in the hope of getting the issue back before the nation’s highest court, he seems all too happy to go to war over it

“I’d have to take a look at it,” he told NewsNation. “This is all new territory for us[…]Ultimately, if it’s constitutional, we’re going to go defend it”

Clif High #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy

Herein we will gnaw on aspects of Change itself. We are chewing on the Act of Change as it manifests here in this Matterium. In this cogitation, it becomes obvious that while time is an essential aspect, it is not THE critical component, rather that is, the ‘field potential state’.

A simple explanation for the function of time in the manifestation of Change in this Matterium can be extracted from comparing the manifestation of Change with a sneeze.

Sneezing frequently happens so fast as to occur before there is much of any conscious awareness that the sneeze will, or is, happening. You just sneeze. Unbidden, unaware, your body convulses and the sneeze is snorted out.

Some sneezes are felt, in the body, as they are developing. The feeling can precede the sneeze by long or short time, but in both instances, the mind becomes aware that the body is going to sneeze before the act of the sneezing occurs. Your conscious mind tracks the building potential for a sneeze developing in snout, lungs, and abdomen, through the
sensor organs in various parts of the body.
Then it happens! The explosive release of the sneeze as you seemingly burst out all the thousands of active points of the sneeze-field into the room as you feel the release in the body of the collapsing of the field of potential.

The ‘potential’ being considered herein is the ‘potential to manifestation’. Change, can be thought of as the ‘actual manifestation’ that occurs out of the field.

Now things become a bit tricky in our thinking. In the comparison to sneezing, all is well and good up to this point, where we have to note that our body’s actual ‘sneeze’ is the result of Change, that is, the act of sneezing is the ramification within the Matterium of the ‘collapse of the field potential into reality’. The sneeze is the after effect, the result, not the actual Change itself.
Our collective, humanity level, Sneeze Time is here.

Wait for it.

Look around. You can see it and feel it building…


Abby Johnson #wingnut

“You guys are pro-birth. You don’t care about women once they have their babies.” “We have over 3000 pregnancy centers that have given out billions of dollars of materials and resources to help women and their babies.” “Oh really? Where are they so we can burn them down."

Pastor James #wingnut #conspiracy #elitist #fundie

THIS VIDEO IS NOT FOR THE ‘COMPLIANT’; the sheep who fall in line to willingly believe the LIES of the FAKE NEWS in the final hour, because their propensity for self delusion seals their fate sooner than they could imagine. But, for those with EYES TO SEE, this video will come as a MESSAGE OF HOPE! The elites’ timing is off and THIS WILL NOT END WELL FOR THEM because they are creating the precise conditions that will give rise to the MILITARY TRIBUNALS THAT LAY AHEAD!

I want to be very clear and unequivocal about one thing right up front: THOSE BEHIND THIS THIEVING SCHEME ARE EVIL TO THE CORE and MOST PEOPLE still haven’t realized just how evil these SATANIC BEASTS REALLY ARE! But when they finally open their brainwashed eyes, IT’S GOING TO BLOW THEIR MINDS! I’m going to describe how this ends in BRUTAL TERMS! I’m not going to pander to the delusional, and I’m not about to sugar coat it for the masses.

All this begs the question: If the 2020 US presidential election was rigged against President Donald Trump, is it possible the Military White Hats were prepared – well in advance – of this election to monitor for massive voter fraud? Is there any evidence to indicate that White Hats in the American government knew Biden would steal the election and caught him, thereby (secretly) triggering a Continuity Of Government Plan to save our Great Republic? This riveting documentary is based upon the fantastic research of Potel Patriot and Adam Reva, and investigates when a government’s chain of command is decentralized to circumvent the Constitutional provisions for succession. Jam-Packed with undeniable facts and head-spinning realities that will have you jumping up and down, yelling “….I KNEW IT ALL ALONG…!”

Boskov01 #wingnut #dunning-kruger

The Democrat Party: The Party of Continued Subservience to England, the Party of Slavery, the Confederacy, Jim Crow, Segregation, the Klan, of Lies, of Cheating, of Stealing. Every piece of legislation that has caused American suffering, every dark age of American Governance, and every black eye dealt to American greatness can be traced back to the Democrat Party's hands and influence.

And the greatest failure on the part of the Republican Party, in the wake of the Civil War that the Democrats started and lost, was the Republican's failure to abolish the Democrat Party. I wonder what America would look like had the Democrats been abolished after Lincoln's assassination. Victorious factions throughout history are laughing at the American Republicans for sparing their defeated foes. Never before has a defeated political faction been allowed to persist...maybe once the Democrats start and lose the next Civil War, we Republicans will correct the mistake we made nearly two hundred years ago.

Marjorie Taylor Greene & Various Commenters #wingnut #racist #transphobia

(Marjorie Greene)

spoilerNow more than ever, we must pray each day to END abortion in America

@RealMarjorieGreene yes, end abortion for all Whites.

@Myscorepower @RealMarjorieGreene So many beautiful black babies are gonna be saved now. Thanks, Clarance. ❤

@GroyperExterminator my daughter is 5. I tell her almost every day if she ever befriends a nigger I will shoot him in the face.

@Myscorepower and hopefully she will be disinherited.

@RealMarjorieGreene A few decades ago if a man beat a woman so badly that caused the death of her baby he was charged with murder. Now a mother can murder her baby and they call it abortion and it's not a crime I believe that All women who have an abortion must be charged with murder.

@RealMarjorieGreene Abortion ends when mothers love their children, fathers stand by their family, and *the only act that causes a new human life* is not treated as a weekend party game.

@RealMarjorieGreene I concur, MTG!

We also need to pray that parents open their eyes to the big lie and stop bringing their children in to have them injected with poison! Or soon they won't even need abortion to help with population control. Everyone will be sterile.


@CondorDM @RealMarjorieGreene You're definitely going after the wrong people. What's delusional is The Left Transgendering children and minors. While you spew "Christians you do not own America", "secular nation" and "theocracy" The LGBTQ, with their Gender Fluid/Neutral Ideological madness, is taking control of this country from right under your noses. We have bigger fish to fry here. Focus! We cannot allow The Left to eliminate the Gender Binary. Because without that, people of traditional morals and beliefs pertaining Marriage, Family and Gender/Sex cannot exist.

James Rink/Johnny Enoch/Dannion Brinkley #ufo #magick #conspiracy

Jonny Enoch moderates a discussion of people who have had various forms of contact with extraterrestrial and other entities – A dynamic duo Jonny Enoch and Dannion Brinkley present Project Earth: Meet your Creators In this cutting-edge presentation, you will hear a first hand account of an enormous UFO Jonny witnessed in 2020 while visiting the UK. After this exciting encounter, he was shocked to learn about a group of extraterrestrial scientists and genetic engineers on board that craft that have been visiting the earth for thousands of years. Their progress is overseen by an advanced race that calls themselves “the Creators”. Not only do these beings walk among us, but they also work with our governments and scientists. When we connect the dots, we find their influences all throughout our ancient history and today’s world. Have they given us classified biology, space craft and technology that will change the course of humanity? If so, why are they helping us and when will we be told about it? Don’t miss this fascinating talk to learn about who we are, where we come from, and the amazing future we can look forward to! Dannion Brinkley, a near death experience survivor, will come up on stage and finish Jonny’s presentation about revealing the blueprint for reality and our cosmic origins by sharing his profound insights about who we are, what he knows about ETs and what is coming next.

blackie___chan & freyasunshine #wingnut

Then let's call it a fetus for more cognitive dissonance...

Man: "Coffee, you are my only friend"
Coffee: "I want to murder children without seeing the look on their face when I do it"
Man: "Hmm, to dark"
*puts milk into coffee*
Coffee: "I want unfettered abortion up to 40 weeks or maybe right after"
Man: "Perfect"

I like how they call it a fetus as if that makes it not killing an innocent life

It's dehumanization