Congressman Paul Gosar & Various Commenters #wingnut

(Congressman Paul Gosar)
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2011-2019 AND RECEIVED
2016-2018. WHO'S THE

@DrPaulGosar We can make more babies now.

spoilerIf you wanted to destroy
a race without killing it
directly, you would ...
Promote race mixing
Promote homosexuality
Promote feminism
Promote divorce
Promote the use of birth control
Promote abortion rights
Promote sex with dolls
Promote 'Men Go Their Own Way'
Promote the irrelevance of the family
Teach them that race does not exist
Teach them to feel ashamed of their heritage
Push for mass immigration into their lands
Call them racists when they defend themselves

@DrPaulGosar Yeah, well it's true. I wanted women to have "safe legal and rare" but the commies all want to be hoes. I am "classical liberal" but abortion is the death of a human life and I won't deny it. It can't be turned into carte-blanche excuse for killing a baby just because a woman doesn't want to be a mother. "Babies are good!" - that should be the slogan of the Right for a few years. Only sick commie scumbags want it to be easy to kill a child.

@DrPaulGosar Abortion is MURDER for profit.

@DrPaulGosar Conservatives always get trashed by the lowlife leftists. I am so happy SCOTUS overturned Roe vs Wade. Praying that our elections will be secure this fall. If cheating takes place again, we have to stop them once and for all. Their bullying tactics have ruined so many honest brave people.

Clif High #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy

Herein we will gnaw on aspects of Change itself. We are chewing on the Act of Change as it manifests here in this Matterium. In this cogitation, it becomes obvious that while time is an essential aspect, it is not THE critical component, rather that is, the ‘field potential state’.

A simple explanation for the function of time in the manifestation of Change in this Matterium can be extracted from comparing the manifestation of Change with a sneeze.

Sneezing frequently happens so fast as to occur before there is much of any conscious awareness that the sneeze will, or is, happening. You just sneeze. Unbidden, unaware, your body convulses and the sneeze is snorted out.

Some sneezes are felt, in the body, as they are developing. The feeling can precede the sneeze by long or short time, but in both instances, the mind becomes aware that the body is going to sneeze before the act of the sneezing occurs. Your conscious mind tracks the building potential for a sneeze developing in snout, lungs, and abdomen, through the
sensor organs in various parts of the body.
Then it happens! The explosive release of the sneeze as you seemingly burst out all the thousands of active points of the sneeze-field into the room as you feel the release in the body of the collapsing of the field of potential.

The ‘potential’ being considered herein is the ‘potential to manifestation’. Change, can be thought of as the ‘actual manifestation’ that occurs out of the field.

Now things become a bit tricky in our thinking. In the comparison to sneezing, all is well and good up to this point, where we have to note that our body’s actual ‘sneeze’ is the result of Change, that is, the act of sneezing is the ramification within the Matterium of the ‘collapse of the field potential into reality’. The sneeze is the after effect, the result, not the actual Change itself.
Our collective, humanity level, Sneeze Time is here.

Wait for it.

Look around. You can see it and feel it building…


Various Commenters #wingnut #fundie #homophobia

If Your Pastor Did Not Celebrate Roe Being Overturned, It Is Time To Find A New Church


@a ...and as a Catholic, we need a new Pope, who actually believes in God and not Satan!!!!!!

( @SereneSami )
@a If you are okay with abortion, gay marriage, BLM, you are NOT a true Christian. If you are not a true Christian, you are not a good person. Just stating facts.

( @Dorothy70x7 )
@a my pastor (and hubby) did! Praise God that many babies will live due to the overturning of Roe!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼❤️❤️❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

We need to demand from our elected representatives that gay marriage be overturned.
Bring back sodomy laws.
Outlaw pornography.
Bring back the public decency laws of decades ago.

@a True and if the church pushes "vaccines" and LGBTQ, you should definitely find a new one...

@a The intersection of churches that remained opened and didn't celebrate Roe V Wade is going to be very small.

I won't go to a church that shut down for more than 3 months of 2020.

@a 100 percent agree with this…….Satan gloated for nearly 50 years; Now it’s time for Christians to put a good hallelujah charge up the devil’s butt…….

( @jojobean1979)
Those aren't churches their indoctrination centers for fake Christians, if they embrace abortion, faggotry of any kind and other liberal filth its not a church

( @Bettyboop65)
@a or of your pastor is ok with members that vote Democrat it's time to find a new church. If your pastor allows gays in find a new church.

@a Amen, stop going to these Anti-Christ septic tank Churches that promote Grooming, Child Predators and the filth and scum of the LBGTQCP Child Rapist.


if your pastor welcomes illegal aliens its time to find a new church

Patricia Cota-Robles #ufo #wingnut #magick

In the United States of America we are in the midst of our midterm elections. Due to the Cosmic Moment at hand, this is one of the most important elections we have ever faced. The Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth have indicated that through this election process, a Divine Plan of monumental proportions is unfolding on Earth. In order for this plan to succeed, the involvement of every Awakened Lightworker is vital and necessary.

The Truth is that fundamental change never begins at the top. Change of this magnitude begins with a shift of Consciousness at the grass-roots level and expands into an unstoppable momentum. People at the top who are in positions of power, however, do have the ability to wreak havoc on this Planet and Humanity. For this reason, it is critical that the people who are elected into office in United States of America be people who understand the Oneness of Life and the Divine Destiny for this country.

America is an anagram for the I AM RACE. This will be a race of God-conscious souls, a race of people comprised of all races, all religions, all nationalities, all cultures and all creeds. America is literally the microcosm of the macrocosm for this Planet.
Since we are One with all Humanity, we have the ability to serve as surrogates on behalf of every voter in the United States of America. That is true regardless of where we reside on the face of the Earth. We have the ability to ask the I AM Presence of each voter to intervene in his or her voting process, just as we have asked our own I AM Presence.

From now until the midterm elections, we have the ability to create the sacred space for the right and perfect outcome of this Divine Plan. The Beings of Light have given us some very powerful affirmations and invocations. This will give the Company of Heaven permission to intervene in powerful ways in this election process in the United States of America.

American_Patriarch & closeurlegz #sexist

Shower thought: Now that Roe V Wade has been overturned, women now have as much day in becoming a mother as men do in being a father
Talk about equality, that may explain why women are so angry. “To those who are accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression”

W*men are all about equality unless it comes to sex.

James Rink/Johnny Enoch/Dannion Brinkley #ufo #magick #conspiracy

Jonny Enoch moderates a discussion of people who have had various forms of contact with extraterrestrial and other entities – A dynamic duo Jonny Enoch and Dannion Brinkley present Project Earth: Meet your Creators In this cutting-edge presentation, you will hear a first hand account of an enormous UFO Jonny witnessed in 2020 while visiting the UK. After this exciting encounter, he was shocked to learn about a group of extraterrestrial scientists and genetic engineers on board that craft that have been visiting the earth for thousands of years. Their progress is overseen by an advanced race that calls themselves “the Creators”. Not only do these beings walk among us, but they also work with our governments and scientists. When we connect the dots, we find their influences all throughout our ancient history and today’s world. Have they given us classified biology, space craft and technology that will change the course of humanity? If so, why are they helping us and when will we be told about it? Don’t miss this fascinating talk to learn about who we are, where we come from, and the amazing future we can look forward to! Dannion Brinkley, a near death experience survivor, will come up on stage and finish Jonny’s presentation about revealing the blueprint for reality and our cosmic origins by sharing his profound insights about who we are, what he knows about ETs and what is coming next.

Pahlavan #sexist #wingnut #conspiracy #pratt

A fetus is a human and has the same rights. We prosecute people who malaciously leave their babies to die - why are abortionists any different? Every human being deserves life. And if "bodily autonomy" is so sacred, why the bodily autonomy of the baby is not respected as it's harvested for organs? That's right. The industry of elective infanticide has to get it's resources somehow. So don't sweat it if your "friend" blocked you; you're better off without them.

Henry de Lesquen #racist #conspiracy #wingnut

[Translated from "La discrimination est un droit de l’homme" - "Discrimination is human right"]

We already were banned to discriminate on nationality, religion, race, ethnicity, "sexual orientation", etc. Now the 19th discrimination: we aren't allowed to consider domicile. The State want to hunt down our guilty thoughts[…]
Freedom, discrimination[…] are succesive modalities of a single phenomenon, by which an individual exerces his will. "Discriminate"[…]means distinguish between things or people[…]
Everything started on 1972, with the Pleven Act, punishing "racist" acts or opinions. Antiracism was the matrix of the legal delirium[…]
The state has no right to decide instead of us what's good for us or to prevent us from doing what we deem just. A landlord shall be entitled to choose a renter by his own criterium, and, if he prefer a Black to a White, or the reverse, then it's up to him. A hirer should be able to freely hire whoever he wants and no one shall enjoin him to use religion, sex, ethnicity, religion or race, if he deems it fitting his business's interest

At this point, we are worried. In their futor, anti-discrimination fanatics could have the impudence to attack some of the most prestigious institution of the Republic[…]The proportion of Jews in the Rothschild Bank was higher than their proportion in the French population. Thus, they discriminate in favor of Jews. By principle freedom-loving, we think no one should attack the unalienable right of this bank to prefer Jews to Catholics. Freedom for the Rothschild Bank![…]If we were to ban Rothschilds from discriminating, some wouldn't miss to denounce this ingerence as persecution[…]
This imaginary scenario is evidence of how absurd and illegitimate is the anti-discrimination legislation[…]Justice being universal, discrimination shouldn't be only a right for the Jewish man, it also should be a right for the common man

Ben Shapiro #wingnut

Joe Biden believes world leadership is apparently virtue signaling to the radical Left on Twitter while simultaneously pledging radical troop increases in Europe -- even as his woke idiocy dramatically undermines military recruitment. A ridiculous human being.

Abby Johnson #wingnut

“You guys are pro-birth. You don’t care about women once they have their babies.” “We have over 3000 pregnancy centers that have given out billions of dollars of materials and resources to help women and their babies.” “Oh really? Where are they so we can burn them down."

Lauren Boebert #wingnut

Only the DC Swamp would think that the situation caused by not enforcing existing US immigration law and leaving the border wide open is the moment for "bipartisan immigration reform". The only reform we need is for our government to enforce the LAW & SECURE the dang border!

Karianne Lisonbee #sexist #wingnut

Utah Republican apologises for saying women can control ‘intake of semen’

In the aftermath of the US supreme court decision that ended the right to abortion, amid nationwide protests over the removal of women’s control over their own bodies, one Utah Republican said women could “control [their] intake of semen”.

The comment by Karianne Lisonbee, a state representative, came in response to an assertion that men should be held accountable for unwanted pregnancies, not just pregnant women, the Salt Lake Tribune reported.

“I got a text message today saying I should seek to control men’s ejaculations and not women’s pregnancies,” Lisonbee said.

She added: “I do trust women enough to control when they allow a man to ejaculate inside of them and to control that intake of semen.”

WND Staff #wingnut #fundie #transphobia #homophobia #conspiracy

Two shocking and unprecedented megatrends are unfolding simultaneously in the United States of America right now.

The first is the explosion of what can only be described as openly predatory targeting of America’s children by legions of “gender activists” obsessed with seducing, grooming and recruiting kids into the phantasmagoric transgender world of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, surgical amputation of healthy body parts and astronomical suicide rates.

Incredibly, this wild celebration of transgenderism is being praised, promoted and funded by the ruling class at the highest levels, from the White House on down, while all who sound the alarm are demonized and canceled.
Teachers with bizarre hairdos and multiple facial piercings openly proselytize America’s children, some evangelizing the new transgender salvation aggressively on social media platforms like TikTok.

Consider now the second megatrend.

While this sexual-gender anarchy is exploding nationwide – and alongside it, of course, the rest of the deranged Biden agenda, from engineering an ever-expanding foreign invasion of America across its southern border, to destroying the nation’s fossil fuel industry, to bringing the U.S. to the brink of nuclear war with Russia – the very same political, financial, cultural and sexual revolutionaries responsible for all of this chaos have finally dared to “come out” and publicly identify who exactly they consider to be their biggest enemy.


That’s right. Bible-believing, Judeo-Christian morals-affirming, Ten Commandments and Sermon on the Mount-loving Christian believers are the real enemy.
Yet, fantastical and extreme as all this demonization of normal, traditional-values, law-abiding Americans has been, there has always been a lingering sense that the ruling elites were holding something back – that they were not quite speaking plainly about what is really bothering them.

Until now.

Americentrism Award

Mother Earth, El Morya, Arcturians via Marie Mohler #magick #ufo #wingnut #conspiracy

In 2022, God Says Enough. In 2022, God Says, Its Time To Turn The Tables in my House. In My Creation. It Is Time.

It is significant that in the United States of America, An Epic Independence Day Celebration will take place on July 4, 2022. This is the July 4th Celebration, that in a way Trumpets the Victory Bells of this Nation’s Beginnings and its Foundational Core. What was the United States Founded In and Upon? God. In God We Trust. What were its founding ideals and principals? Whether you are an American or not, these are Cosmic Ideals that are returning to your consciousness dear ones. They are returning to your Collective Consciousness as well.. Seek that Truth that we spoke of in the last transmission. Become those Quantum Questers again.
where else in the world right now . . . to Tune into This God Nation, this Energy of One Nation Under God, which can be felt as either One Nation Protected and Guided By God or One Nation Led By God, God Frequencies, and Divine Unity Consciousness for the Highest Good of All. The United States of America is what the founding fathers of this country knew to be a template for this Ascension Timeline, that it would be a Template of Divine Resurrection to Divine Ideals, Ways, Leadership, Transparency, and Unity in the world again. The United States of America is a Living Template for The United People of Planet Earth Initiative. This is the Template for Unity Consciousness. This is the Living Blueprint for the Laws of One to be restored again on Planet Earth. And thus it is here that the greatest battles and the deepest Battleground is being fought for the Soul of Humanity, right now as we speak.

Other Star Nations and Races know this is happening as well. For they feel it. What happens here, touches all life in the cosmos as well. So, the United States of America is a Living Cosmic Blueprint not just for Americans, not just for Humanity Globally, but for All Sentient Life Intergalactically.

Lauren Boebert #wingnut

The White House openly stated that you’re just going to have to pay more in gas so that they can hold the “liberal world order” together and it barely registers as breaking news. They’re telling you EVERYTHING they plan to do and most don’t even care. WAKE UP!

Cristina Valenzuela #ufo #wingnut #magick #conspiracy #racist

The Anunnaki Code is an effective tool to foresee forthcoming events in the immediate and long term future. The expression or term “foreseeing” is never used in the Anakh language and by extraterrestrials because they don’t foresee and predict.
2,029 A.D.: Several American bases will be created on Mars and the moon. Several stargates will fill our skies, and become fully operational and totally controlled by American scientists.
2,027-2,026 A.D.: By November 2,026, The United States will resurface as a major key player in world’s affairs and regain its universal leadership. The American Dollar will have a face-lift. Puerto Rico becomes a major spatial base for extraterrestrials. Many extraterrestrial bases will be created on earth, the majority in the United States.

2,026 A.D.: A new powerful and global religion will be established on earth, created by new scientific development and a direct contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. Many will convert to this new religion except the Muslims. Islam and a form of extraterrestrial-spiritual religion will become the two major religions on earth.

2,025 A.D.: Afro-Americans become the majority in the United States. Islam will unify all Muslim countries, and several Islamic countries will acquire the atomic bomb. Muslims in Europe will constitute 72% of the French population, 64% of the Scandinavian countries, and 91% of the African Continent.
A major military confrontation between Muslim countries and Israel will decimate many nations on the globe. Tibet will become an independent country.
A military alliance between Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia and 29 Muslim countries will shift the world’s military, nuclear, commerce and peace balance.

2,022 A.D.: Threat to humanity: 2,022 A.D., September. The Higher Council of the Anunnaki learned that the aliens intend to attack earth on a massive scale by 2,022.

Jerry Derecha/Adrenogate #magick #ufo #crackpot #fundie #conspiracy #elitist

The children who were the best at regurgitating information and mindlessly repeating back the pre-existing ideas and concepts that were belched out to them by our public school systems end up being the ones who are ultimately put in charge of our society and seated in positions of power and given all that implied authority to make those important decisions that end up affecting the rest of us while establishing the baseline for what’s “normal” and what’s expected of you. The ones who questioned the status quo and went against the grain were usually ostracized and ridiculed into submission by the NPC’s around them, stagnating any chance at positive societal reform and any potential re-emergence of the spiritual and non-physical interpretations of the world we live in.

Emotions are a good example of something that is part of a realm that aren’t detectable by any of our 5 senses and is clear proof of the non-physical essence and nature of reality. But society doesn’t want to acknowledge this and it’s unfortunate.

If you’re reading this then you are one of the ones who wouldn’t submit to the clownery of this shitbox society and reality and I love and appreciate you for that. The more you continue to alienate yourself from the rest of the world, the better you will feel. Be yourself always and fuck the rest of the world and all the cowardly conformist losers within in. You are much MUCH better than them.

The “real” world is made of consciousness, not physical matter. The Creator God is the creator of all consciousness and not the creator of all physical matter and green plants and animals and mountains and oceans. Those are all constructs of the Demiurge and merely virtual sensory artifacts expressed within the code that is the Saturn Cube 3D holographic reality matrix, looping us within a 3,6,9 time prison and recycling our souls over and over again via the Moon Matrix reincarnation soul trap machine.

DesertFox088 #quack #conspiracy #pratt

This doesn't surprise me. The only thing vaccines do is weaken your immune system and most of our health problems and illnesses today comes from side effects of vaccines, things like autism and AIDS for example. The covid vaccine was even worse than the standard ones and didn't really need to exist because covid itself was just a mild flu with treatments available from the start like Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. You're actually safer by being unvaccinated and having a healthy immune system.

[The people infected caught the new strains of Covid, the ones that you don't have a vax for:

"At that point the summer wave, driven by new variants BA.4 and BA.5 as well as public behaviour and increased mixing, led to the number of patients with Covid rising to 508."]

Katy Faust & Stacy Manning #wingnut #fundie #homophobia

Churches That Bless Gay Marriage Victimize Children
(continued from
Christians must resist the “fine sounding arguments” (Colossians 2:4) urging the church to “become relevant to their communities” via reinterpreting long-settled doctrine on sex and marriage. When in doubt, here’s a cheat sheet for God’s people; in God’s economy, the weak never sacrifice for the strong. Not once, ever. Rather, it is the strong who must sacrifice on behalf of the weak and needy.

You might recall one such costly sacrifice made for you by a man named Jesus. Out of love, He used his strength to endure unimaginable suffering and make the ultimate sacrifice for you and us because we are weak, and we needed it. Then He told us to do likewise.

Progressive churches and denominations who compromise on God’s marriage laws and sexuality either don’t care, or have forgotten how costly scriptural commands are, whether it’s giving to God’s people who are in need, blessing those who curse us, or caring for orphans and widows in distress. Yet when God commands us to do or not do something, it’s often an affront to our immediate comfort and human desires. We naturally balk at the high price of spirit-led living, but in the long run God’s directives always result in relational, physical, emotional, and spiritual wholeness, especially for the most vulnerable.

Nowhere is this high short-term price, long-term gain truer than living under God’s design for sex only within marriage. Mastering sexual desire is costly and challenging. But when our sexual urges become god, we force children to sacrifice on our behalf.

Abstaining from premarital sex is difficult, but too often it results in children born to unmarried parents and therefore unstable households. Married couples find they must either work through difficulties such as communication impasses, financial stressors, and unrealistic expectations of the marital relationship, or subject their children to split-homes expectations, split-home instability, and split-home lives.

Two Anons #ableist #crackpot #elitist #sexist

(UN Anon)
Female Domination in Humanity Now Appearing

In the wild females of the animal species are the biggest, the best at hunting and most violent compared to the male counterpart.
In the primitive age women had to deal with with both hunting and cooking which gave rise to the male dominance.
Human females have been held down and not allowed to grow into their natural forms.

Now with technology and the males being more at ease the females are now evolving into what they originally should have been.

Notice that females are getting bigger and more violent as well while the males are shrinking and becoming more docile.
The ones afraid of this are now making stuff like artificial wombs and sex dolls because they have lost their dominance.
Most of Asia is currently seeing a female dominated growth.
The future is 9:1 female to male.

>but testosterone
Female also have it and they have more estrogen which is the reason mothers are protective and violent while mood swings are also caused by this.
Females are biologically more violent and aggressive than males if not held down from birth.

The males are mostly the ones that show off and try to get attention, entire species devoted to just showing off and look beautiful.
Sound familiar? Another example of males reversing the order of nature.
The good thing it is being fixed now, look at all the girly boys today and how many more women become tomboys

(Gadsden Anon)
Utterly retarded thread gazing into the imagination of a 90 point IQ idiot who can't use google to check up utterly retarded hypothesis.

>females are getting bigger and more violent
No, the educated women who're tall and work are getting genocided and replaced by women who're passive and are essentially mentally retarded. The gap between man and women is increasing.


Women, precisely RIGHT NOW, are evolving to be more dependable on men. Women are selected to be small, passive, and retarded, ironically precisely during "egalitarian" times. Tall educated women are literally being genocided, birth rate bellow 1 child per couple.

Amitakh Stanford #ufo #wingnut #conspiracy #quack

A long, long time ago, the Earth was used as a dumping ground by many different alien races. Spacecraft-loads of toxic waste were strewn about the planet. Aluminium was one of the main waste products that was dumped on the Earth.

Fluoride is an extremely toxic by-product of aluminium refining. Since industrialists were unable to safely dispose of fluoride, they called upon the ruling elite's assistance to set their propaganda machine into motion.
Dentists have become so indoctrinated by the ruling elite's propaganda that they ardently believe and support the "benefits" of fluoride for healthy teeth. The main reason that the malicious propaganda on fluoride is so widely accepted and promoted is the subtle programming behind it. This is not so much a physical programming as it is subliminal. The culprits behind the fluoride conspiracy are the Anunnaki Reptilians.

The Reptilians are a horrible race of aliens that sit atop the Dark hierarchy in the Virtual Reality. One should realize that among Reptilians there is also a hierarchy - they have rulers and subjects amongst them.

It is primarily the Anunnaki Elites' agenda to bring in the New World Order and to take total control of the Earth.

The Reptilian programming runs through the occult and other fields to brainwash people in many ways. So, too, it is with the fluoride issue. The ruling elite want people to believe that sodium fluoride is beneficial. This lie is intended to be 100 percent effective. That means that the programming is directed at everyone to accept the benefits of fluoride.
The Reptilians have an elaborate scheme to convince the Greys by maintaining the illusion of their promise to them through actively programming the world to accept sodium fluoride in drinking water. In reality, the Reptilians are more interested in re-establishing a super race of Reptilians than allowing another alien race like the Greys to have any kind of foothold anywhere.

Congressman Paul Gosar & Various Commenters #wingnut

( Congressman Paul Gosar)
Defeating the liberal world order starts with defeating the grifters and fakers within our own ranks.

The resistance needs to be comprised of true believers in America First.

(@BlessedWretch )
@DrPaulGosar The resistance needs to be comprised of believers in Jesus Christ. You are a great Rep., but this American exceptionalism crap has to stop. America needs to repent.

( @ArmaRex )
It's a Jewish World Order, not a liberal one. Nice try, grifter.

( @Fat_pony )
I'm a one issue voter: is it good for whites

( @VanCleef )
Close the borders, deport all illegals and fake refugees, and create the US Border Guards under pentagon control thus permanently militarizing the border as in Korea.
Hang mayorkas the scumbag rootless rat for treason

( @ChristoperBradford )
I am for the removal of any Republican who wants to keep pretending that Biden is legitimate.
It's like watching a stewardess asking a hijacker to please sit down and be quiet.

( @Esoteriquette )
@DrPaulGosar They're pushing the NWO hard and are actually and openly talking about it now, except the word 'liberal' is used to gaslight. They're desperate.

( @SeanRoland48 )
@DrPaulGosar Freedom of the individual without first a passionate, moral, obligation to the betterment of their people, becomes a worthless and useless liberty. Such individualism stems from Luciferianism and creates a self absorbed, narcissistic human being. Freedom isn't;
"do as thou wilt, being the whole of the law."
Alister Crowley
True liberty is in this manner; "ask not what your country can do for you, but rather ask what you can do for your country."
John F Kennedy

One is self focused, while the other is other focused. One is for self gain and the other for the gain of your people.
As National Socialist we understand that freedom costs and that in order to appreciate those sacrifices, we give back to the very people that paid the price for it. As National Socialist we see the concepts of individualism as selfish independence, apart from the people and such self aggrandizing idealogies only lead to parasitical ones.
#thinkdifferently #comehome

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child #wingnut #homophobia #racist

[From "@RJDavies_ - Agreed. Let's start with restoring more of the Canada of 1867"]



On July 1st, I will be proudly celebrating Canada's birthday because I love my country unconditionally. I guess I can't do that at the Forks because I've recently learned that it’s canceled
PS - I'm currently accepting invitations to all actual Canada Day parties

Loving one’s country would recognize that there is a lot of work to do to making Canada a much more just country
12:01 AM · 21 juin 2022

I'm sure we can all agree with Richard here that there's a lot that needs to be done to make Canada a more just society. For starters…
•Recriminalize sodomy
•Recriminalize abortion
•Remove all gun control
•Abolish public healthcare
•Abolish public education
•Repeal the Gladue decision
•Repeal the legislation which allowed for all Wuhan Flu restrictions
•Bring back the property ownership requirement for voting
•Rename "Canada Day" back to "Dominion Day"
I'm sure we can put our heads together and think of a few other…oh, no, wait, it turns out Ricard is a cowardly faggot who works for the Manitoba Liberal Party. Which means he's instead pushing for all the things which in fact make our country less fair…including blathering about "colonization" as if it's a bad thing and not the reason Canada is a country worth improving in the first place

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Dissident Mama #wingnut #transphobia #sexist #homophobia #enbyphobia #dunning-kruger #pratt

Mama had carefully sat me down and explained that substituting a plural pronoun in place of a singular was unacceptable, unclear, and grammatically incorrect. “He” and “she” were the singular forms and ought to be used when appropriate; “they” must be reserved for the third person plural.

Moreover, said she, the widespread adoption of the singular “they” marked a dangerous fundamental shift in the English language, one motivated by the sloppy thinking of modern feminists, whose insistence upon being inoffensive (or, rather, upon their being unoffended), was slowly destroying the clarity and preciseness of our spoken and written word. Why I was correcting my friends’ grammar, I do not know. Perhaps I was showing off. Perhaps I was genuinely concerned for them and thought that by proselytizing them I could do my part to help reverse the slow degradation of the English language. It might have been a little of both.
Redefining words is a clever means of changing the way people think. The Soviets used this to great effect. So has the modern homosexual movement – just consider their appropriation of the word “gay.” They have chosen a moniker for themselves which intellectually distances their chosen sexual identity from the acts and desires which define that identity while simultaneously associating themselves inextricably with the concept of happiness, fulfillment, and gaiety, using the older meaning of the word for their own purposes even as they redefine it. It was a brilliant linguistic coup. So was the singular “they.”

Manhood and womanhood are rooted in the created order. We tend to conceive of them as being defined by certain roles, but those roles are merely a natural outgrowth of God’s created design. The roles He has ordained are congruent with our being as male and female, man and woman. Such is the Biblical understanding, though it is quite clearly not the understanding of mainstream America, or even of most churches.

Various Commenters #wingnut #homophobia

( @LifeNews )
BREAKING: House Republicans have introduced a resolution declaring June the "Month of Life" to celebrate the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade.


( @Biradicalfuton)
@kahunakevin IUD’s and Plan B is still legal, so abortions will still happen. Why celebrate early?

( @PureBloodsInheritEarth )
@9MMc07 @LifeNews And return the rainbow back to something beautiful again, instead of a sign of sick perversions.

( @sobieski1683 )
@LifeNews Since Roe Vs. Wade was overturned in June make it Family Values Month. Give the queers a pride day on Feb 30.

( @Ballssack98 )
@sobieski1683 @LifeNews How about we don’t give them shit & they can go back too hiding in there closets !

( @Calipatriot8973 )
July is white history month. June is straight pride month.

( @FTFO )
@LifeNews Yeah we could call it the "Pride of Life" month. The lefties would have a melt down. 😆

( @theRealOne2021_ArbonneByLorie )
@LifeNews May it override Pride Month ! Wipe out the LGBTQ+

( @Ravensquote )
Does this mean the annual Celebration of Sodomy will cease or will they celebrate both. Sorry sacks of shit.

(@RikNel )

( @Samalabear )
@LifeNews Grow up, Life News, and realize that Roe v. Wade was not overturned because suddenly SCOTUS gives a crap about babies, or the mothers of these babies, or anybody. Here's one of the facts that people have figured out, and it has to do with reading bills.

Roe v. Wade actually stood in the way of legalizing mandates. Elizabeth Glass was talking about this yesterday, and I did more research. And the thing about Liz is that she has been fighting vaccine mandates in NY for a long time, especially mandates for school children. And, believe me, abortions ain't going nowhere, and ZOG will continue to sell fresh-not-frozen baby parts. But if anybody on your site is interested in what is really going on, here's a very good blog post:

( @ARCH308 )
@LifeNews I would rather see the whole Gay Pride month vanish.

Thadlust #wingnut

RE: Reasons for abortion
(Note by submitter: in response to a meme showing a piechart of “Reasons why women have abortions” whith each portion stated as “Nobody’s buisness”)
No wait I got it! 65% infanticidal bloodlust 20% infanticidal bloodlust 10% infanticidal bloodlust 5% infanticidal bloodlust

TheTruePoopBANDIT #wingnut

RE: How it feels to be against baby murder on reddit
If you think about it, the n*zis basically aborted millions of marginalized peoples, so the pro-choicers are literally modern day fascists and there’s no way to refute that
Hitler killed because he was a socialist. It’s in the word nazi, it means “national socialist”. Same with everyone like Marx, Stalin, Mao, etc. who all killed millions
And whores are still the problem today with Roe V Wade

Thanh Ha #fundie #psycho

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - A Florida man says ‘spirits’ told him to set his boss’s future home on fire, according to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.


According to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, [Thanh Ha] is seen [on surveillance video] walking into the home while trying to hide his face with his shirt. About five minutes later, deputies say video shows him running from the residence to his bicycle and riding away.


Deputies say Ha admitted to starting the fire and told them he was not upset at his boss, but did it because he was directed to by the ‘spirits’.

KCNA News Agency #conspiracy #dunning-kruger

North Korea blames Covid-laden balloons sent from South for virus outbreak

Experts sceptical of claim, as state media urge citizens to watch out for ‘alien things coming by wind’

North Korea has blamed its Covid-19 outbreak on balloons sent over its border with the South by groups of defectors, in an apparent attempt to shift the blame onto its neighbour.

The official KCNA news agency said on Friday an 18-year-old soldier and a five-year-old child who had touched “unidentified materials” in the eastern county of Kumgang in early April showed symptoms and later tested positive for Covid-19.

“A sharp increase of fever cases was witnessed among their contacts and that a group of fevered persons emerged in the area … for the first time,” it said.

However, the first time that groups of North Korean defectors are thought to have sent balloons across the border this year was in late April from the western Gimpo region.

KCNA warned citizens to “vigilantly deal with alien things coming by wind and other climate phenomena and balloons in the areas along the demarcation line and borders”.

While the report did not name South Korea, defector-activists there use balloons to send anti-regime leaflets and humanitarian aid across the countries’ heavily armed border.

In response, the South’s unification ministry said on Friday there was “no possibility” that the coronavirus had entered the North via balloons.

Experts were sceptical about Pyongyang’s assertion. “It is hard to believe North Korea’s claim, scientifically speaking, given that the possibility of the virus spreading through objects is quite low,” said Yang Moo-jin, a professor at the University of North Korean Studies in Seoul.

The US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention says the risk of people getting infected through contact with contaminated surfaces or objects is generally considered low, though it is not impossible.

DarkVikingMistress #dunning-kruger #enbyphobia

SJWs mess with the basic biological facts of nature, and try to spread misinformation about the biological facts of nature. Why? Because I believe through what I've researched, that being non-cisgender is a thing and it is not a bad thing either, but it is a RARE thing, and most people who are genderqueer, non-binary etc have had at least hints of their unique condition when they are children, know at a young age, or have at least a seed of doubt in their mind before they discover their true identity. But these SJWs...ugh these SJWs, they work to delegitimize the state of being non-binary by saying that they've suddenly seen the light and realised they've always been trans, even though beforehand they may have been completely comfortable as a cisgender male. These people are turning "transgender" into a trend. It's not right, it's not just. How are transgenders ever going to get more rights with these trenders fucking all their legitimacy up for them?

--SJWs scare me with the prospect of having to legalise all their genders and sexualities (I believe if this trend grows it could be a thing) just because their feelings will get hurt if they can't be called a "sparklekin" or "autismkin"...will I be discriminated against as a cisgender woman in the future, because my gender isn't cool anymore? Will I have to really call people "autismself" when it offends me that they're turning autism into a gender (I am autistic) will they hate me for having the mental illness they always wanted?

DiggleDaddy666 #conspiracy #crackpot #dunning-kruger #ufo

CERN Is Opening Another Portal In 5 Days
Hey guys,

so. Im pretty stressed about this topic, and i think im about to record a short episode on it because of how much insane shit i have found in regards to it.. But i guess CERN is turning on their LHC again on july 5th using world record ammounts of energy... The last couple of times they have done this it has resulted in the mandala effects that we have all been experiencing. because when they collide these particles at such high speeds it splits and alters our current realities. They are trying to get to another world and they are live broadcasting it on youtube on the 5th. heres some shit i pulled from their website in regards to july 5.

"No time will be wasted to make the promises of a bright future for Higgs research a reality: the day after the celebrations, the LHC, which restarted on April 2022, will reach a new energy world-record of 13.6 trillion electronvolts (13.6 TeV) in stable-beam collisions, marking the start of data-taking for the new physics season, called Run 3. The event, which will be streamed live on multiple platforms, is the culmination of more than three years of work to push the performances of the collider and its four main detectors to their limit. The larger and higher-quality data samples collected by the LHC experiments will allow scientists to continue stress-testing the Standard Model of Particle Physics, further understand the properties of the Higgs boson and advance in cracking some of the outstanding mysteries of the universe. "

Last time they collided particles like this and made a portal it messed up all kinds of shit, jiffy turned to Jif, Sketchers To Skechers, LOONY TUNES to LOONY TOONS, Little shit but its there, and coming july 5th... world record ammounts of energy... Same day they want us all at home not buying gas or whatever... idk how this is gonna turn out guys.

N. Morgan/Q #fundie #ufo #magick #wingnut #conspiracy

As Within So Below.
What is a Key??
Questions Provide Answers.
Fantasy Land:
Who Unlocks the Door of all Doors?
Death is an Illusion.
Guess Who (I)s Back??
The Living One.
Sacrificed Their Life
to Save Humanity??
The L[a]mb.
Never Forget.
Nove[m]ber the 4th.
Promises Fulfilled.
The First STRIKE
Will be QUICK!!
Those Who Know
EYE Controls the AI.
Who is æ?
EYE Can Feel Your Heart Beat.
Adam & Eve.

Ring Ring Ring
Want me to Turn it Down?
Can You SEE things CLEARLY Now??
Isn’t Time Travel Fun??
Round 2
Fantasy Land:
Again Again.
Saving the BEST for LAST.
The Son & The Moon.
Truly & Faithful.
Soon You’ll SEE
The TRUE Meaning of
Alice & Wonderland.