Eubillicant Complectogram #conspiracy #crackpot #ufo

TPTB (annunaki bloodline controlling earth) REALLY do not want you to figure out the artificial construct (Archon Matrix aka the system)



Humans were not created, they were assimilated.

Nature = Creation
Artificial = Assimilation

Money (Mono Eye) = Currency = Energy = Power

Deity = Worship = Servitude = Compliance

It's figured out now, can't occult it anymore, exposed in light, so we wait for others to naturally ascend to the same metalevel as light is passed from entity to entity.

Poort butthurt dark ones, need some more salt and spice with that butthurt?

Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey #fundie

[From "Men Who Are At War With God By Means of Their Sins Will be At War With Each Other"]

Each of the problems that we face in the world has Original Sin as its remote cause and the Actual Sins of men as its proximate cause[…]There is no[…]way to ameliorate the effects of fallen human nature
We live in a topsy-turvy world that is suffering the effects of the overthrow of the Social Reign of Christ the King wrought by the Protestant Revolution and the subsequent rise and triumph of Judeo-Masonry
Catholicism is not a panacea for personal and social order. Each of us is wounded by the vestigial after-effects of Original Sin and our own Actual Sins. The Middle Ages of Christendom was marked with various episodes of wars
There can be no consistent interpretation and application of the Constitution’s text because it admits of no higher authority than the text of its own words[…]it is the lack of any such higher authority that makes it as easy for legal positivists to believe in a “living constitution”[…]Protestants, who reject the authority of Holy Mother Church altogether, to believing in a “living Bible”
The rise of violence in general[…]in the City of New York, to say nothing of the continued violence in such places as Baltimore, Maryland, and the gang shootings in Chicago[…]is attributable to the breakdown of families caused by contraception
The decriminalization of baby-killing in various states in the 1960s gave hope to the modern Aztecs in white coats with degrees in medicine to begin the vivisection of living human beings to create the profit-making industry of “organ transplantation,”[…]“brain death” as the pretext for the shedding the blood of the innocent
We are living in a world wrought by Protestantism and Judeo-Masonry, the world of anti-Catholic liberalism described by Father Felix Sarda y Salvany

Prometheus #fundie #pratt

Science & religion is about faith.

Light supposedly travels at 300000 km/s, that's never been observed in 1 direction. In fact it takes faith to believe that light always behaves the same way regardless of circumstance.

Same with evolution, never been observed/repeated in a lab

Vox Day #sexist #wingnut #dunning-kruger

A reminder: please do not EVER ask me for sources. I will not provide them and I will delete your comment requesting them. I am not interested in providing sources on demand, and I do not care in the slightest if you decide to ignore what I say because I will not provide sources to you on demand.

I've been doing this since 2003. And one thing I have observed over the years not one single person who didn't believe the facts I cited and demanded sources in order to confirm that I was relaying the information correctly has ever subsequently changed his position as a result of being provided with an accurate source that states precisely what I said it did.

Furthermore, the instinctive demand for sources is a strong, though not reliable, indicator of gamma. Yes, there is occasionally the rare individual who actually intends to examine the source in order to do his own analysis, but such individuals are usually inclined to simply resort to a search engine rather than ask someone else for a hyperlink to a readily available URL or PDF file.

I don't provide sources for the same reason I don't provide explanations anymore: providing either is merely viewed as an invitation to argue over the source or the explanation. Since I'm not interested in doing that, I'm shutting down the whole process before it starts. This is a blog, not a science journal, what I write are opinions, hypotheses, and logical conclusions, not scientific papers, and I am under no obligation to undergo any peer review process here.

Vox Day #conspiracy #fundie #sexist

Mailvox: an insult to Nazis everywhere

Actually, as I have previously written, calling a feminist a "feminazi" is an insult to the German National Socialist Workers Party. Consider the following points:

1. The primary victims of NASDAP ideology were the Jews, a group that the NASDAP intellectuals sincerely believed were secretly dominating the world. Thus, they waged a heroic - albeit insane - twilight struggle in a futile attempt at world revolution to free the German race from what they viewed as its economic oppression. They did so in the awareness that if they failed, their nation would likely be destroyed. They killed approximately six million Jews, most of whom were adults perfectly capable of defending themselves.

2. The primary victims of feminist ideology are unborn children, a group that the feminist leadership sincerely believes handicaps women's ability to obtain college degrees. Thus, they have waged a purely political battle in a futile attempt at ideological revolution to free the female gender from what they viewed as its biological oppression. They did so in the awareness that if they failed, women would be condemned to live hellish lives as wives and mothers. They have killed approximately 50 million children, all of whom were completely unable to defend themselves.

3. The NASDAP leadership directly confronted the militaries of three major world powers, the Soviet Union, Great Britain and the United States of America, in an attempt to establish totalitarian rule.

4. The feminist leadership has attempted to quietly manipulate the American public, using a combination of propaganda, political pressure and constant nagging, in an attempt to establish totalitarian rule.

Any rational human being would harbor more respect for a Nazi than for a feminist. But then, neither Nazism nor feminism is designed to appeal to those handicapped with the ability to think rationally.

As for insulting feminists, I can't think of anything worse to call them than those bloody Belgian bastards....

Various Incels #ableism #psycho #racist #sexist

Should autistic men be put down like dogs in order to spare them from a lifetime of misery?

I personally voted yes. Autism has made my inceldom unquestionably worse.

Yes Votes: 17 70.8%
No, it’s to inhumane. Votes: 7 29.2%


I'm kinda glad ER went ER on his ricecel roommates. HE WAS JUST PUTTING THEM OUT OF THEIR MISERY

Didn’t think about that. High IQ post.

When you reach a certain level of blackpill these things are just intuitive, they certainly were for ER

No, they deserve a chance to become legends like Adam Lanza

No, it’s women causing problems for autistic men so just take away women’s rights and problem solved.

Why stop at men?

Putting down subhumans in general should be mandatory

_Moon_ #crackpot #moonbat #sexist #transphobia

RE: I don't care if male children take estrogen because it'll lower the male fertility rate and make them weaker

Stole from PinkPillBeta 'I know the common argument is that it's gay children being prescribed (or obtaining illegally) hormones, and it's disgusting, but there's also tons of hetero, cumbrained, weeb teenagers that have been obtaining estrogen too. I've seen them all over twitter, reddit and discord, posting photos of the estrogen injections they've bought from Brazil. Honestly, let them take it."

I have often thought that the only issue with the male suicide rate is that it isn't high enough. Sadly, all these incel MRAs and tranny activists whining about how suicidal they and their fellow travelers are are all talk, no action. So while I totally support incels, trannies, wokeys, trad caths, /pol/acks, mgtows, etc. killing themselves, I don't really see any advantage in them taking estrogen.

I mean, it doesn't really weaken them up to a point where they are so helpless that any woman can simply beat them up. Consider ANTIFA: full of trannies, still violent and dangerous. I just don't see where trannies are better / less shitty than other men. It's a bit like the idea that rapists should be castrated. Not that I oppose rapists being castrated, but it's not like they are less dangerous once you cut off their dicks.

Then there are the various other issues already mentioned: normalizing transgenderism, medical experimentation on children, "transitioning" of girls(!), etc. It's all just a slippery slope.

I kinda agree with fckoffmale, though. RadFems always say that feminism is about female liberation from male oppression, and that the goal isn't to cuddle sadboi males ...... but then they often seem to make an exception for trannies. If you'd make a video entitled "How feminism would be good for men", many RadFems would call you out, but even RadFems sometimes make videos about how Radical Feminism would be good for trannies.

Various TERFs #transphobia

This movement is strangely oversexed and anti-sex. It is anti-human sexuality: saying gays & lesbians have "genital fetishes"; claiming people are not sexually attracted to any particular type of sexed body; loads and loads of teenagers who make identity decisions (and will fight you to the death about them) without having even kissed another human; an obsession with asexuals and non-binaries (people who claim not to be sexed?). It's like...they are obsessed with sex but hate human sexual reality at the same time. It's bizarre.


They're against people having sex with not-them. Ever noticed how every anti-sex dude is someone nobody wants to fuck?

Incel to transcel, less a pipeline than a half-millimetre shuffle.

I wish all the “trans” would fuck off and fuck or not fuck each other.

They talk about sex, but they never have it. Nobody wants to have sex with them, and they don't enjoy the sex they have with each other.

Literally no-one with eyes and self-respect go near these people. Pretty much every survey/study on dating shows transwomen are excluded from their dating pool. They won’t even fuck each other. Hence the constant posts about ‘discrimination’.

Beatlefloyd12 #wingnut

I’m tired of being told to justify my actions

I don’t wear a mask, I don’t social distance, Ive traveled throughout the the country (America) as if nothing has changed. Any time someone brings up the conversation about Corona, they demand to know my research and what news I consume and all that shit. I have a simple answer that they can’t comprehend. It’s that I just don’t care. I don’t care about numbers, I don’t care about variants, I don’t care about vaccines or whether or not masks work. I have never been tested, nor have I even spent the time to research where I would get one. I am simply not scared of it, and I don’t fear for my family or friends. Why is it so hard for doomers to understand that it is just a non-starter for me? These people don’t really care about what other people go through. They don’t care about strangers. They do however care a great deal about how they are perceived by others. They profess to care about people and care about numbers. Well hunger kills a lot more people daily than Covid could ever dream of killing. But, since they’ve got food in their bellies, they don’t seem to much care about starving children. The virtue-signaling is out of control.

Andrew Anglin #racist #crackpot

We are on the brink of the point where these blacks just start killing white people at random.

We are inches away.

Sure, the cops got this guy and his family out of the home. But what is going to happen when mobs of these orcs are marching into the suburbs – or getting bussed in? What are cops going to do when there’s a thousand blacks on the street in your suburb, and everyone is a target? They’re going to do nothing. The blacks will rob, loot, rape, kill and burn, and the cops will stand there and watch.

But if you harm one little curly hair on a good boy’s burr-head, you’re getting swooped up, arrested, charged, blasted across the TV.

Look – I just know what the deal is. A lot of people are spreading disinformation, or they’re stupid, but I told you this was going to happen. This is happening exactly like I said it would. Antifa-BLM is not going to stop because Biden was elected, and if someone told you that, you need to think about the rest of what they’re telling you.

This is a society on rails. Everything is just steps in a plan, headed towards a destination. The only thing you can do is take care of you own self and your people. The single most important thing is to get out of the city.

Just look for a house or a rental now. Go do it.

This isn’t going to stop.

Hunter Wallace #racist #conspiracy

[From "Bernie Madoff Dies In Prison"]

Sheldon Adelson died in January.

Jeffrey Epstein and Bernie Madoff are dead now too.

It will be interesting to see how Jewish power plays out in the long term. Is this a permanent state of affairs or a passing historical era? As history rolls forward, will people continue to care as much about the Holocaust? What will happen to Jewish power centers like Hollywood which seems exhausted?

There are some reasons for optimism on this front given demographic changes in the Jewish community. History strongly suggests that our Jewish elite is doomed in the long run like all previous elites. Founders eventually produce degenerate grandsons and great-grandsons. We often forget that the sheer passage of time tends to solve even the most seemingly unresolvable problems. Things happen which we do not anticipate and which have unforeseen consequences.

Various Commenters #conspiracy #psycho #racist

(Marc Zuckurburg)
Just yesterday here at AmRen, there was a story, with the title "A New Elite Ethnogenesis" that CELEBRATES that this is happening, a developing mixed race elite in training, typified by the incoming diverse Princeton freshman class, and the inevitable relationships, marriages and mixed children that will result from assortative mating, is destined to lord over the deplorables, or, to put it in a different way: "The white man's day is done".

(Independent Thinker)
Also as far as "ownership" is concerned, according to this person is Europe "owned" by Europeans? Is China "owned" by the Chinese? Would it be okay if Whites came en masse to China and reduced Chinese to a minority? The problem with the type of people who complain and ridicule White "ownership" of colonies like Canada, Australia, etc., is that they make the same arguments for Europe, and then where can Whites exist, and not be harassed into having to live around non-Whites should they not want to?

(Woodrow wilson Resurrected)
Americans absolutely deserve what is happening to them for what they did to germans during And after ww2 in collaboration with bolshevik jewish and slavic subhumans. This is the posthomus revenge of millions of innocent German civilian victims and Noble SS men who were raped And murdered in the most brutal way by the filthy slavic soviets armed And supported by americans And brits-all with jewish Media And financial backing

Jack Ryanod #psycho #racist

If you were a juror, not convinced of Chauvin's guilt. Would you DARE to vote not guilty? You will be doxxed, BLM and Antifa will surround your house for weeks, your children will be spit on, taunted, beaten, you will be unemployable for the rest of your life?

Would you really destroy your life just to save Derek Chauvin?

Chauvin will be convicted, the entire show trial is unnecessary.

I was a 7th and 8th grade pubic school teacher - I'm used to threats of riots, got called a lot of names. Unlike cowardly puss*** like Mittens Romney and Ron Paul, I don't back down just because groups of urban POC make threats.

I recommend for Whites on this jury to have taken on insurance on their homes - if the Antifa/BLM mobs don't come to burn down their homes, get some guy from a trailer camp to torch it for the Insurance $. Get your family and key possessions out - and move.

These BLM/Antifa "woke" mobs have rather short attention spans. Officer Wilson in Ferguson MO has moved on he's off the radar - maybe he changed his name and is now working in law enforcement, intelligence in the Dominican Republic. I hear the DR really likes tough White guys that can stand up to Black thugs, Black mobs. The DR is on the same Island with Haiti. Locals know the racial/cultural/crime/mob riot score.

Needless to say there are few, no race denying Libertarian Constitutionalists in the Dominican Republic. My sources say that most of LA is now pretty well prepared to break up all BLM demonstrations, Black Southern California street gangs the Bloods and the Cripps are pretty much history, thanks to very racist Hispanics.

Get to know/support/bribe some tough Hispanics including yeah the LK. White Patriotards are still listening to Lee Greenwood's "Proud to be an American", Hispanics are not.

Various Incels #racist

RE: LifeFuel Blackcel gets harassed by chad while walking home, chad gets arrested

No.. He's a nigger who is in a neighborhood that he does not belong in. He deserved to be bullied. I just have to turn on the TV and I see "white man bad". I go to social media and I see "white man bad". I go to any mainstream platform and I see "white man bad". I play any AAA video games and it's "white man bad". I GET IT. WHITE MAN BAD. OKAY? I SEE IT EVERYWHERE. I don't need it on this comfy little corner on the internet too, okay? You want to complain about "da whitey bad"? Go to any major platform and they'll suck your dick for being an ethnic and praise your hatred for da white man. Okay? You have twitter, facebook, youtube, reddit, tumblr, and pretty much all major platforms on the internet to complain about "da whitey". Why here?

if this were a black neighborhood and a white incel was snooping around he wouldnt have got a warning, his white ass would be fucking dead. Because of BLM the niggers are getting away with way too much shit. If this is what happens now when niggers are prowling for houses to burgle then our society is going to get fucked by niggers so badly we will all be living in the ghetto soon.


Yeah, after rewatching, it seems like the guy was suspiciously creeping around the neighborhood and bothered the foid

If a white dude walked in a black neighborhood he would risk being mugged at the very least. And that's just walking. Now imagine if he harassed some sheboon. The entire hood would jump him. Double standards by niggers as usual. Also this had nothing to do with his race. He harassed a woman from the neighborhood they have the right to kick him the fuck out.

Anonymous Coward #74474183 #sexist

Women are for sex and reproduction. Any civilization that believes otherwise is on its way out.

Their moral development stops in early adolescence. See Kohlberg's Studies.

Our gynocentric culture makes women out to be these amazing, limitless beings but reality says otherwise.

They're popping antidepressants like candy because they're fucked in the head.

MankoW #ufo #crackpot #dunning-kruger

We are not from this planet, possibly from Mars&Nibiru???
Well, here is the proof:

main reasons why is that are

I - This planet has more intense gravity then our original
II - This planet has too fast circadian rhytm then our original
III - This planet is just too close to Sun then our original
IIII - Sun radiation is far too strong for us to survive

I First and main proof is bone breaking, if we are made for this planet there is no way we could break a bone when we fall on ice or snow, we should be able too jump higher, and not to hurt ankle. All sort od injuries we have just because gravity is too strong on this planet. There is nothing bad in feeling heavy, it is for the gravity too strong. Yes, also bone diseases and pain, spinal pain, discus hernia, that shouldn't happen if gravity is smaller.

II I bet all of you has this problem from time to time, just having to have one more hour a day, and everything would be just fine, I am sure Earth has been manipulated somehow to prolong duration of day, but it was impossible to make it longer, because all plants and animals here would suffer.

III If we look directly at the Sun we can damage eyes, that is not logical if we were adapted to this planet. Also UV rays making more damage to our eye system, in fact we all feel just right when sun is lower and during cloudy days, no kidding, all northern countries are more industrial developed. it is because of that reason, heat is good for reptilians only. (there was one movie with Charlie Sheen about that

IV If there wasn't strong XXstrong magnetic field Sun radiation would kill us, that couldn't happen if planet is on greater distance from Sun..

There is plenty of proof, reasons why is not logical that we live on this planet, more correct we are not from here, or partially our genes are not.

Various TERFs #transphobia

RE: If your body is unsalvageable and gets clocked instantly, isn't HRT kinda like self harm? : honesttransgender

If I remember correctly even feminine HSTS used to be denied medical transition back when gatekeeping existed if they had no chance of passing. Medical transition was used as a type of treatment for gender dysphoria but it's a treatment that definitely can not work if the person is unable to move in society being perceived as a real woman. Now medical transition is all about living your authentic self or some bullshit and even sentient brick houses like Hannah Mouncey are allowed medical transition.

Current-day TRAs decry that old policy claiming it was policing TIMs for being "ugly". Meanwhile, trans orgs' own data show that non-passing TIMs have the worst outcomes of all transitioners. TRAs' "solution" is to force everyone to play along. You can't control 100 percent of the people 100 percent of the time, and even nice people will eventually let it slip that they know TIMs are men.


I bet you he doesn’t pass as well as he thinks he does. They almost never do, especially irl.

Yeah, there's a difference between "I can see this person wants to be a woman, so I should use female pronouns" and "this is a woman". Sorry dudes, go test yourself in a 3rd world country or deeply rural area. Then come back and tell us how much you actually pass 🙄

I know one TIM who went on HRT and it softened some of his features, but he was still undeniably male and got clocked every time. It's been 12 years post-HRT and the pandemic only further shows how male he is when he wears his mask because all you can see are his deep-set eyes, brow ridge, and super hairy male eyebrows.

Various TERFs #conspiracy #transphobia

RE: People in this comments section aren't holding back



The individuals in the screenshot are in the Chinese Women's 400m Relay Team.

China used underage gymnasts in the 2008 Olympics. They will absolutely use TiMs in the next one. I think the Olympics could be a mass-peaking event.

I feel terrible for all the female Olympians who are about to have so many years of dreams and hard work completely destroyed for no good reason. And Russia will do this too if they are allowed to compete-- not sure if they are back in after their last scandal.


Why even bother using any women

They won't. I remember reading that there was a "professional" Quiddich league and they require a certain number of male and female players on each team. The Italian team replaced all their women with trannies and beat the hell out of everyone. It was so bad even a cheating transwoman on another team said it wasn't fair. 🤣🤣🤣

But seriously. Men will replace us everywhere if we don't stop this.

A friend of mine who I love dearly actually BELIEVED the CCP's statement that these were all natural, "cis" women. They even posted a "stupid terfs mistaking butch women for men" joke. Here's the thing- if they are "cis" women, they are "cis" women in the way the East German swim team was. As in, they're taking so much T they look unrecognizable as women and are cheating. These guys look like dudes to me. And even if they weren't, they're so fucking altered that all other women will have to do major damage to their bodies just to have a hope in hell of winning.

Lv99_BixNood #conspiracy #racist #sexist

RE: Is Japan based? Some interesting info

major university intentionally failing foids, jap women are so used to getting molested by jap men they feel numb to it, JBW doesnt seem to work all the time?

I was refused entry to a restaurant because I'm a foreigner. I speak fluent Japanese and tried arguing with them, they said "No foreigners because of Corona."

This is just wh*Te propaganda. Japs are meek pussies. The chikan issue is a perfect example: all available data suggests Japan has extremely low crime rates, especially sexual ones. Japan has women-only train carriages because Japanese are spineless SIMPS. Trains in America are orders of magnitude more dangerous for women, but the perpetrators are blacks and other ethnics who have victim status in the West and dare not be criticized. Japs are getting called misogynists and rapists because they gave in to feminist demands to make an already safe environment for women even safer. Daily reminder there's nothing women and the gynocentric Western ((((((media)))))) hate more than spineless low T simps.

These retards travel to foreign countries because they think those countries are exotic and then trying to force their will and way of life on the people that live there and get mad when they don't comply, you see this all the time on websites like japantimes. US ethnics (esp Blacks) are 10X more sexually aggressive but that's never a source of articles and commentary pleading for change, because, like you said, protected class.

Basically all English language media in Asia is run by wh*te sexpats shitting on ricemen to gain some sort of moral justification for why they're slaying noodle pussy.

BummerDrummer #conspiracy #racist #sexist

RageFuel If I see one more interracial couple I’m gonna lose it

I shit you not, idk what the show is called but it starts out. IT STARTS OUT. With an interracial couple. Ofc white woman black man. And the white woman gets hit and goes to a coma and is put inside the mind of the black man or whatever. And of course, they have a mixed race kid (boy) with girl hair. Like a little transgender kid. Ironically, the actress is (or looks) Jewish (black hair but idk her name to check).

The effect this kind of media has on inceldom is not to be underestimated. Interracial couple propoganda by just being existant normalizes it. Thus boosting the SMV of one of the races and lowering the SMV of the other race, which is ultimately what the Hollywood elite want. And it also normalizes mixed race children, which are genetic mixups and predisposed to a host of genetic fuck ups being mixed race (and by that unnatural).

I think you're referring to an episode of Black Mirror. I was pissed off too when watching that, the director of it is a white guy who married a curry foid. Ws this the actress? she's Welsh not Jew.

That’s exactly who it was, and leave it to a Celt to do something like this. If it’s not a Jew it’s a Celt (Joe Biden being the biggest example)

miscegenation director miscegenation actor.

Gregory Hood #racist

Sights and Sounds: Business as Usual

Some Brooklyn Center stores are being protected by civilians with firearms.

Blacks have every right to protect their property and neighborhoods with firearms. However, what if looters hadn’t stayed away. Would a black man who fired his weapon get the Kyle Rittenhouse treatment?

Representative Rashida Tlaib had a great idea.

Policing in our country is inherently & intentionally racist. No more policing, incarceration, and militarization.

White police cannot police black communities. Every interaction becomes a reason for riots. Whites cannot babysit ungovernable populations any longer. These riots show that many blacks so distrust whites that they do not accept the law’s legitimacy.

It is bad for blacks and whites to have to judge each other on juries. We are not peers and we do not look at the world the same way. This is why jury selection often focuses so heavily on race. Even lawyers who would publicly deny that race exists act like race realists.

Let blacks police themselves if they can. They should also leave our towns and escape the “white supremacy” that hurts them so much. Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors’s should leave her new properties in white neighborhoods. Let her live with the “community.”

We still need to explain why looting is wrong. But it’s also time for action in defense of the European-Americans forced to subsidize the destruction of their country. This can’t go on, but no one will stop it unless we do.

Lv99_BixNood #crackpot #racist #sexist

SuicideFuel Bitter pill to swallow for ricecels: we are inferior to white men in every possible way

White men outclass us in every single attribute: height, frame, masculinity, facial aesthetics, wealth, social status, cultural dominance, strength, athleticism, penis size... even in terms of "personality" white men are far more likely to be dominant, outgoing and NT while Asians are meek and neurotic. Even the one supposed saving grace for Asian men that we have higher IQ (so we can betabuxx better jfl) is a straight up delusion: 99% of the technology we use everyday has been invented by white men.

One of the most blackpilling testimonies I've read was from a noodlewhore "massage therapist" in Brazil who described the physical differences between Asian and non-Asian clients: the Asians were all skinny and devoid of muscles whereas the non-Asians were muscular even if they never visited a gym in their life. A trained Asian would still have a worse body than an untrained non-Asian. She even went as far as comparing the builds of non-Asians and Asians to those of adults and children.

So yes, whites (and others) mog us brutally. I know some people here will call me a self-hater and "fuck YT" or whatever, but why would any woman choose an Asian man? What are ricecels better at than white men? I can't think of a single thing outside of autistic shit like LoL or math olympiads. Ideally I think Asian men should self-segregate: go back to Asia, kick out all the white sexpats and close the borders. Force noodlewhores to be with us by depriving them of any contact with whites. That's the only way I see for Asian men to have a future.

White nationalists don't hate asian men. Why do you just blatently make garbage up? White Nationalists openly admit that Asians score higher on IQ tests. The only races that White nationalists truly hate are Blacks and Jews.

True, I don't mind actual white nationalists, just the sexpats who want to cuck us and miscegenate with noodlewhores.

To koniec & Angry_runt #crackpot #racist #sexist

(To koniec)
Blackpill Ethnicites with lowest social status

Slavs have low social status, cause nobody has fetish for slavic men and slavic women are seem to popular due to that they are easier to obtain and have pale features.

Nations, ethinicities with low social are getting fucked by other men from other nations which have good time with their women. Think SEA basically.

British men are best example of this, i heard maaannnyyyy times that brits are ugly (especially women) which i can not say if it's true, but suprisingly to what everyone says, in one of korean interviews about if korean noodlewhores likes white men (you can guess answer), after italian men british was second answer and many comments on henry cavill one comments stated in comment section that 'handsome and BRITISH'

men with lowest social status in whole world are SEA men (ricecels from china and especially korea and japan don't have low social status @Tenshi made great thread about rising rice smv due to KPOP and anime)

CEO of Google = Indian
CEO of Microsoft = Indian
CEO of Mastercard = Indian
CEO of Adobe = Indian

name one slav which have such position

The only one that comes to mind is the cofounder of Google, Sergei Brin. But he was one of the founders, Wait, he's Jewish, nvm.
I can't think of any Slavic CEOs that were appointed to a high profile leadership position. I guess we really are the lowest social status.

Winterheart #conspiracy #psycho #quack #racist #sexist

Selena Gomez to Host Global Citizen's Vax Live to Promote Vaccine

Why is this entitled, talentless mestiza famous in a White country and telling White people what to do? Why are these unproven vaccines being pushed so heavily even as restrictions refuse to loosen? All stuffed discussed elsewhere but this is an especially revolting example.

A mind-controled slave from Disney. Nothing to see there.

The point is not that she or any of the other "people" in the article have anything to say. The point is that they promote sexual degeneracy and miscegenation to young Whites. The point is that they are pushing these untested vaccines harder and harder. None of which is new, of course, but it's rage fuel. Ultimately, it's just an animal, no better or worse than millions of indistinguishable beasts the Jews flood our country with. They really want White nations to worship these things.

I’m not interested in opinions of wealthy celebrities.

They owe all of that wealth to the Whites whose countries they infest like parasites and yet their vapid "opinions" consist entirely of hating us, despising us, wanting to destroy us, even as they demand our acceptance.

I doubt whether she actually got the mRNA experimental potion herself.

A lot of drinking and sunbathing for someone with lupus and a kidney transplant. It looks like the little cucaracha is as appreciative for its friends kidney as it is for all the privileges of living in a White nation and having becoming a millionaire performing for White girls. Only grateful for degeneracy. Not much capacity for empathy, gratitude, loyalty, impulse control, delayed gratification, etc.

Donald Trump #wingnut #conspiracy

Fake News CNN, relying on all anonymous sources, meaning they probably made the whole thing up, wrote a very dishonest story claiming Congressman Matt Gaetz asked for a meeting with me at Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach, Florida, and was denied. This is completely false. Why doesn’t CNN investigate and write about lightweight Democrat Congressman Eric Swalwell, who had a torrid and physical relationship with the Chinese spy Fang-Fang, but is somehow on the once-prestigious House Intelligence Committee. Swalwell, who ran for President and dropped out with a record-setting 0% in the polls, has been compromised and is a national security threat to the United States—he should be removed from the Committee immediately!

matrix3912 #homophobia #transphobia #sexist

Stop forcing people to accept LGPT and feminism. (Rant)

I'm tired of being labeled a pigot if I think that a guy that cuts off his balls and dick or a girl that cuts off her breasts and womb are mentally ill.

I'm tired of being labeled a bigot if I reject toxic female behavior, or speak against it.

I'm tired of being forced to work with incompetent female workers just in the name of equality.

I'm tired of a society that ignores females abusers, or when men finally defend themselves or lash out against female abusers, they are instantly punished without any investigations about what caused it.

I'm tired of politicians that are using these issues to their advantage instead of focusing on what is right or wrong.

I'm tired of academics not being able to speak up their minds, afraid of losing their jobs or funding.

Dave Daubenmire #sexist #wingnut

[concerning Kim Potter, an ex-cop who killed unarmed Daunte Wright in Minneapolis on April 11]

Can I say this? A woman’s got no business being a cop. Now, there’s a place for a woman in law enforcement, but it is not pulling up at my house and arresting some burly 6-foot-5-inch, 285-pound man. That is not a woman’s job. How did we ever get to the point where we think that it’s normal for a woman to do that? Why? Because that’s perverted.

Perversion of the male/female roles. Men and women are equal, but they’re not equal. Come on, stop saying that. Men and women aren’t equal. Why have we bought that lie? Why do we promote that lie? Why do you say, “Well, women deserve equal rights”? Now, listen, I’m just telling you, a man can cook, but it’s a woman’s job. Sorry.

Annie-O #racist

Setting my flu apart, i wanted to ask we really have a black Pope? Oh, hallelujah, we're now officially doomed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not for the black Pope shit, but for the mega uber ego boost that the negroid race is gonna gain. As if it wasn't soo apparent when they saw O.J. Simpson be declared 'not guilty' from murdering the two white trashes like Nicole and Ronald and the gaining a darn black President. They just want to be the next white race and rule everything that we had worked so hard for ourselves......... they'll be doing to all of us just like we did to the Original Natives.

We shouldn't let this happen just because 'negrito wants what white mastah has'. People, stop condoling these creatures and let them stand for themselves! Notice that no land entirely occupied by blacks has ever evolved to progress, eg; Africa, Haiti. Any black and wobbling country has used the white's teachings to T_R_Y to become somebodies; at our expense. If they had ever invented something, it was AFTER they've left Africa, otherwise, this vast continent would've bloomed into modern progress. You can't call me a racist for not liking blacks since Americans hates Mexicans, Indians, Latinos, Europeans (to whom you've called euro-trash), Chinese, Japanese, France, Pakistan, Iran, Irak, Eskimos, Arabians and Blacks (along with any-other loser that i haven't mentioned).

Folks, it's ok.... nobody shouldn't like the people that we find unpleasant to be around with, not even me. We love the people that are similar to us....except for the black race that looks other races' women because that can't stand their own kind.

Tom Shackleford #racist #conspiracy

[From "Considering the Consequences"]

The Fog of War is a documentary featuring Robert McNamara[…]Key bit of dialogue between him and Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis:
This sort of conversation clearly doesn’t happen around the tables of the malicious parasites who’ve consolidated a stranglehold on America[…]This character flaw has been noted and resented for millennia

Let’s take two of their initiatives and consider some consequences. First, waging an unrelenting campaign of vilification and demographic displacement against the peaceful and productive white majority that the country requires to function. Second, using dishonest propaganda to enrage blacks by convincing them that they’re being subjected to wanton murder at the hands of white people and law enforcement

An obvious consequence is that it becomes impossible to lull enough citizens into a sense of complacency[…]particularly after a senile man was installed as president through fraud

A second is that the black population has successfully been incited to rage
A third is clear to us but not to them. More and more whites have become alienated
It’s impossible to demobilize an army of anti-white crusaders who’ve spent their whole lives getting imbued with hate. They can’t reverse migration policies[…]Blacks are never going to suddenly believe that they’re misinformed
The people who stole America never considered the consequences of this offensive because it was launched through malignant instincts and emotions. If Kennedy was one of them, we’d probably be mutants dwelling in an irradiated wasteland

Dave Blount #sexist #wingnut

[From "Expanding Concept of Rape by Redefining Consent"]

Critical theory, the ideology of our ruling class, is an outgrowth of postmodernism, which stresses the power of language to reshape what people think of as reality. Consequently, leftists have become masters at changing the definition of words. “Liberal” now means “leftist.” “Infrastructure” now means “whatever Democrats see fit to waste other people’s money on.” New York State Assemblywoman Rebecca Seawright has proposed a bill that weaponizes laws against rape by redefining the word “consent.”

Seawright’s proposed definition, via Simple Justice:

“Consent” means freely given knowledgeable and informed agreement; such agreement must be obtained without the use of malice such as forcible compulsion, duress, coercion, deception, fraud, concealment or artifice

Consider the ramifications. “But you told me you were a big shot or I wouldn’t have put out” would qualify as a rape accusation.
Daily Wire reminds us that undermining justice by distorting the concept of consent is old news on college campuses, which serve as incubation chambers for every new disease that leftists unleash on us.

Various Commenters #racist #wingnut

(Zach Goldberg)
Interesting. The latest ANES data indicates that white democrats (~64%) were more likely than even black democrats (~57%) to characterize the Floyd protests as 'mostly peaceful'. Hispanic Dems (21%), meanwhile, were more likely than all other subgroups to characterize them as 'mostly violent', and over 3x more likely than white and black dems to approve sending in the army to deal with violent protests. What gives?


(David Pinsen)
Fear of black rioters unmediated by white political correctness?

(Greg Tolan)
It's a masculine culture and that aren't afraid to use force. It's also why they attacked African Americans when they went anywhere near Hispanic neighborhoods during the riots and why they will eventually supplant African-Americans as the dominant minority in this country.

(Atahualpa Mladić)
the alt right is latina, this has been known for a long time, hispanics are more conservative and more authoritarian because of catholicisim and the latin american colonial caste system

They’re not black and aren’t afflicted with white guilt syndrome...

(Rodger (Formerly Young))
Hispanics have an inbuilt desire for military government, ignore this fact at your own peril

(Clyde Parker)
They're not in a gated community nor are they crippled by guilt or political correctness.

Vicious Deplorable dollop #racist #wingnut

[Actually his signature, which GLP does not display on profile pages. Emphasis original.]
Kamala Harris is not a Natural Born Citizen. She's illegally running.

Used by the Founders...
Book I of The Law of Nations, Chapter XIX, § 212 (Joseph Chitty numbering) – “Citizens and natives”
reads: 'The citizens are the members of the civil society; bound to this society by certain duties, and subject to
its authority, they equally participate in its advantages. The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in
the country, of parents who are citizens. As the society cannot exist and perpetuate itself otherwise than by
the children of the citizens
, those children naturally follow the condition of their fathers, and succeed to all
their rights.' 1758 Emerich de Vattel

Oh' What the Hell, do I look like I want to die in some nursing home one day...
America must have 4 new Constitutional Amendments...
1. Drug Tests and Mental Evaluations on all politicians and judges randomly five times per year.
2. Term Limits for Federal politicians and judges.
3. Mental and health standards for Supreme Court Justices and retirement age set.
4. A 'Star Chamber' of elected Natural Born Citizens (no attorney's) to ivestigate, try, and prosecute the politicians and government employee's as they see fit.

Mandatory death penalty by public hanging is the merciful sentence for pedos and their associates.

Democrats are a WMD, literally.

Let Justice Be Done Though The Heavens Fall.

Michael Sangbong Rhee #psycho #racist

A Lake Forest man faces a hate crime charge after allegedly kidnapping an Asian woman, believing she was white, with the intent to sexually assault her.

Michael Sangbong Rhee, 37, was arrested Thursday night at his home in Lake Forest. Irvine police say Rhee may have attacked a woman, believing she was white, in retaliation for the rise in hate crimes against Asian people.

Irvine police say an Asian woman was sitting in the driver’s seat of her car near her apartment Thursday afternoon when she looked up to see Rhee standing at the door, holding a handgun. She told police she did not recognize Rhee, who ordered her to get into the back of her car if she wanted to live.

The woman said she offered Rhee her wallet and money, and he replied they would “do that later,” before getting into her car through the passenger side door and pushed her into the backseat, according to police. She struggled with Rhee, who she told police began to grope her, then yelled to a maintenance worker nearby that he had a gun.

Police say Rhee got out of the car and ran through the apartment community, driving away in his own car. Surveillance cameras captured his license plate as he drove away, according to police.

A search of Rhee’s home turned up the vehicle linking him to the assault and a BB gun similar to the weapon described by the woman, Irvine police said.

Detectives believe Rhee — who is Korean — targeted the woman because he thought she was white, based on his own statements, and that the assault was in retaliation for hate crimes that have skyrocketed against Asian people.

Brian Chan #fundie

Aren't you scared of COVID?

Yes, but I'm more scared of Jesus. Luke 12:4, Matthew 25:30, Proverbs 22:13, Psalm 2:10-12.

William Carrey, "I’m not afraid of failure. I’m afraid of succeeding at things that don’t matter."

I know many successful people who will go to hell.

David J. Stewart #fundie #sexist

The happiest marriages are preceded by a proper courtship period. Waiting is what makes getting married so awesome and fulfilling. When couples have physical intimacy outside of marriage, the sacredness of the marriage bed is gone, cheapened, innocence is forever gone, and the special meaning of intimacy will never be the same. Satan knows this and wants to kill, steal and destroy your happiness. I cannot think of anything more sad, than a woman marrying the man of her dreams, having only a defiled body to offer him, handled by unholy hands by some bum who used her as a dog peeing on a fire-hydrant. That cannot happen to you if you get legally married first.

Since situations lead to temptation, a couple ought never be alone together until they get married. We need a revival of the importance of little things in America. The ungodly world scoffs at the idea of abstinence from drinking booze at all, but the fact is you cannot take two drinks of you don't take the first. The heathen world scoffs at the idea that women ought not wear pants. But there wouldn't be so many broken marriages and abortions if women clothed themselves properly. The way a woman dresses has a profound impact upon her behavior (1st Timothy 2:9). When I see a woman in a long modest dress, my first impression is that she is a Christian who loves God and righteousness. A woman in pants tells me that morality doesn't mean much to her, and that she doesn't care or understand how the man's mind works. You have no idea ladies of what goes through a man's mind when he sees a woman's buttocks and thighs. If you did, you'd either be scared or it would thrill your perverse soul.

redpillings #racist

The only way to avoid similar tragedies is to deprive them of any potential chance of occurring - by simply following police instructions and avoiding criminal activity.

If Daunte Wright did so, he’d still be alive today.

Nell Stevens #sexist

I think it has to do with a very specific kind of female communication, an intimate sharing of knowledge between and across generations, that was practiced by Mrs Gaskell in the nineteenth century, and is practiced by me and my peers in the twenty-first.

I still remember vividly the day when, as a pre-teen, I went to a friend’s house to play and, instead of pretending we were movie stars or dressing up her dog or whatever else we normally did, we sat in her room and talked. It felt revelatory: that this could be a way of spending time, that hours could be devoted to something as simple as speaking and listening and exchanging experiences. We knew this was something our brothers and their mates did not do. We knew, even then, that we had inadvertently initiated ourselves into something feminine and important.


In my period of indecision about single parenthood, it is only natural, then, that I seek advice from the women around me: child-free women, mothers, grandmothers, single and married, gay and straight. It is to women I turn, have always turned, for knowledge and comfort and help, and they have always been there to guide me. If mansplaining is the unnecessary interjection of unwanted information, then womansplaining, in my experience, is this earnest sharing of hard-earned wisdom between mothers and daughters, aunts and nieces, between friends.

David J. Stewart #fundie #sexist

Being a single mother is very difficult. Single Moms have so many pressing responsibilities to take care of. It is NOT a glamorous lifestyle! They have to carve out some time for themselves. By choosing to be single, not only have women left their child without a father in the home, but now they leave the child alone while they go out on dates and having a social life. Children are the ultimate losers from divorce and having children out of wedlock!!! Fornication is epidemic in America. According to the preceding 2008 ABC News article, 33% of single Moms had children out of wedlock. As of 2018 that percentage is up to 40% of women having children out of wedlock. This is a 28% increase since 1990. America's hook-up culture is destroying our society. No wonder crime is skyrocketing!

Sadly, do you know where you can find the most single Moms at any given time... DATING APPS! It is tragic. Online dating is a disastrous modern phenomena. Over ten million American females are desperately searching for a man to step up to plate to be a father to her irresponsibility and whoring around. Older men can marry down with age and income, but women cannot. This means as a women grows older, the chances of her finding Mr. Right quickly disappears. Men do not face time limits on finding a wife, but women do because their beauty exponentially fades with age, and the child bearing years virtually end past age 40. I am 54 years old and single. I could easily marry a beautiful 20-30 year old woman in the Philippines any time I want. I could be 70 years old! An older woman could never have a young handsome guy as a husband. Women marry up; Men marry down. That is a fact!

Paul Heffler et al. #racist

The Ottawa Police Service (OPS) is conducting an investigation after a video circulating online this week shows uniformed members of its force having a racist conversation.

One officer said, "Our days are done. White man's day is done."

Another replies, "you're probably right."

A third said, "you're onto something."

"The population of North America, we're the minority I think even at this point," one goes on to say. "You go to Toronto and every couple you see walking by is a mixed couple. You don't see white and white people together. It's white [and] Asian, white [and] East Indian. I told my son he can find a Chinese, Asian girlfriend. If he wants to stay in the mix, get your foot in the door."

The conversation is an example of the "enduring notion of white ownership of this nation," despite North America first belonging to Indigenous people and being "built on the back of free labour, of Blacks under slavery, and also exploitation of Chinese labour." Xiaobei Chen, a sociology professor at Carleton University, also said the conversation is problematic because it suggests using Asian women as the solution to the "disappointment that they're feeling" — and is an example of the long-standing sexual exploitation of Asian women. Chen said she hopes OPS uses this video to address white "nationalistic notions and racism and colonialism within the police force."

One of the officers in the video, Const. Paul Heffler, said his words were taken out of context. He said the conversation in question was harmless and the comments about demographics were based off an article he had read. "In my opinion, I didn't see racism in that. I didn't see it when I said it and then when I listen to it again, I still didn't see it," Heffler said.

Various Commenters #dunning-kruger #racist #wingnut

RE: NASA’s Artemis Program Will Land the First Person of Color on the Moon

(Jeff Coffey)
I truly do not understand this mentality. Is there anyone in this world who actually values being treated like a retarded child given a participation prize? If I were a racial minority, this would be deeply insulting. There is no success or accomplishment in filling a quota. Quite the contrary. If a minority does earn a spot in the space program on merit some day, it will put a question mark next to their name in the mind of everyone involved, even if it is not justified in that instance.

That is why the chosen people call the blacks Schooks which means easily duped. They will believe anything you tell them.

Reparations weren't enough. Now they found another way to waste billions of our taxpayer dollars in virtue signaling. That combined with the rioting cities of 2020 bail out, Covid relief and the coming economic shut downs / quarantines for the "new strains" that will likely be discovered will surely be enough to launch us into another Great Depression ... or worse.

I predict the first homicide on the moon will involve a “person of color”.

But it will be caused by “white racism.”

(Philly's best)
This is all anti white propaganda, our enemy and future rulers the Chinese will not have it.

keldbach,immersion456 #moonbat #conspiracy

We have done it… We have broken down each bit of major Western propaganda on the Uyghur and Xinjiang situation in order to debunk the lies and reveal the truth. For over an hour, Bay takes on a series of propaganda ranging from Adrian Zenz to inconsistent witness testimony to debunking sterilization claims and all major propaganda promoted surrounding this incredibly manufactured issue.

Related: The Uyghur Genocide? Uyghur Detention Camps?

immersion456: US politicians need more boogeymen to prevent another insurrection in their own country!
Compare what the Chinese are alleged to be doing to what various incarnations of "The Coalition of the Willing" have done to Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Venezuela, and Yemen! Who is it who should really be condemned and sanctioned?
Most of Washington's "Think Tanks" are really just psychopathic criminal organizations, better described as "Stink Tanks".

Frank T D’Anna #fundie #conspiracy

Evil never really prevails.
It just takes up temporary occupancy, usurping authority under false pretenses, akin to what the demonic, despotic DEMONcratic demagogues, (and their mindless, malcontent, misinformed, misguided, maladjusted, misfit, miscreant marionettes pledging their assinine allegiance) have undertaken by perpetrating their most recent fraudulent scheme !
Sooner or later, the inevitable triumphant outcome is always GOOD over evil, TRUTH over lies, RIGHT over wrong, LIGHT over darkness, HOLINESS over unholiness and RIGHTEOUSNESS over unrighteousness !
As it is written so it IS :
"Do not be deceived God is not mocked for whatsoever a man sows that he must surely reap."
The lascivious, lecherous, luciferian loser leftists have sown perdition (confusion, chaos, destruction, death and damnation), and they shall reap the whirlwind of misery, agony, anguish, angst, desolation and desperation in darkness and hellfire !
They deserve one another !

Dave Landau, Garrett Morrison and Darrin Crowder #transphobia #homophobia #racist

During the March 17 YouTube livestream[…]Dave Landau and other co-hosts doubled down on the show’s racism, transphobia, and general bigotry.

DAVE LANDAU (GUEST HOST):[…]You guys know Elliot Page? Used to be Ellen Page, now goes by Elliot. She had herself a little surgery[…]
LANDAU: He. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to misgender
LANDAU: He says I'm fully who I am. “It has completely transformed my life"
MORGAN: Or at least my chest. Not the bottom yet. But partially completely
LANDAU: The breasts will be auctioned off on eBay
LANDAU: Congratulations to Captain America. He's now a gay man. But Louder with Crowder has obtained some exclusive new story details[…]He battles against complications arising from sharing his super serum needles
Captain America brought AIDS into this office
MORGAN:[…]We gave the Native Americans a bit of a pass here, right? If you're idolizing these people as just being these peace-loving, wonderful people who had the buffalo and they lived in concert with nature. They actually scalped people, they enslaved one another, and they also practices cannibalism
DARRIN CROWDER (GUEST):[…]At some point, contact would have to be made. At some point[…]This is a nice piece of property, right? Somebody is going to come over here and clash with a society of pantheists that couldn't possibly advance. Their world couldn't advance. And so somebody was going to make sure that that happened
MORGAN: And many of them were actually captured and sold by enemy African tribes, right? So it's like the worst thing you can -- like, “We don't like these guys over here so I got some guys coming in boats, we'll take care of them. We'll just be like, ‘They're witches, take them away,' right?"

Sandra Archibald #conspiracy #wingnut #crackpot #fundie

Gun confiscation is one of the top agenda items in finalizing the Covid tyranny rollout, and the pre-planned Sandy Hook school shooting back in 2012 was integral to softening up the country for systematic dismantling of the Second Amendment as well as furthering the control-by-fear agenda put into high gear after the 9/11 attacks.

This piece will explore my theory - as a third-generation Newtown resident, mother with children in Newtown Public Schools, and recently 'awake' Sandy Hook researcher - that the school shooting was not just a pre-planned event and therefore a hoax on its foundation, but also a mass ritual sacrifice of innocents in which most of the participating Sandy Hook parents of victims willingly offered up their own children or were assigned children to offer up in the occult massacre.

This, of course, makes the school shooting at Sandy Hook both fake and real - a recipe that is often deployed for contrived terror attacks by the criminal elite and their complicit stooges found in all facets of media, government, corporate, legal, medical and financial hegemony in this country and beyond.

Some of the children, I believe, were bred by participating parents about seven years prior to the event for the specific purpose of sacrifice at the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre.

Breeding children for sacrifice is nothing new to the Luciferian elite and those under their control in the vast Illuminati structure whose tentacles even stretch down to the local level through masonic and other front organizations used for mob-like criminality and Satanic activity.

Various Incels #racist #sexist

RE: RageFuel i fukking hate slavic foids


I know an Algerian guy who slid into some Polish girls dm's on Facebook and now they're in a relationship

Proving his point. Slavic women are UBER whores.


all positive opinions on slavic foids are from western incels

that`s right western dudes easier date with slavic foids but no such easy as with asian

Polish foids are the sluttiest

haven`t you heard about Ukrainian

We are like asians tbh, like their women hates their own men and so does slav women

I live in Serbia and i agree 100%, they are crazy about Germans, Turks and BBC. They say things like "in relationship woman should be dominant but man should be dominant more" and " at least buy me a soda and pancake or you are not a man at all". They also think 190cm height and 20cm dick is average.

Nice combo, but thats how the balkans work; chetniks, ustashe, muslims, (where does the BBC obsession come from?)

South Slavs are fine imo

They arent

they love being invaded by that aryan chadcock

meanwhile slavic men die of alcoholism left and right (sad)

facts. bbc and muslims for fuck, slav(e)s for betabuxx