Russian Government #fundie #homophobia #biphobia #enbyphobia #psycho #transphobia

[The Russian government has introduced new] legislation, which was passed unanimously, prohibits all public speech or actions deemed to be “directed at promoting nontraditional sexual norms,” to propagandize the “attractiveness” of same-sex relationships or gender transition, or to encourage “distorted notions of the social equivalency of traditional and nontraditional sexual relations.” The ban covers all media, from internet sites to journalism to literature, arts and entertainment including video games. While there are no criminal penalties, violators will pay steep fines: 50,000 to 400,000 rubles for individuals (in a country where the average monthly wage is between 50,000 and 60,000 rubles); 100,000 to 800,000 rubles for public officeholders; and 800,000 to 5 million rubles for companies, which can also be shut down for up to 90 days. Foreign lawbreakers can be not only deported but held in detention for up to 15 days. Films and television shows will be barred from release if found to have prohibited LGBT content, and Russia’s powerful federal communications supervision agency, the Roskomnadzor, will be empowered to block “LGBT propaganda” websites without a court order.

According to the principal architect of the new law, Duma member Aleksandr Khinshtein: “The special military operation is taking place not only on the battlefield, but also in people’s minds and souls. Today, in fact, we are fighting to ensure that Russia, as the president puts it, does not have “parent number one, parent number two, and parent number three” instead of Mom and Dad. It is obvious that our confrontation with the West is largely civilizational in nature. That’s because Russia is an outpost for the protection and preservation of traditional values in opposition to the new pseudo-values imposed by the West, first and foremost being the normalization of sexual deviancy.”

Tomi Lahren #conspiracy #wingnut

99% of masks the COVID-obsessed Libs still wear do nothing to prevent infection or spread. Democrats love to see you wear them though, a visible symbol of the control they still have over you (though you 6th booster folks are about to glow in the dark here soon).

RealALivingston #wingnut #fundie #crackpot #conspiracy






Revelations describes the new Babylon as ”Mystery Babylon” which gives the definition much difference to historical Babylon. What entity is shrouded in Mystery or Secrecy and hidden in plain sight?!

Of course that would mean the 3 United States as sovereigns in their own right, by using Maritime Law.





Brian Niemeier #homophobia #fundie #mammon

[On a high school teacher curating a collection of LGBT books for teenage students]

The witch has curated a collection of demonic spell books. Color me surprised.

That last bit about smut helping students figure out who they are and relate to their peers is pure diabolical perversion. Children are not sexual. That is part of what it means to be a child. Healthy presexual persons don’t need sex books to help them relate to fellow presexual persons. Saner civilizations understood this fact. Western society used to, until we let corrupted institutions like mandatory state schools raise our kids.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it until non-Cultists get it through their thick heads:

Failure to home school is child abuse.

That’s not an exaggeration. If you still send your children to public school, you’re complicit in child abuse, and you belong in prison. How much longer does your child have to suffer because you let your wife play office making PowerPoints in a cube farm?

Enough, already. You can stop the cycle any time. Start by not paying people who hate you. Read how here:

[Followed by a link to his book]

Anonymous #racist #sexist

I Fucking Hate The Chinese
I hate Chinese people with a passion. They're everywhere with that pathethic dough face and small eyes and small beady eyes and even more horrible accents.

never in my life have I met a more lowly, cunning, cheating, heartless, humanless, greedy motherfucker in my life. I have good reasons to hate the Chinese.

1) They think they are superior. If you cant speak their language even if their are in YOUR country, they wont accept you. UH HELLO??? You are in MY country So YOU have to speak MY language fucking yellow skinned cunt.

2) The females of these species is unbelievably shallow and stupid. My Goodness, I have never girls doll themselves up like that till they look like a blow up doll. No probs with the guys I bet dont they have anything better to do? Preening on makeup and eyes and whatever not? Wont any Chinese girl simply wear a sweatpants and shirt and for crying out loud be NORMAL FOR ONCE! I have only seen Chinese girls put so much effort into this, Caucasian girls are better in looking natural. African American women are beautiful why cant anyone see that? They like this pale skinned waif skinny bitch who looks underaged.

3) They bring sickness to others. Swine Flu, Bird Flu(Avian Flu?), SARS, and God knows what else. Can they NOT look at an animal and think whether they would look good better as soup or stir fried??? Why are they eating everything??? I bet if given a chance, they would eat shit as well.

4) About animals, THEY HAVE NO ANIMAL CRUELTY ACTS in China! So yeah, you can see a man skinning a dog alive at the curbside and people would encourage the man. These people have no hearts.


7) Most white dude wants a Chinese girl. In fact, they are trophies! Whats so attractive about tiny, skinny, jaundiced slit-eyed freak anyway? I dont get it.

Im racist yes, Im just more open about it then you pretentious motherfuckers. I hate the Chinese and before you judge me, I want you to know that I am Asian too but not Chinese - thank God Im not. Such a despicable race.

Gary D. Barnett #wingnut #conspiracy #quack

It is a sad state of affairs when one considers that the 21st century will most assuredly dwarf the 20th century in deaths at the hands of the governments and the ruling monsters who control those governments. <...> It will get much worse in my opinion in the future, although hiding deaths behind the cloak of lies concerning fake viruses, bioweapon injections, and other poisons, with the many other accompanying causes of state murders, will not likely be reported as democide.
No one knows the full risk of these bioweapon killer shots, nor does the ‘public’ understand any of the deadly long term ramifications possible. If this were not enough to eliminate much of the world population through murderous policies, economic collapse is still assured; or at least highly likely in the near term. Farms are being taken over and destroyed, all under the fake insanity called ‘manmade climate change,’ this guaranteeing even more food shortages.

There is also possible mass sterilization due to many factors, not the least of which is the poisonous ‘covid injection’ that has been taken by billions. Toxic chemicals, poisons, GMO foods, other genetic manipulation of humanity, heavy metal nanoparticle distribution thorough injections, fake and tainted food, weather manipulation, cloud seeding, poison spraying, deadly high frequency radio waves, and of course war on many domestic populations, are happening simultaneously.
Everything mentioned here is connected; everything is related in one way or many. This fact must be understood so that each new feigned state warning, menace, or risk is not seen as a new threat to fear. There is one agenda and one threat, and that is for the rulers to gain more money, power, and control of everything in life in order to bring about a technocratically controlled earth; a one world order controlled by the few. Everything else is but a smaller part of the whole, a sub-plot if you will, but this tyrannical plot is intimately intertwined.

Mother and Father God via Galaxygirl #magick #ufo #conspiracy

Dearest children, I am your Mother God speaking. I am surrounding your fields with a warm energy hug of pink light and golden warmth. Can you feel it? Let us breathe in each others’ energies. Feel my presence, as I feel yours. We are having a cozy mother child snuggle and I am grateful to be invited in.
(I am feeling her sadness and seeing her tears.) Oh children, it was never meant to be this way. The darkness in this realm has been so intense. My heart has been broken by it, and in your healing, I find my own. We are all healing together, this realm, this universe. For the whole body must be healed and healthy to be totally healthy. And this experiment gone wrong, and yes I use the word wrong, for it was taken to such extremes, it has been a cancer, and so for all of us to be whole and fully pulsing with light, Gaia and your realm must feel this pulsing light.

And children, this is what is coming.
(I am having dizziness and intense ringing in my ears suddenly. My team is saying ‘We are adjusting your systems and sending these adjustments further into the message encodements. You may continue.’)
I am here overlighting this message by my lovely partner. I am your Father God. (I am seeing and feeling a large dark blue cape around Mother’s soft pink golden layer, but this feels like an energy wave of strength, like granite, holding me up.) You are not alone. You are loved more than the stars could say, if every one of them had a turn to speak. Warriors, soldiers, friends, welcome home. Welcome home. You are loved beyond measure. (His eyes are misty as well). I assure you, we are all very ready for your homecoming. Be at peace in the coming times. Be strong, solid, secure. You are not alone. Your angels are with you, and your teams expanded. You are ready.

Masonicon #dunning-kruger #conspiracy #wingnut #crackpot #quack #magick #ufo #racist

Zak's Everybody knows lyrics

Everybody knows that the dice is loaded
everybody rolls with finger crossed
everybody knows that War on Terrorism isn't over until Heat Death of the Universe
Everybody knows Ash Ketchum always lost and never wins
Everybody knows that our Physics fixed to prevents us from having nice things(whilst let us having it's opposite things)
the Poor stay poor and blamed for Climate changes, the Rich get Richer and everyone pretends latter's wrongs never existed
That's how it goes
Everybody knows

but nobody knows that there's hope
Nobody knows that Nikola Tesla's inventions solves world energy and environment problems best
Nobody knows that Ash wins anything, just cuz Pokemon anime writers make any moment of his victories fillers
Nobody knows that unknowables aren't violates laws of physics as much as they thinks
Nobody knows that Cancer only exists in modern history
Nobody knows that "every country and Religion has both Good and Evil people" thing are can't and never have any exceptions whatsoever
Nobody knows that Aliens(extraterrestrials or extradimensionals) ever meet any of us
Nobody knows that their own souls are hyperdimensional calculators
that's how it goes
Nobody knows

CCP Supporters #psycho

[REDACTED] Hunters
3:30 pm
This email is a notification that a bounty of USD $50000 (EACH) has been been taken out on the lives of:
[REDACTED] has committed grave crimes against the Chinese people and must pay
Whosoever shall terminate any of these targets first shall provide the evidence to this email along with their Bitcoin address to receive remuneration
The method doesn't matter.
DP Bounty Hunters

r/Sino #wingnut #psycho

{The content is on the sidebar of the r/sino subreddit.}

Before coming to talk about China's Covid policies, look up any stat on daily deaths of conflict in Ukraine, combine both sides even. Then compare with US covid daily deaths | COVID-19 deaths are still averaging more than 2,000 per week | We’re still having between 300 and 400 deaths per day - Dr Fauci. Now reflect, get some self awareness and turn back after realizing how stupid that would be.

CPC National Congress Reflection...of all the things anti China clowns hyped and then lost in the last few years

With yet ANOTHER failure by the US at the UN on Xinjiang, sidebar no longer has enough room to document all their humiliation. Most recently Western initiative outnumbered 96 to 50 -> info moved over to our archive thread

"aMeRiCa StAnDs WiTh TaIwAn!" -> then right after saying that America watched, from afar, as Taiwan literally got surrounded, blockaded and violated. Then had to stand there and listen to countries all over the world react to all this by restating they adhere to the One China Policy. Not praising US or supporting Taiwan.

Message the Moderators of r/Sino (bottom of sidebar) for info on discords and telegram. The spaces cater to any regular participant on the subreddit (post history required) and/or any ethnic Chinese (verification required).

Groups that bought into "U.S. values" rhetoric, worked for U.S. then got betrayed: Hmong (Vietnam), Syrian rebels, Kurds (ISIS), HK rioters, Guaido (Venezuela), Afghan servicemen/translators (Taliban, who are now mocking Iwo Jima photo while wearing US military gear 😂), Ukraine (Budapest Memorandum, NATO membership)

If you are new, you'll need to build up your karma on Sino in this fashion: comments first -> then link submissions -> then text submissions. Just because a submission is removed by the automod does not mean it won't be approved. Only thing that guarantees it won't be is if you delete it.

Allowed Crosspost to Sino list (expanding) (r/GenZedong, r/InformedTankie, r/CPUSA, r/ProIran, r/InternationalLeft, r/Russia, r/ChinaInnovation, r/NewsWithJingjing)

Tom Shackleford #transphobia #sexist #wingnut

[From "Tom’s Trans Classification System"]

If you’re feeling optimistic, I’d like to point out that in any society where trannies pop up on a timeline, calamity is coming next. History tends to be rather cyclical so this isn’t the first iteration of trannies, although it would definitely seem to be the most pervasive and severe. What I’m noticing is there are a set of archetypes in male trannies[…]
We have the Trolling Tranny. He just puts on female clothes one day, changes his name and that seems to be about it. One can infer that they get off on being able to do this to people and there’s nothing anybody can say about it but praise. This would be the Admiral Rachael Levine type[…]There used to be a bunch of comedies made out of a man dressing as a woman, which people seem to forget[…]
Next, is the Sincere Tranny. This is where it gets really creepy, even if you can’t articulate where this stuff is coming from and why, this type inspires great unease and visceral disgust in a healthy man. They get the surgeries, take the hormones and do their best to look like a woman. This often ends in suicide

Next, we have the Demonic Tranny. This type presents himself in the most jarring way possible, juxtaposing male and female features combined with makeup to accentuate his sinister aura. Sure, it’s a troll, but not to get a laugh

The fourth category would simply be what I call the Child Attacker Tranny, often described by themselves as “drag queens”[…]They conduct sexual assault operations against libraries, outdoor events, restaurants and bars, schools, and even nursing homes. They are now being paired with ANTIFA auxiliary units as public outrage continues to grow

The identity of a male tranny is based exclusively on his sex drive and perversions, while female trannies focus on how they are special, unique, and complex. This is because they believe that they deserve more attention than they were receiving as a normal woman

Mike Adams the Health Ranger #wingnut #conspiracy #quack

In today’s Situation Update podcast (below), I explore why globalists desperately need control over Arizona. The next stage of their plan is to have Joe Biden sign the WHO’s pandemic treaty, and that will be followed by the release of an engineered “pandemic” which we’ve already established can be staged by dispersing chemical weapons on any given city, accompanied by media hysteria claiming an “outbreak.”

Once the invisible virus scourge is declared — which no one can verify because you can’t see viruses and you can’t ask any questions without being censored — then the WHO declares a health emergency and orders nations and states to start locking people down, China-style. Under the direction of the WHO, mask, vaccines quarantines and lockdowns can all be mandated, regardless of local laws. Enemy military occupation of the United States of America would be resisted if it were carried out by foreign soldiers in military uniform, but the American people will put up with all kinds of tyranny as long as the soldiers are dressed in biohazard suits and the actions are painted as “public health” emergencies.
Arizona is critical for globalists to control because it is:

1) A high gun ownership state with high potential for armed resistance against the occupation and destruction of America by enemy forces.

2) A gateway state where illegal immigration must be allowed to continue so that the flow of migrant combat forces and replacement citizens can continue unabated.

3) A border state to California, which is where China’s planned invasion of the United States will likely form a beachhead, after which military power will be projected into neighboring states as China’s military forces move eastward to secure America’s farmlands.

Thus, rigging the Arizona election was critical to the globalist goals for occupying and overrunning America. It grants them control over key territory necessary to complete the planned invasion of CONUS.

Steve Thomas #conspiracy #wingnut #racist

The 'Evelyn Rothschild' Facebook page contains a central link directly connecting to the bizarre RAELIAN movement - a sinister New Age cult . The group's website states: "The Raelian Revolution is boldly bringing about a complete paradigm shift on our planet." This cannot be ignored, given its claim that a who's who of the world's elite, including Barack Obama and Tony Blair, are its "friends."

The cult is headed by a man they call RAEL MAITREYA - Maitreya being a Sanskrit word for the anticipated 'new Buddha', or 'enlightened one'. The term has been absorbed within New Age and Theosophy terminology, where it has come to mean; the coming WORLD TEACHER. Others, especially bona fide students of the Bible, from many mainstream, non-cult, religious groups, believe this Maitreya to be a future manifestation of the ANTICHRIST.

1. The known GLOBAL ELITE, (infused with Rothschild and Rockefeller family members, European Dynastic Nobility, Royalty, and Global business leaders, the world's most wealthy, Sultans & Sheiks, media & entertainment stars.)

2. The ILLUMINATI, via the actual name appearing throughout Facebook entries of almost 600 people, from Clinton to Gates etc

3. World FREEMASONRY, via the multiple Masonic Lodge connections running out from this unholy web across the world.
5. A sinister spiritual connection between the groups - the infamous RAELIAN CULT, which looks to 'extra-terrestrial' influences to guide us into 'planetary harmony'. This group incredibly provides us with an almost impossible-to-locate list of the most significant players on the world stage, in all areas of public and private life. And a mutual direct link to the 'GOLDEN DAWN', hosting overt Satanism, Witchcraft, Luciferianism, and Thelema Magick. And the now infamous ANGEL ILLUMINATI.

SGAnon/Judy Byington #crackpot #wingnut #ufo #conspiracy

There is Military action all around Australia. Policing the tunnels to ward out the bad guys.

There were huge underground facilities all around the world, under the oceans and under all continents.

In the Pacific Rim and three other continents the Alliance was liberating children while taking down mercenaries and pedophiles.

The big public International Tribunals will be held in late summer – early Fall of 2023.
Those Tribunals were based on Election Treason, violations of the Constitution, War Crimes and whatever the part they played in the plan for extermination of mankind.

They were using Maritime Law to justify Tribunals held on Military ships.

Shortly after Trump was inaugurated the Illuminati command in control was decapitated

There is large scale tunnel destruction under Europe right now

For five years the Alliance has been working on the tunnels throughout the world.

The Alliance began forming during the reign of Barack Obama. They approached Donald Trump to be POTUS.

In America there were 4,003 counties run by Soros funded entities. County clerks paid off through laundered money.

The US was overthrown in 1831.

JFK Jr. is still with us.

Roswell files were very real. 1967 in the Nevada Desert were very real. We are being monitored by extraterrestrials.

The Antarctica Shelf is the most Militarized part of the world.

We are going to have the Emergency Alert System (EAS) activated all around the world in order to wake up the public, especially about Covid

Edward Omar Sharif Hiariej, Bambang Wuryanto and the Indonesia parliament #fundie #sexist #homophobia

Indonesia’s parliament is expected to pass a new criminal code this month that would criminalise sex outside marriage and outlaw insults against the president or state institutions, prompting alarm from human rights campaigners

The deputy justice minister, Edward Omar Sharif Hiariej, said in an interview with Reuters that the new criminal code was expected to be passed on 15 December. “We’re proud to have a criminal code that’s in line with Indonesian values,” he said

Bambang Wuryanto, a lawmaker involved in the draft, said the code could be passed by as early as next week

If passed, the code would apply to Indonesian citizens and foreign visitors, and introduce sweeping changes affecting a wide range of civil liberties

Sex outside marriage, which under the code could be reported only by limited parties such as close relatives, could lead to up to a year in prison, while unmarried couples would be banned from living together

Civil society activists have said this would leave same-sex couples, who do not have the right to marry, at additional risk of prosecution[…]
Insulting the president, which under the code could be reported only by the president, would carry a maximum of three years. Insulting state institutions and expressing any views counter to Indonesia’s state ideology would also be forbidden

Abortion would remain illegal except in cases of rape, according to the latest draft seen by Reuters, which was dated 24 November[…]
Savitri raised concerns over a provision that would criminalise “unsanctioned public demonstrations” that cause public unrest, which she said could be used to restrict peaceful assembly[…]
It is feared that a broad article in the code that refers to “living laws” could be used to recognise hundreds of regulations that exist at a local level and that are discriminatory against women, religious minorities and LGBTQ+ people

Kanye West #conspiracy #crackpot #dunning-kruger #fundie #god-complex

On Monday, American Rapper Ye a.k.a Kanye took to Instagram and wrote, "Am I the only one who thinks Elon could be half Chinese? Have you ever seen his pics as a child? Take a Chinese genius and mate them with South African super model and we have an Elon."

He continued, "I say an Elon because they probably made 10 to 30 Elons and he is the first genetic hybrid that stuck..Well let`s not forget about Obama."

Kanye added, "I`m sorry for using curse words in church but i don`t have another word for Obama yet. YE24 Let`s Unify and find out LUAFO."

Sharing the note, he captioned, "On Jay Zs birthday Future president of the United States Ye uses Mark Zuckerberg`s platform to incite a mass investigation of Elon Musk`s childhood photos in the midst of Balenciagagate I call this The theory of everything Problem solved Praise God." #crackpot #magick #ufo

Ever since my discovery of the fact that there are indeed ancient pyramids in Europe – long known ones as well as recently discovered ones – I tried to find a pattern or template for their positions within the so-called world energy grids. Neither one of those energy grids seemed to fit for all of the European pyramids. Some pyramid locations would fit into the Hartmann and Curry grids, others into the Flower of Life template and none of them of course into the so called “pyramid belt" of the 23rd latitude.
After I checked all the above mentioned theories, I stumbled over a rather strange map of energy lines: the “Synchronic Lines" discovered by the Damanhur society of Valchiusella in Italy. This spiritual community claims to have found the “Dragon Lines“ of the Earth, which are invisible energy lines running roughly north/south and east/west, sometimes underground and sometimes in the air. Two or more line intersections form energy knots, where sacred places with pyramids or temples can be found. On two designated areas of our world there are intersections with 4 lines: in Valchiusella and in Tibet. According to the beliefs of the Damanhur community these places have the highest spiritual qualities.

imageThe "Dragon Lines" lines discovered by the Damanhur Society

This map shows no straight lines, but lines with crooked bends, 90° turns and even extensions to either side. There are 9 red lines running roughly north/south and 9 blue lines running east/west.

They do not follow the meridians, nor are they electro-magnetic currents.
imagethe yellow dots mark the European pyramids and major megalithic temples in Europe

What a coincidence, what synchronicity to find all the newly discovered European pyramids connected on one single line. The already excavated pyramids on the Canary Islands can be found on another blue line crossing northern Africa, passing Malta with its immense megalithic temples and turning south to Egypt. The Sardinian and Sicilian step pyramids are connected to each other by the north-south running red line.

Donald Trump #wingnut #god-complex #conspiracy #crackpot #dunning-kruger #pratt #psycho

“Do you throw the Presidential Election Results of 2020 OUT and declare the RIGHTFUL WINNER, or do you have a NEW ELECTION? A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution,” Trump wrote in a post on the social network Truth Social and accused “Big Tech” of working closely with Democrats. “Our great ‘Founders’ did not want, and would not condone, False & Fraudulent Elections!”

Subtle Energy Sciences #magick #ufo #dunning-kruger #mammon

If humans and animals have subtle energy systems within them, what about the planet we are all born out of? The deepest roots of human civilization revere certain mountains, rivers, and other natural sites as being imbued with “spiritual power.” These energy veins and vortexes, Earth’s ley lines, are making their way into the modern consciousness, and being studied in a scientific way for the first time in ages.

China calls them Dragon Lines, while the South Americans call them Spirit Lines. These lines on Earth are the energetic veins of the planet. Because Earth grid lines radiate subtle energy, it is not something that is yet directly detectable through modern instruments. The effect of these power places can be seen in the interactions that they have with human health, consciousness, and the way we traditionally determined the location of our sacred sites.

Some go even as far as to claim that the planet even has its own chakra system that follows a double helix grid through the continents and oceans of the planet.
Negative Ley Lines, also known as black lines, which are said to drain a person’s energy.

Black lines are unusual, in that they may not even occur in the form of lines at all. Sometimes found in curves, or localized areas, these energy points could correspond with the idea of negative orgone energy, as proposed by Wilhelm Reich; or the concept of the deadly energy, “sha”, put forth by practitioners of Feng Shui. Luckily, these points have not been found to be linked in a network, and should not be ruled out as a possibility if a great amount of usually healthy people begin to all experience health issues after spending time together in a concentrated space.
Ancient cultures may have been more connected than we give them credit for today, and it seems that there may be a lost, energetic technology at play that we may be overlooking in modern society.

Recalibrate your subtle energy with our Awaken the Mind meditation technology.

various commenters #wingnut

Found this gem in a listicle of funny tweets. I am not laughing.

I don't get how they can say pro-lifers don't care about the child after it is born. Obviously being pro-life, you care about it being taken care of after it is born or it wouldn't make sense to care about it being given a chance at life in the first place.

It makes sense in the mind of someone who thinks we don't actually care about the baby and that we just want to control women and force them to give birth. So basically anyone who has never heard a pro-life argument before or just assumes we're completely lying about our beliefs

They are just struggling to come up with excuses to kill babies.

If you don't support massive government programs that (sadly - because government gonna government) generally don't help the population then you don't care about the baby after it's born! You forced birther monster!

Yeah it's interesting to me how they think they can rely on the big ol' government to help support people's children instead of just trying to build up a healthy, stable nuclear family for them.

Responsibility for thee and not for me.

Exactly. Many democrats’ idea of compassion is redistributing other people’s money to create perverse incentives that ultimately perpetuate misery and dependency.

But, you know, who cares about the actual results of policies? All that matters is their intentions. /s

It’s better than having a Democrat cat that will try to kill your child.

I don't change my stance on your child after it is born. I think you shouldn't murder it before it is born, and I think you shouldn't murder it after it is born. I think that you should be responsible for raising your own child before they are born, and I think that you should be responsible for raising your own child after they are born.

I’ve never really understood the argument pro lifers don’t care about the baby after it’s born, I mean pro chociers don’t seem to care about the baby at all, I mean they’d happily have it killed if it would save the mother some money.

As for the mother pro chociers only care if she wants an abortion and is pro choice

@EnglishBounder & @SimonTempler52 #wingnut #racist

🔴 We did not want diversity
🔴 We did not ask for diversity
🔴 We did not give our permission for diversity
🔴 They just rammed it down our throats anyway








( @SimonTempler52 )




Tommy Truthful #crackpot #conspiracy #fundie #magick

CERN gets its name from Cernnunous which is Abbadon, lucifer, and shiva the destroyer. No wonder they have a statue of Shiva right outside of CERN.

333 IS ANOTHER PLAY ON 666, SHIVA IS THE DESTROYER OF WORLDS, SHIVA IS IN FRONT OF CERN, The True Meaning of 333 and the connection to lucifer aka shiva.

Satan may actually be Shiva in the east. This is also shown in the bible in Revelation, the number of the beast, the beast is another name of the serpent agathodaemon, the symbol of the soul, the serpentine system, in the ancient world. The number of which is 666.
The ancient Pythagoreans, who were part of the Golden Chain, brought knowledge of Egypt to India. Showed god as the Pentagram with the number 666 underneath. The pentagram is the symbol of Venus who is the serpent, this is where the Baphomet comes from. The androgynous serpent. Lucifer is another name for Venus as well.
This 666 is the symbol of the reborn soul and of God. A friend of mine who is Greek and has ancient knowledge in Greek showed me in the Greek Bible that 666 is put as Xi Chi Stau. However, the original spelling of 666 in the ancient world and is the revealing part. It's Chi Vav Vav. In ancient Kabala, repeating letters in this case would just be filling in the number code; the actual letters to be used here in kabala would be ChiVav… And from here the Vav becomes Va as the Kabala texts show.
Chiva is the ancient name of the serpent God associated with the moon in the Near East, which is originally male, this was also spelled as Sheba the B and V are double letters so one can be exchanged for the other. Sheba becomes Shiva further east where this knowledge came from. Shiva is still called Lord Chandra, the Moon God. The Chiva is also called The Breath of Life. The prana energy of the soul and all creation is shown as the serpent in Hinduism. The Chi is Shi.
In ancient Kabala, letters were numbered, and NUMBERS were used to spell letters. NUMBERS NEVER LIE!!!!

Russian state TV hosts #conspiracy #crackpot #fundie #god-complex #magick #psycho #wingnut

Araik Stepanyan: I would like to continue this painful topic. This is a religious, psychological, people’s topic. We need to be very specific as to what we emphasize and not be shy about it. I believe the Orthodox church should proclaim that Zelensky is officially the coming of the Antichrist. He is official Antichrist! From the standpoint of Orthodoxy, this man is the classic Antichrist. We should forget the surname Zelensky, e should simply call Zelensky the Antichrist! He formalized it, officially, practically and in writing! He made a deal with the Devil, and he is fulfilling his obligations per this contract! There can be no diplomacy or familiarity with this! We should realize that the destruction of Orthodoxy and it’s uprooting is taking place!

Alexander Kamkin: Araik, I will disagree with you. You flatter Zelensky by calling him an Antichrist. He is just a small demon, but no more than that. Yes, he serves the Antichrist, he is building, stone after stone…

My dearest, there is so much blood, a sea of blood, a sea of Ukrainian blood, a schism in the church. It couldn’t be accomplished by a small demon! He is definitely the AntiChrist! The Antichrist should be finished off!

Paul Craig Roberts #wingnut #racist #conspiracy #fundie

Alex Jones is demonized for giving us information that otherwise is withheld from us. Here are white Dutch policemen suppressing with violence the peaceful protests of the white Dutch farmers who feed them. The white Dutch farmers are facing confiscation of their farms on the fabricated grounds that their cows contribute to global emissions that allegedly are causing global warming. In other words, if you drink milk, you are destroying the earth.

For who are the Dutch police acting? It turns out that the Dutch policemen are acting against the Dutch farmers who feed them for the sole benefit of the propaganda of the Fascist World Economic Forum, financed by Bill Gats, George Soros and the rest of the rich who are alienated from Western civilization, infused as it is with Christianity that values human life and the human soul. . The WEA’s motto is: “You will own nothing, and you will be happy.”

The question is why do the Dutch Farmers and the rest of the heavily oppressed Western World’s populations, whether the oppression is from Covid mandates, speech restrictions, property confiscations, job loss, or school indoctrination of white children against parents and their race, bother with peaceful protests when the state has made it completely clear that the state has no concern whatsoever with public opinion. The Dutch farmers are suffering the same fate as the truckers in Canada and Trump supporters in America.
The West is dead. It was destroyed by liberals who infused the West with self-doubt. Oppressed Western peoples, such as the Dutch farmers, are so oppressed that violent resistance never occurs to them. All peaceful protests achieve is to identify dissidents to the government, as in Canada where the truckers’ protest identified leaders for the Fascist Trudeau to arrest.

In the Western World liberty is lost. Only the removal of the ruling elite could restore it. But the demonized people lack the confidence to save themselves.

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy

The cyclical plasma apocalypse will be when 2 realms merge
And the multiverse will be revealed
It is fantasy becoming reality

It will begin with the Trumpet of God
When the plasma breaks through the barrier between worlds

The sky will seem to collapse

The plasma is sentient and it will give life to inanimate objects
Spiritual forces in the heavenly places will be energized
And will interact with us seeking to possess us

The Papyrus Ipuwer tells of a time when the sky was in confusion
When an oily substance resembling naphtha or petroleum rained from above

Lapland tradition believes when Jubmel the heaven lord flashes red blue and green
A storm wind will result and wild air spirits will rage

Amen or Amon means red and hidden
Ra means Saturn
Amon Ra means red obscured Saturn
Flags around the world display a red sun

It was a time of semi darkness that resembled twilight
When you say amen at the end of prayer you are bringing in your own darkness
The alteration of Mars is the origin of the belief in the Antichrist
Islam belief is that the Antichrist has one eye
And rules in the underworld or hell which is the lowest heaven

Mars is the god of the underworld
Jesus was given the attributes of Mars

In Psalms Jehovah is the King of Old
Who divides the sea by his strength
Who breaketh the head of Leviathan
And cleaves the fountain of the world

Jehovah is Saturn
The sea is the celestial ocean of plasma
Leviathan is the cosmic plasma serpent
The cleaving of the fountain of the world is the terminal points of the electrical current
That snaked its way up the north celestial axis or Tree of Life

Solomon is Sol which is Saturn
Om means vibration
And On is the heavenly city of lights

Saturn reverberated the God frequency
With a humming sound that resembled the word Om or Ohm

And with the energetic vibrational sound frequencies
Built the celestial city of God

When you repeat the voice of god by repeating Om
You can build your own light structure!

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The more anti-White rhetoric that is unleashed on society, the more pro-White I become.

@USCenturion I never cared about being White until I was attacked for being it.



I am a six foot tall blue eyed blonde. I have been catching anti white crap my whole life. Muds have shown me who they really are for decades. You can't know the joy I feel that so many Whites are now on my side. Seems we might actually become a people again.

@USCenturion yep I was a normie con in 2018. Started to see the writing on the wall by 2020. I want to be able to look my grandchildren in the eyes and say I did everything I could to protect them. It is they who I struggle for and all those who come after them. I never realized how much my people meant to me. I was always led away from caring about my race and most often by conservatives....ironically.

@USCenturion I refuse to let the evil left divide us by race!! Evil is evil regardless of the color of its skin!!

@notepoch @USCenturion you don't have to be anti-anything to be pro white. It's quite basic. Whites have been conditioned to think that even standing up for themselves is a racism.

@notepoch @USCenturion you're not gonna make it buddy. You are living mentally in a world that no longer exists. The melting pot idea was a lie. They mean to exterminate White people you simpleton. As in kill your entire family.

@USCenturion I wasn’t even pro white before I was for equality, until they started pushing anti white equity.

@USCenturion Yes, me too. I was more than willing to "live and let live". But then my town. all white, started to get more shitskins in, and I was told this I'd a good thing. Causing problems, getting 5 years tax free, and sucking off the social system changed my thinking. Thus I researched into Hitler and the NSDAP. I now see how much we have all been lied to.

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RE: Newsom’s Reparations Committee Will Recommend Handing Out $223,200 per Person to All Descendants of Slaves in California

(Ivbin Band)

California wasn't a slave state. This is just a giveaway to blacks. Blacks deserve nothing.

It doesn't matter how much the state gives to the so-called "descendants of slaves." Within five years they'd be right back in the 'hood where they are now. The Chosen would have talked them out of a substantial amount, the expensive cars would be wrecked, the jewelry would be pawned, stolen or lost, the clothing would be tattered, the Jordans would be old and showing wear, and they'd be killing each other over whatever remnants might be left.

My ancestors were attacked and virtually enslaved by the Huns, Mongols, Ottomans, Nazis and a whole bunch of other peoples. Can I collect from Mongolia, Turkey or Germany?

You can "collect" from Germany only if you're part of the Semitic shakedown.

I can't believe the Blacks are using the phrase "racial violence" in their augments! Won't even some Libs, say "huh?"

If this proposal is placed on a referendum it will lose by a landslide.

It won't be. There are not very many Blacks here and they are mostly in a few cities. They are not at all popular with Asians or the Latinx. No one wants their taxes to go to them. There are powerless committees assembled for political purposes that make recommendations that are not implemented frequently.

(L Hathaway)
So, since California never had slavery, never had Jim Crow, never had segregation, never had voting rights abuses, what is this about? Since California never had slavery, etc., isn’t every black person who freely moved to California on their own a colonist? An illicit occupant sitting on stolen land? Isn’t every black person in California a colonizer?

And these days, most California Whites are "ethnic" like Armenians, Jews, Persians, former-Yugoslavs, Hispanic Whites who themselves faced persecution or hardship in their homelands.

If Jovan Scott Lewis, Jovan Scott Lewis and Tiffany Quarles think they're so tough, why don't they petition the states whence they or their parents escaped from for reparations?

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There's so much for families of all ages to learn at the Creation Museum @CreationMuseum. And as you learn, you also "unlearn" all the false evolutionary based beliefs & anti-God secular humanist worldview that has impacted us all in one way or another! It's refresing!

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Several years ago, right before Obama ran to be president, I had a vision from God that dealt with this. I was taken by an angel who showed me three ways evil is working on this earth and the way it is manifested. The angel stood behind me and had a sword that he put in my hand, and he kept his hand on mine, and pointed with it to the first scene that opened up. It was my ex husband (before I was saved, I had divorced). Tge angel said, this type of human has a heart for God, but Satan uses temptations of the flesh to lead them astray. I saw then in the vision these demonic women all around him giving him drugs and alcohol, and pulling him away so he couldn't be reached. I called out, but he was unable to hear me. Later on, my ex had reached out several times to go to church, and even got baptized, but eventually succumbed to an overdose on drugs a few years after this vision. The second scene the angel showed me was in a dingy dark apartment. There was a man and woman I had never seen before. The angel pointed at the man and said "this type, has no heart for God at all!" and the angel took my hand and drove the sword into the belly of the man, and there was nothing. The angel said "there is no light in him at all!" And a week later I saw a news article with that man and woman, and they had been arrested for robbing someone and tying them up and beating them in front of their kids! Then the angel took me to the third scene. I saw a giant political platform and it was all dark like night, and the lighting was firelight. People were cheering. Then a black man with a toothy grin appeared on the stage. The angel in a very angry voice said "THIS TYPE, this type is NOT human at all!!!" Aand the angel took my hand with the sword and cut the throat of the politician, and there was no blood. The man just laughed an evil laugh with his throat gaping open. Later i recognized that man to be Obama, and he destroyed the sanctity of marriage in our nation, opening a floodgate of evil. I had this vision before I had even read the word of God. I later learned that what God had shown me, were wheat under attack, tares, and principalities of evil. I understand what Paul meant when he said he didn't know if he was in rhe body or in the spirit, because I didn't know either. The vision was so clear and so detailed, and everything the angel showed me was confirmed later. I've never had anything like that happen before or since.

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Why do leftists claim to represent science while being so ignorant of biology and genetics?

They hate biology. They hate the fact that there are different genders and races determined by genes. They hate that differences in IQ and other abilities are strongly affected by DNA. They even hate that obesity is bad for your health and deny that too.

Why are leftoids anti-biology?

Do you have a PhD in biology anon? Why are you so sure you know what you're talking about?

nobody cares if a fancy man in a white lab coat with a fancy piece of paper lies about health info to protect his ass from woke ideology getting him fired because he's a coward
>appeal to authority fallacy, tiresome etc

Yeah, fuck off with your distorted view of the scientific "establishment". The idea with the most evidence at any given time is the one that is most supported by academia. There is no significant link between IQ and race, not a genetic one anyway. There is a difference between sex and gender. Cope and seethe.

>muh appeal to authority fallacy

It's not an appeal to authority. It's me saying that no matter what proof you come up with to relate genetic IQ and race it will have already been explained 30 years ago.

>my fallacy isn't actually a fallacy - let's unpack this!

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The Covid 'vaccine' is NOT a real vaccine, but instead an injection of mRNA technology that will change your DNA. Besides aborted baby cells and parasites, the injection contains an operating system that transforms the recipient into an antenna and a trackable controllable TRANSHUMAN, due to the graphene oxide (hydrogel or nano-robots). MANY have DIED and many others have been severely injured by this injection. DECEIT IS PROSPERING (Dan 8:25). In due time, the mark of the beast (Rev. 13:16,17) will be coming from the MICRONEEDLE vaccine patch. See Rev . 12:11; 14:9-12. EOM

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[From "Egalitarianism Exposed"]

This is a very important video. Because in this video, one of the most radical egalitarians I know actually admits that equality is not workable, possible or reasonable

Kyle is a passionate egalitarian atheist secularist, who is absolutely committed to egalitarianism in the West. Yet he has to admit its a non-workable philosophy

You have to understand equality is an anti-Christian force. It was the rhetoric of the secularists for well over a century because it was useful to batter against the anti-egalitarian strictly hierarchical Christian faith. And it worked. It worked so well many Christians now preach as if equality was their idea

But now that secularism reigns supreme in our culture egalitarianism is being redefined to suppress any competing philosophies, especially hierarchical religious philosophies. The goal was always the supremacy of the godless morality of the anti-Christ philosophy over Christendom and beyond. Now that the egalitarians are squarely in charge their rhetoric of equality is not as useful to them. They can now admit their desire for all competing ways of living to be diminished, if not suppressed

Kyle's argument is now common amongst secular leftists: "of course all cultures are not equal. Only our egalitarianism philosophy is the right kind of equal and all else must submit to it"

Watch the video. It's a remarkable admission

Marjorie Taylor Greene & various commenters #wingnut

(Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene)
An 18 year old was executed in cold blood by a Democrat political terrorist because of rhetoric like this.

Democrats want Republicans dead, and they’ve already started the killings.

The Democrat political war against patriotic Americans must end!

@repmtg Democrats are antiwhites, and they want WHITE PEOPLE DEAD.

@14W @repmtg only those who ask questions and demand answers and accountability.

@Olddame11 @repmtg No, they want all whites dead at the end of the day. Erased from this world.

@repmtg Sounds like inciting an insurrection to me. Why isn't anyone crying for impeachment now? They falsely accused Trump for Jan 6 and filed sham articles of impeachment. Not only is this impeachable its treason. I hope this dirt bag pays dearly one day.

@repmtg If Alex Jones can be sued for making statements about the Sandy Hook shootings, shouldn't Joe Biden and Dems be liable for making inflammatory statements such as these?


@repmtg Killing kids is what democrats do.

@repmtg the only way this is ends is if we fight fire with fire. We need to organize a march for violence against trump supporters and conservatives. People have died. Lee keltner. Seth rich. Cayler. Ashli Babbitt. And many others.

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That is why the great solar flash is so important, but in essence you are bringing the great solar flash here. The codes that you embody and absorb from the sun are bringing healing to your world. That is why it is essential that you get sunlight on your skin whenever you can in the next coming times as it will soothe your nervous system. The Galactics are putting in extra soothing codices to calm the human nervous system as it metamorphs into what it was always supposed to be.

Róisín Michaux #transphobia

These Men Were Promised Lesbians
(note by submitter: continued from$N6R5HY$68 )
“When those laws will take away other people’s rights,” says Joyce, “it is not only unnecessary to build public awareness. It is imperative to keep the public in the dark.” If only #NoDebate hadn’t been the strategy, these men might have found out earlier that there would be no women waiting for them on the other side of their divorce.

Who egged on the incels?
In a 2019 study, only 3.1% of straight (and non-trans) people were willing to date a trans person. Lesbians were more likely to be game, though it turned out that their willingness only extended to natal women. And in news that would have shocked not a single female – had any of us been consulted – it turns out almost nobody wants to date trans women.

The author of the study, Karen L Blair, was apparently keen to toe the delusional line. She blamed “explicit transprejudice,” and our alleged tendency to view trans people as “unfit, mentally ill, or subhuman.” She said those who denied attraction to trans people simply have “a lack of understanding or knowledge about what it means to be a transgender man or woman, and therefore, what it would mean to date a trans person.”

We're simply not trying hard enough, she says, because “it is one thing to make space for trans people within our workplaces, schools, washrooms, and public spaces, but it is another to see them included within our families and most intimate of spaces, our romantic relationships.”

And the chilling conclusion: “We won’t be able to say, as a society, that we are accepting of trans citizens until they are also included within our prospective dating pools.”

Incels, meaning involuntarily celibate men, have always existed. But nobody threw parades for them, and bigotry wasn't blamed for their unfulfilled desires. Women were. And now, again, it's our fault these men are all alone in their disgusting flats. Gender euphoria is temporary. Woman hatred is eternal.

@nolanelle #wingnut #racist

WOW! if this a real group-they are very small in memberships. they are misinformed&musguided bc these leftist elitists in that hitel& living in that area&empliyed in their left industry(typically)are doubtful practicing or devout Jews. No,they r committed CommieLEFT who are wedded soldiers,agents for their CommieNWO1WG that does have as its goal
,the total eradication of











& replace it all w/their CommieNWO1WG wherein they actually think they will be in its protected elitist class of that CommiePrty in its totalitarian,
authoritarian,fascist,Fabian&tyrannical hegemony over all the western world plus.

various commenters #wingnut #racist

They want us dead, for no other reason than because we're White.

You can't reason with violent genocidal insanity like this.

So get prepared, White people. Become fully capable of defending your very lives, the lives of your loved ones, and the lives of your neighbors. Violence is coming for us.

This person is calling for a genocide against white people

@Nature_and_Race it's amazing if it wasn't so sad how few Whites realize they are being targeted for genocide. Even worse is how many self hating Whites are aiding in their own racial destruction.

@DeplorableNPC @Nature_and_Race Actually, self hating whites must be the first to go.

@Nature_and_Race I'm seeing it more and more, nigs coming into the suburbs from the big cities and carjacking young White kids. I cannot stress the importance enough to always be armed and competent with those arms, otherwise we're just waiting to be victims of these animals.

@SoldierForChrist777 @Nature_and_Race suburbs are libtard strongholds.
They do not dare come to rural towns. You would think, a town of 1500 would be easy pickings for those big, strong buck niggers and slick spics to rob and take over.
They do not bother us because they would be dead in seconds

@Nature_and_Race Once we're gone, they will devolve back to their default state: canibalism.

@Nature_and_Race They are afraid of white people. That’s why we have a target on us.

@Nature_and_Race Good thing I started hitting the gym, then

I’m gonna turn some nogs into pretzels

After saying kill Whites in general he focused in a little tighter: kill White men so we can have the women and upgrade our breed.

@Nature_and_Race blows my mind,that moron is mostly white...this is what happens when whites go slumming and breed with animals.
I am ready, come at me and I will stack their bodies like sand bags.

@Jaiketsu #racist

will, and has, torn a once great civilization to shreds. It is a thing that should not even exist, but does. And those, like myself, that follow the consequences of such a horrific reality, are far too aware of who pushes the agenda, as if it's natural. It is an

behindyourightnow #psycho #sexist #transphobia

This isn't the first time I've seen FTMs afraid of being in male spaces - it's like deep down they realize they are women and men are men, and are still afraid of men, and can't help but express that, but if you press them for details, they'll never say exactly why they're afraid, because it would mean admitting they they're women.

Which is exactly why they make such great victims. Transmen are constantly being targeted by MtF predators who know that this type of victim will have a hard time admitting they're being abused in the exact same way male abusers always abuse their female partners, because if they admit that it might destroy the illusion that they're a genuine manly bro-dude.

I know this has been said a million times but I just cannot get over how goddamn female Aidens are. There are so many writers who don't have a particular male or female writing style (this varies across genres, obviously) and yet every paragraph written by every Aiden screams female so loud it might as well be written in sparkly pink gel pen on unicorn stationery.

Look at those two women in the AO3 comments examining their feelings together! And examining the feelings of story characters. And making sure to flatter the feelings of males who aren't even in the conversation by asserting to each other that of course they support transwomen in women's bathrooms. (Even though males are dangerous to women, which is why transmen are not safe in male bathrooms...)

How many times do you see transwomen studiously reminding each other mid-conversation that transmen have needs too and must not be excluded from consideration? Fucking lol.