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All the guns and armies in the world can’t defy God, and by pushing your absurd “rights” that have harmed women greatly, you are fighting with the Creator. Good luck with your losing battle.


So, you fight to vote, and can’t even think critically. Your emotion overwhelms your reason. Besides, 70% of single women vote Democrat, and the majority of married women do too. Without women voting there would be no Democrat party. It’s a nice game of the plutocrats, who weaken the family by discouraging women from getting married and having children. Makes us easy to control. Demography is destiny. While women like you are stubbornly fighting for the right to vote, you are stupidly neglecting your primary function, which is to marry and reproduce. And the bankers are laughing at you, as they make fortunes, and destroy America.

Today’s insane Democrat party is based on women being emotionally manipulated to vote Democrat. You are stupid if you think the Democrat party prior to women getting the vote is anything similar to today’s Democrat party.

Yes, because when women stubbornly divorce men, as 80% of divorces are initiated by women, that leads to single mother households, and angry criminal men, who mistreat women. It’s encouraged by the Government, as they throw welfare at you women to replace your husbands with Daddy Gubmint. Millions of silly women think that’s a great idea. Then they complain about why their children are so dysfunctional.

You can’t name a single movie or television show from 1980 on where a woman married a man and stayed home and had as many children as she could. Why? Because the bankers who control the media know that stable families would end their control. Wake up!

Men like me avoid poisonous women like you like the plague. You are hell to be around.

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STARTLING FIND: We Are Witnessing a Bloodline War | PROOF: Hanx, Celine Dion, Madonna, the Bushes & the British Royals are ALL the Same Bloodline. Trump Too! Trump is Wiping Out his Own Family Members, Just as the Bible Warned us Would Happen
This was not an easy thing for me to discover and then subsequently come to terms with. Finding out that Trump is a part of the very same demonic bloodline as the Royals and the Bushes, AND that Qanon is just another tool for him and his fellow occultists to use in their game of deception was a CRAPPY realization to make. But I don’t lie to myself and neither should you. It’s all about deciphering truth and taking care of yourself and your family. Right….? Right?????……

I your the kind of person that flicks away content/information that doesn’t fit neatly within your world view and/or political purview, then my blog is not for you.

Trump vs. “the Cabal” is a reptilian bloodline war.
I’m not sure if anyone else has made this realization yet, but it seriously startled me when I came across this.

Do any of these celebrities and politicians who are related to each other and part of this ancient “elite” bloodline also happen to have something else in common? Perhaps relating to certain ongoings with a little organization named after a specific Alphabet letter?

They’re all part of the same serpent seed bloodline. A bloodline that happens to trace back to one Aliester Crowley, as well as even all the way back to the Pharohs.

You know who else is a part of this “elite” bloodline? You guessed it. Big T himself!

Prime Creator via Erena Velazquez #ufo #conspiracy #god-complex #magick


I am Prime Creator,

You call me different names your Father, Creator, Source and your God. I am here today to deliver this message to humanity, that we The Galactic Federation with Ashtar in Command and me as Prime Creator, we are starting The Final Phase of Ascension on Earth.

Our crew, all of the fleet and ships are ready to finish this mission, which was started a long time ago. We are prepared to complete this project and move on to a new one, so we are looking forward to that. Our ground crew here on Mother Earth are going to for fulfill their missions, this why they came here.

We are also expecting that the Alliance is going to announce The New Republic called Nesara and a new financial system will be ready to launch, which we call Quantum Financial System and the currency is going to be backed up by gold. You have heard about all of this for a long time now in many different sources. Now, it’s time to carry out all of these tasks and proceed to The Final Phase of our Project Planet Earth called Ascension.
I, Prime Creator, bringing to your attention that the Ground Crew needs to start working on your assignments. Please, let’s finally bring liberation, freedom, light, love, peace and wealth to this world. We don’t want that the funds would be stolen by the negative souls, so the Quantum Financial System is going to prevent that from happening.

Humanity can’t afford to anymore to wait for the redistribution of wealth, they need now all the help they can possibly get and as soon as possible. I am bringing to your attention Alliance who have control over the prosperity, let’s start sharing the funds with the human beings, there is too much suffering on Mother Earth.

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I heard PBS published this new Web-exclusive pro-BLM short starring characters from that old kiddie show Arthur (yes, it's still a thing—it's well past its prime, and hardly anyone talks about it anymore, but it's still a thing). Clearly, creator Marc Brown wants to keep his exhausted show culturally relevant in an ever-changing world and represents the current common celebrity and corporate attitude of taking responsibility for a crime in which no corporation or celebrity played any part.

The way I see it, if we could simply teach kids to love and accept everyone regardless of skin color from an early age, we could prevent racism in future generations, ending the problems we have today instead of continuing them and negating the need for videos like "Arthur on Racism."

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Witches: have scoffed at Witch Trials and Satanic Panics of the past
Antifa Witches: Casting Spells to Hurt President Trump (and others)
Antifa Witches: “BURN IT ALL DOWN”
President Trump: “WITCH HUNT!”
(He wasn’t talking about the investigation into himself.)
Coming [Soon]: Witches on Trial [?]

Witchcraft: The definition that seems closest to the one that the accusers in the Salem Witch Trials used is what they deem the Gothic Satanist. The Gothic Satanist is a worshiper of Satan who, during the late Middle Ages and Renaissance, was believed to use black magic to harm others, by involving the aid of Satan and his demons.

Witches and Satanists have teamed up with leftists to destroy America
Satanists and witches were invoking evil powers to aid those participating in the violence.
hashtag #witchesforblm serves a meeting place for practicing witches who want to learn how to cast protection spells, draw occult sigils, and hex police. Five days after the hashtag started, it garnered 10 million views on the TikTok app.

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Most conservatives understand that Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa are communist organizations and are committed to overthrowing America’s culture, society and constitutional order. BLM was founded in 2013 by three black women who are avowed Marxists. They are also prophetesses of demonic darkness.

Antifa was founded in Germany in 1932;they promoted communism over fascism. The two organizations work diligently together fomenting anarchy, along with dozens of smaller communist and Islamic groups, under the guise of eliminating police brutality against black Americans, which national statistics have proven to be false. We are not experiencing a wave of social unrest generated by injustice or police brutality. We are watching an insurrection in progress, one which uses police violence as a pretext, but which has as its goal the destruction of the existing social, economic and political order in the United States.

Most Americans do not understand the demonic reality of Marxism and the communist infiltration of every facet of American society, peoples and culture.

Alphabet Agency Alert Award

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[Serious] I'm Developing an Urge to Send Nonvirgin Women to the Hospital with My Dick

The thought of trying to have passionate sex with a used nonvrigin just fucking grosses me out. Like how the fuck am I supposed to be passionate about a used cumrag? It's fucking disgusting.

However, I have heard of cumrags getting sent to the hospital due to getting fucked down their worthless throats (Also JFL @ soyboy marrying cumrags who have been dicked so bad they went to the hospital, how fucking emasculating). It happened to a girl I actually know in real life.

Anyway, I've spent parts of the last two hours or so contemplating doing this myself. I can't help but think I'd derive great pleasure from luring a used roastie in, fucking her down her throat, watching her choke and bleed, and then having her shipped off to the hospital while I relax and watch baseball. Like, the idea of her gagging and having blood run down her chin with some internal bleeding and then having to pay the hospital bill while I disregard her for the rest of the summer is really fucking starting to turn me on. I'm developing an erection just thinking about it. It would be a high quality punishment for these bitches.

I mean I'm in college. So these cumrags wouldn't have the money to pay for their medical bill/ambulance in all likelihood. Imagine the shame and humiliation they would feel having to ask their parents to pay for the medical bill of their very own throatfucking. Visualizing their despair puts a smile on my face.

If I <<<[b]HYPOTHETICALLY[/b]>>> did this, would it make me a hERo? Yes or no?

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[On a story about an Alaskan man who married an Inupiaq woman]

Having offspring that are an abomination due to polluted DNA is not ‘ideal’. Those kids will have all the problems all race mixed bastards have. No people, no culture and the will never be White or ever have the divine spark in them ever. It is like he murdered himself by fucking a subhuman and dissolved himself in pollution for nothing, for a non-human hole. This is far from ideal. So he can scrabble around like an Ape and live like an animal…he destroyed whatever remained of higher reasoning since his children cannot inherit anything but their mothers animal genetics. There is a reason native are worthless drunks who are leeches on society. THAT is what he chose for himself and the way he chose to end his lineage forever.

Alphabet Agency Alert Award

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The only thing of any importance to a White Nationalist movement in the United States should be armed and active terrorism against the military, banking institutions, defense contractors and their employees, tech firms and their employees, and jews of any occupation.

Every other thing like "creeping sharia", China, or socialism in South America that the kike media wants to put in your face is irrelevant. The fight is here.

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Silence DoGood: Not a fan of Islam at all. Of the three Abrahamic religions, Christianity is the most peaceful and protective of individual rights, while Islam is a distant second, and Talmudic Judaism, the driving factor behind Communism, is the biggest murder operation in world history, with 100 million dead in a century.

Between Judaism and Islam, 350 million have been slaughtered in the last 1,400 years.

Blair: "Talmudic Judaism, the driving factor behind Communism..."

Uh, I think you mean atheism. Both Stalin and Hitler exterminated Jews, using them paradoxically as scapegoats for their own regressive policies. Both went on to persecute Christianity and other religions (which didn't acknowledge the supremacy of the State) as well. Same thing with China, who even picked on Muslims and Buddhists.

Silence DoGood: No, Talmudic Judaism.

The Talmudic Jews resorted to atheism and Communism, but they were raised Talmudic Jews.

Nothing new. This is why Titus destroyed Jerusalem in 70 A.D. The Romans were tired of the Talmudic Jewish plots to rule the world. Many Jews oppose Israel and Communism, and the dirty truth is, both were funded and backed by the same bankers.

The Talmudic backers of Hitler and Stalin, lost control of both of them. And they even funded the destruction of their fellow Jews.

But, when the Bolsheviks took over Russia, it was Christian churches being destroyed, not synagogues.

Cui Bono,

Follow the money.

Anthony Sutton has many great books accurately detailing how the Talmudic owners of the Federal Reserve funded Communism and Hitler.

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Don't even date a man who was previously mentally ill.

No matter what he says about how he's over it, or his medication is working, or he is a new man. He's not over it, he can stop taking their medication, lol no sis he's not a new man.

The consequences of a man relapsing on his mental illness can be literally deadly. I would never put myself in a risky situation like that. Past mental illness in men is the biggest indicator of future mental illness. He'll also pass those genes down to our children and perpetuate it.

It is different for women because the majority of our mental illness is caused by living in a male dominated world.

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We will all need [...] to escape the suburbs if Biden gets elected. The biggest issue in this election: Biden and the Dems' platform (page 78) proposes spending $78 billion annually (and $780 billion over 10 years) in taxpayer money to move SECTION 8 HOUSING to every suburb in America in all 50 states. This will destroy the suburbs. If Biden wins and this is enacted, that 300k house will be 150k overnight and that 400k house will be 200k overnight - and dropping. And people will have to stay because they owe more on their houses than they are worth. As a strategy, they are moving inner city Portland to our suburbs. Crime will be off the charts - and our kids won't be able to shoot hoops in the driveway for fear of being shot in a drive-by. With Biden's no police and no guns directive, only the criminals will have guns, and we will be sitting ducks in our own homes. The home invaders will be like ants. This is the biggest threat to American society in our country's history. This plan will take our wealth (our biggest asset) and our security in one fell swoop. This will be the biggest hit the middle class has ever taken. If Biden and the Dems destroy the suburbs, they destroy America.

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Narrative Warfare: The Purge Of Wokeness Begins
The God-Emperor of Mankind has begun the Counter-Reformation of America to destroy the Death Cult.

Trump signed an Executive Order setting all of this off yesterday. This? This is a Big Deal.

"Critical Race Theory" is the ideology of the present Death Cult afflicting the United States in particular and the West generally. It has gotten into every corporation and government agency, down to elementary schools, and by signing this order and giving Attorney General Barr the go-ahead to wage lawfare Trump has begun the purge of this vile heresy from American life.

Read through that thread on Twitter. There are provisions, tied to Federal money, to compel state and local governments as well as private actors to purge Wokeness from their organizations if they want that sweet Federal financing for their groups. As the alternatives to Federal financing don't have (officially) the bottomless well of the Federal Reserve to call upon, this should go a long way to putting a stop to the heresy going on.

It won't stop it entirely. What it will do is flush the heretics out into the open where normies can see them, and that's where we come in.

When the heretics, freaking out, act up those need to go viral across all platforms. The Alt-Tech platforms are already friendly, so that's not an issue. It's the Three That Matter--Twitter, Facebook, YouTube--that will be a bother. Fortunately, they will make it easy for us to make them improperly famous; they will issue hashtags, so usurp them and use them to expose them. Sure, right out of the old Gamergate playbook, but it still works so why not use it?

We can't expect the God-Emperor to do all the work for us. We have our part, and it's not just in the voting booth. The ride never ends, folks, and remember:


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[From "The Retreat of Racial Science"]

At the beginning of the 20th century, America was still in the Victorian era. American identity was White, Anglo-Saxon (in culture), Protestant and liberal and republican in principles. There was an overwhelming national consensus in support of progress, traditional moral values and the Anglo-American literary canon. The dominant aesthetic was New England and Appalachian Regionalism.

American dominant ethnicity looked something like the left hand column before the big Victorian-to-Modern cultural transition that we are exploring:

["American Dominant Ethnicity" vs. "Avant-Guard Community"][…]

In 1910, race was still considered an objective biological reality. There was no moral stigma attached to either White identity or the belief that racial differences exist. The development of “antiracism” was still in the future and occurred largely in New York in the 1920s and 1930s.

This was not an isolated change. It was part of a larger sweeping cultural change that unsettled and transformed everything in America in the interwar years: manners, morals, national identity, gender roles, dress, art, literature, music, dance, architecture, religion, psychology, etc.


Before the 1910s, America was characterized by regional cultures dominated by their metropoles. Boston was the cultural capital of America. In the 1920s though, New York became the largest metropolitan area in the world and the cultural capital of the United States. It reduced other metropolitan areas into its satellites. The culture of the New York avant-garde became “mainstream” culture.

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President Trump nominated Amy Coney Barret to the Supreme Court of America on Saturday. The many pro-life conservatives are extremely excited. I am a pro-life conservative. I want a judge like her who loves America and the Constitution. However, I am sad that she will be unavailable for her seven children. The job that she will most likely have is time-consuming and will keep her away from home a lot.

Yes, I want a pro-life conservative on the Supreme Court. Yes, I am happy that Amy is one, but her children only have one mother. There are many other pro-life conservative judges that would make great Supreme Court judges.


What about Judge Deborah in the Bible? We are told nothing about her age or even if she had children. This was a unique circumstance in the entire Old Testament and was not God’s ideal; for He tells us: “As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths” (Isaiah 3:12). Our God is a Patriarchal God who ordained men to be the ones in authority. This isn’t popular in our day and age but for believers in Jesus Christ, it should be for us.

Amy will hopefully be a wonderful Supreme Court Justice. She is the complete opposite of Ruth Bader Ginsberg which is great, but it’s an indication where our country is headed. She was praised for being the first Supreme Court Justice who had school age children. This grieved me. They will miss her constant influence in their lives, since no on will be able to take her place in their lives. Also, her husband must fill the role of help meet to her instead of her being his help meet.

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Oppression of Most People is Actually Good

All the time, the communist party rants about how awful oppression is; and seemingly their delusional fear of oppression leads them to conjure up imaginary oppression in all areas of life. Time and time again, the normies espouse hysterical paranoia regarding oppression, as they hallucinate oppression to be an evil force ingrained in the remnants of the old-world society. Worst of all; they seem to believe that oppression is somehow ‘bad’ although they can never seem to explain why.
In actuality, natural oppression exists all around us and is fundamental to the structure of society. Don’t believe me? Well lets look at some examples of oppression. Arguably, children are oppressed by their parents. Parents set up rules for their children and teach them what’s good and bad. Parental discipline and rules are both good because none of it’s done out of a desire for totalitarian control; but rather because every child is inherently born as an uncultured barbarian who is in desperate need of basic correction.
How about oppression on the basis of race or gender? That’s also awesome. I’m personally opposed to any and all gender rights activism that has ever existed because it’s not possible for gendered oppression to exist, and then also I’m not necessarily a big fan of advocating for racial-rights either – especially not in modern times. As is mentioned by the communists; racism and sexism have theoretically resulted in oppression in many ways; all of which have always been perfectly wonderful.
In reality, it’s okay that inherent differences produce inequality: It’s okay that the West is white; It’s okay that women choose lower paying jobs; And it’s okay to oppose immigration. Then let’s remember that it’s oppression to not use a mentally disabled person’s ‘preferred pronouns.’ Lol. Honestly, anything that leftists claim is ‘racist’ or ‘sexist’ is actually just normal.

[And a picture of a Pepe Trump saying ‘no’ to a crying Pepe in a sombrero on the other side of a brick wall]

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Nowadays, I’ve got my own national media platform. So I’m issuing a challenge to former President Obama, my college classmate:

I believe you’ve had a “free roll.” I don’t believe you had one tough question thrown at you in the past decade. Rarely has any member of the media pushed you for a detailed response about your IRS scandal or Hillary Clinton’s Russian uranium issue. You’ve rarely been asked about the Benghazi cover-up, your justification for the Iran treaty and why you gave the nation $150 billion to fund terrorism around the world and the tall tales used to sell Obamacare.

And then there are the billions wasted on your green energy giveaways to Democrat donors; Joe Biden’s Ukraine scandal; Hillary’s emails; the nonsense about “shovel ready” jobs; your attorney general meeting with Bill Clinton on the airport tarmac; the DNC efforts to fix the primaries for Hillary; and your role in the spying, unmasking and FISA fraud committed against President Donald Trump.

Got any answers to tough questions by an interviewer who isn’t an adoring fan? How about you sit down on the set of my Newsmax TV show, reaching 80 million homes, for a 60-minute interview? No questions will be off limits.

Can you prove me wrong? Think you can make me look foolish? Then accept my challenge. What do you have to lose if you didn’t cheat?

The ball is now in your court.

Contact Wayne Allyn Root at Hear or watch the nationally syndicated “Wayne Allyn Root Show” from 3 to 6 p.m. daily at 790 AM and at 5 p.m. every night on Newsmax TV (Cox cable channel 96).

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The Game Awards has been a face palm embarrassment since it was created. The Game Awards continues to be out of touch yet again. The macabre and morbid video games dominate in their twisted hater view point. The arrogant snobbery of The Game Awards continues in a way that disgusts families to this day.

There are all kinds of great family friendly video games that deserved recognition and The Game Awards ignores them. No wonder so many families have no clue The Game Awards even exists. The ones that do have a negative viewpoint of yet another radical far leftist awards show. A horror game that offends a great many families won family game of the year. How is Luigi’s Mansion 3 more family friendly than Super Mario Maker 2? Why are the only family friendly titles all from Nintendo? Talk about laziness. Why were games like Fun Fun Animal Park, Steven Universe Save The Light and OK KO Lets Play Heroes, The Fisherman Fishing Planet excluded? How is Super Smash Bros considered family friendly?

It baffles me that the people making these decisions have no clue what the definition of family friendly actually is. I guess in their minds it is Nintendo. Whether the Nintendo game is family friendly or not. I do not even waste my time with The Game Awards anymore because I expect them to be completely backwards and messed up. I shake my head at what an embarrassment The Game Awards is to the entire video game industry. They glorify the macabre and morbid video games in a way that disgusts a great many families. They throw a few crumbs to families and cannot even do that right. It is such a head shaking moment in disgust.

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(on the U.S. Supreme Court's June 15 ruling to protect LGBT rights)

This was the final straw for me.
Trump is definitely controlled by the bankers too. You have to hand it to them though, they had conservatives convinced that Trump was against the establishment. They had us convinced in 1913, that the Federal Reserve was good for America, which started our enslavement. We shouldn’t be surprised. To think that the worldwide Bankers paradise and headquarters is NY, and that Trump could come from there unscathed, and untouched by the bankers control, is like thinking Obama could come out of the corrupt Democrat rathole of Chicago and be good for America.

The two biggest online supporters for Trump were Drudge and Breitbart. Drudge is blatantly Democrat now. Breitbart, Daily Wire, the Gateway Pundit, FrontPageMag, and City Journal all censor conservatives who attack globalist bankers.

Conservatives and Democrats must turn away from both parties. It’s a gigantic scam.

Gorsuch is a sorry excuse for a SCOTUS justice, and once more, tens of millions of conservatives supported Trump because of SCOTUS, and were duped again. These insane SCOTUS rulings must be stopped and reversed. All of them, going back to the legalization of contraception, porn, abortion, homosexuality, illegal immigrants, and listing homosexuals and transgenders as civil rights victim classes are all blatant attacks on the church and marriage, the twin backbones of America.


These snakes are ruthless. They know holding onto power and wealth depend on silencing dissent. They are terrified of another young man exposing their hypocrisy for the world to see, as one did 2,000 years ago, foretelling the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD. These Pharisees are horrified at the thought of the Federal Reserve banking scheme being destroyed, and their corrupt wealth and power ended.

Derek Hunter #wingnut #psycho

Democrats Are Truly Sick People

It’s times like this I regret not being able to really let loose with the language in this column because what the Democrats have become is truly disgusting. Every time you think they’ve gone as low as humanly possible, they break out a shovel. There is no bottom to hit when you will literally do anything to win. This election isn’t about power for the next few years. It’s about the type of existence we’re going to have from this election forward. Once you go over a cliff gravity always wins.


The idea of a Biden presidency is a scary proposition.

Michinomiya Hirohit #sexist #psycho

Even of u ever het a gf she sucked so much dick before

This thought really scares me it always bashes on us for wanting a pure girl yet these foids only want chad /chad lites. It disgusts me kissing a foid knowing how much cum she swallowed :feelsrope: For real all I want is a pure girl but it seems its to much to ask While foids out here asking for a 6ft white muscled 25 cm dick good hair good bone structured guy Life is so unfair no matter how hard I try no one is interested in me no one will ever love and it’s all because of my looks (for u it fags reading this I made a thread long ago debunking ur blue pilled shit stated all the things I tried and asked u guys how I could improve more jfl I know u fags couldn’t give me one reason ) I would give up everything to be a chad i wouldn’t care if I would be homeless Having one leg etc because foids still would love me how much more proof do I have to bring out for people until people acknowledge our suffering even my worst enemy I wouldn’t wish him to be a ugly incel because wishing that on some one is the worst thing you could wish to happen to some one looks are worth more then a diploma We live in a age where girls can get free money for legit doing nothing It is unfair and it’s racist against us incels. Yes I’m calling it racist since we are always viewed as non humans pedo rapists mass murders yet when we make a joke that allniggers are criminals we are the bad ones Jfl at society I legit tried everything to get attention from girls Even back in my blue pilled days as a kid Like many mother they tell you to dress nice be nice be respectful and what did it bring us incels ? Nothing legit nothing They need to talk about the black pill in elementary schools so the ugly kids know what the need to do to increase there looks later down the road u legit have incels turn gay because they want to feel loved it’s fucking gay as fuck and those should be shunned but I still understand why they would do it love is a basic human need while we incels never get it

Ps sorry for typos hella tired and sad

Unconfidence #psycho

I stalked someone in high school. I'd spend nights outside her window just to be near her, after walking ten or so miles to her house. I still have the first thing she gave to me, a piece of a microwave pizza box to throw away for her, which I kept and cherished because it was the first thing she gave to me. When she dated someone else, I went to his house as a friend of a friend, and while he and some others were passed out drunk I just sat there with a straight shaving razor thinking how easy it would be. I was, in a word, obsessed.

And I still am. It's been almost 18 years now since I fell in love with her the first time I met her, and right now she's out getting her hair done. I'll probably be in bed by the time she gets home, and I'll wake up early to make her some food so she won't get hungry during her work shift.

How intense of a stalker you are now

I look through her phone, I bought a GPS tracker for her car, but she knows about all of it and is cool with it. Honestly the stalkerish behavior sort of mellows once you've been with someone for a few years and start to become convinced they won't leave.

is the person you're stalking still in a relationship?

Yeah, with me. It's been a long road but we're together.

Donald Trump #wingnut #god-complex

The only presidential election Donald Trump will accept as legitimate is the one he wins, he told a crowd of supporters Friday night at a rally in Virginia. If he loses in November, Trump declared, ”We’re not going to stand for it.” 

Trump’s speech in Newport News was the latest ominous sign that he may refuse to leave office if he’s voted out. Asked at a press conference Wednesday if he would “commit to a peaceful transferal of power” if he lost the November election, Trump said ominously: “Well, we’re going to have to see what happens.”

Trump declared Friday that the only way he’ll lose the election is if the Democrats cheat.

“We’re not going to lose this except if they cheat,” Trump told the crowd. “Our country is at stake.” 

“We do want a very friendly transition,” he said. “But we don’t want to be cheated, and be stupid, and say, ‘Oh, let’s transit.’ We’ll go and we’ll do a transition, and we’ll know that there were thousands and thousands of ballots that made the difference through cheating. We’re not going to stand for it

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child #racist

[From "Memo to @vexwerewolf, @chittlins, @Fire_Badger, @Elegant_QueenK, @chrysoleggyon, @baneslay, @anthonyackee2, @gmiller1643, & @anya_something"]

Today, looking at all the evidence, a Grand Jury decided that the officers involved in the death of Breonna Taylor did nothing criminal and would not be charged.

So naturally, niggers and their unhinged ANTIFA co-conspirators in Louisville immediately began trashing the city.
"Vex" falls into the basic far-left drivel about how caring about property owned by innocents should be less important than life held by criminals.
[…]Claiming that we should be okay with hardworking innocent people being wontonly deprived of their property in favour of the "life" of somebody who has no respect for that property (and life) of the innocent is ludicrous.
The "root cause of the problem" is tribalism. When a nigger is killed by police, regardless of the justification, niggers turn violent and riot. How do you cure this root cause? Sadly, I don't know the answer. The psychology of how to fix the ridiculous racial cohesion that niggers maintain is beyond my considerable talents.
None of these are examples of "systemic racism": no matter how many idiotic screeds by far-left idiots @brandy_mancari or anybody reads, it does not exist and no examples of it can be found.[…]US prisoners are majority nigger because niggers are orders of magnitude more likely to be criminals and tend to also be dumb enough to be easily caught. Low income housing is "under-funded" because it's folly to waste money giving housing to people who have never done any of the actual labours that would justify them receiving any money. I would argue low income housing is overfunded because the ideal level of funding is zero.

Jean Sheehan #crackpot #ufo #magick

The times of Atlantis myth & legend and Atlantean technology was a time called RETURNING OF THE GODS. Eons ago, BROTHERS from outer space from the spiritual guidance of the MASTERS OF WISDOM, Creators of the Universe, came to Earth. They chose Atlantis to be their home and create Mystery Schools of Atlantis. The Atlantic task and Atlantean way was to prepare EARTH for higher forms of a BIOLOGICAL LIFE and reincarnate souls from an ATOMIC explosion. This explosion shattered planets such as MALONA and LUCIFER which are located between Jupiter and Mars. These Higher Beings knew the code to CREATION.

These Atlantean beings would incarnate at specific galactic times of Earth, in patterns of the next evolutionary process. These include Egypt, Medieval, Mayan, Atlantis and Lemuria. They specifically were here to raise the consciousness of the planet. They chose these times to learn all realms and experiences until they reached COMPLETION and Absolute Empowerment.
The Galactic Federation, the Melchezadick order and the Brothers of Light descended to Atlantis to introduce a new type of being and genesis of earth. As these beings came in, the humans on Earth saw them as GODS.

In the lost city, using Atlantean crystals, work commenced very quickly in the genetic modifying of souls and bodies to create this new Being. The reincarnations of animal-like humans, such as the cave man, were genetically modified. The creation of this human being developed quickly. This work commenced in Atlantis and then continued with Pythagoras, Leonardo da Vinci and the early Churches of autopsies, and even today of the 21st Century with seedless watermelon and Dolly the Sheep.

Silence DoGood #conspiracy #crackpot #wingnut #racist

DesertDawg: Hitler created a false narrative about Poland attacking Germans, got Germany worked up against Poles, and then kicked off the invasion leading the world to war.

Now, 81 years later, you're still following the socialist propaganda model to gin up fake hate and conspiracies against your fantasy enemy, the Jews.

It's truly laughable and pathetically sad at the same time.

Wallow in your hate.

Silence DoGood: Hitler was no angel. However, I don’t appreciate your silly ad-hominems, which you’ve been trained by the Jewish media, schools, and tech companies to use since birth. Of course, you may well be a Pharisee headed for hell yourself. You actually, like your father the Devil, are a massive liar.

Germany was wronged by the bankers in World War 1. They tried for peace numerous times, and were denied, then were raped with the Versailles treaty. Then the bankers took the weakened Germany, and spread their filth and degeneracy to return to make Germany Communist. That was given a sudden shock, when the J*wish Communist leaders, Luxembourg and Leibnicht, were executed in 1919. You cannot separate Judaism from Communism. They are tied together. And, if I had seen the terror and horror the Jewish Bolsheviks caused in Russia, I would have been wary of Jewish Communists too.

Hitler merely tried to reclaim the land that belonged to Germany before World War 1. As soon as he kicked the CFR bankers out of Germany, the bankers roiled the whole world, to get control of their money again.

One more of your slanderous lies, you corrupt, lying, dimwitted simpleton, and you’re blocked.

NightcrawlerCyp #homophobia

Homosexuality is a mental disorder caused generally by a combination of hormonal imbalance and traumatic experiences. And just as leukemia is an DISEASE. It can be treated in most cases via hormonal treatments and psychological counseling. But instead yeah lets call it normal and be proud of it!

Ryan Messano #wingnut #conspiracy #homophobia #fundie #crackpot

Register as an independent. The Republican Party is infiltrated too! I just had my comments criticizing the greedy, covetous, and thieving Jewish bankers, who’ve been stealing from America since they established the Federal Reserve in 1913 (The first time in American history, Americans didn’t control their own money), deleted from the allegedly conservative sites PJMedia, and FrontpageMag. Have been kicked out of my local Solano County Republican Party for criticizing homosexuality too. The Republican Party is a front.


Also, it’s wise to be wary of Trump. When he appointed Richard Grenell as the head of the 17 intelligence agencies, who is an open homosexual, he sent a clear signal that America’s Christians are not his first priority, and neither is God. We already know that every single president since Woodrow Wilson was controlled by these globalist bankers, with the possible exceptions of Reagan and Trump, and, its looking likely, 80% at least, that Reagan and Trump were controlled too. Trumps administration is full of CFR members, who are a front for the globalist bankers, Ivanka Trump dated a Rothschild, and Trump’s Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, is a Rothschild agent.

Gaia Staff #crackpot #magick #dunning-kruger

As the Earth rotates on its axis as it orbits the sun, it releases energy, or torsion waves, that propel it through space. The torsion waves travel at speeds faster than the speed of light. These torsion fields are actually “waves of time” which also cause ripples in gravity. Indeed, some scientists now believe that “electromagnetism, gravity and torsion waves are all members of the same family; they are just different forms of ether vibrations.”
Kozyrev determined that any activity you can think of that releases energy is a source of a torsion field and causes a ripple in the wave of time. The heating and cooling of liquids, as well as friction and burning, all create torsion fields that cause ripples in the wave of time. Even the fading death of a plant releases energy that affects time.

Kozyrev’s most controversial theory was that even sudden changes in human consciousness had an effect on torsion waves and disrupted matter in some way.

On September 11, 2001, when the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City resulted in a measurable change in the behavior of computerized random number generators around the world, particularly in those that were geographically near to the site of the actual attacks. This data showed that the generators were affected by a “change in the mass consciousness of humanity.”

Andrew Anglin #sexist

[From "Paki Slut Who Got Nobel Prize for Being Uppity Says “No Compromise” on Girls’ Education"]

This bitch is not a real person. She is just a tool for the Western powers.

Radio Free Europe

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai says that “there should be no compromise” on the right to education for Afghan girls in ongoing peace negotiations between the government and Taliban militants.[…]

The Western powers know that they can make any concession – all of the concessions – and as long as they ram through women’s education, in a generation, the Western system will dominate.

With women in control, you can only even end up with anal sex, abortion, tattoos, and every other abomination. There is no possible road to freedom if women have rights.

The West knows this. So they will literally say, “yeah, just do whatever you want with your little Moslem stuff, we just want women’s rights.”

Women are literally tools of Satan.

Sean Casteel/Timothy Green Beckley #ufo #conspiracy #crackpot



Or perhaps something even more sinister is taking place at this secret location. Are the creatures working with the government demons, whose evil exceeds anything we may think we know about aliens in Dulce?
Beckley admits that it is difficult to pin point exactly when this macabre saga started to develop. But he gives credit to an engineer named Paul Bennewitz for getting the ball rolling when Bennewitz says he was called to the area when aliens started to communicate with him over a radio receiver. He had been directed to Dulce after observing UFOs over Kirkland Air Force Bases nuclear storage facility. Standing near the tall cliffs outside Dulce.

Around the same time there was a dramatic increase in animal mutilations in the vicinity and at least one person, Christa Tilton came forward to claim that she was abducted and taken to this subterranean facility.

One individual in the U.S. military who was involved in the early stages of this investigation claims he engaged in hand to hand combat with ETs who had taken over level seven of the Dulce Base after a conflict with our soldiers. Another person involved in this epic committed "suicide" -- or was it murder? -shortly after the "Dulce affair" was made public.

Much has been speculated upon regarding this sinister matter. But this is the complete work that contains balanced information and details from all sides.

Various Incels #sexist

RE: [JFL] If we ever needed more proof most women are absolutely braindead

Men hating astrology and tarot, ect.

(insanus virginem)
If you want to know how stupid and primitive women are just look at the mainstream protests. There is always some foid screaming about how climate change will kill us all in 40 years or some whore screaming about how black people are being terrorized by police to a point where they are afraid to leave their house and wear their hoodie. If not that it's something about refugees and abortions.

Fods take up the most basic of basic political opinions and when they are feeling a little bit edgy they are retarded communist because their liberal arts college professor told them to read Marx.

Proof that the barrier to be acceptable as a woman are so terribly low you cannot fail. You can literally tell people you believe and magic and at worst people will be like "yeah thats kinda wierd"
Female dating strategy my ass. If they were autistic men they would be touchless virgins. Autistic female hobbies are nowhere near being combarable

this was my first blackpill when I was an 8yearoldcel. all foids, even supposedly respectable ones believed in all sorts of literal meme tier horseshit or worse. my mom went to a future teller once or twice a year :lul: she's a fucking biologist but dumb enough to do this :lul:

starcrapoo #racist #sexist

[RageFuel] I can't pick up my burrito without encountering WMAF couples. I don't wanna live here anymore. Society is proud of their inhumane disregard.

After a whole afternoon of playing world of warcraft, masturbating, and thinking about how awful my financial situation and life is in general, that fucking stung me. The only good thing was that there was a couple of non-Whites waiting in line and that they were able to witness what I saw and what the workers saw. How is this fair? Surely they must've saw and felt some pity for me as I walked in and noticed them. They were probably wondering how I would react as a lonely Asian male walking into a restaurant and encountering two WMAF right in front of me.

I wanna move out to bumfuck central california where all of the red Trump voting counties are. I just can't fucking take it anymore. I'd rather get called chink and have my life threatened regularly than live in the bay area where lots of Asians live near affluent liberal whites. Who genuinely don't give a fuck about how hard we Asian men have it and proceed to make it worst. They know what they're doing is bad because I can see those WMAF immediately turn their heads away when I first notice them and they notice me.

I hope you guys are fucking proud of what you guys done and the very least I ask of you is that you don't condemn me for being bitter, miserable, frustrated, extremist, and disillusioned. I should have known better than to go outside on a weekend in the bay area ESPECIALLY since today was around 90 - 95 degrees. But then again I know that someday things will get better as American society sinks further and further to meaningless irrelevance because of their dwindling numbers of the core group.

Silence DoGood #wingnut #conspiracy #dunning-kruger

miata2006: You can't "take" owners (whoever they are) of the Federal Reserve and execute them. What a ridiculous thing to write. They would have to be charged with a crime, defended in court, found guilty (of something) and sent to prison. We don't execute for anything except actual murder. Please don't write nonsense like that. Write about things that can actually happen, that can be done under our judicial system.

Silence DoGood: You certainly can.

They are some of the biggest murderers in human history, and are behind both World Wars, and Communism. They operate in Generations, so blame is difficult to assign.

Instead of talking so much, go read the book that details the Federal Reserve beginning, “Creature from Jekyll Island”, and the hundreds of books in its bibliography.

Please learn to stop emotionally exploding when you experience cognitive dissonance, and please cure your nasty case of Dunning-Kruger.

Russ Winter #wingnut #conspiracy #ableism

One of the ploys used in the Covid-1984 Scamdemic is the facade and excuse to release large numbers of the criminally mental ill from prisons and jails. Given that there are few, if any, legitimate job opportunities for this brood in the economy, one path these individuals pursue is directly into the discordian paid ranks of antifa and BLM. WInter’s Razor holds that “normal people don’t set fire to buildings.”

This explains why target cities run by Fifth Columnists experienced endless nights of chaos, and how other cities can receive immediate reinforcements once the latest police abuse hoax is run.

Homeless, broke, criminally insane antifa recruits are set up in undisturbed encampments in Portland.

Many pajama people may believe all this is a function of false “Hanlon Razor” incompetence at multiple levels. But in reality, it is deliberate malice.

A marker of malice is the new policy not to release mug shots of persons arrested. This, along with the end of the bail system, allows unprosecuted criminals to be quickly recycled undetected back into the discordian ranks.

It also hides the freakish zombie apocalypse appearance of this posse from the public. This example of mug shots at right clearly shows how scary these untermensch are.

Silent-Sid #wingnut #fundie

Woke Far Left ( claim to be Liberal ) : " I know I'm right ! ... because the Main Stream Media Said so! "
Democrat : " I know I'm right ! ... because the my Democrat Friends Said so! "
Atheist : " I know I'm right ! ... because Atheist Books Said so! "
LGBTQ Freak : " I know I'm right ! ... because Gay Democrat funded institution Fag Doctors Said so! "
Muslim : " I know I'm right ! ... because the Quran Said so! "

notice a Pattern here ?!?!

Christian Me : " I know I Could be right ! ... because everyone else screwed up Royally ! "

Silence DoGood #wingnut #conspiracy #fundie #homophobia #racist

That’s because the biggest criminals in world history, behind the Communist party, the Democrats, who funded Hitler, behind the victim groups and BLM, behind every American war, since and including World War 1, who control the media, tech companies, schools, Hollyweird, sports teams, and who have infiltrated Trumps administration too, are the owners of the Federal Reserve, evil Talmudic lying devils. They have armies of protection squads roaming social media, to ban and libel all opposition to these murderous and lying thieves as “anti-semitism”.

The easy to solution to our problems, is to hold the owners of the Federal Reserve accountable, however, that entails fighting past legions of their handpicked Praetorian Guard in our military, (The American military has belonged to the bankers since Wilson’s election in 1912. Since they have owned the Democrat party since then as well, it’s no coincidence that both World Wars were deliberately engineered by Democrat presidents) media, schools, and tech companies.
Once the less than 5,000 owners of the Federal Reserve are executed for unleashing this virus deliberately on the world, we will return to prosperity that we haven’t known since 1912.

The Democrat party will collapse, along with the income tax, Federal Reserve, and direct election of senators. The entire lying media structure will collapse, along with illicit SCOTUS rulings legalizing homosexuality, porn, abortion, and contraception. The military will no longer be used as a bankers toy, to protect their wealth and power around the world. Israel will collapse, along with China.

Race tensions will vanish, and the bankers pet organizations, that they use to attack Christianity and spread race tensions, the ACLU, ADL, BLM, and SPLC, will all collapse.

We either conquer these evil, murderous, lying snakes, or die trying.

Better to die free than to live a slave.

Silence DoGood #wingnut #conspiracy #psycho

[note: the original dialogue was too long for a single post, so this will be the first part of a two-part post]

Our Invisible Goverment, which took control of the Democrat party in 1912, which owns the Federal Reserve, the media, schools, tech companies, has been behind Communism and its 100 million dead, owns Hollyweird, funds the ACLU, BLM, SPLC, ADL, and is behind the virus, is to blame for this.

These evil and cowardly snakes hate us, because, despite all their power, they have to remain anonymous in the shadows or the game is up.

Solution is to take the less than 5,000 owners of the Federal Reserve, protected by hordes of lackeys and mercenaries, and execute them for mass murder.

The Democrat party will immediately collapse, as will the Federal Reserve, BLM, Communism, the media, social ravages like p*rn, abortion, homosexuality, and contraception, Foreign world wars, and so much more.

Of course, clever snakes, they have armies of anonymous liars, who run around libeling any who call out the puppetmasters as “Vile anti-semites”.

Watch carefully, and you’ll see the lying devils reveal themselves. They will act like conservatives, but shed their cloaks of light in a screaming rage when exposed by the light of truth.

Fire Salamanders via Galaxygirl #ufo #magick #crackpot

We are the Fire Salamanders. Heat. Light. Flash of light. Prism. We see sparkly humans laughing. It will be good to feel joy again from the surface. We feel the vibrations from above and we transmute with our light, our love. We are steady. We feel Gaia. We work with her energies, calming, soothing the cool hurt with our heat of love. (I am seeing hot water bottles making sick people feel better. I am remembering my grandmother’s stories of hot oven bricks placed in beds for toasty feet on cool nights. They are smiling). You humans bring joy to so many. Bring joy to yourself. Our own light and heat brings us joy. We send heat and light to your hearts. (I am seeing rainbow prisms of glowing light flowing into the hearts of us, in a swirly vortex of giggles. I am smiling. I feel the spinning heat and pressure and a release).

We are the Fire Salamanders. (I am seeing streaks of glowing bioluminescent light. They are running, trailing streaks of colored fire. They are happy. Then they stop, steaming. I am seeing a dim cave of rocky crevices dotted with glowing lights of the salamanders. The lights are glowing in the water on the floor of the cave. I hear the drip drops of the water. It is beautiful, calm, dark, peaceful. I see many pastel colored eyes staring at me in the darkness. They are happy). We are happy you are happy again. Your vibrations are rising on the surface. Our vibrations are steady. We see more happy soon. We are the Fire Salamanders.

Makia Freeman #ufo #conspiracy #magick

Hyper-dimensional entities
have been recognized, discussed and warned about for literally millennia throughout the history of humanity. Naturally, there are many people who scoff at the very idea of such beings, believing them to be fictitious inventions of the human mind. However, the fact that so many cultures, traditions, religions and spiritualties have discussed the nature of these creatures, using different terms but essentially describing the same thing, gives credence to the idea that they exist. We have been cautioned for millennia that humanity is under psychic attack by a group of energetic, discarnate beings that seed thoughts of judgement, separation, anxiety, anger and fear in order to generate loosh (negative emotional energy) that they siphon off as food. In searching for what force is really behind the construction of the New World Order and the grander conspiracy, one is bound to investigate these hyper-dimensional entities, who may be the original handlers, puppet masters and mind control perpetrators manipulating the whole of mankind.

Pasco Cruz #wingnut #psycho #homophobia

Safe to Say that Gaige Grosskreutz Might Be The Most Cowardly Bitch-Ass Toolbag & Wannabe Badass The World Has Ever Seen. He FAKE SURRENDERS Then Pulls a Gun to Kyle Rittenhouses Head Before Almost Getting His Arm Blown Off & Running Like a Fairy 🧚‍♀️

Wow. It doesn’t get much lower than that. He FAKE SURRENDERS to the kid before proceeding to pull out his pistol and point it at his head! Yet despite this jaw-droppingly despicable and cowardly act of cheating and complete disregard for any semblance of the “rules of engagement”, he is still SO inept at handling a firearm that he is unable to fire first & ends up getting his bicep blown off as he then proceeds to run off in the same manner he would when forced to run away from his boyfriend with a dildo still stuffed up his ass, trying to squeeze the thing out while begging him to please stop trying to force such large objects up into his anal cavity.

It was alleged that Grosskreutz was upset and had become manic that evening after this boyfriend of his had came in his mouth earlier without warning him and that’s one of the reasons he was acting so crazy and running around with guns that night. Neighbors & friends had said they had heard them arguing about this earlier that evening as it had been a common occurrence for Marshall to cum in Grosskreutzs mouth like that without warning him beforehand & he had been overheard several times begging him to please stop doing it and to please tell him ahead of time before blasting such a huge load of semen like that into his mouth.

zcheasypea #wingnut #racist #pratt

[on Homeland Security declaring white supremacists to be the most persistent extremist threat to America]

Damn i guess i missed all these neo nazis burning down all these businesses, destroying property, taking over cities, forcing restaurant patrons to raise their fists and fundamentally are groups who are anti free speech and anti property rights.

ACTBAC members #racist #psycho #wingnut

Donald Trump supporters were seen during a car parade in which “neo-Confederate” members shouted “white power” and other obscienties at bystanders.

About 200 cars took part in the convoy that passed through Elon, North Carolina, on Saturday, the Elon News Network reported.

Members of a neo-Confederate organisation called Alamance County Taking Back Alamance County (ACTBAC) were said to have set-up the pro-Trump parade.

Founded by Gary Williamson, ACTBAC has been designated as a neo-Confederate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, Elon News reported.

Megan Squire, an academic and researcher on right-wing extremism, videoed the procession as it passed through the campus at Elon University.

Some members of the parade shouted the phrase "white power”, as another commented on Ms Squire’s Black Lives Matter sign, saying: “no they fucking don’t, bitch! Go back home cunt.”

Another driver, whose vehicle was adorned with at least two American flags, was said to have yelled “fuck black lives!”.

Ms Squire, recording the procession as it passed in downtown Elon, was told that “maybe you’ll be hit by a train next”, as a second ACTBAC member shouted “choo, choo, Trump train”.

The same vehicle accused the academic of being a member of Antifa – a far-left organisation president Trump has baselessly blamed wildfires and property damage on in recent months – as they shouted “four more years bitch”.

A.F. Branco #fundie #wingnut

A.F. Branco Cartoon – Bearing False Witness


Donations/Tips accepted and appreciated – $1.00 – $5.00 – $25.00 – $50.00 – $100 – it all helps to fund this website and keep the cartoons coming. Also Venmo @AFBranco – THANK YOU!

The Democrat convention very rare occurrences of any truth, but plenty of hate and lies to go around. Political cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2020.

A.F. Branco has taken his two greatest passions, (art and politics) and translated them into the cartoons that have been popular all over the country, in various news outlets including “Fox News”, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and “The Washington Post.” He has been recognized by such personalities as Dinesh D’Souza, James Woods, Sarah Palin, Larry Elder, Lars Larson, Rush Limbaugh, and shared by President Donald Trump.

Boardwalkcel #sexist #wingnut

[Serious] This entire country started trending downwards when abortion was legalized

The day it was decided that women had the right to legally kill someone that they themselves brought into the world, instead of accepting responsibility for their actions was the day we put them on a pedestal and the day it began going wrong. Fast forward 50 years and here we are.

Seriously, abortion is depraved, brutal and it's just downright fucking wrong. Take some serial killer going around killing babies, people would be mortified. Take planned parenthood, a literal BABY KILLING FACTORY and some people despise it (like me) but many people LOVE it. It's a pillar to the sinful shrine they've created. "But muh clump of cells" bullshit, Total utter bullshit. If it has a pulse it's a living thing. Even if it doesn't have a heart beat it's still a growing human unborn or not..

Trump just banned "post term abortions" jfl... Post. Term. Abortions. Yes that means exactly what it says it means, they were at one time killing babies after they were born.

It all rounds back to women being petulant children and for some reason not having any responsibility for their actions. If they cheat on their loving husbands/boyfriends with Chad its because they weren't getting enough attention. It's not their fault If they're literal psychopaths, mean, nasty, snobby, arrogant pieces of shit its either because their daddy was horrible to them growing up or because they're stressed with work or they're on their period jfl. They're never at fault for anything. Abortion is no different, for some odd reason the baby that they made shouldnt be their responsibility and that is when our problems really started. If you are pro abortion you are a cuck and a Simp. Plain and simple.

Various Racists #racist

RE: Angry South Africans Protest in Front of Nigerian Embassy, Demand Deportation of Illegal Immigrants

Black South Africans cannot match Black Nigerians on intellect, the average black IQ in South Africa is 65 to 77 & most of them are in the 65 Range, Nigeria is a bit more clever at 70. So what do they do riot but it's to late as those pesky little Nigerians have had them beat on the business venture front for years now, they truly took Mandela's dream & are living it whilst normal black South Africans are even worse off than pre 1994.

(Silver Fox 183)
Nigerians are the worst Africans of all by far. They are so bad that they are even hated by the other Black Africans, who regard them as incorrigible criminals. When your Black Africans think you are loathsome criminal scum, I'd say you've got some issues.

(Charles Martel Sinclair)
Blacks cannot even stand each other. Why should we care how they treat each other. If they want to go at each other. please do it. Leave us alone, we have enough of you here.

AAAAAAAAAAAcel #psycho #sexist

[Cope] I categorically refuse to refer to anyone that isn't a blackpilled incel as human being

normies, foids, soys, chads, to me they are all part of one big entity: the enemy. The enemy is not human, it doesn't have any emotions or logic, it is only able to destroy anything that isn't part of himself. It has no purpose and no soul, it's only a worthless parasitic cancer on this world. I don't understand how can an incel delude himself into thinking he can be "friend" with a part of the enemy, it will always try to hurt you no matter what because it's in its nature. As for other incels, I still don't know if I can consider some of them as allies or if they simply are other people, but I'm certain that the worst incel is thousand of times better than the """""""best""""""""" part of the enemy

This is the kind of shit that gives us bad press. Stop this shit. Just because you don't like someone doesn't make him or her less human.

They dehumanize us every day, why shouldn't we do the same? Especially since we have valid reasons to do so

You don't. From a purely scientific and rational point of view, they are human, no matter how they behave.

We too are human, but the enemy doesn't seem to care for it, so I won't do it neither. Also human =/= homo sapiens sapiens, a human must also have emotions and reasoning to be conisdered one

Michael Davis #sexist #fundie #psycho

One question I would ask a woman who’s thinking about divorcing a man simply because they’ve “grown apart” is, “In what way is your life going to be improved by divorce? This is presumably the man who knows you better than any other person on the planet, has accepted you as you are, has raised children with you, has provided for you, has been faithful to you, and has given you a home. So what situation do you think you’re going into that will be better than what you have now?”


Well, I hope you have some job skills, because when you’ve taken that faithful man to the cleaners, you’re going to be trying to finance two households on the income that used to comfortably finance only one. Get ready to take a serious downgrade to your standard of living.
Also, your youth, fertility, and looks have diminished. The men your age who are single have probably been burned already by divorce and don’t have money, and if they’ve never married and DO have money, they’ve probably been playing the field this whole time and are only interested in dating much younger women.


Good luck. You’re probably going to wind up cashiering at Walmart and in a crappy apartment collecting cats until you get too old for that. Hopefully at that point, one of your kids will take you in. Your husband, on the other hand, will keep working and continue to put up with his situation just like he’s been doing for a few of decades now. Maybe, he’ll actually get some fishing or chess or poker in with some buddies. At least, it’ll be quiet after you’ve left.