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The bright side of the darknet

Many of the "outsiders" may refer to the darknet as a crime scene, but the Dark Web is, in part, a democracy's refuge against all forms of corruption.

From the anonymous network, the informants can report corporate and state misconduct to the journalists, exposing the corruption that is hidden from the general public.

The Dark Web is an oasis for people in oppressive regimes or religions. Through the anonymous network they can find like-minded thinkers, and possibly find help to escape from the oppressive conditions that prevail in their lives.

absolutely. but it's not "democracy's refuge against all forms of corruption" enough. 80% of us are using this for illegal reasons

who identifies this word? What does the legislator mean? And who did he ask to make the legislation? I'm sure legislator never asked the public before the rules were made.

what the fuck
im confused

my point is that the dark web is more of a scene for criminality than an escape from corruption

That statement is strictly based on human numbers. It isn't based on the amount of world impact different purposes make on the darkent. For example, 1000 darknet weed dealers has little impact on the world as we know it. But 100 pro-western minded people in an organized group trying to plot a scheme to overthrow the iranian government has a massive impact on the world (especially if they succeed). So, the darknet provides for great potential for great good by very few, while at the same time providing little potential for great good by many users.

Fuck china and their great firewall of China. I would encourage every chinaman to use tor to circumvent scrutiny by (lets remind ourselves more often) a bunch of fucking communists. I dont even know why western countires does trade with communists in this day and age. We think trading with China is normal so it's ok to do business with commie's, but then we get pissed off about not allowing gay marage. WTF!