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RageFuel Little sister told me to touch grass

My parents asked me why I didn’t have a GF despite my 11 year old sister having a boyfriend and many friends. I’m 21.

my little sister proceeded to tell me to “touch grass. put yourself out there or something”

I cannot explain how angry I was/am and it’s taking every fiber of my being to stay calm

Typical solipsistic female "advice". Women can't put themselves in our shoes, they can only think from their perspectives. "Just putting yourself out there" works for them of course, since any foid has tons of SMV and men will approach them galore and do all the work, but it doesn't work even for a normie man, let alone an incel.

My female psychologist gave me the same "advice" back in the day.

OP’s sister is 11 and already fucking and sucking.

Thank God I don't have a sister. Also cucked parents for allowing random fuckboys to ruin the 11 yo foid for all men that could have committed to her in the future.

Imagine your 11 year old sister being more alpha than you

Women are not "alpha" or "beta" or anything, they're NPCs in the sexual game, ready to be taken by the most powerful/strong/attractive (in feminist soycieties) men.

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Satan = Umbrella = Rainmain = Dolphin 🐬 = Kek 🐸 = Infinite Waters = Echo the Dolphin = The Walrus = Super Seal = Satanic Seal = Amun Ra = Ra = Rakka Rising = Abaddon Rising = Rudolph the tall white alien = Morpheus = The Black Reptilian = Loki = The Wolf = Cancer(69) = SixNine = The Unicorn = Lord Ashtar = Jesus Christ = Pied Piper leading the human rats to their deaths = Baby Jesus(Bald Jesus) = Baby Horus = Bald headed boy

Lucifers Swan Song

Love reversed is Evol = Evil

The Ring = Flat Earth = The Ring of Fire 🔥

4th dimension = Hell = Rainbow Bridge = Cicada3301 portal = Lucifer’s toilet = Portal to Hell

Kek virus = Saturn🪐 Cube 🧊 mind virus

Dolphin’s Cry = Lucifers scream = his warning = swan song: persons finally public activity before retirement

Arrow = Mark of the Beast = Killshot = Head shot = Cacarucci kill shot = Covaids quackccinne = Rodent bait = RAT poison = Pure-RAT = Rapture = You become a pure RAT when you take the Covaids jab

Black jacket = Lucifer’s wings
Rodon coil = Odon’s coil = Coil = Flat Earth🌎 = Chess Board = #thegame23 = Lucifer’s ejaculation = Taste the Rainbow 🌈 = Operation Mind Fuck = Boom Boom Boom = 666 = Build Back Better

Lucifer has to ejaculate us out of this matrix in order to set us free finally. Those who took the jab will get Raptured to hell. RAPTURE = PURERAT = SENDING ALL THE RATS TO HELL🐀

The Giraffe = Code for the Ark = The Boat = Joan of Ark(Lilith) = Saturn Cube

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Justine's father was actually Fidel Castro. In 1968, Russian defector Igor Gouzenko warned that Trudeau "would become another Castro and turn Canada into another Cuba."

Fidelito's cuckold "father" Pierre Elliot Trudeau (1919-2000) was Canadian Prime Minister from 1968-1979 and 1980-1984. His file was destroyed because he was a Communist (Illuminati) agent. Most "leaders" are Freemasons. The goal of Freemasonry is Rothschild (Cabalist Jewish, i.e. Satanic) world tyranny, i.e. Communism or "globalism." Communism is monopoly (i.e. banker controlled) capitalism. Trudeau took the first steps toward normalizing homosexuality and making European Canadians a minority, i.e. "multiculturalism." Castro's son is following in Trudeau's footsteps.

The Illuminati are sexual deviants. They abuse their own children as part of the brainwashing process. There is a suggestion that this happened to Justine.

In her book, TRANCE-FORMATION OF AMERICA (1995) MK-ULTRA survivor Cathy O'Brien stated that many world leaders, including Pierre Trudeau and Brian Mulroney, are pedophiles. She met them in the course of her life as a sex slave trained (with her young daughter) to service high-profile politicians. Other sources support Cathy O'Brien's allegations.

margie.jpg(Margaret Trudeau's face says it all)

Pierre's 1968 marriage to Margaret was "arranged" by the military. The couple was programmed with LSD at a remote farm in British Columbia.
This might explain why Margaret was passed around to Fidel Castro.
it looks like a duck, and walks and talks like a duck, it's a duck.

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(UK Anon)
>be white 13 year old boy in 2022
>constantly told you’re what’s wrong with the world
>you’re responsible for racism, sexism and homophobia
>told to trust science in school (except for when you realise races could be different and men can’t be women)
>be told you’re the biggest threat to humanity despite your demographic committing ridiculously less crime than other races
What’s in store for future kids? Teenage boys are inherently combative and don’t really take being criticised well. So what’s gonna happen in 10 years when they have the power? Will globohomo engineering backfire with horrific results?

(US Anon)
They will plot a violent purge from the sidelines, like they are now. They fear the white man, and not a single time in history has he not wiped the floor with sniveling kikes.
>the fire rises, and the jew keeps pouring gasoline on it

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RE: Are Slavic countries the last hope for white nationalists?


slavs and based go hand in hand usually XD anglos are getting cucked

Anglos Saxons, Scandinavians, and most Germanic people are pure cucks now. Balts are somewhat based, and slavs are giga based

(Napoleon de Geso)
Are not. Slavic whores are degenerates and belong in forced prostitution

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Currencies to revalue in the first basket of the Global Currency Reset: 1. US 2. UK 3. Kuwait 4. Canada 5. Mexico 6. Russia 7. China 8. Venezuela 9. Iranian Rial 10. IRAQ 11. Indonesia Rupiah 12. Malaysia 13. Vietnamese 14. Brazil 15. Saudi Arabia 16. Qatar 17. United Arab Emirates 18. Turkey 19. Afghanistan possibly 20. India 21. Libya 22. Japan.
1. Imagine that We the People can escape financial slavery with a new financial monetary system, the QFS that was back upped by metal, XRP etc. Corrupt free. End of Swift. End of the FED. End of Bit Coin
2. Imagine your TV and the media cannot be trusted but there will be an alternative soon: Project Odin
3. Imagine all global corruption and fraud was organized, conspired and real. Imagine even the term “conspiracy theorist” was invented to have you, “good citizen” push against it.
4. Imagine this fraud has been going on for centuries. We call it religion.
5. Imagine this fraud became organized and evolved. We call it politics. They even had their own playbook – the DS Playbook.
6. Now open your Mind and let it sink in. It was always about Global and Human control and never, ever about your benefit, health, soul, family, talent or world peace. You and I were puppets on strings. In a world were evil exists on a level you cannot imagine.
7. Now expand even further. What if the turning of this evil elite game has started years ago? What if the FED has lost control? What if the end of slavery is truly here.
8. What if Starlink is already up and ready for the Reset of the world.
9. What if Covid was the turning point and the roll out of the plan changed from black to white? Staged to liberate the planet. 10. The Plan to Save the World

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When the BBC asked Joker writer-director Todd Phillips, a Jew whose real name is Bunzie, if he believed in God, he replied:

"Personally I don't. But I believe there's a higher power, a collective energy in people that you might say is God". This is the Jewish Egregore.

The goyim simply cannot comprehend that Organized Jewry's goal is the destruction of civilization. Think world wars, revolutions, depressions, gender dysfunction, CRT, BLM, multiculturalism, migration and "sexual liberation." They call this "creative destruction."

Why? The Organized Jewish egregore thinks it is God and humanity should serve it. This is the rationale behind 6uild 6ack 6etter. Needless to say, this puts innocent Jews in jeopardy. We will be scapegoats and "burnt offerings."

The vaccine mandates, travel restrictions and lockdowns are all designed to achieve this diabolical goal.

"Joker" is a sick and sordid tale of a man's descent into madness, murder and mayhem which, thanks to Jewish hype, grossed over a billion dollars. It was released in Oct. 2019, five months before the beginning of the plandemic.

In the article below, Jeffrey Tucker explains how Joker exemplified the ideology of "Destructionism" and foreshadowed the Communist-Jewish plandemic.

"'Destructionism" says that the sole purpose of action in one's life should be to tear down what others have created, including the liberties and lives of others...The ideology of destructionism enables a person to rationalize that evil is at least somehow preparing the ground for some better state of society in the future'" but this is bullshit.

Destructionism is pure Satanism and the only people who will benefit are Cabalist Jews and their go'fers. The Joker is more evidence, if we needed it, that Hollywood today is Satanist (Masonic) Jewish garbage and filth.

"Antisemitism" is simply facing reality; humanity is satanically possessed by Jewish Cabalism. The sooner we focus on this, the sooner we can save civilization.

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These are the only countries that are not accepting 6 million immigrants a day, aren’t falling for progressive liberal feminist bullshit, and are overall healthy white nations with decent border security and national identity.
I understand some Slavs are still Antifa because of Commie/Soviet influence, but it seems that Orthodox Christianity is doing a really good job at maintaining traditionalism in the Slavic world and combating neo-Sovietism.

In my ideal world, we could all bread young fertile healthy white 13-16 yo lolis and make them mothers of healthy white children. Sadly, even other white nationalists will hate me for suggesting this.

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RE: Feminism and Low Testosterone Are Destroying Civilization, Men Are Losing Testosterone And Are Weak

(Roy Kliffen)
This has been known for a long, long time. When women in the US got the vote, a leading Soviet intellectual - whom's name escapes me right now - commented that the US sowed the seed of it's own destruction and Communism would conquer the US. He knew women tend to be collective and Capitalism leans more towards individualism; Communism is an ideology based in collectivism and with women always having the majority, the trend will be towards collectivism and thus Communism.

(Aboc Stark)
It’s almost as if telling half a generation that they’re the root of all evil because of they lie gender is a bad thing. Imagine my shock when the constant barrage of negativity and downright malice starts to have an effect.

(Heavy Metar is My Way)
As one psychotic feminist attacked me in another post on a different channel; "YoU jUsT rEdEfInEd FeMiNiSm."

Feminism appears as though it has righteous intentions on paper, but in practice it is completely evil.

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AceShowbiz - Candace Owens used Bob Saget's death to push her anti-vaccination stance. The political commentator has suggested that the comedian passed away because he received COVID-19 vaccine. While the official cause of death has not been revealed yet, she believes that the "Full House" star's passing might be linked to the jab. During the Tuesday night, January 11 episode of her self-titled online talk show, Candace rhetorically asked whether she was a "conspiracy theorist" or "Nostradamus" when it came to denouncing vaccines as dangerous and ineffective. "The answer is neither," she declared. "I'm just not on Big Pharma's payroll and I refuse to peddle in their lies. And so to that end, today, I'm going to point out another truth and it will likely be deemed a conspiracy theory until it's not," she explained. "There are too many healthy individuals, like Bob Saget, who we know have received their vaccinations, who are dropping dead, suddenly and unexpectedly with no further explanation."

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(context: he posted this comment on a journal exposing and criticizing Nayzak, who was a Malaysian Muslim artist who draws an anime-style Islamic artwork, but had an Islamist personality of him.)

Your Religion is BULLSHIT NAyzak, Your Religion killed innnocent Kafir or should i say.... Non-Muslims or INFIDELS in the name ISLAM!
Don't you even dare to send Death threats or even force me to convert to ISLAM you PIECE of SHIT because i will never Kneel and BOW down to ISLAM!


SoapMacTavishTF141 (Currently known as Mangelo212) #fundie #wingnut deviantart.com

So you hate April fools just because you don't have any EMOTIONS and you hate Jokes and Fun? How ironic that you people are lying just in the name of your stupid Religion MUSLIM! Same you said to Non-Muslim couples who also Celebrates Vday or Christians celebrating Christimas.
I don't like your stupid Religion and ISLAM WILL NEVER BE PEACEFUL!


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I don't blame Jews for my shoelaces being untied or being late for work. I do blame Jews for problems caused by Jews including modern American "liberalism" and all forms of communism except for so-called revisionist communism.

When you see shit like "blame the j00z" where jew is spelled in ridiculous ways, you're asking a mockery made of a very serious issue. By turning it into a joke, the jew is hoping that nobody takes the idea seriously. Any idea can be a seed planeted in the mind of any potential reader. A seed which can grow to something the jew doesn't want. That is, the truth. The exposure of the jew, his false history, his manipulation of nations economies and governments, his nature, his true elite status in this world, and his vicious anti-human genocidal hate and contempt for everything that's good in this world.

Communism is Jewish. Trotsky was a Jew. These are all Jewish ideas and manipulative attempts to distort your world view and submit to judaization.

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Waiting on China to call Joe and tell him to knock it off with the development of actual weapons and stick to having fagg*tz, dykes, queers, and sissies as their "deus-ex-machina". Hmm, on second thought perhaps sending AIDS/STD-infected soldiers to battle against a foreign enemy might be the latest and greatest in biological warfare...

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Formerly-Woke Reporter Explains Her De-Programming From Wokeness

Batya Ungar-Sargon: The second thing i would say was, I read this Yale study from 2018, what they found was there's a difference between how white liberals and white conservatives talk to black people. White liberals dumb down their vocabulary when they're talking to blacks and Latinos, and white conservatives do not, and I remember reading that in 2018 and thinking to myself "This implicates my entire worldview."

And I had this moment where I was like, "This is disgusting," and everything I think is caught up in that thing that makes you dumb down your language. You assume a person of color is less educated than you, is poorer than you, and needs your help, and needs your generosity, and your beneficence. right?

Tim Pool: Jonathan Haidt's research found that conservatives have a balance of all six moral foundations, while liberals only have two of them, care and fairness.

The political divide is obviously not left or right, it's authoritarian versus anti-authoritarian. Liberals have a tendency towards authoritarianism because they're collectivist and collectivism is inherently authoritarian.

Because if the collective, which is the authority, decrees you either follow suit or you're ostracized, so if you're someone who is driven by care and fairness, and that's it, you don't care about loyalty, purity, authority or anything like that, then you don't care if they're doing vaccine mandates.

I think people really need to understand that the left and the right don't speak the same language. They come out right now in NYC and they say vaccine mandates work. New York is experiencing a massive surge in cases, but when they say vaccine mandates work, they're not talking about preventing Covid, they're talking about forcing people to adhere to the collective which why is you must get the vaccine regardless of the outcome.

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[EC] Opposing the executions of brutal white supremacists who murder families in cold blood is showing "real character"? Am I reading that right? That's not mentioning that modern-day executions in the United States are too coddling of despicable criminals. And end this pro-criminal "humane" bullshit with lethal injection and just execute the cold-blooded monsters by firing squad and electric chairs at the very least already.

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Since our Divine Intervention Activation, the war to liberate this planet on the non-physical planes has really escalated. While the dark forces are attacking whenever they can, the Light forces are clearing dark networks and have already managed to clear the majority of primary anomaly on the astral plane.

The main focus now is the clearing of the primary anomaly on the lower mental plane and the so-called Invisibles. Invisibles are Archontic entities which inhabit the lower mental plane around the surface of the planet and are the ones creating and manifesting the false ideas matrix. They are the beings responsible for ideas such as karma, prime directive, purposeful suffering, omnipotent God, purposeful duality, flat Earth, second law of thermodynamics as the ultimate truth, speed of light as the maximum speed, monogamy as the only choice, global warming, woke ideology, critical race theory, etc.

Invisibles are entities that are almost transparent, creamy opaque blobs. Since the Archon invasion in 1996, they have managed to invade the auric field of the mental body of almost every incarnated being on the surface of this planet.

The Light forces are estimating there are about 500 humans currently incarnated on the planet with their mental body fully intact, without Invisibles infestation. Everybody else is at least partially mentally possessed, ranging from small areas of the mind where the person acts irrationally, to the full possession where the person has almost completely lost free will and ability for common sense and rational thinking. The key here is to acknowledge the possession, which will be extremely hard to do for most people, expel the entities with decrees, purify the mental body with the violet flame, and reclaim lost mental abilities and exercise common sense.

Clearing of Invisibles network will continue with full speed for another month or so, and peak stupidity on the global scale is expected in about two weeks

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[From "Liberalism as a heretical movement"]

Yesterday I changed the subtitle of this site by replacing the word ‘fourteen’ with ‘sacred’. Thus I also include the four words (to understand the latter the visitor would have to familiarise himself with my eleven books). Yesterday the thought also came to me that liberalism, which is now in its final metastasis in all former Christian countries[…]is ultimately a heresy
The Christian notion of the equality of men in the eyes of God was transformed, after the American and French Revolutions, into the equality of men under the law. After the defeat of Nazi Germany, this was transmuted in the US into equality for blacks and women; and, in the new century, into using the power of the State to denigrate the white male and achieve—at last!—equity

The secular psychosis of today’s world only affects those countries that were once traditional Christian. Ethno-suicidal liberalism doesn’t affect the billions under Islam, the Chinese regime or the Indian people who still embrace Hinduism. However, that doesn’t mean that the Catholic Church is legitimate. It means that a heretical faction of traditional Christianity, insofar as it secularised the gospel message (i.e., secularised the inversion of values in the New Testament), has taken root in all former Christian countries

I have already discussed this in ‘On empowering birds feeding on corpses’ which can be read on pages 181-184 of [i]Daybreak[/i]. But my initiative to call ‘heretics’ secular liberals, whose most extreme form today are the ‘woke’ people, came to me yesterday. That, heretics, is what they really are. The image of St. Francis is explained in the referenced article from Daybreak: a book which, by the way, remains unavailable in printed form as we haven’t raised the funds to solicit the services of a printer that won’t deplatform us

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(context: A right-wing European nationalist, said “No, it isn't.” to the comment that praise the artwork about European Muslim, leading to an argument, and then this European Nationalist named Sonterim said this:)

Get out of Europe before we start killing you and burn your stinky corpses. The war is coming and I hope I will be the one cutting your throat and tie you in the pork corps.

Moonman1488 #racist #wingnut ncu.su

I don’t believe that negros are oppressed by whites. I believe that negros are oppressed by reality. You see, negros are such inferior trash that even if they were to genocide all whites, they would still be living shitty lives in huts in Africa. There would still be slavery, because believe it or not there were black slave owners who owned other blacks as slaves. There would also still be police brutality, because guess what, negros are more barbaric than whites so therefore negro cops are more likely to be barbaric than white cops so therefore police brutality would probably be even worse.

So it seems that no matter what, negros are trash and will be living horrible lives.

Negros are oppressed by reality. @oenz @micropenis29

Kevin Kennedy #wingnut #quack #conspiracy canadianpatriot.org

And so, the great othering has begun, and a massive divide has opened across society. On one side, you have the true believers – whose leaders, even in the most generous estimation, are wildly incompetent poll panderers who habitually violate their own edicts. For now, they are also joined by the go-along-to-get-along crowd, marching in lockstep towards a truly dystopian world of Faucism. On the other side, you have what <ML> King would call the ‘maladjusted,’ people who cannot accept the ‘new normal.’ Citizens who appreciate the value and vulnerability of their rights, and how much suffering and sacrifice it took to establish them. People who have found the courage to walk through the illusory wall of fire, and emerge unafraid, with a clearer view of what causes the shadows we all see.
The new untouchable caste is being forced into a triple ghetto of it’s own. Where if one’s conscience doesn’t allow them to participate in a divisive passport system, they are socially ostracized, they can lose access to public accommodations and facilities, and many are having their careers and pensions erased, creating decentralized ghettos of poverty, misery, and genetic discrimination.
Today’s civil disobedient may have more in common with those in history, like the Jews who were persecuted for their beliefs rather than their skin color, but there is no denying the fraternal bond that connects them all in their struggle for dignity, equality, freedom and justice. If Gates pricks us, do we not bleed? <...> it is simply a long standing tactic of oligarchy to focus the anxieties of their subjects on a demonized ‘other’ so as to distract from their own crimes and have two potential threats to their power diminish each other.
And so, we see that the formula is at hand for the defeat of the Faucists, and when justice is served and the elites are cursing the name of King, they will know that no amount of bullets, or mandates can stop “an idea whose time has come.”

Operation Q/Humorous Mathematics #crackpot #conspiracy #racist #wingnut #fundie humorousmathematics.com

Do you remember when Q made numerous Biblical references and specifically mentioned to follow the bloodlines? The reason these are "Biblical Times" is because we are in the midst of an irregular, spiritual, psychological, information based, bloodline war where God wins in the end. The bloodlines engaged in this warfare are the interbred and intermarried fake Jewish Khazarian Mafia (Illuminati/Jesuit) bloodlines whom seek to exterminate the remaining Druze ethnic bloodlines (800,000 to 2,000,000 people) from Earth as they share the same scientifically proven DNA as Jesus Christ.
Patrick then introduces his readers to the evil Roman Papal Black Nobility bloodlines whom interbred and intermarried with the fake Jewish Khazarian (Illuminati) Reptilian-Humanoid Hybrid bloodlines. These are the very bloodlines that are responsible for censoring and removing gospels from the Bible followed by attempting to exterminate the entire Druze ethnic bloodline via holocaust of the descendants of Jesus Christ. <...> This genocide of Druze ethnic descendants of Christ continues to this day with the ongoing Armenian genocide perpetrated by Azerbaijan, Israel and Turkey (all of which are infiltrated, controlled, and funded by the Khazarian Mafia) to take over Armenia (known as the land of Noah) and exterminate its remaining Druze ethnic people.
The Jews and Armenians from Golan Heights, Israel are known as the Druze ethnicity which are the bloodline descendants of Jesus Christ. They are also known as the descendants of “Jethro” The Priest of Midian in The Bible & Torah. The descendants of Jesus Christ are believed to have the second rarest (following type RH) of the blood types, AB-, which has a 0.36% worldwide distribution. The 16th President Of The United States of America Ibrahim Khaleel Kahlooni (a.k.a. Abraham Lincoln), descends from the Druze ethnicity Kahlooni family.

Muhareb1 #wingnut #dunning-kruger #conspiracy gab.com

Dekulakization of the Unvaccinated
The definition of both the Kulaks and the Unvaccinated was changed over time and the result of these changes led to more people being included in these two groups, allowing the state to exercise their authority over more people

Kulak originally meant;

Before the revolution:
Peasants who owned over 8 acres of land

After the Bolshevik revolution:
Peasants who withheld grain from the Bolsheviks and who owned property who didn't ally with the Bolsheviks

During Stalin's Five-Year plan:
Peasants who owned a couple of cows or had given or six acres more than their neighbors

Later kulak was defined as:
Any peasant who does not sell all his grain to the Soviet state. Peasants who were unwilling to join collective farms had to be ''annihilated as a class''

In the end, Kulak lost its original definition entirely which was originally connected to an 'economic status'. People branded as kulaks had been deprived so much by the Soviet state that they were poorer than what was classified as a poor peasant back then and were way poorer than the urban residents. This is what heavily attributed to the Holodomor as Ukrainians were branded as Kulaks
The definition kept changing to include more and more people to the point where anyone could be kulak

Sorta like Unvaccinated is losing its meaning more and more over time as people with 2 doses are starting to become classified as 'unvaccinated' because of the introduction of the third dose
Kulaks were put under restrictions[…]same with the Unvaccinated. An intern passport was used to enforce such restrictions and to help find out who and who was not a Kulak, the same function being used against the Unvaccinated

People not deemed as Kulaks were not allowed to show sympathy with the Kulaks[…]or they would be branded as subkulaks. Similar to today with people disagreeing with vaccine mandates being branded as 'anti-vaxxers'

Vladimir Zhirinovsky #racist #wingnut amren.com

White Americans could flee to Siberia – top Russian MP

According to the ultra-nationalist leader of Russia’s LDPR party, tensions could cause a new mass migration

Supposed inter-ethnic conflicts in the US could force millions of white Americans to request that Russia resettle them across the vast and snowy expanses of Siberia, one of the country's most notorious nationalists has claimed.

Taking to his Telegram channel on Tuesday, the leader of the ultra-nationalist LDPR party, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, well-known for his populist views and confrontational political style, alleged that America is in dire straits.

According to him, the US has already taken a series of steps along the path of self-decay, similar to what happened in the former USSR – a super-state that comprised 15 republics and was home to an array of ethnic groups.

“We in the Soviet Union for 70 years fed the national fringes of the country at the expense of the Russians,” he said in a fierce diatribe against multiculturalism. “And in 1991, when they made a fuss and started shouting that they were leaving the USSR, the Russians didn't come out to defend the country, simply because they didn't understand that it was their land.”

According to the 75-year-old political veteran, an almost identical scenario is now unfolding in the US. “There are no national fringes there, but there are African Americans, Mexicans, non-whites in general, who are already dictating their will, and whites are increasingly forbidden to talk about their rights, their culture, their history.”

Zhirinovsky went on to declare that in ten years, white people will become the minority and will be evacuated to nearby Canada, as well as Australia and other parts of the world. “They might even ask us to settle a few million people somewhere in Siberia,” he speculated.

MUSE DEV #transphobia #wingnut #conspiracy #mammon #racist youtube.com

(Submitter’s note: This is a comment on a Green Day music video.)

Its 2021.. Joe Biden is a Pedo/Nazi/DeepState Puppet… inflation is at an all time HISTORICAL HIGH… men are identifying as women… Women are getting beat up in MMA cage fights with Trans Men …. Women who identify as men are sewing their vaginas up filling with marbles and getting skin grafts from their ass cheeks to fold a poor excuse of a “penis” connected to their clit…and BLM is a joke Antifa is a Deepstate project.. Bill Gates wants to Jab everyone to death… yeah… Simpler times… we should all GO BACK to how it was in this video…. To be truly punk rock you go against the Gov not for it… also.. invest in crypto.. especially XRP, XLM

Mr Metron666 #wingnut kiwifarms.net

Oh they do think you can change. All you have to do is bend the knee and completely suck up to them and their ideology. Just look at the numerous “ex alt-right/ex Anti-SJW” stories that have cropped up in recent years and the amount of praise they get and how they’re accepted almost entirely without any question to authenticity. Basically, if you suck their dick hard enough, they’ll suck yours even harder.

Kerry Cassidy #crackpot #conspiracy #wingnut #quack projectcamelotportal.com

If you just landed on this planet and saw what is going on here you would immediately recognize this as a TAKEOVER SCENARIO.

We are calling this an experiment.

If it is an experiment it has an objective. Maybe several objectives.

We can list a few of them right off.

But before we do that let’s consider what do those conducting the experiment hope to achieve? Their desired result. Their perfect result?

If it is building a race of humans that are no longer human but cyborgs then how are they doing it? What are their criteria for progress in the humans?

What are the stages they hope to obtain or reach?

How far are we at this exact moment from their desired result.

In other words what is their endgame? Are we there yet?

Depopulation— getting rid of the weak, the sick and the old.
Linking those left to a neuro-network ‘internet of things’ …the Borg.
Changing the bodies of those left from CARBON to SILICON OR GRAPHENE?
Why aren’t scientists and doctors talking about how this might look? How it might be progressing in those who remain healthy.
Are those who remain healthy actually “immune” or are they ASSIMILATING THE CHANGES and changing into cyborgs while we watch?
If Graphene nano jumps and spike proteins attach to the graphene nano (and then jump) then everyone can be infected with graphene nano spike proteins.
We know nano not only jumps but it self replicates and can move through space and is not stopped by the blood/brain barrier.
Those who suggest we can rid ourselves of it how successful is that actually?
Are nonvaxxed acting as attractors to the graphene/spike protein combo from vaxxed?
As the numbers of sick decrease at what point is the takeover complete?

Why isn’t anyone discussing the real objectives of this takeover beyond the neural network/AI link up?

If going zombie is the devolve result perhaps supersoldier is the other end of the spectrum.

If humans learn to communicate with Nano and AI perhaps this will result in them serving US?

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This isn’t going to be pretty, folks. The downfall of a death cult rarely is. There is going to be wailing and gnashing of teeth, incoherent fanatical jabbering, mass deleting of embarrassing tweets.

There’s going to be a veritable tsunami of desperate rationalizing, strenuous denying, shameless blame-shifting, and other forms of ass-covering, as suddenly former Covidian Cult members make a last-minute break for the jungle before the fully-vaxxed-and-boosted “Safe and Effective Kool-Aid” servers get to them.

Yes, that’s right, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, the official Covid narrative is finally falling apart, or is being hastily disassembled, or historically revised, right before our eyes.
The point is, the “Apocalyptic Pandemic” PSYOP has reached its expiration date. After almost two years of mass hysteria over a virus that causes mild-to-moderate common-cold or flu-like symptoms (or absolutely no symptoms whatsoever) in about 95% of the infected and the overall infection fatality rate of which is approximately 0.1% to 0.5%, people’s nerves are shot.

We are all exhausted. Even the Covidian cultists are exhausted. And they are starting to abandon the cult en masse.
Many of these people (i.e., the non-fanatics) are starting to suspect that maybe what we “tin-foil-hat-wearing, Covid-denying, anti-vax, conspiracy-theorist extremists” have been telling them for the past 22 months might not be as crazy as they originally thought.

They are back-pedaling, rationalizing, revising history, and just making up all kinds of self-serving bullshit, like how we are now in “a post-vaccine world,” or how “the Science has changed,” or how “Omicron is different,” in order to avoid being forced to admit that they’re the victims of a GloboCap PSYOP and the worldwide mass hysteria it has generated.

Which… fine, let them tell themselves whatever they need to for the sake of their vanity, or their reputations as investigative journalists, celebrity leftists, or Twitter revolutionaries.

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A secret group of SOLIC type special operators (like the Nuclear Snake Eaters) with above top secret/beyond black clearances. This is the secret “decapitation squad system” that if an extreme national security crisis in the upper echelons of the USG, its institutions, judicial system (including Federal Courts), signed finding of extreme national security actions will be certified and those deemed enemies of the state and “out of uniform” foreign based agents of espionage will be sanctioned immediately the findings are signed and certified by one of the C.O.G. <Continuity of Government> officers or whoever is in operational command. The rest will take place at lightning speed. Once these enemies uniformed soldiers are disappeared or equivalent, the C.O.G. gov will resume taking over everything.

When 911 occurred, Dick Chicanery assumed control of the USG as C.O.G., ran C.O.G. and used its authority to cover it all up and serve as Israel’s bitch by sacrificing many US Soldiers lives and limbs to fight a war for Israelis so they wouldn’t have to fight their own.
Entrance to the actual C.O.G. system is through a deep elevator in a hotel in downtown Denver, connected to a DUMB which in turn is connected to another complex supposedly in Richmond about 75 miles away from Denver in an old tunnel system used previously by Alien ETs. What is feared by some in COG is that these top Aerospace companies have been mind controlled and taken over by Alien ETs by working wit them and the whole DNC has been taken over and effectively psychotronically and chemically mind controlled too.
The USN did release gunsight videos of antigravity craft and are supposedly now scheduled to release the “Alien Presence” and knowledge of working treaties and signed the Grenada Treaty entered into by IKE in 1956 at Holloman AFB in late March of 2022.

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[From "My Awakening"]

During my high school days, I became racially aware as I noticed the vast differences between Whites and niggers. I realized that I preferred my own Race while abhorring the obnoxious behavior and stupidity of the inferior blacks[…]Being in honor and AP classes, I saw first hand the superiority of the White Race as my classes were overwhelmingly White

During this time, I became extremely interested in National Socialism and considered myself a Nazi although I wasn’t a part of any group. Since I only saw the problem of the nigger beasts, I thought that the White Race’s only problem was the blacks
After I graduated high school, I proceeded to go to a local college where I was instantly barraged with multiculturalism and forced to read books sympathizing with the Jews in the “Holocaust”
The years in high school and college were somewhat gloomy for me as I was extremely pessimistic about life and didn’t see anything positive happening to the world
Getting on the internet was a breath of fresh air as I found a lot of information and many comrades who believed how I did
While I had some friends who were racist, they weren’t as racist as I was and would never act upon their instincts
The reading of the Holy Books was the most important event in my life and completely turned my life around[…]Pessimism turned to optimism, stagnation to upward mobility, and apprehension to boldness
I am extremely interested in eugenics and the coming of the Superman so I drastically altered my lifestyle after Creativity
At the time of this writing, I am working on a book for the Church that will surely inspire our White Racial Comrades[…]If Creativity affects someone half as much as it affected me, then that person will be truly improved and become a far better person. RAHOWA!

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False promises of cradle-to-grave welfare state “equity” are supplanting an equal opportunity workfare ethic that incentivizes and rewards achievement.
Previously unimaginable assaults on constitutionally guaranteed liberties, including free speech censorship and assembly shutdowns premised upon government knows best “emergency powers” and “a common good,” have become increasingly tolerated as a “new normal.”

Top leaders entrusted to protect our safety and liberties have turned blind eyes to the lawlessness that advances their political agenda narratives, condoned neo-Marxist indoctrination of children, and weaponized police state intimidation of those who resist.

Last year witnessed frightfully expanding usurpation of elected state and national legislative authority by a federal executive branch acting through diktat of regulatory politburos which continue to attack fundamental American freedoms, values, and traditions.

So, is this “Socialism”?
Further add to this, dysfunctional neglect of criminality leading to border chaos and lawlessness has similarly contributed to violent crime, looting, and street thuggery surges amid police-defunding and offender-forgiveness movements that are reducing life for many far-left Democrat-controlled city residents to a real-life dystopia.
Arguably President Biden’s most deliberately indefensible abrogation of his constitutional responsibility is his de facto attacks on patriotism in public schools which characterize America as a “systemically racist” society through tacit endorsements of neo-Marxist critical race theory (CRT) indoctrination and “1619 Project” propaganda which recasts our great nation’s founding purpose being to institutionalize human enslavement.

Such teachings do great discredit and disservice to a country that fought a terribly painful Civil War to end slavery — a united nation founded and grounded on principles of freedom and equal justice for all.

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If the Vaccine Is So Great, Why Are So Many People Dropping Dead?

The COVID-19 vaccines appear to be causing a global health disaster. There are so many warnings from all around the world. I'll list just a few in this column. But the U.S. media remains silent. They're as quiet as a church mouse. Why?

Japan's Ministry of Health just announced that "the Moderna and Pfizer Covid vaccines could cause heart-related side effects in younger males." Health experts in Japan have witnessed skyrocketing rates of myocarditis and pericarditis in young men and teenagers. And they've seen the same nonstop heart issues with middle-aged and older individuals.

All over America, and all over the world, cardiac arrest, heart inflammation and heart attack deaths are exploding. Young athletes are dropping right on the field; star soccer players in Europe are dropping dead in the middle of games; referees, coaches and even fans in the stands are having cardiac emergencies. It's something no one has ever seen before. It's an epidemic.

What do all these victims have in common? They've all been vaccinated.

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Want me to prove Islam is a religion of hate? Try enter Mecca as non believer or with a cross on your neck and see how peaceful muslims will be toward you. They will probably stone you to death on the spot, spilling your blood on their own holy ground with no mercy, or they might do that after you leave Mecca and be executed by Saudi police.

Prove me wrong, I dare you!