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Mark Robinson, the Republican candidate for North Carolina’s gubernatorial election, said he wanted to go back to a time “where women couldn’t vote” in a video that resurfaced in the wake of his Super Tuesday victory.

The video, recorded at a Republican Women of Pitt County event in March 2020, shows Robinson when he was a candidate for North Carolina’s lieutenant governor, which he later won.

In the clip, he says that he heard a man ask about the phrase “Make America Great Again,” which he posited implied the America where “women couldn’t vote” and “Black people were swinging from cheap trees.”

“I would say to him, if I was standing in front of him, ‘I absolutely want to go back to the America where women couldn’t vote,’” Robinson said.

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[2024-07-19: Trump described the shooting in depth in his RNC speech. Here’s what he said.]

[...] opened his speech at the Republican National Convention [...] spent 15 minutes recounting in great detail his personal perspective of the assassination attempt [...]

[...] because I was discussing the great job my administration did on immigration of the southern border. We were very proud of it. [...] Behind me and to the right was a large screen that was displaying a chart of border crossings under my leadership. The numbers were absolutely amazing. [...]

There was blood pouring everywhere and, yet, in a certain way I felt very safe because I had God on my side. I thank him. [...] we had many bullets that were being fired – crowds run for the exits or stampede. But not in this case. It was very unusual. [...] Nobody ran and by not stampeding, many lives were saved. [...] The reason is that they knew I was in very serious trouble. They saw, they saw me go down. They saw the blood, and thought actually, most did, that I was dead. They knew it was a shot to the head. They saw the blood. [...]

Bullets were flying over us, yet I felt serene. [...] I’m not supposed to be here tonight. Not supposed to be here. [...] I stand before you in this arena only by the grace of almighty God. [...]

But I could see it, I wanted to do something to let ‘em know I was ok. I raised my right arm, looked at the thousands and thousands of people who were breathlessly waiting and started shouting, Fight! Fight! Fight! [...]

There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for others. [...]

Nothing will stop me in this mission because our vision is righteous and our cause is pure. [...] Gonna turn our nation around and we’re going to do it very quickly. [...]

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By now most have heard of the unprecedented IT outages due to a Bill Gates’ Microsoft update, and the associated widespread disruptions in banking, travel, commerce and even hospitals going offline. This incident may very well have just served as a warmup to a far worse worldwide CyberPolygon attack on infrastructure, with the “solution” paving the way for much more devastating global IT exploits

The outage (problem) was met with the solution (CrowdStrike remediation method) in order to offer up the “solution” which in turn will cause the far greater problems with the cover story being a ratcheting up these Hegelian Dialectic “solutions” whereby forced 15 Minute City mass lockdowns featuring the cashless X Everything App digital ID’s will be instituted such that no elections may ever take place again; or at least that is the endgame of whichever psyop(s) the powers that be finally go with.
Given CrowdStrike’s questionable history and its ties with the Intelligence Industrial Complex, it is only a matter of time before Russia is blamed for these cyber “attacks.” That will most conveniently serve to usher in the ultimate false flag event; namely, WW3, or after the slow kill bioweapon injections would global thermonuclear war now be considered WW4? That would indeed serve as the ultimate post apocalyptic “prescriptive mode,” assuming there are any genetically modified human slaves left to lord over when these crazed rulers emerge from their bunkers

Given that Trump is a lock for winning the upcoming Kabuki theatre Uniparty politrix election, and the NeoMarxist left have quite literally imploded in full public display as their senile ice cream licking diaper soiling pedo puppet criminal increasingly malfunctions for all to see while their deliberately ruinous Cloward-Piven policies further destabilize what’s left of America, anything and everything goes at the precipice of this end of Banana Republic empire.

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I would like to add something to what I said last week about my nephew[…]In December 2022 I posted an entry containing this paragraph:

I wonder if there is anyone on the planet willing to raise, at least, one Aryan boy and one Aryan girl and educate them strictly in NS, with all that such an education would entail. If there is anyone who harbours this fantasy please contact me

I received no email response, which can be interpreted in two ways. Either no one who visits this site was interested in raising a child, or some Europeans who visited it were interested but fearing the soft totalitarian state their country suffers from[…]
Years ago, in the comments section, I said that a woman proposed to me a quarter of a century ago and I had refused. She is not an Aryan but a mudblood like me, although by Mexican standards she is considered white (like me). Curiously I have continued dealings with her[…]
Since I learned a very hard lesson with my nephew, I now feel like proposing marriage to this woman, if only with the idea of adopting an Aryan child to raise him as the Gods command[…]
What is not clear to me, even supposing she agrees, is the question of the children this child educated with the true Gods would meet[…]
There are pure Aryans in Mexico[…]Will I have to move next door to a Mennonite community for my adopted child to play with uncorrupted Aryans? Buying a large mansion next to them could only be done if I do a business that has to do with the falling dollar[…]And even then there would be some tension as the Mennonites are like 19th-century Christians, and my female friend goes to mass every day[…]
How difficult it is to have a normal life during what the Indo-Aryans called Kali Yuga! Before making a decision, what are the chances for someone who wants to educate his child properly? Is there a place in the entire world where it is even possible for a white child to live among uncontaminated white children?

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Whenever I sit and truly think about the current social landscape in America, I ponder on where all this lunacy leads. Both Millennial and Gen Z generations have falling way behind modern expectations and their maturity levels are the equivalent to a petulant child who refuses to grow up. When the adults in the room finally die and all that is left are these manchildren and their larva, do we truly think these weak, feeble, gullible wasted generations have the ability to sustain this great country?

This is a very serious problem that not even a minority within these generations are addressing. I think the problem is a lack of shame in this country. Look at how People today have no respect for their physical appearance, they go to job interviews in old t-shirts and flipflops or they dress to emulate their manchild obsession (video games, cartoons, etc). And ridiculing these obnoxious evolution throw backs does nothing because the Internet gives People the opportunity to find communities that embrace and promote whatever manchild bull shit and/or sexual perversion imaginable.

Look at where all this bull shit has gotten us. We’ve got People creating new genders, we have an obsession on sexualizing children, we have People who allowed themselves to be injected with an experimental concoction for clout, we have a People who believe that being virtuous is creating a 45 second TikTok video about the top story of the time. Let’s not forget People hated the COVD19 lockdowns, masks, Anthony Fauci, etc. and yet are politically supporting the man that made all this a reality (Trump). Nothing makes any sense anymore!

I consider myself lucky because I’m old and will be long gone from this place to see the manchild induced, AI controlled totalitarianism that People are naively allowing into their lives without question. Because if you don’t think AI is being rolled out to subjugate and potentially nullify mankind, then maybe we deserve what happens to us.

So I guess there is nothing left to do but what I can, hope a few souls understand so they can change the plan for man.

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If you didn’t know is that to be President of the USA you must be ‘American made’ with ‘both’ parents to be natural born Americans and Trump Jr. and Barron are not.
DJ Trump could not have slipped some words into an Executive Order to allow his children to be President.

Where in the Constitution does it state that if your parent was President of the USA than you can be President.

We better get going on this or it appears all the Trumps are still pushing for the USA, INC. to be in place and not a Constitutional Republic, just like Barrack Obama was allowed to be a foreigner to be President of the USA corporation.

Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric cannot be President nor Vice President of the USA as their mother, Ivana, was born in Czechoslovakia.

The same goes for Barron as Melania was born in Yugoslavia, thus any of her children cannot be President nor Vice President of the USA.

However, you should be allowed if your parents are natural born Americans but you just happened to be born in another country at the time yet come back to America sometime soon thereafter like those that serve in the US Military.

U.S. Constitution, Article II, Section 1, Clause 5:

“No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

But I guess this is from the Cabal US Constitution as it states Citizen of the United States and not Sovereign, Natural Born Americans within the united States.
Things are happening where Trump is being coerced into really not bringing the Republic into place as to what happened on Saturday appears to be a staged event with all the new media available and could not be covered up as to what happened with JFK as these are controlled by the cabal.

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Let me start in a place that might be a tad unexpected. Before he ran for president the first time, Donald Trump was famously an anti-vaxxer. How did that Trump become the same Trump who became the “father of the COVID vaccine” that has so far killed millions of people? How did that Trump become the same Trump who started “Operation: Warp Speed”? Something changed along the way.

When Trump ran for President the first time he promised to build the wall, put Hillary in jail, drain The Swamp, and expose the Deep State. None of those things happened.
Flash forward to last night here in 2024, you are center stage at the RNC, the party nominating Donald Trump for a third time, and what do you see? You see the all-seeing eye of Horus from the US dollar bill, and you see the legend ‘Novus Ordo Seclorum’ as the main graphic behind the speakers podium. It means “New World Order” if you didn’t know by now. If the Republican Party, united behind and around Donald Trump, is the party to defeat the New World Order, what are they doing promoting it on the biggest night of their convention?
Earlier today I wrote about Thomas Matthew Crooks, and the many head-scratching coincidences between what he is said to have done on July 13th, 2024, and what Lee Harvey Oswald is said to have done on November 22, 1963. Could it be possible, that the attempted assassination was an inside job, designed to propel Trump into office rather than assassinate him? Did they give him a shot to the ear as a warning shot to get in line? Is Donald Trump now the selected president of the United States, chosen by the New World Order to carry out their agenda? The clues leading us in that direction are stacking up almost faster than we can count them. The RNC is right now promoting the One World Religion and the New World Order while at the same time saying they are the only bulwark to protect us from those things.

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Some moron at restaurant got in my face last night. Said he’s not upset DJT almost killed because conservatives wouldn’t be upset if Biden killed. I replied, “Hey moron, Biden is already brain dead. He’s a zombie puppet wearing diapers, who craps in his pants…and takes his orders from commie enemies of America.” Guy’s eyes exploded out of his head & he ran away from my table like a scared little girl. LOL

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We are in a battle between GOOD and EVIL

The Democrats are the party of pedophiles, murdering the innocent unborn, violence, and bloody, meaningless, endless wars.

They want to lock up their political opponents, and terrorize innocent Americans who would tell the truth about it.

The Democrat party is flat out evil, and yesterday they tried to murder President Trump.
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Mark Steele is a British engineer with a materials science background; inventor; patent writer; weapons research scientist; inventor of the world’s first binocular optical wave guides, weapon sight systems, infrared thermal imaging head up displays, molecular reactors, signal processing, and transducer design, among many others. As Chief Technology Officer at the company that designed and brought to market the world’s first internationally approved head up display (HUD) product, which has been accredited with a number of innovation awards, and is regulated to a number of internationally recognised standards, including Department of Transport ECE 22.05 and those of the American National Standards Institute.

Steele is a MWR weapons expert who has been alerting the world since 2016 to the multi-level threats from MWR weapons technologies. In a series of videos and reports, he has described how these MWR weapons have been covertly deployed in our cityscapes. 5G LED streetlights, ULEZ, CAZ, “SMART” motorways, 5G masts and the mysterious 5G black boxes appearing on telegraph poles are microwave radiation weapon systems installed for the purpose of killing you. It’s called “Fifth-Generation Warfare” and it encompasses psychotronic and psychological operation (psyop) elements, cybertorture, as well as the directed energy weapon (DEW) hardware.

LED streetlights have weaponised streets across the UK in recent years.[31],[32] Steele explains that their components prove them to be a weapon system masquerading as streetlights.
In Birmingham, Telensa light heads have been fitted.[35] Each emits MWR 700 times higher than the so-called exposure guideline (1 mWatt/cm2), with a range of 10 miles. 1 mWatt/cm2 is the point at which a microwave oven starts to heat its contents, which means that these streetlights are raising the temperature of the city and everything in it.

Men Writing Women Award

"Francine Dubois"/Henry Makow PhD #sexist #wingnut #racist #conspiracy henrymakow.com

I work with women in the healthcare profession. I am a woman, and I find the majority of women today to be utterly disgusting and toxic. What women do and talk about when men aren't present is completely amoral and vile. I have never seen men behave in the disgusting ways that I have seen women behave in a supposed professional work environment.

The forefathers were correct about women's nature and they do in fact, need to be kept under a very tight rein. The matriarchy has gone far enough.
I have come to believe that women actually enjoy being debased. They do it themselves. You only have to look at what they do on the internet. THEMSELVES--no man forcing them. I see it all the time at work.

I also think that sexual harassment was men's way of letting women know they were not welcome in certain environments. There is also the idea that no woman in her right mind would enter a male domain unless she was seeking something to her benefit...primarily sexually. I think all the outrage was a pretense. Lawsuits and payment to be gained.

I have watched women at work respond to men making overt disgusting comments to them. There is no outrage there....they titter among themselves and are mostly amused, even flattered because it is male attention after all. Old men, decrepit men, demented men....doesn't matter. I think the vaccinations have affected their minds.
I am going to add one more observation. When there were extended kin structures, there were initiations into manhood and womanhood. On the women's side, there would have been much more support for all the things women go through and plenty of women around to get strokes and attention....this would also free men up to do what they needed to do without getting bogged down by women and their constant neediness.

Men have created 95% of what is good in our material civilization but they are dismissed as sub human by the homo commie cartel running the show in the West.

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Brighteon Broadcast News, July 17, 2024 – More ANOMALIES surface about shooting: Second shooter

- Inclusivity in the MAGA movement, embracing diverse religions and ethnicities. (0:00)

- Embracing former leftists who are recently red-pilled. (9:47)

- Assassination attempt on President #Trump, Secret Service COMPLICITY. (13:35)

- More details emerge about attempted assassination of Trump. (29:51)

- Trump's skeptical vaccine stance revealed in private phone call with RFK Jr. (47:41)

- Why the US dollar will collapse regardless of who's in the White House. (53:30)

- Decline of US global economic power is already baked in and cannot be reversed. (1:02:35)

- Why next assassination attempts against Trump may escalate to area effect weapons. (1:10:36)

- Conversation with Sebastian Gorka: Secret Service incompetence and cultural rot. (1:28:27)

- Military leadership and border security. (1:44:41)

- Immigration enforcement and civil rights. (1:49:03)

- Election integrity and voter suppression. (1:53:43)

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Today’s contestant is John Wahl, chairman of the Alabama Republican Party[…]
Before Wahl ascended to lead the state GOP party, he worked as a butterfly farmer in Limestone County. If that sounds made up, it’s not, and he has a YouTube channel to show for it

Last week, Wahl appeared on the Jeff Poor radio show, where he spoke in circles about what they want to do to you. They, if you were wondering, includes Democrats, mainstream media, elites, globalists, and so on

Even though most other media are still focused on President Joe Biden’s disastrous debate performance, Wahl and Poor got bored talking about that after barely five minutes, when they pivoted to …

America: Democracy or Republic?

As we have discussed before, the question is complicated as “democracy” and “republic” are not themselves scientific classifications. These aren’t butterflies we’re talking about. You can’t say one of these things is distinct from the other, as you can between a monarch and a hickory-horned devil[…]
According to Wahl, a democracy is something different than a republic — something dangerous, because it leads to a third category we haven’t touched on before

“The mainstream media wants us to think of ourselves as a democracy because that leads to socialism,” Wahl said on the program

For Wahl, socialism is bad — firmly in the they/them category — and something to be avoided at all costs. And we are sliding down this slippery slope, he says, because even some Republicans refer to America as a democracy

“We, as a party, have allowed this to happen,” Wahl said. “If you go back and you watch Ronald Reagan, every time Ronald Reagan spoke of our nation, he said ‘our republic,’ and we have lost that. Even our Republican elected officials call us a democracy far too often, and we are not”

Le Patriote #wingnut #racist #crackpot #conspiracy operationdisclosureofficial.com

Hey Folks, I just want to say that the list below is MY OPINION ONLY of what is and has been truly going on in this amazing world of ours!

Please note when I say they, I am referring to the Deep State Cabal!

If You Are Truly Awake You Know

1. Donald J. Trump won the 2020 Election.

2. Joe Biden is not the President and was Executed 2019 for Treason and crimes against Humanity.
4. All Elites including The 13 most powerful families in the world, The Biden’s, The Clinton’s, The Bush’s, The Obama’s, The Soros’s, The Gates’s, The Rockefellers, The Rothschilds etc.. and all members of the Government and Entertainment Industry that were corrupt have been arrested and are either already [redacted] or being held in prison for treason and crimes against humanity.
6. Donald J. Trump turned power over to our good military in 2021 and they have been overseeing the country since in order to restore our Republic.
8. JFK & JFK JR are still alive and are True Patriots.
12. Many in our Government and many Elites in all industry have been involved in child sex trafficking, adrenochrome production, organ and body part harvesting.

13. You do not have to pay taxes to the IRS, they are a private corporation based in Puerto Rico, paying taxes to the IRS is in fact voluntary.
22. 9/11 was in fact a planned attack on We the People by our corrupt Government, The Vatican, British Royals and corrupt Israeli Government.

23. The corrupt FBI and CIA is responsible or have been involved in almost all terrorist attacks.
25. All history has been a lie, they have covered up our History because they do not want you truly know who you are or what you are capable of.
47. Q and the Q drops were and are very real, their purpose was to get people to start researching and solving the clues that were in the posts.

I do not want to make this post too long so in honor of our amazing President Donald J. Trump I will end it at 47, I could have went to 100 easily!

Sidney Secular #racist #wingnut #conspiracy newswithviews.com

Those with a narrow focus fixate on terrorism threats coming from un-vetted refugees. But there are greater security and safety risks with the myriad diseases gaining entry into the US via the vectors of the refugee invaders and so-called “unaccompanied (alien) children.” Tuberculosis (TB), one of these diseases – and potentially the one to be feared most – is an airborne infectious disease spread as is the common cold by coughing and sneezing. There are about 13 million people in the US that have been exposed to TB and especially the ”at risk” population could develop the disease.
There was such a campaign along with the huge lockdowns and attacks on personal liberties brought about by the COVID scam, but as a result Americans are wary of claims of “medical emergencies” that might, with regard to TB, be far more real than any Wuhan-based pathogen! On the other hand, though “health experts” and “politicians” round the world just thrill to the possibility of playing tyrant again, our “fearless leaders” tend to shy away from warning the general public of the dangers of this refugee invasion!
The Center For Disease Control (CDC) is allowing migrants into the US without screening or treatment for latent TB. There are many more people with latent TB—one-third of the world’s people!—than actually show symptoms of the disease—and the latent cases could turn active at any time. The Bible’s Book of Revelation prophesizes that one third the world’s population will die of “plagues” during the “end-times!”
Besides TB, the invaders are also bringing with them yellow fever – spread like malaria by the mosquito, a creature the US has in plenty, measles, whooping cough, diphtheria and other diseases that were on the fast road to eradication in the US a short time ago. Playing politics with public health issues might be a potent killer of American citizens but it may have them having to resurrect COVID.

Liz Wheeler #fundie #wingnut twitter.com

America was absolutely founded as a Christian nation.

It’s a binary choice: America will either be Christian or pagan.

“Wokeness” is a pagan, false, evil religion. It’s adherents will force you to worship.

Christianity is true, good & beautiful.

Which will you choose?image12:02 PM · Jul 7, 2024 · 21.4K Views
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Mike Adams the Health Ranger #wingnut #quack #conspiracy brighteon.com

Brighteon Broadcast News, July 6, 2024 – Hurricane FLOOD warning + Vax-damaged zombie leftists to ERUPT in VIOLENCE when Trump wins

- Hurricane Beryl's impact on Texas and surrounding areas, heavy rainfall and flooding. (0:03)

- Preparedness for tropical storms: Backup power sources and emergency communication devices. (3:54)

- Generator maintenance and safety tips. (11:00)

- Viral Carnival Cruise Line fights go "ghetto". (17:28)

- Vaccine-induced brain damage and how it turns human beings into reptilian zombies. (25:39)

- Loss of cognitive function and empathy among leftists due to vaccine damage. (31:43)

- Biden's cognitive decline and potential election impact. (37:17)

- Democratic Party division and calls for Joe Biden to step down. (50:58)

- Potential violence from left-wing extremists after Trump's election win. (56:44)

- Firearms and self-defense, using the rule of law to halt violence. (1:02:49)

- Converting AR-15s to bolt-action rifles for legal use in California. (1:06:04)

- Preparing for the zombie apocalypse and protecting communities. (1:12:31)

Ian Gribbin #wingnut #sexist independent.co.uk

A candidate for Nigel Farage’s Reform UK party has claimed the country would have been “far better” off if it had “taken Hitler up on his offer of neutrality” instead of fighting the Nazis

Ian Gribbin, who is standing in Bexhill and Battle, also wrote online that women were the “sponging gender” and should be “deprived of health care”[…]
Mr Gribbin is reported to have posted on the Unherd website in 2022: “Britain would be in a far better state today had we taken Hitler up on his offer of neutrality … but oh no Britain’s warped mindset values weird notions of international morality rather than looking after its own people”

The same month he wrote that the UK should “exorcise the cult of Churchill and recognize that in both policy and military strategy, he was abysmal”

The previous month he criticised women, writing: “Do you think you could actually work and pay for it all too like good citizens?

“Men pay 80% of tax – women spend 80% of tax revenue. On aggregate as a group you only take from society

“Less complaining please from the ‘sponging gender’”

In a separate post, he suggested squaring the inequality “by depriving women of healthcare until their life expectancies are the same as men, Fair’s fair”

In 2021, he wrote female soldiers “almost made me wretch [sic]” and were a “total liability”

In the run-up to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, he said that President Putin had “shown a maturity of which we can only dream of”

A Reform UK spokesman said: “Through offence archaeology, the BBC has found that Mr Gribbin has made a series of comments about a number of subjects

“They were written with an eye to inconvenient perspectives and truths. That doesn’t make them endorsements, just arguing points in long-distance debates

Ken Ham #conspiracy #wingnut twitter.com

When it comes to the Bible, we need to understand that it is primarily a book of history, spiritual, and moral matters. It’s God’s history book to us. In a way, we could say it’s God’s textbook of historical science. However, the Bible also deals with geology, biology, astronomy, and so on. And when it deals with these topics, we can trust it as it’s God’s Word. And unlike “science” textbooks in public schools, it never changes.

What we can do is use observational science to see if experiments and observations in the present confirm the history God reveals in geology, biology, archaeology, etc. And the Bible’s history is confirmed over and over again as we’ve shown in many articles on our websites, in our magazines, in presentations, and in books, etc.

Because the historical science (the “earthly things”) in the Bible is true, the moral and spiritual teachings based in that history are true. Christianity is based on real history, the history God recorded for us in his Word—the Bible. Evolution and millions of years are false history.
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JonFreeman #wingnut #racist deviantart.com

It's worth remembering that back in 2020 trump signed a order starting all institutions that endorse inequality (effectively all woke companies, since "blame whitey" is the opposite of "not judged by the color of your skin") will be barred from all gov contracts

This would spell the actual financial doom of all things woke. It would also castrate the education system, as they're all gov funded and woke as fuck.

While Biden (under his master's orders) hasn't enforced it ... trump certainly would once back in office.

This should give all liberals fear.

For all liberals are woke

Austin Ruse #homophobia #transphobia #wingnut #conspiracy crisismagazine.com

There is a campaign well underway to separate “good gay” from all those other icky iterations that sully “good gay.”

It goes a couple of different but related ways.

One is that the LGBs are just fine, but the Ts? No, the Ts are nuts and have never really been part of the LGBs. The Ts are a recent addition that somehow snuck up on the LGBs and has become the tail that wags the dog.

The other way is with Queer Theory. They say LGBs are not now and have never been a part of Queer.

What is this Queer Theory that the LGBs have never been a part of? Large-brained atheist James Lindsay explains it often,
"The imperative in Queer Theory is to make the categories of sex, gender, sexuality, etc., seems absurd, and inapplicable, meaningless, and or oppressive, and to disrupt and support them, usually by being intentionally flamboyantly absurd in exaggerating performances of them."
There are legitimate efforts right now by dear friends of ours to go easy on the LGBs, to build coalitions on the trans madness aimed at kids. And this makes a certain amount of sense. Who knows, perhaps over time, after we have put the T back in the bottle, which will never happen except maybe for kids, our allies in the LGBs will respond to our winsomeness and the wisdom of our ancient knowledge on human sexuality and eschew their sexual habits.

At its heart, queer theory challenges the normality of “heterosexuality.” Even that is a made-up word in order to introduce the concept of the “homosexual.” What do sodomitical relationships do but challenge the normality of “heterosexuality”? And so many of us have fallen for this in the name of political expedience in the face of the trans child emergency. Again, this makes some sense, but the danger is that the Overton Window is moving so far so fast that we can never go back to a proper understanding that “homosexuality” is an evil that harms the participants, society, and that we can never accept it.

Marcel Bucard Division of Perpignan - French Popular Movement #racist #wingnut #psycho leparisien.fr

[Translation mine]

In mid-June, several residents of Chatoux, in Yvelines, were the targets of racist letters. On Wednesday, it was in Perpignan, in the Pyrénées-Orientales, that Brigitte, 62, received a similar missive with violent remarks, reports Actu Perpignan

The self-employed woman shared this letter on Facebook, dated July 1. “It stinks,” she wrote. But I’m not going to let it happen”

“I would like to write to you today to advise you on an important decision concerning your property,” the letter begins, then referring to the first round of the legislative elections: “The situation in Perpignan has changed considerably”

“It appears that you are no longer welcome in this city,” continues the text, with racist and threatening remarks, which urges the sixty-year-old to “sell her property as quickly as possible”. “Once the sale has been concluded to a family of good native French people, I advise you to prepare your departure for Africa”

“You must realize that your personal well-being and your property are no longer safe because you are no longer welcome today in Saint-Mathieu, where we will, starting in September, carry out a merciless and virulent cleansing of the neighborhood in order to restore the Catalan atmosphere of yesteryear,” we can then read

The letter is signed “La division Marcel Bucard de Perpignan”, named after the founder of the Francoist Movement, a fascist and collaborationist group, shot in 1946, as well as a “French Popular Movement”


spoilerLetter received by the victim. Logo on the letter was used by the fascist and collaborationist French Popular Party

Edwin Benson #fundie #wingnut #conspiracy returntoorder.org

At least three arguments support placing the Ten Commandments in every Louisiana (and American) classroom.

The first is that the Ten Commandments are the basis of law and justice throughout Western Christian Culture. Our Lord and His followers in the early Church took them from their original context among the Children of Israel and made them universal (catholic). These are fundamental duties that all people owe to God and their neighbors. These are independent of social standing, political position or wealth. Yes, hierarchies exist and are vital to the proper functioning of society, but certain rules are so crucial that all must obey them.

Despite what some people may argue, every just statute currently on the books relates to one of God’s holy ordinances. Even in the most secular settings, human troubles usually arise from untruth, theft or unfaithfulness—or some combination thereof.
America’s schools, on the other hand, are too often gardens where chaos is the bumper crop. Sometimes, the disarray is deliberate, resulting from malformed educational theories that students learn by sorting through ambiguous ideas and situations. Sometimes, the pandemonium finds its basis in the free-for-all atmosphere that modern ideas of “tolerance” encourage. Of course, too many children carry the residue of disordered homes to school with them.

In such cases, a posted copy of the Ten Commandments is a beacon of order. Every item in a classroom helps teach children what society expects of them.
Such thinking inspires a third reason for displaying the Ten Commandments. Their presence drives the leftists crazy. Such a poster weakens the case for a “value-free” classroom. This element of schoolyard malpractice goes back to the ethos of “do your own thing” and “it is forbidden to forbid.” Too many teachers advocate disobedience to the “dominant culture” with an almost missionary zeal.

Réseau Libre #wingnut #psycho #racist reseau-libre.org

[From “A (very incomplete) list of lawyers to be eliminated” - Translation mine]


spoilerExecution by guillotine of Urbain Liottard, Louis Berruyer and Octavive David. September 22, 1909

Note: July 4, 3:30 p.m.: The Dumbass-Moretti subversives are outraged and have already filed a complaint. Perfect ! My response to their lawsuit is already online here. Come on guys, a second lawsuit!

To be sent into a ditch or a stadium, these lawyers already declare that they do not respect the verdict of the polls in the event of a victory for the RN

These scum have formed a “Law brigade against the National Rally”, read this hilarious article!

Of course, they are not the only ones, it is the vast majority of lawyers who need to be neutralized. But let's imagine all those on this list found in a bottom of a pit or simply “disappeared”, and fear will change sides! It's high time to put things back in order!

For the record, in 2003 already the black robed vermin had filed a complaint against the sos-racaille website which had dared to publish a list of lawyers defending the vermin. The webmaster of the site was fined 12,000 euros although he was never arrested or even formally identified

History is an eternal rewinding, we are publishing a list of lawyers to be eliminated, we are not formally identified, we will not be arrested, and we may be convicted, who cares!

List of subversives
[Below is a list of name of lawyers along with the bars they're registered with]

U.S. Representative Chip Roy (R-Texas) and chrischownyk #wingnut sacurrent.com

U.S. Rep. Chip Roy, a Republican whose district includes a swath of North San Antonio, called for the "cleansing" of progressives in a rant posted Friday on social media platform X

The GOP congressman, who's made inflammatory comments part of his political brand, fired off the tweet in a defense of Trump's plans to deport some 20 million migrants if elected president. Some on social media have said Trump's plan amounts to ethnic cleansing

"Tell you what – I do want to 'ethnic cleanse' by deporting white progressive Democrats – with a special bonus for rich ones with an Ivy League degree," Roy tweeted. "I really do not like 'those people'"

For what it's worth, Roy earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Virginia and a law degree from the University of Texas at Austin. Not exactly Ivy League, but pretty prestigious schools just the same

Roy's comment came in response to a tweet by Will Stancil, an attorney and research fellow at the Institute of Metropolitan Opportunity in Minneapolis. In his tweet, Stancil railed against Trump's deportation plan

"Deporting 20 million people is absoluletly ethnic cleansing," Stancil wrote. "That's litteraly the population of New York State, or half the Midwest. It's 6% of the whole population! Someone from every classroom, workplace, or street. It's small children, working mothers, whole families"[…]
Either way, a call for "ethnic cleansing" by a sitting U.S. Congressman — even if made in jest — ignited angry responses on X[…]
Even so, some agreed with Roy's remark

"We're with you brother," user @chrischownyk commented. "It's time to take back our constitutional republic"

Ryan Walters, Oklahoma Public Schools #fundie #wingnut bbc.com

Oklahoma orders schools to teach Bible 'immediately'

Oklahoma's top education official has ordered schools in the state to begin incorporating the Bible into lessons, in the latest US cultural flashpoint over religion in the classroom.

A directive sent by Republican state Superintendent Ryan Walters said the rule was compulsory, requiring "immediate and strict compliance".

The rule will apply to lessons for all public school students aged from around 11-18.

It comes a week after Louisiana's governor signed a law directing all public schools in that state to display the Ten Commandments.

In a statement on Thursday, Mr Walters described the Bible as "an indispensable historical and cultural touchstone".

"Without basic knowledge of it, Oklahoma students are unable to properly contextualize the foundation of our nation, which is why Oklahoma educational standards provide for its instruction," he added.

Mr Walters, a former public school history teacher, was elected to his post in 2022 after campaigning on a platform of combating "woke ideology" and eliminating "radical leftists" from Oklahoma's education system.

PhantomShab #wingnut #dunning-kruger smashboards.com

A man being choked the life out of via police
Versus a man who was pissy about losing the election and screaming voter fraud(There was none)

He [George Floyd] died from a fentanyl overdose and people spent months burning and looting buildings and assaulting and killing people over it. Again, you avoid acknowledging that Trump told the Jan 6 protestors to stand down and go home. Meanwhile the leftist politicians were going "riots are the language of the unheard" and supporting violence.

To note, I don't think Biden should even run again, he's a dementia ridden old man, but lmfao dude, just stop, you're going to find that
basically no one on this thread agrees with you.

I don't give a single **** if a bunch of far leftists on a backwater Smash Bros forum won't validate me lmao. I'm not divorced from reality and honestly I am so over having to pretend that up is down and hot is cold.

Paul Craig Roberts #wingnut #conspiracy paulcraigroberts.org

Today is July 4 when we get our annual dose of patriotic propaganda that serves to wrap us in self-righteousness which enables Washington to conduct its wars. Washington has got away with it for a long time, but now has created and brought us into conflict with a powerful adversary.

According to reports, Russia responded to Washington’s cluster bomb attack on civilians in Crimea by informing Washington that the two countries are now at war. What it means, if anything, remains to be seen. It does not seem to have caused any consternation in Washington.

In actual fact hot war between Russia and Washington began in 2008 when Washington surprised Putin by sending a US trained and equipped Georgian army into South Ossetia. The American sponsored invasion resulted in the deaths of civilians and Russian peace keepers. It only took the Russian Army 5 days to defeat the American trained Georgian Army, so Washington did not have time to get more involved.

Putin was again surprised when Washington overthrew the Ukrainian government in 2014. Persecution and murder of Donbas Russians followed. Donbas asked to be reincorporated into Russia like Crimea, but Putin refused. Instead, Putin tried to keep Donbas in Ukraine with the Minsk Agreement. Ukraine and Donbas agreed and France and Germany agreed to enforce the agreement, but in fact the agreement was used to deceive Putin while the West built and equipped a large Ukrainian army to retake the self-declared Donbas republics. In February, 2022, Putin was forced by Washington to defend the Donbas Russians from being slaughtered like Israel is doing to the Palestinians. Now Putin is presented with US missiles targeting Russian civilians and with French troops in Ukraine.
Now 17 years later Putin acknowledges the fact that Washington and Russia are at war. The question is what is Putin going to do with his belated recognition of reality?

Paul Cudenec #wingnut #conspiracy bibliotecapleyades.net

Shocking evidence is emerging from Australia and New Zealand of how the climate scam is being used to impose a techno-totalitarian smart-city future.

The criminocratic global imperialists often use their Commonwealth colonies to try out the most insidious escalations of their tyranny - think of Canada, New Zealand and Australia during Covid.

We can therefore assume that this is going to be the blueprint for the roll-out of their Fourth Industrial Revolution agenda across the world.

The sinister scheme in question, called "Managed Retreat", has been exposed by independent researcher Kate Mason on her excellent Substack blog aimed at,

"deconstructing 4IR narratives"...

The idea is that exaggerated "modeling" of the imagined effects of "climate change" is being used to define certain areas as unsuitable for human settlement.

Working hand in hand with the state is the insurance industry - long a central part of the corrupt criminocratic empire - which deems homes in these areas to be "uninsurable".
Also in 2022, a body called the Australian Climate Council released a study which estimated that 1 in 25 of all homes and commercial buildings in the country would become effectively uninsurable by 2030 because of,

"worsening extreme weather events".

River flooding posed the biggest risk, according to the study, with flash flooding and bushfires identified as the other main hazards contributing to properties becoming "uninsurable".

As well as calling for "managed relocations", the report stressed the need for,

"upscaling public investments in resilience" and to "support communities to 'build back better'."

It declared:

"Towns, cities and communities must be rebuilt - where appropriate to do so - in a way that takes into account the 'inevitable' future changes in climate and makes them more resilient".

It comes as little surprise that this report was proudly showcased on the website of the World Economic Forum (WEF)…

Mike Adams the Health Ranger #wingnut #conspiracy brighteon.com

Brighteon Broadcast News, June 24, 2024 – Homicidal government unleashing an AMERICAN HOLODOMOR

- US military involvement in ATACMS missile attack on Russian civilians

- The American #Holodomor: Idaho farmers denied use of their own water wells

- Government-engineered #famine, food supply destruction, and cocoa price increases. (4:32)

- East Palestine, Ohio train wreck spread toxic pollution across 16 states

- #Dioxins, biosludge, and deliberate farmland destruction. (14:27)

- Government's potential to starve millions of Americans through engineered food scarcity. (19:50)

- US/NATO attack on Russia, potential for WW3. (43:34)

- Why the US keeps provoking nuclear war with Russia. (48:04)

- Interview with Roger Stone: Advocating for a free and fair election in 2024. (1:01:11)

- Election integrity and media bias. (1:02:54)

- #Censorship and silencing conservative voices. (1:09:06)

- Trump's legal challenges and the potential for a rigged justice system. (1:14:27)

- Trump debate strategy. (1:20:10)

- US politics, economy, and potential Black Swan events impacting the election. (1:25:59)

- US-Iran relations, Biden administration, and Middle East peace. (1:46:20)

- Trump's election strategy and Muslim American vote. (1:51:03)

CodezVII #crackpot #wingnut #ufo #magick #conspiracy operationdisclosureofficial.com

TO PREVAIL >>>>>>>>>>
WE ARE NOT ALONE >>>>>>>>>>



State of the Nation Editor #racist #wingnut #conspiracy stateofthenation.co

By staging one border invasion of after another, the globalists are able to secret into the country millions of military-aged males under cover of being amnesty seekers, which they are not. Many are even purposefully released violent criminals seeking their next crime spree in America.

Once these trained mercenaries, experienced soldiers of fortunes and paid terrorists are over the border, they’re ferried to the various 50 states to train for their next missions.

There are essentially 3 duties/destinations for these fighting aged men.

(1) The trained terrorists will be transported to certain cities where they will join highly organized terrorists cells. There they will await their future orders.

(2) The paid mercenaries will be sent to extremely clandestine military training camps to be trained in urban and rural guerrilla warfare. Again, they will await their future orders.

(3) The willing and less dangerous economic immigrants and war refugees are immediately registered into a “Accelerated Military Path to US Citizenship” program. By volunteering to enter the U.S. Armed Forces, these future grunts are put on a fast-track to full-fledged citizenship with all kinds of perks. However, these mercs are also put into specially trained regiments and squads who are stripped of any reservation about firing on Americans. The communist-run DoD knows that the average US military service member would not kill their fellow citizens, so they run these foreign recruits through highly manipulative mind-control programs as preparation to man what are basically treasonous brigades.

Each of these three groupings of extreme enemies of the American Republic serve critical purposes in the staging of the long-planned American Bolshevik Revolution. The Khazarian decision-makers at the very top of this CIA-coordinated color revolution scheme will use basically the same war plan that was utilized during both the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution and subsequent Russian Civil War.

Satchidanand #crackpot #magick #wingnut #conspiracy #homophobia #transphobia satchidanand.substack.com

Carl Jung’s Gnostic Revival, Abraxas, and the 20th Century Cult of Mithra, the gnostic underground stretching from the Sodomite Rituals of the ancient mystery cults tied to Isis and Demeter, to the Templars, Franciscan and Jesuit inner initiates to the Hellfire Club, the Illuminati, 33rd Degree Freemasons - most Secret Societies are all Sodomite through the performance of Satanic Sodomy Rituals.

From the Rosicrucian takeover of Britain with the the Aleister Crowley Thelema Sodomy Rituals to inject Demons into the Anus, ALL Secret Societies believed in a cosmology which held that Psychopathic absolute nothingness devoid of love, reason, intention or any other quality (see: Newton’s assumed infinite space) was the essential character of reality.
All Satanists are Sodomites but all Homosexuals are not Satanic!

The Thule’s Vril Society was essentially an order of clairvoyant priestesses/witches who would service sacred ritual orgies as Whores of Babalon of initiated New Aryan Templars while also channeling spirit entities from the ether and messages from ‘the secret Chiefs’.

Please note that the Demon Baphomet is transexual and all LGBTPS stems from Satanic theory and practise.
The Rites and Rituals that developed over the eons to facilitate this breaking free of moral constraints, involved rites of initiation, and elaborate mystery plays, sacred mind-altering drugs, human and animal sacrifices, the castration ritual, cutting the breasts off, hysterectomy ritual, perverse sexual exercises like the Sodomy Ritual or Sex with the Whore of Babalon and other exercises that brought those who survived the rites of passage into a new identity as an elite order of human gods.

As I said in my Book Against Satanism 3 the purpose of Satanic Ritual is to implant evil energy blockages into people to turn them into Psychopaths, to split them into more subpersonalities, to implant demons into them, to make them more and more Evil so that these Evil people can be promoted.

Brent D. Cates #wingnut #conspiracy brentcates.substack.com

As someone that started out anonymous to shifting to open posting my perspective has also shifted on the value of anonymous versus open posting.

This, in and of itself is a shading of the Soul War America is going through in a crucible of fear and doubt.

The Cancel Your Life and DIE Crowd are still out there.

Spinning their wheels over less and less ground every year.

The impact of their negative activism has gone soft under Dementia Hitler.
There’s only one conclusion I can draw from this amazing surge in support for Trump and his pro-America #Agenda47.

Since it’s clear most voters no longer believe the corrupt, sycophant Mainstream Media, where are these newly won Trump supporters getting their information?
Where is Donald Trump’s Agenda 47 having the most impact in social media?

Not on Instagram, YouTube or TikTok.

It’s Elon’s X App.

Tik Tok and Elon’s X App are now FEEDING off each other’s energy and viewers.

Viral videos you’re seeing on X are almost always TikTok-ers being posted FOR EFFECT.
And of course, how they shut down President Trump on January 7th, 2021.


Until it wasn’t.

History will mark that moment as October 26th, 2022.

That was the high water mark for what Mike Benz called the Censorship Death Star.

Trump is now surging in popularity to such a degree it’s staggering and panicking all those invested in America remaining their captured and prostrate victim.

The Black and Hispanic Voters are breaking free of the PROGRAMMING.

Tucker Carlson is now openly talking about the Soul War.

WHO empowered Carlson after his attempted (they hoped, devastating) cancellation?

Elon Musk’s X App.

WHO Empowered Elon Musk?

WHO provided Elon Musk the incredible opportunities via contracts with the US Government and Military to make him the world’s richest man?



WHO empowered Donald Trump?

This will become self evident during the DARK ZONE you will experience during the aftermath of Trump’s election victory in November through January.