flying_eagle #fundie

Someone said we should legalize gay-marriage because it will bring money to san francisco. Let's also legalize all drugs - sales tax, prostitution (more tax), murder(1000/body)... Some things are simply wrong. Issue at the table is NOT about rights but culture. and when minority (estimated 200 thousand households among 40mln Californians) is forcing their culture down majority throat through courts decisions, majority will speak up. Because this is what gays do - they force their agenda on me through courts. Do NOT compare it with race movement. it was WHITES who started war over slavery, not blacks. If slavery was not removed, there would have been no "I have a dream" speach (to clarify - I am happy that speach took place!). Comparing gays agenda to race would be same as imaging that blacks started our Civil War - they did not. In any case - San Francisco is up for big surprise in Novemeber. Now all of you who are supposed to die for my right to disagree with you - give me thumbs up.



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