Steve Van Nattan #fundie

ILLUSTRATION: They are now eating aborted fetuses in China. The doctors are actually cooking the fetuses and serving them to the mothers. Some Chinese doctors are serving them to other patients on the assumption that some primal treatment may be accomplished by eating a cooked fetus. These are the Chinese who Hillary Clinton fawns over.

ILLUSTRATION: Collagen, fetal cartilage, is now in many hand lotions. The fetus is dropped into a monster blender, and the collagen is then extracted. Check the label on your lotion bottle. If it says, "bovine collagen," then it is from cow fetuses. If it says simply, "collagen" it is from aborted human fetuses. You are rubbing murdered baby on your pretty face lady.

ILLUSTRATION: As we go to press, Mr. Kavorkian cannot be found guilty for assisting people to kill themselves. Killing the aged and hungry is now considered essential to getting world peace. AIDS has been given to Africa to reduce the population. Perpetual little wars are now with us around the clock, 365 days a year, to get "a just and durable peace."

ILLUSTRATION: Idi Amin used to order the bodies of his executed enemies brought into a private room in the presidential palace. He would go in, take a dagger, plunge it into the dead corpse, and lick off the blood. Idi Amin is enjoying prestige and honor in the Muslim world today.

ILLUSTRATION: Every Halloween, hundreds of young women and babies around the world are sacrificed to Satan and their blood drunk. If you don't believe me, ask your local policeman. Los Angeles, California averages 700 a year.

Dignified death and cannibalism are already with us. Why is it so hard to visualize this pattern simply progressing onward under the direct supervision of Antichrist?



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