sharaleigh23 #fundie

Fact: Obama separated children from their parents. The conditions were horrible and children were thirsty and hungry, and in cages, sleeping on the floor.

Fact: Trump followed the same law as separating children from adults which makes sense when Obama did it as well since some of those adults are not parents but are traffickers and it takes time to sort out. Nevertheless, Trump is the one that didn't like it and signed an executive order to fix it. OBAMA DID NOT.

Fact: conditions under Trump were very different. Kids get good meals, beds, blankets, drinks, education, games, clothes, outings to the zoo, egg.

Fact: it costs money. Democrats refuse to help allocate the funds in Congress...because they like the turmoil because they think if they can blame Trump, like you and Robert are doing, people are more likely not to learn the truth and vote for them.

It is much like the mayor of Puerto Rico who is now being prosecuted for hiding food and water, well...actually throwing away food. Why? So she could tell the people Trump,didn't care about them.

The lies about Trump and the glossing over of past administrations are not going to work with informed people.




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