Abba's Watchman #conspiracy

The black Pope has ruled in the past but today it is clearly the visible Pope who is the god of this world and is behind the mind control bridles being installed in hundreds of millions of peoples upper jaws today through his satanic war on drugs harlot religion.

Isaiah 30:28 ...and there shall be a bridle in the jaws of the people, causing them to err.

Today it is glass and is molded to your upper jaw and in Canada it was installed through the free dental program.

It was clearly a black op of massive proportions. Remember Canada was exposed in 1971 for mass mind control and over 70 universities were involved .... that was most of Canada's universities. The Rothschild's and the Rothmans = the elite bankers are funding this evil = the root of all evil is money. That is why are money is called loonies and toonie after Disney (Loonie Toons) world of sorcery as wizards are satanic not wonderful . Canada is one of the most mind controlled nations in the world and has the image of the most trust worthy but should be seen as the most dangerous as the C.I.A. have complete control over our people through these devices...



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