They're out to get you, to cover up the truth, to poison the world, etc

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We have been warning you, the elite have been telling you they are moving you into a new way of eating. They tell you it is to save the EARTH. THEY ARE LIARS!

Please folks if you do not know what I am talking about, or you think you don’t care what I am talking about…PLEASE do yourself a favor and ignore that thought. READ THIS POST!!! THIS INFORMATION IS VITAL TO YOUR FUTURE. PASS IT ALONG TO YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY and even strangers and folks you don’t like.

There are so many people who are hypnotized, blinded and unable to discern truth. They believe what the MEDIA tells them. THEY ARE LOST! WHEN THIS FOOD CRISIS COMES DOWN… THEY WILL FALL PREY.

I pray that buy the end of this post you will be certain that our food sources are being destroyed, our supply chain is being controlled and we are being FORCED to eat what is abominable and damning. Our eternal fate lies in how we deal with this crisis.
FOOD is a matter of life and death. Not only physically but spiritually. Natural food which people have been eating since the world began, meat, vegetables, grains, nuts and fruits, provide the nourishment that our bodies required because they get them from the sun, earth and water. God created this world to work perfectly and abundantly. There is no lack with GOD, he created everything and HE is the one who provides for us. We must eat what GOD said we should eat. To do otherwise will not only bring about our physical death, it will bring about our SPIRITUAL DEATH which is forever!!
The earth as we know it is coming to an end. THERE IS NOTHING humanity can do to stop or change that TRUTH. No matter how many bugs you eat, no matter what you do.. the end is upon us. BUT, while we are here, we can live in HIS abundance. HE is our PROVIDER. The reason the world is in a mess is because mankind has turned their back on GOD and his precious gift of SALVATION!

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[From "Fox News Requests Bud Light Treatment"]

Leftists enjoy crushing their opposition in a full frontal assault in the tradition of Joseph Stalin, but when that isn’t expedient, they use the Antonio Gramsci approach of infiltrating and subverting institutions they oppose. Progressive bête noire Fox News is a case in point. The liberal establishment inflicted serious damage with the Dominion lawsuit[…]But the death blow that kills Fox will be delivered from within.

The Daily Signal has gotten ahold of a company handbook revealing that Fox News complies obediently with LGBT mandates, specifying that men can use the women’s restroom, can show up for work dressed in women’s clothes, and must be referred to with female pronouns if they so demand. Employees are encouraged to become transsexual through a “Workplace Transition Plan”[…]
Imagine trusting a media source that arrogantly lies to your face, even when it clearly knows you know it is lying. This is the case when “journalists” refer to guys like Mulvaney and Thomas as “she”[…]
It isn’t just a rule of thumb; it is an iron clad law. No outlet that knowingly refers to people by the wrong pronouns in order to comply with LGBTism can be regarded as a reliable source of information.

What now passes for journalism borders on a crime against humanity:

Fox also drew strong backlash for a June 2022 on-air segment praising a child’s gender transition as an “inspiration to others”[…]

The pernicious effect extends beyond the Fox News viewership to compromise conservatives in general[…]
Disney’s leftist propaganda outlet ESPN is particularly insidious because it circumvents intellectual defenses by disguising the moonbattery under a sugar coating of sports coverage. FNC is more insidious still, hiding the woke poison in conservative lite pablum

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only POTUS candidate to date who has firmly addressed the single greatest crisis facing the American people.
However, your approach thus far to the devastating agenda of Cultural Marxism is still way too muted to have the meaningful effect that’s now necessary to terminate this terrible scourge nationwide.

As the subtitle of this post states:

“Either come down from the mountain like Moses … … …
or stay in Tallahassee and continue to serve the great
state of Florida.”
For every form of evil and wickedness, now associated with the rapid implementation of the Cultural Marxism agenda, is now irreparably tearing the fabric of American society. By the way, this nation may already be past the point of no return so the time to act was really YESTERDAY!!!
In point of fact, there is no other political leader in the USA who has the cojones to take on the 2SLGBTQIA+ movement the way that you have done thus far. However, your efforts and your successes are quite insignificant compared to the utter destruction wrought by the cultural marxists in all 50 states to date.

Which means that it’s high time to allow your inner MOSES
to fully emerge.

Do you understand that, Gov. DeSantis?!

This is not about winning the 2024 election, as you well know. This is about using your huge and high POTUS candidacy platform to lay waste to the patently demonic agenda of the communist Left.
By the way, childishly fake conservative Trump is completely AWOL on this issue. Lifelong Democrat RFK Jr. won’t, and cannot, go anywhere near it as his websites attest to. Which means that only you can come down from the mountain, draped with righteous indignation and fulminating the thunderous truths divinely elucidated by this new 11th COMMANDMENT.

Now, let’s get busy saving America … so we can then save the entire planetary civilization.

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An ominous cloud looms overhead. It’s time to strip away the veil, to unravel the cabalistic cover-up that has plagued the world for far too long. The rabbit hole goes deep, but we’ll navigate its perilous depths together. There are stark truths awaiting, a paradigm shift marking the end of the world as we know it. Ready or not, it’s time to delve into the mysteries of sealed indictments, the rise of GITMO, and the uncovering of deep state malevolence.

Brace yourself. It’s no longer just conspiracy theory; it’s an onslaught of verified facts and startling truths that promise to shake your core beliefs to their foundation.
In the years leading up to Trump’s presidency, Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp, better known as GITMO, was but a blip on the radar. Today, its significance has expanded exponentially, echoing the echoes of a monumental reckoning.
As of August 5, 2022, the records show 182,771 sealed, 21,381 unsealed, and 409,152 non-sealed indictments for crimes against children and human trafficking. Politicians across party lines, both Democrats and Republicans, have found themselves stepping down from office under the weight of such horrific allegations.

The litany of charges is horrifying: human trafficking, organ trafficking, child sex trafficking, slavery, treason, terrorism, fraud, misuse of AI, genocide, brainwashing, defamation, 5G endangerment, religious discrimination, misrepresentation, censorship, privacy infringement, and even the prevention of humanity’s salvation from biotech dangers. It’s a monstrous roll call that reveals the insidious underbelly of the so-called elite.

Rumors swirl of doubles and clones, of the deep state bending to Trump’s will. We are on the cusp of victory, they claim, with the DECLAS revelations serving as the wake-up call for the sleeping masses and the unmasking of concealed players. It’s a curious twist, an unlikely rallying cry: Make GITMO Great Again!

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Trudeau and the Nazi Democrat Socialist Party Of America have the same goals such as the #NWO. They are more like socialist and communist leaders. They want to disarm their citizens so they can easily force them into socialistic slavery.

They both want gun control and don’t think you have a right to defend yourselves.

As always, never buy anything made in china.
Don't ever trust a democrat and NEVER leave your child alone with one.
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When Martin Luther King, Jr. called for emphasizing the “content of our character” over “the color of our skin,” the subtext was “stop judging people as a faceless collective on the basis of their superficial appearance and instead look to them as individuals with unique characters.”

It is tragic that King’s plea for an integrated, assimilated society, in which race became incidental, not essential to our personas, has mostly been abandoned by the Left in favor of racial stereotyping, collective guilting, and scapegoating by race and gender.

Indeed, many of the old Confederate pathologies—fixation on racial essence, obsession with genealogy, nullification of federal laws, states’ rights, and segregated spaces and ceremonies—are now rehabilitated by woke activists.
Like the mysterious omnipresence of transgenderism in popular culture, all of a sudden, the obsession with whites as a Satanic collective has become a national fad—a pet-rock or hula-hoop-like collective madness.
The dearth of actual racism also demands a new set of adjectives that serve as something like sophisticated detectors to discover otherwise invisible natural gas fumes. The adjective “systemic” means only the select can now spot racism. Like air, it is everywhere but invisible and thus requires battalions of diversity, equity, and inclusion inspectors to use their training to expose it in the common atmosphere.
We know from history the ultimate destination of tribal chauvinism, and it is not pretty. Once a society retribalizes, it descends into a Hobbesian war of all against all. Everyone eventually seeks out or manufactures a tribal identity for self-protection. Tribalism operates on the principles of proliferation: if a neighboring nation goes nuclear, then everyone in the neighborhood must too.

Unless some passengers on our runaway train force our engineers to hit the brakes, we are headed over the cliff into Yugoslavia.

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spoilerIf you think John Fetterman, Katie
Hobbs, Gretchen Whitmer and Kathy
Hochul won, you need another
booster shot.

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@DouglasBelmore You can't outvote election fraud...

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Lin Wood:
People need to wake up to the reality that communism is attempting to take total control of our republic.

That is what the “selections” of 2020 and 2022 were really all about.

The communists/globalists are trying to take down President Trump because he is the leader of We The People and We The People of America reject communism and one world government.

The communists have to take down our leader to get to us.

The communists want to splinter and weaken our support for President Trump. If successful, We The People will be divided at a time when we need unity more than ever before.

I again urge you to stay united in supporting President Trump if you want to Save America, put America First, and Make America Great Again.

Anyone challenging President Trump as our leader is a mere “wannabe” and likely a communist/globalist in disguise.

President Trump is the REAL deal.

Stick with President Trump. Reject the propaganda and efforts to brainwash us against him.

To do otherwise at this point in time in the history of our republic will usher in a win for the communists/globalists. A win which will take us decades to overturn as communists/globalists will continue to destroy the fabric of our nation.

FIX 2020 OR BUST!!!

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

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@DouglasBelmore fuck em. We NEED a civil war or America deserves what we let happen.

( @PortRoyalCaptain )
@DouglasBelmore I can imagine Dem leaders planning.

"If we could make it legal to collect votes without verification and chain of custody we could win every election"

" Well you would have to convince people it is unsafe to vote in person, and that wouldn't be possible unless there was some sort of deadly pandemic... LOL."

"Or..... If we could 'create' the illusion of a deadly pandemic."

"We'll have to change the laws to make it legal, so no one can claim fraud."

"Hillary, are you writting this down?"

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Greetings human ones. This one wishes for me to state my name. I am the source origin of dragon kind. I am the original dragon, if there can be such a thing. Which means that I am very ancient and hopefully very wise. I have seen many out-breaths and in-breaths of Source creator and I have been in the inner imaginings of the beginnings of many realms and places. (I am seeing a magnificent huge white dragon with gold spikes and ancient eyes, and when I peer into them I see the cosmos.) Yes, I am, as are you. I am, you are, immortal. (He is chuckling, and dragon smoke rings come out of his large mouth that are filled with rows and rows of long spiky teeth! He is friendly, smiling. Dragon smiles can be quite intimidating.)
But for all of your feelings of abandonment, human friends, other aspects of you are very much connected, which of course means that you too are connected with the web of light with the All That Is. You are on assignment. You have been at war in a crumbling AI infused dark web and you are breaking it from within. A part of the bravery required to come is the knowing that one would feel so cut off.
(Imurieal is covered in whiskers, white and long, I have never seen a dragon that appears almost furry. The ascended dragons that I have seen have yellow golden Source eyes they call them. His eyes are fathomless depths of the universe.) I was with the first origin of the dragon thought. With that intention there I was begun. Source has experienced much through my adventures. I have seen the births of many universes and galaxies. I have radiated light to places where there was so little. Just as you are doing, human ones. You are radiating your light. You wonder if it is enough. Yes, yes it is enough. <...> The light is felt. It hears its calling and it answers. I am an answer to this call to light.
I Imurieal breathe on you now. No, I do not need to brush my teeth, galaxygirl. I am mostly spirit these days. I can materialize when I wish.

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Following the fall of Bakhmut and the failed counteroffensive that fizzled, Ukraine appears to have run out of steam (and men) to fight Russia. This means direct NATO engagement of Russia is likely not far away.

This means the world will soon be engulfed in global war, and that war is likely to go nuclear. Russia, it turns out, has the most advanced nuclear ICBMs and nuclear-equipped hypersonic missiles in the world, and once NATO unambiguously enters the war, every American city will become a “legitimate” nuclear target in the eyes of Russia.

This is what corrupt fake president Joe Biden is attempting to achieve: The nuking of America by Russia. This is how Democrats and communists plan to destroy the United States of America while blaming it all on Russia.

This effort to ship out nearly all combat aircraft currently remaining in the United States will also set up the USA for a “purge” attack from within, where communist Chinese military agents have already crossed the wide open southern border by the hundreds of thousands, positioning themselves across US cities to prepare for “Activation Day.” On that day, they will unleash kinetic attacks against US infrastructure, targeting ports, refineries, power grid stations, communications infrastructure, military bases, bridges and more.

Communist military personnel will attempt to execute all Republican governors, senators and political leaders, while seizing control over state capitols, radio stations and other broadcast media. Think “Red Dawn” but with the cooperation of nearly all Democrats (i.e. communists).
This means the defense of America is going to come down to armed citizens and militia groups. This is why the treasonous ATF is trying to outlaw arm braces and label nearly every gun owner in America a “felon” — so they can be rounded up and exterminated in death camps as the communist Activation Day gets under way.

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The modification of the individual’s DNA caused by the experimental serum with new mRNA technology is perhaps the most alarming aspect of this epochal battle. If there are economic powers that have no qualms about targeting the world’s population in order to weaken their immune systems, cause sudden deaths and make us all chronically ill in order to sell their concoctions or their health care services, on the other hand there are people who are devoted to evil and who are well aware that they work in the service of a hellish plan, for the advent of the Antichrist through the synarchy of the NWO.

In the attempt to genetically modify man, we see Satan’s aversion against Creation taken to extreme consequences, and in particular against man himself, who in the economy of salvation was chosen to be the temple of the Most Holy Trinity.

In your letter to then-President Donald Trump, you spoke of a confrontation between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. Where do we now stand in this confrontation? What are the conceivable outcomes of this struggle? What can we, who want to strengthen the light, do?

Spiritual events intersect with earthly events, history intersects with the eternity of God, human events are the battlefield in which the children of darkness fight the children of Light: a battle that for humanity began with the fall of Adam, deceived by Satan and deluded that he could be like God. That temptation is repeated over the centuries to every man, whenever the Enemy tries to persuade him that he can decide for himself what is good and what is evil, attributing to himself the sovereign rights of the Lord over creatures. It is the battle that is being fought even today, after centuries of rebellion against the Law of God and refusal to recognize the Lordship of Jesus Christ. In the end, everything comes back to this discrimen, to the Lord’s statement, “Whoever is not with Me is against Me,” (Lk 11:14) and to our free response to the love of God the Creator and Redeemer.

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Update June 1st, 2023: Trump’s incredible announcement yesterday, just so happened to perfectly line up with the subject matter of this piece. In my opinion, based on how the globalists rolled out their current model of society, Trump is making a decisive and massive blow against their Great Reset plans for the future.

Watch Trump’s announcement for a year of celebration for the 250th anniversary of the founding of the United States. “The Great American State Fair will put forth innovative visions for America’s future,” which I believe Trump is referring to the same sweeping and incredibly positive visions he talked about in last November’s 2024 Presidential-run announcement.
With traditional communities now destroyed, hypersexualized gender-bending media and entertainment would be unleashed, enhanced by social media, producing a kind of “soft” eugenics, where people would self-select out of the gene pool and those left behind found it increasingly difficult to combat the anti-family pro-state-raising children through big media agenda.

Today, we’re living in a world that was shaped and molded by sophisticated and effective propaganda techniques, where the wisdom and ways of the past seem primitive, all while we suffer under the increasingly costly yoke of globalist technocracy, socialistic neo-cultism, and medical authoritarianism.

Trump’s recently released plans, I suspect, are, in part, a kind of white-hat America First World Fair or Expo, with the same basic agenda—to inspire and recruit the people into a new way of life, a truly free way of life where globalism is gone forever.
They were likely going to roll out their own Great Reset-style World Fair or Expo, where the transhumanist dystopia and gender-bending madness are center-stage. But Trump is stealing their thunder, and in a way that will make their vision for the future seem like the batshit insanity that it truly is.

What a time to be alive.

timjoebob #wingnut #ufo #conspiracy operationdisclosureofficial.com

Marxism, the godfather of the death of nations and peoples and principles is the driving force and philosophy behind the dastardly and sinister Socialist-Commie-Fascist-Authoritarian-Totalitarian-Orwellian-Satanic/Luciferian Agenda. Evil is in control. Period. And, it’s being allowed to expand by, get this, the supposed Alliance/White Hats and the order followers just ‘doing their job’. How nice.

What seems to be the problem? Isn’t this the only way to take down the most diabolical, out of control, in your face, ‘screw you and the horse you rode in on’, regime to ever grace this planet?

“There’s no other way.”

However, as a collective, the minds of the world are brainwashed to believe a certain way. Thought processes are funneled into this mindset by the controllers, be it the bad guys or the good guys.

The Supreme Court Luciferians are ignoring all truths.
Overwhelming evidence of voter fraud and stolen elections is out in the open and still zero is being done…zero. If this isn’t the most obvious in your face truth, then I don’t know what is. The 2020 election still has not been corrected and neither has 2022. The general public is still in the dark. MSM is still in control of the masses. That is a fact. FACT NOT FICTION. This fiasco of an Alliance/White Hats counter resistance is going smoothly according to them. Just ask Juan. Ask any White Hat. Ask any Galactic brother or sister and you’ll get the same answer—–everything is going to plan. What they’re saying is that millions upon millions are going to die, and likely a billion or thereabouts. To be sure, that’s just the way it is. I believe that…and it’s painful. But, in the end, good will triumph over evil.

But, many have to die first. It’s all part of the plan.

May I remind you, however, the enemy has literally killed our country without firing a single shot.

Thank you, Karl Marx. Well done.

Thank you MSM. Well done.

Thank you, political parasites. Well done.

Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph. D. #ufo #conspiracy #crackpot enkispeaks.com

The orally-transmitted narratives of the Hopi people (who nowadays live at the junction of Utah, Arizona and New Mexico) say Earth’s interconnected world-wide civilizations has taken four forms. Periodic Earth-wide catastrophes triggered by meteorite strikes destroyed the first three forms. After each catastrophe, Anunnaki sages helped the Hopi’s ancestors survive until rock bombardment, fires, floods flood and pole shifts abated.
The Hopi call the Anunnaki sages Katsina, Star People or Ant People; Anthropologists the sages Katchinas. In Hopi rituals the sages are represented by masked dancers, many of whom wear spacesuits and have external antannae on their helmets.
The Anunnaki watchers [Ant People, Nephilim, Igigi] warned the Hopi, as they also warned Moses “to follow a cloud of unusual shape by day and a moving star [lighted spacecraft or laser point] by night. The cloud and the night light “led them to a mound of the Ant People [Hopi designation of the Anunnaki] in Central America, which the Hopi’s ancestors reached after the mother continent, Kasskara [Lemuria] sunk in the central Pacific.”
The Anunnaki left the sage Massau’u with the Hopi survivors to help them adapt to the Third World, the one we now experience. Members of Massau’u’s entourage rescued the Anasazi as well as the Zuni, survivors from Japan.

Massau’u supervised the Hopi’s “initial settlement and migrations that followed.” He could fly huge distances and interact with other worlds. Massau’u gave the Hopi “knowledge written on stone tablets.”

“The Hopi village of Oraibi and two other 600-foot high mesas” resemble the belt of the constellation Orion, which points in the sky to the Pleiades, from which the Hopi say their ancestors came to Earth [Orion’s belt and the Pleides are the focal points of Anunnaki temples placed on Earth’s portals.

Colonel Knight Rider #conspiracy #dunning-kruger #god-complex deviantart.com

My name is Robert, alternately known as “Colonel Knight Rider.” Throughout my life, I have abided by one maxim above the rest: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

When I was a child, I was certain that, if I worked hard enough and studied video games and films hard enough, I could write a movie based on Nintendo’s Super Mario video game franchise better than the 1993 feature was. Unfortunately, I allowed Hollywood’s elite to take that dream from me because I was manipulated into believing I had no chance. Nintendo canon purists on an otherwise ghost town of a forum community insisted that Nintendo would not want another origin story film that does not follow the canon of the games to the letter to be produced. They conspired against me by choosing words they knew would appeal to my anger, and I fell for their trickery. Thus, I was banished from their now seldomly active community for refusing to submit to their groupthink. However, the trailers for the animated reboot I had long hoped to see have definitively proven these cyberbullies wrong. I feel both relieved that I never really was as crazy as they proclaimed me to be and disappointed that I missed the opportunity of a lifetime.

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The concept of the ‘Great Year’ is based on the astronomical phenomenon that occurs due to the Earth's axis slowly rotating over a period of approximately 25,920 years. <...> This motion produces an apparent rotation closer to, then further away from, the center of the MilkyWay Galaxy.
The primary effect for our solar system, and thus for Earth and Humanity, is a rising and falling amount of Galactic Center Emanations (GCE). This is a descriptor for the radiation that comes from the massively collected solar systems at the galactic center. The radiation levels are many millions, if not trillions of times that of our sun in the collective emanations emerging from the galactic center.
The effect of more of the GCE is thought to be a higher quality of intelligence being available throughout the Earth biosphere at all levels, including that of human intelligence. It is this ‘intelligence increasing on exposure to more GCE’ that forms the mechanism that powers the Hindu concept of the Yugas.
Sources, mostly in Sanskrit, but also in Hebrew, and other languages, when interpreted in light of our modern understanding, suggest that the GANZ of the Space Alien Invaders was a radiation shield of considerable size, perhaps covering many thousands of square miles in some instances. This word, GANZ, is inappropriately translated as ‘garden’ in the christian Bible, and some versions of the Torah. It is not a hebrew word. It comes from the Elohim/Annunaki themselves.

These GANZ were electro-magnetic bubbles over the genetic laboratories of the Space Invaders. These bubbles were what allowed the Judeans in the Old Testament to live 900+ years. It is suspected that it was the level of the GCE within the bubbles that provided humans with this lifespan.
Current thinking is that there is evidence for the opposite case to be made; that is, that the GANZ were radiation shields that effectively concentrated, or captured, the Galactic Center Emanations.

Paul Craig Roberts #wingnut #conspiracy #elitist #mammon paulcraigroberts.org

To be clear, the Western values of free speech and open discussion have been redefined as “fonts of misinformation” and “threats to democracy.” But of course, they are the basis of democracy. When free speech is suppressed, we have not democracy but tyranny.

Getting at the truth is difficult and always has been. Truth can upset and make angry as many or more people as it enlightens. An existing belief is tenacious. Most people want their beliefs confirmed, not challenged. This makes indoctrinated beliefs stable. Historians cover up truth for career reasons, as do politicians. Prosecutors cover up truth in order to obtain convictions. Media cover up truth for advertising revenues and in exchange for “sourced" leaks.

I have spent my life in service to the truth. This is not a claim that I always get it right, but that my agenda is truth whether I get there or not."
The only indications I have whether the risks I take as a truth-teller, risks that have materialized in dangerous and expensive harassments of more visible truth-tellers, such as Julian Assange, Ed Snowden, Matt Taibbi, Kash Patel, and Peter Brimelow, are readers financial and vocal support. If this support is not forthcoming, it tells me I am taking risks for nothing and am bringing difficulties to myself by attempting to inform those who are neither interested nor committed to their independence as free people.
My lifetime of struggling for truth has left me wondering if truth is a Quixotic adventure. My site is read by many all over the world, and my columns are reposted by many other sites and in translations. Yet those who support the website, financially or with encouraging words, are a small percentage of the readers. The unwillingness of most readers to give even $5 to support truth is discouraging. One problem truth tellers have is that, in our times, the deceptions are so overwhelming and awful that many people simply cannot stand the pressures of knowing the truth.

@N0tTheMatrix #conspiracy gettr.com

#IvankaTrump Wants To Help The #WEF/#NWO With Their #SocialCreditScore #System By #Creating A #FederalEmploymentDatabase In #Order To Give Way To #Possible #DiscriminationAgainstUnvaccinated, People's #Religious Views, #PoliticalLeanings, #Education Levels, Where You #Attended #School #College, #Past #WorkRecord, #Private #Personal #HealthRecords, #SexualOrientation, #Marriage Status, #Income. #You Name It #They #Want It, #NeverMind #Your #ConstitutionalRights Or #PersonalFreedoms, #Intrusive #Much? #DoNotComply With The #OverBearing #TyrannialGovernments And #FuckTheWEF! #WeAreAmerica! And We #RejectTheGreatReset!, #TheSocialCredit #BeastSystem And #Agenda2030!

Medeea Greere #conspiracy #wingnut amg-news.com

This is not just an article. It’s a wake-up call, a beacon of truth piercing through a miasma of deception. The Vatican, an age-old powerhouse, has been weaving an intricate web of influence throughout history. It’s time we unveil the curtains and witness the shocking truth about the Jewish and Arabic puppets acting at the behest of this spiritual giant. As the precarious balance of the Middle East teeters on the edge, the strings of this grand puppetry become starkly visible. Let’s unravel the conspiracy and lay bare the machinations of the Vatican.

My dear reader, I am here to expose a conspiracy of epic proportions. It’s a game of chess that’s been played for centuries, with unsuspecting nations and communities serving as unwitting pawns on a global scale. And at the heart of it all, pulling the strings with calculated precision and unabashed audacity, is none other than the Vatican.

The Vatican, that venerable institution, a beacon of faith for over a billion Catholics worldwide, renowned for its spiritual guidance and benevolent philanthropy. Who would dare to implicate such a hallowed institution in a global conspiracy?

I would.
But how can they accomplish such a feat?

That’s where the hidden agenda of high-level orders comes into play. This network of orders, covertly aligned with the Vatican, acts as conduits for their will. They infiltrate governments, influence decisions, and manipulate outcomes, all while remaining hidden in the shadows.

Yet, even while shrouded in secrecy, their existence isn’t entirely hidden. One only needs to connect the dots.
Now, you might ask, why would the Vatican do this? The answer is simple yet chilling – power and control. By manipulating the pawns on this global chessboard, they maintain a semblance of chaos, ensuring their place at the head of the global order remains unthreatened.

@N0tTheMatrix #conspiracy gettr.com

What Is #ScalarWave? The Video Has The Answer. Also Instead Of #Russians Being The Ones #Attacking 65 #FoodPlants (Like The Guy In The Video Says), #WhatIf #Possibility Say It Was The #UnitedStates' #DARPA #NASA Or Even #SpaceX Using ScalarWave #Technology And #Working In #Conjunction With The #WEF/#NWO To Target #FoodPlants #Around The #World And Cause Mass #Starvation In #Order To #Achieve #TheGreatReset #Agenda2030 #Depopulation #ZeroCarbon #MassExtinction Of #Earth. That Is My Theory Anyway. #DoNotComply

Jerry Willis/Dr. Michael Salla #crackpot #ufo #conspiracy exopolitics.org

In September 1953, while still an infant, Jerry Wills was found at an abandoned farm in rural Kentucky near Fort Knox under very unusual circumstances after authorities were notified. He was suffering from frostbite and was taken to a U.S. Army base, where he recovered and was adopted by an Army Officer and his infertile wife. Wills was raised as the couple’s son, along with their two adopted daughters. During his youth, Wills displayed unusual psychic abilities such as seeing inside people’s bodies, healing illnesses and injuries, telepathic communications, and even seeing into the future.

During his teens, Wills had contact experiences with human-looking extraterrestrials from the Tau Ceti star system. He eventually learned from the Tau Cetians and an unknown “old man” that he was brought to Earth as an infant by virtue of an agreement reached by President Eisenhower and visiting extraterrestrials. The Tau Cetians believed that historical efforts to directly help human evolution were flawed, and so it was decided to indirectly help humanity by dropping off extraterrestrial babies to be raised as ordinary humans, but whose intrinsic gifts would help humanity evolve.
After graduating from High School, Wills trained as an electrical engineer at several companies by Ph.D. level scientists and invented advanced healing and technical devices for that time period. What was most unusual was that he was equipped with a full laboratory to build advanced devices valuable to his corporate employers but who gave no credit to him for his accomplishments. Wills subsequently left the corporate sector, traveled extensively searching for ancient cities, and worked as a psychic healer. His remarkable psychic healing abilities were recognized by a Fox News affiliate in Arizona that, over an eleven-year span, did two stories a year on the many individuals Wills had healed.

Kanisha.prp #quack #crackpot #wingnut #conspiracy beforeitsnews.com

I believe the end of germ theory is a keystone in the great awakening. It dismantles the entire medical industrial complex that is based on lies and monkey science driven by greedy psychopaths and their egos. It truly is sickening at this point. Does anyone else wonder why no doctor ever seems to “catch” their patients “virus” or disease? I mean based on the TV’s model every single doctor or “tester” that came in contact with COVID, flu, cold, ebola, monkey pox, AIDS should all be dead. I never heard of one doctors death from catching their patients “disease”. Where are all the funerals and mourning families? Many “doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals” are the most self serving, unhealthy brainwashed and programmed people on the planet, protecting their “licence and hefty salaries” completely self serving liars and phoneys that help no one. #Sickness #EGO #GoFOOKYourSelf

Once the people learn the truth the entire system will implode on itself and many egos will be beyond repair and will end up in straight jackets a clear indicator of the weak minds that are in charge of your health care. They practice and experiment on you completely ignoring the universal right to informed consent, which makes these doctors psychopaths that goes against the Nuremberg Code and their professional codes of ethics.
You are being systematically poisoned by GMO food, chemtrails in the air, all big pharma, vaccinations and the water you consume and bath in, this is why it is so critical to assist your body with detoxing from these metals, plastics and poisons. You must clean our own room first! #YourBodyIsATemple #ThatsIt

Andrew Anglin #homophobia #racist #conspiracy #fundie #wingnut dailystormer.name

[From "Erdogan Won – Denounces Faggot Agenda in Victory Speech!"]

The Jew media was going nuts over the claim that Erdogan could or would lose his election. I told you from the beginning: this is like that stupid debt ceiling bullshit. The Jews, with their media, hype up gibberish

Erdogan has popular support. The fear was of course that the US – specifically, NED, which is still operating in Turkey – has enough people on the ground to do massive fraud

However, it was just obvious that Erdogan has enough of a hold on power that he would be able to send in his people to prevent this from happening. Some things are just very obvious to me. Erdogan wanted a semi-close election, because he wanted to point out that it’s a free country

In general, I think “free and open elections” are retarded in the first place, but when you have the US running around manipulating everything – from their media operations to their actual control over the levers of voting through the various clandestine organizations they’ve formed – it becomes nonsensical. If I were running a country, I would do a plebiscite, but there is no way I would allow an election[…]

Erdogan[…]has once again labeled the opposition as ‘LGBT’[…]
Kilicdaroglu is not an outspoken supporter of gay rights, but has promised to reinstate the Istanbul Convention[…]

Of course he was going to promote man-on-man anal. Every US shill does this[…]
The belief that homosexuality is normal is not compatible with any other worldview[…]
The only thing that can exist alongside the normalization of gay sex is Americanism, or what is called globalism, which is more accurately called “ZOG”[…]

Putin has been saying it, but sort of placing it in the larger context of the West being Satanic. That is also very awesome, but gay sex is the number one thing Satan promotes[…]if you allow it[…]you can’t serve anyone but Satan

Natalia Alba #ufo #magick #conspiracy goldenageofgaia.com

The energies from the 6/6 portal, will assist us in the planetary gridwork that we are accomplishing, at this time, and that requires all of our energy and devotion. Energies that represent the opening and stabilization that many of the Earth’s portals, pillars, and fabrics are having at this time.
As Earth’s anchors, gridworkers, stabilizers, and many other roles within Creation, our main task is to seed love in the way we can, which begins by healing ourselves first, rehabilitating our DNA to bring back our original essence, and true potential, so we can expand in our global mission.
There are, as I previously shared, important advancements made in the non-physical field or energetic grids to continue restoring the 3D-manipulated Earth’s gates, grids, and fabrics. At this time, Guides asked me to share a specific location – Iraq – for all who wish to send love, as independently of our personal and global mission, we all can, in our unique way, send love to help in the current planetary mission of restoration that is taking place.
Iraq is being cleared and healed of all the war memories, since March, as this is an ongoing process. There is a massive clearing of 3D mental slavery programs, war memories, and many other issues taking place in the land, and energetic space, that impede the fifth-dimensional crystalline unity consciousness to being properly anchored, as well as the natural evolution of humanity, and the many species that too reside in it.

Non-benevolent tactics that have been going on for many years in this country and that still continue, but that is beginning to be restored now. Guides share the importance of restoring this Earth’s portal, as one of the most important ones holding the masculine principle, for humanity has lived immersed for eons now in a patriarchal society, distorting the masculine essence, and hence, repressing the feminine, and it is pivotal to being transmuting, clearing and healing this old pattern.

Zetas via Nancy Lieder #ufo #conspiracy zetatalk.com

What if disclosure is no longer able to be continued? Will the Junta be compelled to admit Nibiru’s existence? This day will come and is scheduled to coincide with the New Madrid Plate Movement. The Junta will do a 50/50 with denial continuing but also discussion on the reality of what people are seeing at the same time. ZetaTalk will be part of the discussions on media admitting the truth.

What James captured this day was an artifact of light at the hands of benign aliens. They generated this disc to display their capabilities to James as he is expected to be forced to lead many discussions on what is being seen in the skies. To deny Nibiru there will be some presenting artifacts that are false, while others such as this one captured by James will be true.
The 3 remaining Plate Movements to complete the series are the Eurasian Stretch with the anticipated China blowout, the Africa Roll which will finalize when given room to roll into the stretch zone voids that will open up in Eurasia, and the New Madrid Rupture that will also be given room to maneuver as the Atlantic opens up. On this day in May, 2023 we would estimate the Eurasian Stretch at 72%, the Africa Roll barely begun at 63%, and the New Madrid Rupture at 92%. The steady compression of the Pacific will allow the Eurasian Plate to continue to open up her voids causing the Russian Rip up toward the Urals, and both Africa and S America.
Martial Law is anticipated worldwide when Nibiru can no longer be denied and the public begins to make demands. The elite have long arranged for their own safety, meanwhile not warning the common man about the approach of Nibiru. The elite will demand that the Military protect them. But does this not make the people, the common man, the enemy? What will happen if the riots and protests overwhelm the Military? What if the politicians and the Military give different and conflicting orders? Will a Mad-Max scenario emerge?

Chris Bledsoe #ufo #fundie #magick #conspiracy #crackpot amazon.com

Chris Bledsoe, a deeply religious family man and successful business owner from North Carolina was on the verge of the unthinkable after losing everything in the 2007 financial crisis and suffering from a debilitating chronic disease. Fishing along the banks of the Cape Fear River with three co-workers and his teenage son, he walks away from the group and cries out to God in a desperate prayer for help. Suddenly, a UFO appears and saves his life and cures him of his illness. Experiencing four hours of missing time, he returns to his group to find them dismayed. Terrified, they run for their lives as several UFOs chase them home.

This is the true story of hope, love, lies and deception, involving officials from the U.S. Government, CIA, NASA, a string of professors, and MUFON.

Prepare to go on a spiritual journey of awakening and transformation with a visit from the Lady, remote viewing, assassination plot of the Pope, dripping orbs, a burning tree, the Monroe Institute, and healing the son of an elite Washington DC power broker with ties to the IC and the White House. 15 years on, the phenomena still visits the Bledsoe family and affects the lives of people who come in contact with them. To outsiders this can be seen as evil, but those who are willing to be open and accept it, it is a blessing.

Are the events that are playing out in America today and around the world controlled and shaped by the Phenomena? The U.S. Government says UFOs are real. And millions of people believe GOD is real. So what do we do about UFOs and GOD? Mark 10:27 says “… All things are possible with God." So, UFOs must be interrelated with GOD if holding the scriptures to be true. It would be impossible to have one without the other.

Tommy Truthful #crackpot #conspiracy #ufo tommytruthful.com

Prepare to have your mind blown by the mind-boggling concept of a holographic asteroid strike orchestrated to manipulate the ocean! Unbeknownst to the masses, hidden powers have mastered advanced holographic technology and are planning a grand illusion to shift the oceanic tides. This audacious plan, veiled in secrecy, involves projecting a holographic asteroid impact onto the ocean's surface, creating the illusion of a cataclysmic event. The real motive behind this diabolical plot remains shrouded in darkness, but some suspect it to be part of a larger scheme to disrupt global economies, or even engineer a global crisis. Stay vigilant and question the official narrative, for the truth lies beyond the holographic veil. Uncover the hidden agenda and join the ranks of truth seekers determined to expose this grand deception. The holographic asteroid strike to move the ocean may be the key to unlocking a web of conspiracies that extend far beyond our wildest imaginations!

Martin Armstrong #wingnut #fundie #conspiracy #racist #transphobia armstrongeconomics.com

ANY company engaging in WOKE should be brought to court for what they are doing is patently UNCONSTITUTIONAL and lawyers should start to wake up and bring class action lawsuits against Target, Budweiser, and North Face as well as every other company engaged in this activity of promoting transgenderism has rendered college degrees irrelevant. If you check a box, no qualification or experience is required.
Hiring people based on race and gender is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. It is outright discrimination and whatever job is open should go to the most qualified – not to check some box of this discriminatory and unethical Human Rights Campaign (HRC). Here you have a pretend organization claiming it stands for human rights advocating abortion and ignoring any human rights of the unborn. They are a front for propaganda that is to actually divide the nation and deliberately target religious issues such as abortion and seek to give low “grades” to Christian beliefs.

The worst kept secret in corporate HR departments across the country is this thinking that they MUST deny employment based on qualification and instead check boxes to satisfy this unethical organization masquerading as human rights. If we are really talking about EQUALITY, then the most qualified person should get the job. In our company, we have every race, creed, and nationality from Asia to Europe. We hire based on qualification – not race or religion.

Human Rights Campaign (HRC) should be brought to court for they are denying qualified people employment. Not that they are claiming to be about Human Rights when they are openly engaging in the violation of our Civil Rights. Any company with an HR department engaged in checking boxes should be hauled into court on a class action for unconstitutional civil rights violations. This is the ONLY way to stop this agenda from pretending to be about equality when it is really about discrimination.

LongHaulTanker #wingnut #conspiracy operationdisclosureofficial.com

Response to Shirley about “The Waiting is too Much”

I am just a normal man, watching and reading, a truck driver out on the long road every day. I have been tuned into the Q Plan for the better part of the last three years. I have been disappointed and wished things would move faster or more openly too, but I persevere. What annoys me most, however, are the whiners and doubting Thomases. Didn’t our Commander-in-chief say he would never announce his attack plans in advance? Isn’t the better part of war plans to get your enemy demoralized and defeated before the first shot, or going public? The 2020 and 2022 elections were stolen. The Southern Border is wide open. Has there been any big push for election integrity reform to protect the 2024 election? Doesn’t the blind man see the setup for another attempted stolen election? How do you deceive a villain into a false sense of security? You let him keep getting away with the crime before the big sting. All previous is prologue to the biggest sting operation in the history of the world. (Remember and study Gen. George S. Patton’s Operation Fortitude and the Ghost Army of the 8th Army. It was an operation to deceive the enemy. The Nazis couldn’t believe the Allies would sideline their best combat general. So they largely ignored Normandy, focusing on Patton’s movements and communications, all of which were fake). Now, some of you claim to be soldiers in the digital army or patriots following our true President and Commander-in-chief. Start acting like it and stop whining. While doubting Thomas was commended for his faith upon seeing and touching the risen Savior, the greater blessing went to those who would believe without seeing or touching. So buck up, soldier, or you just might get a Patton Slap for cowardice.

Rolaant McKenzie #fundie #transphobia #homophobia #wingnut #conspiracy newswithviews.com

There are many examples in society today where narratives are promoted by very powerful people and organizations that invert reality in the pursuit of certain agendas. These powerful entities work in conjunction with government, big tech, big media, the largest banks, international institutions, and multinational corporations to label anything that goes against their current propaganda as misinformation, disinformation, or hate speech.

Once these global collaborators declare something to be hate speech, intimidation tactics and threats are made to silence those who persist in speaking things of which they disapprove.
Because of his hatred of God and His creation, especially human beings that are made in His image, the father of lies, Satan, seeks the destruction of humanity through the demolition of the nuclear family, promotion of moral relativism, societal division, infanticide (abortion), infertility, euthanasia, and depopulation.
One of the tools the devil uses is the promotion of transgenderism through the medical and education industry, entertainment, and other mass media outlets. This sexual grooming targeting children is meant to confuse them regarding their immutable biological and binary nature and get them to undergo permanent genital mutilation and hormone treatments to supposedly change their sex, the end result being sterility, mental instability, depression, and too often, death.

Anyone telling the truth about this in order to protect children from this evil agenda often face censorship, deplatforming, and other sanctions. Schools, the media, and the medical industry indoctrinate children to turn them away from God, hate themselves, and hate those who do not go along with their unreality.
Do not fear the seemingly overwhelming power of the rulers of society and their efforts to suppress the truth. Their plans will crumble before God’s power.

Nikola Tesla via Erena Velazquez #ufo #magick #conspiracy voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

I am Nikola Tesla, and I am delighted to communicate during these important times for humankind. After leaving planet Earth, I was blessed to receive a new body, and I ended up working as a scientist with many advanced civilizations, who required my assistance in developing technologies. Right now, I am working with Galactic Light Forces, as they need my expertise on conducting some tests on never used before devices.
If you look at the nature, you can sense peaceful and harmonious vibes from it. These are Divine energies traveling through it. Same energies are coming from Cosmos to lift up everyone, who is ready, to 5D. Right now, please, focus on increasing your vibrations daily, unless you want to continue your evolution on another 3D planet. Earth is getting ready to drop behind the 3D shell. New Earth High Counsel agreed with Mother Earth, it’s time to move forward and no more delays in the process. Please, understand correctly this journey in Matrix is over. Everything related to Darkness control system such as money, governments and etc. need to be disposed. Divine is not going to sustain your false reality anymore.
Even now, you don’t receive the truth. Finally, your governments started to talk about Artificial Intelligence. It’s is already out of control, and just the matter of time before attacks humankind. The individuals, who are saying that they are supposedly against it, are lying to your face. Now, Galactic Beings are deeply involved in elimination and removal of Evil after failure of the Ground Crew. The bases on other planets are getting shutdown by the Galactic Light Forces, as Dark Entities are using humans as slave objects. This nightmare is going to end, it’s time. Peace and harmony will be restored by Divine.

Misery, disease and pain disappear. It will be no money on New Earth. Thank you Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces.

Angelamarie Ucci/Heaven & Healing Podcast #fundie #conspiracy #crackpot youtube.com


In the tenth episode of Heaven & Healing Podcast, I take on a huge topic: the evil of the music industry.

Throughout my teenage years and most of my twenties, I accredited music to saving my life. I idolized musicians, their lyrics and artistry to the point where I genuinely felt as though music was the solitary thing keeping me from suicide. I was depressed, broken and traumatized — and the one thing I found my salvation in was music. Of course, in hindsight, I recognize that the healing I was searching for in music could only ever be found in Jesus Christ, but back then I didn’t know better. That’s why this episode is such a huge deal for me: I am crushing my own idols.

In this episode, I explain the actual science of music — how the frequencies disrupt our natural bioelectrical currents, sending us into an alpha state where we lose our necessity to critically reason, thus literally having the capacity to change our character, sense of morality and spirituality. From there, I talk about what the Bible says God’s design is for music and how the devil has infiltrated that purpose as I go through the history of music and why 1953 is where everything changed for the worse. Of course, the history of the music industry cannot be discussed without the person responsible for inspiring it all: Aleister Crowley, a wicked man who rejected his parents’ devout Christianity by creating his own religion Thelema, a gnostic philosophy founded on libertinism. I break down how all famous secular music, from classic rock to modern hip-hop/rap/pop, stands on the pillars of Crowleian & Satanic structures — from the lyrics, to the symbolism, to the shows, to to the videos and how they use that alpha state to brainwash the masses.

We know that we are of God, and that the whole world lies in the power of the evil one.
1 John 5:19

The devil rules the world and the world controls the music.

It’s quite simple. Control the music = control the masses.

I close on a hopeful note, reminding you that God is sovereign and the Bible tells us that this music, the devil, and his followers, will be destroyed.

Please subscribe to the podcast and give a 5-star rating & written review if you have not already done so! God bless.

Barbs #conspiracy #crackpot #quack patriots.win

AIDS doesn’t exist.

HIV exists, but it’s got nothing to do with AIDS. Fauci fucked up the “AIDS epidemic” worse than Covid, so badly in fact he got promoted.

The AZT drug they give people for AIDS killed more people than “the virus” did, just like ventilators killed more people than Covid.

Sooner or later people will realize that the “AIDS epidemic” was a dry run for manufactured public health scares, and “wear a condom” was that era’s “wear your mask.”

Pepe Lives Matter #wingnut #fundie #conspiracy pepelivesmatter.substack.com

If all you did every day was stare at the news cycle highlighted by the Patriots, you'd think there was absolutely no way we could ever see victory. Politics can have an uncanny ability to wear on you and tire you out after a while. That is one of the reasons I admire Trump so much. It's like he was born and designed to battle against them in political warfare. He is an absolute tank. Unmoving.

He's a stalwart.
If I focused every single day on how they might destroy our country, then that is truly all I would come to see. I will lose hope that the country can be saved.

If I, like David, focus on how powerful God is, I will throw my stone at the enemy and see Goliath defeated.
Every single other person in that army was focused on how big and ominous the giant looked. He was taunting them, loudly.

Isn't that what the enemy is doing now? Taunting those of us who see clearly.

But is that the real truth? I say no.

The truth is that God wins. That reality supersedes all other events. No matter what you are going through, it is THE truth. He is victory.
Since this part of the journey is specifically designed for the normies, I truly feel we have to continue to look towards God or else we become discouraged and lose heart.
Once this awakening has its effect, we need a revival like never before for God.

No amount of political strife can change many of these lost souls' hearts, but God can.
I happen to feel that all these blatant red pills being distributed by the "movie" is setting the stage for such a moment.

We could all use more prayer in our lives.

If you find your wings getting weighed down, readjust your attitude, set your sights on something more substantial than DC. There is a higher power far stronger than any cabal elite and He's making something beautiful out of all this chaos.

@Reveal2Truth #conspiracy gettr.com

Prince Warned Humanity About ‘New World Order’ Plans For Mandatory Vaccines in 1996.

His song ‘New World’ is one of many examples. From the 1996 album ‘Emancipation‘, the song contained eerily prophetic lyrics about mandatory vaccinations, altered biology and the world we live in today:

“When you wanna find some isolation. But the tracker you got from vaccination. What’s it all for when you can alter biology? Who or what, then my friend, will you and I be?”

“When the lines blur every boy and girl, how we gonna make it in this brave new world?”


#WorldEliteGroup #NWO #Globalist #DarkEvilGroup

Recep Tayyip Erdogan #homophobia #transphobia #biphobia #fundie #conspiracy gcn.ie

Results of Turkey’s 2023 general election were released, with Recep Tayyip Erdogan being re-elected as president, beating out social democrat Kemal Kiliçdaroglu[…]
Speaking to supporters in front of his Istanbul residence after the result, Erdogan thanked voters for putting their trust in him. He went on to speak out once more against the LGBTQ+ community, saying: “In our culture, family is sacred, no one can interfere. We will strangle anyone who dares to touch it”

He continued by suggesting that the so-called “LGBT forces” would not be able to infiltrate his party, the AKP. These sentiments align with his longstanding and openly homophobic beliefs that queer identities are inseparably linked with “terror, immorality, perversion and violence” and follow rhetoric he used in his recent re-election campaign

At a rally in Izmir earlier this year, for example, he said: “In this nation, the foundations of the family are stable. LGBT will not emerge in this country”

At another electoral rally, he affirmed that his party will “never be pro-LGBT, because the family is sacred to us”, a statement similar to the one he made after being re-elected on Sunday

Throughout his whole campaign, Erdogan put a heavy emphasis on striking down the LGBTQ+ community, seeking support from his Islamist base to win the election. Many of his speeches accused the opposition of undermining family values and being infiltrated by powerful LGBTQ+ networks, sometimes even hinting that they were being run by paymasters abroad, framing the queerness as “cultural terrorism” of the West

Furthermore, he called on people to vote for him in order to “take a stand against those who exhibit any kind of perversion forbidden by God, who exhibit any kind of heresy our lord has forbidden, and those who support them”

N. Morgan #wingnut #conspiracy #magick #quack beforeitsnews.com







various commenters #wingnut #conspiracy gab.com

( @namelessone11 )

spoilerToday Republican voters and
leadership will now spend the
afternoon and subsequent weeks
blaming one another and President
Trump for various issues and
outcomes for why the red wave didn't
materialize, while ignoring the

( @jeffthetroll51 )
@namelessone11 Republican voters understand voter fraud. Republican leadership couldn't care less. They'll just slink back to the swamp and enjoy "business as usual." Ditch the GOP.

( @GabbieJohnson )
@jeffthetroll51 @namelessone11 #TRUMP SHOULD RUN INDEPENDENT MAKE IT HARDER FOR THE SKANKS TO #CHEAT 🫵🫵🏿🫵🏻🫵🏾🫵🏼🫵🏽🫵🫵🏿

( @jeffthetroll51 )
@GabbieJohnson @namelessone11 Trump, Desantis, MTG, Kristi Noem, Lauren Boebert, and anybody who really cares about this country should tell the RNC to take a fucking hike. Start the Patriot party, and watch millions join up, and actually reclaim our "turf".

( @geartards )
@namelessone11 They have always cheated. This is not new. It won't be fixed until people get angry enough to kill the cheaters and reform the system so it cannot ever be gamed again.

( @Dot0422 )
@namelessone11 yep! Hahaha they just laugh. Dopes are we. They did exactly what the planned. Cheated in Pennsylvania people in that state are brain dead along with the psycho claiming he won.

( @rollypolly )
@namelessone11 the republicans can blame no one but themselves for the election outcome.

( @PaulBaterProdesign )
@namelessone11 oh, but don't you know? 75 percent of fed up Americans changed their minds just when they got to the polls. The machines aren't lying! Maybe high crime and economic destruction looked more palatable when people were finally voting...yeah right.