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GOOD MORNING CLASS: Today I'm going to present to you some facts you have never heard, but which no one can dispute the principles thereof.

One astonishing fact about atheism is that whatever negative sentiments and statements it makes against Christianity are always true about itself instead.

There are several atheists who have tried to have me censured on the false accusation that I advocate antiSemitism. The truth is, atheists are the ones who advocate antiSemitism. But they are so blind they don't realize it.

For example: It is the atheists who deny the truth or veracity of the Bible. They say it is full of contradictions and none of it should be believed. That false claim turns out to be antiSemitism to the core, because the history of the Jews of old is corroborated in the Bible. To deny the truthfulness of the Bible is to deny the history of the Jews.

Atheists deny the existence of God, but the history of the Jews prove that no person or group of people established the nation of Israel of old. It was established by the Almighty God and Him alone. To deny the existence of God is to deny the makings of the nation of Israel of old.

The ethnicity of the Jews is living visible proof of the truthfulness of the Bible. To say that the Bible isn't true is equivalent to denying the historical veracity of the holocaust. It is like joining the most radical Palestinian in saying Israel's existence should not be recognized because the Bible isn't true and shouldn't be believed.

Since atheism is hostile to God and rejects His existence and the veracity of the Bible upon which the history of the Jews of old is corroborated, atheism is hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as an ethnic group and as a people who once were in covenant relationship with God.

The astonishing thing about these facts is that there have been and are people who call themselves "jews" who also are atheists. Sheesh!



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