Todd Strandberg #fundie

The Bible makes clear predictions, and there has never been a case when one of its prophecies has not come to pass. The Good Book has been so successful at foretelling the future, I believe people who scoff at it are making a "Sucker's Bet." They fail to realize that 87 percent of end-time prophecy is already in an advanced state of fulfillment.

The accurate prediction of the rebirth of Israel is Bible prophecy’s most stunning achievement. The Word of God also said that China would rise to be a world power; Europe would form a single government; the world would someday have a globally integrated financial market; and that there would be a diplomatic struggle (which we’re seeing today) over who should control Jerusalem.

There is no need for blind faith in what God has said in His Holy Word. I trust in the Bible because it has proven itself through prophecy.



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