Independent4233 #racist

Anybody who doesn’t understand that integration has been a horrible failure is afflicted with a comprehension problem.

These people are just 13% of the population, but insist on being front and center on almost everything, and if they aren’t they wail and complain, even though they contribute absolute nothing of value to this society. In fact, they bring it down terribly in many ways by being responsible for ten times the amount of murders committed by both Hispanics and whites, as Bill O’Reilly said.

And, although black males are but 6% of the population they commit 58% of all violent crime, as well as a disproportionate amount of other crimes, far greater in number than any other group in this country. Rates of crime and disruption in the schools can be attested to by any student of any group that shares classroom space with them.

But it doesn’t just concern high rates of crime. Education has suffered horribly as well. With the lowest average group I.Q. in the US, African Americans cannot learn at the same level and speed as other groups which has created what the press and academia refer to as the “achievement gap,” which, they pretend is due to things other than their own inability. Even newly arrived, dirt poor immigrants do better.

Blacks like Oprah have been generously rewarded with billions from the support of white citizens, yet their response is to spit in our faces.



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