Racism, including ethnic hatred, nationalism and equating religion to race

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The first one I don’t have a problem with – the Jews are over-represented in every well-paying field due to nepotism. In fact this could be a trick to make people more sympathetic to the Jews even though they are the ones who are pushing the cancel culture, abortion of gentile babies (but not in Israel where abortion has to go through a Termination Board for approval), pedophilia, racism and everything else.

The second one is basically “how dare she be healthy and not have a morbidity during the terrible Trump virus that has killed hundreds of millions of Americans – especially seniors, minorities and female registered voters! We can’t have an attractive white woman as a role model in a majority white country! REEEEeeeeeeeeEEEEeeeee!!!!”

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[From “Maybe MAGA is Ready to Talk About the Jews?”]

Along with the Daily Stormer, there were two big internet forces in Donald Trump’s 2016 victory: 4chan’s /pol/ and reddit’s r/The_Donald.
I have not been a reader since 2016, but I’d imagine that it is currently fertile grounds to spread information about Our Greatest Ally to these folks. They are looking for someone to blame
There are two main reasons for the denial.
Childhood Brainwashing and Trauma-Based Psychological Abuse
Every child is taught that the Holocaust was the worst event in history, and they are continually traumatized with it, throughout their childhood. Along with watching an endless number of films[…]small children are shown pictures of piles of corpses[…]before the internet and pornography, this was usually the first time that a child has seen an image of a naked body
The Daily Stormer’s first mission was to use various forms of shock humor and spectacle to break through this mental conditioning.
Evangelical Christian Heresies
Evangelical Christians have devoted themselves to believing that the Jews are the people from the Bible. As we’ve talked about on this site in detail, “the Jews” are not the people of the Bible; they are the remote decedents of Israelites who rejected Christ.
It’s simply a fact that from the media to the Democrats to Jared Kushner, the people who destroyed Donald Trump’s presidency were Jewish.
There is zero strategic value in talking about Donald Trump as anything other than a tragic figure: a brave patriot who tried to save America but was thwarted by satanic Jews.

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TeeHee Another nice eugenics story in the NYT

The Sperm Kings Have a Problem: Too Much Demand

Foids want that big-brained Ivy League and Stanford seed, preferably from tall guys who go to the gym a lot and/or are fraternity members (Chads and Chadlites). And desperate foids are prepared to pay substantial dollar amounts for quality seed, which is marketed and traded not unlike the golden cum of elite racehorses.

"Mr. Allard said he had recently offered 35 vials produced by a particularly handsome blue-eyed, black-haired male, which is a rare combination." BUT LOOKS DONT MATTER


Somebody needs to pollute the 6’5 Nordic Aryan Chad sperm with 5’2 balding Indian sperm.

I would legit give anything to make that happen. The fact that sperm donation even exists is PROOF that normies all support eugenics. Two dykes raising a child is absolutely disgusting, but imagine being the male cuck whose wife gets pregnant from a LITERALLY UNKNOWN Chad's cum fucking disgusting.

(Copexodius Maximus)
Holy shit, this is absolutely brootal. Natural selection is okay if it fucks over males, but if no one wants women, they are allowed to just have kids and spread their disgusting genes around.

From the comments section:

imageInterestingly the only two kids from my son's HS class who were accepted by Harvard were both fathered by carefully selected donated sperm. Brave New World indeed. And both kids are tall and blonde, while both moms are short and dark haired.

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Discussion Do Incels have it better in Western or Eastern Europe?

Western Europe Votes: 21 43.8%
Eastern Europe Votes: 27 56.3%

My opinion: Slavcels have it worse.

In Eastern Europe they still have the traditional system without its just justification (e.g. providing safety/stability for men), but also the liberal degeneracy, so you have a toxic mixture between the worst parts of tradition (e.g. high demands for men) and the worst parts of liberalism (e.g. limitless freedom without responsibilities for women).

In many Western European Nations the society is so atomized that you aren't even forced to contribute to it or conform to any standards while this is not the case in these countries. In the West you can at least do LDARing with no financial problems and be completely removed from the society that doesn't care about you. Furthermore, there is also the wealth of the west.

I fully agree. our smv is low af in both E Euorpean countries and W European. western man has much easier time mating with slav women, while slav men are non existant to anybody besides slavic women and maybe noodlewhores. Ive seen tinder experiment in which british slut rejected chadlite bc he revealed that he's polish.

brootal pole pill. When she sees a Pole, she sees this pole image

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We need a Constitutional amendment to repeal the 13th Amendment and the civil rights laws based on racial ‘scrimination.

Prohibition, instituted by the 18th Amendment didn’t work, so it was eventually repealed by the 21st Amendment.

Likewise, giving niggers civil rights didn’t work, and all laws that purport to do so must be repealed. It should now be apparent to EVERYONE that giving niggers civil rights was the worst thing that could have happened in the US, setting the stage for niggers infesting Congress (both the House and the Senate) with their stupidity. Think Hank Johnson. If that nigger is not elected to the Senate, its next best job would be the trash nigger, collecting garbage on a garbage truck, and supplementing its income by selling drugs.

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SuicideFuel B-but porn is not real life inkel! Wrong


spoiler'BOOBS OR BUM?' Married female teacher 'told schoolboy lover, 15, "you have a bigger penis than my husband" in sordid texts', pal says

While you are jacking off to porn, underage Chad is living it. How many times did you see that shit about how the penis is bigger than the whore's husband in your porn? Porn is real life to attractive males. To us, to ITcucks, and the others not so privileged is just a fantasy.

Wanna take a wild guess of how much jail time this pig skin whore is going to face?

Not even a year.

Imagine what the headlines would be if the genders were reversed. Femoid pedos literally get praised and rewarded yet we're demonized for even questioning it. Also dickpill deniers on suicide watch

Because everyone knows that the male child is physically and mentally superior to the adult woman so she's not actually taking advantage of him.

We know this, but I don't think normies do tbh. Or maybe they do, fuck if I know

People can virtue-signal as much as they want about how muh women are just as capable as men and should be treated equally but the double standard when it comes to male and female pedos tells you all you need to know what we think of femoids as a society. They're children who are allowed to vote for some reason.

And cumskins gave them rights. At least ethnics kept their foids in line for the most part

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What is the Nanjing Massacre?
Are you confusing it with the Treaty of Nanking?
The Japanese government denies all such gossip.
Since there is no fact that the Japanese government had a policy of genocide, it is natural that Asians do not seek guarantees for the massacre.
Of course, Japan has never been brought to court by Asians, including the citizens of Nanjing, seeking guarantees related to the massacre and rape.
If you know any Asians who have been affected, please encourage them to go to court.
The Chinese who filed a lawsuit against a Japanese company for unpaid wages received their unpaid wages because they were found to be true.
Many Chinese people know that there was no massacre, but those with less knowledge are deceived by the propaganda of China's rulers who are famous for not lying.
The unfortunate thing is that the Chinese propaganda is not strongly denied because it is convenient to cover up the immorality committed by the Allies in mainland China and Korea.
It covers up the history of the West's failed attempt to have a Chinese puppet government control the entire Chinese mainland by attacking Manchuria, and it also hides the current situation in East Asia, where Japan had stabilized the region, but the West's failed policy led to the birth of a socialist state and chaos.
Even in Japan, there were people who believed in the silly propaganda.
But after seeing the scene of the Tiananmen Square massacre, where Communist Party soldiers were burned and hung in midair by unarmed civilians, the Japanese understood completely.
The Japanese were shocked to find out that they had been deceived, as there were no stories in Japan about Japanese soldiers being treated in such a manner.

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I hate and despise those perpetually-drunk, turd-brained, middle-class hippies with every fiber of my being. The contemporary UK wouldn't be so coonfused and degenerate if those scumbags didn't exist. The porn & drug-addled vacuous libtards have made their grovelling & disgusting coon-worship the UK's official state religion. And any decent human who rebels and refuses to degrade himself and his family to "equality" with those apefricoon nigger beasts gets arrested and charged with a made-up, meaningless crime called "racism"!

Well, I, for one, had enough of those degenerate libtards. They can all go to hell, or f*ck off to some African hellhole (which is essentially the same thing). I am very proud of the fact that I'm a human and I will never apologise or feel "guilty" for not being a hideous and vile nigger ape. That foolish and misleading neologism "racism" implies that humans and niggers belong to the same kind, which is obviously not true. I'm no more related to a babbling coonpanzee than I am to a chimpanzee.

Those SJW bastards can cry all they want but I'm not going to waste my life and work myself to death so that all those wog savage apes can come to my land and appropriate the resources which rightfully belong to me and my kinsmen.

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RE: Taking Stock of a Most Violent Year

The negro has been unleashed, he is now “free” to do what come natural to him. Murder, rape, rob and destroy. The establishment has given them the green light to do all of those evil things and are anxiously waiting to see how the average white man reacts. Should the average white man have the audacity to protect himself or property from being victimized by negroes, the establishment is eager and ready to pounce on that unfortunate white man. Like the McCloskeys or Kyle Rittenhouse. The crime wave is spreading to all cities and towns in America. No place is safe. The negro realizes that the countless negro mayors, police chiefs, DAs and prosecutors are unwilling to stop them. White officials are paralyzed from fear of being called a racist for simply defending the people. The tipping point is coming.

(Robert Kelly)
There was a total media blackout of the 2020 crime wave caused by BLM. The media instead focused on the imaginary problem of white supremacist police going around arresting and shooting black people for no reason whatsoever but skin color.

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RE: Nigel Farage: Why the EU are nasty and vindictive.

(Drew Blood)
When you lose your cash cow it makes feeding and housing all of Africa difficult!

(Rob Munro)
Bringing in the voters to keep in power permanently! USA is doing it with the South Americans, they currently only need around 17 million more voters on their side to stay in the Whitehouse. I read that probably around 23 million will probably be the amount they'll have due to Biden not deporting illegals anymore as he has sent a notice to Immigration Control in his first few days and also he is potentially giving amnesty to the ones already living in the USA! Scary times!

(Jake Curtis)
the USA is Northern Mexico soon

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RE: Discussion Fem33yo virgin pajeet on dr. Phil

33-Year-Old Virgin Wants to Know Why She Scares Men Away

JFL she's my age and looks 10 years older.

She wants white Chad

Shes gross looking though. No chad is going to fuck her.

This is quite rare for a curryfoid, wanting to stay a virgin and only do it with a guy she intends to marry. But she should have just gone for her father's arranged marriage, she won't find any Chad who is not going to pump and dump.

Id reject this foid in arranged marriage too. Imagine betabuxxing for an ugly curry foid JFL.

She isn't that bad looking for a currywhore, but the point is that unless she is lying about her virginity, it is at least a sign of good character that she wants to remain a virgin until she finds the person she wants to marry. Leaving aside this particular foid, would the incel problem be anywhere near as bad if every single foid thought like this?

If she was a few years younger (arnd 25ish) and a virgin, i wouldnt mind doing her.

She should have gone with the arranged marriage at 22, instead I bet she kept waiting for some white Chad to not use her as simply his cum dumpster. Ethnic foids would rather be volcel for the remainder of their lives than get with a man of their own race that isn't 95th percentile

True. I see a lot of curry roasties where i live either single or divorced, but still looking for giga chads. They wont touch me with a 100 foot pole though.

Paul S #racist #conspiracy henrymakow.com

The Trump family, like the Heinz family (also Jewish), is from Kallstadt Germany, which is a small village located within walking distance of the Speyer/Worms/Mainz Rhineland metroplex. This area of the Rhineland (i.e., Speyer/Worms/Mainz) has basically been the "homeland" of Ashkenazi Jews for more than 1,000+ years -- indeed, even Frankfurt and the Rothschild clan are likewise just up the river, again within walking distance of Mainz. If you're a billionaire and you're from the Rhineland, it stands to reason that you're probably a Jew. I suspect his first wife Ivana was also Jewish.

That said, for a country that was founded (literally) by Zionist Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock and constituted 150 years later by Zionist Freemasons in Philadelphia, what would you expect? Rather than complaining about "Zionist" America -- which is something that has been in America's DNA since Day One -- I've found it more constructive to focus on my own heritage and ancestors, and pay as little head to the Beast as possible. Wise as serpents, harmless as doves so to speak.

Tired of Them #racist #psycho chimpmania.com

I really hope and pray that a famine of never before seen strength hits Apefrica alongside a shitload of nig on nig wars and other virulent goodifying events. It's the only way we can get rid of enough of these creatures that cause us inestimable chagrin. If the source of the evil demons is wiped out then humanity has a chance. Niggers that live outside the darkie coontinent will then have to lend a helping hand by stepping up their killing of one another. I'm the type of guy that will never be truly happy until they're all effing gone. As my username might suggest to you...I am sick to the back teeth of seeing and hearing niggers on my TV. Even though I choose my viewing carefully, the bastard boons pop up everywhere. That being said, I'm currently watching an American series called 'Carnivale' and I ain't seen a shitskin yet. Yippee! I'm about halfway through the first season and there are zero spooks so far.

H J #psycho #racist amren.com

It is disgusting that this Hindoo monkey use this event to justify the atrocities done by India to the Kashmiris. Massive human rights abuse is well documented in India controlled Kashmir. Thousands of Kashmiris vanished only to show up in mass graves. You are a disgusting piece of $hit.

You are an ugly subhuman tribal mongrel midget from the Arunachal Pradesh state of India. Subhuman leeches like you are the lowest of all, even lower than Muslims and "untouchables". Worthless subhuman POS like you live illegally in the US and leech off taxpayer dollars. Ugly subhuman tribal mongrel midget like you have no place in this world, neither in India nor in the US. I don't even know what race you people belong to. You people look like subhuman tribal midget mongrel of some kind. This is how you people look like, is this subhuman tribal midget mongrel your grandma?

The Changing Face of Beauty in Northeast India | Short Film Showcase

What in hell is that creature supposed to be?

It's an ugly subhuman tribal mongrel midget from the Arunachal Pradesh state of India. They are indigenous subhumans of that land. Even more hideous than negro sheebons. DarkChocolate7465 is one of those subhumans. He is angry that Indians conquered that land.

H J #crackpot #racist #wingnut amren.com

I have considered this about Hispanics as well because they seem to also have a better sense of reality and survival.

Hispanics seem to have criminality and savagery genes. The way cartels torture their victims puts ISIS to shame. They are only slightly better than Blacks in terms of intelligence. Despite being a large chunk of US population they are absent from occupations that require intelligence.

I think we should feel comfortable alienating people who aren't comfortable with addressing the interests of Whites, don't you?

Keep alienating people who are sympathetic to you. You are pushing us towards BLM/ANTIFA Marxists. Then you ask us why we vote for democrats.

I don't wonder why non-Whites vote for Democrats. It's all about the pandering and the gibs.

I can't speak for other non-whites but Indian Americans make twice the money and pay twice the taxes as whites. We are not taking gibs, we are giving gibs.

If you can go from 'supporting' White interests to supporting BLM, your commitment to White interests was very 'soft' in the first place.

LOL I'm only interested in supporting white interests as long as our interests are aligned. If you were not stupid, you would join hands with us to deal with negros and illegal border jumpers.

H J #psycho #racist amren.com

RE: A Story from the Urban Jungle

”It taught one white woman an important lesson.”

I find this unfathomable whenever I go back to the old country in Eastern Europe. There are some negroes and muslims there, particularly in the large cities, but lo and behold - they behave. They behave because they know that acting out, like attacking a White woman for example, would get them strung up by the balls and treated to a baseball bat deep tissue massage. The US is at a point where it not only impotently watches negroes abuse White women, it actively tries to cover it up.

The same thing happens in India. Unruly negros and muslims face the wrath of Hindus from time to time. There are a few negros who live in big cities. They are known to peddle drugs.

Peddling drugs, they do that in all major cities. I talked to a friend in Europe. A woman who works for the police said that each time a drug pusher is sent back to Nigeria, he comes right back the next year.

Sometimes when they are caught peddling drugs, stealing or harassing women they get a brutal beating in India. There are many videos on youtube, don't watch it if you are soft-hearted.

Doug1943 #racist patheos.com

Of course, Tucker Carlson is absolutely right. The phrase "white supremacist" has become the Left's equivalent of the term "commsymp", used sixty years ago by McCarthyites to smear liberals. ..the McCarthyite mentality is reproduced by progressives.

Why, if someone reported that, while walking down the street at night, they heard footsteps behind them, turned around ... and were relieved to see that the people behind them were white .... the Left would label that person a white supremacist. But of course everyone now reading this would have the exact same reaction.

Storminnorman #racist #sexist amren.com

A White girl just having a history of one nigrowfekk in the wombpile is enough to drive a wedge between her and any White man she may want to rope into marriage in the future. One reckless coal burning incident can permanently tarnish the puzzy pedestal of even the most obsequious soyboy claiming to be unbothered by his girl's negrolatrous nethers.

Social media, the irresistible draw of attention whoring, and a naive belief among White women that virtue signaling erases the natural male disgust instinct, make a past peccadindu virtually impossible to hide from men.

Vox Day #racist #conspiracy voxday.blogspot.com

The Jewish News Syndicate would like everyone to please stop noticing that the US government is increasingly dominated by a small group of foreigners.
No doubt historians will be puzzled when one day, for absolutely no reason at all, yet another people ruled by a tiny foreign minority rebelled against their foreign rulers and overthrew them despite the best efforts of those rulers to discredit and disqualify the natural objections of their subjects.

After all, if the French rulers of Sicily had only thought to accuse Sicilians who disliked being ruled by foreigners of "anti-frenchitism", then certainly the Sicilian Vespers never would have taken place, right?

Don't be surprised to see more and more Americans aligning themselves with China and Russia against "their own" government. Especially given how that government cannot convincingly hide behind the veil of "democracy" or "the will of the people".

CTON #racist amren.com

RE: U.S.-Bound Caravan Thwarted in Guatemala as Pressure Against Migrants Continues

Experts say Central American governments no longer have much "appetite" for the caravans.

It's almost like with Eastern Europe. While the 'migrants' from the 3rd world were storming onto Western Europe, they were trampling on Eastern Europe along the way. That's why Eastern Europe put up barriers and beefed up border security. I imagine various Latin nations along the way to America--who aren't cucked and full of racial guilt and scared of being seen as 'racists' as many White Americans are--will do for their respective nation what many in Eastern Europe did a few years ago.

Oh the horrorimage

Nothing angers white liberals more than seeing a large, white traditional family. "Oh, why do they have so many kids!" When I hear liberals say this, I would say "Hispanics and Muslims have large families, too. Why aren't you criticizing them for it? Why is it when whites have large families you lecture them about overpopulation and being a burden on the environment?"

Lipton Matthews #racist #wingnut amren.com

White Must Stop Pandering

White Americans seem oblivious to the fact that they will always be characterized as racist. Once, I attended a George Floyd protest, hoping to counter the nonsense of Black Lives Matter. Many black protesters were upset by the presence of a few white women — who were supporting their cause. One black man unleashed a torrent of abuse on a trio of white women. There were even people chanting that whites are aliens. Whites are suffering from a political form of “battered woman syndrome.”

Even when dismissed, white liberals write ridiculous articles blaming white Americans for most everything. For some, whiteness is innately racist, so there is nothing whites can do to cleanse themselves of their inherent racism. For some white politicians, policies only serve a purpose to the extent that they help or hurt black people. To get voters to oppose gun control, conservatives remind us of the perceived racist roots of gun control.

Blacks are more ethnocentric than whites, and according to a 2013 poll, a significant percentage of black Americans think that blacks are more racist than whites. If blacks uncritically think that whites are the enemy, there is little whites can do to ameliorate race relations. Black activists often argue that whites are the problem, so destroying white people is the sole route to progress. And yet, some whites reward blacks for treating them with hostility — which blacks will respond to, logically, by becoming more radical.

Annie-O #racist deviantart.com

The alternate title was: Bring on the Slaves!!

OMG.... just as i've been saying..... the world is entirely for black people; the Human Torch is a N*GGER!!!! Because i know that that 'word' is offensive to this 'darling' people, we'll just refer to them as NAGGERS as both words actually mean the same thing, unless of couse, you think that that world too should be banned from vocabulary, but black folks use it to refer to their own black women this way, so, i command that it stays.

WHY, Stan... why!!!! Johnny used to be a pain in the ass now he's really a total asshole! Unless dear Stan is just trolling the kid in black race suit in order to make MORE money at the expense of a poor 'brother', then i'll forgive him. OMG, first our beloved Annie in ginger hair and FAIR pale skin went into -negative- colors, now this shit happens..... But as long as the MASTER (Stan Lee) is white, then i'll allow it. Poor Johnny.... a beautiful blond jerk over a Nagger...... I think that Thor's drink on the Avengers: Age of Ultron made horrendous effect on dear Stan's mind to let a black take Johnny's suit.
You see folks? Blackamericans are killing the WHITE race, if nobody stops this atrocity they'll murder this planet as they did to Africa, Haiti, Jamaica and any other land they step on. But it's was all white-men's fault, if we never came across Africa for slaves to work on our vast fields of progress none of this would'tn happened at all. I'm deeply sorry that we lost the edge we have when we gave them freedom.

Dr. Michael Salla #conspiracy #ufo #magick #racist exopolitics.org

On January 15, it was announced by multiple news sites that Baron Benjamin de Rothschild unexpectedly died of a heart attack at the age of 57 while at his Swiss home. According to best-selling author David Wilcock, Rothschild was the world’s “Pindar” – the secret occult ruler of our planet reporting directly to off world extraterrestrial masters.

What makes Wilcock’s claim particularly intriguing is that he says that only a day earlier, the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave a coded message through his Twitter account authorizing the final stage of a covert military operation to take down the Deep State around the planet. Wilcock’s claims raise intriguing questions about Rothschild’s death, his possible role as Earth’s Pindar, and a covert US led takedown of Global Deep State.
What is particularly interesting in this exchange is Rothschild’s claim of being the “Pindar” and the “CEO of Earth, Inc”. These statements suggest that he is merely running the Earth on behalf of others, but who?

For an answer, we can look to information about the Pindar supplied by British researcher David Icke. Icke wrote about the Pindar in The Biggest Secret after interviewing a former participant in Satanic occult ceremonies, Arizona Wilder. Icke wrote:

Pindar means ‘Penis of the Dragon’… Arizona says that Pindar, like all the reptilians when they shape-shift, has very powerful hypnotic eyes (the ‘evil eye’ of legend) and at sacrifices the victims face is turned to Pindar at the moment of death for him to steal the person’s soul or energy through this ‘evil eye’ magnetic process…. Pindar attends the major Satanic ceremonies in Europe and then flies to California for the rituals there. [pp. 302-3]

DonezoTheClown #racist #wingnut incels.co

RE: JFL a bunch of high school kids just beat up an autistic guy because a foid said he bothered her

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGEDQrrcoM8 They ommitted the part about the foid in the media ofc. He hit on the foid, being autistic he was awkward about it, so she sent a bunch of simps after him basically.

Ah good thing they blurred out the faces, can't let people know theyre pakis or they might start voting wrong. "B--b-b-b-b-but why are you racist mister, your own people don't fuck you so what's the difference anyways? You're a bad meanie for being racist and I'm gonna block you"

high iq they're not pakis though they're latinos

We'll never know for sure but I recognize the way they dress, either they're infiltrators or inspired by infiltrators. Niggers should just be here to apologize for ever crying about racism or "sfcels". Why are dumb niggers like @ThoughtfulCel and @Lowdickenergycel here pretending to give a shit, this is what you vote for, you cry when people are being racist here, own it stop being a fucking hypocrite this is your ideal society.

Everyone in the video except the black foid looks ethnically Spanish though lmfao...American education strikes again

They're all arabs from mudcountries my man, I'm not an American or I would think the same. These are our muslim invaderfriends I'm 99% sure, ever taken a look at the crime statistics?

Translate a few comments and you'll notice they all agree with me.

Jfl rent free in this cummy's head @ThoughtfulCel

Yeah you come here to virtue signal, meanwhile you're part of the problem, you want more of these dirty invaders, took you long enough to respond as well pussy. Bump because I want rapefugees and our ethniccel JBW-copers to see why we hate them.

Various Commenters #conspiracy #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: 2 Hawaii Men Indicted in 2014 Hate Crime Case on Maui


The defendants are accused of saying C.K. was in the “wrong place,” didn’t belong there and that “no white man is ever going to live in this house or neighborhood.”

Ok, you're on your own then. Enjoy.

maybe diversity isn't the answer...............libs? are you listening? of course not

(Wake up)
Native Hawaiians have no tolerance for Diversity and no guilty feelings either. Now imagine if Democrats insisted on a boatload of Section 8 Housing Blacks landing in Maui.

They probably weren't even native Hawaiians. Most "natives" in Hawaii are from other Polynesian countries like Samoa. They whine about white "outsiders" coming to their island, but most of them aren't Hawaiian either. Their violence is based on anti white hatred. Most of it is instigated by liberal elites.

I remember reading about a pack of polynesian youths who gang-raped and murdered white girl on the big island. The liberal judge dismissed the case, even with positive DNA evidence.

(Hillary Rodham)
Now do Harlem. Or Watts, or Compton, or any other public housing project in America. Anti white violence is very common. Unlike the mythical police brutality against innocent blacks.

(Fed Up)
Why would anyone spend travel money to visit Hawaii what with the foul reputation these primitive people have hanging over them.

(Sgt F)
Only 3% of the population is negro in Hawaii. That’s at least 10% less negro than the mainland. Hawaii needs a real dose of “diversity is our strength”. Hawaii is getting jipped . Everybody should contact the gentle Senator from Hawaii named Mazie Hirono to get this problem straightened out.

Big Chief #wingnut #racist youtube.com

Big Chief (in response to the comment - “Trump didn’t do shit he set us back”)
“Clearly you don’t have a 401k. Or earnings.”

*Commenter says Trump belongs in prison*

Big Chief
Last thing you want to do is put President Trump on trial

*Commenters replies to ask why not as he deserves to be in prison*

Big Chief
The courts rejected him for months. By all means let him plead his case.

*In response to commenter scolding him for only being concerned with money*

Big Chief
Where did Trump touch you? How exactly did he change your life. Should be easy for you to articulate.

Big Chief’s profile picture is a Nazi Parade

Jonathan Peter Wilkinson #racist #wingnut #elitist amerika.org

Even amongst diversity, you will find a certain non-homogeneity. This runs athwart the Marxian Catechism of Post-Modern Leftism. Hence we discover a purificationist impulse, not entirely dissimilar to that which empowered The Spanish Inquisition, stirring amongst this Left-Sanctified Racial Diversity. In Amerika, amongst the African Diaspora of the Left-Sanctified Racial Diversity; we detect a growing stratification.

One particular element thereof, The Amerikan Descendents of Slaves (ADOS) has become increasingly politically strident in a manner reminiscent of Reverend Jesse Jackson.
Imagine the dissonance among the Leftists when someone comes here wearing thread-bare clothes, is somewhat overjoyed not to be sent back to Africa with not much more than an inner tube and a 5th of Gin; and then massively outperforms a dough-bodied product of either suburbia or the EBT system. The fear and jealousy are the only natural responses. The ADOS attacks the real, Strong Black Man with the virulence of a pissed-off immune system.

When a Black African comes to the USA with nothing, plays by what ADOS types swear are rigged White Man Rules and soon afterward rolls down the street with baller swag, it triggers a questioning that nobody over at the $PLC wants to see take place.

Thus ADOS is a backwards perversion of a neo-reactionary movement. Unlike an NRX that recoils against societal deterioration and the threat of death by demotism, ADOS protects that demotism as an established, yet metastable equilibrium under threat. The threat comes from hard-working Blacks who are on the way up and want Freedom of Initiative rather than “Fweedom” of being someone’s pet diversity.

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[Title: "Culinary Fusion Is Satanic Entryism"]

So we found this app that our TV provider actually includes on their service, and sure enough — it has loads of cooking shows, and some of them are pretty darn good. I was watching one, though, and this woman was making Persian-influenced chile rellenos. That is a bit nuts. Then she topped it with Bulgarian cheese. That was the last straw and the veil was parted and I finally saw clearly.

Satan has used food to get people to allow all sorts of terrible things regarding nationalism and racial self-interest.

“Oh, that fellow can’t be too bad, since he made that Chicken Vindaloo Pizza….”

This is insanity, folks. We need tacos to be tacos. We need pizza to be pizza. We need steak to be steak. And yes, we need curry to be curry. Look, I have nothing against any type of food, but I will be drawing the line at food mixing. Don’t try to give me some sort of sweet and sour shepherd’s pie or jalapeño schnitzel. Nope. Keep that satanic garbage to yourself. I want purity in my food and in my nations. I won’t fall for that demonic trick ever again.

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(NOTE: This is in reaction to this comment by @Bastethotep)

you can't take satanists seriously about anything, especially on the questions of women and race. they worship women and would like to give them carte blanche to do whatever they please, (even murder their babies, since it's "natural" and women represent fertility and nature's will) so the current political climate is very accommodating to them. that's why they don't understand the concept of race traitorism when it comes to women, their objects of worship. plus they think men are "destroyers" and women are "creators," when in fact it is the opposite.

(i'm assuming this cuck is a satanist b/c of his username.)

Also these hypocrites will say nothing when women openly insult millions of men and say one particular race of men is better than other races of men but will be outraged if a man says he doesn't really prefer a certain race of women and prefers to date a woman of a different race.

in the case of satanists, that comes from an exaltation of women over men due to their worship of Eve, who freed mankind from God's oppressive paradise. they seek to establish a gynocracy so that men can become whipping boys for women to insert crucifixes into their ass in the guise of ritual magic. satanism is gaining wide purchase in the world under the benevolent guise of gynocracy. when men allow their whores to peg them and act as yes-men to all women, they are following the ideals that say "no" to Eden, no to Paradise, in favor of worshiping a fleshly, evil goddess in the form of Eve the whore.

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I might feel some sympathy for the descendants of the black slaves if they hadn’t been trying—with considerable success— to destroy the republic that our ancestors built.

We haven't not try to destroyed the Country. Since the end of slavery (Reconstruction Era), we have always try to gain Separation. The left have always use propaganda to control the minds of the USA. Malcolm X vs MLK is a prime example of how the left use MLK to inflict integration unto the country. Then they import Melanin people from the Caribbean in the continent of Africa to put on TV to shut down our voice on SEPARATION.

The only real solution is to Separate..
40 States for Whites
4 States for Foundational Blacks
3 States for all Immigrants
1 State for LGBTQ
1 State for native American

The main problem being HOW would you fairly compensate those having to leave homes they and their ancestors owned for years and years?

EXCELLENT question.. My siblings and I own our homes.. To give up my home to have SEPARATION is worth it.. To answer your question: When people started migraine to the USA in the 1500, they were given land, to build on.. There are homes and land all over the country, in which people can take over. If the USA can give 1.5 trillion dollars in foreign aid, I'm sure it possible to help the USA resettlement. Plus this will force everybody to focus on establishment and not on the Media propaganda..

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Lots of Republicans have recently been banned from social media, including the sitting president of the United States himself. Parler, the Twitter/Facebook alternative, has been dropped from Google Play, the Apple App store, can no longer be hosted on Amazon Web Services, etc. and is currently down. The site had millions of conservative users, including sitting politicians and Fox News personalities. Big tech is flexing its muscles in a serious way now and sending a message, making it so that being a kosher conservatives is now essentially verboden.

We were banned from social media and deplatformed from raising money online years ago. None of these kosher conservatives said anything about it at the time. They did not care, or more likely, they agreed that “Nazis” and “White supremacists” should be denied any kind of voice. Now that they are all crying about censorship, I find it hard to have any sympathy for these people who supported (and continue to support) the most pro-Zionist president in US history.

Just like the “far right” fell into the trap set for them by the likes of Richard Spencer, David Duke, TRS, and the rest during Charlottesville, these MAGA marchers were led right into the DC trap by their pied piper ZOG emperor. Now even donning a red cap in America will be seen as an act of domestic extremism. Calling for politicians and the media to be punished for their treason and lies will be treated as terroristic threats. This, of course, is all by design.

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The fact that the crazies have been bitching about how trump isn’t their president because muh russia or muh Ukraine for 4 years and have absolutely no evidence. Yet Trump has evidence of voter fraud https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=keANzinHWUA but the judges don’t want to see it, either because the crazies have threatened to dox them(which they did) or they‘re never trumpers. Not to mention that this city bordered up their businesses because they know the crazies will riot cause I haven’t seen Trump supporters riot. Now we have Supreme Court justices scared of riots! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YmjhydD_TB8ossil “Oh, Shawn you keep bitching about the riots but it’s all for justice!” Yeah? Where’s David Dorn’s and every other black police officer or civilian that was killed in the riots justice? Where’s the justice for business owners who already got their asses kicked by COVID and now have crazies stealing then burning down their shit? And of course, where the justice for people getting killed because they wear a fucking Trump hat? And here comes the flying monkeys with their “whataboutism! REEEEE!” These fools don’t care about social justice or change, they want to dance around acting like they won but soon realize they have buyers remorse for voting for Biden. What? You actually thought this asshole was really gonna be “the most progressive president ever elected”? Is AOC gonna be in his cabinet and finally end climate change? Nope! In fact it looks like he’s getting someone...who is FOR fossil fuels! Oops! Eh, she’ll get over it by bashing capitalism by selling $60 shirts. Oh but it’s made by people who are unionized! Yet the shirt is made from polyester. Don’t worry, AOC just cry in front of an empty parking lot again, the crazies will love it. Then there’s Kamala Harris who has BLM looking over her shoulder and counting the days of when she’ll invite them to talk. Well, since she won then there‘s no use for ya now! You were played from the start!

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James Lindsay: Wokeness was the lockpick to the gates of Western Civilization. The gates are now open.

mikediebert: 11 Million New Democrat voters means American elections have ceased to have meaning. The Red States are gone.

Dong Quixote: You psyop a people into believing that the primary goal of their society is to equalize outcomes between racial and gender groups, rather than, you know...building stuff, fixing stuff, having kids, preserving order, and worshipping the Almighty. This is how you destroy them.

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RE: Around One-Third of Belgian Residents Are Now Foreign Nationals, or Have Migrant Backgrounds

I'd read a few years ago that the French-speaking Walloons encouraged immigration from the Congo and Francophone Africa to gain a population advantage against their Flemish speaking countrymen. Incomprehensibly evil. The Flemish part of Belgium has produced most of it's Identitarian patriots.

(Robert Kelly)

For those planning on escaping the coming South Africa in the United States, good luck finding a viable white country that isn't going down the tubes. Best to plan on finding the next best thing in either a white Latino country or someplace in the Far East.

What about Russia? Or even in the United States, Alaska? Not a lot of diversity up there or in northern or western Canada. Too cold in those places for diversity.

Wonder what the crime problem is like in racism-free, ultra-liberal Belgium. (Or shouldn't we ask that kind of a question?)

Amren had an article on here about how violent street crime exploded when Belgium started bringing in immigrants from the Congo. Of course, when those African immigrants end up in prison, it's obviously because of racism. The same old song and dance as here in the United States.

What happens when the Muslims decide the Left's usefulness to THEM is at an end and it's time to rename Belgium the Islamic Republic of Whatever?

Allahu Akbar!!!!

(Spaceman Spiff)
Those 19 year old Belgians that died trying to stop the Germans in WWI over 100 years ago sacrificed for absolutely nothing.

I remember seeing a "Belgian" sports team on TV not too long ago, most were black.

And yet, no one's concerned about the lack of proportional representation of white people in sport. But blacks being underrepresented in science, journalism, politics, business, etc., in a majority white nation? Now, THAT's an outrage!

The NBA is only about 18% white from figures I've found. Does any one ever say they need more diversity?

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RE: When will the JBW SEAmaxxing strategy start failing? When will Loser-Back-Home 本国卢瑟 awareness go mainstream in Asia?

Why Every White guy in Asia is a Loser Back Home 本国卢瑟

you cant make women to stop seeing a white chad as atracctive just because you mock them,china is traditional in his stand on marrying a foreigner but chinese will still date them(even when the thousand years of humillation by european powers is shilled in the media and education).

blacks are shilled in media and that dont make is smv go higther for the average guy,kpop is cited as making asian smv go up and the true is that the average asian can only look like them with more that one stetic operation.

the anti-white,anti-racist ethnic women that,married and breed with white men.

the only thing media shilling can do take the social stigma for dating an asian/hispanic/black so a women that see that race as atractive BEFORE the shilling even begone is to be in better terms with the idea to date them.

asians make more than whites in america,asian-american women still marry white men that earn less and without the necesity of a green card.

indians and asian women have white fever.

i am not white by the way,i dont pass as white.

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And the crazies got crazier! There was a new CHAZ https://nypost.com/2020/12/14/portlands-autonomous-zone-dismantled-after-mayor-apology/

BLM and Biden supporters are fighting https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3nJ688xnFYI

This bitch threatening Trump supporters https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_It7sZazC_I

ANTIFA wanting no presidents https://www.newsweek.com/antifa-march-through-washington-dc-1544676

AOC wants a list of trump supporters like a blacklist https://nypost.com/2020/11/11/aoc-co-s-loathsome-plan-to-keep-lists-of-pro-trumpies/

The wanting to defund the police and even abolish the police.

Maxine “fish face” waters calling for Trump officials to be harassed


Now they’re tagging and left a pig”s head in front of crazy nancy’s house https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9cbXwpB3JKM you also gotta love the gas lighting these crazies try to push by saying “Nancy Pelosi WANTS $2000 stimulus checks to happen” despite being against it https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gqPltMpWIwo I know attention spans have gotten shorter recently but damn!

These assholes trespassing a Senator Hawley’s home https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=D72ROg1ucN4 29:45 I also love how they want Trump Supporters to “get over it” but these are the same crazies who’ve been bitching about “Muh Russia“ for 4 fucking years.

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(The Confederate): I remember when I was a kid and niggers had giant afros and me and my friends used to flick cigarette butts in them and laugh like hell!

(Tired of Them): I remember a mate of mine smashed an egg on a niggers head when we were about nine or ten. This nigger kid was the only nigger that lived anywhere near me as a child. My mate hid the egg in his hand and whacked it down on the niggers noggin. The nigger went: "Waaaaaaaagggh!" and ran off crying. The contents of the egg slithered through his brillo head in an amusingly different way to human hair. Happy times!

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Blacks are the single greatest threat to human civilization. They are incapable of maintaining civilization beyond tribal holdings on their own and their population is exploding to the degree that they will be the largest racial group on the planet within the century. They will flood into Europe and Asia and that will be the end of any prospects for human advancement. Anything that culls their population is a good thing.

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(To koniec)
RageFuel racism is just another form of male cuckoldry toward women and endless destroying male brotherhood

Racism is ALWAYS against men. When in slavlands some gopniks beat ethnic or black guy and would never threat ethnic women, cause they fear competition. In west subhuman slav, xenophobia against eastern europeans is always toward men, which get cucked on dating market and their female counterpants fuck with germanic, latin chads and also 'slavic women are beautiful :soy: and slav men are ugly' are perfect examples of this, cause racial hegemony which profits anglos and germanics allows this

Foid of different ethnicity when lives in foreign country will always meet simps, while their brothers while be bullied by young chads in the school

Tho for counter argument i saw story of polish girl which ropemaxxed when bong foids bullied her


Many right-wing extremists often fetishize non-white women and almost all of the blacks who pathologically hate whites and humiliate them on a constant basis are the biggest simps for white stacies. It's an exception for a successful black man to have a black girl at his site, most of the time it must be a white girl (especially one with blue eyes and blonde/red hair), because they are seen as the ultimate status symbols.

The "Muslims" in my country are the same: They are only religious when they can look down on the german male, while not abiding the laws of their religion and lusting after their also (impure) women. While they attack German males they suck the dicks of white chads and simp for German stacies.

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Blackpill Imagine not being BENELUX chad

Top 20 Countries With The Tallest Men - How Height Has Changed Over 100 Years


Not a single non-white country in there. Brutal racepill tbh.

bosnia is 6

are any countries in the Balkans really white though?

yeah, balkans and meds are not really white

whats the difference between balks and meds?

south slavs are dinarics, and meds...are just meds, just like jews are semitic

They're as white as any other slavs. Only Albanians are more ethnic looking and surprise they're not on the list.

i don't agree, but i don't want to engage with argument

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[From "If Bloomberg was consistent (they wouldn't be evil)"]

Quick, guess which headline is actually the far-left anti-business "business channel" headline and which is the mockup?
"Violent Niggers storm the streets of Minneapolis" mock-up of Bloomberg and "A mob of Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol in a..." real deal

It's not just Bloomberg of course... over at Global News (who always lie about conservatives), it's a "dark and dangerous moment in modern American history". Back when niggers were mad that a criminal died of COVID while a cop's knee was on his neck that wasn't a "dark and dangerous moment" according to Global News but instead people were "calling attention" to a perceived injustice...which is totally different than what happened in Washington yesterday, apparently.
#StopTheSteal rallies have had their media coverage suppressed, their hashtags shadowbanned, and their evidence and red-flags ignored.

So why act surprised when, as Kate at smalldeadanimals always says, conservatives are learning that not rioting has been a public policy failure? Why act surprised when the ballot box doesn't work that maybe revolution is worth a try?

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(Tired of Them): It's really getting to me lately. It's bothering me much more than I'd care to admit in person. Why in the name of Bonaparte's balls can other humans not see what we can? It's other humans that have exacerbated the problem. Their truculent insistence on classing them as being "just like us" has seen so many humans murdered in unspeakable ways. I'm sick to the back teeth of all niggers and their savagery. They should be sterilized. No ifs or buts. Civilization depends upon it. I'm tired of trying my best to ignore the incessant nigger loving propaganda that seeps through my TV screen like raw sewage that appears unbidden every time I turn it on to watch something on my TV. It seems humans can no longer watch anything without being lectured by globalist scum about how evil we are for not loving niggers.

(Apefricoon Devil): I completely understand, relate to, and share your nigger/libtard fatigue. The clueless and barbaric SJW scum have destroyed almost everything that gave meaning to human life. The uncultured bastards weren't just satisfied with annihilating our social values and civilised culture so they decided to further degrade, demoralise, and bestialize mankind by forcing us to social and "cultural" equality with the disgusting apefricoon beasts. Hence the rampant violence, crime, ignorance, unhappiness, sexual debauchery, savagery, and drug addiction in our once-civilised-and-nigger-free societies.

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A disease is going around. No, not the Wuhan Plague. This malady only affects the Right, and I name it Scrutonism. The symptoms of Scrutonism are a razor-sharp ability to identify one’s enemies and to understand their plans to destroy us, combined with a complete inability to imagine any way in which those enemies can be defeated. For a sufferer of this disease, his headspace is occupied by nostalgia and fear, in varying proportions—mostly the former in the late Roger Scruton’s case, mostly the latter in Rod Dreher’s case. Scrutonism’s harm is that it makes sufferers ignore the only question that matters for the Right today: what are you willing to do, given that your enemies are utterly committed to destroying you and yours?

I used to be a Dreher fanboy, until he lost the plot with the Wuhan Plague and, more generally, descended into constant unmanly maundering. I’m still a fan, however (to steal a line from Aaron Renn, though he was talking about Tim Keller, not Dreher). And Live Not by Lies has partially restored my opinion of Rod Dreher as a pillar of today’s Right. It is an outstanding book, tightly written and tightly focused. That does not mean it is complete, for reasons I will lay out today, but it is good for what it is—the sharp diagnosis of the ways, means, and ends of our enemies.

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Every person in a position of power should be suspected of being controlled through [sexual] blackmail since the Judeo-masonic cryptocracy controls virtually every aspect of organized government, the press, and the financial system, to name a few. You may have heard of the bizarre sexual initiation of Yale University's Skull and Bones secret society, where the would-be Bonesman reveals his sexual secrets to his fellow initiates and initiators. From the very start of their societal ascent, you could say, a Bonesman is blackmailed and falls under the control of the society. This scenario is played out in virtually every sphere of influence at one degree (pun intended) or another. As it happens, both presidential candidates are connected to sexual scandals, the likes of which we shall explore in Trump's life. <...> One cannot rule out the possibility that Ivanka is the victim of sexual abuse and mind control, although there is nothing directly suggesting this (the CIA's MKUltra program is alleged to have prostituted to children, sometimes with the help of the children's own parents, to politicians and persons of power). Trump's posed photo with then 15-year-old Ivanka, where she is wearing a short skirt and slinky top without a bra whilst perched atop copulating birds, doesn't help Trump's avoidance of incest suspicion or MKUltra abuse. Interestingly, Ivanka's slinky top is covered with butterflies, symbolic of beta kitten programming. Ivanka's personal contact information was found in Epstein's black book.