Racism, including ethnic hatred, nationalism and equating religion to race

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It was never about diversity or equality.

From day-one, it has always been about killing off all White people.

Do you see it now? Do you see the war that's being waged against us, White people?

spoilerA post-racial world: The Last
White Man, by Mohsin
Hamid, reviewed

This blatant racism towards whites never ceases to amaze me almost as much as the amazement that none of our leaders ever call this stuff out.

@Nature_and_Race I have nothing legal to say.

@Dinduvius_Shekelstein @Nature_and_Race And that is because it is now legal to say you want to harm whites, which does not mean though that it is really legal, just jewish legal.

@Nature_and_Race Jews are innately evil.

@Nature_and_Race Wake up White America before it's too late!!! How much more convincing should you need, We are @ war with the jew & must circle the wagons instead of hanging each other out to dry!!!


Diversity in a previously homogenous country inherently means lowering the majority's share of the population. There's no other way around it, so it has, in fact, been about diversity

Even terms like majority and minority undermine the inherent European nature of the US and instill a sentiment of oppression in minorities, who are solely characterized by not being white

The policies that jews are implementing are actually the antithesis of diversity. Because they want one global mixed brown race. Eventually when that happens, then diversity will be dead.

It’s not going to happen: it would mean the end of the welfare state. Kikes and niggers have never taken care of themselves, anywhere on earth. The chinese certainly aren’t going to farm and feed them. Their plan is simply looting, as it has been many times before. Blood suckers need healthy hosts.


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[From "Decline in GDP per capita"]

Your grandfathers could enjoy a house, a garden, children, and stay at home wife looking after the kids. Their grandchildren are dual income no kids, but live in a little box with Ikea furniture Not only did we land on the moon in the 1970s, we had nicer cars, nicer toilets, and better clothes washing machines, though today we have nicer phones and computers[…]
Compare the old malls with the new shopping centers. These are places built for poor people. I recently revisited San Francisco, having been away for a decade or so. That the streets are full of human shit and crime is governmental failure caused by browns in government, but that the buildings need some maintenance and a coat of paint indicates everyone is getting poorer[…]
Don’t you know that it’s 2015? That means gay marriage! Women in combat! Even the first rumblings of the normalization of pedophilia! Say what you will about the Classical Marxists of the past – Lenin, Stalin, Mao – but they built massive hydroelectric dams, intercontinental missiles, skyscrapers, and atom bombs. Yet in The Current Year, they and their grand projects have been replaced by the Cultural Marxism of Gramsci, Marcuse, and Alinsky[…]Global warming means we can’t build big impressive things anymore, so now we simply declare the cutting edge to be increasingly degenerate sexual and cultural practices[…]
A holiness spiral peaks suddenly, and then it is over. Sometimes no one survives, but usually it is abruptly terminated by a Hitler or a Stalin before it gets to that point

A dark age sets in slowly, at about one percent a year for centuries, From time to time there are dramatic crises, and even turnarounds, but these make little difference to the long term trend. We have a holiness spiral and a dark age setting in

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One little prayer chain in front of a church was all it took to make the Death Cult admit what we’ve known for years. The motive underlying their war against straight, white men is diabolical hatred of Christ.

The occupational government of the economic zone once known as Ireland telegraphed the Cult’s plans for Christians even harder.

[Quoted news report: "Pro-life campaigners and advocates for religious freedom in Ireland have expressed dismay following the news that the Irish Government intends to introduce fines and prison sentences for people who pray, hold signs, or try to persuade women not to have abortions while they are within the vicinity of an abortion clinic. The proposed legislation would mean that individuals would not be allowed to express pro-life views within 100m of abortion clinics while also prohibiting silent prayer, the holding of placards, and any peaceful offers of alternatives to abortion."]

So the country whose constitution begins “In the name of the Most Holy Trinity,” is now making prayer against child sacrifice punishable by jail time and fines up to 3 grand. The use of abstract bug measurements in their laws was a red flag. The Bible stipulates just weights and measures. Justice is tied to reality, and the metric system don’t real.

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Why Do THESE People Hate Us?

Even people from dung heaps spit on us.

Just about every group in this country has convinced itself it has great excuses to hate the white man. There’s slavery, white supremacy, homophobia, the holocaust, white privilege, sexism, and racism, and just showing up in the New World. Hating us is so much fun that even groups we can’t possibly have ever wronged have learned how to do it.

Take Indians and Pakistanis.

Moshin Hamid has just published his 5th novel, The Last White Man. “At the end of the book, Hamid fast-forwards to a time when whiteness is a distant memory, inviting readers to imagine the possibility of a post-racial world.”

It will be paradise once we’re gone, but never forget: There’s no such thing as The Great Replacement.

But I don’t get it. Indians come from a country where millions of people still defecate wherever they can find a spot.


Maybe that prepares Indians for the horror of living in a country with repulsive white people.

Pakistan is an even worse mess than India, so both groups are fully qualified to tell us what’s wrong with our country.

And despite the “white supremacy” they yell about, they do very well. Asians have higher median household incomes than whites. The difference is very close to the $20,000 difference between blacks and whites – and that difference is supposed to be a national scandal.



Do they ever say “Thank you, America, for letting me come to a much better place than the one I left behind”?

They love to talk about the oppression of black and brown people because they quickly learned that in the victims’ sweepstakes that puts them right up there with blacks, though, of course, they live as far away from blacks as possible. They learned quicker than anyone that they can leave behind their own dung-heap countries and then defecate all over us.

They are without shame, without honor, without decency, without a shred of gratitude. Because we let them get away with it.

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[From "America surely going down with a whimper, and not a bang"]

Automatons have no inclination to fight for anything, even when their own interest or survival is at stake[…]Automatons will actually cheerlead for the enemy and tyrant to take on more Authoritarian control and influence[…]
Expiration Dates are becoming much closer to the dates of purchase, due to less than expected purchase activity[…]
Massive layoffs are about to roll out week after week as we head into August, which is a hot month for warfare[…]
Automatons are 100% selfish and useless, as people. This is why essentially, they need to be killed off from the population, and in fact, this is why the Illuminati is pursing the depopulation agenda[…]
If you have a homogenous population [assuming it is of GOOD RACIAL STOCK] and that the people are largely NOT Automatons, there is a general sense of concern and “reflexes” that ought to emerge[…]
Americans generally also do not have experience with life under Communism or the telltale signs of Communist or Dictatorial Takeovers, and that the first signs of routine food and supply shortages including inferior grades of meat and produce are signs[…]
Under Democratic Forms of Government, there is no process of “making history”

All so-called “historical events” that occur under Democratic rule, are always planned, entirely scripted, and have no spiritual or lasting significance[…]
Under a Democracy, it is a sterile ground for people like Philosophers, Inventors, Scientists, Engineers, Poets, and other truly unique brains that make remarkable imprints that people look up to in admiration and splendor[…]
The US runs a shadow government and operates more “for show” not only because America is actually officially owned by the UN and other subsidiaries[…]
Is it any wonder that the whole January 6th so-called “insurrection” was a setup by both Political Parties

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I should have guessed this sooner, I knew there was a reason these drinks are so addicting and terrible for your health. I got terrible cavities and high blood sugar from getting addicted to Monster Energy drinks, they really are a very evil/terrible company, even though they are very sweet, delicious and addicting to drink. Kikes are evil and probably have satanic pacts to make the most delicious drinks that fuck up your health the most, other energy drink companies like Rockstar or Redbull don't taste anywhere near as good as Monster energy which is way more addicting.

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spoilerYou weren't allowed to go to
church, you weren't allowed to go
to the gym, you weren't allowed to
go to class, you weren't allowed
to be with your loved ones when
they died, you weren't allowed to
go to funerals--but under no
circumstances do we infringe on
sacred gay orgies

@Teamsaveamerica “HIV activists say calls for abstinence do not work.”

Yes fags are degenerates.

@Teamsaveamerica because the kikes have everyone so dumbed down that they're okay with shitskins and faggots doing whatever they want because if you say anything you're racist or homophobic. What's the difference between the faggots having faggot orgies and niggers burning cities down during the scamdemic? Nothing they were both allowed. I'm tired of hearing shitskins bitch about America. If they don't like this "evil racist" country then get the fuck out so white people can live in peace.

So, the Churches got CONDEMNED for 'Congregating' to Sing and listen to a Sermon - in a 'pandemic'.
The Rainbow Usurpers get a Free Pass and Encouragement for 'Congregating' to Stick Their Dicks Up Each Others Asses - in a 'pandemic'.

The Monkeypox Spreaders need 'MAN'Dates:
+ Keep 6 Dick-Lengths Away From Each Other - To protect Us All From Their Sickness.
+ Stick a Mask Up Their Ass - To Keep Other Dicks from Spreading Their Sickness.
+ Close ALL of Their Ass-Germ Places of Association - To FLATTEN THE CURVE - Until This 'Pandemic' Is Completely Non-Existent (Spoiler Alert - This Will Most Likely Be The NEW NORMAL)
+ And for the 'Minor Attracted' Monkeypox Spreaders - STOP FUCKING KIDS.

Violators Will Be Arrested, Ridiculed, Refused Medical Care, FIRED FROM EMPLOYMENT, Denied Government Assistance, Blocked from ALL Public Events, Denied Service at All Establishments that Serve the Public.

@Teamsaveamerica Don’t wanna offend the sodomite butt f$ckers 🤬🤬 #CovidIsAScam #MonkeyPoxIsAScam

@Teamsaveamerica with rigged elections for like 30 years, this is what the crooks want for us.

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Imagine being so mixed up & indoctrinated... that you would reject your own race that invented, built & civilized the world, & instead embrace a race that couldn't invent a plate to put their mud pies on in 40,000 years.


spoilerWhite American children shouldn't
be taught their story begins in
They should learn it begins 1000s
of years ago. That it stretches
through kingdoms, empires, &
across every continent.
That the blood their ancestors
gave them, built civilization & gave
light to the world.

@ElfReich They have less architectural skills than beavers, but their mass immigration to the West is somehow vital for our knowledge based economies, to compete with the rise of ethnically homogenous high IQ nations like China...

@melgibsmedat2 @ElfReich

@melgibsmedat2 @ElfReich it's been shown that like the jews, Asians use the average IQ of their wealthiest and most intelligent citizens to appear smarter while White countries use the entire collective which includes the poorly educated and the non Whites into that average. White people still have the most geniuses by far of any race..

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Fortunately, our new more sensitive society has done a heckuva job decolonizing the Arecibo radio telescope (above) in Puerto Rico.

What work? This is the easiest work ever You sit around and make up reasons why words hurt your feelings. E.g., let’s do Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence:

The word ‘search’ is highly problematic, with a racist past. It featured in the title of African explorer Henry M. Stanley’s famous memoir “The Search for Dr. Livingstone.” The concept of “searching” is highly redolent of white male exploration and discovery.

“Extraterrestrial” is Earth-centric. Why should Earth be privileged as being “terrestrial” when all else in the universe is “extraterrestrial?”

“Intelligence” is highly discriminatory. Intelligent people know that stupidity is just as good as intelligence because they are intelligent, which makes them better than the stupid. Or something.

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(Anonymous Coward #75425695)
Dual citizens and their friends. How do we expel the parasites?

Anyone have a feasible plan to do this?

Our nation can't begin to heal until we get rid of them.

(Anonymous Coward #72450935)
Start with abolishing the financial system. They will flee somewhere else they can commit usury.

(Anonymous Coward #83620577)
One at a time and without telling ANYONE you are going to do it.

(Anonymous Coward #83250315)
Make baby penis mutalation illegal.

(Anonymous Coward #83840059)
Gun or rope

(Anonymous Coward #75394013)
It's been done at least 109 times before.

Let's make it 110!

(Anonymous Coward +83250315)
Close Chinese Restairaunts on Christmas day

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[From "Hitler, The Nazis, The Frankfurt School, And Adorno and Horkheimer’s ‘Dialectic of Enlightenment’ (1947)"]

I have been recently reading Adorno and Horkheimer’s Dialectic of Enlightenment, published in 1947 as one of the Frankfurt School’s first public forays into what Jews had been involved in conspiratorially for decades and what later got labelled Critical Theory[…]Jews of Germany were throughout this period internally trying to undermine Hitler’s National Socialist revolution through academia and culture[…]after the war, their goal switched to “Never Again!” almost overnight[…]
In Dialectic of Enlightenment, the authors basically see this pattern throughout Euro history singularly of reversion to what they consider evil, outdated, and backward movements and modes of being. They focus on Fascism in particular because when they wrote the book this is what frightened them and all Jews most globally[…]
The authors here just assume that “enlightenment” was ever even desirable or practically practicable[…]Enlightenment was forced top-downward upon the people, who were at best ignorant, gullible, and naive of the new bargain being struck (proverbially with Satan, or his earthly representatives the Jews) in the modern “social contract”[…]
Third Reich was deeply rooted in Western civilization obviously, and this was why it was so popular and briefly successful. This same “terror” against Jews was a permanent fixture and general pattern throughout history– and not only Western history either. The Jews actively engineer enemies against them in reaction to their behavior everywhere they go historically and currently[…]
Treating the Jews individually rather than collectively was the first Enlightenment plank and belief objectively, because post-Enlightenment the Jews would use this new status-quo to blind us to the reality of Jewish subversion, co-option, and eventual domination

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Homocel hypothesis


The homocel hypothesis is a model of male homosexuality that suggests that inceldom coupled with the blackpill (social exclusion, sexual frustration and hopelessness) eventually causes gayness. A similar model about "peripheralized" men (incels) making themselves into the female to get some crumbs from higher status men[1] has been proposed by clinical psychologist Frank Muscarella in 2001 (alliance formation theory).[2]

Another related model is the trans-vestigiality hypothesis which states that incels turn gay and feminine to evade aggression from larger males, and then steal their mating opportunities as "sneaker males".


Resources are scarcer and hence more important in harsh ecologies such as the winter in Northern/Eastern hemispheres, so one would expect k-selected males there to exhibit more homocel and homosocial behavior to get some crumbs in dire conditions. Evidence for this may be that U.S. Asians are three times more likely to report a homosexual orientation than the country's average.[9] Homosexual orientation is in fact also related to IQ.[10]

Since autists overwhelmingly are socially excluded, have low social status and frequently experience inceldom, the homocel theory may explain why autists are 10x more likely to be homosexual,[12] or to transition to another gender, with research finding much higher rates and severity of autism among transsexuals.[13] Disabled men are also twice as likely to have an alternative sexual orientation.[14]

66% of men who were homosexual change their orientation to heterosexual five years later which might point to homocels seeing opportunities to ascend in accordance with Muscarella's alliance formation theory.[15]

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In Genesis Chapter 2 YHWH Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge creates his
hybrid race. Who were described in archeology as the Semite Hyksos race of
Indian Adams that lived in Israel, Sumeria etc., in the regions known as Canon?
They were the Canaanites. If we
trace them back in archeology records they are also the Solutreans that are
associated with the City of Atlantis, the West Coast of Europe who also
migrated into North America in 22.000 B.C.

YES THEY GOT AROUND so to speak.
While in Egypt their ruling class actually described Yahweh as Seth a
Dogman figure they called Suetekh that was a hybrid chimera very similar to the
descriptions of Dogman today that people encounter in the woods.

The Hyksos Semites were once considered the lowest cast of human hybrid
beings alive in ancient and prehistoric India. In their legends Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge YHHW was the Archon Demiourgós (δημιουργός) who as in Gnostic legends became blinded by
his own arrogance. According to
alien angel legends the Semite Jewish Canaanite god legends YHWH was really one
of the lesser gods (Elohim) known as the Archon Demiourgós, who referred to his human hybrid race
as his “Chosen Race.” He demanded
that they:

'Thou shalt worship no
other god; for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God' (Exod.

There were many hybrid races created by aliens. This is a best kept secret that is now
being discovered and talked about.
The Semite Hyksos then became known to themselves, and other races, as the 'chosen

The true 'chosen people', of course, were our Scandinavian Mitochondria
Mother race who we all share DNA with.

The first race of hybrids created were the Aryan Race who stole the
DIVINE RIGHT TO RULE THE WORLD from our Scandinavian Mitochondria Mother race.
It all went down hill from there. These Elohim aliens created the different
races to look like them using genetic engineering, cloning and were the

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(Rep. Matt Gaetz)
We are being invaded on our Southern Border.

It is not enough just to finish the Wall. We have to deport the people who are not in our country LEGALLY.

@RepMattGaetz Not good enough. Deporting just illegal immigrants is too little, too late. If America is to survive, all non-white immigrants must be deported, illegal AND legal.

@brextremist @RepMattGaetz That would be a start.
Then a regular practice of filling up prisons with non Whites and deporting from there to where ever. I say we shouldn't bother spending any more time or money than to kick them all across the Mexican boarder to let Mexico deal with them.

@RepMattGaetz deport those that aided and abetted illegal aliens too.

@phlfie @RepMattGaetz Fine employers who hire them. Fine landlords who house them and watch how fast the problem fixes itself.

@RepMattGaetz We also need to send back all “anchor babies” and end all foreign work

@RepMattGaetz and end birthright citizenship. Get it up before the Supreme Court.

@RepMattGaetz No amnesties. If anyone is granted amnesty under this illegitimate white-genocidal administration, reverse it.

Reverse amnesties.
Revoke citizenships.
Repatriate aliens.

@RepMattGaetz. I also wish border patrol agents could just shoot at those trying to enter illegally. Better deterrent than a wall.

@UncarvedBlock @RepMattGaetz NOT "AT"..... shoot to KILL or they will be back like the cockroaches they are. Fill the Rio-grande with the blood of illegals and perhaps they MIGHT get the "idea" to stay the hell where they are.



@HeartlanderUSA @RepMattGaetz Jews and niggers should be nr. 2 and 3.
Then America would again start to resemble the nation the Founding Fathers intended!

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The awake part of the population, the Americans with sufficient intelligence to be able to think independently of what CNN, NPR, NBC, the NYTimes and the rest of the presstitutes stick in their heads, are furious with Biden’s rampart anti-Americanisms. To name just a few: open borders flooding the country with immigrant-invaders and the associated welfare burdens, crime, and illegal voting; political prosecution of opponents; gratuitous conflict with Russia, China, and Iran; demonization of white Americans as racists; illegal lockdowns and vaccination mandates; the green light given to sexual perversion; the imposition of sensitivity training and Critical Race Theory on white kids in public schools and white members of the military and civil service and the imposition of quotas on their promotion. The corrupt Biden regime has done all it can to destroy equal treatment. In place of an opportunity society America now has a society of special privileges for “oppressed minorities.”
If the Democrats can be prevented from again stealing the November election, perhaps more Republicans with backbone can get into office, people like Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan, Marjorie Taylor Greene, South Dakota governor Kristi Noem, and Florida governor Ron DeSantis. Governor DeSantis has said outright that he will not permit woke prosecutors to defend criminals from justice as is the practice in many Democrat jurisdictions. DeSantis understands that the Democrats’ policy of normalizing crime, sexual perversion, and open borders means the death of America.

Although it took forever, finally many Americans have also come to this realization. If the sentient Americans who remain can reject being put in a defensive position by the Democrat and media enemies of America, people far more dangerous than Russians, Chinese, and Iranians, and turn aggressive like Antifa and BLM, the republic has a chance of being restored.

Otherwise, it is good-bye America.

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So how simple would it be for today's Ashkenazi Jews to take such a <"23andMe"> test en masse to determine their percentage of Semitic heritage, and thus verify their claim on Israel?

Well, that's been done already, and it's not surprising we haven't heard much about these studies.

Dr. Areilla Oppenheim of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, conducted the first comprehensive DNA study of Israelis and Palestinians in 2001. She concluded that Ashkenazi Jews were of Mongolian 40% and Turkish 40% genome.

There was no Semitic blood connecting them to the original Middle Eastern Hebrews of 4,000 years ago in Jerusalem or Biblical territory. Jews were found to be more closely related to groups in the north of the Fertile Crescent (Kurds, Turks, and Armenians) than to their Arab neighbors.
We've seen a lot of this lately, this "up is down" and "black is white" reversal of the truth from the Ashkenazi Jew-owned media and governments: men can have babies, vaccines protect your health, and farming is killing us.

Ever since 9/11, I decided to take the philosophy of just thinking the opposite of what the media tells me. When the media said the Muslims carried out the 9/11 attacks, I just replaced the word Muslims with their mortal enemies, the Ashkenazi Jews. I also started to realize that this tactic of reversing the truth goes back way further than I imagined.

They tell us people of European descent shipped the slaves over to North America from Africa: no, it was primarily Ashkenazi Jews who did that. They tell us the Jesuits were Catholics: no, Ignatius Loyola was a Marrano, or "crypto-Jew". So was Christopher Columbus.
My prediction: when people finally see through the way that the Ashkenazi Jews claimed Israel on false pretenses, they will shift out of the Middle East back towards their original homeland--the country currently known as Ukraine. The 2022 Russian-Ukrainian war has been planned for quite a while for just that reason.

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[From "Not fighting for your Racial People or against COVID means you must marinate in self-hatred and Lament"]

The Caucasian World is entering a new wave of a total stupor beyong anything ever witnessed in the history of the West, and the consequential results of a people who have entirely given up the “fight” in anything for their Name and Legacy, along with refusing to engage in revolutionary activity because they are cowards and socially retarded, and refusing the fight against COVID Protocols, comes with a heavy price to pay

The price means that you will see endless hordes of White people who are simmering, marinating and completely engulfed in their own despicable Self-Hatred

Let them stew and marinate in their horrible concotion of toxic stew

Fucking retards and cowards, especially White Collar ones as well

The major destiny for the Caucasian world is to be roiled in Self-Hatred and to look like tattered jerks who are laying on the street

This is the destiny they have chosen, over pursuing truth or racial defense

All because they “didn’t want to look like some sort of crazy person” or lose their social acceptance among others

Fucking Morons

Congressman Paul Gosar & Various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

(Congressman Paul Gosar)
The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer.

The future does not belong to globalists -- the future belongs to American patriots.

The future is America First. 🇺🇸☝️


@Dirty_White_Boy @DrPaulGosar

The Jew is worth 10 Nogs.

@DrPaulGosar The future does not belong to antiwhites, it belongs to white wellbeing advocates.

@DrPaulGosar kike lover ...

@DrPaulGosar the future belongs to the white race or no one

@RetroNemesis @DrPaulGosar well the whites or the Chinese, and the Chinese are nowhere near as infiltrated and self hating as the whites are. Real shameful

@DrPaulGosar White men.

@Peace123abc He's not allowed to say those words. @DrPaulGosar

@DrPaulGosar Without action, these are just words. Ineffectual, ephemeral, and pointless.

We know our federal government is engaged in open treason against the citizenry of the United States of America.

We know the FBI, so utterly corrupt, is now teaching its agents that Americans who display the flag of BETSY ROSS are "terrorists".

We know that our federal government is embezzling billions of dollars of taxpayer money and laundering it through third-world nations.

We know that elections have been stolen. I witnessed an attempt at this just last night, in person, at the polling station, as a poll challenger.

@BattleDwarfGimli @DrPaulGosar don't hold your breath waiting for action. January 6th American protesters are still rotting in jail.
So. What will it be, sir? Just words, or are we going to finally see some sort of actual action?

Prussian Society of America #sexist #psycho #racist prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "Don’t even think or debate about Saving and Protecting White Women"]

The majority of them are completely long dead and gone. They are just whistling past the graveyard, and only a fool with a Christian conscience would entertain such silly notions

You must be a Man who has enough self-respect for your Sovereignty to stomach the idea of witnessing your own savage racial women starve and suffer

They deserve it

The Grim Reaper, needs to come do his long overdue handiwork, so to speak[…]
Of these filthy whores manage to even survive through the coming storm, it’s only a question about who will capture them and hold them ransom as Slaves to either be used or sold, because that will be the only use for them and even at that, Western Women have highly toxic minds and bodies, so they are actually even low value slaves. They would be sold very cheaply

Caucasian Women who have maintained their honor, integrity and purity in every interpretations of those words, are few and far between, and only such specimens as those are worthy of securing

Women are routinely cheap with Men and give Men nearly nothing but an idea, therefore it is wise that a Man acts very cheaply with Women[…]
Gender Segregation, as I have warned about, is becoming a major trend now in the West, and will continue to accelerate

Men and Women are pretty much no longer ideal for one another because of genetic tampering with the races, intermixing and subversive Propaganda with Feminism that has ensured it

And when you tie in the genetic changes and infertility that Women now have after taking the clot shots, not only can they not have kids, but they have even longer duration menstrual cycles which means more aggravation and pissy moods from them

Various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

Tell me "Whites Need Not Apply" without telling me "Whites Need Not Apply."

spoilerAdams asks for photos of city job
applicants in effort to increase diversity

@KeepNHGranite Good. The sooner they fill all positions with non-Whites, the sooner it all falls apart for good. Then, the real party can start.

@KeepNHGranite If they can institutionalize racism against you when you are the majority..can you imagine what will happen when you are no longer the majority?

@KeepNHGranite Applied for a job at Notre Dame a few months back. They sent me a link for a "One-Way Interview" where I had to video myself answering 5 questions. As I was recording it, kept thinking in the back of my head that they were just doing this to make sure they got a diversity hire. Never did hear back from them after.

@KeepNHGranite black shoe polish don’t fail me now!

@KeepNHGranite Imagine a White mayor asking for photos to keep from hiring black people.

They were already discriminating against Whites. Now they want to make the process more efficient so they don’t “waste their time” with White people in interviews.

@KeepNHGranite Rhetorical question.... isn't it a violation of federal law to discriminate based on race?

Progressives would be screaming if a white mayor said the same thing as Adams.

@8CallMeMom @KeepNHGranite Yes, indeed it is. But the law is whatever the people in power choose to enforce.

As Joseph Jordan has pointed out, the 1964 Civil Rights Act was White America's "Treaty of Versailles".


A civilization needs black leadership like a civilization needs a plague.

Congressman Paul Gosar & Various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

(Congressman Paul Gosar)
Proud of my A+ rating from @NumbersUSA. America needs an immigration moratorium now to address the unsustainable influx on our southern border.

@DrPaulGosar America not only needs a moratorium it needs interior removal.

@DrPaulGosar Not just a moratorium on immigration, but an INDEFINITE moratorium, and a 100% apprehension and relocation out of the US of every illegal alien on US soil.
Of all the tyrannical government agencies we have, we should have one whose sole purpose is tracking illegal aliens and sending them back, or at least out.

@DrPaulGosar until your party as a whole decides to act in unison, and acts decisively and with maximum force, your individual ratings are jack shit.
You work in a Congress riddled with traitors, leftists, communists, immigrant plants, false Christians, false patriots,
globalists, pedophiles, thieves and murderers, to name only a few groups. What the hell does one persons rating do? No much, but pat yourself on the back real good while the nation burns and crumbles.

@DrPaulGosar Minimum 10-year moratorium on all immigration. Those already in the legal paperwork pipeline make the cut. Deport all illegal aliens immediately.

@BlakHawkBill 20 year moratorium, due to the MILLIONS that have now invaded us. Deport them all. @DrPaulGosar

@CheekyPeasant @BlakHawkBill @DrPaulGosar How about just no more brown people ever?

@DrPaulGosar We need to stop ALL Immigration. Period.

They are bitching about food and water shortages, but letting over 2 million Illegals in, in just the past 1 1/2 years!

And all of our Tax dollars are funding DC and all these ILLEGALS!

Nouvelle Alliance (New Alliance), Front Canadien-Français (French Canadian Front), Vincent Filteau, Alexandre Cormier-Denis #wingnut #racist #fundie #transphobia #elitist #conspiracy antihate.ca

Billing itself as a home for a broad political coalition of sovereigntists, Nouvelle Alliance (New Alliance) held its first public event in March 2022, announcing its identity as a separatist group

They recently began giving out membership cards, all adorned with pictures of men wearing shirts with slogans like “Québec for Québécois” and “Québec in French”

Their launch manifesto, published on May 1, celebrates the heritage of those who “colonized the Laurentian valley, took possession of and developed the land through sweat and blood”

“This manifesto is an open act of bravery against the undermining work of anti-nationals, to whom our political landscape has been left with impunity for too long”[…]
Several of Nouvelle Alliance’s founding members – including its president François Gervais – previously formed the leadership of the Front Canadien-Français (French Canadian Front), an ultra-nationalist and radical traditionalist Catholic group[…]
Public commemorations of historical figures such as Lionel Groulx and Maurice Duplessis[…]
Duplessis was premier of Québec[…]during an era known as “the Great Darkness”[…]Groulx, a catholic priest and historian, was a vocal supporter of a movement to boycott Jewish businesses, and accused Jews of spreading communism[…]
The FCF proposed a political agenda in opposition to “individualism,” “mediocre egalitarianism” and communism, while promoting “order, hierarchy and uncompromising patriotism”[…]
Vincent Filteau[…]has several social media posts which praise white nationalist streamers, describe immigrants as “threats to Québec’s survival”[…]politicians in support of transgender rights as “psychotics and degenerates of the worst kind”[…]
On Instagram, the group once praised [Alexandre] Cormier-Denis, who believes "ethnonationalism is the only political position that makes sense," once sharing a meme describing him as a "modern patriot"

Snake Baker #racist #psycho stormer-daily.rw

[From "Alleged Serial Killer Targeting Moslems in Albuquerque"]

Serial killer?

More like serial awesome

I joke, joke. I disavow killing Moslems. Although, it’s really hard to care. These Moslems have been killing us for a long time. A long time

And anyway, just as a factual matter, this is not a “serial killer,” it’s a vigilante killer

Like the Punisher.

NBC News

Sharief Hadi, a halal market and cafe owner, left Afghanistan in the 1980s and settled in the United States for what he thought would be a safer life

But after the murders of four Muslim men in the city in the last few months — including his brother Mohammad Zaher Ahmadi — Hadi’s faith in the American dream is shattered[…]
“They feel a certain helplessness, they’re in fear,” Assed said of Muslim community members. “Their whole world has been flipped upside down”

Now you know how white people feel about you ragheads invading their countries

[…]The four men all left behind relatives, friends and colleagues who are struggling to understand the bloodshed

Yes. How sad

But all people have relatives, actually. All the people that Moslems kill in their terrorist attacks have relatives

Why are there Moslems in New Mexico?

Why exactly are they needed there?

Congressman Paul Gosar , @14W , @Lifetimeresident & @zersetzung_org #wingnut #racist gab.com

(Congressman Paul Gosar)
According to Border Patrol, encounters with illegal aliens are up 292% in Yuma. It’s completely irresponsible for Biden to incentivize illegal migration through my constituents’ communities.

Border security is basic sovereignty.

@DrPaulGosar Biden and his antiwhite regime WANT white erasure.

@DrPaulGosar its treasonous sir. Call it what it truly is man. An invasion being allowed by a US President. Know who else is going to get blamed? CONGRESS. Good luck if you and your colleagues continue to sugarcoat the truth for the sake of decorum. In case you havent heard we are at war.

"It's completely irresponsible" says the politician.


Anyone who denies this obvious fact is likely an agent of the enemy.

Billowel #dunning-kruger #fundie #racist #sexist incels.is

Is Italy even worse than Germany? Jfl

lookswise meds look way uglier then whites especially if they come from the south.

but hypergamy wise?italy has shit tier wages,a huge ammount of competition since it's still a very populated country(the smaller the population the harder it is for dating apps to work and for chads to appear),is one of the most travelled countries in the world so white bois gonna be fucking them tanned poor easy bitches,unless the guys can immigrate they often have no jobs and can't afford escorts(yeah escorting is a sin but that isn't the point). So the women are very hard to get,the guys have zero money,they can't escortmaxx,can't africamaxx heck they can't even vidyamaxx since getting a pc is expensive for them,they can't restaurantmaxx,they get mogged 24/7 especially in big cities.All of this whilst living in one of the most beatiful countries in the world,filled with amazing beaches, and a million chads and cute stacies that often look like jbs(meds are tiny people) constantly going around and waving their happiness to anyone.

so yeah i would say it's way fucking worse then germany.at least in germany there are decent jobs,neetbuxes,some help if you are homeless.in italy there doesn't seem to be any of that,

Shitskin hands typed this.

Not even worth answering this amount of garbage point by point.

i don't live in italy,but that's the impression i have from what i have seen so far.how am i wrong?

Brother Nathanael #racist #wingnut #conspiracy realjewnews.com

Can Jews Be Conservatives?

“We don’t want Jews in our movement,” says Andrew Torba, owner of Gab.

He says “Ben Shapiro and David Rubin are not welcome.”

That “movement” Torba is spearheading is a Christian nationalist fight to take back America.

“Shapiro, and Rubin,” says Torba, “must repent, renounce Judaism, and accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour to be considered bona fide conservatives.”

It begs the question:

Can Jews be Conservatives?

How could they?

Jews require censorship to protect their unquestionable power.

That’s why the kikes invented “hate speech” to shove a gag down your throat.

If you still insist that Shapiro, Rubin, Levin, Prager, Geller, Fleisher, Zeldin, Horowitz, Steven Miller, and the like, are ‘conservatives’ then ask yourself:

“What are Jews conserving?”

Besides, of course, their own unquestionable power in politics, media, finance, and Zionist propaganda.

Jews affirm their own political movements, but if Christians attempt it the Jews forbid it as ‘racist.’

The classic definition of conservatives are those to achieve maximum freedom, which naturally exiles the Yid.
All in all, in toto, across the board, in every respect, in its full entirety, no one pushes censorship, twisted-sex, gun stripping more than the ‘Conservative’ Jews in tandem with the Jew-run media and screech-dog ADL.
What you see is what you get.

You are NOT going to get anything “Conservative” out of the Jew.

You’re going to get deception, subversion, controlled-opposition, cultural inversion, civil disruption, and population dispossession.

Can America be saved?

Well, let’s put it this way.

There are 50 times more Christians than Jews.

It’s time for Christians to pry the oppressive Jewish boot from off their heads.

Jared Taylor #racist amren.com

Black Brutality

Either we talk about it or we lose our country.

Everyone knows violent crime is up, and there are theories about why.

I have noticed a pattern that may not fit any of these theories.

In New Orleans this spring, a 17-year-old boy with a pistol, along with three girls — one 16, the others 15 — stole a car with the owner in it. She got stuck in her seatbelt and was hanging out the driver’s-side door when they roared away. Her arm was ripped off and she bled to death. The carjackers were black. The 73-year-old victim was white.

Just a few days ago in Philadelphia, seven black children — the youngest was 10 — beat a 73-year-old black man to death with a traffic cone.

Here’s an Orlando headline from not even two months ago: “10-year-old girl shot, killed woman after fight.”

It is hard to imagine people of any other race doing these things. America has a shocking problem with black people, a problem it refuses even to think about.

Not to put too fine a point on it, these people are enemies of civilization.

Do white people do this sort of thing? Do Asians? Hispanics? Maybe if you hunted really hard, you could find some examples. With blacks, you don’t have to hunt at all.

I hate to say this, but vicious savagery against whites is understandable in a twisted way. From childhood on, blacks learn that whites are bad people. Why not rob them, beat them, kill them?

But what about those seven youngsters who beat a helpless black man to death? What kind of depravity is this? Those children are almost an indictment of the whole species.

When something like that makes the news — which mostly it doesn’t — there’s a little hand-wringing and then silence. But let a white person say a few ill-chosen words, and it’s proof of a vast, malignant web of white supremacy and systemic racism that we must all work to dismantle, night and day.

This is not just disproportionate. It’s sick. It’s like running the vacuum while the house burns down.

Is it meanspirited or wrong to talk about this? No. It’s essential. And for as long as whites are paralyzed by the fear of being called “racist,” their country will keep sinking into savagery until they have no country at all.

Ben Klassen #racist #conspiracy renegadetribune.com

Unfortunately or otherwise, there are not only millions, but billions of people who are adult in years, but their minds are still as irrational and gullible as a little child’s. And that is just the way the preachers would like to keep their flock of sheep. “Unless ye become as little children ye cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven,” saith the Lord. Although when they become adults these sheep may, too, have studied Ancient History, geology, geography, math and science, there is still a major section of their cranial grey matter that insists on clinging to silly fairy tales that their common sense tells them are ridiculous. They call it “religion” and proudly describe it as their “faith.”

Among this heterogeneous group of gullibles are the Christians, who believe in a mythical Christ of which there is no more historical evidence than there is of Mother Goose, who purportedly performed a myriad of miracles as hokey as any of the Mother Goose stories, such as the cow Jumping over the moon. They believe them because they are in print and their bible says so, and that is reason enough, they claim.
However, if Yahweh fornicated with a little jewess called Mary, how does this still leave her a virgin, and is it still really a virgin birth? Hardly. The jewish scribblers glorify this kind of fornication and adultery with a fancy name and call it the Immaculate Conception. Tricky, tricky.
We Creators would rather be promoting a cause that may be unpopular at this time but will win in the end, than one that may be popular now but lose in the end.
The Dark Ages of European civilization were at their worst when jewish christianity was at its peak.
Spooks in the Sky: Unseen, unheard, unfelt, unsmelt, unknown, unreal.
Unless the White Race takes charge of its own destiny, none of the pressing problems of the world will ever be solved.
Political Parties come and go. Religions endure.

Marjorie Taylor Greene & Various commenters #wingnut #racist #homophobia gab.com

( Marjorie Taylor Greene)

spoilerPray to END abortion in America!

@RealMarjorieGreene ……but pray to make it mandatory for Jews and niggers

@RealMarjorieGreene Pray to end the jew and there will be no need for abortion.

It looks like they don't need abortions anymore, they destroyed women reproductive system with a vaccine, they are Laser focused on guns now so they can move to murder the men. And where's our military? are they still spreading democracy in Muslims countries to keep our best ally Israel safe?

@RealMarjorieGreene Also all LGBTQ and Gay Marriage be banned and ended. In fact it should be a Crime and if caught go to Prison.
Make being Gay or Lesbian be frowned upon in America.

@RealMarjorieGreene Abortion is here to stay - but at least we can end the sale of fetal tissue and body parts on the open science lab market. Whaddaya say? Ready to sell all those bio-pharma-tech stocks? Check your retirement portfolio.

Various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

It's so more than just "They're not White!"

Firstly, Asians are completely heartless and soulless. They have the worst animal abuse levels out of any other race. Worse than Jews, worse than blacks.

And this alone makes them incompatible with White peoples, White cultures, and White civilizations. White people have an inherent love of animals, even the ones we consume.

On top of that, Asians are inherently anti-White. They hate White people, so why should we want them in our countries? When they settle in White countries, they create little colonies that White people aren't allowed in. It's a different type of invasion tactic: slowly, but concretely.

Asians have invaded White homelands by the hundreds of millions. And yet some of you want us to believe that Asians are great people who should be welcomed into White countries, as if they're not doing us any harm?

I never understood the WN hatred for Asians.

"They're not White!"

Some of them are brown but some Asians are lighter than White people.

- IQ
- Tribal/loyal to their own
- Mostly stable nations
- Tight knit families
- Very patriarchal
- Racist
- Most of them are hard workers in school and profession
- Most of them are in shape
- Technologically advanced
- Good food (except for eating dogs)


I'm surprised anyone is still buying into the "model minority" myth when Asians are now hysterically ranting about White racism while blacks rob their stores and beat them senseless.

They've taken their masks off.

@Nature_and_Race there are great peoples amongst the Asian races that have accomplished great feats and built great wonders, but our evolution across the millennia has lead to the creation of cultures so alien and bizarre to one another that they're entirely incompatible. It's best that we both stay in our own spaces. History shows that only conflict and degeneracy arise from our interactions.

@Nature_and_Race non-Whites just don't belong in our societies. for me it has nothing to do with whether I approve of their inherent natures and behaviours or not. Their very presence within our borders IS the damage, and is the danger.

Marjorie Taylor Greene & Various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( Marjorie Taylor Greene)
There is a civil war in the GOP, but I lean into it. Our supporters will not keep supporting us if we do not stop what is happening to America.

@RealMarjorieGreene You're a fake. Support white wellbeing and call out antiwhitism and the antiwhites or you're showing that you are false opposition yourself.

@14W @RealMarjorieGreene Then go run for office and do something other than running your mouth! 🤡

@Terebinth_Conference @RealMarjorieGreene People who support white wellbeing won't receive major funding, you retard. Lol

@14W @RealMarjorieGreene - Put a lid on it. Absolutely nothing wrong with being proud of ones White heritage. Doesn’t mean they’re racist. Non-Whites, particularly blacks express being proud of their black heritage 24/7.

@24TRUMP28 @RealMarjorieGreene Put a lid on your antiwhitism. If everyone can advocate for their own wellbeing, then why are you bitching about us doing it? Cry more loser.

You guys need to stop supporting Israel and their nonsense and actually put America first. The Republicans are infested with Christian Zionists just like the Democrats are infested with Marxists.

@RealMarjorieGreene It isn't even a battle between Democrats and Republicans. It is a battle between Nimrodic Globalists and Nationalist. Good and Evil.

@RealMarjorieGreene But you will never name the jew - so you are going round in circles, and are still owned by the jew. A new Patriot's Party is needed that isn't owned by the jew or afraid to tell the truth about them and their Talmud - which is the Elephant in the Room of American politics.

Prussian Society of America #ableist #racist #wingnut prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "A Case Study in Humans who love Disabled, Ugly and worthless people"]

My Philosophy for a Happy Life” TEDxMidAtlantic, October 2013

Progeria is not a condition, it is a different species of Humanoids, nevertheless, Sam Berns is a Jew

It is most excessively apparent in the Americans, and this is why I repeatedly state that Americans are a Nation of Losers, who love Slavery and Bondage, and have an inner streak of Self-Hatred of which they project everywhere

Take a Glance at the comments, and you will see and understand the hysterical obsession and religious nuances being spoken by these obsessed freaks who want to claim someone is beautiful[…]and to claim they are a “good person”[…]
Why isn’t a Beautiful Musician or Band who creates Beautiful Music given such statements of worship and inspiration?[…]
One commenter writes:

Charlie Pecto: You are a beautiful human being Sam! .. I am sharing this video of yours to my 19 year old son who is facing challenges emotionally and mentally but can’t quiet win over these challenges! Thank you so much for sharing your philosophies

For one, he is not beautiful, and the fact that the commenter needs to imply of him being a “Human Being” just shows how unnatural the emotion and statement behind it all is[…]
Rhere is a Musician I know of, beautiful inside and out, of whom someone was making an attempt to attack during their musical career, and for everything this Musician did do or didn’t do, and she was accused of all kinds of ridiculous theories as to her disdain with things. A lot of her personal works were also ruthlessly rejected by Record Companies, deemed too “Nationalistic”[…]
It’s just as silly as the cult following that the Autistic Demon girl Greta Thunberg has[…]
It is also demonstrative of how much Americans are in love with Jewry and has absolutely no Discernment or set of Standards

Various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

The race war already started.

They’ve just convinced White people to refuse to fight back or to actively participate in their own destruction

@Apolitical Just watching TV and walking through America’s cities you’d think America was 80% nonwhite. Then BLM happened in 2020 and all of the White people came out… marching for BLM.

@Apolitical Letting them come for your children is the cHriSTiaN THiNg To dO!

@Apolitical America? White Racial self-awareness is the first step toward loosing your chains of jewish guilt-mongering.

"Are you for WHITE America? Because if it's not White, it's NOT RIGHT!"

@Apolitical white people call for calm when an 18 yo white girl is gang raped and murdered by 4 black thugs………black folks burn down a city when a black gangsta is shot dead by a cop….and black politicians incite them to do it…

@Apolitical A great number of white people are simply cowards and won't fight back.

@blgilchrist @Apolitical Fight back against what?

@Luke67 @blgilchrist @Apolitical
The subhuman sub species that are closer to monkeys than man

Look at a picture of a negro, then a monkey, then a white.


White folks are too nice and too gullible to believe that there are other races out there that seek the White people's destruction.
Like: *nah... (They) can't mean us.

@Apolitical they’ve not only convinced whites to not fight, but to fight for the other side. This will be the first time in history that a race of people will genocide themselves.

@Apolitical I reckon the 2 year lockdown, mask mandates and jabs showed the elites clearly that the people could be easily manipulated. Far too many were compliant......so here we are!

@Apolitical A war is when both sides are fighting as equally strong against each other. A genocide is when only one side is fighting. Whites aren't fighting back (aggressively, defensively or offensively); they're being genocided.

Congressman Paul Gosar & Various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

(Congressman Paul Gosar)
A nation without borders, a nation without laws, and a nation without secure and transparent elections is no nation at all.

Before the Biden Regime, we were on top of the world - now, we're treated like a joke.

We the People aren't laughing.

@DrPaulGosar Biden's antiwhite regime is destroying this country deliberately. White erasing us out of our own nation.

@DrPaulGosar Before biden we still had major problems. Politicians pretend to take on the symptoms but never the source of our problems. Communism ensues. Why don't you do something.

@DrPaulGosar America is the new collapsing USSR & Russia is the new America, all thanks to the Democrats

@DrPaulGosar we should be treated like a joke. We let a pedophile pretend he’s the president when everyone knows he isn’t. No one stands up to fight for what’s right. We let evil get the tiniest bit of a stand amongst us and this is what we deserve. A lot of things have to start happening before we just get a country back, we have more work to do than can probably be done honestly. It might be time to restart not try to salvage.

@Mrsh21413 @DrPaulGosar The reason why there is no organic uprising is because people are denied their identity. Thanks for diversity people don't know for whom are they supposed to spill blood for. Are they suppose to fight for the right of Asians who still wear masks? Is it for jews so that they multiply their wealth? Is it for blacks not to have abortions (statistically they would be close to 30% by now)?

Every red state has the biggest hub capitol fully blue. How do you carve out something like that? How do you carve out purple states? How to do separate?

Very hard to figure out what has to be done in such massive multi culti country with hispanic Texas and jewinfested Florida.

Laura Loomer & Various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

(Laura Loomer)
24 days left till the Florida Republican primary!

I’m campaigning 18 hours a day to get to DC to FIGHT for all of you.

The feckless, cowardly Republican Party establishment has given my opponent thousands of dollars to use against me even though he supported the 2nd impeachment of Donald Trump, skipped the vote on the bill that would have federalized our elections, and he doesn’t believe the election was stolen.

We must unseat him. Please donate $25 or more to my campaign today so we can FINISH WITH VICTORY!


I will never vote for a Jew. Not after how they treat Whites. They are horrible people.

@lauraloomer just what Jewmerica needs, another kike in Congress.

@lauraloomer don't support this Jewish transgender.

@lauraloomer I used to defend you from Nazis but you got spotted with freemason bullshit.....you will not survive your father....he lies to all including his own...Christ is your only chance.

@lauraloomer you're done kike...hit the showers with Milo for some ass play and have a nice long soak at the mikvah...tranny garbage.

Synagogue of satan this cunt is

@lauraloomer Democrat, Republican
you are ALL servants of Jews and you ALL need to be hanged

A transgender Jew - you are perfect fit with our current clown government 🤡

@lauraloomer no trannies. Period. And no jews either.

@lauraloomer sorry we don't need more jews in position of power in this country.

Prussian Society of America #racist #dunning-kruger prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "Why Immigrant Cultural Contributions are often worthless"]

Some Barbarian Races may cook great food, or have certain traits about them which may seem admirable from time to time, but they can be potentially destructive to the landscape of your country[…]
Very few races are capable of improving and innovating upon another culture[…]
We have a lot of problematic immigrants in America who are not just among Blacks and Hispanics, but there are many problematic people like Albanians, Syrians, even some Romanians and others as well[…]
Many of these Races lower the standards and quality of European Civilization, if even they may also have European or Aryan ancestry or origins of some sort, because they have higher tolerance for corruption[…]
Arabs and Persians for example, many are disgusting two-faced liars, they lack honor and very few Islamic Clerics today will speak the truth of how degenerate their people have become[…]
Many Races love to be people pleasers, ESPECIALLY if they gained an immigration foothold on suspicious terms[…]
The differences and nuances among various races are too great to be ignored

Civilizations which bring in all kinds of immigrants from all parts of the world, even if they do not miscegenation, it still causes dissonance[…]
Societies which bring in immigrants from many parts of the world become less trustworthy and more anti-social[…]
America did bring in better elements from Europe, from countries like even Greece, Italy or Poland[…]these effects were very short-lived[…]
Some Empires throughout history have attempted atomized multi-ethnic enclaves, such as the Ottoman Empire did[…]
Albanians have some of the lowest levels of empathy, shoddy and shallow[…]
The best policy for Caucasians to mitigate claims and cries of Racism from Non-Whites is to unashamedly and brazenly show one’s Racist Attitudes

horse237 #racist #wingnut #conspiracy vidrebel.wordpress.com

The United States has had three coups if you count the first one as being Jekyll Island in November of 1910. Those first coup plotters met at Jekyll Island and secretly wrote the law that became the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. All of the bankers who met in secret were Rothschild agents. This included Paul Warburg of the Rothschild dominated Kuhn Loeb bank. Nelson Aldrich who was a Senator married into the Rockefeller family. The Rockefellers were created by the Rothschilds as were J P Morgan, the Harrimans and the Bush family. Senator Aldrich was head of the National Monetary Commission created by President Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt had become President after the Jews had successfully assassinated President McKinley. They previously had assassinated President Lincoln. John Wilkes Booth was Jewish. But I prefer not to count these earlier assassinations as coups. The remaining members of the Jekyll Island Six were Treasury Department employees. who did what they were told to do.

It was no coincidence that President Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963 which was the 53rd anniversary of Israel’s earlier coup. President Kennedy had dared to attempt to take America back from the Jews.

All three of America’s coups involved Israel. I have defined an Israeli as anyone of Jewish descent who is loyal to Israel. There was no state of Israel in 1910 but there was an ongoing criminal enterprise which could be called Judaism Incorporated. Any educated person whose thoughts have not been contaminated by the Jews should view Israel as the enemy of all mankind.
Piper does not mention that JFK was assassinated on the 53rd anniversary of the first day of the meetings to found the Federal Reserve Bank. That meeting on November 22, 1910 could be considered the first Jewish coup. America’s second Jewish coup was of course the JFK assassination. And the third occurred on 9-11-2001 when Israel took down World Trade Center Towers 1, 2 and 7 with controlled demolitions.

Various Femcels #dunning-kruger #psycho #racist #sexist thepinkpill.co

Monkeypox is About to Prove TruFemcels Was Right All Along

The jokes and memes already started. People who wouldn't take COVID seriously are not messing with monkeypox.

Why? The disfiguring lesions which sometimes create awful scars ruin appearance. People not even focused on the bubbles being so painful they are being treated with narcotics

Suddenly all the bullshit about looks are out the door. Lethal or not, people understand how looking bad will make you a pariah. They instinctively understand the severe ramifications and ostracization.

The Live Laugh Love queens of toxic positivity arent comforted by "men will fuck anything" because what? People are mean to those who are ugly?

Who woulda thunk.

Pay attention the next few weeks. You couldn't see COVID as easily so these people didnt give a shit who died

Lets see what the sentiment around this outbreak tells us

Blame these slutty men for spreading this disgusting disease.

Humanity is a whole joke most people are more afraid of the bubbles that can go away with treatment and only leave simple scars than the actual virus and its horrible symptoms and pain 💀

As an aside, learning that monkeypox has to be treated with narcotics makes me want to vomit. Because Native Americans had to undergo mass smallpox after Eurosettlers came to their lands...

Disturbing. I hope climate change gets rid of the non-natives on the continents.