Racism, including ethnic hatred, nationalism and equating religion to race

Charlie Kirk and Jeremy Carl #racist #conspiracy angrywhitemen.org

On the Apr. 16, 2024 episode of his Rumble show,[…]Charlie Kirk interviewed Jeremy Carl — a Senior Fellow at the[…]Claremont Institute who authored a book bemoaning “anti-white racism”

Charlie Kirk: So let’s get back into the anti-white racism. How do we then best fight back and withstand the criticism where they’re gonna say this is just a whitelash, or this is just you being a white nationalist?
Jeremy Carl: Right. Well I mean the simple answer to the white nationalist question is I’m just — I’m not[…]I mean there should be a backlash against the fact that there being racists, because that’s good[…]You shouldn’t be able to be racist without accountability. So I don’t have any problem with that
But I think there’s lots of different tactics. Whether it’s lawfare[…]we need to really re-look at how we’ve enforced civil rights laws[…]I’m not saying that because I think we need to relitigate the wisdom of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. It was put in at a particular time to solve —
CK: Oh I’ll criticize it
JC: Yeah, yeah. But it’s — but I mean —
CK: That’s Caldwell’s thing
JC:[…]Chris Caldwell is a colleague of mine[…]It’s fine to do that. But I think just as a political strategy, I think if people wanna say ‘Hey, there were absolutely real problems that it was addressing,’ whether you think it did it in the perfect way or not. But we’re as far from that time right now as they were from the Wright brothers. So there’s a lot of things that’ve changed in American society. We’re not worried about people not being served at lunch counters anymore
CK: Yeah, and the Civil Rights Act, though let’s be clear, created a beast. And that beast has now turned into an anti-white weapon
JC: Yeah. And that’s the reality. And so we just need to fundamentally re-look at a lot of our civil rights legal regime. And without that, even though I don’t think it’s sort of the magic bullet, but I think without that there’s limits to the amount of progress we’re gonna make

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[From “April 5, 2024: White People”]


Panel 1: Slick is passing in front of a depicting a 1950s-style white man smoking a pipe, a mayo jar and a flour sack while voices are saying “White supremacy”, “White rage” and “White fragility”
Panel 2: The screen show a Neo Nazi, a Klansman, Pepe the Frog and a Christian cross while a voice is saying “deplorable”, “hateful” and “toxic”
Panel 3: The voice says to Slick “But wait” and “There is a way white people can gain mainstream acceptance”
Panel 4: A pink-haired person is riding on a rocket under the slogan “Sodomy”, while a rainbow and a bearded man wearing pigtails are in the background

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Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of the fire of Notre Dame Cathedral & today in Denmark the Børsen Stock Exchange building in Copenhagen is on fire.

I'm not a Christian but I'm sure one could see these incidents as God's punishment for the West adopting Multiculturalism.

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Elijah Schaffer hosted a debate on diversity between Australian Neo-Nazi Joel Davis and Drew Pavlou[…]
One of the first questions posed by[…]Schaffer was for Davis and Pavlou to define diversity[…]
“Our country was founded by white nationalists,” Davis asserted

“Every single founding father and the first 16 prime ministers of Australia[…]they were all white nationalists[…]They explicitly founded this place as a white nationalist state with something called the ‘White Australia policy’[…]”

Davis explained that “being against diversity” was about “preserving the white man’s land” and “maintain[ing] white values”[…]“What diversity really means is white genocide on a long enough timeline”[…]
Davis went on to say that his ancestors “for thousands of years” fought wars, “engaged in settler-colonialism”[…]“I would be pissing in their face if I was to just allow it to be thrown away”[…]
He added that even if he wanted to leave Australia due to the country’s racial diversity he would have “nowhere to go”[…]Claimed that everywhere white people were “previously the dominant culture” has been “systematically attacked”[…]
“I wanna have a country in which people like me are in charge,” Davis declared. “Where my culture is maintained. Where my way of life is maintained. And I want that to be passed down to my children. And I don’t care if I have to fight for it and some people have to get hurt[…]Because that’s the essence of human existence”

“You use euphemisms because you’re talking about killing millions of people,” Pavlou countered

“I don’t think we would — in Australia[…]I think me becoming dictator and going ‘You best be fuckin’ off,’ I think they would mostly leave”[…]
“You would have to kill so many people. Your ideology is one of nihilism and bloodshed,” Pavlou replied

“Fine,” said Davis, who compared the violent ethnic cleansing of an entire country to Ukrainians defending themselves from Russian invasion and Palestinians resisting Israeli occupation

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As someone who thinks Africans are better off under white rule and that whites don't really gain anything from ruling over them, but that we should sometimes do so anyway as a humanitarian act - I don't see how I'm not White Supremacist adjacent. And yet, my only real motive here is believing that black life has some value while the term White supremacist tends to have the connotation of, 'you have the right to exploit and oppress other races without concern for their wellbeing.'

From my perspective, white nationalism implies low IQ non-whites having little to no moral value at all, since the conditions of life they'd live under without foreign rule are pretty awful and so I'd be hesitant to call myself that. I find it irritating that a Bill Clinton voter for example can feel no shame for supporting a man who set the exchange rate for White American to Rwandan lives at less than 1 to 50K, and believes they are more moral than me.

Compare this to the 2000 British Sailors who died rescuing 100K Africans from slavery in the 1800s and didn't believe Africans should rule themselves, or that they had the same intrinsic value as their own white countrymen. They were almost certainly white supremacists. And yet, even purely by the standard of valuing African welfare I think they'd clearly and rightfully be designated as morally superior.

Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. & Janet Kira Lessin #crackpot #ufo #racist #dunning-kruger #conspiracy enkispeaks.com

General Abraham slavishly obeyed the Nibiran Enlil, Commander of the goldmining expedition from the planet Nibiru to Earth.

Enlil hid the vision that led him to choose Abraham as general of his cavalry. Abraham descended from our hybrid Homo Erectus-Nibiran-Homo sapien ancestors who slaved for the Nibirans. Nibiran scientists on Earth–Enki, Ninmah and Ningishzidda created our species. Their fellow mining personnel trained us hybirds to serve them in their temples, gardens, harems and armies. Abraham descended directly from Ziusudra (Noah), the son of Nibiran Chief Scientist Enki and Ziusudra’s son Shem.
Enlil chose Abraham, a Royal of Ur, who had married his half-sister, Princess Sarai (her name’s later changed to SARAH) as his principle Earthling agent. Abraham descended from Ziusudra’s son Shem, was perfect to re-establish Enlil’s rule of Canaan, protect Sinai and rule the Hamites.

Abraham’s father Terah served as High Priest in charge of Astronomical knowledge at the temple of Enlil’s son Nannar in Sumer’s capital, Ur. Terah trained son Abraham for unquestioned obedience to Enlil.

Enlil ran the gold transshipment to Nibiru and led the ENLILITES, the dominant lineage on Earth. Enlilites were the senior lineage in Nibiru’s Royal Clan descended from Nibiru’s King ANU.

Enlil commissioned Abraham to defeat the hybrid armies of Enlil’s rivals–the ENKIITE lineage (also within the Anu clan) on Earth. The Enkiites were led by Enlil’s half-brother Enki, Enki’s son Marduk and their descendants.

Enlil ordered Abraham, Regain control of Canaan and keep Marduk and the Enkiites from the Spaceport.

A vision from GALZU, Emissary of the Galactic Federation motivated Enlil to commission Abraham as his top general. Galzu ordered Enlil to choose Abraham, programmed to obey Enlil, to stop advances and preaching in Canaan and the Mediterranean ports by Marduk’s son NABU (also known as Ensag) that could win the Sinai Spaceport for the Enkiites.

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[From “April 6, 2024: White People 2”]


Panel 1: Slick is watching “Dumb White Guy” while the TV post is saying “And now back to our program”
Panel 2: A white man wearing pair of overalls and holding a pitchfork is standing in the midst of a farm while saying “Duhhhhh” and “Durrrrr”
Panel 3: Slick is asking “Who writes this crap” while the farmer is thrice saying “Derp”
Panel 4: A lan wearing a yarmulke is using a typewriter. From the windows this man is seated in front can be seen the signs for Hollywood

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The Jewish Holocaust was a Nazi-Zionist Collaboration

Zionists have a long history of sacrificing ordinary Jews to advance their occult goal, a worldwide Communist dystopia. Gaza is no exception.

Israel's military was ordered to attack Israelis on 10/7.
The goyim have been brainwashed to believe that Jews are innocent victims of gentile persecution and bigotry.

They are not told that Jews are the victims of other Jews -- the Sabbatean (Illuminati) Jews or Cabalists like Netanyahu who use them as pawns, human shields, and satanic sacrifices.

"Anti-Semitism is indispensable to us for the management of our lesser brethren," say the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (9-2) a "forgery" that reads like the blueprint of the New World Order unfolding today.

Zionists and Communist Jews are Sabbatean Jews or Satanists. They hate Torah Jews and have conspired against them for more than 300 years. I am tired of hearing that some Jews are wonderful human beings. These are not the Sabbateans.

The Holocaust is the finest example of Sabbateans sacrificing other Jews to achieve their goal of a Jewish state, the future capital of their dystopian New World Order. Thus, Zionists have no compunction about sacrificing Israelis to the covid GMO "vaccine" especially if it makes people think "COVID" is not a Jewish plot.
Ordinary Jews are the scapegoats for their Satanist brothers who are imposing madness on humanity. Do these Jewish dupes deserve this fate? Yes because they have been indifferent to what Organized Jewry (Sabbateans) is doing in their name.
There is an unrecognized schism in the Jewish people, where heretics (Sabbateans) have exterminated the mainstream and taken control of the remnant through Zionism and Communism. Yet, due to the anti Semitism organized by them, Jews mistakenly cling to their leadership. They are being crucified like everyone else.

Just as feminism does not represent women, Zionism does not represent Jews.

Earl P. Holt III #wingnut #conspiracy #racist #transphobia conservative-headlines.org

[From “Decentralization & America’s Future”]

The American Electorate's awakening to the true agenda of the New Communist Party of the USA (NCPUSA) -- laughingly called "Democrats"[…]-- may herald what Lincoln termed "a new birth of freedom" in America. Cultivating and preserving those freedoms will require a great many reforms, among the most important of which may be the DECENTRALIZATION of policy-making, an approach more compatible with federalism and the Ninth and Tenth Amendments

One significant form of decentralization is already abounding: it is the American electorate's growing reliance upon alternative news sources[…]
When the bright and fearless Christina Bobb covered the Arizona Senate's audit of Maricopa County's 2020 election returns for One America News, she pointed out the critical importance of tabulating election returns at the LOCAL LEVEL. The current practice is to transport ballots[…]to a central tabulating facility, where the NCPUSA's voter fraud machines are already staffed[…]
Another obvious example of the need for decentralization is evident in the area of public school curricula and policy. Remote learning during COVID forced parents to recognize that most public school systems are more interested in indoctrinating their kids with Marxist ideology than in educating[…]Traitorous ideas include Critical Race Theory, gender identity counseling, No Child Left Behind, white skin privilege, and ethno-math with no wrong answers[…]
Our uniform and centralized approach to public health policy has been equally disastrous, as the U.S. response to the COVID-19 scamdemic amply demonstrated[…]Opportunity for "Democrat" officials in BLUE counties and states to seize power through lockdowns[…]
It was Fauciwho rejected the inexpensive, proven and readily-available therapies for treating viral infections, such as Ivermectin and HCQ[…]
Centralized power in the federal government has allowed it to impose outrageous "gender identity" policies

Elijah Schaffer #racist #wingnut angrywhitemen.org

Elijah Schaffer is a[…]propagandist who has openly defended white nationalists. As such, it was unsurprising that Schaffer used his Rumble show, Slightly Offensive, to tell his audience that they should wear accusations of racism as a “badge of honor”[…]
Schaffer pulled up what appeared to be a Daily Mail article about an attempted car-jacking in Melbourne by a Black man wielding a hammer. Schaffer complained that Melbourne was once “considered one of the top ten safest and most livable cities,” but is now a “shithole”

“And it’s also, like, the white population has decreased like 30%,” he said

“And there’s a direct correlation, ’cause diversity as we know means less white. Diversity has nothing to do with diversity. Nowhere in the world wants diversity. If there’s a place that’s non-white, that’s diverse — a.k.a. becomes more white — that’s colonialization. That’s imperialism. That’s racism. That’s theft”

Schaffer also chided Baby Boomers for using terms like “Western countries”[…]“‘You mean Christian nations.’ White nations”[…]
“Why is it that people are so afraid of being called names?” he asked. “Wear it with a badge of honor. [If] people call you racist, good, that means you probably think well. If people call you a xenophobe that means you probably research well. And if people call you an antisemite it probably means you just know the truth”[…]
“You know what’s even a crazier idea? Racism’s a good thing,” he said. “That’s even like — that’s kind of a hot statement[…]And the reason why I know it’s a good thing is ’cause it’s a powerful tool[…]The Left uses racism all the time, just against white people, right?”

“They know racism’s powerful,” he continued

“Collectivizing groups based on shared interests against other groups that have different interests is actually an effective tool towards accomplishing group goals. So when they’re saying the Left is the real racist, they’re saying the Left is the only one who admits the power of racism”

Laura Loomer #racist #wingnut angrywhitemen.org

Laura Loomer interviewed white nationalist Peter Brimelow whose organization, VDARE, is currently being investigated by New York Attorney General Letitia James[…]
“Why do you think you came under fire from Letitia James?” Loomer asked Brimelow. “Do you think it’s because you are talking about white replacement theory and you’re exposing the invasion and your publication is one of the only honest publications about what’s truly happening with this invasion?”[…]
Loomer went on to say that Letitia James, who also filed a civil suit against former president Donald Trump and his Trump Organization, “obviously hates white people”

And she attacked James, as well as other Black public figures, in crudely racist terms. Loomer declared that “there’s a commonality between Letitia James, Kamala Harris, and Fanni Willis,” which is that they’re “ghetto Black women” and “trap queens” who attended Howard University, a prestigious HBCU. “I don’t think it’s a coincidence, right, that these DAs, Vice President, and the Attorney General, they have no sense of ethics,” she said

Peter Brimelow appeared to agree, and complained that “it’s not possible to run a First World justice system with Third World people”

“I mean, the culture of the Third World is so different than the First World,” he told Loomer. “It’s not just Blacks, although I think you’re right, and we’ve written about this a lot on VDARE.com, there’s a lot of angry, Black women out there in positions of authority. And there’s a real question as to whether they can be trusted, and whether they can be relied upon to behave fairly”

Brimelow also attacked Judge Juan Merchan, who is presiding over former president Trump’s hush money trial, for having been born in Colombia. “What kind of cultural baggage does he bring?” he asked. “Why should we expect — is Colombia such a great haven of law and order and fair dealing, that we can expect someone from Colombia to make a good judge in New York state?”

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Islam is Arabic for “submission.” A Muslim submits to Allah, to his word (Quaran), his law (sharia), to the political authorities that represent him (Khilafat), and to his community (ummah). But one can live in an Islamic society (Dar-al-Islam) without being Muslim, albeit as a second-class citizen (dhimmi).
Islam is advancing rapidly and is now the second-largest religion in Europe, while Christianity is shrinking steadily due to plummeting birth rates and apostasy. Europe’s Muslims live in closed communities, primarily in suburbs, which are de facto, not subject to the law of the land. This is evident in France, where the gendarmerie publishes an annual report on the Zones Urbaines Sensibles, a euphemism indicating areas controlled by Muslims, in which not even the French police can enter.

Step by step, European countries are becoming part of Dar-al-Islam. In Great Britain, for example, sharia law has been acknowledged alongside common law, with the creation of Muslim courts with Islamic judges (qadis). In other words, Great Britain has relinquished its sovereignty, allowing a state within the state to enforce its own laws.

Other countries, as is the case with Italy, are slipping towards dhimmitude, as while not accepting Islam de jure, they are submitting to it de facto,
While Muslims are being warmly welcomed and coddled, Catholics, alas, are being increasingly marginalized. Italian schools are canceling Christmas celebrations so as not to offend Muslim sensibilities. Many schools are forgoing the Easter holidays to accommodate the Muslim calendar. Even though the presence of a crucifix in classrooms is mandatory, many schools are taking them down.
I, sadly, must observe that when it is necessary to enact a federal law to defend a centuries-old religious and cultural tradition, indeed one born in Italy with St. Francis of Assisi, the battle has been lost. De facto, if not de jure, Italy is already a subdued country that must be reconquered.

Brother Nathanael #racist #wingnut #homophobia #conspiracy realjewnews.com

“It fits what’s happening today,” said Henry Ford Sr.

He was talking about “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.”

And he saw it unfolding right before his very eyes.

As Jewish kids we were forbidden to read it.

But kids find ways to break what’s forbidden just to find out why.

The book with so many layers of intrigue was too much for me as a kid.

But today, like Henry Ford, “it fits.”

What crystalizes in my mind about the Protocols, are the stages of world domination that World Jewry is pursuing.

The book with so many layers of intrigue was too much for me as a kid.

But today, like Henry Ford, “it fits.”

What crystalizes in my mind about the Protocols, are the stages of world domination that World Jewry is pursuing.

Stage 1

Control Of Money

Private Jewish banks in Germany, France, England, Sweden, Switzerland, and last, America with the Federal Reserve—The FED—have set up Central Banks which counterfeit money…legally.
Stage 2

Control Of Politicians

This stage has a double module, ‘media’ and ‘campaign coffer.’
Stage 3

Destruction Of The Church

This is a three-pronged attack.

First attack the mores of The Church by subverting honorable marriage and instead promote sexual perversion.

Rachel Levine is the visual meme, the Jewish power gleans.

That it’s okay to distort one’s sexual identity and physical attributes.

Second, attack the youth through the schools, especially to hate their race, the White Race, which historically has opposed Jewish dominance.

Third, infiltrate The Church with evangelical Israel lovers—an anti-Christ state—and with partisans of homosexuality.

Pull the stages together:

Control Of Money,
Control of Politicians,
Control Of The Church,
and you got a recipe for World Domination.

The demographics are there.

World Jewry runs a tight trading, economic, religious, jurisprudence, and academic network globally.

It’s not too late to put the brakes on Jewish World Domination.

I think the noticing has already begun.

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Full title: Hollywood/Video Game industry panic as BS is rejected

Hollywood and video game industry have something in common they are seeing less money and less customers and harder for stuff to break-even and make profits enough to run the company without layoffs and budget cuts. People focusing on old and retro movies, tv shows, video games. Woke, social justice, etc has chase away enough people retro and nostalgia being enjoyed more and more.

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Interracial marriage and dating should be illegal

White men are entitled to white women.
Brown men are entitled to brown women.
Black men are entitled to black women.
Asian men are entitled to Asian women.

Imagine if interracial dating and marriage was banned, no group of men will be deprived of women because they are sticking to their own kind. I don't see anything wrong with this idea because asian men will finally be able to mate with women of their own race, they won't have to worry about their women Being stolen by white chads or Tyrones. It's fair. There will be no racial conflicts. All races will live in peace

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Anytime a women shows her emotions it is used against her people say stuff like "is it that time of the month", This is why women can't become leaders or be president", now these males say that when we cry and express our emotions that it is used against black men somehow even tho no one is being physically harmed by someone crying unlike when black males use aggression to get what they want. Such as in mongomary brawl where a black man hit a white women in the face with a metal folding chair over a dispute about a dockside parking spot because he didn't get the parking spot he wants and all the liberals and black men defended him and he didn't even get jail time. Another example would be about the black man who went around NYC and punched a bunch of white women of the head and even chipped a womens tooth and gave another women a concussion.

Then these black males have the audacity to call women Karen's because she called the police on them because she is scared for her safety.

What is more dangerous a women crying or a man who violently hurts women according to all the black men and liberals its women crying.

If black males care so much about racism why don't they attack white men that would make the most sense because they have the most power. The reason why they don't do that is because there misogynistic and they hate women even women of there own race look at how they treat black women. I doubt that most of them even cares about racism and they just care about attacking women.

Ethan Huff/Mads Palsvig #racist #wingnut #conspiracy naturalnews.com

When most people think about slavery, their minds instantly rush to images of wealthy white landowners beating black people on plantations. The reality, though, is that the vast majority of slave owners in American history were Jewish.
At the height of slavery in the United States, a whopping 78 percent of slave owners came from Jewish ancestry, not white (i.e., Caucasian and non-Jewish European). Even so, most Americans today have no idea about this because the establishment has been pumping out anti-white propaganda for many decades, blaming non-Jewish white people for what primarily Jewish people were doing.

"Imagine the Chutzpah of blaming someone else for that which you do yourself," tweeted the Mads Palsvig (@Palsvig) X account, which says it is run by a "Former executive from Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse and Barclays turned Whistleblower," and "Chairman of The Prosperity Party in Denmark."
\"It is all part of the non-stop Frankfurt School aka Cultural Marxist ideology that has been instrumental in destroying Christianity, the family unit, our culture and our traditions."

To put the slavery issue into perspective, consider the fact that at the height of slavery in the U.S., only 1.6 percent of the total population actually owned slaves. Of that, Jews made up 3.125 percent of the total population, meaning 40 percent of all Jews in the U.S. owned slaves.
Why, then, do whites always take all the heat for ancestry, including white people who have no family history of being slave owners? What is worse, what about all the white people who, for all intents and purposes, have been living as slaves themselves and have no wealth, let alone slave ownership, and yet receive the same blame for slavery just because of the color of their skin?

Another thing worth considering is the slavery just about everyone is currently under in the U.S., which is controlled by a usurious system of fake money-printing that benefits a select few at the expense of everyone else.

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it's so sad to me that i spent over a decade tampering what i wanted to say (on so many issues) to try to still succeed in tech and be accepted because i thought that was the way to help build an ethical tech industry. i see the naivety now.

in regards to Palestine, what i wanted to say (and now can but should have immediately and loudly) is that: i support armed resistance, i pray for a one state solution, and i am happy when i see IDF soldiers die.

Joseph Kay #racist unz.com

[From “Why Electing Blacks Is Disaster for Whites”]

Access to the ballot box has always been one of the main goals of the civil rights movement. The 1965 Voting Rights Act was a great victory. It outlawed literacy tests and gave the national government oversight over elections in places where less than 50 percent of the non-white population was registered[…]
Nevertheless, these many accomplishments have not improved the lot of ordinary blacks. The very opposite is true in black-dominated cities such as East St. Louis[…]
Why, then, do blacks persist in pursuing this electoral strategy? Why do they still complain of “voter suppression”?[…]
The conventional explanation is that both Democrats and Republicans have pushed voting despite its dystopian impact[…]For Republicans, increased black voting makes it easier to draw “majority-minority” districts that concentrate blacks while “whitening” adjacent areas to elect more Republicans[…]
For Democrats, it’s all about electing other Democrats. Jackson, MS, is a disaster, but come election day, there will be no shortage of Democrat votes, their number no doubt augmented by lax voter and ballot security[…]
Blacks undoubtedly feel that government efforts to “cure” their alleged pathologies are less about kindness than disrespect for their habits. Recall the outrage when Daniel Patrick Moynihan called for a national effort “to fix” the black family[…]
Building a community around a single culture — black, Appalachian, or Orthodox Jewish — is like a lab experiment. Outcomes reflect the group, and this is equally true in Stockbridge, MA, and Jackson, MS. I argue that these outcomes better reflect what the group really wants[…]
Officials in Stockbridge, MA, would be unable to close the gap between poor blacks and middle-class Yankee whites no matter how much “diversity training” they got. Stockbridge storekeepers depend on customer honesty, while black newcomers might see this as an invitation to theft

Joseph Kay #racist unz.com

[From “Why Electing Blacks Is Disaster for Whites”]

Access to the ballot box has always been one of the main goals of the civil rights movement. The 1965 Voting Rights Act was a great victory. It outlawed literacy tests and gave the national government oversight over elections in places where less than 50 percent of the non-white population was registered[…]
Nevertheless, these many accomplishments have not improved the lot of ordinary blacks. The very opposite is true in black-dominated cities such as East St. Louis[…]
Why, then, do blacks persist in pursuing this electoral strategy? Why do they still complain of “voter suppression”?[…]
The conventional explanation is that both Democrats and Republicans have pushed voting despite its dystopian impact[…]For Republicans, increased black voting makes it easier to draw “majority-minority” districts that concentrate blacks while “whitening” adjacent areas to elect more Republicans[…]
For Democrats, it’s all about electing other Democrats. Jackson, MS, is a disaster, but come election day, there will be no shortage of Democrat votes, their number no doubt augmented by lax voter and ballot security[…]
Blacks undoubtedly feel that government efforts to “cure” their alleged pathologies are less about kindness than disrespect for their habits. Recall the outrage when Daniel Patrick Moynihan called for a national effort “to fix” the black family[…]
Building a community around a single culture — black, Appalachian, or Orthodox Jewish — is like a lab experiment. Outcomes reflect the group, and this is equally true in Stockbridge, MA, and Jackson, MS. I argue that these outcomes better reflect what the group really wants[…]
Officials in Stockbridge, MA, would be unable to close the gap between poor blacks and middle-class Yankee whites no matter how much “diversity training” they got. Stockbridge storekeepers depend on customer honesty, while black newcomers might see this as an invitation to theft

Tom Shackleford #racist identitydixie.com

[From “Keep on Expecting”]

I’m a race realist who understands that it’s not really fair to hold black people to White standards. This is why we shouldn’t have to exist in a country together. For example, R Kelly will be in prison for the rest of his life, and he isn’t even capable of understanding what hit him. “But dey lived in my house!” His IQ is 73 and he’s illiterate. How the hell is he supposed to understand that keeping a harem at his house to pee on would be a violation of the Mann Act? And who would even care about this in Africa?[…]
If I was running things, nobody would be telling black people what to do because they’d be on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean doing their own thing. Even if we paid them all 250k each to leave, it would still be a bargain[…]
We could probably buy up enough space in Africa to establish a country called Wakanda like in the movie and that’s where we could send them[…]This would be my platinum plan for black people, and I’m labeled a racist by the SPLC?

One of the Nigerians who Jussie Smollett hired for his fake MAGA noose attack masturbated with him in a private room at a bathhouse. He claims he had no idea this was gay, and I believe him. In his country, most people don’t know how to use a toilet?[…]
It’s the same thing with Loyd Austin not showing up for work at the Pentagon and nobody knowing about it. Conservative retards squawked about national security being compromised but the reality is that the Jews calling the shots at the Pentagon didn’t notice because he’s just a black guy hired because he was black[…]
The most cringe conservative phrase used to be “the soft bigotry of low expectations,” coined by a Jew from the Bush Administration[…]
Conservatism is a dead and pathetic political movement because it can’t fundamentally acknowledge that race is real[…]
Dissidents[…]who get smeared as racists would treat blacks in a much more humane manner that takes into account their blackness

Tatsuya Ishida #conspiracy #racist sinfest.xyz

[From “March 25, 2024: Golem 4”]


Panel 1: Smoke is mounting in the sky along with balloons reading “I stuck around St. Petersburg” and “When I saw it was a time for a change”
Panel 2: A man, his wife and their two children lie on the ground, having been shot to death, along with balloons reading “I killed the Czar and his ministers” and “Anastasia screamed in vain”
Panel 3: Two soldiers and a tank are advancing along with balloons reading “I rode a tank, held a general's rank” and “When the blitzkrieg ragd and the bodies stank”
Panel 4: A gilem wearing a black hat, payots and a Star of David on his chest along with balloons reading “Pleased to meet you” and “Hope you guess my name”

Nick Alvear et al. and Operation Q #wingnut #conspiracy #racist humorousmathematics.com

This powerfully culminating documentary from Good Lion Films was directed, produced and written by Nick Alvear. Showcasing the Freemasonic Jesuit Khazarian Luciferian Cabal takedown stemming from the 2016 election, to the capitulation tour of President Donald J. Trump (current CIC), BRICS, Executive Orders, Federal Directives, COVID-19, the rigged 2020 election, Joe Biden’s funeral, the January 6 setup and how the continuity of government (devolution) through current events taking place will usher in the greatest time ever known on Earth. The film was released on September 17, 2023 on GoodLionTV's X page (post since deleted by creator) and GoodLionTV's Rumble channel with a running length of 1 hour 20 minutes.
Furthermore, CIC Donald Trump has gone on to vindicate the claims of Derek Johnson and Jon Herold regarding continuity of government/devolution at a September 27, 2023 speech in Clinton Township, Michigan provided by RSBN. At 51:04 in the full speech Trump says "In my second term, which we're sort of having now, but I don't want the results right? I don't want the results of this second term, this second term is a disaster for this country. Worst President, think of it, there's never been a President like this." Trump is acknowledging that he is in fact CIC/POTUS behind the scenes of the fake Joe Bidan Shadow Presidency which has intentionally pegged the Joe Bidan double as the "fall guy" for making a disaster of the United States. This was designed to help wake up the masses as to what it feels like to be led by a communist/globalist puppet who cares more about funding a war oversees than securing his own borders. Q warned us years in advance in drops 4461 and 4951, "It had to be this way."

abuincelalaustrali #psycho #racist #sexist incels.is

Foids stabbed to death in Bondi Australia (chad/stacy jew capital)

Some guys stabbed 4 people in a shopping centre in Bondi, Australia. Bondi is a rich Jew area of Sydney, it's also near the beach where chads and stacies hang out.
There were 2 other stabbings which I think were related. A 36 year old foid was stabbed in the head at bondi beach at the same time, then there was the stabbings in Bondi shopping centre. The shopping centre is right next to a kike synagogue.
I suspect it is a mujahideen cell targeting kuffar and kikes, based on the area. May Allah accept the mujahedeen as shahid.
I love the fact that the guy targeted an upmarket shopping centre (someone told me it was a fashion/markup/designer type thing) where only foids will be shopping.

Old Bathos #racist #dunning-kruger #wingnut ricochet.com

Being rather unwoke, I was mystified as to why it is forbidden to utter “all lives matter” or allude in any way to the horrific frequency of black-on-black urban crime. It turns out that merely being opposed to racism is not the same as being antiracist. Who knew? “Antiracist” requires adherence to the precept that all disparities are attributable to race and only to race. Therefore, anything that distracts from, complicates, or contradicts that precept is itself a racist act, even if factually true. (The spectacular anti-intellectualism of the defective products coming out of our universities is stunning.)

Once I finally grasped the simplicity and blinding stupidity of “antiracism,” I was immediately reminded of the Star Trek episode “The Changeling” (1967) the plot of which was reprised in the Star Trek movie (1979).

Remember how Capt. Kirk got the mutated/merged robotic Nomad (V’ger in the movie version) to destroy itself? Nomad was busily wiping out life forms from planets all over the quadrant but got the idea that James T. Kirk was its “creator” and Kirk used that to defeat the creature…

Conversations with the woke tend to have the same feel at the Kirk/Nomad exchange. To attempt a similar maneuver on a wokester, maybe first present this table from Powerline blog:


Then remind the wokester/Marxoid subject that if they/zie/sie is indeed anti-racist then:

(1) By definition, all disparate outcomes are solely the result of race. The interjection of other intervening causes, explanations, or factors is an inherently racist act to evade the truth of systemic racism.

(2) Whiteness and its privileged status is the essence of racism. Whites cannot be victims because their power to oppress is systemic, which systemic oppression cannot end unless and until whiteness disappears.

Alas, just being a wokester/Marxoid zombie probably means that one does not have sufficiently coherent programming to actually understand the contradiction so will likely not blow up like Nomad. That would certainly more entertaining than trying to have a cogent discussion with one.

Arghoslent #racist #wingnut #homophobia metal-archives.com

(lyrics to “Fodder for the Shoah”)

Herded into ghettos, loathsome streams of insects
Cordon off the sewage, quarantine the Judah
Gestapo street-cleaner bulldoze sons of Zion
Hovels and shanties, cages for the rats of David

Gestapo boot stomping, strong-armed fungus purge
Teutonic sledge is law, propaganda chokehold
Ghettos funnel swill into disposal camps
Flush away the flotsam, excise the swarthy blemish

Rats in the well pollute the drinking water
Hebrew-rodents, Fodder for the Shoah

Boxcars of Semitic detritus
Gypsies and faggots ankle deep in feces
Barefoot siblings cry, urine soaked tattered frocks
Pregnant women retch, sweating and swooning
Wrinkled old men choking on stale air
Decomposing kin that expired between depots
Rats and beetles carry away sour morsels
Disintegration of the bubonic family unit

Undesirables and threats to the Reich
Sodomites, felons, and usurer kikes
Fodder for the Shoah

Laboring worms, stained industrial beetles
Factory larvae, slaves, emaciated mosquitoes
Fodder for the Shoah

Putrescent bog, decaying synagogue sludge
Judaic throng, inhumed beneath the rank mud
Fodder for the Shoah

Iron wheels thunder into the train yard
Cockroaches shoveled out of freight cars
Cold and imposing tuberculosis-blighted barracks
Crematory towers expel carbonized smog
Militant throngs in pressed uniforms
Barking orders, belting stragglers
Incise and drain the societal boils
Enforce the Nuremburg laws

Running through the mud in rotting shoes
Families wrenched apart, the fodder cues
Exhaustion plagues the limbs
To collapse carries a Luger casing
Small ones to the furnace
Old bodies to the bulldozer

vercingetorige #racist #fundie #conspiracy #psycho realjewnews.com

The Jews in America are approximately 6 million (magic number of the Jewish cabal).

It would be enough to take them, one by one, (all of them, not just the billionaires, because even the common Jew is necessary for the realization of the delirious messianic plan) and expel them, FOREVER banning their return to America. Before Russians and Chineses do it with their hypersonic missiles.

The Jews of 2000 years ago (but also today’s ones) condemned JESUS CHRIST, the incarnate Son of God, to death. Until they do recognize Him as the only and true Messiah prophesied by the Holy Scriptures, they must resign themselves to doing what they have done for almost 2000 years, that is, to never find peace on earth and to wander aimlessly, like Cain, the killer of the innocent brother Abel.
How is it possible that more than 300 million Americans do not understand that the Jews are their most cunning executioners and that any other alternative out of expulsion means their death (because the Jews occupy all the key positions in American society, in addition to tens of thousands of guillotines ready for use!) and find the courage and determination to act (for the survival of themselves, their children and future generations) accordingly?

We are ever closer to the Third World War, the main cause of which, if not the only one, is the eternal Jewish question, which non-Jews are unable to resolve because, for the most part, they have sold their souls to Jewish money and its filthy materialism.

Without forgetting that the possessed Hitler and his hunt for the Jews was a character created by Judaism itself (sacrificing without any scruples, a limited number of Jewish “brothers”), to raise that formidable victim shield called the Holocaust, which compared to the 27 million of Russian victims in WWII, it is an authentic and gigantic antics.
This is not at all anti-Semitism. This is the legitimate defense of the Goyms from the hellish Jewish barbarism.

Elijah Schaffer #racist #conspiracy #wingnut #fundie angrywhitemen.org

On his Nightly Offensive show[…]Elijah Schaffer went on an ugly, antisemitic rant about Jewish people[…]
Schaffer said that he used to consider himself an “extremely strong Zionist.” But he claimed that his views changed when he realized that sources he “trusted” had been “subverted by Zionist influence into conflating American support with Israeli support”[…]
“There’s never been a direction in my mind where I’ve been against Jews.” But, he said that he “didn’t realize how many centuries back these people had subverted and sort of destroyed our Western civilization”

“And I didn’t realize that we were lied to about World War II, right?”[…]
“Like many of you I just didn’t — I was ignorant of the fact that we weren’t the good guys, right?[…]
He criticized non-white streamers who discuss these same topics, stating that it’s “only hurtful to your brand if you are white and you talk about this stuff.” He complained that minorities are allowed to discuss things like “the JQ pill”[…]
“And the reason why I care about this is not because I’m on some antisemitic trope like they’ll accuse me of”[…]“Or that like ‘He hates Jews!’ which I don’t. It’s that I love my people. … I really am deeply, deeply troubled on what’s happened to white countries”

Schaffer said that he doesn’t believe “minorities in general like us,” and that the “Black community hates white people.” Schaffer reached this conclusion in part because of “the way they interact with me on the Internet on a regular basis”[…]
Schaffer then went on a tangent about how diversity has ruined “our countries”:

Diversity has not made our countries stronger. They’ve made our countries unsafe[…]

Schaffer said white people are being held in “bondage” by an “elite class of people” who are “mostly of one ethnicity.” This group of people[…]“continue to destroy our society” and “hate Jesus Christ.” He went on to say that “any group of people that’s against Jesus is Antichrist, and I am against them”

survivingcrisistero #racist tumblr.com

If the Palestinians have been the targets of slaughter , why are their population numbers currently 10 times larger than those of 1948 ? .And considering the existence of Pallywood and so many made up shit they fling , they WISH they were slaughtered .

Yes , I am racist against a "people" with so little identity and culture that they have no History besides Israel .You are more brainwashed than Israel-supporting Yankee boomercons .

2nd Smartest Guy in the World #wingnut #quack #racist #conspiracy 2ndsmartestguyintheworld.com

…and now we will add some additional color on this Great Reset con, and how the illegitimate and wholly captured Federal government is destroying American from within on behalf of its globalist handlers;

What we are now witnessing is the acceleration of the corporate and private central bank melding with the Cloward-Piven Strategy to bring Western nations to their collective knees in plain sight.

Of course, PSYOP-CLIMATE-CHANGE is now directly responsible for the latest “highly pathogenic” avian flu virus, which is now being trial ballooned for the upcoming DISEASE-X “pandemic:”
It is critically important to appreciate that the WHO is the UN’s “health” node, and nothing more; in other words, the latter controls the former and sets its eugenics policies along with a little help from Rockefeller puppet Gates and other assets.

Which ultimately brings us right back to the UN and their technocommunist ploy to control the entire planet with “climate change” and “pandemics” and other swindles:
The Club of Rome is also behind the open borders, “pandemics,” and their invention of the whole anthropogenic “climate change” psyop:
It is vital for the UN et al. to destroy the cultures, health, and IQ’s of nations like Japan and America in order to institute their dystopian Agendas and Resets. Pernicious central bank mandates, society-collapsing open border and immigration policies, scamdemics, slow kill bioweapons, bug gruel, processed foods, synthetic meats, environmental toxin releases, sun blotting aerosols, GMO frankenmosquitos, mass fear and self-loathing “climate change” brainwashing campaigns, X Everything App social credit score systems, encouraged mass euthanasia, and so on and so forth are the various tools and ops that they are foisting on the slaves of the earth in order to achieve their nefarious transhumanist endgame.

But good always defeats evil, in the end.

They want you dead.

Do NOT comply.

WishfulThinker #crackpot #dunning-kruger #racist amren.com

I would posit that the percentage of White serial killers has dropped as technology improves- and becomes more publicly known- is because Whites can learn and practice self-control. Blacks cannot.

They can't control their impulses, they don't understand police investigative techniques, they don't understand science. Many blacks still don't understand that police radar sets can work front, back, and moving. They still aren't prepared for security cameras. DNA is well, well beyond their comprehension.

Victoria LePage #crackpot #racist #conspiracy bibliotecapleyades.net

Vast shadowy forces are moving in Central Asia - or rather in the greater region we call Eurasia - which may change the face of our global society and civilization forever.

Even as the balance of geopolitical forces is shifting inexorably in favor of the Eurasian superpowers - principally Russia, China, the Central Asian states and India.
The immensity of the coming turbulence occasioned by this shift from West to East is incalculable, the outer symptom of a global revolution of consciousness.
Increasingly heeding the overwhelming evidence for their thesis, they suggest that the key to humanity's future lies in its distant past, in the heritage of an unknown antediluvian race that lived in a time so remote that its existence has been erased from racial memory.
Perhaps 100,000 years ago or more, so the hypothesis runs, a great star-gazing Ice Age people lived in the Arctic region, at that time a temperate zone, before migrating south to Inner Asia as conditions changed and the great ice sheets melted.

There, in a fertile, paradisial land, these unknown sages became the core of a Ural-Altaic race that continued to evolve over the millennia, improving the stock of primitive humanity by intermarriage, developing cosmological sciences and political structures that sowed the seeds of our present civilized state, migrating across the earth and then disappearing, leaving immortal legends about itself behind.
A possible light was thrown for the first time on the development, nature and wide migratory pattern of early Indo-European culture, and stimulated all sorts of theories in Russian circles about the Aryan roots of the Slavic people.

Increasingly rejecting the American and Western European vision of a global hegemony rooted in Christianity, Russians, besides their interest in their Indo-European roots, are turning eastwards to find a connection with the Turkic/Mongol ethnic strain.

Henry Makow PhD #wingnut #racist #fundie #conspiracy henrymakow.com

The "woke" promotion of vaccines, Ukraine, homosexuality, transvestism, CRT, "climate change" has nothing to do with human rights, or it would not trample on the human rights of healthy people.

It is a flimsy pretext for the destruction of Christian Western civilization, depopulation and the imposition of a Communist New World Order dedicated to serving Satan.

Satanism is war against God, i.e. the Moral and Natural Order. It negates and unravels both. It shreds the social fabric. It destroys its adherents.

Satanism is not a religion. Religion discerns & obeys God's Will. Satanism is an anti-religion. It is a denial of the Creator's Plan. Its god is Death. It is the religion of Death, Destruction and suffering.

Creation is a Miracle. If you deny the Creator's Design and Purpose, you are a Satanist. The only way mankind will make our rendezvous with God is for us all to serve Him by doing His work, as we see it. Raising healthy children is an example. Atheists and agnostics are Satanists.
"When we introduced into the State organism the poison of liberalism its whole political complexion underwent a change. States have been seized with a mortal illness--blood poisoning. All that remains is to await the end of their death agony." (Protocols of Zion, 9)

"In order that the true meaning of things may not strike the goyim before the proper time, we shall mask it under the alleged ardent desire to serve the working classes..." (Protocols of Zion, 6)
A millennia-old satanic conspiracy is reaching climax. If it is not arrested, mankind will enter a new Dark Age.

I'm 74 and will only be around for another decade or two. But I shudder to think of what is in store for humanity.

It's time to recognize our dire predicament. A fatal cancer infects all social institutions. It must be recognized and addressed.

Will Western Civilization go to its grave due to our fecklessness, cowardice and naivety?

The Thomas Carlyle Club for Young Reactionaries (Students Against a Democratic Society) #racist #pratt #crackpot radishmag.wordpress.com

[From “Lothrop Stoddard’s Ghost”]

Dark arts: the Carlyle Club is resurrecting the great Lothrop Stoddard to deliver a warning from the past. Spooky![…]
When I tell you that the name of book was The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy (1920), you will be able to hazard a guess as to why Lothrop Stoddard isn’t a household name[…]
White world-supremacy, politically speaking, was a simple fact[…]
Stoddard asked, “what assurance can the most impressive political panorama give us that the present world-order” — that is, white political world-supremacy — “may not swiftly and utterly pass away?”[…]
I think we can forgive Stoddard’s lumping together under “blacks,” along with the usual sub-Saharan African races, the[…]Aboriginal Australians, Papua New Guineans, and other Pacific Islanders. (Consider the similarity, not just in skin color, but also in certain societally relevant behavioral traits: low intelligence, high crime, rape[…]stabbing people, eating people, beheading sorcerers, general aggressiveness, welfare, etc)[…]
National Policy Institute reports that in 1960, white people still made up some 28 percent of the world’s population. By 2010, they were down to 16 percent. By 2060[…]white people will have dropped below 10 percent[…]
“Now what must be the inevitable result of all this?”[…]referring to the white birth rate declining while white political control caused everyone else’s birth rate to rise[…]
These protective dikes have been replaced by porous borders[…]in the name of ‘diversity,’ ‘multiculturalism,’ and ‘anti-racism’[…]
The sneaky practice of classifying anyone with any African ancestry — even if they’re visibly white, like Charles Drew — as simply “black,” for the purposes of inflating “black” accomplishments[…]or just muddying the waters of racial science[…]is hardly new[…]
Edward B. Reuter, President of the American Sociological Society, had this to say in his comprehensive 1918 book The Mulatto in the United States

State of the Nation #racist #wingnut #conspiracy stateofthenation.co

There’s only one state actor who could have successfully pulled off the
“Moscow Massacre”.
Just like the barbaric JFK assassination, the
Moscow Massacre conspiracy theories are
flying in every direction because it’s the very
same assassin who is responsible for both highly sophisticated terror operations marked by their
extreme brazenness and savagery:


Take note of the very telling data point that the highly sophisticated and well-planned Moscow Massacre was carried out on Friday, March 22, 2024, the day before Jews around the world celebrate Purim as shown below.

It’s entirely true that only Israel could have and would have pulled off this hideous mass murder at such a major venue in Moscow because of the vast spy network that MOSSAD has throughout Russia. As soon as President Putin hosted that meeting with the Palestinian factions (see CNN screenshot above), Israel knew that the Kremlin was taking a much more assertive approach toward the transparent Gaza genocide. And the Netanyahu regime simply would not tolerate that, especially in light of Russia’s recent votes on related UN Security Council resolutions.
How’s that for a classic Khazarian clusterf*ck, all designed to keep
Zionist Israel completely out of the line-up while pointing the finger
at all the usual suspects as well as others who were conveniently
‘positioned’ at the crime scene?!

Bottom Line: What really happened here is that Israel used Russia’s enemies to declare war on the Russian Federation (via this terrorist attack) with the hope that the Kremlin would reciprocate by launching an attack which would draw NATO into a full-blown regional conflict. The Khazarian Cabal is the world’s expert at triggering world wars and other major armed conflicts practically at will.

various commenters #racist msn.com

(comments on an article about microagressions against blacks)

john witt: The whole concept of "micro aggressions" is a just another tool liberals use to make "whitey" look bad

Smooth Operator: Its small potatoes compared to the highly aggravating macroaggressions too many black people do to me every day. Beginning with assuming I'm a racist because of the color of my skin and not the content of my character.

Brad Carroll: Acting fearful around Blacks is often based on self preservation, in fact, I know blacks who have told me they do the same thing when young thugs show up!

nancy harris: How about the reverse microaggressions that blacks do against white people? Number one - assuming that every white person is racist. 99% of every one, irregardless of skin color, doesn't care about the skin color of everyone else.

gueast Marks: Was it microaggressions when white students had MANDATORY assemblies to listen to revolutionary "poets" wax on about killing and burning honkie? That was my experience of 1969.

muddy waters: How about the micro aggressions that are fostered on white people, such as "white privilege", the straightening of hair appropriating the white culture, giving people jobs because of color, just for starters.

John E: Its not our fault they never discovered the wheel or a written language. But they are fundamentally incapable of even conceiving of the notion that their failures are not our fault.

elvis elvis: So basically, 24 hours per day, all day, every day, everyone is constantly, non-stop performing microaggressions against this particular group. No defense from the charge, if one breathes, one is guilty, and only the "aggrieved" get to determine guilt, identify offensive acts, and demand justice.
What total nonsense. Whatever happened to "shake it off"?

A.H. A normal person would need AI to not say this list of micro-aggressions. Micro-aggressions are a strategy by progressives to control the narrative. I don't accept that systemic racism still exists in the US. Sure, there are still haters out there, but many groups have experienced that and it's not limited to black people. The focus should be on getting rid of all hate. Progressives have chosen groups to be privileged and groups not to be privileged. This is divisive and creates more ill-will.

Frank Hester #racist #sexist #psycho theguardian.com

West Yorkshire police are investigating “racist comments which were allegedly made at a meeting” by the Conservative [biggest ever] donor Frank Hester in 2019.

The investigation was triggered after the Guardian reported that Hester, a businessman based in Leeds, told colleagues that looking at Diane Abbott made you “want to hate all black women” and said the MP “should be shot”.

Hester, who has given £10m to the Tories in the past year, said in the meeting that he did not hate all black women. But he did say that seeing Abbott, who is Britain’s longest-serving black MP, on TV meant “you just want to hate all black women because she’s there”.

After the publication of the remarks, a statement from TPP said Hester “accepts that he was rude about Diane Abbott in a private meeting several years ago but his criticism had nothing to do with her gender nor colour of skin”. The statement said Hester abhorred racism, “not least because he experienced it as the child of Irish immigrants in the 1970s”.

Political Moonshine #wingnut #racist #conspiracy politicalmoonshine.substack.com

The analysis into the 26 Mar 24 collapse of the Francis Scott Key bridge spanning the Patapsco River in Baltimore, Maryland provides another clear-cut example of the type asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared warfare that has been waged against the United States by China, the CCP, the PLA and China’s network of proxies and assets that includes foreign hostile nations that began no later than August 2019.

The asymmetrical flashpoint was biowarfare in the form of a bioengineered SARS-CoV-2 virus and the resulting mRNA bioweapons foisted upon us by mandates caused by the fraudulently predicated “pandemic” [RICO applies].

The “pandemic” was leveraged to steal an election, install Joe Biden as China’s proxy and to resume the internally controlled demolition of the US by means of Cloward-Piven strategy as Obama-era policies were resumed and with Barack Obama pulling those strings from the backdrop in what amounts to his fourth term; his third was undermining Donald Trump’s first.
The modus operandi of targeting critical infrastructure and hazardous materials also applies to the FSK bridge collapse in ways that also vector in militarily, as explained below.

It all begs this question: Will it be too late by the time Americans wake-up to what is actually going on?

The answer to that question according to the status quo and based upon the assumption that things don’t soon change, ‘YES,’ it will be too late.

Have Americans discerned and reconciled that the nearly four years of Biden’s stolen time occupying the Executive represent the designs to reduce the nation to smouldering embers so that it can be ‘6bulilt 6ack 6etter’ using the architecture of Marxist communism?

The template for the build is China and its technocratic surveillance state.

With the FSK bridge down, Americans should be wondering how many more of these incidents will we see and to what degree will they continue to escalate in their destructive nature and militarily strategic value?