Racism, including ethnic hatred, nationalism and equating religion to race

Victor Davis Hanson #wingnut #racist #transphobia #conspiracy amgreatness.com

When Martin Luther King, Jr. called for emphasizing the “content of our character” over “the color of our skin,” the subtext was “stop judging people as a faceless collective on the basis of their superficial appearance and instead look to them as individuals with unique characters.”

It is tragic that King’s plea for an integrated, assimilated society, in which race became incidental, not essential to our personas, has mostly been abandoned by the Left in favor of racial stereotyping, collective guilting, and scapegoating by race and gender.

Indeed, many of the old Confederate pathologies—fixation on racial essence, obsession with genealogy, nullification of federal laws, states’ rights, and segregated spaces and ceremonies—are now rehabilitated by woke activists.
Like the mysterious omnipresence of transgenderism in popular culture, all of a sudden, the obsession with whites as a Satanic collective has become a national fad—a pet-rock or hula-hoop-like collective madness.
The dearth of actual racism also demands a new set of adjectives that serve as something like sophisticated detectors to discover otherwise invisible natural gas fumes. The adjective “systemic” means only the select can now spot racism. Like air, it is everywhere but invisible and thus requires battalions of diversity, equity, and inclusion inspectors to use their training to expose it in the common atmosphere.
We know from history the ultimate destination of tribal chauvinism, and it is not pretty. Once a society retribalizes, it descends into a Hobbesian war of all against all. Everyone eventually seeks out or manufactures a tribal identity for self-protection. Tribalism operates on the principles of proliferation: if a neighboring nation goes nuclear, then everyone in the neighborhood must too.

Unless some passengers on our runaway train force our engineers to hit the brakes, we are headed over the cliff into Yugoslavia.

Pro White Women #elitist #racist #sexist #wingnut twitter.com

Most of you are saying I need to be more positive towards white men...

How tf can I do positive posts when the majority of you're weak and are race traitors?!

You're all making me lose hope for a White Future because you're weak minded, pathetic race traitors.

You say you're tired of white women?

Well, I'm tired of you, white men.

You turn your head so easily for n0n-whites it's disgusting.

I wish you were r@cists!!!

But none of you are...

I feel like Pro White Women are more r@cists than "Pro white men"

I seriously feel majority white men are not masculine enough for White Women, you're weak and I pity you!

You can't even defend our white nations, you don't do anything!!

You don't organise, plan and do action....

You call it fed if anyone suggests anything or blame WW

"Pro White Women don't exist"
"White Women destroy White men in marriage courts"
"White women divorce me if I cheat with an asian"
"White women don't want me"
"White women don't want to be my slave"

All I hear is "white men" making excuses to race mix with asians

You disgust me

ryujinomega092095 #psycho #racist #elitist deviantart.com

Why can't people just accept that since the Japanese have more bearing on my life & western society as a whole than any other asian country & they make better products & pop-culture than the rest of Asia, not only are they the only country that deserve to be the dominant economic powerhouse in Asia, but also, unlike Germany, they're too good to apologize for any of the atrocities they enacted during WWII? Why can't people realize that the creation of their very own pop-culture should excuse them from having to make any apologies or reparations for the 2nd sino-japanese war & that china doesn't deserve the appreciation or sovereignty it has?

Donald J Trump & various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( Donald J Trump )
Incredible how dishonest the Fake News Media is. The Failing New York Times has gone crazy. So many of the people I Endorsed went on to victory on Tuesday Night, nobody was even close, and they literally make up a story refusing to write the facts, and only quoting enemies and losers. Almost all of the people I endorsed WON, yet if you read the story from two Trump hating writers (who only do as they are told!), you would not even recognize the truth. They truly are, THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!!!

219 WINS against 16 LOSSES IN THE GENERAL ELECTION, and yet the Fake News writes only unrecognizable junk. No wonder they are all doing sooo badly!

( @CrossReaper )
@realdonaldtrump are you going to go kiss the jew wall again or are you going to do something about the US being a vassal state to Israel?

( @Iceman876 )
@CrossReaper @realdonaldtrump When the jew world order installs him in 2024 he'll finish the wall to hold all the 3rd world's trash in.

( @Pern1121 )
@CrossReaper @realdonaldtrump he's gonna kiss the Jew Wall and party with the Saudis. That's a requirement to get on the ballot.

( @NSSAP )
@realdonaldtrump -- Ever noticed that all the media repeats the exact same narrative? That's because it is controlled by one group of people only. It is time for you to start naming them, Donald.

( @NSSAP )
@realdonaldtrump -- "The failing New York Times" as you described it, Donald, is controlled by jews, just like the rest of the media. Even you admitted that at one point. Name the jew, Donald.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
Daily reminder,

Jews don't care about the displacement and replacement of White people in White countries by third-world browns and blacks.

Not even the Conservative Jews who claim to oppose Liberalism and Cultural Marxism.

Jews don't care about White people, so White people need to stop putting their faith in Jewish figures.

( @LaBanderaNegra )
@Nature_and_Race I wonder what shapiro's reaction would be if israel was being overrun by non jews and bread out of existance ? Think he'd be leading a "crusade" to bilk $$$ out of us to "save the jewish people and the only democracy in the middle east ?

( @Toodank2bunderstood )
@Nature_and_Race Then anyone should be allowed into Israel too, right Benny???

( @DrPhate )
@Nature_and_Race Ideology and race go hand in hand. The ideology that gave highest standard of living the world has ever known came from White men. No other race could concieve it or maintain it.

( @moonsloth )
@Nature_and_Race Ben Shapiro is controlled opposition scum. Spends 3 mil a year on facebook ads and has never been banned from facebook. He knows exactly what he is doing and its no accident.

( @PatriotKitty2022 )
@Nature_and_Race he doesn't care cause HE'S a KIKE They're the one browning America. Sissy faggot

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( @EB_ )

spoilerUniversal suffrage is a very silly
way to choose the direction &
leadership of the worlds most
powerful country.
Half of people donlt even pay
taxes. Millions canlt speak
English. IDs are unnecessary. And
everyone but White people just
vote with their race.
What a joke.

( @LurkingTachyon )
@EB_ By design universal suffrage is a terrible idea. It's why it was exclude from our system.

White males pay > 80% of all taxes. We make up roughly 30% of the population. Adjusted for those who pay taxes, that's roughly 20% of the population.

What is taxation without representation? If you're a white male your taxes are stolen and you are not represented. This is a illegal and unconstitutional even according to our laws.

Universal suffrage is enslavement of white men. Anyone supporting it supports our enslavement.

( @CharitySlaughter )
@EB_ i agree with all except - taxation is THEFT. Of ALL the times the people should stop paying taxes - its NOW.
Don't say "don't even pay taxes" like it's a bad thing.

( @UsernameTaken__000 )
@CharitySlaughter I think the “don’t even pay taxes” bit in the statement is a qualifier of who should and should not be able to vote. I agree that taxation is theft. A better way to state it should be landowners not taxpayers because property tax is a pyramid scheme theft as well

( @ShelbyD22 )
@EB_ When I was working with a friend of mine he went around and asked all the black people in the warehouse specifically why they voted for Barack Obama and none of them could give an actual specific reason why except one honest black guy that immediately said "because he's black."

( @LordVince )
@EB_ it’s not a joke, it’s a Jewish con. Democracy was always a method for manipulating the system in a systematic and even more efficient manner, it’s essentially the most effective form of tyranny once you have it properly calibrated and programmed to where the slaves perpetuate the self-enslavement, largely because they have been so brain fucked that they have no clue they are slaves. That likely also applies to you if you don’t understand that taxation is not theft, it’s fractional slavery.

Andrew Anglin #homophobia #racist #conspiracy #fundie #wingnut dailystormer.name

[From "Erdogan Won – Denounces Faggot Agenda in Victory Speech!"]

The Jew media was going nuts over the claim that Erdogan could or would lose his election. I told you from the beginning: this is like that stupid debt ceiling bullshit. The Jews, with their media, hype up gibberish

Erdogan has popular support. The fear was of course that the US – specifically, NED, which is still operating in Turkey – has enough people on the ground to do massive fraud

However, it was just obvious that Erdogan has enough of a hold on power that he would be able to send in his people to prevent this from happening. Some things are just very obvious to me. Erdogan wanted a semi-close election, because he wanted to point out that it’s a free country

In general, I think “free and open elections” are retarded in the first place, but when you have the US running around manipulating everything – from their media operations to their actual control over the levers of voting through the various clandestine organizations they’ve formed – it becomes nonsensical. If I were running a country, I would do a plebiscite, but there is no way I would allow an election[…]

Erdogan[…]has once again labeled the opposition as ‘LGBT’[…]
Kilicdaroglu is not an outspoken supporter of gay rights, but has promised to reinstate the Istanbul Convention[…]

Of course he was going to promote man-on-man anal. Every US shill does this[…]
The belief that homosexuality is normal is not compatible with any other worldview[…]
The only thing that can exist alongside the normalization of gay sex is Americanism, or what is called globalism, which is more accurately called “ZOG”[…]

Putin has been saying it, but sort of placing it in the larger context of the West being Satanic. That is also very awesome, but gay sex is the number one thing Satan promotes[…]if you allow it[…]you can’t serve anyone but Satan

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
Exit polls from last night's election.

There can be no unity between White people and non-whites. We are completely incompatible with one another. And non-whites are incompatible with White society and White culture.

We're divided by DNA. We were never meant to be united. We were always meant to be separated. And because we've rejected the natural order of racial separation, our once great country is dying.

Make America White again. Or prepare for America's funeral.

( @alexpulse231 )
@Nature_and_Race I wish all white people would stop lying to themselves and accept that racial integration is never going to work. I wish everyone sees that diversity is not our strength, but our destruction. If you decide to undo God's natural order, it's going to fail miserably, and that's what we're seeing today. After all, white people didn't want forced integration, it has been imposed on them by the Jewish subversive press that has made it palatable.

( @CharlesPNW )
@alexpulse231 @Nature_and_Race

Integration was never about it working.

It was never about progress.

It was never about justice or equality.

It was ALWAYS about genocide.

( @MCharlton )
@Nature_and_Race We had different languages for a reason. Different languages kept people separate. Different languages are a barrier to racemixing. There is no more subversive act than teaching nonwhite people to speak the language of England.

Yet for many years the right has aggressively pushed for nonwhites to speak English… which puts them in our government, enables them to deliver our news, enables them to teach White children, enables Jewish propaganda to mix them with White women and creates the conditions for replacement.

( @SenileBiden )

Only property owners should vote as intended by the founders
The rest are parasites voting to take your property

( @PRUST )
@SenileBiden It's beyond that - it's about RACE.


( @Libertarian_Pill )
@PRUST @SenileBiden @Nature_and_Race and gender? Childless women tend to be parasitical in nature.

Paul Charnock #racist #elitist #dunning-kruger #wingnut #psycho thescorp.multics.org

(Note: This may seem innocuous, as the rest, which is insane couldn’t be included due to the damn character limit. The rest will go in the comments, so go to those for the meat of it)

UTOPIAN AND INDEED DYSTOPIAN fictional societies are often an impressive way of putting political and social ideas in a sort of fictional shop window, the more easily to be seen and admired, or the opposite. It is much easier, of course, to demonstrate ideas and ideologies working on paper than in practice. But also such demonstration may, if done well, have far more impact upon the reader than any number of dry ideological/philosophical tomes. A talented author can bring his dream, or nightmare, far more vividly to his readership by offering them a picture of it happening, rather than a dry blueprint or plan for achieving it. Not surprisingly, therefore, utopian/dystopian fiction has a long and interesting history. From Sir Thomas More’s eponymous 16th Century work, through those Lemuel Gulliver found on his Travels, the late-19th-Century-Socialist future vision of England embodied in William Morris’s News From Nowhere, the 20th Century nightmare visions of consumerism in Brave New World and communism in 1984, to Ursula K. LeGuin’s anarchist world of Anarres in The Dispossessed. Now we have a Nietzschean vision realised – impressively in this reviewer’s view - in American writer S.M. Stirling’s Draka series.

Martin Armstrong #wingnut #fundie #conspiracy #racist #transphobia armstrongeconomics.com

ANY company engaging in WOKE should be brought to court for what they are doing is patently UNCONSTITUTIONAL and lawyers should start to wake up and bring class action lawsuits against Target, Budweiser, and North Face as well as every other company engaged in this activity of promoting transgenderism has rendered college degrees irrelevant. If you check a box, no qualification or experience is required.
Hiring people based on race and gender is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. It is outright discrimination and whatever job is open should go to the most qualified – not to check some box of this discriminatory and unethical Human Rights Campaign (HRC). Here you have a pretend organization claiming it stands for human rights advocating abortion and ignoring any human rights of the unborn. They are a front for propaganda that is to actually divide the nation and deliberately target religious issues such as abortion and seek to give low “grades” to Christian beliefs.

The worst kept secret in corporate HR departments across the country is this thinking that they MUST deny employment based on qualification and instead check boxes to satisfy this unethical organization masquerading as human rights. If we are really talking about EQUALITY, then the most qualified person should get the job. In our company, we have every race, creed, and nationality from Asia to Europe. We hire based on qualification – not race or religion.

Human Rights Campaign (HRC) should be brought to court for they are denying qualified people employment. Not that they are claiming to be about Human Rights when they are openly engaging in the violation of our Civil Rights. Any company with an HR department engaged in checking boxes should be hauled into court on a class action for unconstitutional civil rights violations. This is the ONLY way to stop this agenda from pretending to be about equality when it is really about discrimination.

Andrew Stiles, Washington Free Beacon #ableist #racist #sexist #homophobia #transphobia #enbyphobia #biphobia #elitist #dunning-kruger #interphobia #wingnut freebeacon.com

Analysis: What If Woke Liberals Didn't Get To Label Everything?
Introducing the Washington Free Beacon Alternative Style Guide for Reporting on Issues of Controversy (ASGRIC)

It goes without saying: The mainstream media is run by liberal activists. This ideological bias manifests itself in several ways, including the words journalists are allowed to use when discussing controversial issues.

(1.5 paragraphs of hyperbolic whining about how journalists are forced to write)

The woke words and phrases used in media reports would make a lot more sense to the average American if these people weren't in charge—if journalists were forced to abide by the Washington Free Beacon Alternative Style Guide for Reporting on Issues of Controversy (ASGRIC):

Undocumented immigrant → Foreign-born fugitive from justice
Gender-affirming care for minors → Child abuse
LGBTQQIP2SAA+ rights → Gay rights
Drag Queen → Gender appropriator
Abortion → Extrajudicial fetal assassination, anti-life health care
Death penalty → Justice affirming care
Assault rifle → Freedom friend, justice dispenser
Racially inclusive → Racially obsessed
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion → Six-figure consulting fees
Black Lives Matter → Scam PAC
Pro-Palestinian activist → Jew hater
Teachers' unions → Anti-child activists
Tax cuts → Restorative justice
Democracy dies in darkness → Democracy thrives on Jennifer Rubin columns
War on Women → Kinetic military action against individuals with an active uterus
#MeToo era → Brief period of anti-male activism from 2017 until Tara Reade's credible accusation of sexual assault against Joe Biden
Speak truth to power → Leave Joe Biden alone
Hillary Clinton → Crooked
Long Covid → Mental illness
New York City Subway → Public toilet
WNBA fans→ Liars
Soccer → Performative falling
Bicycle → Morally abhorrent nerd-conveying road hazard
Happy Holidays → Merry Christmas
God bless you → God bless America

Canadian Anon #elitist #psycho #racist #wingnut boards.4chan.org

Canadian reddit (the gayest place on the entire internet) is finally turning against Jeets.

How long until total Jeet extermination in Canada is on the menu? Pics in thread.

Jeet fatigue is at an all time high in Canada.

Canadians hate Jeet’s with every fibre of our being.

Canadians have grown tired of being surrounded by smelly, dirty, slavelike brown people.

What will happen when the Leaf finally snaps from his branch?

Old Canadians are in despair at the thought of retiring around horrible, incompetent, lazy Indian’s. Who can blame them?

If Canadian redditors are openly discussing the Jeet locust swarm, how redpilled is your average non-retarded becoming?

Jeets should be worried. Only White people in Canada have their gun licenses and rifles.

Remember; never ever tip a Jeet. Always be rude to Jeets. Always make them feel unwelcome. Always speak down to them.

Trudeau wants to import brown slaves? Treat them like dirty brown slaves.

Canadian’s patriotic duty is to order food on Uber, and when a Jeet delivers it, refuse to tip and then complain with Uber that the Jeet sexually assaulted your wife so they lose their pathetic slave job.

Always undermine the Jeet menace.

If Canadian leftists want a Final Solution to the Jeet hordes, what do respectable right wing Canadians want?

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene & various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene )
Thank you Georgia’s 14th district for putting your faith in me to be your voice and your representative in Washington.

It’s my privilege and my honor.

Thank you to all who support me. I am 100% dedicated to fight for America and the American people. I’m looking forward to it.

( @BearAryan )
I'm sure you'll be great for juden & israel!

( @The_Righteous_0ne )
@BearAryan @repmtg i feel sorry for those who think thats a woman.

( @Johnny_Eights )

You are a LIAR! IF you were 100% dedicated to fight for America and the American "People" you would name the JEW!

( @johngraham365 )
@Johnny_Eights @repmtg she works for the Jew

( @TheLugenpresse )
@repmtg You're a zionist chump who puts Israel first. Nice one tricking your 40 IQ supporters cunt.

( @SouthUpRising_TX )
@repmtg get fucked not one word on the voter fraud all around you but celebrate your win with a hat you disgraceful piece of shit! Not one fucking word on the nationwide steals!

( @DaGoyimKnows )
@repmtg In a country living under communist rule and rigged voting systems, you have to wonder why someone like you is re-elected.

You controlled opposition, Babylonian whore.

( @KnoxvilleKC )
@repmtg Great news! Glad you will be in the new congress fighting for our rights.

( @NordicWolf )
@KnoxvilleKC "fighting for Israelis rights"

( @johngraham365 )
@NordicWolf @KnoxvilleKC @repmtg and black folks. She wants us to forget her Juneteenth vote

( @NordicWolf )
@johngraham365 @KnoxvilleKC @repmtg
jews do love to keep their plantation niggers fighting against White folks.

Taki #wingnut #elitist #fundie #racist takimag.com

I then sat down and patiently if not too articulately, due to a large intake of vodka, explained: “God is also an anachronism, but I believe in him, as do billions of others. Anachronisms are what we need today more than ever, what with the discrediting of our past, of our national identities, and other such vile actions by woke leftists. Society needs something intangible to trust and respect; too much reality is no good.”
It is a time of extraordinary social isolation, where people report less companionship, less time with friends, and even less time with family. This is where God and his messenger, the Church, come in and play a very important role.

Yet the young no longer believe in God and do not attend their church regularly the way my generation did. What they do is complain nonstop about the crushing weight of the world on their shoulders.
Democracy has earned a resounding F where the US of A is concerned. While flirting just ever so subtly, I told Alissa how far less complicated the world was back during the 13th century, when everyone believed in God and the divine right of kings. Mind you, it was a pity there was no penicillin.

In the meantime, an obviously deranged Bagel Times daily warns of the dangers of a fascist takeover in America, but that’s because the paper has been taken over by talentless ideologues who cannot understand that not everyone in the country has had their brains fried in woke.
Monarchy might be anathema to most Americans and an unimaginable curse to many West Indians, but it is of preternatural importance to countries like Holland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. Not to mention Japan, which has the oldest royal family ever, loved by a united people. In view of the disuniting of America, I think Uncle Sam should try the institution.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Apolitical )
Asking White people to choose between democrats and republicans is asking them to chose between an enemy and a traitor.

These are not viable options

( @brextremist )
@Apolitical Democrats will punch you in the face, republicans will stab you in the back.

( @PatriotsQuick )
Left wing,right wing of the same parasite.

( @GreatWhite96 )

( @Anne_Fallible )
@Apolitical We need an Anti-Mason Party.

( @gyrfalcon )

( @John_Madison )
@Apolitical The red Tidal wave turned into a kitty pool wave As I knew it would and didn’t waste my time voting in an anti-White system.

( @funbobby51 )
@Apolitical but in reality it's pretty easy to choose when one side is openly promoting evil and destruction and the other only tacitly approves.

( @Rabbi_Spacelaser )
@funbobby51 @Apolitical That is by design of the system, all the more easier to fool you into false hope.

( @funbobby51 )
@Rabbi_Spacelaser @Apolitical
Hold on, when did I say anything about "hope"?
A number of places have recently banned child castration and mutilation. While the elections are rigged not voting doesn't help. That makes it easier for them to cheat and less likely to get caught.

( @Mallard_ )
@Apolitical White nationalism must replace conservatism

( @Maxximum )
@Apolitical read my pinned posts for jew hate of whites. Its genocide but if you cant call out the jew, you are weak. Please share.

IncelKing #dunning-kruger #psycho #racist #sexist #wingnut incels.is

Dad brutally beaten to death protecting teen son, after a school fight

Dad brutally beaten to death protecting teen son after school fight

A man has been beaten to death after three teens and two adults approached his home looking for his 14-year-son, eager to finish a fight which started earlier in the day at school.

Let me guess, this man was brutally beaten to death because he has a “bad personality.” I bet he posted on incel forums

I wonder what color they were

The colour which is Opposite of white

I'm sure all the aggessors are fuckers


Mass-murdERERs, sERial killERs, tERrorists and dangERously violent criminals in genERal nevER seem to have any problems in attracting women. Must be their “great pERsonality”

Meanwhile the shy, quiet, passive, harmless beta nerds are sexless. But I guess it’s because they have a “bad pERsonality.”

When you relax, this is what happens

relaxation can be deadliER than people realize lol

Can’t even rot in peace these days without worrying about a pack of niggers invading your home and raping your female relatives, then bashing you to death.

Thanks to the libERals for their support of “divERsity”

It’s ovER

I looked into it a bit deeper and surprisingly enough, the suspects weren’t black this time

I blame it on cultural niggerification

"The police are looking for four or five white males"

Let me guess, Hernandez, Lopez, Martinez and Gonzalez are those white males?

Elena Ceaușescu Award

for least qualified education policy maker

Laurie Cardoza-Moore #conspiracy #crackpot #dunning-kruger #fundie #racist #wingnut twitter.com

Laurie Cardoza-Moore has promoted conspiracy theories about 9/11

She defended to plot to kidnap the Governor of Michigan

Now Tennessee House Speaker @CSexton25 has appointed her to a board charged with creating the state's social studies standards.

Cardoza-Moore has criticized existing public school curriculum for exposing children to “anti-Semitic, anti-American, anti-Judeo-Christian content in our public schools”

She says the current public school curriculum is "ruining our children’s lives"

In 2011, Cardoza-Moore claimed that former President Barack Obama was causing "horrific tornadoes" because he made a speech that discussed the plight of Palestinians.

A group run by Cardozo-Moore, @PJTN, “suggest[ed] removing” a sentence stating that “members of al-Qaeda carried out” the September 11 attacks, citing Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, a group that claimed 9/11 was an "inside job"

Cardozo-Moore falsely claimed the January 6 insurrection was not carried out by Trump supporters but by Antifa

When news broke that right-wing extremists were planning to kidnap Michigan GovGretchen Whitmer, Cardoza-Moore also expressed support for the plot

“Am I missing something here? Didn’t the Founders address removing a tyrant from office in the Constitution?” Cardoza-Moore wrote

Cardoza-Moore is also notorious for spewing anti-Muslim rhetoric. She led opposition to the construction of a Tennessee mosque and argued that the mosque was a “terrorist training camp.” She also falsely claimed that 30% of Muslims are terrorists

Cardoza-Moore's calls herself “Laurie Cardoza-Moore, ThD.” But her “doctorate” is “an honorary doctorate degree in theology from the Latin University of Theology,” an unaccredited diploma mill

Her only real degree is an Associates Degree in Film and Dramatic Arts

But somehow, she is qualified to participate in setting the social studies standards for the entire state of Tennessee.

Sexton and Cardoza-Moore did not respond to requests for comment

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
This is a dumb argument.

Participation in the system means you approve of said system.

I don't approve of this anti-White theater, so I refuse to participate in it.

@PiratesNFlowers no vote then no bitching.




( @DouglasBelmore )
You're phony controlled opposition!

( @RamboBear )
@DouglasBelmore @Nature_and_Race you seen the demographic breakdown of the election? No amount of "muh based Cubans in Miami" is ever going to rewrite reality. White decline is death of the Republic.

( @grizzlywhisker )
@Nature_and_Race yeah I feel like the less people participating and perpetuating this system, the better. Like if nobody showed up to vote and nobody paid taxes, we’d be in a better position.

( @nibblets509 )
@Nature_and_Race They all hate me because I’m white so none of them get my vote

( @SocalRight )
@Nature_and_Race All the candidates have signed their "Pledge to Israel" and are compromised assets. For this they receive funding to advertise and the blessing of jews required for their advertising to air on jew controlled media.

( @MCharlton )
@Nature_and_Race If non-participation means 40 million new brown people colonizing the interior of the United States, I’m participating. Owe it to future White kids whose lives will bear the brunt of inaction, brown majorities and White genocide.

( @IllinoisValleyMale )
@MCharlton @Nature_and_Race So when Bush and Trump were in office they ended the migration problem?

Its a 2 party system, 2 wolves and a sheep voting what's for dinner, and buddy you are a fucking sheep

( @MCharlton )
@IllinoisValleyMale 2 million brown people or 40 million brown people. This isn’t hard. Not voting gets us 40 million brown people with a deliberate policy re-settling tens of millions of nonwhites in the interior of the United States for the purposes of White genocide.

The Jews who trick people into not voting have pulled a masterful psyop because “your grandchildren gonna be brown.”

Jesse Lee Peterson #racist #wingnut twitter.com

I wish Sen. Tim Scott well, but at this time he's a RINO... Unless he's changed and realized that racism does not exist, he's a mama's boy without the backbone to stand against evil. We don't need anyone in the White House who believe racism or "white supremacy" exists.

Peter B. Meyer #wingnut #homophobia #transphobia #sexist #racist #conspiracy finalwakeupcall.info

They designed a secret step-by-step plan, to gradually achieve their long-awaited goal.

The roadmap

Change the monetary system to fiat paper money. This replaces wealth with fiat paper and transfers it to the Deep State via currency inflation and money devaluation.

Enslave all people with this euphemistically called fiat “reserve currency”.
Control the media, and use this medium to promote agenda 2030.

Use sophisticated propaganda, to influence the public in and on all issues.

Divide and rule by creating wars.

Maintain racial inequality through class warfare and hatred.

Destroy the family unit by putting mother, wife to work.

Humiliate women.

Promote homosexuality.

Glorify cohabitation with any variant such as unisex and/or transgenderism to promote all types of perversion.

Create government schools under the name of free public education.

Keep people stupid lest they think independently.

Indoctrinate the people through mind control.

Promote “brotherly love” according to the concept of altruism.

Maintain historically good-sounding names like constitution, privacy rights, private property, national flag, right to vote, democracy, elected representatives, free press, etc., to modify these institutions.

Keep the general public ignorant about gold and silver, which is real money, this should be erased from the notion.

Give them worthless crypto currency to distract from gold and silver ownership.

Control guns and pistols. To scare the public about guns by promoting the idea that guns are dangerous.

The end result justifies all means, from assassinations to lies, treachery, deception, e.g. talk of peace that is war.
Calling land ownership “private property” but levying perpetual and progressive property taxes.

Confuse terms like liberal, conservative, socialism, communism, fascism, democracy, republican, and promote anarchy – which actually means self-government – as dangerous to the public.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @PatriotsDotWin )
This is why we said fix 2020 first.

( @kijo )
@PatriotsDotWin I will never vote again.

( @fight4freedom1 )
@kijo @PatriotsDotWin ...You wont be able to, They will have a dictator installed. Say Good By to the America we grew up in. FORCED EVERYTHING IS NEXT!

( @LiveFreeOrDieFightingEvil )
@kijo @PatriotsDotWin automatic dem win (same result anyway)

( @TLP57 )
@PatriotsDotWin the states that were cheated in 2020 were cheated in 2022

( @brextremist )
@PatriotsDotWin If America is to have any hope of fair elections going forward, you need to get rid of all the niggers and jews first.

( @Volcanic84 )
@PatriotsDotWin The Sanatists in control were never going to allow that. The machines were created for the very purpose of installing people not electing them.

( @Karkess )
@PatriotsDotWin I live in Michigan and a proposal making it easier to cheat passed. I'm not even going to waste my time voting anymore! I'm just going to stock up, arm up and wait for the collapse!! Just hope age gets me before it all goes to Hell!

( @FalloutGuy2k21 )

People tried to legally correct 2020, but were thwarted at every turn by the established criminals.

When does lawfare run it's course of remedy?

( @whyserenity )
@FalloutGuy2k21 @PatriotsDotWin did they? I don’t think they even tried. Just like Republicans ceded all of the media and entertainment to democrats and are surprised they can’t get their message out.

( @point3 )
@FalloutGuy2k21 @PatriotsDotWin

When do we get to use our guns ?

( @B_E_Atles )
@PatriotsDotWin Voting with the same broken shit and expecting honest results.

Stste of the Nation Editor #racist #wingnut #conspiracy stateofthenation.co

Does anyone really believe the Khazarian Cabal would ever permit the nomination of a POTUS nominee from either major party who is not under their firm control? Which means the main purpose for any truly independent candidates during this 2024 election cycle is to tell the friggin’ truth—ABOUT EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING! That’s the very best the American electorate can hope for at this late date.
If RFK Jr or Vivek Ramaswamy are really outside of the cabal’s command and control, they can use this campaign season to drop one truth bomb after another. Should they start right now, they could inflict so much damage inside the Beltway that it would look like a veritable war zone. Such utter devastation brought about via truth weaponry would inevitably lay bare the utter sham of the U.S. Election System. Therefore, exposing the 2020 naked election theft would completely collapse the confidence of the American people in their exceedingly fraudulent electoral process and procedure.
In light of the irrefutable exposé that follows, the best that can come out of 2024 is the termination of the current regime that surreptitiously controls the elections in all 50 states. Any other goal is nothing but a ludicrous pipe dream the accomplishment of which will only serve to perpetuate and strengthen the swiftly intensifying Khazarian tyranny that has ruled the American Republic since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

Henry Makow PhD #racist #wingnut #conspiracy #magick henrymakow.com

I noted that the Soviets razed thousands of churches but spared synagogues.

If Communists considered religion "the opium of the masses," why didn't they include Judaism?

Do Christians and Jews worship the same God? Is there an affinity between Communism and Judaism? Perhaps the Jewish elite has a different God.
According to Wikipedia, "egregore" is an occult concept representing a "thought form" or "collective group mind", an autonomous psychic entity made up of, and influencing, the thoughts of a group of people. The symbiotic relationship between an egregore and its group has been compared to the more recent, non-occult concepts of the corporation (as a legal entity) and the meme."

George speculates that elite Jews created the Jewish God as their "egregore," i.e. an instrument of their collective will, i.e. their desire to vanquish the heathens and rule supreme.
This "egregore" is Lucifer, and elite Jews have made him the master meme of the New World Order. The elite Jews are the "Communist Capitalist International", the intermarried German Jewish banking families who, according to Christian Rakovsky include the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Schiffs and many others.

They have also intermarried with the corrupt gentile elites of Europe and America, many of whom think they are Jews.

Since the Jewish egregore is also behind the New World Order, only the "believers" are human; everyone else is an animal to be exploited and/or slaughtered.

The greatest mass slaughter in history was not the Jewish holocaust but the Ukrainian Holodomor. By Stalin's own estimate, ten million Ukrainians died, mostly at the hands of Bolshevik Jews.

Lysson's account suggests that this was the result of a centuries-long feud in which Jews failed to accept their common humanity with non-Jews. This continues as the murderous record of the 20th century is overshadowed by Jewish losses, as if only Jews were human.

Yariv Levin #racist timesofisrael.com

Justice Minister Yariv Levin, the chief architect of the suspended judicial overhaul legislation, reportedly told the cabinet on Sunday that the Supreme Court must feature justices who “understand” why Jewish Israelis would not be “prepared to live with Arabs” in mixed localities

“Arabs buy apartments in Jewish communities in the Galilee and this causes Jews to leave these cities, because they are not prepared to live with Arabs. We need to ensure that the Supreme Court has justices who understand this,” said Levin, according to the Kan public broadcaster

His reported remark was meant to be an argument in favor of controversial legislation that would bring judicial appointments under political control, as part of the suspended push to overhaul the judiciary and dramatically reduce the powers of the High Court of Justice

It came as the cabinet also held a discussion on a proposed government resolution advanced by the far-right Otzma Yehudit party to assert “Zionist values” in government policy, a move that would seemingly enable giving Jewish Israelis preferential treatment in housing planning and construction

Tom Shackleford #racist #conspiracy #transphobia identitydixie.com

[From "Dey Ain’t Have Ta Kill Dis Boi"]

Humans aren’t all the same[…]That’s why we all belong in our own countries or godforsaken jungles[…]
Black people don’t suffer from this problem. To them, everything is about them[…]When they were utilized as farm equipment it was a punishment from God on His divine chosen, and when they’re utilized as instruments of chaos by its contemporary sowers this is because their cause is righteous

This can lead to a couple reactions from different types of white people that really piss me off[…]One type of our own will implore these blacks to be reasonable by pointing out the vast statistical disparity in interracial violence[…]
Another type will look at the destruction[…]use empathy[…]conclude that they’d need to be badly-abused to behave this way so there must be some validity to the black fury

I hate everyone in both categories[…]
There’s no reasoning with blacks. It’s possible to use some combination of fear and proactive law enforcement to impose a semblance of stability[…]What’s not possible is to achieve these two outcomes by praising them, apologizing for not doing anything wrong, giving them free stuff, and awarding them a privileged status vis-à-vis the law[…]
Black conception of material wealth at the racial level is that everybody is “given stuff.” White people are given more stuff than black people, thus explaining the disparity between a suburb and a dilapidated war zone like Baltimore[…]You’re just giving them that to which they’re entitled. The notion that whites can achieve black good behavior through gratitude is infuriating[…]
The facilitation of a black attack on Heritage America has to be understood in the context of global war, carbon footprints, genetic injections, and turning kids into trannies[…]
What all of these measures, ostensibly to help blacks, amount to is the removal of civilizational constraints on a demographic with no native suite of capabilities to establish a civilization

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @MarkCollett )
Anyone find it strange that when a white person does as little as utter a 'racial slur', it often gets more news coverage than when a black person murders a white person?
We live in an anti-white world where the media is the primary tool used to attack people of European descent.

( @SickoftheBSguy83 )
@MarkCollett This just in...student calls black student nigger! *abc news reports this as breaking news*
Meanwhile a nigger rapes and murders a white woman and kills her 3 month old baby after breaking into her home but the news refuses to report on that. This is why i dont watch tv as much anymore. By watching that garbage of lies you are supporting the filth they produce for you to watch. Stop supporting the lies.

( @RabidNationalist )
@MarkCollett Who runs the media again?

( @Sanyo4080 )
@RabidNationalist @MarkCollett

( @Kidbrightwillow )

FACT - Black Americans, per capita, are exceedingly violent.

Violent crimes per million population in 2018:

Violent crimes per million population in 2019:

Citations below spreadsheet.

( @Tetragrammatron )
@Kidbrightwillow @MarkCollett Multiculturalism via forced association IS PRISON. A prison where the Jew is the warden.

( @jh71 )
@Kidbrightwillow @MarkCollett between niggers and Democrats ..if we get rid of both it could be a real nice country.

( @johannbraun2005 )
@MarkCollett most news organizations are controlled by jews. That may have something to do with the unbalanced coverage of events.

( @Randallz )
@MarkCollett niggerniggerniggernigger kike👍

( @Randallz )
@MarkCollett kikekikekikekikekike gooknigger

@AmericasMansMan #wingnut #racist #homophobia gettr.com

#WokeInc #CorporateBullshit

It’s time to destroy the #CivilRightsAct.

#AmericasMansMan’s simple #SocialPlan to restore #America is:


Trusted. Respected.
The Reason You Came

We believe in #Men who #ACTlikeMEN. #Women who #actAndDress like women. Be comfortable in the #SkinYoureIn.

#DonaldTrumpIsMyPresident #deathPenaltyForDems #EndWhiteGenocide

#jesus #kids #Bible #Christian #homeschooled #truckers #MAGA #whitejoy #whiteculture #standupfightback #country #americana #classic #agriculture #fjb #Mississippi #Wyoming #Alabama #WestVirginia #South

@AmericasMansMan #wingnut #homophobia #racist gettr.com

We WILL #RecriminalizeSodomy.

In the mean time, #SaveTheChildren. At #work, at #school, at #home, and #everywhere.

The Reason You Came

#MAGA #whitejoy #whiteculture #standupfightback #country #americana #classic #agriculture #fjb #Mississippi #Wyoming #Alabama #WestVirginia #SouthDakota #whitegenocide #whitejoy #Tennessee #Oklahoma #Louisiana #Utah #SouthCarolina #Missouri #Arkansas #Idaho #Alaska #NorthDakota #NorthCarolina #Montana #Kentucky #Kansas #Indiana #Georgia #Texas #NewMexico #Ohio #Arizona #Nebraska #Florida #Wisconsin #Maine #Iowa #Pennsylvania #Virginia #Michigan #Colorado #Oregon #Minnesota #Illinois #massachusetts #connecticut #vermont #newhampshire #newyork #northcarolina #southcarolina #wyoming

Tim Tony Stark Rifat #magick #racist #crackpot #conspiracy #mammon supernaturalspirit.com

Anti-Sigil, Verve, Magic Symbols Service:

Satanists inscribe symbols around their magic circle and in talismans, amulets and Gris-Gris. Sigil are ways of putting a magic spell into one symbol. The 13 Jewish Satanist Families that are the eye of the Illuminati pyramid and owners of all the Western slaves due to British Maritime Law have turned corporate signs into Sigils to spread black magic control over the Zionist Empire. In it’s basic form a Sigil in a magic spell in the form of symbolic language written in blood to lock the Quantum Wave Function with the carrier of Hyperinfinity (blood) onto parchment or human skin. Sigils written on human bones are even better and the human skull is best. A basic Sigil is I get money and your signature condensed into one symbol. In this Service you write a simple present tense of your magic spell and your real name and Tim Rifat will make an Anti-Sigil, Verve, Magic Symbol of this magic spell which will be put on a Certificate so you can copy it 156 times onto your hard drive for use as Psychotronic Crystalware® .

Occult Satanist black magic inscribes Kabbalistic, Enochian, Goetic, Egyptian, Babylonian, Sumerian symbols in the circle’s circumference. These are the Sigilised form of the Gods and Demons of the Satanic pantheon in it’s Sumerian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Jewish incarnations. This Bone Generator® enables the Bone Psi-Master to take any Demonic name, God name, be it Moloch or Baal, Baphomet or Elohim and simply put Anti- in front of the name, then draw the mirror image by use of a mirror, to get the Anti-magic symbol of any of the names used by the Satanists in their magic rituals to Evil. This then permanently wrecks all the Satanic rituals that use that Demon God, past, present, and future and highjack the energy, Hyperinfinity and Agglutinising Force so the Bone Psi-Master gets power by vivisecting the body of Satanism by dismantling the alphabet of magic ritual of black magic.

<$600 for crystals and certificate>

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Trouble_Man )

spoilerWhen a country's demographics
changes abruptly in the span of 2
If the country was originally brown:
this is ethnic cleansing/genocide
If the country was originally
white: desirable unavoidable
multiculturalization resulting
from progress

( @MarkLuth1 )
@Trouble_Man It’s our nation. Not the JWOs or third worlders! We built it.

( @HeroicSpud )
Only Israel is allowed their ethno-state.

( @1488Mussolini )
@Trouble_Man ....and never forget (((who))) you have to thank fir that...👇

( @BostonPaul )
@Trouble_Man has their ever been a stronger nation/empire as easily conquered as the USA was?

Judy Byington #crackpot #wingnut #racist #conspiracy operationdisclosureofficial.com

Prepare to uncover the shocking truth about the world’s most influential families and their iron grip on the global economy. The Federal Reserve Cartel, comprised of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and Morgans, holds unparalleled power that extends far beyond the realm of oil.
Picture this: The Four Horsemen of Banking, including Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, and Wells Fargo, join forces with the Four Horsemen of Oil, such as Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch/Shell, BP, and Chevron Texaco. But their domination doesn’t stop there. They have extended their reach to encompass the music industry through an intricate network of private banks. These behemoths, along with Deutsche Bank, BNP, Barclays, and other European old money giants, control the strings of the music industry, enabling them to dictate its direction and influence.

The nefarious deeds of the Rockefeller dynasty are far-reaching, starting with their military-commercialization of music in the early 1900s. They orchestrated a diabolical plan to shift the world’s standard tuning of music to 440 pitch. This insidious frequency was known to provoke greater aggression, psychosocial agitation, emotional distress, and even physical illnesses. Behind the scenes, this manipulation led to financial gains for those complicit in the monopoly, including agents, agencies, and companies connected to the North American Rockefeller crime cartel and elite organizations

The Rockefellers devised a cunning plan to control the rap industry and target black communities by promoting violent music that fueled oppression and civil unrest. They brought together top executives and leading black artists, binding them with confidentiality agreements. Their objective was clear: coordinate the violence within the rap music movement, while major record labels gained exclusive rights for production and distribution across the United States. As a reward, they would receive shares and points within the private prison systems.

various commenters #wingnut #sexist #racist gab.com

( @TommyRobinsonOfficial )
Anna Paulina Luna (R) wins her race in Florida's 13th Congressional District in first Republican flip of the night.

( @TrueBonnieBlue )
@TommyRobinsonOfficial Oh great, another whore.

( @FabriceSchrkrortzt )
@TrueBonnieBlue But with guns, so she's a Republican!

( @brightwrite )
@TrueBonnieBlue @TommyRobinsonOfficial She's a machine installed RINO but a flipped seat is still a step in the right direction.

( @RealAnnyIrish )
@brightwrite I don't know what direction you think you're being led because left or right they are both on the same path to a Jew World Order hell on earth.

@TrueBonnieBlue @TommyRobinsonOfficial

( @TrueBonnieBlue )
@brightwrite @TommyRobinsonOfficial We have an antiwhite uniparty in this country and every other once-great White country. No matter who's in power, we continue toward the racial demographic cliff.

( @RealAnnyIrish )
@TrueBonnieBlue Another controlled opposition ZOG whore, just like 👉@TommyRobinsonOfficial

( @RyanMessano1 )

You and her are both Zionist Republicans, owned by Jew bankers, lock, stock, and barrel.

Another win for MIGA (Make Israel Great Again)

( @Roxygirl800 )
@RyanMessano1 @TommyRobinsonOfficial I believe she also has jewish roots, what a surprise

( @Shturmovik )
@TommyRobinsonOfficial Why are there so many “rightwing” females taking over?

What controlled opposition bullshit is this?

( @GayleGergich )
@Shturmovik @TommyRobinsonOfficial and why are they all Mexican?

( @Shturmovik )
@GayleGergich @TommyRobinsonOfficial Controlled opposition, humiliation via female leadership, racial replacements and a zero percent chance of going rogue to the masters.


( @Julius_Caesar_Reigns )
@TommyRobinsonOfficial Gotta love all the simps who think this represents anything other than total cringe. She should be at home tending to her children and leaving this work to men.

( @PRUST )
@Julius_Caesar_Reigns *at home in Mexico


Gavin Wax #wingnut #racist #conspiracy newsmax.com

There’s a reason that national and Florida polling shows that Republicans who want a candidate able to "challenge woke ideas" overwhelmingly favor President Donald John Trump.

Often, the left asks conservatives to define "woke" and laughs at their inability to capture it. In summary, though, "woke" is the new term to describe irrational political correctness.

It most clearly manifests as a left-wing obsession with race and gender that puts all other policy considerations aside.

You might want more policing in your neighborhood, but, if that means too many Blacks get put in jail, then that’s a bad policy. You might want a secure border, but, if that means you have to deport Mexicans, then that’s a bad policy too.

That’s wokeism in a nutshell, and no other Republican can take the mantle of being the preeminent anti-woke candidate from President Trump.
And for this sin of wanting to secure our border and protect our nation from criminals and drugs, globalist corporations lashed out against President Trump. Companies such as NBC and Macy’s cut ties with him.

President Trump didn’t stop.

The forces aligned against him included the FBI, which would launch the bogus Russian probe. This never deterred President Trump. While in office, he not only secured our border, but he also implemented policies to combat the Left’s woke agenda.

It’s President Trump who began the fight against critical race theory.
On the other hand, President Trump is fully aligned and committed to unabashed America First values. He will shamelessly pursue them.

He has shown us his strength of character and fortitude.

The right team will uplift him to achieve heightened levels of success. Other candidates, namely DeSantis, will claim to be the "anti-woke candidate."

They are just a tribute band. Americans want the real deal.

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child #racist 3edgesword.blogspot.com

[From "@ravinCanadin - No other explanations, eh?"]



Indigenous people experience some of the worst racism in this country. If you're going to address this issue, address it for everyone @JustinTrudeau

Totally and especially in systemic ways. I see it first hand in downtown Calgary working nightshift, anecdotal speaking, an extremely disproportionate amount of people battling homelessness and addiction seem to be indigenous

April 30, 2022

From all accounts Jadon is a fairly conservative guy, so I hope he takes this criticism well: but you don't play on their terms

Which means you don't claim that systemic racism exists against anybody other than whites, because you can't point to a single system which is racist in this way (which seems a pretty first-principles sort of approach)

While the second half of his tweet is pretty accurate, that doesn't even remotely tie into the first half. Personal failings tied to the reliance on a 20,000 year behind-the-times culture combined with a genetic inability to handle alcohol can equally explain what you're seeing on Calgary's streets. It's a less comfortable conclusion since it doesn't allow for white self-flagellation on an industrial scale, but it actually has more evidence in its favour than what Jadon and Melissa are talking about

Benjamin Fulford #crackpot #racist #wingnut #conspiracy stillnessinthestorm.com

The G7 group of Khazarian mafia slave countries just finished their love fest in Japan with a false show of confidence. In reality, they are trying to surrender, Asian secret society sources say.

To understand why the G7 has to surrender, let us look at their reality:
The “leader” of the once free world is a dead pedophile human trafficker by the name of Joe Biden who was placed in power by a stolen election and is now represented by an actor.

The “president” of France, Emanuelle Macron, was a teenage male prostitute who married his older male client. He is a Rothschild family servant who was also placed in power via a stolen election.

Then we have Justin Castrudeau of Canada who almost certainly murdered his brother and was also placed in power via election fraud. His father Pierre Trudeau -who was cuckolded by Fidel Castro- handed over control of the Bank of Canada to the KM.

Next, we have Olaf Scholz of Germany who has been described as the worst leader in 1000 years of German history by German expert Colonel Douglas MacGregor. Scholz has devastated German industry by shutting down nuclear power plants and raising energy prices by 45% in order to serve his Rockefeller masters.

Then we have the World Economic Forum slave Rishi Sunak of the UK who has been using public money to enrich his wife’s company. Mossad sources allege that in order to become Prime Minister, Sunak was forced to allow himself to be videotaped having homosexual sex with Macron and Castrudeau so that he could be blackmailed.

Following this, we have Gioria Meloni of Italy. She is a fascist who takes orders from Satanists and who supports the ongoing genocide of the Ukrainian people.

Finally, we have Japanese host PM Fumio Kishida, a KM slave actor who reads scripts handed to him by his Satanist handlers and who, like the other G7 leaders, presided over the poisoning of his people with toxic vaccines.

Lauren Witzke & various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( Lauren Witzke )
Looks like Frank Luntz’s stupid polls and messaging advice telling every GOP candidate to talk about nothing but the economy and high taxes didn’t land as well as McConnell expected it to.

Tackling social issues like immigration, anti-White racism, Vaccine Mandates, and the sexualizing of children motivates the base and wins elections.

A big wake up call for these Establishment hacks.

( @gre81 )
@LaurenWitzkeDE Amazing how no one talked about the issues that matter

( @joe_norte )
@gre81 @LaurenWitzkeDE Because when we talk about the issues that matter we end up with

"It's the fucking jews"

( @TheRealN8errific1 )
It won’t be a wake up for them. They know what they are doing. The government is an AntiWhite Uniparty. Injection mandates, demonizing childrens natural identity and forcing them to embrace destructive, abnormal, and fake identities, any immigration are all tools of AntiWhitism.

( @Rightwinger1492 )
@LaurenWitzkeDE not doing anything about vote fraud doesn’t help either.

Jeffrey Camras #fundie #racist #wingnut #crackpot blogs.timesofisrael.com

["Moving Forward on Palestine":here]

In order to right a wrong, in order to make peace and move forward, Palestine must be obliterated. It is an afront to society, morality, humanity. It represents lies and antisemitism, oppression and terror. Nothing more

No one cares about the Palestinians. Care for them solely exists in the form of Anti-Israel advocacy, NOT Pro-Palestinian support. This is proven by the refugee camps[…]
The very concept of statehood is a foreign concept[…]Prior to this were emirates, an evolved, modern form of the tribe[…]A model that works for the region. It can work for us too

There is a such a bitter hatred towards Jews from Palestinians that it has manifested in horrific ways. Suicide bombings[…]
Palestinians need to be reeducated. To not hate Jews, learn their TRUE history, not antisemitic wistful thinking that glorifies children’s death in the name of Allah. I even dare say buried deep in Palestine are the descendants of Jews who[…]converted to Islam or Christianity[…]There may even be a Tikkun, an opportunity, for their return to our civilization[…]
Israel[…]needs to put its faith in the Torah and Hashem in order fulfill our destiny. Establish sovereignty over Har HaBayit[…]Establish Jewish prayer and a Korban Tamid today! Conquer remaining biblical lands in Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan. Do this diplomatically or militarily. Do not be weak with your enemies. Expel anyone who does not accept Hashem’s Sovereignty[…]
The world demands human rights for the Palestinians[…]If you want these rights, you have to give up your nationhood. Because it is a lie. An affront to morality, Truth, and Justice. And a dark stain on the fabric of human history. And I will not apologize for not dying

Citizens of Israel and Am Yisrael, stop being afraid! Stop waiting for approval from America and the West. Know yourself and walk with Hashem

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Stanleymitchell90 )
I don’t want to sound anti-Semitic but maybe having our country ruled by people who want our genocide isn’t the best system.

( @CN32 )
@Stanleymitchell90 Jews are doing to the world what they did to Russia after WWI, what they did to Germany in the 20s until those 'evil Germans' stood up to them.

( @RageNFreedom )
@Stanleymitchell90 I don't want to sound antisemitic, but maybe we should stop buying their shit, watching their shit, and find a way to bank without them, and once they're broke, round them up and send them to their sand holes. That's just me though 🤷‍♂️

( @Based_Honkler )
@Stanleymitchell90 I don't want to sound antisemitic, but maybe having them in our country or Western Civilization at all is a really bad idea.

Siberia maybe?

( @Wondering_American )
@Stanleymitchell90 I'm pro American, that means I'm anti Talmudic people

( @PizzaJohns )
@Stanleymitchell90 until you are proud to be anti semitic, you're part of the problem

( @Jagdpanzer )
The amount of people that read this and didn't realize it was facetious, and that this dude gives zero shits if people call him "anti-Semitic"... lol


( @Grendahl )
@Stanleymitchell90 we also need to reject Jew mercantilism. American free enterprise was the peaceful solution the aggression and piracy of Jewish mercantilism

(corrected appreciatively)

( @Libzhaverabies )
@Stanleymitchell90 let’s make AMERICA 110

( @Trop68 )
@Libzhaverabies @Stanleymitchell90 112. They were expelled from a region in Guatemala a few years ago and they were expelled from Yemen more recently. They should be expelled from every White country.

( @Libzhaverabies )
@Trop68 @Stanleymitchell90 I’m good with 112😆

( @mostdefinitelyprobable )
@Stanleymitchell90 I'll be antisemitic for you!

Kabbalah is born of Satan!

( @robert1978bp )
@Stanleymitchell90 It's ok to be anti-semitic

Brother Nathanael #racist #wingnut #conspiracy realjewnews.com

What You Can’t Sell To Jews

How many Jews does it take to sell you something you don’t want?

All of them.

How many goys does it take to sell the same poo back to the Joo?

One or two.

Smack the goy in the face a hundred times and he still does nothing.

I am all in for a teaching on what to sell back to the Jews to leave them blushing.

Start with:

“VAX The Jews!”

They sunk the needle into every goyisha sucker for a year and more.

Let’s do another population control to bring the number of Hebes below 1% and make their yiddishee arms and pores swell up really sore.

Jewish Supremacy is our biggest threat.

How Auntie Semitee to even think it!

Don’t care.

Sell the deadly VAX back to the Jew and give him a taste of his own pharmaceutical.

Carry on with:

“Bus The Jews!”

Bus those yiddee kiddees to shwartza neigborhoods.

They sell busing to White Christians, but busing the Yids?

They ain’t buying.

Make them buy, they make us.

Follow through with:

“Open Borders For IsraHell!”

Everyone should be welcome in Jew Land!

Bring in Arabs, Bedouins, Ethiopians, Yemenites, Shiites, Sunnis, Falashas, Negroes, Sudanese, and let’s have real diversitee in Yidishee land!

Crash their borders!

They do it to America, Europe, and all White Christian nations.

Sell it back to the kike.

Let him have all the “strength” of “diversity” he gives the goy.
Take all guns out of Jew-ish hands!

Start with Israel, then go door to door in kosher neighborhoods and give them brochures that say:

“Jews Must Give Up Their Guns!”

Better run.

The cops, paid off by the Yids, will throw your arse in jail.

Rather sell this one:

“Abort Jewish Babies!”

Pro-choice works both ways.

“Eliminating a spoonful from the womb,” instead of Whites, makes the Supremacist population go down.

Put the Jewish narrative through its paces.

Whatever they sell to us, sell it back to them.

Disarm the Jews, abort the Jews, diversify the Jews, miscegenate of Jews, open borders for Jew land, censor the Jews.

Many people are not yet free of thinking Jews are ‘extra special.’