Independent4233 #racist

[RE: Nkosi Thandiwe, a black Georgia man who murdered one woman and wounded two others in 2011.]

Here’s just one more anti-white hate-killing and violent assault, because of leftist propaganda denigrating white people.

Note that he talks of his hatred stemming from what he learned in academia where foolish self-hating whites just can’t seem to denigrate their race enough.

Note too that he is acting against people who have nothing to do with his imagined ills and he has suffered no harm himself. He’s so stupid he thinks killing innocent people today is some kind of payback for what his demented, stupid mind perceives as injustices that require retribution.

And it isn’t just the self-hating whites in the MSM, the entertainment industry, and academia who prompt this black killer to do his dirty work. It is the likes of Tavist Smiley, Cornell West, Michael Dyson, Jesse, Al, Farrakhan and the entire CBC in Congress who spew filth and hatred against white people constantly, roiling up the retards in their general population who involve the vast majority.

Whether it is drugs in black neighborhoods, aids, poverty, the levees blown up in New Orleans, on and on and on, blacks are told and eagerly believe everything is a plot by whitey requiring a get even attitude every chance they get.

And they pursue their hatred in reckless abandonment assaulting, beating, mobbing, robbing, raping and killing, all because they have been told it’s justifiable, because of what they have suffered…….which, of course, is stupidity….nothing else.



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