Lyle Dukes #fundie

If atheism is popular, it’s probably because it is more fashionable to be different. Wearing baggy pants almost to the ankles is this generation’s fashion statement of differentially. But in reality - there are not many true atheists.

One of the basic tenets of humanity is that we must believe something. It’s how we are built – it’s how we live. Certainly unbelief is the backdrop of belief, but we are all in a sense “believers.” We all believe, even if it is just belief in ourselves. Most of our human existence is built on the belief factor of trust. Trust that the money we deposited is still in the bank. Trust that the fuel we put in our car will work. Trust that your child is safe down at the elementary school. Things function in our society because of our personal and corporate belief. To not believe would be simply insane.

I hear people say that they are more “scientifically oriented” – they live by the facts. But the reality is that science is based more on belief than we care to admit. From space programs to studies in genetics and the computer sciences – belief in the unseen is powerfully major. You couldn’t go to the moon if someone had not believed.

We read the newspaper and believe in things happening on the other side of the world. Ninety-nine percent of us will have no evidence except that newspaper article - but we believe it. So believing in God is not so far from the reality that we all live every day.

In my opinion, denying the existence of God is much like getting up every day and denying that there will be a tomorrow, “I have never seen it – so I won’t believe in it.” We all have places or “pockets” in our innate belief system where we choose not to believe something. Because of some experience or something that we’ve read, we make a conscious choice to not trust in some ideas or individuals. Many who are “atheists” choose - out of all the things that they believe – not to believe in God. I personally believe that this action causes what I consider to be “self-inflicted spiritual identity theft.” They rob themselves of something very vital concerning their existence.



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