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I'd like to report a direct contrast in the results of prayer in Jesus name for a certain type of miracle, physical object alteration (like water changed into wine) between Japan and Germany. In Japan, it was much easier to receive answers to such prayers.

I have had miracles of a more common type, the form of disease healing, occur in Japan, too. But I have no comparison in terms of a contrast in the results of such prayers made in Germany to compare Japan against.

Repeated, simple, short (minute or less), repeated prayer in Jesus' name could become the basis of a new wave or re-establishment of Christian revival and evangelism for the nation of Japan.

I've had case experiences in both places making requests for healing in prayer and dramatically receiving them. Simply put, it resembled most the Bible form of Elijah's prayer for rain. However, this is a distinctive form and type of prayer. I would call it even a novel type in the Bible.

First of all, the process was not short in total, but simple and direct in the manner of each prayer; it was a simple prayer of adoration or affirmation of faith in the efficacy/power of God, coupled with a request in Jesus name. It was also rather quiet, intense, and repeated in the form of continuous (back-to-back) prayers. That's HOW I prayed in both cases.

Prayers in faith trust Him to supply ALL things as needed. These simple, repeated prayers for specific things are supported or backed by a general practice of making daily prayers about all kinds of things and needs to the Lord.

Elijah made repeated meaningful, targeted prayers with the addition of a check or test conducted after each one as his deliberate form or approach to his prayer request. His modus operandi was to pray repeatedly UNTIL God answers with at least a minimal physical sign and check after each prayer. (1 Kings 18-19). After the sign is seen, then go praise. We ought to at least try his model. It was used at least once in the Old Testament, but likely it was at least one of Elijah's very typical manners of prayer. A lot of the details and reasoning are only implied, but Elijah had dramatic success in answered prayers we deem to be uncommon - miracles.

The model I am referring to was used by Elijah in the country-wide re-establishment of the physical cycle of distilled water creation, cloud formation and precipitation of rain for a whole country by Elijah and his servant, though initially just overhead. He had a target and persisted; enduring even sarcastic downplay/ridicule from his cloud-checking servant while during it. Still, he spoke from faith that God answers prayer mightily after the smallest sign or hint of it.

I was immersed in baptism most likely using the formulae of "in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, which is Jesus Christ" as an applied form of Matthew 28:19 and Acts 2:38. Both were added to the formulae used by Paul in Acts 19. The Apostle Paul said the form of baptism made a difference as to whether a person received the baptism of the Holy Spirit or not. I think it made a difference when my mother in her youth baptized a frail woman whose body was riddled with cancer in Jesus name. The woman was immediately healed when immersed using the baptismal formulae that simply called on the name of Lord Jesus. Paul demonstrated it to work here along with the laying on of his hands in prayer. My contrast here also used the laying on of hands at each prayer in Jesus name. My mother's baptizing of this woman was a simple demonstration of its efficacy, too. My mother also used importune (long) prayer in a field when praying for bus money to go and preach one of her scheduled revivals; while praying, she saw a twenty and five-dollar bill in the distance whirl up into the air in the field. It was a wonderful and very helpful surprise!

In late 1973, I was typing out a monthly newsletter for a church in Germany. In the middle of typing out the text, the IBM Selectric I was using stopped whirling. It stopped working. Turning the power switch on and off did nothing. No movement in the machine. It was not even humming anymore.

I needed to finish the typing. I had a deadline. So I prayed briefly in Jesus name. I turned the switch on then and nothing happened. I prayed again. Nothing changed. Prayed again. Nothing happened. But because Elijah didn't give up and altered the physical elements around him, I kept trying. After the 13th time of prayer to God while calling at the end on the name of Jesus, I flipped the power switch on again. The ball began to whirl around, the motor ran noisily, and the whole machine hummed as normal. No attempt at repair had been done. I didn't try to fix it; only pray and turn the power switch on and off.

Recently, our Sony BRAVIA TV went out while watching a program. It was the middle of May, 2016. My wife got out the operation manual and we found the troubleshooting section. We followed every troubleshooting step it said. Nothing repaired it. Nothing it said to check and do worked.

Then I remembered the IBM Selectric incident in 1973. I decided to pray for the TV until it was healed. Each time after the quiet though audible prayer, I checked to see whether the TV had come back to life. This power switch was different. It was only a small button. But after the fifth prayer made calling on the name of Jesus, then checking with the power button if operation had been restored after it, the TV worked. Full operation had been restored. It took 13 prayers back-to-back in Germany; 5 prayers in a row in Japan to `heal' different kinds of machines. Miracles done in Jesus' name are easier to obtain in Japan than in Germany. Maybe the angel of the Lord is able to get down to Japan and bring the answer quicker (Daniel 10:12-13).

I think that we tend to not pray for broken or needed physical objects, though Jesus and prophets of the Old Testament did. Maybe we don't even use the practice of repeated prayers because Jesus warned against using the vain repetition of prayers (Matthew 6:7). But he was referring to a very specific, commonly known practice performed by a particular group of people. I don't think praying with expectancy is vain prayer. And Elijah used repeated prayers for the same thing at one sitting. Paul prayed three times for the removal of a "thorn" or aggravation in the flesh; probably an understatement for a physical affliction. Maybe it was cataracts, for instance. But after the third prayer, the Lord told Paul to cease in his requesting, adding: "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." (2 Corinthians 12:9).

Life is both precious and precarious. But the Lord promised in the Gospels that our needs will be supplied. I believe when we pray with expectancy in Jesus name and are daily submitted and obedient to Him, we will indeed receive miracles, the dynamics of which are much left unseen, or else we will hear directly from Him why not whenever we have or feel a need.

You might have to pray seventy times seven. But by the 491st prayer, you will either receive an answer or miracle from God. What's that? About eight hours in minute-long prayer followed by a quick check. 491? How so? You won't be required to forgive the angel bringing the answer down from God more than that. Jesus said to forgive only up to seventy times seven ...
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